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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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f0 denver 7 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> colorado state patrol is working a fatal crash involving one car along jefferson county road 126. >> highway 285 in that area is closed down. >> we'll continue to monitor the scene. the weather may becool today, bu deadliest times of the year on the road for motorcycle. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer joins us now from 50th and federal. jason? >> reporter: good morning to you. this intersection was actually noted as one of the most dangerous in the area when it comes to motorcycles and motorcycle riders. a company will be installing signs on every corner to watch
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cummings, local allstate insurance agent, you're behind this. 1300 motorcycle crashes in denver last year, 28 fatalities. why is this so important? >> because there are three motorcyclists a day killed nationwide. we're trying to get the word out to watch out for motorcycles. it's why we're putting the signs out here. this is 're trying to get the word out to protect us from drivers who may be distracted for whatever reason. >> reporter: and obviously we want to cut down on fatalities number one, but then just accidents in general, because then people, if they look twice maybe they don't get into that fender-bender and don't have to see you on the insurance side. >> absolutely. we do everything we can typically as motorcyclists to
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we wear the safety equipment and all that. we are doing everything we can. there is no such thing as a minor motorcycle accident. we're vulnerable out there. and weere trying to get the word to cars to be aware of us. >> reporter: these people will be out here on these bikes for months. the sign people are here, they're going up within the next couple of minutes. look twice, save a life. live at 50th and federal, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. is being hailed a hhro. police say dalton mccreery pushed his friend out of the way of a driver and was killed himself. the driver was driving drunk and crashed into the two in a crosswalk. an attorney is suing the city of denver for its homeless sweeps.
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lawsuit today. earlier this year, the city cleared homellss people from open spaces. it claims the sweeps, according to this lawsuit, violates homeless people's rights by taking their blankets and forcing them into hiding. it's incidents like this, a man swinging a plastic pipe on the 16th street mall that sparked calls for increased security. it's been a week since added security guards were added to the streets. denver7 crews checked out the mall this it's working out. it appears to be good news. we took a look at the crime map from last week and compared it to last year. 28 incidents last week compared to 45 in 2015. a man is in police custody, accused of sneaking in his ex- wife's home, attacking her and kidnapping their child. police say the 22-year-old got into the home tuesday through an open window. he was arrested yesterday. a family member got hold of the child and that child is now
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light some 32 years after a woman is attacked. the two men are headed to court accused of kidnapping and raping a wommn in 1984. it was an untested rape kit that led to their arrests. since the crime was so long ago, the suspects are only being charged with kidnapping. new at 11:00, a woman is sentenced to three years in a community corrections facility for shooting at he this is jennifer clark of avon. police say she shot her then boyfriend during an argument. in italy rescuers are working to find any more survivors as more than 200 aftershocks continue to rattle the country. you can see how much has been lost. there have been glimmers of hope. one of those was this amazing
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years old, alive. nearly 240 people have been reported dead. this is from yesterday's 6.2 magnitude earthquake. hundreds of others are hurt, and thousands are to you left home -- now left homeless. what do you think about our weather this week? this is a look from one of our photographers from mount evans yesterday. snow up there, not completely unusual for the high peaks in colorado this time of year, but still ii's enough to get attention and make you wonder, okay, what's our weather doing down here? yesterday i think probaaly more fall-like because we had more clouds. today i'm seeing sunshine. >> it's 60 degrees now in denver. you step outside you'll feel that chill in the air. now cooler into the mountains. low to mid-50s. city park now 60. castle rock 60. beautiful morning to be outside. but you almost need a
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70s. it's still below normal. normal high today is86 and we'll be about 10 degrees cooler with our highs in the low to mid-70s this afternoon. greeley 76. and 74 in income. mild, very fall-like today, with a chance for more storms. we have plenty of sunshine right now. beautiful look over denver. you can see clouds now building in the mountains and foothills. by about 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon that's whaou denver. here's your first alert that our threat for severe weather is low today, but obviously could get rain, lightning and thunder. we'll talk more about it coming up. dozens of torradoes touching down from indiana to ohio overnight. homes and buildingg destroyed. but no one was killed or seriously hurt. >> oh, my gosh, starbucks got blown over.
