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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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assault charges. accused of assaulting a woman on a popular trail. demarcus bookhart appeared for the first time time. a woman claiming to be his wife is speaking out, coming to his defense. >> reporter: the wife says doesn't know for sure, but thinks he may have been set up by his ex. she also claims, his brother saw him at the home at the time of the assault, which she says proves he didn't do it. this is video of demarcus bookhart, wearing a yellow jump suit. bookhart is accused of attacking a woman on the highline canal trail. it happened near dartmouth avenue, and forest street, friday shortly afternoon. police put out this sketch of the suspect, and the photo of
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from behind. bookhart's wife says her high school is innocent, and believes may have been set up by his ex, ho he has a child with. >> i know deep in my heart he didn't do it. we have no idea who this lady is. my brother happened to get home at 12:00. this supposedly happened at 12:45. he was home when my brother got home. >> reporter: police are connected to any other incidents. we checked, and he does have a criminal past. bookhart was found guilty of assault in 2014, and spent some time in jail for theft. new at 5:00 tonight, a warning for people in longmont after a woman says she was assaulted near a busy road. brendaliss, why did she decide to speak out. >> reporter: she says she was
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which is a huge reason why she's coming out to talk about what happened to her. >> not pleasant to think about. >> reporter: coming back to this old baseball field in longmont isn't easy. >> i wasn't going to call the police. i wasn't going to report it. >> reporter: talking abouten a assault is even harder. >> i was really, really scared that i was getting murdered that night. >> reporter: one week later, she has a couple of reasons for sharing her story. >> i feel >> reporter: for starters, she's transgender, and says this isn't her first attack, the other is a warning. >> i kind of have a duty to make sure that people are aware that this is out there. >> reporter: because she says it could happen to someone else. she says it began with a walk along 23rd avenue, and gay street last saturday night, when a man approached her on the corner, asking for directions before grabbing her. >> literally, i just panicked, and tried to get away from him.
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literally just latched onto a chunk of hair, and just started dragging me out into the field. he basically told me, if i was to make a sound, he would kill me. >> reporter: she says he assaulted her in this empty field before taking off. she has since filed a report with longmont police, and now has this message for people in the area. >> there's a lot of women here, who need to have their heads on a swivel. >> reporter: brendaliss gonzalez, can't remember much about what her attacker looked like, but remembers him having several tatoos on his face. she plans to meet with police again tomorrow as they continue their investigation, adam. right now, pueblo police are asking for your help finding this man right here, and a 1-week-old baby. police say 38-year-old ernest johnson was supposed to take the baby to a doctor, but never returned home.
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with his girlfriend. that's 35-year-old jolene lacabone. they could be driving a 1995 chevy silverado, with a colorado license plate. 064rpq and could even be in another state. if you see them, please help police out and give them a call. new information on an early morning death investigation in denver's barnum neighborhood. officers responding to a shots that's where denver 57's, amanda castillo has been following the development as 69:00 this morning. >> it happened right here at midnight in front of 154 south knox court. police tell us when they got here, they found a body right out of the home. we know that one person is dead, and another is in critical condition right now in the hospital. it initially came in as a death investigation. after a few hours on scene, it
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right now, police don't have a suspect description, and they don't have a motive to the homicide. but we spoke with neighbors in the area who say this isn't surprising for the barnum neighborhood. >> i think we need more police officers to rule. to keep walking over here and see what happened. i'd like to see the ambulance, and the >> reporter: police spent more than 10 hours investigating the homicide this morning. after they took down the police line tape, we actually saw family members go inside of the house and retrieve some belongings. but they declined to speak with us on camera. reporting live in denver, denver 7. let's take a live look at radar this afternoon, storms moving through colorado right now. a lot of green right now. let's send things over to stacey donaldson, with more wet afternoon, stacey?
