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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. denver7 begins with breaking news. this lakewood mother is dead after risking her life to save her son. >> her name is chelsey russell. utah police say russell and her family were at lake powell tuesday when the 2-year-old fell from a moving house boat. russell dove in after him, neither were wearing a life jacket. when they were pulled from the water, russell was unconscious. stay with denver 7 as we continue following this latest on this breaking news story. just in, the fda recommends all donated blood and blood components in the u.s. be tested for zika. previously they only limited the requirement to puerto rico and two florida counties. disturbing allegations
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colorado. a nurse is accused of breaking a baby boy's leg. the baby's parents are suing the hospital. the family lawyer sent us these photographs of the boy, and these x-rays. their lawyer is now speaking for them. >> so the staff is constantly monitoring the child. it's inconceivable this type of injury could happen in the child in the nicu and it not be observed or known when it happens. so the parents are suspecting a >> the lawyer is trying to subpoena surveillance video from the nicu. police shot and killed a man in fort collins. officers say they first tried to tase the man and that didn't work and they shot and killed them. neither the suspect or officers have been identified.
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vehicles at rocky mountain national park. they say he took several purses and credit cards. if you have information, recognize this man, give rocky mountain national park a call. >> it's friday when you're wondering what will the weather be like this weekend. >> so we've brought in the expert. so far it's looking nice. it looks really great out there. we started with a little and moisture. it's cleared out now. we have 60 in bennett. 63 city park and 50s towards allenspark, evergreen and conifer at 53 degrees. as we widen this out, 40s and 50s in the higher elevations. 60s in the western slope and southern colorado as well. we'll have more shower activity and evening. to the afternoon temperatures will stay in the 70s this afternoon.
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possibly after 2:00, 3:00 during the day, and overnight lows in the 50s for tonight. our chance for stronger thunderstorms is definitely going to be across the eastern portion of colorado, not so much happening for the western part of the state. our futurecast takes this moisture that's been pushing eastward out of the state. we have redevelopment through the southwestern part of colorado and later this afternoon and this evening it looks like a few scattered showers to our west and they'll be few and far between for keep in mind we will have cloud cover sticking around and scattered showers later today. i'll have the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. arson investigators are trying figure out how and why a fire started at the columbine valley country club in littleton. there was damage to the golf barn with carts and propane tanks. in aurora police are investigating a woman found
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police not calling this a homicide at this point. they're interviewing the people who live in the apartment building. happening today this man, russell middleton will learn dog. unishment for shooting a the dug was the pit bull known as beef cakes. he was found in a boulder parking lot with gunshots to the shoulder. he told police he shot the dog because the pit bull got into a fight with his girlfriend's dog. this man learn his punishment for impersonating a police officer. he tried to call a woman in aurora, she called 911. he was later arrested. now the jefferson county sheriff's office is looking for the man you see in this sketch. they say he tried to kidnap a 9- year-old girl monday outside her home. the victim told her parents that the suspect approached her in the driveway, touched her shoulder and said, come with 3 me.
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call the jeffco sheriff's office if you have information. this man has been found guilty of child abuse causing serious bodily injury. dennis sage is his name, and two years ago prosecutors say he was caring for a 2-year-old that was not his son, and investigators say he spanked the boy because he was crying and when he weet to check on the boy he was not breathing. that boy is now 4 years old and stiil needs care from that beating. facinggcharge charges. prosecutors say jennifer lee hetei ccllected more than $65,000 in benefits she was not eligible for. they say she lied on her household make-up and income for nearly five years. fort collins police have arrested a hit-and-run driver, after police say he hit a woman riding her bicycle near mulberry and riverside.
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in serious condition. police believe alcohol and/or drugs were factors. a security scare at the omaha airport ends with one man in custody. police say the man breached a security gate and striped down into his boxers, stole a truck on the and then rammed into a southwest airlines plane, which was headed here o denver. all of this started ast night. police say the suspect was screaming, saying people were trying to kill him. the southwest pilot and one suspect have minor injuries. the plane and crew all had to be changed, leading to a long flight delay. the broncos are back in action tomorrow night hosting the los angeles rams at mile high. still no definitive answer who will lead the team in quarteeback position. trevor siemian will start the game.
