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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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police are on the scene at alameda, and russell haythorn is live with the details as well. what have you found out russell? >> reporter: yeah, adam, this was initially reported as a fatal hit and run here at the intersection of morrison and alameda, but we're told that the suspect's vehicle has actually returned to the scene as well as the suspect. we believe it's that vehicle that you're looking at right there, that red sedan with one he at morrison road and alameda. an adult male was crossing over alameda when he was hit by that vehicle. that adult male wasskilled on the scene, and again the suspect is cooperating with police. it's causing a few traffic tie ups here here at the intersection, but at this late hour on a sunday there's not much traffic out here, so not much of an issue.
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morrison and alameda. we'll keel you updated as the -- keep you updated as the story developments. and developing now, violence and parents want something done about it. jennifer kovaleski taaked with police. the neighborhood is also right by a school, that's not good. >> adam the neighborhood is located off maxwell place and sable street street from the denver center for international studies at ford elementary, just one of the many reasons something needs to be done say parents. >> >. there's so many kids around the neighborhood it's not safe for anybody to be out. there's actually numbers on there that they were shooting at. >> reporter: this sign tells quite a story. bullet holes through a gang sign. it symbolizes everything parents say they want to stop.
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shootings. >> reporter: this woman was too afraid to show her face, but wants to tell her story single game . >> with the last shooting i'm fed up. >> reporter: she says her motbello neighborhood went from quiet to violent. >> we don't just hear the gunshots at night, well hear them during the day. >> reporter: just this week cop cars lined her block as police investigated a shooting. >> we have increasing gang activity in the area. >> reporter: crime data also shows an up tick, with four unlawful discharges of a weapon since june, and those were just the ones reported. >> one night there was a gang initiation. >> reporter: people blame the people that live here where sheets cover up the bullet holes. >> how do i know the next bullet isn't going to hit one of us?
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>> reporter: they recently installed a halo camera. >> all the neighbors are concerned. >> reporter: she wants it to stop before it's too late. >> i don't know what it takes to get to people to move out. does someone have to die? >> the neighborhood is also planning to send a letter to the landlord. it talks about the rep cent violent, and -- recent violence, and asks them to evict the let's get straight to a denver 7 exclusive, you'll only see it here. we were there as the suspect in the high line canal trail attack faced a judge. there's the suspect wearing the yellow jump suit, and he's held on investigation of second degree assault. police say a woman was attacked on the trail near forest street friday around noon. only denver 7 also tracked down the suspect's wife who claims
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her brother during that attack, and thinks he may have been set up by his ex. >> i'm not letting him fall for something he didn't do and i know deep down in my heart he didn't do. >> he was found guilty of assault back in 2014 and spent time in jail for theft. we know know who the driver is that crashed into an aurora fire department vehicle today. the woman hit the chief was driving the truck, and he was headed to a car when he was broadsided. both drivers survived the crash. and update to a story we bbought you as bruce at 5:00 -- breaking news at 5:00. we learned one person died in a crash on i-75 this evening around 5:00. i-75 was closed both directions east of e470. police haven't released details
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help finding this man and a one- week old baby. the 38-year-old man was supposed to take the baby to the doctor but never came home. he may be with his girlfriend driving a 1995 chevrolet silverado plate colorado plates 064rpq. tonight denver police are investigating a homicide of a man was found dead in barnum neighborhood. they were called to south knox court this morn asking were found a body -- morning, and found a body and another man in critical condition. they haven't released information about a suspect. no one else is in custody as it relates to the crime. we saw some clouds earlier, any rain? >> yes, quite a ferain showers showing up across the state, even hail and lightning involved in the storms. it's very quiet here across
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moving through, but the temperatures on the cool side in the 60s from littleton to city park, 50s, even 40s in the mountains at this point as we've stayed on the cool side. as more moisture, the -- for the moisture, the rain heavy around colorado springs still, but here in denver mainly just cloud cover, and up to fort morgan the lightning and rain fall. heavier showers into el paso county and colorado springs, we have strong thunderstorms in that area. and things have cleared of state as well. our overnight lows will be in changes coming on the seven-day forecast and i'll have that for you in just a little bit. >. all right, thank you. the air was filled with mosquito killing chemicals in one portion of fort collins this evenings, they're working to cure the west nile virus there. mark boyle is live. >> reporter: well, it's areas like this inside the park, you can see all the standing water
