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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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y23emy yvpy it is 6:00 a.m. a starbucks flattened by severe weather. this storm sent 12 people in the hospital. we have more details in just a moment. first, let's give you a live look at the skies over denver this morning. nice start to the y. of course it's still summer, but it's been feeling more likee your first alert forecast. we need another sweater today. you might want one, especially at the bus stop this morning. we're in the mid- to upper 40s now. city park 49. bennett 45. we have 30s in the mountains. it's chilly in the high country this morning. mid- to upper 30s. just above freezing in some -?spots. we have a lot of sunshine. you saw it from that denver camera. also here from loveland ski area. we are going to warm up a bit more today.
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by this afternoon, mid-70s. denver at 75 for the kids at the bus stop. with a few scattered storms and showers. coming up we're going to take a look at the timing of these storms. it gets warmer for the weekend. so far so good across the freeways. maybe damp areas here and there. looks hazy from airtracker7. little low cloud level in some areas to the northwest and i'm not seeing significant delays because of it. this is 270. here's the here. they're passing the vasquez area. that's the eastbound side, and the westbound side. so far, so quiet. maybe 8 minutes or so on 270. easy driving conditions. we have an accident at federal at evans, also one on cherry creek drive by, not too far from i-25. us this -- deal for us this morning. just a hazard. rest of the driving, including
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users. after catching a lot of heat for spiking the cost, the company that makes these, mylan is expanding its savings program to cover $300 of the out of pocket costs. if you're a patient and previously were paying the full price, like 600 bucks, they'll now provide $300 of that. mylan is for their patient assistance program. this is great video to see. rescue crews pulling a young girl to safety. this is in central italy after the earthquake there. that girl, you can see her hugging the rescuer, she spent 17 hours trapped. she is one of the lucky ones. overnight italian officials revised the death toll, saying
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far. they don't have an estimate of how many are missing. italy's prime minister is holding an emergency meeting today, to discuss plans to rebuild the region. that could cost billions of dollars. there's a state of emergency in indiana this morning. multiple tornadoes hit there yesterday. this is video of one of those. dozens of homes were damaged. hardest hit area is the town of kokomo. that's where this video was taken. 12 people had to be taken to the hospital as a result this twister. they're all expected to survive. the tornado destroyed the starbucks there in kokomo. it was an ef 3. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence, he's also indiana's governor, and plans to tour the% hardest hht areas later today. two people are dead
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telluride. this is the scene. the sheriff's office is now looking intt what caused this crash. take a look at this man, christopher tarr, he faces a vehicle homicide charge after police say he ran a red light while driving drunk and crashed into two people in a crosswalk. we covered that crash monday morning. it happened near chambers and iliff. one of the men in the crosswalk died. he has now been identified as dalton mccreery and is being called a hero, sinceehe pushed his friend out of the way the vehicle, saving his life. have you ever gotten a toll way bill in the mail, even though you never took the road? you are not crazy or not alone. -?someone else could be driving around with the same license plate as you have on your car. how in the world does that happen? denver7 reporterreric lupher joins us live to explain it all. eric. >> reporter: mitch, you know what, it turns out the dmv can make mistakes, too. they're admitting to at least
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license plate. we talked to the man who was affected by this. arvid anderson received a toll lane notice saying he owes money. only problem, he never took that toll way. he found out it was another car with the same license plate number as his. the dmv issued the same number to another driver who lives in another county. he's not too concerned about the $4 bill,,but more about crime. >> if there are duplicate other person commits a crime, but somebody catches the license plate as he's driving away, then they're scanning for that plate and i could be under surveillance. >> reporter: absolutely. it's a great point. we've been in touch with the dmv. a spokesman says they're aware of the problem and they're working to fix it. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. thanks, eric. the sedgwick county sheriff,
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according to the arrest report, a deputy saw hanna and the inmate getting into his personal truck. he told his supervisor and that led to an investigation. now hanna is facing a felony charge. every case he handled will be subject to review now. >> the other cases that he might have had an arrest innor witness in, how does this impact those? >> oh, at this point i have no idea. it's too early to tell. but i certainly will be looking >> hanna denies all of the charges. he says the inmate wanted to give him private information and he made a poor decision. one week from today the chief of the eagle fire district will find out what will happen to him, he's
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past employer. a former fort collins detective is suing the police department. he says there's a history of discrimination of latinos that date back to 2007. in the suit, the former detective says he was targeted because of his hispanic appearance. his accent and hissbrazilian origin. he said when he tried to complain his bosses covered up the allegation. airtracker7 was there the moment russell daniels, a man police had consider dangerous, was arrested in boulder. he's there on the stretcher there. this was breaking news we were tracking yesterday morning if you were watching. boulder police say daniels shot himself in the head at some point while he was on the run. he's in the hospital this morning. he survived that shot. police say this started when daniels shot at officers on tuesday night. he ran from the scene, spent close to eight hours on the run. more than 6,000 homes in the lockdown. ea were put on
