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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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people to the hospital including a chhld. airlifted from the scene. this is on southbound parker rupiah to stretch may not be reopened until tomorrow afternoon. we are live near the scene with the latest developments. what can you tell us. >> reporter: parker police have blocked off this portion of parker road. in any acts as close as to where this accident has happened. a little less than where this happened. there is a crew, they are beginning to piece together what happened here. one responder telling us this is one of the worst accidents he has seen. here is a closer look at the damage and the amount of tabriz scattered across the road. south metro fire tells the several vehicles were involved. but the worst was with two
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some of the cars. people were rushed to the hospital including aachild that was airlifted. this happened a little after 6:30 pm. a busy time on this road. there are a lot of people who stopped to help you now investigators are working too piece togethhr what everyone saw. that includes this truck going airborne.>> i heard that this and that a vehicle did roll over. until the police department completes their investigation we do not know for sure. but people did report it was a high-speed accident. >> reporter: seven people taken to the hospital including one child. crews expect to stay out here for the remainder of the night investigating. this road may remain closed 3
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the 21-year-old is killed in the prime of her life by a wrong way driver. a colorado native was studying to become a teacher what her life was tragically cut short. lance fernandez's life tonight where a candlelight vigil is wrapping up. >> reporter: it was an emotional evening here in broomfield. loved ones and friends gathered to remember briand up. shwas just 21 years >> the family is devastated. we cannot believe it happened. >> reporter: she was killed when a driver went the wrong way on highway 34 in loveland. >> she was a gentle soul, she loved children. >> reporter: they gathered for a candlelight vigil.
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phrase that remind you of breanna, please do me a favor and do it -- say it out loud where you are. >> beautiful, kind and loving. those were all words mentioned at the vigil toniggt. >> she was kind and loving. we will miss her so much. >> reporter: smith boyfriends mother. i asked her about briand is hope and dreams. >> she was going to be a teacher. and she wanted to have kids of her own someday. >> reporter: alive cut too short. her memory will last forever. a memorial service will be held at 10 am this friday at romero funeral home.
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national park are issuing a big reminder tonight. be careful . a 21-year-old worker fell off of the class. she was talking to coworkers near the edge when she fell. her body was airlifted. one man is dead after an officer involved shooting near daily park. and happened fox st. they were trying to arrest a man who pulled a knife on them. they try to taste him so they shot him. they have not released the name of the suspect or why he was wanted. for a county is looking for a teenager suspected of shooting his own brother. people in their murder county were told to shelter in place while investigators search for
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off. this happened on overland trail. the victim was taken to a hospital. the suspect is out there tonight. he is a hispanic man, about 140 pounds. he was seen wearing all white t- shirt stained with blood and shorts. an update tonight, denver police have arrested a man they say assaulted a woman on the highline canal trail. he is facing second-degree assault charges. they are investigating whether he is connected to a second incideet that happened last week. for our bronco game tonight, beautiful weather out there. lights still blazing at mile high. temperatures in the 60s right now, and 70s for the front range. it is definitely a mild night. it looks like our overnight lows will be falling into the 50s overnight. the sunlight picture nice and quiet this evening. tonight, the overnight lows will be in the upper 50s, partly cloudy skies. we boarded up in the last 24
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this is just the beginning of warmer air will be our direction. overnight lows in the 50s for our areas. 30s and 40s for the mountains. we will talk more about our extended forecast and the warm- up coming our way. the green pay colorado with presidential % candidate jill stein campaigning in the spring. her main message is for people to forget the lesser of two users that's great evils. and instead, follow the path of the greater good. >> i want to thank you for being a sign of hope and courage and peace in a community which is hurting from the realities of the military
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>> she is not done yet. she will be in denver and boulder tomorrow. donald trump is taking on new criticism today for a tweet that many say he is trying to capitalize on tragedy. it says, dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed while walking her baby in chicago. like i was saying, african- americans will vote tromp. >> she was caught in the crossfire intended target. a stooy everyone is talking about tonight. colin kaepernick now at the center of a national debate. you can see him sitting on the bench alone during the national anthem. this was the good -- before the team's game against green bay. he responded saying, i am not going to stand up and show pride in the flag that oppresses black people and people of color. his mood is getting mixed reactions tonight. >> he is the facing the flag.