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mountains, you run into scattered showers here, this is the scene at the loveland ski area right outside of th eisenhower tunnel. ominous clouds on the horizon there. temperatures still on the warm side. 70s and 80s for our region. cooler into conifer with techs in the 60s. we have a big low rotating to the south, so it goes counterclockwise, and is pulling the moisture up from here in denver, the rain is moving through, actually moving up toward boulder. for tonight, we'll have overnight lows in the 50s. until we get there, a stew scattered thunderstorms around 6:00. 78degrees, and a mild night with temperatures in the 60s by 10:00 p.m. i'lllhave your workweek forecast coming up shortly. let's head to chicago now. new developments in the murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. these two men here are in custody right now. the city police department is taking this opportunityyto also talk about the growing violence
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now he hopes this tragedy will bring much needed change to the city. >> reporter: no holding back. >> we need to put them in jail, and keep them there. >> reporter: the chicago police superintendent, expressing frustration, even as he announces success. the murder of the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. >> she wasn't aware that her short live was standing for what is a complete failure in the justice system in chicago. >> reporter: just returning from registering her kids at school, when gunfire rang out. aldridge an innocent. murders are up a staggering 48%. nearly all caused by hand guns. >> chicago has recovered an illegal handgun every hour of
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we recover more guns than l.a., and new york combined. >> reporter: the men now charged in aldridge are brothers. >> these two offenders are the prime example of the challenge we face here in chicago, with repeat gun offenders. >> reporter: the wade family is city's south side, gathering with friends and community members. >> you can't have vengeance on anyone. you can't hate anyone. that's not going to bring them back. >> reporter: hoping aldridge's death, and these new arrests will turn a tragedy into a rallying cry, and action. new at 5:00, family and friends of a girl missing for years are trying to keep that search alive.
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pub low in 2015. today, they gathered friday night actually, police say they drove to tell her before she was pregnant. days later, investigators say her car waa moved from a wal- mart and abandoned at st. mary's corona hospital. there was even a 20/20 special that aired in may. they were hoping that would garnler some leads. >> we're begging for someone to tell kelsey. a teenager suspected of shooting his brother in larimer county is now in police custody. that teen turned himself in. he's now facing first degree assault charges. the larimer county sheriff's office, says the boy shot his brother during an argument. the victim iin the hospital right now. let's get to the investigation on the deadly multivehicle crash in parker. alcohol was most likely a factor in this crash.
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wrong way, slammed into five cars and a motorcycle. look at that scene. man. that crash happened yesterday along parker road between j. morgan boulevard, and hess road. that driver was killed. seven people, along with a child are recovering in the hospital. roads are back open in aurora, after a crash involving a fire department vehicle. aurora firr says a battalion chief was on the way to a call, when he was hit by a car. that crash happened near havana, and alameda. hurt, but she should be back. thankfully, he was not hurt. let's turn now to the race for the white house. we're staying on top of that for you. green party candidate, jill stein is trying to drum up some support in the state of chicago. in a couple of hours, she will meet with leaders in boulder too.