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office, and even airtracker7 was helping law enforcement there in that search. denver police are still looking for shawn scott, they say he is a serial bank robber who hit the tcf bank near broadway and evans tuesday of this week. police believe these robbed five banks. there is a cash reward for information leading to his arrest. you can call metro denver it's been a week since private security has been patrolling the 16th street mall and we want to know how it's been working. >> reporter: we've seen them walking the beat and in the last minute or so we saw one of those private security guards talk to a man seattd at one of the benches. all seemed positive. just an extra set of eyes, even -?if it's the kind of community policing and positive policing
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we wanted to know if crime is really down. we took a look at the crime map and compared last year to this. last year, 45 incidents, arrests and crimes happening during a week-stretch in august. fast forward to this year, same week stretch in august, from 45 incidents down to 23. weere talking about robbery, assault, and then things just like people being drunk and disorderly in public along the 16th street mall. has been in place for a week. we can tell you, like denver police has been saying, crime is down. it's difficult to pinpoint whether or not this is because of that new security patrol. 24/7, up and down the mall being put into place by the downtown denver partnership. remember, they're not armed and they can't make arrests. that is till for dpd to do. but we do know that it is down. so if anything, just that interaction like we just saw, may be making a difference down here on the mall. reporting live here on 16th 3
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gruenauer, denver 7. later today we expect to learn more about the return of the ski train. amtrak says they plan to give details on how much the train will cost and how often it will run. >> the train had run for years before service stopped seven years ago. this winter it will be back up and running from union station to winter park. experts say it will reduce some of the i-70 traffic. they say it removes about 500 cars from the interstate each daa it is >> what i liked about it, you see some of the mountains you don't see on i-70. >> it's nice you don't have to drive. >> you can kick back. donald trump is heading to colorado today and unleashing a new attack on hillary clinton. trevor siemian has taken the lead in the race, but mark sanchez says he is not giving up. it's a chilly start to our day and will be a cool afternoon. we'll be in the mid-70s by 3:00
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showers. coming up, i'll show you the timing of these storms. could be a wet commute tonight. this is your only warning on that southbound side of i- 225, just after colfax, the aurora police are out there watching the speeders. they're also watching you on eastbound i-70 around havana,
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it is 6:14. just in, iraqi prime minister says the troops have retaaen a key town near a major air base southed of mosul. they have taken this away from isis. you can see it here on the map. this progress comes as we've learned an al-qaida leader is calling on iraqi sunnies to rage warfare if they keep losing ground. not far from there, terrorists killed more than a
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on an american university in afghanistan. several others were wounded. police there say two terrorists stormed the campus with guns and explosives yesterday afternoon. it took 10 hours for authorities to track down the terrorists, both who were killed by police. seven students were killed. no americans were hurt. this 47-year-old brett gardner of superior convinced a man to invest a quarter million version of 50 shades of gray. the book was never finished. a jury convicted him of securities fraud yesterday. he'll be sentenced in october. the los angeles rams come to denver this weekend and trevor siemian will get the start for the broncos. he was back on the practice field yesterday. he did miss practice on tuesday because of a sore shoulder. not easy to say. coach kubiak says the quarterback competition still a
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the regular season opener coming up against carolina. but mark sanchez who is currently number two on the depth chart, he says he thinks he'll be the starter. >> i don't quit. i'll take this thing down to the wire, so let's go. >> kickoff for saturday is 7:00 in the evening. all three quarterbacks, though, will get playing time. it will be interesting to see how they do. >> even the one with the sore shoulder. >> seriously, times. >> you can't. we've got a nice start to our day. well below normal today. we're going to see sunshine, though, through lunch and somee storms just in time for tonight's commute. chance for a few storms each afternoon as we head into the weekend. it's a chilly start. mid- to upper 40s now. 48 in denver. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. but more sunshine and that will
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afternoon. yesterday we saw upper 60s to near 70. today we're going to be in the upper 60s by noon. 72 by 2:00. and a high in denver of 75. scattered storms and showers will cool us down. 6:00 today, this evening. en by- erie a high of 75. highlands ranch same thing. for our foothills you're talking low, upper 60s today. so it is a little bit warmer and more sunshine. evergreen at 65. 50s and 60s for mountains and near 80 in grand junction. our western slope warming up. montrose today 78. satellite and radar this morning is pretty clear. we had a few showers overnight last night. now we're getting more sunshine. but by about 1:00 that's when we'll start to see a few storms out west, and there is a better chance for scattered storms this afternoon and evening. so timing-wise i'd say around 4:00 to about 6:00 rain, lightning, thunder, potentially some pockets of heavier rain.
