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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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we are tracking breaking news out of wheat ridge. this happened the parking lot of the king soopers at sheridan boulevard and 38th. police shutdown the entire area as they worked to make the arrest. the streets are now back opened. assault. we have several other stories we are tracking % including a neighborhood rising up tired of gang violence. what the montbello community is doing. the free 16th street mall ride is getting better. conveniences rtd is adding. before we get to that let's head over to lisa for incoming afternoon tomorrows. >> all this week, the last week
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warm one. beautiful this morning. we had a few showers overnight south closer to the springs. you can see from our camera in limon a mix of sun and clouds this morning. more clouds over denver. that's going to clear up a bit though. by noon some sunshine. 78. then by 3:00 as the kids heading home we'll see highs in the low to mid 80s. we'll get a buuld up of cloud cover. there is a 20% chance for a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and highlands ranch 82. 75 in castle rock. upper 60s to low 70s in the mountains. here's your first alert that a lot of storms we'll see today will be south of i-70. >> so far so good across the highways. we can see a gorgeous sunrise. there is i-76 down here. 74th avenue. you can see the drive going over to 270 is getting busier. overall easy standard commute on the north enddfreeways with the building traffic. look at 270 getting busier.
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getting slower. 20 minutes into downtown denver. south side still quiet. this indicating traffic lights not working right off of federal off of dartmouth. no other major issues. look at the streaming camera up to the north. this is i-25 in mulberry. no need to use an alternate around prospect. prospect is opened. it opened on friday. this s the first morning commute to use prospect in and out of fort collins. > . > denver police say a hit- and- run driver apparently had a change of heart. investigators tell us the driver left the scene of a fatal crash but then came back. the driver hit the pedestrian at alameda and morrison road at 8:00. f0 now to anotherrdeadly accident on i-70 in arapahoe county. troopers say a man was heading westbound when he drifted township the shoulder and over corrected. he hit the median. that sent his truck into the eastbound lanes of traffic
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a second vehicle hit debris from the crash. thankfully no one was hurt. denver police are trying to figure out what happened after a man is found dead. officers discovered the body sunday morning after being called to a home on south knox court at west cedar avenue. when police got there they discovered another man in critical condition. f0 pueblo police need help finding the man you see there and the baby. the baby is only a week old. ernest johnson took the baby then never came home after taking the boy to the doctor. he could be with his girlfriend. if you see a 1995 chevy silverado with this colorado license plate call 9-1-1.
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want you to keep an eye out for this woman. she as last seen saturday night on morgan county road. she has dementia and is prone to walking away. people living in montbello are tired of the gang violence. >> reporter: a montbello woman is r that happened tuesday night. she was caught in the cross fire and got shot in the face. this was steps away from an elementary school there. residents say this is one example of the brewing gang violence in montbello. many say it is not safe for anyone to be out and the evidence is everywhere. including on stop signs. neighbors say if you are not out to see the violence it can
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at night. we are hearing them during the day. as early as 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: police are increasing patrols and using technology in order address the issuu. we'll hear what changes are coming. i'm reporting live from the police department in montbello. green party candidate jill stein doesn't want you to count% her out. she spent time over the weekend trying to woo colorado voters. yesterday she was in denver and boulder. before colorado springs. she said she wants voters to forget the lesser of two evil's rhetoric democrats and republlcans are selling. instead follow what she believes is the facebook and twitter of -- path of the greater good. former presidential candidate carly fiorina was here in the
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> topless women and men marched around downtown for equality. the go topless event yesterday coincided with the 95th anniversary of the women's suffrage moment, which gave women the right to vote. they want to bring awareness to all gender equality issues. >> we are talking about, in general women being equal to everyone in society. not just women. but all kinds of equality. >> the group told us they want to change the sexualized perceptioo around female toplessness. although women are allowed to be topless in denver that's not the case all over the state. foot collins it is banned. out with theeold in with the new. f0 16 street mall buses are getting a makeover.
