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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq thnology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. it is 5:30. if you are just tuning in we are going to get you all caught up. beginning with this breaking news situation where wheat ridge police had a man.
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into custody. this situation is now over. two people were taken into custody. we brought this to you as it happeeed live on denver's 7. >> reporter: at 3:30 this morning police got a call that an assault suspect was riding with his buddy through wheat ridge. wheat ridge police were able to locate the vehicle at 38th and sheridan at the king soopers gas station. they were out here 45 minutes. they were assisted by denver police and lake side police at 38th and sheridan. unfortunately, while this was happening, a fuel delivery truck pulled up to the king
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police were able to get him safely away from his truck inside the king soopers. they needed him to move his truck. this is video of the police escorting him out. they got him out of the king soopers. they had their rifles pulled out. thhy were able to get him out of the patrol car and slowly creep up on his tractor trailer which was filmed with fuel. once they were able to get him to his truck he was inside and drive this truck a way. that could have been a mess especially if a suspect had a firearm and he started shooting and other people started shooting. it could have been a big mess out here. fortunately the situation is over. they do have the suspect in sto he did give up without any issue at all. police are on the scene behind me here. they are searching the vehicle going through it. we are told this is a rental vehicle his friend did rent earlier.
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38th and sheridan. >> good traffic news for the start of a monday morning. >> yes. your mug has make-up all over it. >> i hope it is just lipstick. >> this is the stain of a news anchor. let's start with lisa with a first look at storms. >> it will be every day week really monday, tuesday, wednesday. this morning walking out the door a few light showers across the southern edge of the metro area. we saw a few sppinkles this morning. now that's starting to clear up. the roads could be wet along i- 25 heading into the springs. we'll see sunshine bb mid- morning. 78 by noon. we'll be in the low 80s around 3:00. warm but build up of cloud cover. then a chance for some thunderstorms this afternoon through the early evening with temperatures then right around
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most neighborhoods around denver will be 80 to 83 degrees. we are a little warmer near platteville, fort collins and greeley. boulder today a high of 82. here's your first alert. it will get hotter. we'll talk about that cominn up. >> don't be surprised if we see wet weather castle rock to monument into the springs. they had a good storm last night. traffic is building up on and the eastbound side of 270 over the york. the map shows everything is opened at 38th and sheridan. the rest of the ride around town, whether central denver to 225 aurora south side c-470 or north side along highway 36 all looking really nice this morning. rtd is getting a new look when it comes to the16th street mall ride buses.
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details on theup grades. >> reporter: the first is what the buses look like. we are talking about brand new buses. 36 of them actually. a brand new fleet to go up and down the mall ride. there will be changes. obviously they'll be new so you'll notice that. a new paint job you'll notice that. something you may not notice is how they are powered. they are 100% electric. all the buses have massive goes up and down the 16th street mall every day. if you use them and they are crowded you'll notice air conditioning. we are talking about wheelchair ramps, as well. rtd is getting ready to debbt them. we are hoping to get a sneak- peek and bring it to you later on this morning here. and also talk to an rtd spokesperson about how this is going to affect everything down their. they are still going to run up and down the mall.
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the mall. they are still going to be free. that's the biggest informatiin this morning. newer normally means more reliable. some of the buses had 200,000 miles. hopefully newer is better and more reliable for you if you are taking the bus up and down the mall. neighbors in the montbello area y they want the gang violence to stop. they are calling on police to step in. >> there are been several recent shootings in neighborhood. amanda is joining us live with more on the recent rye lens. -- -- violence. >> reporter: the shooting is one example of the growing gang violence in the montbello neighborhood. tuesday night a woman was shot in the face. she was caught in the cross fire after she walk outside
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a elementary school. >> we have identified an increase of gang activity in the area. we are responding to it. we are meeting with neighborhood groups and using technology to hopefully address the issue. >> reporter: that technology includes a halo camera installed just a few weeks ago. we'll hear from concern neighbors in the next half hour. warning to everyone in the longmont area to be on the lookout for an assault suspect on the loose. she said she was attacked last weekend at 23rd avenue and gay -?street. she is sharing her story. as a transgender woman she said she experienced this before and doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. she was out for a walk when a man approached her and asked
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>> literally i just panicked and tried to get away from him. as soon as i did that he latched on to a chunk of hair and dragged me into the feel. i -- field. i feel compelled to make sure people are away this is happening out there. > denver police are trying to figure out what happened after a man is found dead. officers discovered the body called to a home on south knox court at west cedar avenue. when police got there they discover thed another -- discovered another man in critical condition. f0 a teen accused of shooting his brother in larimer county shot his brother during an argument. the victim survived.
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tennessee highway patrol found it during a traffic stop near chattanooga. troopers say the driver bought the weed in colorado and was taking it home. turning to the race for the
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after a nine montbello tour month tour in afghanistan today fort collins soldiers are waking up back at home with their families. this video is from a reunion that happened over the weekend. it had extra significance. that video definitely was hard to hear. what he was saying is he very first time. 195 troops all part of the fourth infantry division. we have heard too many stories of police being targeted. now it appears someone may be using voodoo. we'll tell you how this mom and son fought off a burglar. it is 5:40. your walking out the door to dry conditions. we had a few showers across
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south of i-70 is where we are expecting more showers and thunderstorms. in denver highs today in the low 80s. warmer later in the week. this is the first morning commute you have been able to use prospect in fort colliis. it is opened west of i-25. no need to use (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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> in chicago these two brothers are in jail this morning accused of killing a mother of four. she was nba star duane wade's dozen. gang members. 6,000 illegal guns were recovered in chicago. murders there are up 48%. police in georgia are scratching their heads about a possible threat after they found that voodoo doll outside of the station. >> it appears to be prefabricated voodoo doll. it looks like this here. the feet and head has been pulled off.