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lightning. our threat for severe weather today is pretty low, but it doesn't mean we're not going to see gusty winds with these storms. you'll notice that even early tomorrow morning we even have still a little snow falling on the peaks above about 12 to 13,000 feet. we'll likely see more pretty pictures early friday morning. 75 today. 80 on friday. looking ahead to saturday, i bumped up our temperatures a bit. so for the broncos game we're expecting the start of it, or even tailgating, upper by the start of that game, slight chance we're going to see a few thunderstorms. we'll be in the low to mid-70s. and by the end of the game some low to mid-60s. it will be a little chilly. you'll likely want to take a sweatshirt with you by the end of the game. sunday, bright spot, 85 to end the weekend. >> you want to bring your broncos sweatshirt to the game. >> yes. >> or does that go without saying? >> silly question.
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couple of auto/pedestrian accidents. this one at 29th and tennyson. you can see the fire department and paramedics. the westbound lane of 29th are blocked. you can get around it easy. residential through there. the other spot is auto/pedestrian accident along a busier stretch of road, alameda by pierce, what is it now? belmar. i still we have an accident here just off of federal and evans, also one there on monaco by cherry creek drive. a lot of side street issues for us this morning. the highways are still pretty quiet, including along i-25, c- 470, drive to the north is getting busier. and we are getting busier through castle rock. good news is the new castle rock parkway that's just north of founders meadows parkway should be opening by next
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commute. that's all weather de pendent. denver water gave us a tour of their big dig at i-25 and hampden. this is to make room for nee water storage tanks. the old tanks have been around 50 years. the project will be finished by 2020. it will cost more than $100 million. you can see more of the project -?on our free denver 7 app. trump is in aspen this afternoon. fundraiser, and it's closed to the media. >> a spokesperson says it will be helddat a brand-new home. wouldn't give us more details. tickets cost as much as $25,000 per couple. >> ouch. trump was in mississippi yesterday and stepped up his line of attack on hillary % clinton. take a listen. >> hillary clinton is a bigot
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>> clinton says the attacks are lateful and bigot -- hateful and bigoted. she is still being criticized of how she handled her private e-mail server as secretary of state. the fbi found about 15,000 unreleased e-mails. republican leaders say the e- mails prove she was giving favors to clinton foundation donors. despite the controversy, hillary clinton is holding onto her lead. she's at 42%. donald trump close behind at 38%. you can see our independent candidates, gary johns and jill stein both in single digits. you'll get to decide if unaffiliated voters can vote in the primaries and if colorado will go back to primaries. schools are wondering where is the pot money? as we head to break now, we
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an auto/pedestrian accident near 29th and tennyson. you can see there is an ambulance there on scene.