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>> reporter: we have a new bus here. it is all brand new nice and shiney. it is a brand new all electric bus. 36 of these will be debuted along the 16 streee mall. one of the biggest change is how the buses get around up and down the 16thhstreet mall. we are talking about all electric. powered by batteries. according to rtd they need one chargg to make it through e the old fleet was 16 years old. that's why they needed this upgrade. 36 of these brand new buses will be debuting. we have big doors, low floors, wheelchair ramps and inside it is nice and cool. there is air conditioning for all of these as they make their debut. spokesperson in the next half hour and tell you what impact this will have on you if you are one of the 45,000 or so people that use these to get up
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rockies are on a roll. everyone hopes they keep it going. they just beat the nationals in two straight games. they started off rocky in d.c. they lost the first game against the nationals. but they got it together finishing the series with a two- game win. tonight they are hosting the dodgers for a three-game f0 ries. f0 rst 5,000 fans in tonight get a free t-shirt. from the big guys to the little guys we are talking about th south korea in the final game. the winning team is from new york state. they had a 24-0 record in the series. this is the first time that the u.s. has won the little league world series since 2011. travelers grab their bags and run from tracks after reports of a shooter on the loose at the airport there. what zorro has to do with the
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year-old woman in the face. even though she wasn't the one they came to arrest. we are here in the first alert weather center on a nice start to our day. we have a lot of cloud cover this morning. threat for severe weather today is through the upper midwest and great lakes with. could see a few thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll see a few storms this afternoon tomorrow and wednesday. details on how warm it gets later in the week coming up. >> we have the drive on i-70 at havana and peoria looking okay. lights. they say there is a flash going
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." r family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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welcome back. everything is back to normal this morning after travelers at lax were forced to flee after
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the airport. turns out though it seems this was all over a guy dressed as zorro. he was the man that caused this mess. here's a look at the los angeles police arrested that person. while cuffing him he said don't worry i only have a plastic sword. i do not have a gun. in chicago these two brothers are in jail accused of killing a mother of four, who happens to be nba star parole. part of gangs and on she was pushing her 3-week-old baby in a stroller when she was killed. the brothers say they didn't mean to shoot her. they were trying to shoot an uber driver not this nothing. we have video of police in oklahoma pepper spraying an 84-
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u can see it right there. the officers were trying to arrest her son who say they say f0 ran into the home after going through a stop sign. ficers pepper sprayed the woman when she would not get out of her way. police tased her son and arrested him, as well. this incident is under investigation. f0 if detroit an officer is recovering this morning after he was shot in the stomach. this happened after a block party. the officer is condition. hollywood a-listers are probably just now going to bed after the mtv video music awards. >> the vma's within last night.
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the most she's ever won in one awords show. >> it would not be the vma's without kanye west taking time to talk about the himself. >> my role models are artists merchants, the best i can name in history. truman, ford, hughes, disney, jobs, west. >> we really don't know what the producers expected him to talking about. they gave him four minutes to do what they said to do whatever he wantedd he ended uptaking seven. >> it is your own fault if you let him do whatever he wants for four minutes. they wanted drama so they got it. >> we have a nnce start to our day. you'll find rain showers across southern colorado that are clearing up.
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for that morning drive. here in denver we have quite a bit of cloud cover. we are going to see skies clear up a bit by midday. 80s expected all week long. temperatures pretty close to normal each day this week. we'll see a few afternoon storms today, tomorrow and wednesday. right now we are at 65 in denver. you can see all the cloud cover here from the top of our building looking west at the foothills. winds are coming in out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. there is a light breeze this temperatures this afternoon are then going to top out in the low 80s. we go from 60s this morning to low mid 80s by this afternoon. denver 83. fort collins 85. in the springs 76. we have a decent warm up. out west closer to grand junction we are near 90. in our foothills some upper 60s to low 70s. evergreen 73. deckers today 70. kingsburg 85. still a very summer-like couple
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today the storms we see pop up by this afternoon will likely be south of i-70. we are pulling up a lot of moisture from the south. most of that wet weather will be closer to the springs and pueblo. in denver we are 10 to 20% chance for a few thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening. tonight we'll see some cloud cover into the early start tomorrow morning on tuesday. 83 today. low 80s both tuesday and wednesday. storms each afternoon. by thursday that's when things start to dry out. here's your first alert that we'll likely see temperatures near 90 degrees thursday, friday into the weekend. and as we start a new month, i can not believe it is already september. we have looking holiday weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> it is almost labor day. >> we are only a week away. >> this is up at 50th and federal. just north of i-70. you can see the traffic lights are flashing red.