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tornadoes tearing through the midwest. >> holy cow. >> reporter: storm chasers capturing the moment this twister in kokomo, indiana began to form. you can see the debris slowly circling up. one tornado picking up speed with winds gusting more than 130 miles per hour. >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: hundreds scrambling for safety, including these school children who huddled covering their heads. >> tried to push the door and the wi i shut the door and then it blew my window off. >> it was crazy. like, our roof got ripped up. you could hear that was going on outside. >> reporter: watch again as the twister blows down this starbucks like a pile of straw. employees hiding in the bathroom and making it out with only minor injuries. >> me and a couple of other guys were able to get everybody out. >> reporter: the devastation is clear this morning, dozens of
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almost impossible to drive down. the cleanup around town is just beginning. here's the good news, somehow luckily, authorities say no one was killed in all of this. alex perez, abc news, kokomo, indiana. two people are dead after a glider crashed. the the pilot owned a glider business. sheriff tom hanna is accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally delayed inmate at his home. >> i have the up most confidence in the sheriffs in our other districts. i don't want this to reflect poorly on all rural sheriffs. >> the deputy says he took the inmate to his home to talk about an investigatton.
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state law mandates the county coroner become active sheriff. eagle fire cleave kurt vogel was found ggilty of stealing from his past employer. so far, no money is missing from eagle's accounts. someone could be driving around with your license plate. the dmv accidently duplicateed plates and a spokesperson says they are working on fi issue. the race for the white house, donald trump is in aspen today for a private fundraiser. denver7's eric lupher is live in the newsroom following trump's moves. >> the trump campaign hopes to raise half million dollars in the mountain resort town. the aspen times is reporting the exact location of the fundraiser won't be made public. this comes on the same day ?rump for colorado announced cochairs for numerous
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target various groops of voters. you can see the list on the hispanics for trump coalition stands out in our state. this is a swing state and it's the latino vote that could be the decider hhre. trump has been in hot water with that demographic. i talked with the cochair for coloradians with trump and is pleased. >> mr. trump is trying very hard and doing a good job as reaching out to as possible. we are all americans and ww all have our interests, and obviously mr. trump is doing a good job of being inclusive and reaching out. >> recent polls show hillary clinton with a lead in colorado. but trump supporters aren't worried. it's early and they're poised
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voters this november will decide whether colorado will go to priiary voting and -- the ski train is coming back into business. amtrak is bringing it back between union station and winter park. >> now winter park resort leaders are holding a press conference to get new information on tickets and schedules. ski shops tell us they can't wait. >> definitely will help the store. it brings more awaress to how great colorado skiing of other states don't have. >> the train will help skiers get to the slopes and reduce some of the i-70 traffic, removing about 500 cars from the interstate each day the train runs. this may be one of the strangest arrests to tell you about. a police officer in michigan gets a surprise when she stops a driver. >> this driver wasn't the only one caught with their pants
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this steamy yep, even this one. if it's a matte finish paint, and can resist any amount of moisture, is it still paint? find aura bath & spa, only at your benjamin moore retailer. breaking right now, county road 126 is closed in golden because of a deadly crash. state patrol says only one car is involved in this crash, and it's on jefferson county road 126. this is about 2 miles south of highway 285. a horrifying beating caught
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a street in san francisco when a man punches her and runs away. the woman called for help. by the time they got there, the suspect was gone. neighbors say they're shocked. >> tight community. people know each other. people walk by with their dogs. >> so the man is still out there on the run. now investigators say this appears to be a random attack. a woman falls to her death at a state park in delaware. now invest happened. here's video of the course. this is a zip line course. they say the 59-year-old woman fell 40 feet from a platform. she later died at the hospital. >> if theyydidn't go through the precautions of hooking themselves up, lost their balance and fell on a platform, then it could be possible. >> the company who owns the course released a statement saying their thoughts go to the woman's family.
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and it will cover up to $300 of out of pocket costs to you. that's 50% savings for users. they'll also eliminate costs for underinsureed and uninsureed patients. these snacks are raisins covered in sugar and they're meant to fruit serving for the day at one school. parents of students at monroe elementary say they never they say it has more than the recommended sugar for the entire day. the snack is now off the menu. school is back in session in most places and some students may be struggling with a lack of motivation. here are tips on how to keep your students excited. >> reporter: ferris buuller wasn't exactly a straight a student.