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house, this standing water where mosquito eggs hatch, and now a big mosquito problem is causing a west nile problem across larimer county. this is a typical sunday for sean and his family, as well as others in northwest fort collins, but the county's efforts to keep families like this safe from weet nile are far from typical. >> the risk index has gotten really high. there's been an increase in human cases, so for it to protect the population. >> reporter: and this is the last resort. the third round of mosquito spraying in fort collins t high amount of west night cases has people like sean thinking about the benefits and risks of spraying chemicals into the air single game record i mean the ben -- air. >> i mean the benefits of spraying outweigh the benefits of a slight chance it's going to get into your water and cause some kind of llter effects to the kids down the line. >> reporter: with over 15 west
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and more than 40 state-wide, larimer county says this is one of the worst mosquito seasons we've seen in years. >> larimmr county is usually one of the top 10 country music tips notice country -- counties in the country for west nile, but with the mosquitoes it comes into ppay. >> reporter: and the story here. >> west nile is preventable. wear your bug spray. reporter: the spraying is necessary she says chemicals keep people inside for a couple of hours, so they can safely spend more time outside. so how many bugs are we talking about. >> you can see the light, and all of the mosquitoes swarming around that. now there won't be anymore spraying this week. nothing planned right now, but it's very possible in the weeks to come that we'll be back out on the streets spraying. live in fort collins, mark boyle, denver 7. all right, thank you. we want to tell you about an
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news. police say alcohol likely played a part in a multiple car crash. the driver going the wrong way and was killed. 7 people were hurt, and a child was air lifted. the road didn't reopen until this morning. another update to a story we brought you last night. the teen suspected of shooting his brother in larimer county is now in custody. police say he turned himself in and is now facing first degree assault charges. officers say the teen shot his brother overland trail. thankfully the victim survive flood controversy tonight for 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. he's saying he'll continue to sit during the national anthem. some fans are burning his jersey. a lot of videos are accusing him of disrespecting armed forces. >> no, i have great respect for men and women that fight for
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i have family and friends that they fight for freedom and people and liberty and justice for everyone, and that's not happening. >> he says he'll continue to sit, and he wants accountability for police officers after brutality against african americans. other nfl players are speaking out like giants star victor cruz. >> the flag is the flag. you have to respect the flag, and stand up with your teammates. it's bigger than just you in my opinion. >> the there, he says he won't face repercussions about this. we're learning more tonight about a bus driver responsible for a deadly crash on a louisiana interstate. it started with a bus slammed into the scene of another crash sending first responders over the guardrails. a district fire chief died, 40 people were hurt by this. the driver didn't have a
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in this country legally. police believe the bus was filled with undocumented workers heading to baton rouge to help with flood recoveries.. charges are pending against him and that company that owns the charter bus. >. well doctors say a teen ager is dead all because of a hickey he got from his girlfriend. and an officer barely saves a man from the train right there. >> the reality is everybody is
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well it certainly got a lot of people's attention, and it's about to get ours. hundreds of men and women marching topless down the 68th it's a movement in denver and around the world to bring awareness to equality. >> reporter: a spectacle in downtown denver. >> why hide them? >> reality is everybody is born with a nipple. >> reporter: which is exactly what organizers were hoping for. >> it's not necessary something weird to me. >> what this is is to combat
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objection. >> there's no difference between me being topless for a woman being topless. >> reporter: for in group it's not about being topless, it's about gender equality for women. >> we're talking about equalizing the pay gap, just in general women being equal, breast feeding in public. >> reporter: it coincides with the anniversary of the women's suffrage movement. part of the censoring female toplessness object if iing them. the ratio of menwomen marching today about two to one. >> and just kind of supporting thattand giving little more ?uel to something that's primarily carried by women. >> reporter: the march was peaceful, and perfectly legal and protected as long as there's no lewd or sexual contact as part of parade. >> there's beauty everywhere and you can see it in anything.