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traffic delayed north of i-70. at this point traffic is not heavy enough to call an an alternate route. you should treat it as a four- way stop. in this case when you stop go through and wait for the other folks to go through. some people are squeezing take a look at the overnight map. we have a decent ride for most of us. including to the south side town. somebody asked me about this section of quebec going up to lincoln and university near the post office in highlands ranch. the construction in here will last through this fall as they are doing improvements on a right turn lane. they'll add an extra lane as part of the big construction they are doing down that way. they will not let you go through dutch creek. some folks are trying to cut through the post office. which is probably not a good
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you will not be able to go across broadway or eastbound or westbound mississippi. you'll be detoured from that point. rest of the ride on the north side heavier on 270, i-76 and i-25 downtown. drug maker milan announced it will offer a generic version of theeepipen. the generic one will cost half thpr treatment. this comes after national outrage over skyrocketing drug prices. the new generic form will hit shelves in several weeks. thii is expected to cost $300 for a two-pack carton. a lot of people are questioning the cost of the generic one versus the brand name. one college student is dead after another hurt after they were stabbed during a fight on the campus of cornell university in new york.
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year-old soohomore who was studying business administration. so far no one has been arrested. this is a terrible story out of washington state. some children were believed to be living in the sewer system. utility workers say they found bedding, clothes and toys 14 feet underground. they spotted two 13-year-old boys who said they had been living down there. but the boys ran away before social workers or police could get involved. neighbors say they have seen area. chemo can be rough. it could be a thing of the past for certain cancer patients. we have more on the new technology.
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concussions in youth sports are a major issue. we are learning just how dangerous it is to don't playing after you have suffered a head injury. academy of pediatrics says
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concussion double recovery time for teenager athletes and leads to worse short term mental function than those immediately benched. study compared 69 teens. it is the first of its kind. > there is a new test that could mean some breast cancer patients can skip chemotherapy without hurting their chances of survival. new england journal of medicine is measuring the growth of the spread of cancer. keep in mind this test does f0 st several thousand dollars. f0 is not always covered by insurance. f0 university of chicago is making headlines for a letter it send to incoming freshman. they say they don't condone to creating safe spaces. >> if you disagree with a speaker you can hold a protest outside. you can walk around with signs. you can ask critical questions. >> some students say the school
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to support people offended by this type of speech. the letter's town demeaning. researchers at the university of nevada found students learn more if their teacher is physically attractive. is is a true study. researchers studied college students and found they remembered the lecture better found attractive rather than not attractive. >> in the first shot they were only showing men. it was only male students. >> are they going to hire only attractive teachers? >> you can see a few light showers up in through the foothills as you look off to the west. here in denver some dry roads.
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this afternoon with denver at 83. kingsburg 85. longmont mid to upper 80s. it is warm and a few degrees above normal. not by much. today is 85. >> we have an accident on the north side. you can see from air tracker 7 damage here. ulling up. this happens when you see the hood crumpled up like that. somebody slams on the brakes and it drives the front part other one. which is on the right shoulder now. they were able to drive it off. they'll nned a tow truck. they have the hov lane blocked now. this is before 104th avenue. a big traffic jam already -?backed to 120th. a transgender woman is warning people after she was attacked in longmont. the than who did it is still
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a transgender woman attacked in colorado. the man who did it is still out there. this morning she has a message for the community. chemicals filling the air meant to kill mosquitoes. larimer county is being extra precautious now. >> reporter: free mall ride new buss are coming to the 16th street mall. coming up, we'll show you what they are about impact you. right now at 6:30 let's head over to lisa in the first alert weather center. tell me it is going to be beautiful today like this weekend. >> it will be pretty. we have your cheat sheet this morning. we'll see a few storms each afternoon this week. especially today, tomorrow and wednesday. actually drier on thursday. temperature-wiss we'll see 80s all week long. low 80s today. live look from our wireless camera at the airport. you can see how much cloud
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this morning. we'll be in the 60s stepping out the door early on. 78 degrees by noon. then the chance for a few more storms this afternoon through the early evening. denver is at a 20% chance. more storms south of us closer to castle rock stretching further south to the springs this afternoon. 3 83 for a high in denver today. some low to mid 80s across north eastern colorado. 60s and 70s in the mountains. jason, here's your first alert that the last few days of details coming up. >> i have been alert for you. we have an alert that i-25 is pleased -- messed up at 104th. one vehicle was able to be moved to the shoulder. this drivee slammed on the brakes and hit the other driver in the back and crumpled up the front of the car. we need a tow truck. the express lane is opened. you can see on the map the traffic jam is significant it is red back to 120th.
