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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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in weld county near longmont. the man was directing traffic when he was hit, and police are investigating what caused the crash. >> also tonight tragedy on lake powell. a mother drowns trying to save her son from drowning. tonight those who knew her best want to share her story with you. >. and you thought you waited a long time at the dmv, one woman waited more than a month for her license, and denver 7 finding out it's because of a problem on the other side a buckley airman's wife is dead, and he says it's a mistake. >> but some people doubt the story. >> reporter: and that's because of what another neighbor heard coming from the apartment in the past. tonight the airman who's in the arapahoe county jail said he was teaching his wife to react someone who breaks in, but
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loaded. tonight a note the only sign of the tragedy that happened the night before. >> it's weird that someone so calm would do something like that. >> reporter: accords to the arrest affidavit, the airman called 911 to report he shot his wife. >> if your gun is loaded or not, don't point it toward, you know, her. >> reporter: not everyone is buying it. neighbors say the couple had recently moved in, and one woman reported hearing lo a woman crying. >> i think she said she heard some noise in their apartment last week, and it sounded like abuse or something. >> reporter: so far it seems rivera is cooperating with police, saying thursday night quote sir i shot by wife, it was my wife. and that he tried to do cpr but it was too late.
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or not. the gun was loaded, and the safety wasn't on. he shouldn't haveepointed it at her. >> reporter: he was arrested for manslaughter. the victim was just 20. in arapahoe county, molly hendrickson. a mystery tonight near pagosa springs. investigators were found in the roads, and they don't know how long -- woods, and they don't know how long they had there. the remains will be tested on tuesday. we asked, and investigators say they have no reason to believe these remains could bring to dylan redwine, a boy that disappeared six years ago. and tonight we're learning much more about the breaking news we brought you last night. a fort collins man shot and killed by police after officers say jerry jackson came at them with a might have at his home
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we looked into jackson's past. he just filed for divorce, and was arrested in the past for domestic violence. >. and this is a tough story to tell. a young mother is now dead. chelsea russell died while saving her 2-year-old son at lake powell in utah. mark stewart is live this evening. of coursely heart breaking, but -- obviously heart breaking, but tonight so many people wanted to share her stories with us. >> reporter: talking to people across denver it's very clear accomplished so much. she ran the 100-mile race in leadville. she was a talented lawyer, and her children, they were the love of hhr life. >> i'm still trying to process it because, you know, i'm devastated. >> reporter: there's sadness, but very little surprise knowing chelsea russell risked her own life as she saved her 2- year-old son. just ask her friend and law school professor.
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person that jumped in trying to save somebody. she was just like that. >> reporter: she was with her son at lake powell, and jumped in after he fell off a moving houseboat. she saved him, but she was found unconscious in the water. she didn't make it. >> she made other moms, including myself, feel she was the best mom we'd ever seen. >> reporter: her passion was the environment. she took the bar exam just two >> she was smiling all the time. she was sort of a sun beam in the law school. >> reporter: a lawyer, a mom, an athlete. chelsea russell was just 35 years old. >> mind boggling how many lives she touched and how many people cared about her and she cared about them. >> reporter: neither chelsea or her son had on life jackets. cpr was performed for about 30
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mark stewart, denver 7. >> thank you for sharing those stories mark. >. dozensof guns are in the hands of crooks tonight, stolen from a gun shop in thornton. if younow who this man is though you could get a $10,000 reward. in all 35 guns were stolen. >. and this man broke into several cars n rocky mountain national park, he made off with several purses and credit carders, and used them cards, and used them to buy camping equipment. if he looks familiar, call police. and picture this, you go to renew your driver's license only to be told no because therr's a hold in a state you've never been to. well it happened to one woman, and liz is trying to help her get answers. >> it's unreal. the woman has called colorrdo home for 40 years. she says new jersey put a hold
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she's never even stepped foot in the state. she tried to contact them, but it's not really working. >> an hour later after going through multiple lines they gave me back my money and said they couldn't give me my driver's license. >> reporter: you can imagine nancy thomas' frustration. the colorado dmv won't renew her license because of a hold in new jersey. >> and one person that i talked to in new jersey iic with a suspended license in alabama in 2013. well, i've also never been to alabama. >> reporter: live got in the way. her license expired, and she didn't realize it until she was at the bank trying to transfer money for an upcoming trip. a spokesperson for the colorado dmv admits this can happen. sometimes records become ed together for people with the same name and birthday, and you thought your last trip here was