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denver 7. all right, thank you. while female toplessness is legal if denver, other cities in colorado like fort collins still ban the practice. fort collins is currently being sued to overturn the ban. >. hey, take a look at this, it's a lot of pot. 100 pounds to be exact. tennessee highway patrol found it during a traffic stop near chattanooga. the driver bought the weed here in colorado and tried to take it back home to florida. and we have video to show you tonight. a new jersey transit officer saves a man life in the nick of time. you can see him try to pull the man off the tracks, and manages to get him just seconds before the train passes by. apparently the man got into a confrontation on the train and walked off and ran along the tracks before laying down. tonight an arrest is made in the shooting death of nba
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her baby down the streets of chicago, and wasn't the intended target. the suspects are brothers. they were repeat offenders do. it's darwin and darryl soles. darren was released days ago, even wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the shooting. >> what has to be done the make the gun violence stop? >> the answer is clear to me. crystal clear. the gun offenders that choose to dth we have to hold them accountable. we need to put them in jail and keep them there. >> 6,000 illegal guns were uncovered this year in chicago, and murders there are up 48 percent. okay, i have to tell you about this story. a teenager in mexico dies after getting a hickey from his girlfriend according to a report in the daily mail. apparently he got a blood clot that traveled to his brain, and
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the bruise on his neck. today two united airlines pilots are in hot water. arrested just before take off over suspicion of being too drunk to fly. they were supposed to fly from scotland to the us. both have been fired and will appear in scottish court tomorrow. >. now the latest on the campaign trail. trump is preparing a major restatement of the his corner stone position on illegal immigration, and clinton is asked new questions about how she raised money for her private foundation. here's more. >> reporter: hillary clinton and her top aid arrived sunday evening for a fundrriser with big money donors in the hamptons, new york's summer playground for the rich and famous. we obtained these mails raising questions about whether the donors to the clinton foundation got special treatment while clinton was secretary of state.
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conservative group citizens united n. one exchange the official recommends guests for a state lunch with the chinese president. on the list, executiv from three groups that donated millions to the foundation. in another message her aid is asked to deliver a message to the president of malta from a big supporter that donates millions of dollars. she forwards it along. the foundation owners got special favors, and so does hillary clinton. meanwhile donald trump is defending his latest stand on deporting illegal immigrants, saying he'll focus on criminals. >> on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> repprter: he's apparently backing off harsher measures once proposed. >> he's not talking about a deportation force, but talking
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workers competing for jobs. >> he's been very consistent on no amnesty or legalization. >> reporter: and he's promising a major speech on immigration wednesday. abc news, new york. >. green party candidate jill stein was back in colorado today. today she said colorado is leading the charge for things like health care, raising the minimum wage and regular lating fracking. you could soon have to pay more to colorado. wild life officials are trying to double the price for in state hunting and fishing licenses. the budget for the state's parks and wild life officials keeps getting cut, so without the extra money state lands and hatcheries may have to be shut down, and there could be a limit as to how many could get a hunting license. >. the city of longmont is looking for dog owners to volunteer their pups, d it's
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dogs help chase the way the geese on the golf courses. look at that cute pup. longmont city leaders say the geese are eating the grass and frustrating people, so 30 dogs are in a program that started 14 years ago. they have their own vest, and get an id card, and they're allowed to quote haze the geese through the end of march. >. i bet those dogssare all smiling by the end of that well, we had an interesting day today. this is a shot from the cdot camera at vail pass where there was enough strong enough thunderstorms to get hail, not snow, it's hail covering the ground, and actually looked quite a bit like snow covering the entire roodway at certain times during the afternoon and evening. this is about five or six hours ago. this is theepike's peak web cam where it's getting covered over with snow. we had a good coverage on the peak even though you can't see