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>> democrats follow the path for what she calls the greater good. also in colorado, former presidential candidate, and hopeful, carly fiorina met with mike coffman here to talk about expanding business opportunities for women. coffman faces a pretty competitive challenge in a pretty ethnically diverse colorado. his challenger is morgan carol. th coffman has repeatedly voted against women's issues and that he is out of touch with women in the community. giving a license to hunt or fish could soon go up. without this money, officials say they may have to put gates on state lands, shut down hatcheries, and limit the number of hunting licenses. colorado parks and wildfire
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million, since 2009. that's cut about 50 jobs. new at 5:00, dogs are being used to help chase away geese. taking over golf courses in longmont. according to partners at the denver post, longmont city leaders say the geese are eating the grass, and are annoying people out there. about 30 dogs are enrolled in this program. it started in 2002. the handlers g they are allowed to haze those geese until march 31. new at 5:00, quite the scene in downtown denver today. what do you think of this? hundreds of people, most of them topless, marching the streets. it coincides with the 95th anniversary of the women's suffrage movement, and the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. this is about bringing
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issues. >> we're talking about equalizing the pay gap. we're talk being in general, women being equal to everyone in society. not just women, but all kinds of equality. >> the group also seeks to change the sexualized perception around female toplessness. while female toplessness is not banned in denver. some cities, like fort collins do ban that practice. the next time you fly out of denver international airport, you could face even longer delays. the nation's mar facing a pilot shortage. up next, what's being done to prevent the severe shortage, and we're getting our first look at the man who crashed a truck into a southwest plane headed to denver. >> and it looks like temperatures onight will be in the 50s throughout the metro area overnight. but we do have a lot of rain
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new at 5:00, a traffic stop
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seized 100 pounds of marijuana, from that motor home. look at all of that pot right there. troopers say the driver bought the marijuana here in colorado, and was trying to take it back to his home in florida. as you see, he did not make it. at least two people are dead after a charter bus crash and dozes of others are hurt. this happened on a highway in indiana. state police say a pickup was speeding, and hit a guardrail, and a charter bus slammed into the scene. >> send us we have firefighters struck. >> we have another fireman that needs to be pulled up. >> two people were killedd including a fireman, and a person in a car. police say the bus driver did not have a driver's license and was in this country illegally. investigators say the people on the bus were heading to baton rouge help with the flood cleanup, and were also here illegally. also new at 5:00, we're getting our first look at the
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airport tarmac. this is 35-year-old delarro coos. police say he scaled a fence, stole an airport pickup truck and slammed into a plane on friday at the omaha airport. he is now facing several charges, including theft and trespass. speaking of airlines, right now, the nation's marriage airlines are scrambling. they're trying to find new recruits, and that could mean travel headaches for all of us. the newest study finds they are facing a shortage of 15,000 they could start running out of pilots, as early as three years from now. the reason for this. % experts say the military is no longer a reliable pilot pipeline, and would be pilots can't afford the training, the student who is coming out with that astronomical debt needs to get a good paying job.
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announced its expanding program here in denver. jetblue announced the gateway select program, where students are guaranteed a job with an airline whhn they graduate. health officials are trying to decrease the risk of west nile virus here in colorado. they're spraying parts of fort collins and larimer county at 8::0 tonight. the spray was supposed to happen wednesday night, but it was delayed because of the weather. how is the weather looking for tonight, stacey? a litt they may have delays coming up. scattered showers moving through colorado right now. dark skies on the horizon here. check out the snow up there at pike's peak, a good coating in the last 24 hours. we will have passing storms, as we go through tonight. 80s will be showing up on monday. it looks like a dry middle part of the week. for the next couple of days, a little instability here, thanks
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it's an upper level low spinning in the four corners. that's why the rotation of all of this moisture is coming up and around the top of this, kind of going backwards almost. the showers showing up in colorado springs are headed our direction toward denver. we've seen a lot of action here in the high country, from our central mountains down into the southwestern part of the state. here in denver at this point, the showers that just came through, are now moving toward boulder. we have stronger storms here east of bennett, toward deer you see on a wider shot here for northeastern colorado. stronger thunderstorms toward the wyoming order and a storm toward buyers. up in the high country, a mix of rain and snow here. a lot of lightning toward telluride with these storms moving on through, but nothing is severely warned right now. really, just for the he low levels of being severe. 82 in denver at dia.
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up into the hills, we have temperatures into the 50s, 82 downtown, and winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. our high so far has been 86 degrees. as we go into this evening, overnight lows will be in the upper 50s, and we'll have temperatures in the 60s overnight. temperatures in the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures have dropped. if you're going to be having a barbeque, that's actually for tomorrow, you will have temperatures in th but as you see for our future cast product, we are going to be seeing more rain here overnight tonight, and tomorrow afternoon into southern colorado, not a whole lot here in denver, but pop up showers are a possibility in the heat of the day and instability here for the southwestern part of our state. tonight, we'll have overnight lows in the upper 50s, with scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, a high in the low 80s. partly cloudy, also, that chance for storms once again.
