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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. we are following breaking news at the top of the hour. guns drawn. streets shutdown in wheat ridge. >> 7news reporter darrell orr is on the scene. we have breaking information now. >> reporter: that's right. they have one person out of the vehicle. he did come out. he had no shoes on. his hands were in they had their guns trained on him. the officers are now attempting to clear the vehicle to make sure there is nobody else inside. once again everybody is being assisted by lake side police, denver police, this wheat ridge's area at 38th and sheridan. you can see the officers have their guns out. they are making sure the area is secure while they are checking this vehicle to make sure nobody else is around. they have one person in
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patrol car here. we are tryyng to listen to the commands they are giving. we are not sure if there is another person in the vehicle. they are still making an announcement. they are telling him to remain in the vehicle with his hands in the air. there might be another person inside this vehicle. this one patrol car has a suspect in the backseat there. they have him in custody. he did give up without a fight. announcement out here keep your hands in the air, stay inside the vehicle. there might be another person inside this suv. they are identifying themselves as wheat ridge police department. so remain in the vehicle and keep your hands up. this is a joint effort between wheat ridge assisted by denver and lake side police department.
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lake side police. we are protecting ourselves behind our news vehicle just in case we are in the line of cross fire. the police are doing this as a safety precaution. they don't know if there is a firearm in the vehicle. they do have a driver in custody. he told them this is a rental car. that people inside the car do have a key. we do not know if they have any weapons in the car. you can see a lake with his rifle out and directing people to turn around and go the opposite way for theirrsafety so they are not in the line of cross fire. this is happening in king soopers parking lot at the gas station at 38th and sheridan. this is in wheat ridge on the border of denver and lake side. you can see they are at the vehicle now. they are going to open the trunk. they have their rifles pointed at it. there is nobody inside. it looks like the vehicle is clear of anybody in there.
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everybody is in custody at the king soopers at 38th and sheridan. >> that's very gooddnews there. that's a police situation we have been watching since 4:30. let me take you on the map in that area. this is 38th and sheridan. this side is denver. this side is wheat ridge. this side is lake side. we have a lot of jurisdictions coming together here. this is the king soopers gas station in this area. right now the road rest -- roads remain closed at 38th and sheridan. the situation is becoming resolve. we should see the roads reopen in the next 15 minutes. i'll keep you posted on that. the rest of the ride around town looks nice. we are wet south of town. i had sprinkles on my ride in this morning. had rain showers last night. it is wet down towards the springs.
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radar shower closer to the springs, palmer divide, castle pines and castle rock. temperatures in the 60s out the door. we'll be in the low to mid 80s this afternoon. -?80 to 87 from today through friday. we'll see another bill up of -- build up of cloud cover this denver today 83. fort collins 85. we have 70s near the springs. here's your first alert that we'll see a few more storms. we'll talking about the threat of severe weather coming up. . > denver police say a hit-and- run driver apparently had a change of heart. investigators tell us the driver left the scene of a fatal crash but then came back. the driver hit the pedestrian at alameda and morrison road at
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now to another deadly accident on i-70 in arapahoe county. troopers say a man was heading westbound when he drifted township the shoulder and over corrected. he hit the median. that sent his truck into the eastbound lanes of traffic yesterday. he was killed. a second vehicle hit debris from the crash. thankfully no one was hurt. f0 see this 1-week-old baby here? she is missing. 38-year-old ernest johnson was supposed to take the baby to the doctor but never home. johnson may be with his girlfriend. they could be driving a 1995 chevy silverado. if you know anything please call police. > deputies in morgan county are asking everyone to keep an eye
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she was last seen late saturday night on morgan county road r. deputies are worried. saying she has dementia. if you see her call police. >> reporter: a woman is still recovering after going caught in the cross fire. she was shot in the face last tuesday night just steps away from an elementary school there. neighbors say that's just one example of the violence in that neighborhood. many say it is not safe for anyone to be out. the evidence is everywhere you look, including on stop signs. neighbors say if you are not out the see the violence it can be heard. >> we don't just hear gunshots at night. we hear them during the day. as early as 9:00 in the morning. >> reporter: police are increasing patrols and using
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in the next half hour. only our cameras were there as a suspect in the attack on the hyalinn canal trail faced a judge. that's 25-year-old demarcus hart. friday a woman was attacked on the trail near dartmouth avenue and 7th street. his wife tells us he is innocent. she says he was at home with her brother during the attack the up by his ex. >> i know deep down in my heart he didn't do it. >> he has a criminal past. he was found guilty of assault back in 2014. he spent time in jail for theft. we now know the name of driver two crashed into a aurora fire department vehicle yesterday. the 65-year-old heat the truck the chief john hill was driving. hill was heading to a call when the truck was broad sided.