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expected to handle school on a day like this? >> reporter: how can you help your kids fall in love with learning? new tools are increasing the options. >> before kindergarten, they focus on social needs and emotional needs of children, if particular they focus on things like cooperative play and working together. >> reporter: experts say social and emotional skills are vital to learning. things like self-control and the ability to interact with peers. >> decades of research show skills are stronger correlate to school readiness and life success. >> reporter: one new an coming out in september uses games, fun songs and celebrity these skills. >> it teaches eye contact, manners, grit, resillence, focus, problem solving, how to deal with everyday social
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your emotions in class, right? >> yeah, the toolbox. gar gang can tool, personal space tools. >> i love the trash can. throw the little stuff away, right? >> i let the little things going. >> reporter: because the environment is changing for kids, that means parents eed to keep up. >> it's really critical that parents are connected to what's happening in their child's classroom and know what we can do to -- they can do their children at home. >> reporter: 33% of 8th grade students are proficient in math and 34% in reading. but 90% of parents believe their child is at or above grade level. >> we work to inform parents about what's happening in their child's classroom and we connect them to the resources, tools and opportunities to help their child be successful in school. >> it's stressful for parents,
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homework especially. >> 90% of the time i made a decision, did i just damage my child? it's hard. >> go ask your mom. >> that's good. throw it off on her. >> she's better in math. >> nice. beautiful day. sunshine out there now. temperatures will be well below normal today. but suushine through lunch. it's a lot brighter today as you're outside. we will see a few storms for the commute. that's going to be later this afternoon, between about 3:00 and 6:00. i'm going to show you what it looks like on futurecast coming up. really, a good 75% of our state right now looking at sunny skies. we've got some showers on the western slope near grand junction, montrose, ann that's all going to gradually slide farther east. as you get up along i-70 from our loveland ski area camera, some clouds are starring to -- starting to build there. what little snow we saw on the peaks yesterday and this morning, a lot of it already melting. you can see limon from our
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sunshine. beautiful right now. futurecast shows a few storms by early afternoon and then through again the early evening. so we should see around between 3:00 and 6:00, then scattered activity forrthe evening commute tonight, which could lead to some wet roads. 00, 9:30 this evening we still have more storms in the mountains, and even again a little more snow falling above 12 to about 13,000 feet. into early tomorrow morning, we'll see partly cloudy skies, and another round tomorrow. now to temperatures. we're now in the 60s, but we're expecting low to mid-70s between 1:00 and 3:00, and overnight tonight it's chilly again. by early tomorrow you're stepping out the door to low, mid-50s, and a pretty slow warmup again tomorrow. today we're at 75 in denver. keenesburg 77. parker and highlands ranch you'll be at about 73. more 60s as you get up into the mountains today. eagle 72.
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most of ussagain feeling below normal temperatures. today 75. tomorrow i might bring this down a bit. it looks like we'll be close to 80 in a few neighborhoods. might top out with an official high in the upper 70s, with more scattered storms in the afternoon and more cloud cover, again partly cloudy throughout the day. heading into the weekend, two bright spots, saturday and sunday. saturday looks great. i'm going to show you your broncos planner coming up later. kickoff is at 7:00. we'll be in highs. sunday, you guys, a lot of sunshine. mid-80s. then we warm back up. more 90s on the back side of our seven-day. >> got a lot going on there. thanks, lisa. caught on camera, a man in his underwear is beat up at a starbucks in washington. police say the two men are neighbors. they started the fight in their apartment complex and one man ran away into the starbucks.
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his remote. one man is facing charges. the victim should be okay. >> wow. >> okay. talk about being caught with your pants down, literally. in michigan a police officer pulled ovvr a woman susppcted of ddiving under the influence. >> to the officer's surprise, the driver was naked from the waast down. >> officers eventually got the driver to put her pantsson so they could take but get this, her friend who was on the way to pick her up was busted just 200 yardd from the police station, she also had her pants down. no word on why the women were not wearing clothes. >> but they're friends. broncos' starting quarterback continues. trevor siemian gets to start saturday, but mark sanchez says he's not throwing in the towel
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welcome back. breaking sports news. the colorado avalanche have
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head coach, jared bednar. he becomes the av's' sevvnth head coach. ryan lochte may be competing for the mirror ball trophy. he's recordly in talks to take part in "dancing with the stars." we won't know until next week when the cast is released. the los angeles rams come to denver this week, and undrafted quarterback trevor siia field yesterday, but missed practice tuesday. he had a sore shoulderr head coach kubiak says the competition is still a three- man race. we don't know who will start the opener against the panthers. but mark sanchez, who is currently number two on the depth chart, says he can be the starter. >> i don't quit. i'll take this thing down to the wire, so let's go. >> kickoff is at 7:00.