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motor vehicle commission. officials say they're looking into it. without a liceese nancy couldn't rent a car and canceled her trip. she was supposed to travel out ?f state for a funeral. it's tomorrow. >> so it's been an ordeal. >> reporter: the frustration. she tried to renew her license nearly a month ago. colorado dmv officials say it's in new jersey's hands. >> i feel and offended that this has happened. >> reporter: yeah, beyond frustrating. we'll continue following up with the new jersey motor vehicle commission. a spokesperson with the colorado dmv says it's up with nancy to work with the other state to verify she's not the person on hold, and she's been trying to do that for weeks now, but once that's verified, the other state, new jersey in this case, will provide a
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license. denver 7. thank you liz. getting around loveland is about to change. some bus stops are closing down. the city says the bus shelters at the orchard shopping crenels have to go -- center have to go, partially because the homeless use them at homes. and denver city checking the water at schools for lead. not because of a problem, but they're being proactive because of other schools in jefferson county. there's an oil spill because of a tanker truck that's already killed lots of fish. when you think of a great concert venue, denver's rhino
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mind until tonight. >> but tonight the first ever rhino music festival wrapped up, and this is actually the kickoff for a much bigger projects. >> reporter: the developers put on a big festival to draw attention to the development of six acres right here in the heart of district. a sound some people in rhino could get used to. >> i think it's awesome and good for the neighborhood. >> reporter: bernard wants to make it happen. >> we're excited to be able to create this legacy project in the city sense of place for families and individuals. >> reporter: for 20 years hurley has been buying properties around near the blue moon brewery and south platte river, and he's turning it into a community to focus on arts and outdoors with several music venues, like this one where the music festival is happened. >> it's actually the first day of this coming to fruition with
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>> reporter: construction won't actually start until next september, but the project should be done in five years. people at the concert can't wait, hoping this development will only make one of the cities hot spots even more vibrant. >> rhino is an up and coming area, everyone should come out.. >> reporter: and this venue will still be here after the festival closes up. they hope to have musical acts during development to add to the publicity and keep arts alive two best friends find out they were raised by each other's mothers. the true story of how two babies were switched at birth. and the fitness program i mean like no other. we'll show thank you inspiration behind the class to get people with disabilities up and moving. still a few showers mainly
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so how often do you see? board members walking right of a meeting in fort collins during the public comments session. keith little was talking about his son being hit during a service for people with disabilities. they allotted him five minutes, wouldn't stop so they walked out. >> in hindsight maybe we shouldn't have walked out, but we've been dealing with him
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again. >> morally they have an obligation to apologize and do sooething about it. >> the board says little wants money, and but he says he just wants others to know what his son went through. and there are thousands of fitness clubs here in denver. >> >. but there's only one this one. here's more. >> reporter: this is the one and only healthy me project. a fitness program exclusively for adultings with developmental -- adults with developmental disabilities. four years agent the founder -- ago, the founder, roberta hughes was asked to help a disabled woman lose weight. >> i was actually afraid to
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worried about hurting her or not doing things correctly. >> reporter: over the course of two years hughes figured out what did and didn't work for brianna, and the result, she lost 108 pounds, and hughes inadvertently discovered fitness practices she decided to open to all people with disabilities. >> sometimes they'll lose weight, sometimes they'll gain strength or social skills like confiience and the feel like they belong here. >> reporter: the program, which ?2 people have participated in, kidnappings of a group work out, and weekly one on one sessions with a trainer and a mentor that helps with nutrition. hannah has been in the class since january.
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learn about good nutrition, and it leads to great opportunities like talking with you. >> reporter: you've got to be in good shape to keep up with me [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's apparently a big need for a program like this. an estimated 80 percent of adult men with down syndrome areeoverweight, and 90 percent of adult women. katrina is one of the 15 in this were her mom renee is interpreting. >> what life styles have you changed? >> i eat less food. more fruit and vegetables. >> what's your proudest moment through the healthy me project? >> she lost about 10 pounds. >> reporter: it costs about $100 to join, hughes says it makes no money, but everyone seems richer because of it.