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players are encouraged but not required to stand during the anthem. a massive funeral held for those killed in the earthquake in italy. 300 people were killed on wednesday and the death toll is expected to rise. rescue crews are earching for people in the trouble. a local restaurant is trying to help half of the sales from a special dish will be sent to the victims. ww need is more affordable in colorado. more people are starting grow operations giving dispensaries a lot more stock. in turn, the price of pot is to pining almost by half -- declining almost by half. if you're headed to
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closure. then lock is closed from then lock to 14. the broncos final dress rehearsal. valor christian pulled out
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record. were talking a world record. jo grant hiked all 5714 years in the state and it only took him three to days. his pictures are stunning. all posted on his instagram. his story is crazier than just insanely difficult hiking. he biked home in between his clients. -- lines. of want to show you something else amazing. probably not quite on that level. but the most people powered craft on a colorado state park lake today. outside of steamboat. all of those folks enjoying the beautiful view today.
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stadium. thunderstorms on sunday are possible and then much hotter weather coming during the week. most of the action is down to our south. in telluride, we had rain and 3 it changed over to snow at times. scattered showers here in southeastern colorado where we were expecting more heavy rain. denver it has been quiet. a few clouds showing up on the 3 -?radar. we are not expecting any rain tonight. still some strong storms about to leave the state outside of springfield. temperatures now in the 60s, still 70 here for city park. everyone else has dropped into the 60s so far. we have 50s up to the higher elevations. right now 62 degrees a
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southeast winds at 11 miles per hour. today's high was 85 degrees. a record overnight low. the previous record was set in 2004. overnight lows tonight, it will be a little warmer in the upper 50s. lack of sunshine on the way. we could see a few afternoon scattered thunderstorms. with 82 degrees. i think we will top out about 85. tomorrow morning a few scattered showers through western colorado. and here is a chance of a few showers in late afternoon. at 5:30 pm we could see a few more thunderstorms pop-up. and later in the evening further to the south. our overnight lows will be in the 50s. a nice night. tomorrow highs in the mid 80s. temperatures in the mid-80s here throughout the front range. 60s up in the hills.
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85 degrees here in denver, partly cloudy's with a few scattered thunderstorms. afternoon highs will get warmer overnight lows in the 50s. afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s on thursday and and the cycle warm week ahead. tomorrow generally partly cloudy skies in mid just a few scattered showers possible. welcome to the show. i am aaron anderson. broncos open the season in 12 days tonight was the final dress rehearsal. trevor simeon got the start at quarterback. it would be a shock if he is not your starter on opening night. you do not have to worry about the defense.
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he is an regular-season form. trevor simeon handed off the first 6 plays from scrimmage. the offensive line was offensive. aqib talib picked up where he left off in his first preseason action. he was flagged for unnecessary roughness. trevor simeon took 14 minutes to make a completed pass. he under through cody latimer. sanders. 1st down. simeon capped it off with the beautiful play fake. a strike to virgil green. trevor, touchdown for the broncos and put the broncos up 7-6. before the first half, he
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broncos go into theehalf up 10- 9. paxson lynch started off the second half. paxson lynch under center. he sets up to ponte poker for the screen. 17 yards, a 50 yard drive, we had a ronnie hillman siding. you to get 7 yards to the it for mark sanchez ? he did not see action. that does not bode well. 17-9 your final. trevor simeon started slowly. finished 10-17, one touchdown one interception. quarterback rating, 76.1.