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good morning. it is now 6:25. here's your first alert that our threat for severe weather today will be just to the east and southeast of colorado. we're likely going to see some storms develop here in the afternoon. but we're not expecting tornadoes or damaging winds, though winds could get gusty and we could get pockets of heavier rain. this morning mid- to 57 for that bus stop. this afternoon 75 as your kids are heading home. it starts to get warmer tomorrow. here's your first alert we also have 90s on the seven-day. so far, really on the highways we're in pretty good shape. we are seeing more traffic volume like here across commerce city on the 270 drive. without that sun glare, it's a 3 touch better than average over to i-70. take a look at the map up that way, and i-25 looking okay to i-
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a lot of side street crashes, including pedestrian accidents, including one at alameda and tennyson,. disturbing allegations against the sedgwick county sheriff. hear what people in his community have to say about this. mixup at the dmv means someone out there could have the same license plate as you. find out how they're planning
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids.
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where's the pot money? that's the question from parents in the cherry creek school district. the superintendent has the answer, but not everyone is happy about it. private security on the 16th street mall is supposed to cut down on incidents like this one. but is the new security working? we're getting answers this morning. first, you've stepped outside already, you might have felt a little chill in the air. >> like yesterday. it was fall-like. lisa is here with your first alert.
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sunshine this morning. pretty, but a bright drive. here's a live look from our viera wireless camera in akron. -?sunshine this morning. mid- to upper 40s across the plains. deer trail you're at 44.. city park 48. and you've got 30in the mountains this morning. so low to upper 30s in the central mountains. it's chilly to start. we've got a pretty mild afternoon in store. should be at about 70 degrees by noon. and 75 by scattered storms and showers will develop. we're expecting between 6:00 and 9:00 temperatures to drop down into the mid-60s and quieter weather tonight. but likely for the evening commute you're looking at wet roads. our threat for severe weather today is pretty low. here's your first alert we could still see more storms tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. it's such a quiet drive really off the freeways it's busy. on the freeways just traffic volume as you can see here on the southbound side of i-25
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parkway. a lot of congestion, and it's about 20 to 25 minutes into downtown denver starting at 120th. you can see on the map all the congestion, i-76 and 270, getting across downtown. we've had this auto/pedestrian accident 29th and tennyson. not a really big deal. also an accident being cleaned up near federal and evans. also one at monaco, cherry creek drive south. and we've had quite a bit of traffic on 225 down from parker road as well as police activity as they're watching all the speeders not also 225 near colfax and 6th avenue. thanks, jayson. new developments in the zika virus situation. two new cases in arkansas. this is according to health officials there. they posted the story here online. this brings the total in that state, they have now 12 cases of those cases wwre all travel- related. at least two victims went to central america. the zika virus is a threat especially to pregnant women because it can cause birth
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infected also travel-related with zika this year. denver 7 is staying on top of a developing story in sedgwick county. it's where the sheriff, tom hanna, is accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally delayed inmate. prosecutors say he drove her 3 from the jail to his house before the attack. we traveled to sedgwick county. people we spoke with say hanna was popular with the people. he picked up 61% of the vote when he his facebook page says "i won't let you down." a lot of people are feeling let down. >> i'm really surprised and shocked. i wouldn't have thought that. >> my reaction was, oh, gosh, you know, i just -- it's heart- breaking for a small community. >> sedgwick county coroner is now the acting sheriff since the sheriff is in jail. hanna could spend the rest of
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convicted. today marks one week since private security began patrolling denver's 16th street mall. we wanted to know if they're living up to their promise of 24-hour security. jason gruenauer is there live. >> reporter: the downtown denver partnership didn't give us specific numbers as to staffing. but we can tell you there is at least one of these private security guards walking the beat up and down the 16th street mall. their seen them kind of walking- here. we saw the first one around 5:00, and that one person has done that loop ever since. when they debuted last week we spoke to some people down here. they were split about whether or not this was actually going to work. one man called them rent a cops that no one would be scared by. another person we spoke to said just the appearance of security or extra set of eyes is not going to hurt the situation. according to denver police