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ankle injury. aqib talib will be back, his first game back after being shot at a strip club in the offseason. even with the super bowl championship to celebrate, fans may have to get to the stadium extra early to get a parking spot. >> jason gruenauer at mile high to explain. >> reporter: we're talking abt disappearing parking spaces. and not a small number, either. doing quick math here we're talking about 9% of stadium parking that is about disappear. there's two reasons. one, mini mile high, and two, a good junk of this parking lot, lot m was sold yesterday. let's take it back a little bit. it started over the offseason. that cool replica was built, but that takes up about 200 ticket season holder spaces. then at a meeting yesterday, 367 more spots were sold from
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cdot's new headquarters. those will go away after halloween when the broncos don't play a home game about five weeks. 546 spaces out of the advertised 6500 according to the broncos' web site. parking prices, at least for now, have remained flat. thirty dollars per game. but in many cases those are already sold out. one thing not discussed at the meeting yesterday, the name on the side of the building. it wasn't on the agenda or brought up. a spokesperson says are working "aggressively on this" and we should have a better idea of the time line at their meeting next month. jason ruenauer, denver 7. now denver police are looking for these two men. they say they stole a helmet from a broncos' player during training camp. police won't say which player, but they're offering reward for information about the thieves.
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in honor of it, denver international airport is doubling the force of its therapy program. they'll have a total of 53. travels can be stressful and the airport hopes these dogs can ease some of that anxiety. >> i bet that will work. since it's national dog day, we're celebrating our furry friends today. >> eric lupher is pretty obsessed with dogs, so we decided we'd send him out the dog park to cover the story. eric. >> reporter: whenever dog is in a sentence, i raise my hand and i'm ready to report. they're my favorite thing. englewood canine corral. it was busy this morning. fun pups playing with each other. their owners out spoiling them. here are interesting tidbits about dogs. more than 150 dog breeds are out there.
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popular dog names include molly, sam, zack and maggie. the top five breeds, labrador, golden retriever, golden shepherd, and dachshund. >> wh >> every day is national dog day in my house. >> she's loving this microphonn. >> she is. >> reporter: the world premier performance by marvin the pug. check it. [ person singing ] [ dog howling ]
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angelic. background vocals by me, and josh montoya, our photojournalist and manager, we'll be going on tour next week, perhaps getting on "america's got talent." >> really, you think marv is going to win that for you? >> reporter: we're going to win the million. watch out. >> he's been looking for an excuse to use that clip for that dog two or three years now. >> reporter: so >> better than super bowl for this man. a car crashes and bursts into flames and inside are two men. [sirens] >> is there anybody inside the vehicle? >> yes, i'm prettied sure it is, but i ain't going to it, it's gonna blow up. >> the incredibll images you have to see from the police officer's body camera. plus, a look into the fight to free an american hostage
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welcome back. we turn to the heart breaking and inspiring story of this woman. this is kayla mueller. the americcn aid worker captured by isis in 2013. we are seeing never before seen video of mueller. plus, abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross talks with her parents about the
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>> reporter: the home movies show a young woman full of life, traveling the world to help the innocent victims of war. >> my name is kayla mueller. >> reporter: that all ended with this video, being seen this morning for the first time. >> i've been here too long. i've been very sick. it's very terrifying here. >> reporter: kayla mueller had been taken hostage by isis on what was supposed to have been a quick trip into syria. as isis american men -- >> i'm barack obama -- >> reporter: the plight of held secret. was a closely %- her parents work behind the scenes to gain her frredom, sending their own videos to isis. >> please showwmercy and use your power to free our daughter. >> reporter: there would be some 27 e-mails back and forth between the couple in their
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captors in syria, who at one point set a 30 day deadline for a ransom of millions. but her parents say the white house say they would face prosecution if they paid the ransom. >> i remember the argument. we need to do something, they're not going to bring kayla home. >> reporter: a year and a half after she was captured, isis sent the muellers three pictures of their dead body. later, when the president came to arizona to console them, the muellers said he made aapromise to help the foundation they set up in kayla's name and then broke it. >> says i will help that foundation. says, you won't know, it will be an anonymous donation, but i will. i'm still waiting. >> reporter: there hasn't been such a donation? >> no. i'm still waiting for thatt
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yyu see the flag at my driveway. it's not something i take lightly. talking about our president that way. that's what he said. >> that was abc's brian ross reporting. ffr the full story watch 20/20 tonight here on denver 7 at 9:00. on the rescue efforts. a state of emergency is now in effect and that means more than aid. rescuers are using sound detectors and dogs trying to find anyone buried. more than 260 people have died, and nearly 400 others injured. it's 17 minutes after the hour. want to talk about our first alert forecast now, because the weekend is upon us. since it's 63 degrees now in denver, will that last through the weekend? >> no.