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ago, so more snow is. coming down here at pike's peak thanks to storms moving through, but this is a different scenario weather-wise to the south. now here in denver it's pretty quiet. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. it's a cool start for us in the morning, but then highs get into the low 80s tomorrow during the day. we have a low pressure area spinning through keeping us in the low 80s the next couple of day, but it dries out mid-week and warms up a little more. so we have suspicioning down through the four -- spinning down through the four corners pulling up the moisture into the front range and mountains, so that's just we had the strong thunderstorms for the higher elevations, and got hail out of that, but here in denver a little bit of light to moderate rain pushing through earlier this evening. not much in the way of moisture tonight, but colorado springs,, heavy rain showers here, and possible flooding issues in parts of colorado springs and south toward fountain because
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peak there's a little snow showing up on the dar. and to the north scattered showers stronger toward limon and up toward just west of akron. but temperatures know in the 60s for the front range. not too bad out there. 64 with 56 percent humidity, and our winds about 16 miles an hour. today we made it to 86. i think it's cooler tomorrow thanks to the low pressure area keeping the cloud cover over us, and keeping the temperatures in 50s and 60s for tonight, but this is the bus stop planner. 65 to start the morning. partly cloudy skies, and 83 with a few storms going home. futurecast keeping it quiet tomorrow morning along the front range. some cloud cover sticking around, and then into the afternoon by 1:30 we see more thunderstorm activity for the front range, eastern plains, and into southwest colorado, and it continues to wind through, and until we get rid
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continue with this type of weather pattern the first couple of days of the week. 59 tonight, mostly cloudy skies, and tomorrow afternoon highs in the low 80s. fee thunderstorms into the afternoon, those highs in the 80s here throughout the front range. 60s into the foothills, and 70s higher up in around eagle and vail, and upper 80s for the western slope. as you see here on the seven- day forecast, once we get rid of that low pressure area that's going to keep us in the low 80s for the the start of and -- the sunshine and temperatures warm up into thursday, friday, and even the weekend. so a littte change here, this low kind of changed track a little bit, so at first we thought the high pressure area would move in and keep us really warm around 90, but now this one is taking over, so highs in the low 80s. >> that's a good surprise though. >> yeah, right? >> i'd rather have that. >> thank you so much. all right, there's a big road closure tomorrow that could impact your commute. we'll tell you what spot to
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>> this is my 19th year. >> reporter: why so long? >> because i love it. how could you not love this place? >> and we introduce you to this
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z23ekz zvpz
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>. a big traffic alert that could impact your morning commute. tomorrow west mississippi avenue is closing at broadway in both directions. crews are paving some concrete at the intersection there, there will be detours, but work will go from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, and every day for the next two weeks. better keep that in mind. all right, imagine only going to work for two hours a week, that sounds pretty good right? but there's a catch. you only get to eat once a week, and your meal is a live grass hopper. mitch jelliker introduces us to
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>> reporter: the butterfly pavilion in westminster is home to hundreds of butterflies, but there's another resident just as delicate and beautiful. it's rosiet chile spider. >> they're harmless. >> reporter: rich is in charge of feeding not one, but more than 120 rosies. >> the little calmer. >> reporter: the spiders rotate work shifts, so as not to wear them out. >> no more than one two-houu shift once a week. >> reporter: rich puts in double that just feeding them their weekly grass hopper, and he's given his time for 19 years. >> it's fun, let's face it if it wasn't fun i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: >> he also volunteers at the denver museum of nature and science.
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>> reporter: he educates kids and their families about science, including the often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas. >> they have a bad reputation mostly from bad movies. you're kidding! >> reporter: no, we'd like to honor you as a 7 every day hero for your volunteering here. >> thank you very much. this is a great place. i've had a terrific time rk >> very interesting. nominate someone as a 7 every day hero, go to the, and click on our community section, and then 6 every day heroing to
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? ? ?
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there's now a profeesional cuddling business in colorado. it's in rifle, and it's called touched. just touched. it's the place just -- the place just opened, and it's centered on the benefits of platonic touching, that's non- sexual. you can cuddle for just one dollar a minute. >> huh. >> what a steal. >> right? you're like i'd like two cuddles please [ laughter ] >> got to go.
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to start the week next week, and then we'll have a lot of sunshine on wednesday and thursday, and you can tell our temperatures start to warm up once the sun shines and we get rid of the rain fall moving through. >> well the cuddle business will make a killing. have the broncos covered inside and out. troy is here to talk about the quarterback ompetition that


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