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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  August 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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was hurt and no damage. it's preseason game three and that's where we find gentleman maya webster. it's preseason game three, troy. as molly mentioned and we're talking about who will be the starting quarterback for the broncos team. >> trevor siem runner. if he's healthy and takes care of the ball, it should be his job on september 8th. >> and they all practiced this week and paxton lynch got some time. >> and there was a lot of news. all of this came while he was on the scout team. will he be the second guy in. even if he's not. he's going to get a lot of reps.
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watch. trevor siemian gets the start. and one thing he says is he's not going to overthink this. >> i'm not reading too much into this. i think we're putting together some good things. just another week to build and try to get better. >> we're just doing it for you guys to keep it fun. it's the defending super bowl champion team and you probably get welcome. >> interesting, mark found a joke there. we appreciate the opportunity to talk about something else. but with prosecutor season game number 3, something needd to be decided. somebody's got to separate themselves. >> if siemian is able to do something he's done all camp which is show leadership abilities, he takes care of the football, it's his job.
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of a job. >> that's scary considering they brought him here in the off season. and a did bit about trevor siemian and his northwestern ties. >> . beware of ticket fraud as we get closer to the season opener. last season there were 14 reports of fake broncos tickets and 32 victims. don't use craigslist and make sites. and now let's get you first alert broncos forecast. >> amazing weather for a football game. partly cloudy skies, and cool late night. and perfect football weather. temperatures are still in the we'll get in the upper 70s by 6:00. partly cloudy skies by 6:00 3 with temperatures in the loo 70s. and temperatures dropping into the 60s, eventually 50s. for overnight lows, a very nice
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on the 7-day forecast. and i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. today another politician tries to win over colorado voters. she doesn't get as much air time. but green candidate jill stein says she is not backing down. she rallied supporters in colorado springs. >> reporter: a lot of people ask what is the green party? it's a party that principals like socialius and protecting the environment. dr.jill stein has another message. forget the rhetoric about the lesser of two evils being said by the democrats and republicans. instead follow a path for greater good. [ applause and cheering ] >> here we have an underdog. >> i want to thank you for refusing to be silenced, for refusing to be discouraged. >> a voice for perhaps the voiceless.
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have the opportunity to say what they have to say. >> dr. stein has a point of debate. >> i want to thank you for being a sign of hope and courage and peace in a community which is restauranting from the realities of the military system. >> show me what like. >> that's what a third party candidate does. this vibrant group of stein supporters knows it's a tough road ahead to get their galveston in the white house. >> the green party is the only party that's facing up to the realities of the world today. >> forget the lesser of two evils. fight for the greater good. [ cheering ] >> dr. stein will finish her
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denver, tomorrow. >> and speaking of the green party. new numbers show more and more colorado voters are registeringg green and libertarian. there are 11,000 green party voters. and we're keeping tabs on the rest of the presidential candidates as drama on the campaign trail continues between clinton and trump. one man is dead after an officer involved shooting ne daily park in denver. >> this happened on fox near ellsworth amanda de-castillo took a closer look. >> just before 3:00 this morning. 3 denver police were attempting to locate a man at north fox street. they found the man carrying a
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of situations with this house. >> but neighbors say nothing like this. >> finally, whatever happened was a catalyst to it finally being pushed over the edge. >> police say the man refused to drop the knife and he was taseree. when that didn't work, officers shot him. they have not released the name or the suspect or why he was wanted. >> this has gone on pretty regularly. to actually wake up to this was but to see it at this level is kind of surprising. >> he's lived across the street for the last nine years. and he's seen a lot of suspicious activity. >> once the newborn came we've been talking about finding a different place specifically because of this house. >> reporter: the man died in the hospital but before hearing the news, we spoke with neighbors who say they just wanted to see the criminal
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neighborhoods that it would finally be condemned. >> reporting in denver, i'm amanda de-castile owe. a teenager is suspected of shooting his own brother. in larimer county, investigators searched for a suspect. two brothers got in an argument. this happened on overland the suspect is still out there and believed to be armed. he's a hispanic man about 140 pounds, last seen wearing a white t-shirt stained with blood and white shorts. the flagger killed in the contradiction zone last night has been identified. the weld county coroner says it
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-- quigley jr. of cheyenne, wyoming. huuan remains found in the san juan national forest east of pagosa springs -- they used dental records to identify the person. two nuns described as outgoing and compassionate were found stabbed to ddath in their mississippi home. and the man suspected of crime is facing two counts of capital murder. margaret-- and paula merrill will found dead thursday morning. both of them were nurse practice additionnrs who worked for a clinic in one of the state's poorest communities. authorities have not revealed a motive or a link between sanders and the nuns.