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the 16th street mall this week compared to last week. denver police continue to patrol. we did see some dpd down here. not as much as the other security as in weeks or months past. they still say they'll have a heavy presence down here. since last week, we haven't seen major incidents. denver police chief said when they debuted he didn't want to see more of those viral videos. good news, at least this pa week, we haven't seen new ones. reporting live along the 16th street mall, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. police now say alcohol and speed were factors in this deadly crash on highway 34. this was in loveland that we brought to you as breaking news tuesday morning. a wrong-way driver ran into a woman's car, both drivers died. the female driver has been identified as 21-year-old brianna boody from broomfield. she had just finished training
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the superintendent of maple ton school district says releasing a statement in part that says, she would often come to work with her mother, volunteering her time at different district events. we are heart brokkn for her family. 6:35 now. new details about the youth hostel shut down by the denver fire department we talked about yesterday. more than 80 people were evacuated on tuesday night. we're getting a closer look at why that building was shut down. our partners at "the denver post" say there was a gas leak, and unsafe electrical wiring. this is the international youth hostel. gas and electricity have been cut off. those servicesill be turned back on when the owner fixes the issues. the red cross is helping some of those victims with housing. colorado dmv's are issuing duplicate license plates, which means someone out there could be driving around with the same license plate as you. denver7's eric lupher is live at dmv between federal and
6:36 am
?rrver who is going through this. >> reporter: exactly. and he's concerned about possibly crime, somebody committing a crime and he'll be blamed for it because the license plate. the dmv owning up to it. who found out he wasn't the only one with his plate number. >> i got a letter from the state saying i owed them $4.75 for somewhere. >> reporter: arvid anderson says he was never on a toll road. and he double-checked. even though it was only four dollars, he wasn't going to pay it. he checked pictures from a toll station, saw it wasn't his bronco, it was another car, a gmc that had his same license plate. admitted they did give out a y - duplicate number to another
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a good lesson, if we believe there's an unfair toll that came in the mail, don't just pay it, double check, pause you might be -- because you might be dealing with this case. eric lupher, denver 7. the marijuana tax could be rising in aurora. a committee approved a tax hike next year. it would mean about $1.5 million a year for the city. it is not a done deal yet. the full city ouncil has to hear the proposal. and officials are split on where the money should go. pot shops wa the homeless. some city council members would prefer to see it used for something else. strong words from the cherry creek school's superintendent. in a letter to parents he says his district isn't getting money from marijuana taxes. he sed "the only thing the legalization of marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana." this starts at the state level. our law only allocates $40 million of marijuana tax money to go to schools.
6:38 am
to schools in poorer, rural areas. it doesn't go to the wealthier districts. >> an entire district has seen 3 nothing, it's nuts. >> i appreciate his honesty and information. >> the superintendent is calling for changes. you can find a link to the full letter on our free denver 7 app. one denver school says a sugar filled snack counts as a frui we'll explain. retired swat officer says there were several mistakes made on the day a park county deputy died. now at 6:38, as we head to break, we want to give you a live look at the situation in indiana. multiple tornadoes touched down yeeterday. you can see the helicopter up
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it is 6:40. we want to give you a live look outside. beautiful start to the day. it is 48 degrees, though. little bit chillier than it has been. >> colder than it was about an hour ago. one of our photographers climbed mount evans yesterday and saw quite a bit of snow. there it is. this is a clear sign that summer is still around, but it's coming to an end pretty soon. >> my girls asked me yesterday, is it winter yet? is it fall? what day lisa joins us now with your first alert forecast. lisa? does that prompter really say any snow in denver today? who wrote that? no, no snow in denver today. i can promise you that. >> lisa is here with your christmas day forecast. >> 150% sure no snow today in denver. we did have a little bit on the peaks. you can see how pretty it is from the loveland ski area.
6:42 am
up this afternoon, 1:00 to 1:30. still under a sunny sky in denver, but 3:00, 4:00, scattered storms and showers. better chance of storms during the commute tonight than we saw even yesterday afternoon. it's a lot cooler. here's your first alert we're in the 70s today, closer to 80 tomorrow. no snow in our denver forecast tomorrow either. that's good. mount evans, at least that section of road closed down i-25 and speer looking fine. that's the drive inbound downtown. some folks have been complaining about the work around the pepsi center. take a look at the overall map, and you see a lot of traffic. i-76 is real busy. south side quiet for now. ryan lochte may be losing sponsors, but he could find a
6:43 am
we'll tell you which reality show is interested.