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going to warm up. if you miss the 90s, it's right around the corner. >> i don't know many are missing the 90s. >> i'm guessing the fall-like weather has been a respite. we'll have partly cloudy skies and isolated storms this afternoon and staying cool through tonight. but as i mentioned, things will be warming up for the weekend and especially next week. it looks beautiful from our dia camera looking towards the mountains, you see the clouds building off on the horizon. limon partly to mostly cloudy skies, same condition as denver earlier. this is our loveland ski cam ?hot, fresh snow on the mountain tops. we had snow yesterday afternoon and eveninn at loveland and pikes peak. some of the higher elevations getting a little bit of at that
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highs today in the 70s for this afternoon. 76 erie, 77 platteville. and 80s for the western slope, and the south as well. we have showers leaving the state right now, but going into the rest of the afternoon a little more redevelopment for the day. as we look forward into our severe weather out look for the eastern plains, that's where we're going to see most of that redevelopment today. but the temperatures aren't so bad out there. 63 degrees, calm winds. we are going to experience some scattered showers activity later today. but as we go into the evening will clear out. 78 for a high. 73 by 6:00, and clearing skies into the evening. akron, cloud cover for you out there. little slow to clear for that area today. but our current radar showing most of the showers here leaving the state. otherwise,,little ground clutter here, the radar looks at things on the ground and
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70s for the start of the game. really not bad at all. it will similar to what we have out there now. few storms into this afternoon and this evening, and the summer heat will return into next week, with highs in the 90s. highs today in the 70s from lakewood to denver. our highs so far has been 63. normly we should be around 86. in sterling also cloud cover. there's that tailgate forecast again. temperatures in the 80s. as we take our futurecast the afternoon you see a few scattered showers moving in from the west and clearing out into the overnight and look like for tomorrow afternoon a few scattered showers here as well. just keep in mind the umbrella will need to be close at hand at times. today's planner takes us into the 70s for the afternoon as i mentioned with scattered showers for the day and into, not the rockies forecasted. sorry about that. we'll be looking at the broncos
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60s. the planner for today in the 80s. we'll have 85 by 6:00. 86 by 8 with some isolated showers and that will be clearing out. interessing weather over the next few days and i'll show you that 7-day coming up where we have the 90s showing up next week again. >> sounds good, thank you. to a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a man from a burning car. ulls take a look. >> come on, man. >> you see him to get that guy out. the car basically blows up into a ball of flames. officer dan whitney runs up to the vehicle, and sees the passenger who looks seriously hurt. that 21-year-old is trying to get out but the door is jammed. the officer breaks the window and pulls the man out. police say the car seats were melting. the driver, unfortunately, did not survive. >> good thing that police officer was there.
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for tomorrow's showdown at mile high. they take on the l.a. rams at 7:00 p.m. for the last home preseason game of the year. >> fans pride themselves on getting loud when opponents have the ball. that's great for the broncos,
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we told you avalane hired jared bednar as their new head coach. he's never coached in the nhl, but the general manager says winning is all that matters. >> place a lot of value on winning championships, and i know jared has won on the east coast and won thh calder cup. it's tough to win in any to be able to win you got to be doing something right. >> coach bednar has three weeks to get ready for training camp. season opens october 15th at the pepsi center. experts have a warning before you head out to mile high stadium. all that noise could seriously damage your hearing. >> reporter: this sunday the vikings are kicking off their first preseason home game at a new stadium.