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central italy. nearly 300 people were killed and the death toll could rise. the quake hit wednesday morning. and towns have been completely destroyed and historical monuments leveled. aftershocks are causing problems for those trapped in the rubble. dozens are unaccounted for tonight. a locallitalian restaurant is trying to help those impacted by the earthquake in italy. half the sales from dish will go to the earthquake victims. last night they sold out. the pasta dish will be served through september 4th. missouri will need help after massive flooding in kansas city last night. 7inches of rain in a short period of time created rising waters. one of the creeks rose 10 feet in one hour. there were several high water
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update on the beaver creek wildfire. right now it's grown to 37,000 acres. it's 53% contained. officials say people should prepare for longer wildfire because of the beetle kill in our area. the end of october is when firefighters are expected to have this under control. if you're headed to downtown denver, there's a big road closure. bannock is closed from colfax village and concert at civic center park. the cost of pot is going way down. why we're seeing this trend in colorado. and the candidates putting their claims on the campaign trail through the truthometer.
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chicago has had enough of the violence. last night basketball star dwyane wade's cousin was gunned down while pushing her baby in a stroller. the city of chicago is hurting and we need more help and more hands on deck. the 32-year-old was an innocent victim caught in the crossfire. the murder rate in chicago is up 48 -?on thursday, just one day before aldridge's death. wade joined fellow players to talk about the violence. >> about a whole coming together and understanding that this is deep rooted. this didn't start today and is not going to end tomorrow. >> they are questioning possible suspects. and after that shooting, donald trump sent out a tweet that
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>> dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed while walking her baby. the gop pressdential candidate misspelled wade's first name. today he was back on the road focusing on the crucial battleground states of iowa. the nominee repeating his appeal to minority >> african-americans, hispanics, vote for donald trump. i will fix it. >> meanwhile, rival hillary clinton had her first national security intelligence briefing. her motorcade arrived at the fbi field office. election day is now 72 days away. it can't come soon enough. tonight we're fact checking. donald trumm calls a $400
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ransom. and a clinton ally says he didn't blur lines during her time as secretary of state. >> $400 million in cash. he denied it was for the hostages. but it was. >> donald trump on the campaign trail claiming $400 million paid to iran in january on the same day five american hostages were set free was in his words administration denies. >> it definitely looks fishy and rays a lot of eyebrows. they say it was part of a decades long diipute with the u.s. it was more like leverage
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and trump omitted the back story. >> >> she has abided by the ethics agreement she signed at he beginning, not to take action on the part of the state department hat mixed foundation business. >> jennifer granholm taking to the airwaves after a batch of newly released e-mails set off another debate ovvr whether clinton blurred the libraries of political connection. >> she's really missing the broader point. there was supposed to be a fire wall between the two interests. and these e-mails are showing that there are blurred lines. >> 44 e-mails that make the claim mostly false. last year, several media ouulets reported that the clinton foundation may have
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understanding. i'm marshall zellinger. colin kaepernick is stirring up a lot of 3 controversy. he sat down during the national anthem. and kaepernick is refusing to stand for the anthem during all of the games and he won't show pride for a country re- suppressing african-americans and a lot of other countries. weed is becommng more affordable. >> something just fell down in our studio but we'll keep on. more people are giving dispensaries a lot more stock. and the price of pot is rapidly declining. more than 300 volunteers are painting the streets of
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clinton street. there was a denver airport right here. and stanley aviation is now being turned into a marketplace. that's why i ecided to include many airplanes. more retro style old factory. >> you will also see plants, flowers, and symbols of colorado on th volunteers hope to finish the project on sunday, september 11th. if you want to hit the slopes this winter, now is thee time to buy your passes. several resorts are offering discounted passes. and there are more sales coming up in the next week. and we've posted those on the