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just in at 6:44, we have new developments about the earthquake in myanmar yesterday. soldiers and police are now sealing off some of the ancient temples that were damaged by the quake. you can see one of them right here. quite a bit of damage. at least 187 centuries old temples were damaged by the quake. at least four people died in this earthquake. a former swat sergeant is speaking out about the shooting sheriff's deputy this year. the shooting happened back in february. deputies tried to serve an eviction notice at this home near bailey. they kicked in the door and the man inside opened fire. deputy nate carrigan you see here was killed. two other deputies were hit and the suspect was shot and killed. our expert, grant whitus, sayy deputies never should have gone inside in the first place. >> there's no reason to go back in after, because it's so dangerous. you know wwat he's going back in there for.
6:46 am
to 10 scale, it's in the 10 range. >> a cbi report says the park county deputies talked about calling in the swat team and decided they could handle things on their own. you can find more of this expert analysis by going to our web site, this snack food is considered, or was considered a serving of fruit at monroe elementary school in denver. despite the fact it contains more than 27 grams of sugar. supposed to eat 25 grams per day. when parents realized what was going on, they demanded a change. now they've been pulled from the menu. this is due to a parent complaint. however, under usda guidelines they're fine, it's because the usda doesn't place a limit on how much sugar can be served to kids. this november boulder will vote on a sugary drink tax.
6:47 am
people drinking sugary drinks since a city wide tax there in berkeley, california. 6:47 now. ?enver based chipotle is going to have to rewrite the employee handbook. the national labor relations board says the restaurant is violating several labor laws. the board says the company cannot ban employees from criticizing the company on social media. the company must change, make a change in the po banned workers from talking aboot politics and religion. is ryan lochte focused on that mirror ball trrphy? according to reports he could be joining the cast of "dancing with the stars" next season. several sponsors have dropped him this week after he admitted to lying about that armed robbery in rio. the "dancing with the stars" cast will be revealed next week and they'll do it here on
6:48 am
>> i heard potentially jo jo, from the bachelorette, she could be one, too. >> mitch and dayle weren't options? >> i can't walk, let alone dance. >> you can sing. nice start to our day. thanks for the support, guys. beautiful out there. >> we love you, lisa. >> still well below normal today. we are going to see more sunshine through lunch and chance for storms tonight for the evening commute. % last night sunshine returned for the evening will roll through. beautiful look from our viera wireless camera at the airport, we've got a mix of sun and clouds this morning. might find damp roads after the showers overnight. sunshine again from now until about 3:00. by 2:00, that's when our mountains will start to get cloudier, more storms developing. first out west, and then by you can see around 3:00 to 4:30 it gets more active over denver,
6:49 am
springs will likely see scattered storms and showwrs up and down the front range through the early evening, and even overnight we've got active weather farther south as you get closer to the springs, pptentially limon could get thunderstorms overnight, and we'll be under more cloud cover early tomorrow morning. even around 10:00 some activity out east closer to sterling and akron tomorrow morning. the chance for storms friday afternoon still there. we'll see about a 20 3 will warm up. today we are still in the 70s. low 70s by 2:00. 75 by 4:00. sunshine, mostly sunny skies through 12:00. then scattered storms this afternoon. today is lower. evere weather %- temperatures just not quite warm enough to get a lot of that instability that we would need for the stronger storms. we'll be at 75 in denver. 77 in platteville and
6:50 am
a lot cooler right in through the central mounnains. definitely cold enough overnight where we've seen some light snow above 12 to 13,000 feet. normal high today is 86. now, we will get back to near normal this weekend. today 75. tomorrow 80 with a chance for a few more storms, both friday and saturday afternoon. which brings up a good point, we've got the broncos ame saturday. that's not what i wanted to show you. hold the phone. man. >> where are you going? >> i'm going so saturday highs will be in the low to mid-80s for the game. and we're expecting by game time we could see a few thunderstorms pop up. 3 it's a slight chance. about 10 to 20% chance. temperatures for the game, mid, upper 70s by about 6:00. and then low to mid-60s by the end of it. really looks pretty nice for us here at home, saturday, even more so sunday. 85 with more sunshine. okay, i've got it. now it's your turn.