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okay. heavy hearts this morning as a young mother is remembered. the 35-year-old died while saving her son who fell in the lake at lake powell. russell was a long distance runner. graduate of du's law school. her children the loves of her life. >> she loved her children so much. i'm not surprised she would jump in to save them. she >> neither of them had a life jacket. cpr was performed for 30 minutes. it was not enough to save her life. not only are the 16th street ride buses free but they are getting a makeover. >> jason is joining us live from thal with the detail on the upgrades. >> reporter: development to you. the free mall ride officially started for the morning here. one is just passing behind.
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pretty soon those buses will be no more. we are talking about a brand new fleet that will be debuted. 36 brand new buses. we'll show you the renderings of the buses later on. that's what they'll look like when they hit the 16th street mall. many of the bus buses with 200,000 or more miles on it. it is a lot of trips up and down. the big change color scheme and the paint on them is the power source for these buses. we are talking about fully electric. they run on batteries. rtd says one charge can run them for the entire day here up and down. they transport 45,000 people per day. in the past there have been talks or even reports of trying to move the buses off of the 16th street mall. at does the new fleet mean for the buses staying long
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an rtd spokesperson later on this morning. after the break we'll show you head lines from around the world. one couple finding hope in the mid of the devastation in italy. chaos at lax overnight. what was thought to be an active shooter turns out to be a man lying on train tracks seems of the given up. after the break we'll show you how close he came to lossng his life. we have a few showers starting to clear up here morning. this is going to be one of the spots where we'll see more thunderstorm activity this afternoon. also on the south edge of the metro area. we have roads opening again here around 38th and sheridan. the northbound and southbound side eaatbound and westbound 38th by the king soopers for
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>> reporter: we are live at 38th and sheridan across fromm the walmart where a police standoff lasted 45 minutes to an hour. it ended peacefully. let's look at video earlier. police approached a vehicle where the passenger was wanted for a possible %- domestic violence situation earlier or assault. that's what we have been told so far. he police spotted the vehicle the person ppinted out the suspect was in the vehicle. police were able to stop the car. they got one person out. he cooperated with the police. the othee person remained in the car. they did not know if he was armed. as a precaution police did have to pull weapons out. as you can see from the video the suspect did get out and he cooperated with the police and with the commands they were giving him.
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gave up. peaceful situation at 38th and sheridan. sorry, not sheridan but wheat ridge this morning. let's send it in to dale. >> thank you. this morning we are following the latest developments on the deadly earthquake in italy. 290 people are now dead. and strong aftershocks continue plaguing the rescuers as they continue to search for either survivors or getting some of the people out of the rubble. among all the heartache, one italian couple was able to find a bit of hain married. their church was damaged to the quake. inside the couple moved the ceremony outside surrounded by the mountains. >> at first i was shocked she said, we have been organizing this more than a year. i was worried and nervous. i didn't want to create more problems for the village. >> the wedding went off without
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been freed. great news here. she hassbeen held captive since april. kerry wilson was taken by armed kidnappers from inside her home. officials say she is doing well. two teachers were kidnapped from the american university of afghanistan. in june the taliban kidnapped 200 travelers and six were killed on the spot. back here in the u.s. a scare overnight at los angeles international airport. lax wa of an active shooter. but later police discovered there was no gunman. a guy dressed in a zorro costume caused the chaos. you can see him being arrested here. the man had a plastic sword on him and not a gun. at least thatts what he told police. his morning we are learning about the bus driver suspected in a deadly crash on a louisiana interstate.