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a personal trainer set a new record -- a world record. the state. it only took 42 days. he ended here on longs peak. his pictures are stunning. look at those. all posted on instagram with the hash tag tour the 14ers. and he actually biked home in between all of his he says it was all about the adventure. really, the pictures are breathtaking. >> and the whole time i was watching netflix -- i mean denver seven -- he's amazing. looks like we'll have a really nice night in store, especially if you're headed to the broncos game. the beautiful view from pikes peak. we had snow at the higher elevations. and now you can see very far
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and also loveland ski area looking great with partly cloudy skies out there now. here's the cheat sheet. cool weather anddheat will return back to the forecast. you probably noticed it was warmer. we had some scour activity mostly across the eastern plains in the southwestern part of the state around telluride and montrose. an broncos game. partly cloudy skies. it will be a nice evening for being outside. cheyenne wells, it's been a severe warned thunderstorm. and out here to the west, west of montrose and telluride we have light to moderate showers with lightning as well. current temperatures in the 80s. 79 for littleton. ?nd 81 for golden. and 78 for boulder right now. the broncos forecast takes us
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-?71 by 8:00. and then it will be a cool night with temperatures in the 60s around 10 p.m. today it felt a little more like it should this time of year. 85degrees this time of year. and it did warm up for the front range. this is the warmth that's shown up. denver to akron to terling between five and 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. for tailgating for the broncos, we have a and temperatures dropping from the 80s to the 70s. and the 24 hour planner, back in the 80s once again. and it will be pretty quiet. we have the risk for more storms in southeastern colorado. but 11:30 tonight you see a high clouds across our area and scattered showers overnight and into tomorrow for western colorado. and i think that's when we'll see most of the action.
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western colorado, being quiet across the eastern part of the state. tonight overnight lows in the upper 50s, partly cloudy skies. and then tomorrow highs in the mid-80s, sunny, a little warmer. and yoo'll notice it the beginning of next week. when highs get up in the 90s. 80s for the western slope. and we'll have 80s and 90s for southeasterr colorado. 7-day forecast keeps us in the 80s through monday and then the 96s show up. cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s going into thursday and friday as well. like than the nice fall break. >> did you hear that at home? >> it was so loud. >> thanks, stacey. a story you'll see only on denver seven.
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? what if we designed a paint that not only made your bathroom look like a spa but stood up to the humidity of a shower this steamy.
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if it's a matte finish paint, and can resist any amount of moisture, is it still paint?
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icture this, you wait in line to renew your driver's license only to be told no because there's a hold from a state you've never even been to. denver seven. >> an hour later. they gave me back my money and
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driver's license. >> reporter: you can imagine her frustration. the colorado dmv won't renew her license because there's a hold in new jersey. it gets worse. >> and one person i talked to in new jersey indicated that this has something to do with a suspended license in alabama in 2013. i've also never been to alabama. >> her license expired and she didn't realize it until she was at money for an upcoming trip. a spokesperson for the colorado dmv admits this can happen. sometimes records become tied together for people with the same name and birthday. >> we contacted the new jersey motor vehicle commission. officials are looking into it. without a license, she couldn't rent a car and canceled her trip. she was supposed to travel out
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tomorrow. >> so it's been an ordeal. >> the frustration -- she tried to renew her license nearly a month ago. she's still waiting. colorado dmv officials say it's in new jersey's hands. >> i feel very insulted and offended that this has happened. >> reporter: and that was liz jill larimer county dee reporting. >> a spokesperson says it's up to state to verify she's not the person with the hold. the other state will provide a letter of clearance, allowing her to get her license. what a pain. we'll take a look at the top stories, and these pictures
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one man is dead after an officer involved shooting near daly park in denver. it happened on north fox street. police tried to approach a wanted man but he was carrying a knife and wouldn't put it the name of the suspect has not been released. the green party rallies in colorado with presidential candidate jill stein campaigning in the be backing down despite being the lesser recognized candidate. she'll be in denver and boulder% tomorrow. starting tonight a traffic headache. if you're headed to downtown denver, there's a big road closure. bannock is closed from colfax to 14th due to the nfl kickoff village. now over to stacey for a check of the forecast. great looking weather.