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demaryius thomas led the team with 4 catches. we are waiting on gary kubiak. >> as bad as the quarterback situation has been for the broncos, it could be worse. tony romo suffered a cracked vertebrae. >> the battle of new york. where have you gone ? ryan fitzpatrick found eric dicker on the back shoulder. the giaats scored with 2:25 before the quarter. they win the game, 21-20. broncos were not the only game in town. valid christian kicked off the season on espn against arizona
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dylan mccaffrey, he is the quarterback but played receiver here. he caught the first to score. let's get to gary kubiak. >> i sat down with mark this morning and told him that i would pay if things go the way that i think, that i will not put you in there. >> i have a lot to go off of -- off on on mark. i needed to see the other to play today. i talked to mark about t this morning. and we went from there.>> to have an update on cody latimer
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dealing with right now. we do not think it is serious. i think we came out pretty good . a couple of guys will be day to day. >> your pressures of trevor ? >> i am impress, i think he is calm. i can tell how he handles the team in the huddle. i think, what i see, i see a guy getting better every time out and working hard. they all have. i think he has made strides. he did a good job tonight. >> i have a lot of work to do i will make a decision this week. i have told you that and i am
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of things going on. i'm going to take my time and do it the right way.>> would you be comfortable goiig in the regular season with 2 quarterbacks who have not thrown a pass in the nfl get ? -- yet ?>> i will do what is best for the team. you asked me the question aboutt experience. it'' hard for me to answer. i have 2 that have no experience. we have young guys at the but they had been battling and i think they are gettinn better. i will do what's best for our group.>> ou decide to go with riley dixon all game. >> it goes back to the same thing. when you have a veteran guy who has been doing it for you, you know what they bring to the table. 3 if you have a young kid
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know how far they have come into you give them a chance. you asked me about the quarterback, it is the same thing with riley. we wanted to watch him run. we have tough decisions to make were trying to help ourselves make those decisions. >> that is gary kubiak, still not committal and will not name the starting quarterback. that answer will come soon now.
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we go baseball, this was strange. rockies scored on an intentional ball. a.j. cole was attempting to walk him when this happened. they came in on a wild pitch. they played nto the 11th inning. the two run shot. the rockies go up. anothee two run run. >> college football season kicked off last night. this year transfer davis web. what a debut he had for the bears. 441 yards. >> did you see this, call for --
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know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. we have one last check of weather here it is quiet across the front range. a few scattered showers towards telluride. here in denver, it has been very nice especially for the game tonight. the weather cooperated. down to the south stronger thunderstorms and around pueblo temperatures in the 60s and 70s here at this point, it is still mild out there but are overnight lows will be in the upper 50s tonight.
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brightly out there. our winds about 11 miles an % hour. it will still breezy tonight. but the high was 85 degrees. it is feeling outside just like it should this time of year. are overnight lows will be mostly in the 60s and another 800 day tomorrow. it should be comfortable during the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. and during temperature will be about 82 degrees. we could see a few scattered afternoon thunderstorm show up later in the day. tonight, we will have a few scattered thunderstorms developing for western colorado by noontime tomorrow. it is still quite a lot of the urban corridor. in the later afternoon we see some development as moisture comes our way. do not rule out the chance for a few scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon tomorrow during the day. are overnight lows will be in the 50s. a really nice night. highs again in the mid-80s. this is the good beginning of a% good warm-up coming our way. highs tomorrow in the mid-80s. 60s and 70s up into the
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eagle, 76 degrees for you. mid-80s for the western slope. 85 hour hike tomorrow, partly cloudy skies with a few scattered thunderstorms. 50s. look at the warm-up coming our
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richwood: you know, after six months, mars is starting to remind me of kauai, except without the water or the hot girls in bikinis or the air. what i wouldn't give for a hot girl. hell, after all this time, i'd even take an ugly one, assuming she came with a paper bag. kim: oh, real classy, richwood. just repair the short, and make sure the four-b coil isn't fried. we can't afford to have the power grid compromised. aye-aye, captain. oh, boy. bad news. it's charred. i may have to replace the power coupling and [distorted] reboot a-level systems... [ static ]


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