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we have this incident where we have at 50th and federal north of i-70. traffic lights are not working right. we'll have slight delays. no alternate needed at this point. south side of town is quiet. 225, i-70 getting busier. one accident downtown. lawrence and speer. speaking of downtown, along the 16th street mall it is big news from rtd as they are showing off their shiney new 16th street mall ride buses. % jason is joining us from the mall. do they have >> reporter: they do. if you are one of 45,000 people who take the ride each day you may notice something new. 36 new buses will be making their debut. tina from rtd is joining me now. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: it is a big day for you guys.
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>> today we are previewing the first of the 36 busesscoming out for the mall ride. we haveea public event so the public can look at the buu. you'll see them coming out over the next few months. >> reporter: so the big question is with for all those people who ride this is this or is this not going to affect their every day trip up and down the mall? to be efficient. now we have new vehicles for you. you'll see these roll out slowly. you'll experience air shuttles, which is a nice treat in the summer. the current shuttles in the summer are very hot. >> reporter: branew and more reliable than the 16-year-old fleet. one final question. there had been talk in the past -?of moving shuttles off of the mall. new buss a big investment. they are staying put on the mall? >> yes. they are staying put on the mall. this is a big investment. it is a major line for us. it connects our passengers to
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>> reporter: even though it was a big investment, big key the free mall ride is staying free. those buses will be rolled out over the course of the next little while. 11:00 to 1:00 at skyline park. they are new and shiney and smell niece. back to you. middle of the day. people living in montbello say that's what they are dealing with and they want it to stop. >> police are trying to end gang violence on t shooting last week. >> reporter: the shooting was between two gang rivals. we are told that's just one example of the growing gang violence in the montbello neighborhood. a montbello woman was actually your -- injured when she was shot in if face in cross fire tuesday night. steps away from the elementary school there. crime data shows an uptick in area violence with four unlawful discharges of a weapon since june. those are just the once that have beee reported.
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increase in gang activity in the area. we are responding to it. we are meeting with neighborhood groups and using technology to hopefully address the issue. >> reporter: now that technology also includes a halo camera that was installed weeks ago. still, neighbors say they want to see more action because they just don't feel safe. longmont police are looking for a man who attacked a road. she says this happened last saturday night as she was walking near 23rd avenue and gay street. she said she was out for a walk when a man approached her asking for directions. then she says that man grabbed her, assaulted her aad took off. case her attacker tries to strike again. >> it is a very small area. there is a lot of women here that need to have their heads
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vigilant that this could happen. >> her attack was a male 6'0" tall with several tattoos on his face. our cameras were there as a suspect in the hyaline canal trail attack faced a judge for the first time. that's the 25-year-old wearing a yellow jump suit. he is accused of attacking a woman on the trail near dartmouth avenue and forest street friday afternoon. we talked to his wife. she claims he is in brother at the time of the attack. she thinks his exmay have set him up. >> i'm not going to let him fall for something he did not do. i know deep down in me heart he didn't do it. >> he has a criminal past. he was convicted of assault in 2014 and spent some time in jail for theft. a teen accused of shooting his brother is n the larimer county jail.
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charge. teen shot his brother during an argument. he did survive. this is kelsey shelling. she has been missing since 2013 when she disappeared from pueblo. her family and friends are not giving up hope in finding her. she drove to tell her boyfriend that she was pregnant. days later investigators found her car moved from a walmart and abandoned at st. mary's hospiial. 2020 aired an episode on may. >> we are begging, we are begging for somebody to please aaonymously tell us where we can find kelsey. >> pueblo police want the colorado bureau of investigation to review the case. the fight against west nile is wrapping up in fort collins. crews sprayed chemicals around the northwest side of the city for the third ttme this year. there are currently more than 15 west nile cases in larimer county. health officials think there could be more out there that have not been reported yet.