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80s, and we're in the low 80s. temperatures in the 70s around arvada and lakewood. the broncos forecast for tonight, partly cloudy skies and perfect for football. it will be a little cooler in the late night hours as the overnight ws will be in the upper 50s. for the time being, partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 70s. and by 10:00, 66 degrees. so a cool night. 57degrees for the overnight throughout the area. we have changes on the 7-day forecast. and it includes a lot of heat. i'll show you when that will be showing up in just a few minutes. tonight denver seven investigates school food injustice. take a looo at these photos. these are lunches served at denver public schools. one does not look as appetizing as the other. and they say where kids live
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complaints, a group of moms asked the district if they could get inside different schools, some in affluent areas and others in low income areas. kids are being discriminated against with the food they are getting. >> not fair. >> so it's very sad and frustrating. >> that's how she describes what kids at one school are being served to another. >> they didn't believe us. and now we have pictures and proof and people are actually listening. >> this picture was taken by an 8th greater. frozen strawberries, burned hard bun and undercooked chicken. it triggered these moms to see for themselves. >> they found that the food was
5:33 pm
schools. southwest denver, predominantly low income. and others in cherry creek and park hill. >> they serve -- we can say the same meal but the way they serve it is different. >> compare these two meals. to the left a park hill school and the right, southwest denver. >> sure didn't look appealing, did it? >> some of those pictures frankly don't meet our that one side of town takes than another side of town. >> reporter: all we want is equity. >> but actually make a difference. >> if they do good job in other schools, they do well in other schools, we want to see the same in our schools. >> reporter: these moms spent more than a year on the study.
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thanks to what they found. they've already worked to bring more training in kitchens nd perform taste tests. they say keep the suggestions coming. if you're still looking for something fun to do this weekend. the 144th annual colorado state fair was drawing in big crowds opening night. 300 exhibits, 50 food vendors, carnival rides, and livestock events, and you education at the fair. the wizard's challenge is a fun way to learn about sciince. a ninth grader who started a nonprofit when she was 12. she has that initiative and drive that's rare for someone
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all of the focus is on the one who is sick when there's a life-threatening illness. ? [ music ] ? ? let me tell you about my life ssory. >> she's only 14, going on 24. and she has quite the story. >> she has that initiative and drive that's rare for someone of her age. >> when she was 12 she started a nonprofit called heart felt hugs. sometimes siblings of children
5:38 pm
left out. her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago. >> i couldn't have birthday parties or go to the movies, there was alwaysthat risk of germs getting to my brother. >> they hold fuu outings for siblings, they clean everything beforehand and >> i hope they meet new friends and just have fun on that one day. >> and the participants benefit too. 3 >> they need guilt free time with their child who is sick. >> reporter: she partners with there with care, a successful support group for families and children facing critical illness. >> we provide babysitting, mentoring, activity bags, and madeline gives them activities
5:39 pm
each other. >> it makes me feel complete as a person. i want to be able to help other people and make a difference in the world. >> the denver seven and also trusted choice, that's the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you with a seven everyday hero. congratulations. [ applause and cheering ] >> very neat. to learn more about heart felt hugs. search heart felt hugs by madeline on facebook. and if ou click on the community section, then community heroes. we have partly cloudy skies and a little breezy at times.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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i'm stacey donaldson. beautiful conditions across the state. and we have partly cloudy skies in the northern part of our state. and up into the hills, loveland ski area, in the mountains, it looks absolutely gorgeous with partly cloudy skies.
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limon, colorado, a if clouds movinn through as storms are pushing through the eastern part of the state. in denver, absolutely gorgeous and we are expecting partly cloudy skies, cool conditions through tonight. this is the cheat sheet. the heat is going to return for the next few days, and we dry things out a little bit more. satellite and radar showing the stronger storms for the eastern plains. and most of the light to moderate rainfall continues move off to the northeast. i don't think we'll see any rainfall here in denver. but we do have some cloud cover for the front range. and it's just partly cloudy skies. this one particular storm is about to leave the state and has a severe thunderstorm warning issued for it. and light to moderate rainfall west of telluride. and you'll probably experience a few sprinkles here in the next half hour.
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and 80s in aurora. 70s from park tore highlands ranch. and temperatures from the 80s to the 70s as the gaae starts around 7 p.m. as we go through the next few hours, temperatures in the 70s. and it will be a cool night with the temperatures in the mid-60s by midnight. we made it to 85 for the high. 85 is the normal high and the record 98 degrees set back in 2012. and our 24 hour temperature change, this is how much warmer it is now than yesterday at this time. and we are starting to turn things around and these temperatures will get higher and higher over the next few days. overnight lows in the upper 50s, low 60s. and temperatures in the 80s tomorrow afternoon. and the best chance for stronger thunderstorms will be in southeastern colorado. and tomorrow much more quiet across the state.