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which we believe is animal sacrifice. >> police don't know what charges the person would face other than littering. a michigan mom and her two sons fought off an intruder using an unusual weapon. the 11-year-old came face-to- face with the man. the suspect pepper sprayed both mom and son. that's when her oldest son joined in on the fight. >> so i ran and grabbed the sword and ran at the guy as fast as i could with full intention of doing as much damage to help as possible. >> thankfully that seemed to do the trick. the man ran off. police are still looking for him. we have wind speeds 10 to
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at point a mix of sun and clouds. from wireless camera in limon looking east a partly cloudy sky. we had a few showers overnight. those are now clearing up. you'll likely find 60s up and down the front range as you walk out the door this morning. we'll be 20 degrees warmer this afternoon. around 3:00 highs in the low to mid 80s. build up of cloud cover. a chance for a few more thunderstorms this afternoon. that will cool things about 6:00. denver 83. parker today you are at 78. getting into bennett and byers low 80s there. upper 60s to 70 from allens park to estes park, confer and evergreen. closer to 90 out west. it is hot on the western slope today. all cities pretty close to normal these next few days. we'll see a lot of 80s as we
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down south clearing up. tonight around midnight a more cloud cover by tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon more scattered activity. we'll see storms monday, tuesday and wednesday. we'll be in the low 80s today through wednesday with a few late day storms. thursday and friday more nshine. upper 80s. closer to 90. that will be the same thing as we head into the weekend. as we head again into 3
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in the low 60s and a few upper 50s each morning. >> for the holiday weekend. >> good three-driveway -- ddy weekend. >> you saw the incident where the traffic lights are working right. i want to alert you on a project that will affect your drive at mississippi and broadway. they have been tearing up the intersection there. it has been a mess. today they may start not allowing traffic across mississippi if you are going west on mississippiithey will divert you to the north. if you can not make a left turn you can use louisiana to get around it. it might be better to go further south off of logan to florida and mississippi. that will cause a headache for folks for two weeks as they continue that work there. it is not going to be done for the next several months at broadway and mississippi. you can see the rest of the
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looking nice. quebec road work by the post office, i'll have details on what is going on there. it is driving you crazies. details coming up. who could forget that man singing over we have good news for you. more of her does -- desserts are coming to walmart. >> these were originally meant to be a seasonal item. the company is expanded to include five more flavors. how does a longer weekend sound? always nice. for most of us it sounds
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>> amazon is going to experiment with a 30-hour work week. as the pilot program which will have a small team that work a shorter week to test it out. instead of the 9:00 to 5:00, five ays a week, a few dozen people will only work monday through thursday from 10:00 to 2:00. then they'll have additional flex hours to fulfill the remaining 14 hours of the week. company hasn't released details on what the flex hours mean. they say this position -?full-time 40 hour workers. successful entrepreneurs say the best businesses start when there is a need. now a new and strange company 3 is up and running in rifle. >> the business is called touch. the concept is centered on the benefits of platonic touching. it is nonsexual. it costs $1 a minute. another unusual b here.
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owners to volunteer their pups for a hazing program. the dogs are needed to chase awwy geese on golf courses. daily camera posted a picture of the dogs on the fairway. the geese are eating grass and frustrating people. 30 dogs are in the program so far. it started 14 years ago. it has been happening a long time. dogs have their own vests. owners will get an i.d. card. dogs are allowed to heat advisory geese through the end of march. >> you know that's a dog's dream. space lovers, we have a treat for you. we'll tell you about a new planet that may be habitable.
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astronomers discovered a potentially habitable planet cles life outside of the solar system. rocky world has a temperature suitable for liquid water too exist on the surface. imagine only going to work for two hours a week. there is a catch here. you only get to eat once a week. >> all right. so your meal is also a live hopper.
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reporter: butterfly pavillion in westminster is home to 1600 butterflies. there is another resident who is just as delicate and beautiful. it is rosey the tarantula. f0 >> not too strong a statement to say they are harmless. >> reporter: rich is in charge of feeding not one but more than 120 rosy's. >> we work the females. they are generally calmer. >> reporter: spiders rotate out. >> no more than one two-hour shift once a week. >> reporter: he feeds them their weekly grasshopper. he's been doing this for 19 years. >> it is fun. if it weren't fun, i probably wouldn't keep doing it. f0 >> he volunteers at denver museum of nature and science. he gives everything to his
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gives everything to his community. >> reporter: rich gives his time because he welcomes the chance to educate kids and their families about science. including the often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas. >> it has an undeserved bad reputation. mostly from bad movies. , >> are you kidding? >> i'm serious. would like to honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your volunteering here and your help. >> thank you very much. this is a great place. i have had a terrific time f0 storms possible in the afternoon. we'll be drier starting thursday through the weekend. we'll see 80s all week low 80s for the first half of the week. upper 80s by thursday and friday. closer to 90 as we get into the weekend. >> over highway 36 near sheridan. looking at a smooth drive for the eastbound and westbound traffic. not seeing any delays through westminster into boulder.
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streaming camera at i-76 and 270. the east side is busier. here's a look at what we are working on for 6:00 a.m. a student murdered a well- known university's campus. we'll have the latest details. college students we have a warning about a scam specifically targeting you. it has caused some students to
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. mon the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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we are tracking breaking news out of wheat ridge. this happened the parking lot of the king soopers at sheridan boulevard and 38th. police shutdown the entire area as they worked to make the arrest. the streets are now back opened. assault. we have several other stories we are tracking % including a neighborhood rising up tired of gang violence. what the montbello community is doing. the free 16th street mall ride is getting better. conveniences rtd is adding. before we get to that let's head over to lisa for incoming afternoon tomorrows. >> all this week, the last week


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