6:51 am
i want to show you from airtracker7 looking out to the west, you can see the low clouds. this s highway 93 going up north of golden towards boulder. i wouldn't be surprised to see at least restricted visibility out that ay. along highway 93, so far so good going from 72 up into boulder, either way. indiana is wide open. so is highway 93. through golden looking okay. but don't be surprised if you see the low clouds. 29th and tennyson wrapping that auto/pedestrian accident. i-76 is busy. i-25 downtown is real busy, as is the south side on 225 north and southbound. typical commuting for about anywhere you want to go on the morning commute. take a look at the drive downtown. that's looking okay. block party for the cu denver folks that lawrence closed near speer and 14th. cu denver throwing a big block party.
6:52 am
school and they're throwing a party. will be on lawrence street between 14th and speer. >> it's from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. it's free. there will be a mechanical bull, and also a bungee trampoline. how about that? we'll get you caught up on the big stories of the day coming up in our morning sprint today, including the search for a serial bank robber. the man in these photographs is tied to five robberies this summer. coming back. this will help you out even if you don't plan tohit the
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6:54. your morning sprint starts with disturbing allegations against the sedgwick county sheriff, accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally tableed ma he's behind bars. >> he denies all charges. he could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted. denver police are still looking for this man, this is shawn scott, they say he robbed a tcf bank this tuesday on police believe he iss- responsible for five robberies over the past five months. two people are dead
6:55 am
you can see the glider is completely destroyed there. one of the victims was this man, the pilot, he's a local icon known as glider bob. he ran a glider business. his passenger was the other victim. the sheriff's office is now looking into what caused the crash. five minutes before 7:00. this man is christopher tarr, charged with vehicular homicide in connection with a crash that happened monday morning at aurora near chambers and iliff. aurora police say he ran a red light while driving drunk, crashed into two people in a one of the men died. the other wasn't hurt. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live on the 16th street mall. it's been exactly one week force debuted down here along 16th. we can report that at least up until now, one, no major incidents, two, no new viral videos of incidents and violent assaults here on the mall. and three, they are out here walking the beat. we have seen them all
6:56 am
the way down here. the light blue shirts, allied barton security. keep in mind, when they originally debuted, they don't carry firearms, they can't arrest people, so there was uncertainty whether or not this would make a difference. we looked up the denver crime -?numbers, and from this time last year to this time this year, the number of arrests here have been cut in half. increased police presence, increased security across the board, we'll see if this keeps up next reporting live here on 16th street, jason gruenauer, denver 7. it's about three minutes until 7:00. you can see the hazy skies airtracker7 now across highway 36 by sheridan. they'll land early because of the low clouds that are moving towards rocky mountain metro airport. you see heavy traffic on i-76, 270. usual spots, i-70 to east. police watching speeeers i-70 near havana and 225 by colfax.
6:57 am
side. side street issues here and there. >> reporter: i'm eric lupher. this is bizarre, the dmv admitting to giving out duplicate liccnse plates. we heard from one man who said he got an unfair toll ticket in his mailbox. it was not his. don't be surprised if you get contacted by the dmv if someone else has your license plate. it's almost 7:00 and it's 48 degrees in deever. it's chilly this morning. going to be prettied low here in colorado. likely we'll see stronger storms to the south and east of our state. lots of sunshine this morning. it's beautiful. our viera wireless camera in limon, i've been looking for some of the fog jayson has been seeing. haven't seen it east on our cameras. we will get a chance, though, for storms this afternoon and again tomorrow. 75, you guys today. tomorrow 80 and warmer for the
6:58 am
good news, the ski train is making a comeback. amtrak says the train will run from union station back to winter park. >> they plan to tell us more about this later today. how much it will cost, how much it will -- when it will run. the train ran for years before the service stopped seven years ago. experts say it will reduce some i-70 traffic, by removing about 500 cars when it's up and running on ski days. >> are they going to use the same old cars? >> i remember. used to have specific
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. at least 35 twisters tear through the heartland. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> winds hit 165 miles an hour, flattening homes and buildings. as more storms move in. miraculous rescue. a 10-year-old making it out alive. [ cheers ] >> as crews work overnight in italy searching for survivors on the ground and in the air. the death toll climbing as more than 200 aftershocks rock the country. steakhouse shooting. the waiter furious at a customer pulls out a gun, fires it on the job. people hide behind tables, running for their lives. hope solo suspended. the soccer superstar in trouble again.


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