6:38 am
worse seasons for mosquitoes in a county that typically falls in the top ten in the country for west nile cases. >> i think the men -- the benefits of spraying and reducing the mosquito population outways the slight chance that it is going to get into your water and cause later effects todown the road. >> if you are in larimer county you can expect crews to spray a few more times this season. west nile is mosquito-borne virus making news. >> the f.d.a. is wanting to have changes here. they want blood banks across the country to screen for the zica virus. this is all due to the fear that it could spread through blood transfusions. people could be donating without knowing they are sick. on average four out of five people don't show symptoms. so far the cdc says they have
6:39 am
by blood transfusions in our state. they want to keep it that way. a clown hiding behind the
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welcome back. giving you a live look at downtown denver. you can see the sun just now coming up. this is from our mile high camera where the broncos got the w on saturday against the rams. > police in new jersey believe this stamp right here has something to do with the spike
6:42 am
>> it is hard to see when you are looking at this image. there is a new brand of heroin with a batman stamp on it. this could be behind 49 overdose cases there. all of this happening in the past six days. none of the cases have been fatal. officials say that particular brand of heroin can be lethal. parents at a south carolina apartment complex are scared aftee their kids reported clowns rying to lure them into the woods. apartment manager is taking it seriously and sent a letter o residents saying children should not be allowed to walk alone at night. a woman believes the children's story saying she saw a cloon at the edge of the woods. it waved to her. about 300 kids live in that complex. we are looking at cloud cover this morning. here's a live look at the loveland ski area. you'll find cloud there is and a few light showers through the foothills. early on we'll see some cloud cover. wear a sweat shirt at the bus
6:43 am
upper 50s to mid 60s. heading home we'll be in the low to mid 80s with a few thunderstorms this afternoon. quick look at future cast. you'll find most of our storms later today across the southern -?half our state. this is future cast. coming up i'll show you what it looks like statewide. >> we'll start with a problem on the north side of town. you can see the flashing lights on the southbound side of i-25 at 104th avenue. the left lane hooking up the car under the tow truck. the rest is sitting under the right shoulder. once they get all lanes opened, as you can see on the map we have a huge traffic jam. you can see the bright sunshine on i-70. heavy stop-and-go through there. look at the map, you can see the other trouble spot is at 50th and federal with the lights flashing red. somebody hit a building at 7th north of 6th avenue. air tracker 7 is heading that
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we all know college is expensive. don't make it worse by paying for services you don't need. how con artists are trying to take student's money. we have a job for your dog. we'll tell you (vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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nfl says he has the right to sit out the tan -- the anthem. as students head back to
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scammers. con artists are sending out bogus credit card paper work. these ones are all scams. you can find some legitimate services on the federal student aid website. >> hello. i'm your teacher. my name is mr. reed. it is nice to meet you. that's a teacher from kids as they return to school. it only took a day to write the tune which he called welcome to the 4th grade. he says it positive response of the video has been overwhelming. which has taught him a valuable lesson. >> when it comes to teaching people are longing for people to really love their children. to really affirm them and call them invaluable. >> he is just a student teacher now. in tte summer he is hoping to get a full-time job.
6:48 am
>> i think he'll do well. beautiful start to our day. you'll find clouds that are starting to clear up across southhrn colorado. had some showers overnight near the springs. now clearing up. here's a live look across north eastern colorado from our again, a mix of sun and clouds. future cast showsstoday most going to be across the southern half of the state. that's what it looks liie at 10:30. then by lunch we'll see a few more storms develop around 4:00 20 5:00. we could get a few storms in denver. a lot more further south. from castle rock, lecast pines down to colorado springs and in through the valley across southwestern colorado pulling up a lot of moisture. that's likkly where we'll see most of our rain today. even at 11:00 p.m.
