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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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news out of littleton, where crews are battling a fire at the columbine valley country club. >> our daryl orr is on scene with the very latest for us. -?daryl. >> reporter: we're on fairway drive at the columbine golf course. crews got out here around 4:30. got report of smoke coming from the warehouse where they have golf course, liquor inside, a lot of supplies for course itself. the firefighters had to saw through the side of the aluminum building to get into an area where this fire has been a problem. it's been stubborn for them to get it out. there is less smoke than about 15 minutes ago. there are a lot of residents curious, watching what's going on in their neighborhood. as of right now we don't have report of any injuries to any people in the area or even
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but there are close to, we're going to say close to 15 fire trucks out here from littleton fire department, and now it's looking pretty good that they do have this fire pretty much out. so we'll update you as soon as we get further information. let's send it into lisa hidalgo with your first alert forecast. we're in the low to mid-50s ?ere along -- we're going to have to have a lesson in my last name later when daryl gets back. 55 at city park. mid- to upper 40s foothills. conifer closer to 40 this morning. another chilly start. close to 60 pueblo and lamar. kids will need a sweatshirt. i don't know necessarily you need fur lined levi jacket this morning, but it will get chilly in the mountains this weekend. upper 70s in denver this afternoon. upper 70s today and a chance for a few storms. we'll be under more sunshineeby noon. by noon we're at 72. and closer to 80 today. warmer and drier for the weekend. here's your first alert we
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we'll talk about that coming up. i guess i could call you hilly for short. we have a rollover crash being investigated. came off the ramp from westbound iliff to go south on 225. that big loop ramp. they're expecting it was a dui crash here this morning that at least hurt one person. we have restrictions on that ramp. you can go to the next intersection and go east on iliff and south on 225. we have another trouble spot on the northbound side of 225 after colfax. traffic is starting to ease there. however, still have a problem by mile high on the southbound side of federal. we have a denver water truck involved in an accident. it's why they're diverting traffic away from southbound federal through the neighborhood and back on southbound federal. everything else around town continues to get busier, especially on the north side freeways.
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officers shot and killed a man responding to a domestic violence call. the maa went into the victim's home without permission, and when he came out he had a weapon which he refused to drop. officers tased him and he still didn't stop so she fired and kill -- they fired and killed him. some homeless people are angry about being chased from their camps and that's why they're suing the denver. they sail the city -- say the city can't legally kick them off the camps. denver7 spoke to a man who used to live on the streets and he doesn't think the suit will change anything in denver. >> the lawsuit simply sets up materialist issues of who is right, who is wrong, what can i gain from it in terms of the legal counsel and so forth. and the homeless person is left
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have yet to hear back. when they do respond we'll share it with you on our free denver 7 app. new dna technology couud have a major impact on helping solve cold cases. bruce bennett was just 27 when he was murdered inside his hooe in january 1984. the killer also killed his wife and one of their children. police recovered a knife, but never found the murderer. this is a grisly case that still haunts aurora. using new dna technology, two sketch t right there have been created. they give us an idea of what the killer looked like then as well as what he wouud look like possibly today. the family says if anyone nows anything, they need to come forward. >> you have to take responsibility for everything you do in life. and avoiding making a commitment r coming out with something you know is important is just as bad as telling a
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using this new technology. everyone loves the broncos, except a couple of raiders fans, i guess. police say these two guys took it too far. police say these two stole a camp. police say what helmet was taking. broncos are getting ready for their third preseason game of the year, hosting the l.a. rams saturday night. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. jason gruenauer joins us with which players to look out for. >> reporter: mitch, it starts and ends with doesn't it? after a battle throughout the offseason and practice and preseason game, we've made it, % the third preseason game. this is the dress rehearsal, where the starters play the longest. trevor siemian is starting. raise your hand if you had him coming out of this race. he has been the most consistent -?throughout the preseason.
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had that one turnover last preseason game. his shoulder is getting better after a tweak. the question is, can and will he cement himself as the week one starter? coach kubiak, how concerned are you at his lack of experience? >> zero. zero. i'm looking at what's taking place the last six months, how they handle -- [ no audio ] r about mark sanchez or axton lynch who comes in after trevor siemian. broncos, rams tomorrow night, we'll have the latest coming up in a bit. it is 5:36. denver's archbishop is getting help overseeing denver in northern colorado.