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one district fire chief was killed. 40 people were hurt. the driver did not have a drivers license. he is not in the country legally. we have amazing video this morning. a new jersey transit officer saves a man's life in the nick of time. you can see the officer trying to pull the man off the train track. he works for a while but he finally manages to get the guy ffee. that was literally seconds before a train passes by. apparently the man confrontation on the train. walked off and ran along the tracks before just lying down. >> it is really not a good >> the second he pulls that man's body off the track it passes by. we have a nice start to our day. you'll fd a mii of sun and
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winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. there is a light breeze, mix of sun and clouds early on. we'll be in the 60s through 9:00. it will be mild this morning. then around mid to upper 70s by lunch. highs today in thh low to mid 80s. we are pretty close to normal today. denver 83. we have kingsburg at 84 today. then low to mid 70s for the foothills. evergreen you are at a high of 73. near pueblo and lamar. this is one spot across southern colorado where we have a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. you can see what happened overnight. some of the ra along i-25. that's starting to clear up. 12:00 to 12:30 it will be active down south. cooler in the springs.
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cover there. denver, boulder, fort collins you'll get more sunshine through midday within a few scattered storms by this afternoon. better chance for some of those storms mainly south of i-70. our mountains and across parts of southern colorado, you'll find near the springs and pueblo that we'll get a few more thunderstorms through early evening. overnight tonight under a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky you'll find here in denver by 7:30 tomorrow morning some clouds. maybe even some patchy fog today we are at 83. tomorrow we are at 81. we are in the low 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday. by thursday and friday temperatures will climb. we'll be closer to 90. ii will be warmer for the end of the week. with fewer storms both days. heading into the weekend is looking good. we are close to normal pretty much every day this week. just monday, tuesday and wednesday a touch cooler. >> yesterday we had some of the wet weather overnight last night down to the south of
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is looking really nice. it is wide opened. remember we'll have closures of mississippi at broadway. not too far from here starting today as they'll do more concrete wook. the concrete paving they are going to do. it will have significant restrictions on mississippi. look at the overall map. we have that situation resolved at 38th and sheridan. all the roads reopened. which is good news. west side of town and lakewood looking nice including c-470. project on the northbound side effecting quebec here university lincoln avenue all come together by the post office. it is causing huge delays. huge, lisa, huge! they are huge.
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giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. police in new jersey believe this stamp right here has something to do with the spike in heroin overdoses. >> it is hard to see when you are looking at this image. there is a new brand of heroin with a bat man stamp on it. this could be behind 49 overdose cases there. all of this happpning in the past six days.
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officials say that particular brand of heroin can be lethal. in an effort to fight the spread of the zica virus, the f.d.a. is revising guidelines for blood donations. all donations in the u.s. must now be screened for zica. previously onlyyblood donated in areas with active transmissions were being screened. there is a new test that could mean some breast cancer patients can skip chemotherapy wiihout hurting their chances of survive. new england journal of medicine is measuring the growth of the spread of cancer. keep in mind this test does cost several thousand dollars. it is not always covered by insurance. it was quite a scene in downtown denver yesterday. if you were there you no doubt saw hundreds of people, most of them topless marching the
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e go topless event yesterday coincided with the 95th anniversary of the women's suffrage moment, which gave women the right to vote. they want to bring awareness to all gender equality issues. f0 we are talking about, in general women being equal to everyone in society. not just women. but all kinds of equality. >> the group told us they want to change the sexualized perception around female toplessness. although women are allowed to be topless in denver that's not the case all over the state. fort collins it is banned. f0 >> i'm glad it was warm. >> that would not be a great event in december. it is 5:25. we have a nice start. their's a liveelook at limon. you can see cloud cover this morning. it is going to be a pretty sunrise with that cloud cover. sunrise in about an hour. this morning we'll be in the low to mid 60s. partly cloudy for your kids.
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at the bus stop. warm this afternoon. low to mid 80s. chance for a few showers and thunderstorms today. we'll see a chance for a few storms each afternoon. really through about wednesday. then jason, here's your first alert. it is warmer and drier thursday and friday. >> your alert that 38th and you watched that live on 7news this morning. all roads are opened after a police situation. we'll have another update cominn up. you can see the freeways ?etting busier. overall in good shape. look at the map. i want to give you od on wednesday after the morning rush we should have the new road opened north of the outlets. that should open on wednesday late morning. >> very excited. thank you very much. new yyrk's madison square garden was the place to be last night. >> plenty of moon man trophies
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