5:45 pm
rain moves out. and we'll see some showers for western colorado. as we go into tomorrow afternoon. and out to grand junction you may see a little light rain. we'll have partly cloudy skies and overnight lows in the upper 50s. and tomorrow, sunshine and afternoon highs in the 80s. temperatures in the mid-80s for us tomorrow afternoon. mid-80s for the western slope as well. and 70s in the as for the 7-day forecast, that warmup. we get into the mid- to upper 80s on monday. and 96s on tuesday, wednesday, and we cool it down friday and saturday and the mid-80s. when we have these fluctuations now as we start to transition to fall. we'll see fewer 90s on the 7-% day forecast and much more in the realm of 80s and possibly even 70s. [ laughter ] >> not quite ready for summer
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broncos. >> and a big night for the quarterbacks. we're counting down preseason game three. trevor siemian. trevor siemian. he gets the as a school superintendent, unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints
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nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. welcome to seven sports extra. this is it. the third preseason game. the final dress rehearsal. trevor siemian will start against the rams. what quarterback goes in second remains a mystery. what's on tap for the quarterback tonight?
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it's preseason game number 3 as you mentioned. a dress rehearsal of sorts for carolina in week one. here we are and we're talking about the quarterback that remains a topic of conversation. >> he set up the start. and looks like the expectation that packs 72 lynch will be the backup -- paxton the backup. >> all of these quarterbacks will get an opportunity to go. and siemian came out of incorporate in the 7th round. >> they have not produced at lot of pro quarterbacks. it's been a while since any northwestern quarterback played. >> that's way before my time
5:50 pm
the last signal caller was in 1979. trevor's teammates say he has what it takes. >> he doesn't get riled up. nothing gets to him. and when you see somebody like that with that confidence, you -- there's something about that kid. >> i knew he was a hard worker from last year. as a ro year, to see what he -- is even better. >> now it's great that his teammates have confidence in him. last time a seven round -- one thing the quarterback will need is the assistance of the running game. >> people forget that the
5:51 pm
c.j. anderson was an absolute beast. he believes that they'll be strong again this year. >> and the rams defense will be a test of the defensive line. a nice measuring stick for the broncos. they are as close as it gets for the regular season. >> and aaron donald at defensive tackle. and maximum garcia is match up against him. >> c.j. talked about this test and what the offensive line needs to do heading into preseason game number 3. >> coming up forward. and that's going to be exciting. >> we need to play and i think we'll throw the ball and figure out the quarterback fission,
5:52 pm
>> on the opposite side of the ball, the broncos defense gets a huge boost. aqib talib is expected to make his season debut. >> and derek wolfe will not play. >> and wade phillips talked about what he expects. >> if it were like last year, we didn't rule about the lloyd we got to outplay tte other team's defense. real quickly. final thought. ssmething to look forward to this time around? >> can ronnie hill demand keep the roster spot? >> they have two of those. and we'll have live coverage post game.
5:53 pm
kickoff is 7:00. the rockies won in 11 innings.
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really pleasant weather headed our way. >> it's really nice with temperatures in the 80s. we'll be in the 70s as we go to the broncos game tonight. and look at the warmup. next week, partly cloudy skies low 90s. feeling a little more like summertime. our last breathof summer. >> so dramatic. just settling in to summer. >> thanks for joining us, we'll
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>> then, it's time for our one tank trip. this time, to frisco for some fun and excitement for the entire family. and summer is almost over meaning ski season is the corner. we will show you one resort getting a serious facelift for you and your family this winter. and if one trip isn't enough, we have another. we are packing up our 2016 honda fit and headed to the high country. so many activities to explore and we will show you the best. that and more coming up on
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i'm your host gina, and this is discover colorado. welcome to discover colorado. our first stop today might surprise you. it was almost our state capitol back in the day and it gambling and mining. welcome to crystal creek, colorado. looking down this quiet street in the town, it is hard to believe 50,000 people once called this home. the beginning of the 20th century was a critical time for cripple creek.


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