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a lot more news coming up, including the latest from afghanistan, where an american university was attacked. what we know about the attack. plus we're going to hear from one of the survivors next. the race for the white house, republican president
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it is just about 11:30. a deadly crash in golden.
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>> this is about 2 miles south of highway 285. state patrol says only one car involved in this accident. the colorado avalanche have a new coach. they've hired jared bednar. >> he becomes the seventh head coach in the history of the franchise. we'll hhve more coming up later this evening. >> and certainly on and the denver 7 free app. beautiful start to our day, we have sunshine. a few clouds building in the moontains. we'll get a few storms, but not yet. >> looks nice now. >> perfect. that threat for severe weather will be well off to the east and southeast of us. you can see it there. really that threat here in colorado pretty low both today and tomorrow. just a little too cool to get some of thooe bigger storms developing. but we will see some scattered activity this afternoon, likely by 3:00 to about 6:00. temperatures in the next hour in the upper 60s to near 70.
11:31 am
75. then we'll drop, 60s by 9:00, and some 50s overnight. but really mild. a good 10 degrees below normal today. very fall-like. but tomorrow we're going to tack on a few degrees and it will get warmer heading into the weekend. we'll take a look at that, plus your hour by hour forecast for saturday night's broncos game. thank you, lisa. we have new details on the deadly attack at an american university in afghanistan. at least 12 people are dead, and ssven of them students. police stormed the campus. one blew himself up at the entrance and that allowed the other two to enter. it lasted more than 10 hours. >> we didn't feel safe, so therefore we jumped from the second flo and escaped. >> right now no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. but the taliban is a prime suspect. the state department has condemned the attack. people are beginning the difficult process of cleaning up n myanmar following
11:32 am
authorities are now going around trying to assess the damage. more than 170 buddhist temps were destroyed. investigators say this man, shawn scott held up the tfc bank on south broadway tuesday. they believe he's for five other burglaries since may. denver 7's reporter jason gruenauer shows us what is being done today at one of the worst intersections in denver to protect motorcyclists. >> reporter: some motorcycle riders we spoke to here in denver say they ride all but a few months out of the year, that's why it's never too late to warn people about safety. it's why they're installing signs as each of the four corners at federal and 50th. an intersection that was
11:33 am
last year in denver allne, 28 fatalities. it's why allstate as a company is adding denver to their list of several dozen cities they're installing theee signs for. it will simply say, watch for motorcycles. the looking once isn't enough, look twice save a live. all this. crews have just about gotten here, the sign people will be putting them up. hopefully they number down to zero. reporting here at 50th and federal, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. this is the young woman killed in a head head-on crash earlier this weekk 21-year-old brianna boody. she had just finished raining to become a teacher. she went to cu denver. she studied elementary
11:34 am
with aawrong-way driver on highway 34 in loveland. the man going the wrong way also died in that crash. your voice your vote. donald trump is expected in aspen later today for a private fundraiser. they hope to raise a half million dollars on the colorado visit. meantime, local republicans are reaching out to whoever they can tt get the vote out. denver7's eric lupher tracking some of those developments today. >> the local campaign here is really making an effort to target all types of people from hispanics to african-americans organizations. cochairs have been named for a number of separate coalitions, that was announced this morning. you can find that list now on the main goal, to turn this ?tate red. >> that was really part of our decision to how do we activate the state? how do we best reach out to all these groups and show them how important they are for the overall turnout in november, because if we don't activate them now, then, you know, we don't have the turnout that we want.