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$10,000 grant which will be used in part to help it expand. hughes envisions it in all50 states, but for now the focus is on these people, helping to better their lives. >> the next session starts this weekend. they work out in centennial and colorado springs. look for this story on the on the health page with a link for more informati. lunches. very different, and denver parents are upset about a food injustice bbtween different schools. they say lower income schools are not getting the same quality of school. the group asked the district to look into the problem, and denver schools tell us they're already making changes in some schools. and the blood center will start testing for the zika virus they
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order from the fda. blood banks already test for hiv and other blood born viruses. two best friends born days apart in canada just found out they were switched at birth. >> they took a dna test to realize what they suspected for their entire lives. they're understandably upset. >> >> there's a big investigation as you might imagine because this isn't the first time it's happened. the same year these men were born, another set of babies were switched. , in denver today we had a feudisterred showers late thhs -- few scattered showers late this afternoon as the thunderstorm activity diminished quickly, and just brought gusty wind. and here's the view at the same time in the mountains. partly cloudy skies. still a couple of scattered showers and storms along and
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overall weekend forecast is looking mighty nice. here's the highs around the nation today. 80 here in denver. 88 at salt lake. 9able 98 at las vegas, and some of that heat will shift our way. there's been a trough overhead the last couple of days, but as you can see gets through the weekend there's a ridge developing over the west, and that means warmer conditions. a good late summertime in the -- five to seven days. 60 right now at dia. 67 percent how many. winds gusty. the -- humidity. winds usty. the outflow of the showers and storms moving away from denver. the high is 80. the normal high is 86 and a year ago it was 98 degrees. across the region, radar currently. a couple of scattered storms ending up in weld county.
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western colorado, but that's the last of it for awhile, soo we have a front that's going to move off to the north of us tonight and tomorrow. there's a warm front pushing the slightly cooler air away from us and allowing warmer conditions to come in for the weekend. % the morning lows will be very nice tonight. upper 40s fort collins, low 50s in denver and colorado springs. low 30s up at leadville. tomorrow might start out with a stray shower or wo over the san juans, but quiet for the most p early afternoon with widely scattered showers and storms. only a 20 percent or less chance expected for tomorrow. temperatures low 80s in denver. upper 80s southeast colorado, mainly 60s expected in the mountains under partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of afternoon showers. lower elevations should be in the low 80s. tonight partly cloudy, mild, pleasant, 53. for tomorrow the high temperature expected to climb up to 83 with isolated storms late in the day. and looking ahead, a warming
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with 85, 88 on monday. low 90s tuesday and wednesday. not really a big storming pattern coming up, so no first alert weather days, but the bright spot is sunday with a temperature in the mid-80s. if you're headed out, nice weather, beautiful conditions expected, and that holds for tomorrow night as well for the broncos game. a good night over at mile high. >> oh, good.
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>. well, this is excites news. a colorado company is going to mars. nasa picked united launch alliance to send a rover to the red planet in 2020. it will be aboard the already tested atlas 5 rocket. it's the next step in the mars exploration prompt. an accident -- project. an accident on in omaha didn't involve a bird or plane. a man started screaming saying someone tried to kill him. he ran into a parking garage, stripped down to his underwear, jumped into a running truck, drove the truck right onto the tarmac into a plane as passengers were boarding. well the good news is no one was seriously injured, and now the man is taken to a hospital foo mental evaluation.
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can you believe he's playing at 70 percent? and rockies in the as a school superintendent,
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made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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>> football is really back. cheerleaders, friday night mustangs capped a 21-point run with unanswered points. across to jackson, touchdown. under 30 seconds to play. tied at 21, and they're passing it on third and 2. 16-yard slant. 14-play 59-yard game-winning drive.
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season game number three with the los angeles rams. no ware, but he's made significant strides in returning to his usual form. what's hampering him is a bulging disk in his bark. he return -- back. he returned to practice doing light drills, but says he feels better now than in the playoffs last year, he let our insider troy know he's got a lot of ball left. he's repairing for the season opener, and believes he'll bolster an already stout d. >> someone asked me saying since you won the super bowl everyone will be after you, and i said no you have to flip it about and say we've always been the chaser, we're always trying to get and do better.
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it's about competition, trying to be the best. >> head over to our website and read troy's five questions for the broncos. talib he says will make his debut. and rapids at real salt lake. this is the rubber match in the battle for the rocky mountain cup. 5th minute, crushing it, and off the rebound it goes wher and then went ahead for good. both goals for real salt lake, and they overtake the rapids in the standings and win it 2-1. >> rockies in dc visiting the nationals. aulman, worked six, gave up six hits, three runs and six ks, and also look the l. bryce
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part of six unanswered. the nats win 8-5. and now the broncos, mark sanchez posted this on his instagram. check out the names in the top right. but after taking a closer look at their faces, they're all mcmanus. it was captioned with a head scratching emoji. mark must have missed picture day that day [ laughter ] >> i guess >> one last look at the forecast. >> really good, no worries about broncos game, really nice night. storms ending early.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones. and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. a big show for us. we have been away on vacation


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