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for an earful. when the u.s. bankkstadium hosted metallica last week, with nearly 50,000 fans packing the seats, the concert not only brought down the house, it had some complaining about the noise levels. one fan tweeting "i think i've suffered long-term hearing damage." another posting the next morning "my ears are still ringing." that metal music not necessarily to blame. it's the st the acoustically reflective material on its roof. this means noise leeels during a football game here could sound 10 times louder than other nfl football stadiums. to put it into perspective, a normal conversation is around 60 decibels. a lawn mower can reach around 90. doctors say anything over 85 could be harmful. >> the thing to remember with noise exposure is it's cumulative. after several decades of
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perranent noise induced hearing loss. >> reporter: kansas city's stadium holding the world road for the biggest roar at 142. 142.2 decibels. that's louder than a jet taking off. seahawks fans have clocked in at 137.6. in new orleans, the mercedes- benz superdome has reached 122.6. >> that's lo >> yeah. my ears are still ringing from a kiss concert from the '70s. >> awesome. the name calling is amping up. hillary clinton responds to
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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it is 11:30. we continue to follow breaking news. a lakewood mother dead after risking her life to save her >> the mother is chelsey russell. utah police say russell and her family were on lake powell and the 2-year-old fell from the house boat. the mother jumped in to save her son. it is 63 degrees outside. it looks a lot warmer, but it could be a little deceiving as
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and evenings, too. sorry, i jump in when i hear weather. especially in the mornings and evenings, have you noticed a little while out? it is deceiving. out there now we have 60s and 70s. looks like it's going to start to warm up, though, in the next couple of days, especially into the weekend as well. as we zoom this out a little more we can 60s -- we have 60s for the western slope. and cooling down in pueblo and lamar, 60s and 70s at this point. as we go in through the rest of the day temperatures topping out in the 70s once again. this has been about three or four days of 60s and 70s for highs. few scattered showers moving through later this afternoon. some showers still making their way out of the state. we'll have redevelopment, especially into southwestern colorado into this afternoon and this evening. then by the time we get through the overnight hours we'll clear things out nicely and we'll be much improved going into the weekend. still a few scattered showers a possibility here.
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weekend forecast coming up. sounds good, thank you. a fire breaks out at a country club in littleton. denver7's eric lupher shows us the damage. >> reporter: this morning we're finally getting a closer look now at the damage that was done to this shed from overnight. you can see how charred it is. most of the damage done to the inside. take a look at this photo shared by the golf course manager. he showed me this earlier this morning. you can see how much damage was done to this golf cart, charred to this happened overnight. neighbors could hear popping sounds as early as 1:30 this morning. fire crews when they arrived later, that's when they saw the smoke and heavy flames inside this shed. a lot of damage. 45 golf carts were destroyed approximately. and now the investigatiin continues and you can see right now all the police that are still here. littleton fire and rescue, columbine valley police investigating, still working on a cause.
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mississippi for whoever stabbed two nuns to death in their home. investigators found evidence of a break-in. their vehicle was stolen and found more than a mile away from their home. both women were not only nuns but trained nurses. the community is in shock. >> they came to live out the gospel by serving the needs of the people. the people oved them. surveillance video. here at home aurora police arhoping new technology will help them solve a 32-year-old cold case. bruce bennett and his wife and one of their children were killed in 1984. police recovered a knife but never found the killer. police say these sketches show what the killer may look like today and his younger years. the family is pleading to anyone with information to come
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you do in life. and avoiding making a commitment or coming out with something you know is important is just as bad as telling a lie. >> this technology is so new, very few departments use it. police arrested this couple in pueblo yesterday, saying they killed a mother near los angeles. police believe josh robertson and brittany humphrey killed took her three children and gave them to a good samaritan in albuquerque. two teenagers force a broomfield high school to go on lockdown after making threats. broomfield police say the teens were cursing at each other and acted like they were carrying weapons. neither had weapons but they are both in police custody. el paso county deputies are investigating a suspicious death at a home near falcon.
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afternoon. deputies have not said how the person dead. the coroner is working to identify that person. so far no one has been arrested. the family of the teenager behind jack's law is asking for your help to lay him to rest. jack splitt helped pave the way for colorado schools to let ds like him use medical marijuana. >> jack for that. his light we will hold in each and every one of us in our hearts, and you know, people that think that one person can't make a difference, that's just not true. jack made a differenne. >> memorial fund is set up for funeral expenses for jack. you can find a link on our denver 7 app. the family of a man killed saving his friend's life is
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remember him. dalton mccreary died after pushing his friend out of the way of a car in aurora. his family says they're not surprised he put his life on the line for a friend. >> he was so forgiving. he would probably forgive the peeson who did this to him. i don't think any of us are that good. >> the driver of that suv is charges. head to our free denver 7 app for more on his memorial. the race for the white house, the battle is heating up. trump accused clinton of being a bigot. the democratic presidential nominee is firing back today, saying trump is promoting prejudices. >> more and more it seems his
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america hate again. >> trump says he doesn't want white supremists to vote for him. overnight he tried to further explain his claims on cnn. >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> hatred is at the correspond offthat? >> trump is also taking heat to deport illegal immigrants. more controversy for trump. last night at his fundraiser in aspen he was reportedly three hours late. this is file video of other
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now to hillary clinton's e- mail scandal, a federal judge is ordering the state department to release some e- mails uncovered by the fbi. the deadline, september 13th. the order focuses on e-mails related to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. when you head out to see the broncos play at mile high you may notice fewer parking spaces. jason gruenauer is at mile high with the reason and the update on the stadium name. >> reporter: ls off the regular season. less than two weeks until these parking lots are full of fans. this year there will be a little bit less parking to go around. come mid-season, even less, including many of the spaces on lot m where i'm standing now. i want to talk you back to the offseason. the construction of mini mile high, the stadium replica of the old stadium, that took up about 200 season ticket holder parking spaces.