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toward fort collins and greeley. castle rock at 77 degrees. upper 80s for the western slope, and down into southeastern colorado, mid-80s. also some 70s from akron to limon. the seven-day forecast keeps us on the low side of things here. temperaturewise. a couple of days ago, we had temperatures in the 90s. it looks like that low is really going to effect us. keeping the temperatures in the low 80s until we get to thursday. sunny skies on the way. temperatures getting up into the mid- to upper 80s, sunshine taking ussinto the weekend, adam. a plane forced to make an emergency landing, just 30 minutes after takeoff. >> i could see metal pieces planning in the wind. >> the jaw dropping video you have to see, showing a police officer saving a man's life
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back now, some incredible video, a new jersey police officer is credited with saving a man's life here on the train tracks. you can see the officer, victor
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tracks, just before this train zooms by. man, that was a close call. this video coming to us from a radio station. new jersey 101.5. police say the man walked onto the train tracks, jumped onto the tracks, and refused to leave. from the train, now to an air. now to an in-air emergency, a southwest plane diverted when parts of the plane just blow apart. it was pensacola, when one of the engines failed. it dropped more than 20,000 feet in just 8 minutes. >> sounds like an 18 wheeler tier blowing, and you started smelling smoke. >> i could see metal pieces flapping in the wind. >> how scary is that? 99 people were onboard, and the ntsb is know looking into exactly what went wrong with that flight. nearly 200 soldiers stationed at fort carson are
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they just got back home from afghanistan where they've been since december. for some, that reunion had extra special significance. >> i'm pretty excited. i get to meet my son for the third time. >> of that, the 190 troops are part of the fourth infantry. denver 7 is investigating gang violence in a dangerous neighborhood. neighbors in montbello say hear afraid to let their -- afraid to let their kids play outside, so what are police doing about it? what we found out is coming up tonight at 10:00. a lot more newsson denver 7, at 5:30, the latest on that beaver creek fire, it's been burning for more than two months now. taking a live look outside, denver 7 is tracking the latest storms moving across our state. first alert meteorologist stacey donaldson has our
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arenado hits for the cycle. find out. plus, we deeve into the broncos preseason performance, and what we can expect this week, including the naming of a
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with breaking news. shut down in both directs between e470 right now. they're working to see if there were any injuries in this crash. so far, no estimated time on when that will reopen, but we'll keep you updated. here's a look at the top stories we're working on right now. a man is facing second degree assault charges, accused of assaulting a woman at the high 25-year-old demarcus bookhart appeared in court for the first time today, and only on denver 7, the suspect's wife, she's speaking out, saying she thinks bookhart's ex actually set him up. she claims her brother says bookhart was home at the time -?of the alleged assault. a transgender woman comes forward claiming she was assaulted. this attack happened last saturday in longmont at 23rd
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gabriel lang says this wasn't her first attack, but she wants to get the word out to warn people. right now, denver police are also investigating a homicide that ends with one man dead, and another struggling to survive right now. officers responded to a call of shots fired near knox court and cedar avenue around midnight. neighbors tell us, it all started out as a robbery. police have not confirmed that for us yet. police do not have a suspect, or any leaders, or a right now. let's get a check in with our first alert meteorologist stacey donaldson. pretty cloudy out there. >> you could practically see the rain. yes, we have a lot of rain showing up in the heat of the day here, through the front range, and for the mountains. traveling along i-70, you run into wet weather. as we go through the evening,
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loveland ski area, the roads are wet.. we have had our own wet roadways here in denver. the temperatures still in the 70s and 80s. tonight, we'll have overnight lows in the 50s, but until we get there, we'll have cloudy skies. 71degrees by 8:00, as these showers taper off, but we have more on the way for the seven- day forecast, and pretty good changes too. i'll let you know what it looks like after crashing his motorcycle. that crash happened on the westbound onramp of highway 36 from west flat iron crossing drive. the coroner is working to positively identify that victim. now to an update on the beaver creak wildfire. it's been burning for more than 2 months right now. on the colorado/wyoming state border. officials say people should prepare for longer wildfires can, because of so much beatle