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auxillary bishop. the bishop-elect rodriguez is pastor in thornton. earlier this week we told you patsy's inn is closing. one of the owners says she's sad to say goodbye. >> dismantling this many years of history is overwhelming. we smiled, we laugh, we talk about the memories. can't come up with any memory thaa's not a good one. so many weddings at the table, impromptu, pregnant women coming in and saying i've been pregnant long enough, i want to have this baby tomorrow. i'm eating pasta. and guess what, it works? and they bring in the baby on the way home from the hospital. >> great story. i've never heard that pasta makes you go into labor, now there is a first for that one. the owner says thee had to close because of health
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one of colorado's biggest ski and ride season traditions is back. the winter park ski train will start departing january for the first time in seven years. it should be here to stay this time. train will leave from the union station at 7:00 a.m. after a two-hour ride, leave you off at the base of the winter park chair lift. it will pick you up at 4:30. this will cost you $39, one way. kids price. this will take about 500 cars off the i-70 highway. >> with the train, you've added to the experience to the day and you don't dread going home, you look forward to going home, because you get to ride the train again. then you arrive in union station, which i think is spectacular. >> the first train will leave on january 7th, will run
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holiday mondays through the ski season. you can now have your own virtual guidebook to colorado's wildlife in your back pocket. they call this wild colorado. >> it is a new free mobile app with information on nearly 300 colorado species. the south platte river in denver is getting an environmental boost. it will provide south platte reservoir. come take a look as what was exploring the cheesman reservoir yesterday. a pair of bear cubs. thhir mother, as always, was not faa off. >> sasquatch. no, they're bears. trump's campaign is getting tired of people saying he's relaxing on grion.
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professional football team, is it going to happen? there. l team wants to move %- on this friday morning, happy friday, we do have cloud cover. a little more than yesterday. few light showers this morning, but that's starting to move up to the northeast closer to greeley. here's your first alert we could see more rain this afternoon. we have damm roadways, but not lamb perking the drive.
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breaking news, fire at columbine valley country club in the warehouse which holds golf clubs. the justice department says hillary clinton has to release more clinton e-mails. it's related to documents related on the attack in benghazi. a different federal judge made a similar demand earlier this week, asking for a plan to release nearly 15,000
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talked about softening immigration laws working with otherwise law-abiding undocumented families. that's in contrast to his earlier calls for mass deportations. now his campaign wants to clarify. take a listen. >> he hasn't changed his position on immigration. he's changed the words he is saying. >> no amnesty from him. no open borders. build the wall, no sanctuary cities. >> trump gets that pathway to citizenship, but his words this week sounds legal status, like jeb bush and marco rubio talked about earlier in the campaign, and trump attacked them during the primaries. new polls are out, suggesting hillary clinton would beat donald trump this november. >> we get new numbers it seems like each and every day. right now there's a poll that
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overall average of national polls by real clear politics shows similar results, though the gap is smaller. 47 for clinton and 42 for trump. as you know, trump is pushing to get support from minority voters. his much quoted question being, "what have you got to lose"? a tracking poll suggests his message is not getting through. now only 8% of african-american voters support trump, while support clinton. for hispanics, it's 22% for trump, 73% for clinton. among asian voters, 23% for trump, 66% for clinton. a lot of numbers i just threw at you there. we're getting our first look at what a new pro football stadium in las vegas might look like. there it is. it can seat 65,000 fans. the oakland raiders are considering a move if they can't get a new stadium built
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trademarks related to the name las vegas raiders. do you think it will have slot machines in the lobby? probably will. i have to show you this new video. when two arkansas police officers came across a skunk with a cup on its head they knew they had to do something. one of them grabs the cup and runs. the guy that was running, he didn't get sprayed. but the other officer was not so lucky, he gottthe squirt. had to get rid of the unifor a friend of mine was sprayed in high school and it was like a good week, week and a half before the smell camm out. >> really? >> you have to soak in -- >> yeah. >> i've done it with dogs, put them in tomato, in the bathtub. >> it's no fun. they were being nice. we've got a nice start to our day. this morning you're going to find a few light showers, few sprinkles early on. you can see it on radar now. mainly near fort collins and greeley where we've got a few
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from our viera wireless camera out at the airport, quite a bit of cloud cover early this morning. you're going to be under a mix of sun and clouds until about 10:00 to 11:00. that's when it clears up. more sunshine through lunch, and then a few scattered storms. it is like clock work our storms it seems like. around 2:00, 3:00 we'll see more cloud cover in the mountains and a few storms rolling east. for any plans tonight, by about 7:00 to 8:00 it looks like most of those storms will on. we'll be under some clear skies here with a few lingering storms in the mountains tonight into it looks like early tomorrow. 7:30saturday morning, skies are clear. i want to get you through tomorrow afternoon to show you what we're in for for tte broncos game saturday night. 3:30scattered storms ffrst in the mountains and a slight chance to see one or two rolling east. that's at 7:30, about 30 minutes into the game we could get a few showers. it's not going to last long if