11:39 am
was struck with the metropolitan stadium district. they're the ones who partially run these lots to sell part of lot m. 367 cash spaces for game day, people who don't have season tickets privileges, they pay cash, 30 bucks a game, those are going aaay to cdot. they'll build their headquarters here. so 567 total spaces ?pproximately from last year to this year come halloween that will be gone. doing math that's about9% of parking. remains to be seen how big an impact. at the meeting yesterday, the - name on the side of the stadium itself. the broncos own the naming rights. the stadium district, at least a spokesperson says that they believe the broncos are acting aggressive and come their next meeeing next month they expect to have some kind of time line for when that name will change. reporting at mile high, i'm
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thieves have all sorts of ways they can try to steal your personal information. now they have a specific target. find out the unlikely group criminals have their sights set on. no one likes flight delays, but if your flight is pushed back, find out what one report says the most likely thing to be blaming it on. we'll give you a hint, it's not the weather? what? everybody blames the weather.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.
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"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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[bleep] caught on camera, two men exchange punches waiting for a bus, and it spills into the streets. a third man jumps into the brawl and cars were trying to dodge these men. the men behind the camera, they say he didn't want to jump in because he had his son with him and kept on olling and ta >> i was scared, because i didn't want to be a witness of somebody getting hit by a car. >> so what were all the punches about? simon says it was about a performance space there on the sidewalk at the strip. right now it's team effort to clean up the hardest hit areas in indiana. theered cross has set up shelters for the victims. at least three tornadoes ripped through the area wednesday. the damage has been devastating. miraculously no one was hurt.
11:44 am
starbucks while people were still inside. they're alive thanks to the store manager. the alert came out and he told everybody to hide in the bathroom. more than 20 people crammed in there. the twister hit, the whole building collapsed, except the bathrooms there. one woman says she's very grateful to that manager. >> we didn't have the fact that it was so close. nothing was telling us that. i wanted to get home to family, and to see that now, we wouldn't have been there. >> no one was seriously hurt in the storm. but about 800 people are displaced from their homes. a new study finds airlines, not weather are to blame for most delays. it find mechanical issues and crew scheduling are the leading uses. there have been a record low number of delays over the past my months. they say that's thanks to
11:45 am
amazon is expanding into the auto industry. it's launching a new site for users to research both new and used cars. amazon won't be selling cars, but will give you information on vehicles. the company sells car parts and accessories. cdot is planning to tear down an elevatee stretch of i- 70 from brighton to colorado boulevard and replace it with an underground portion. this 2 and a half mile block stretch of highway covered with a concrete cap. they say they could put a sports field on top of that, or restaurants and shops. some residents not happy about this. they won't break down until a couple of years, in 2022. heading to college can be an exciting ttmeefor young adults, but also a good time for criminals. the federal trade commission reports people ages 18 to 24 are more likely to experience
11:46 am
other consumers. last year about 490,000 identity theft complaints were filed. that is a nearly 50% increase from 2014. it's about a quarter till noon. get our first alert forecast. >> looks pretty good. temperatures have remained cool the last couple of days. we'll change that for the weekend and next week. we're not quite into fall yet, even though it foolsyou walking outside. now we have temperatures in the 60s and 70s. partly cloudy skies, taking us into along with a few storms popping up as well. but it will stay cool, especially in through tonight. temperatures in the 50s again for this evening. over the weekend we'll warm into the 80s. once the moisture gets out of the way it will allow the sunshine to do its work. at this point we have clouds building on the horizon looking from dia towards the mountains. we have partly cloudy skies. in limon it's a little more cloudy. we've had a lot of moisture over eastern colorado today.