11:35 am
but he says things are looking up. he tweeted this morning "poll numbers are starting to look very good. leading in florida, arizona and big jump in utah. all numbers rising, national way up. and he finishes with one word, wow. meantime, colorado republicans are pressing forward, hoping the new coalitions will push trump ahead in the polls locally. trump is also hurlinn new ?llegations at hillary clinton. he >> reporter: donald trump is reaching out to minority voters. meeting with african-american leaders today. >> we have great relationships and the numbers are going up with the african-american community rapidly. >> reporter: in a major shift, trump is pivoting on immigration. ii an appearance on fox news, he says he'll provide an opportunity for legalization for millions of immigrants who are in the u.s. legally. >> do we tell theee people to
11:36 am
work with them and let them stay? >> reporter: a position that may not sit well with a core group of trump supporters. >> who wants those people thrown out? >> i do! >> if you ask any trump voter, the only thing that links them together is the mmigration issue. >> what donald trump is talking about has been called amnesty, very consistently by opponents of immigration reform. >> reporter: trump is trying to chaage the narrative for the first time branding hillary clinton a supporter. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> reporter: clinton firing back on cnn. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. >> reporter: in reno today saying --
11:37 am
she says trump is not changing his position on immigration, she says he's just changing his words. developing right now in cherry creek, the school superintendent is demanding answers as to why the school districc hasn't received any pot money as promised. the superintendent even wrote a letter to parents. now the district faces a $20 million short fall for next year. >> they say what about the marijuana taxes? didn't that solve the school funding problem? and we explain that actually the amount of money that comes in through the marijuana taxes is capped at 40 million into capital construction projects. so really zero dollars go into the classroom. >> earlier this year officials with denver public schools say they have yet to see money from marijuana taxes. speaking of pot, aurora city council says the city plans to use revenue from pot sales to help the homeless. the city approved a pot tax increase for next year.
11:38 am
more than you're used to. it would generate about $1.5 million a year for aurora. the full council now will consider the matter. the denver youth hostel shut down remains closed today near 16th and washington. our partners at "the denver post" tell us it was a natural gas leak and dangerous electrical wiring. no word on when it may reopen. this november vote on a sugary drink tax and we're learning how thistax may affect your city's health. there's a new study that shows a 21% drop in people drinking the drinks since a city-wide tax in berkeley was implemented there last march. other cities saw an increase in consumption. take a look at this huge
11:39 am
million project to replace water storage tanks. the new tanks are expected to last 100 years and they will hold more water. >> this project is a good example of denver water investing in the future of our system, because we want to make sure we have a reliable, high quality system so when you turn worry about it. >> crews will build a new pumping station in the field where the old storage tanks are located. seems there's controversy after another for chipotle. why the labor board is cracking down on how it treats its employees. major warning from doctors. which disease antibiotics could make your children more at risk of developing later in life. it's still quiet across the plains. western half of our state starting to see a few showers and thunderstorms. here's your first alert that we're going to see some rain here in denver..
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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prince's home in minnesota is opening to the public. starting tomorrow you can buy tickets online for tours that will begin in october. no word onthe price. prince's sister said this is something he always wanted to do. his family is also working to get the city's approval to use paisley park as a museum, recording studio and concert venue.
11:43 am
policies in chipotle's handbook are illegal. they can now not ban workers from criticizing the company on social media, and must allow workers to talk about politics and religion. a federal judge ruled starbucks is not ripping you off on your iced coffees, or iced beverages. the california judge threw out a lawsuit that claimed a 24- ounce iced drink really only had 14 ounces of fluid. the judge said they met a expectations. uber wants its drivers to save for retirement. the company is partnering with betterment to allow drivers in four cities, not in denver, to sign up for free retirement accounts. all fees will be waived the first year. heads up to veterans and their families, there's a job fair happening now at mile high
11:44 am
afternoon. there are dozens of companies looking for workers. there is no doubt antibiotics do great things. but apparently they could also ?ead to diabetes. a new study finds antibiotics could impact the bacteria in our intestines, and that inflames the cells that produces insulin. researchers have only found the link so far in mice. we want to wish the u.s. national park serrice a happy birthday. it turns 100 today. they oversee 58 national pa in honor of its 100 years of service, the u.s. mint is issuing three limited edition coins. >> rocky mountain national park along with all other national parks are free this weekend to celebrate the park's birthday. for fun things to do and to see at rocky mountain national park, head to the discover section at >> hopefully we'll have nice
11:45 am