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mild. today some mid- to upper 70s. sunshine and a few tomorrow morning we start off with more 50s. but it's going to be a little bit warmer. today still a good 7 to 10 degrees below normal. denver at 78. bennett at 75. you're at 72 in castle rock. mid- to upper 60s, so a few degrees warmer in the foothills and mountains. 81 out west. grand junction pretty warm as you head into utah. it's going to get a lot by saturday and sunday, back in the low, mid, even upper 80s. better chance for a few isolated thunderstorms saturday. sunday more sunshine. two bright spots both sunday and monday. very warm by the start oo next week. it's been a good two, three days of fall-like weather. back to summer. low to it looks like mid-90s possibly by the end of next week. yikes. we have a couple of yikes places on the roadways. we're going to start with the
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nice and calm and quiet at morrison road, southbound and northbound side of c-470, nice and easy to the west. take a look at the trouble spots we have. still have this accident that's being cleaned up. it's a denver water truck involved on the southbound side of ederal, closed down at 20th. that's by mile high stadium. been telling you about that the last hour or so. we are going to see those delays continue for a little while longer. rerouted through the neighborhood. not a huge delay. not going to call for a big alternate. juste zigzag. same at iliff and 225. loop ramp restricted with that reallyover crash. getting out to dia, last night had big road restrictions through there. had big delays trying to get to the airport. all that road work at least wrapped up by 4:00 this morning. the rest of the ride around town as you can see from one of the side street cameras at evans and santa fe, it's looking okay, but pretty busy already this morning. this next story may have you scratching your head. there is a strange target for
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and i mean strange. flower pots, and those large front porch planters. police say it's a crime of portunity. something that's just not nailed down, locked down or otherwise difficult to steal. so a video door bell recorded this theft. the new technology helping bust the thieves. >> you have access to the information in your pocket. doesn't matter where you are, you have that information with you. and they give you a sense of security. you are not in front of your house, but you know what is going on. >> the thieves in this case, they're still out there this morning. -?>> really? it's 10 minutes before 6:00. concussions, parents of young football players worry about them. now there's a new study that shows how we can make the sport
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5:53. a look at the breaking situation this orning we're keeping on top of. this is at columbine valley country club. there's been a fire in the golf cart building. it is out now. firefighters checking on any hot spots. we'll for you. ryan lochte isn't out of the woods yet. rio place are charging him with making a false robbery report. they want him to come back to testify in brazil. that's not likely to happen. this comes after he and three other swimmers say they were robbed at gunpoint, and lochte admitted he exening rated the claims.
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are more likely to happen in games for young kids, it's because of the tackling drills. they could cut back on the drills or eliminate them altogether if they want to help for the first time ever, the u.s. surgeon general is sending a letter to all of the doctors in the country. here's a look at the letter -?your doctoo will be getting. he is urging them to do three things, number one, check how they're describing pain meds effective. number two, if people, their patients are addicted, make sure they know how to get them treatment. number three, change how our country sees addiction and start treating it as a chronic illness. >> nearly 2 million people in
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opioid. doctors wrote 259 million prescriptions for 2012. that's enough for every american adult to have a bottle of pills. this next tory will put you in a good mood. >> two strangers putting on a spontaneous music performance at a texas hospital. ? n singing ] >> it's already been seen more than 3 million times in the they just only met. >> the more i listened to her, the more i thought, now, this woman is really good. >> she said she felt inspired to join the piano man. she has an amazing voice. >> no kidding. i think they should hit the road. we've got a little bit more cloud cover this morning than yesterday. out from our viera wireless cameras, you can see in limon, as we get closer to our sunrise this morning, mix of sun and
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we have two pockets where e could see a little severe weather today. here's your first alert it just clipp northern and southeastern colorado. scattered storms possible in denver this afternoon, our threat for severe weather here is low. will be a touch warmer today. mid- to upper 70s. denver at 78. fort collins 76. 50s and 60s in the central mountains. as we get into the weekend, things really start to heat up. we have all those details coming here is an rtd alert, if you ride the train to the plane, due to operational difficulty to the 40th and airport and pena station, 10 to 15 minute delays on the a line. allow extra travel times during the next two hours. they apologize for any inconvennence. driving out is okay. just slow because they'll have the speed reduced trying to get out to the airport.
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open. thank you, sir. it's 5:56 now. a newborn goes to children's hospital for treatment and ends up with a broken leg. trump is making an appearance in aspen, after making his fans wait, though, so long i'm not sure we're going to call this fashionably late. another quick look at the live situation at columbine valley country club. 3
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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it's 6:00 a.m. denver7 tracking breaking news out of littleton. this is a shots of airtracker7 on its way to the scene of a fire at columbine valley at country club. >> daryl orr and eric lupher on scene this morning. >> we're going to daryl. >> reporter: what a scene when we first arrived at about 4:30 this morning. a lot of smoke coming out of this columbine valley country club, which is just off fairway drive in littleton. you can see behind us fire crews are still there trying to work some hot spots. at about 4:30 when the fire crews also arrived, we got here pretty much about the same time. they had to saw through the side of the aluminum building to get inside to this structure.


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