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it's 53% contained. firefighters say they expect to have it under control by early october. plans to drain the harvey gap reservoir have been postponed. officials were planning to drain it out to inspect that dam, the general junction daily sentinel reports that the road collapse was not related to any reservoir problems. the environmental protection agency is working this afternoon to clean up a investigators say a tanker rolled friday morning, spilling 8,000 gallons of gasoline in a fountain creek in colorado ?prings. parks and wildfire leaders say dozens of fish are dead, and the agency is working to figure out how many, and what type of fish were killed because of this. investigators think speed was a factor in this crash. colorado is among three states right now that have reached a new agreement in a
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water into republican reservoir basin. colorado, utah and kansas have signed to allow greater flexible, and certainty for the water users there. the 1943 compact, allows nebraska 40% of the river. colorado 11%. the states have been locked in a legal battle for that water in the last 15 years. kaepernick is at the center of a debate this evening. it's all because he was refusing to stand during
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sheriff's deputy shoots a suspect during a traffic stop. the suspect tries to get away, driving forward, and backward, even ramming the deputy's patrol car device. all the hile, the deputy hangs and the door there. the deputy opens fire, other deputies arrive, and eventually that suspect was arrested. the suspect is in the hospital right now in stable condition. against nfl quarterback colin kaepernick, the san francisco 49ers quarterback, is igniting a firestorm for refusing to standuring the national anthem. kaepernick says it's a protest over police brutality against african americans. he's refused to stand for three preseason games. both fans, and current and former nfl players are divided
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way to protest. >> you have to understand what's going on in this game, and around the country is biggerrthan just you. >> the league says players are encouraged, but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. stacey, i've been asking people on my facebook page what they think of this. a lot of interesting responses. >> i'm sure. >> not so happy with it. we have some interesting
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. over a million ears of corn are picked a day
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enator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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let's get straight out to that breaking news. in is just east of e-470, because of a crash right there. officers as you see, they're working that crash. we're working to see if there were any injuries because of this. so far, we don't have an estimated time. but when this will reopen, if you can, it's probably best to just avoid it all together. you see in that shot how dark the we've had scattered thunderstorms moving through the area. this is a shot from thornton, moving past denver. the dark skies on the horizon. as we move closely, you'll see where the storms are located. we did get a good coating of the snow at pike's peak. we will continue to have more moving through colorado and through tonight. we'll have some 80s for highs on monday, instead of 90s, but it will be a dry, middle of the week as high pressure starts to settle on in.
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an upward level low, just to our southwest. these always rotate counterclockwise here. so that's why all of this rain looks to be moving kind of backwards across coater. the showers from colorado springs have been moving in our direction. and we're wrapping them around through the higher elevations, and through montrose. here in colorado, most of it has cleared out. skies toward our east, deer trail, and south of akron, toward lyndon. in the mountains, especially south of i-70, you're going to run into wet roadways at times. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 84 for keensburg. some rain cooled air here in the 70s. for denver, 82 degrees at dia right now. 86 our afternoon high today. 85 is normal, so we're right where we should be for this time of the year. our lows in the 50s. generally, overnight, we'll drop into the 60s for temperatures, and then weell be
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dinner tonight, a few scattered shower it's, if you're planning on barbequing, the temperature about 76. as you see into tonight. we'll push out most of these showers. tomorrow evening, perhaps a few scattered showers as well. overnight lows in the upper 50s tonight. mostly cloudy. rain off and on. tomorrow, 83 degrees. partly cloudy with a few scattered thunderstorms. and temperatures in the low to mid-80s for the front range tomorrow cooler into the mountains. temperatures in the mid-60s, and upper 80s for the western slope. 70s and 80s for the front range, and plains. the seven-day forecast keeps us in the low 80s here for the next couple of days. then we get the sunshiie coming back in. our temperatures get a little hotter into the mid- to upper 80s. and we'll have overnight lows right around 60 degrees. it lloks like we'll stay on the mild side of things, and warm it it up by the end of the
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>> mild is good. >> this time of year, the summer, we're done with it. we want the heat on the football field though. and there's a lot of heat. can either of you guys play quarterback? the broncos might use you. it's time to name a signal caller. we're hear from the perspective leader in the locker room.