11:47 am
the mountains a little bit of snow that fell yesterday. we had snow at loveland, and we also had snow at pikes peak and along with other mountain tops above 13,000 feet. the moisture that went through yesterday and brought us some rainfall also brought snow to the higher elevations. temperatures today will be in 3 the 70s here from bennett to denver. 76 erie and some 60s farther to the west around grand ake, allenspark and estes park. those highs for today for the western slope will be around degrees. some 70s popping up in there as well. and to the southeastern part of colorado, low 80s from pueblo to lamar. a few scattered showers earlier this morning, fog as well throughout the denver area. all the showers are pushing off to the north and east, and we'll have more redevelopment into this afternoon. scattered showers here for the eastern portion of our state. not so much happening for the west. but we will see telluride and durango a few scattered showers
11:48 am
temperature. humidity level at 65%, as those clouds build off to our west. into this afternoon scattered showers. 78 degrees. and ourrovernight lows will be in the 50s. 68 by 9:00 with clouds, and as you see for our akron viera wireless camera network web cam, a lot of cloud cover out that direction. mostly from the showers pushing on through. we still have cloud cover across eastern colorado. but for the broncos tailgate time, temperatures will be the 80s. 10% chance of scattered thunderstorms. start time in the 70s. we've been up to 63 today, normally 86. our futurecast bringing in more scattered showers into the afternoon and eveninn. as we go through tomorrow, we'll definitely see a few more showers into the mountains coming this direction, isolated storms a possibility tomorrow during the day. as you see here, we do have chances for a few scattered
11:49 am
today's planner, isolated storms into the afternoon and evening. just keep in mind that we are going to have the potential or a few storms, and then 80s over the weekend, partly cloudy skies. there are those 90s wednesday and thursday. we'll be hovering around 90 by tuesday. overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. quite the roller coaster ride here. we have a chance to soak in a little taste of fall. >> it's like colorado. >> all over the board. >> at least we're seeing the i'm done with those. >> i'm with you. we have a duet, or a collaboration of sorts you've got to hear. it's all the buzz on social media today. [ singing ] >> they've never met before. steakhouse in texas is
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[sound of gunfire] inside a san antonio steakhouse, the guy firing those shots, the waiter. customers say a table was not
11:53 am
waiter and manager and put the waiter in a head lock. that's when the waiter pulled out a handgun, fired the three shots into the ceiling. no one was injured, but the restaurant has a no-gun policy and that waiter does not have a conceal carry license. >> if i didn't have that firearm on me that day, what would have happened? you know, i don't think my manager could have took on, just me and my manager, could not take on those two guys. >> the waiter lost his job but hopes the public viral. take a listen. ? [ singing ] >> they sound like they've been playing together for years, but really, they only had just met. they put on a spontaneous music performance at a texas hospital. >> the more i listened to her, the more i thought, now this woman has got the goods.
11:54 am
seen more than 3 million times. >> she does have the goods. looking for breaking news and weather coverage in the afternoon? watch the now here on denver 7 for the best breaking news ra in denver every afternoon at 4:00. today we're going to look at the federal proposal that would require all new semi trucks and buses and other heavv vehicles to have speed limiters installed. we'll tell you what the maximum speed allowed would likely be and the benefits. make the now part of your day afternoons here on denver 7. all right. you're back. final forecast. it's friday, we're all like, okay. what's the deal? >> i've already heard that, everywhere i've been, it's friday. here's your friday forecast, and the rest of the weekend forecast, because we're going to dry things out, warm it up over the coming seven days. 78 degrees for our high today. few scattered showers later this afternoon. they'll be few and far between. saturday and sunday, highs in
11:55 am
the heat will be back. soak up the cool air while it's out there. >> little of everything there. >> yeah.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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? if you're tired of complicated recipes, have we got the show for you. get ready for five ingredient gourmet meals. clinton's dishing out a slice of heaven with a dessert so easy to make it's a piece cake. then, we're putting michael to the test to see what he can whip up using mystery ingredients from our audience. plus, mario's going on a cooking adventure with the amazing jurnee smollett-bell. and she's brought one of her signature recipes. it's time to get gourmet, right now, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] hello and welcome to "the chew." you know, summer is all about simple and delicious meals after a long, hot day. the last thing you want is to sit in an even hotter kitchen.


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