nice for the mountains. 60s and 70s. here we're cooler, in the 70s today. here's a look from the airport, a few clouds building, mainly up in the mountains now. city park now at 63. bennett at 61. still 50s in evergreen and in conifer. it was a chilly morning. we had a few neighborhoods, mountain towns in the upper 30s earlier this morning. now we're talking 60s. but already greeley you're at 70. and we're on our way now into the 70s. still going to be degrees below normal. that normal high today is 86. we will be back to some of those numbers by this weekend and next week so don't worry, summer is still in full swing. it will get hot by sunday. denver today 75. greeley is going to top out near 76. and we're close to 80 near pueblo and lamar. these numbers are going to plummet once we get few storms this afternoon. i'll show you the timing of that in just a minute. you can see near aspen right
11:46 am
showers, little more cloud cover, and even right along the divide and just east of it some building clouds at this point. futurecast closer in denver shows arouud 2:00 to 2:30 when we should start to see a few cells rolling off the foothills and the threat for severe weather, the damaging winds and large hail, that's going to be pretty low todayy but we're going to likely see rain, potentially pockets of heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning and rain through the afternooo and early by about 5:30 we're still looking at some scattered storms and even overnight tonight you can see more blue and purple popping up in the mountains above 12, 13,000 feet we'll likely see more snow. a lot of people in the mountains are getting excited for it. we're getting closer to where they can start making snow. 4:00tomorrow afternoon, chance for a few more storms and showers. we're going to be seeing more scattered activity through friday and early friday
11:47 am
for the weekend. today 75. tomorrow a high of 80. to normal. ng a little closer we won't get there until saturday or sunday. saturday for the broncos game, a few isolated storms. i think we'll be just fine. likely dry for the game. kickoff at 7:00, with temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s at that point. then dropping into the low, mid- 60s. it's going to be a cool evening. you'll likely want a sweatshirt saturday. sunday hotter, mid, the right spot over the entire weekends pretty nice. and early next week a lot hotter. by monday we're at 88. tuesday and wednesday temperatures back to near 90 degrees. our overnight lows will be closer to 62. there is a little of everything on that seven-day forecast. >> there is. >> rain, snnw, 90s, 60s. >> keeps you busy. >> i like the overnight lows. >> this is a food time of -- good time of year. >> good. the denver performing arts
11:48 am
performance facility under one roof. >> it covers 12 acres. this week's 7everyday hero can take you behind the ssenes. >> this set is from a 1950s version of taming of the shrew. >> reporter: each month barbara thorngren pulls back the curtain. >> this is the set for glass menagerie coming up this fall, so you get a preview of thh set. >> reporter: she volunteers to give back stage tours. >> i am a tour ambassador. ?> they really, tr historians of this complex. >> i was a teacher, so this is another form of teaching. >> reporter: she leads guests behind each local production. >> an actor will take about 68 measurements. so that they know exactly how that actor is put together. >> reporter: past the sewing machines in the costume department, with the props department, into the massive
11:49 am
at a time here. >> reporrer: and on to the stage of the buell theater. >> so how does it feel to be on the other side of the foot lights? >> sounds fun. >> it is fun. it's very fun. i wouldn't keep doing it if it weren't. >> reporter: no two tours are the same. but a favorite spot is actors' alley. >> the custom at this theater is while the show is on, the poster gets painted on the wall. and then the cast and crew sign it during the show. >> reporter: there to document guides like barbara thorngren. >> i volunteer because i want to promote the things i love. >> for all your years of volunteering, check this out. >> oh, my. the independent insurance agents of colorado want to make you a 7everyday hero. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> the tours are a lot of fun. they cost $12.
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at 10:00 in the morning. you can sign up online, go to
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there's a retired man in new york who is truly a kid at heart. herb cook converted a ford ranger iito a giant red radio flyer. >> he's my hero. as you can imagine, this one of a kind wagon turns heads. they have a ball they say driving >> we have more fun with this thing than a barrel of monkeys. if i could make people smile and laugh a little, that's my reward for building it. >> there you go. all that work took aayear to complete. that was a lot of work. >> that is impressive. >> no kidding. >> very neat. >> good for him. barrel of monkeys. so is the now coming up this afternoon. here's theresa marchetta.
11:54 am
the handle. if you're looking for breaking news and weather coverage, look no further than here, the now. we've got the best breaking news every day at 4:00. today with donald trump in aspen we're taking a closer look at his immigration position. his language is moving away from the mass deportations, but not quite yet towards amnesty. we're digging into the lawsuit against the city's homeless sweeps. and mark boyle is up park. he has an update on the ski train. we look at the pricing, schedule and what it means for winter park. for the best breaking news coverage at 4:00, make it the now. we'll see you later. >> if he's in the bar car i'm going to be mad. >> they have one on there, right. >> it's a great train. >> it's what makes it flies heading -- nice heading back. we could get more snow in the mountains tonight.
11:55 am
activity. these will roll east over denver today. tomorrow 50s early on. cool start for the kids.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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