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are you not entertained? how's it going everybody? broncos now 2-1 after preseason game number 3 last night. a win over the los angeles rams. game 3 is usually a contest viewed as a dress rehearsal for the regular season opener. we can surmise, 2015's 7th
5:48 pm
be your starting quarterback. the last time a quarterback was drafted by, and started for that team, 11 years ago. another solid efforr against the rams in his second preseason start. even threw his first touchdown this stretch. a goal line score to vigil green. through three preseason games so far. 285yards passing, with a touchdown and 2 int's. that seams to even if trevor won't take climb to the starting gig just yet. >> focused on getting ready for carolina. i'm not worried about me too much, i think it's just improving every day. >> we don't have much of a choice. we've got to be comfortable with whoever the center is. they're going to lie in, and we've got to be comfortable and make plays. >> over the last past month, i'm okay with whoever it is.
5:49 pm
do some great things. i have seen paxton do some great things, and trevor as well. whatever decision they make, i'm going to be comfortable with it. it's not going to change how we play defense. go after the ball, and still have fanatical effort. >> his most used quotable from 2014. another position we kept close eye on is punter. yes, specialists too. but business is business. 7 sports has confirmed the broncos asked colkit to take a pay cut. either he or riley dixon is expected to be cut this week. the clear-cut leader in the clubhouse.
5:50 pm
running. beginning their officialive play calling with 6 consecutive runs. cj picked up 88 yards in 3 games. though those aren't gaudy weapons, this takes time to develop. >> we started slow. we didn't run the ball well. we got going, did some things before the half was over. >> i thought we ran the ball well. that's the thing with the run game. have to be patient. you can't be frustrated. i think the best thing is, last year to this year, when things were going out there, we got out the run. this year, we stayed in it. kubiak kept trusting the o- line, and trusting book up front to get the run game established. tonight, we talk in depth. the broncos eyeing the 75 man roster cut tuesday. our denver 7 broncos insider, troy rank, and the man who likes to be referred to as our outsider, woody page.
5:51 pm
xtra. preseason slate in minnesota continued today. chargers visiting the vikings. teddy bridgewater, regular season ready. check this out. oh, adrian phillips, forgot your socks. 2nd quarter, bridgewater hooks up with kyle rudolph for a touchdown. 23-10, the vikings. they improve to 3-0 th preseason. the cards coming in beat up, because brock osweiler torched them. osweiler steps up in the pocket, and finds braxton miller, a 17-yard pickup. set up a lamar miller td. the 2nd quarter, texans up a score. osweiler airing it out. will fuller, where are you at? bingo.
5:52 pm
146yards passing. 34-24 your final. what's up with furniture row? seems like they've had every disasterrous outcome this season. michigan 2400, a good looking race early. martin on lap 57 takes top spot. he had the fastest car in practice, so we all knew it's good. then c lap 66, miscommunication by the pit crew. they tell him to take off, but his rear left tire isn't secure yet. furniture row's had issues in 19 races this season. martin would finish 20th. kyle larsen took the checkered flag. his first career sprint cup victory. baseball, rockies closing out their four game set in our nation's capital. taking on the nationals.
5:53 pm
scoring chuck musty. arenado was a double away from the cycle. his 35th homer of the season. the rocks win 5-3, and take two out of three in the series. home tomorrow to host the dodgers. the rockies playing david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son,
5:54 pm
when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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through the state at this point. so keep an eye out for showers tonight, and more for the next couple of days, while highs stay in the low 80s. we warm up by the end of the week. thanks stacey, we'll see
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? what if we designed a paint that not only made your bathroom look like a spa but stood up to the humidity of a shower this steamy. this steamy yep, even this one. if it's a matte finish paint, and can resist any amount of moisture, is it still paint?
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