6:49 am
sections of our state. we'll see more cloud cover here tomorrow morning in denver. then another chance for a few thunderstorms on tuesday afternoon. i'll show you when we get our best chance for tomorrows coming up.. let's get to our temperatures. today we are pretty close to normal. weth60s now. we'll see upper 70s by 12:00. denver a high of 83 today. increasing clouds. that will bring our temperatures down a bit. we are around 60 morning. denver today 83. bennett 82. foothills are perfect. evergreen 73 today. allens park 68. quite a few of our tomorrows south of i-70 today. 60s and 70s for the central mountains and near 90 in grand junction. telluride and montrose a few morr showers. you'll see 60s and 70s there. we are talking low 80s today, tomorrow and wednesday. then things will warm up a bit more. really this next three days is when we have our best chance
6:50 am
thursday. more sunshine. upper 80s. closer to 90 by friday. we are ending the month of august starting off this september with some pretty warm weather. close to 90 degrees heading into the long holiday weekend. southbound i-25 all lanes finally opened. tow truck, there it goes, just opennd on the southbound side. all lanes are opened. traffic is just now starting to ease. it backed up to 128th avenue. even the northbound si the flashing lights slowed down. look at the map. you can see stop-and-go traffic up there. i-76 and 270. heavy stop-and-go traffic 50th and federal. they are trying to get the traffic lights working again. this accident at speer and lawrence not factoring the traffic. this one north of 6th avenue, that is a factor to traffic. breaking news as our breaking news specialist darrell orr is ?here in the form of must be breakiig -- somebody breaking
6:51 am
car. >> reporter: these right. within the last five minutes ambulance and police responded out here for a single-car accident. initial reports were this suv went into this law office. that's not the case. apparently when the vehicle received damage the bumper flew off. we'll zoom in here nd take a lo at the glass there. it is shattered. it took out the glass of the front of the the male driver is being transported momentarily here. we watched him get loaded in the ambulance. they had a seat collar put on him for prevention of a neck injury. he should be heading to the hospital momentarily. traffic in the city is crazy as usual. back to you. >> thank yyu very much. new faa rules for drones kick in today making them easier to fly. >> commercial drones must be less than 55 pounds.
6:52 am
feet. they'll be able to do all sorts of things including helping construction and agriculture. firefighters can use them to fight fires and find them in search and rescue missions. new rules could generate $82 biilion for the u.s. economy in the next ten years. we'll get you caught up on your big story in your morning sprint. police drawing their guns to get a man out of the car. it is all going down in a king soopers parking lot. a man is killed and-run driver. the driver changed their mind and came back.
6:53 am
as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
6:54 am
our morning sprinted -- sprint starts with breaking news from wheat ridge. % >> all of this started around 4:00 a.m. in the king soopers parking lot at 38th and sheridan. here's a look at the scene. you can see police two men after drawing their guns to get one of them out of the vehicle. one of the men was wanted for assault. >> reporter: you can see a wild accident at 7th. must be hit the front of the law office with their vehicle. denver police is there. ambulaace is there. couple lanes are blocked. this is at 6th and santa fe. it should not be a huge traffic impact. you can see the heavy stop-and-
6:55 am
104th. that accident gone. 50th and federal traffic lights are not working. heavier traffic on 6th avenue, i-25, 225 and c-470 this morning. denver police are investigating a deadly hit-and- run driver they say had a change of heart. >> the driver left the scene last night but then came back. the driver hit and killed a pedestrian crossing alameda avenue near morrison road around 9:00 p.m. no word yet, what if any charges will be filed. look at your finding this man and the baby that you see. the baby is only a week old. police say ernest johnson never came home after taking tte boy to the doctor. he could be with his girlfriend. if you see a 1995 chevy with this colorado license plate you are asked to call 9-1-1. deputies in morgan county are asking everyone to keep an eye out for this woman. her name is karen griffin.
6:56 am
night on morgan county road r. deputies are worried about her. she has dementia and s prone to walking away. >> reporter: i'm live in % montbello where neighbors say thht there is growing gang violence. this comes after a tuesday night shooting that left one montbello woman injured. getting caught in that cross fire. police say they are upping their patrolling in the to address the gang violence here. many montbello. -- in montbello. we have quite a bit of cloud cover out there this morning. here's your cheat sheet today to get you through the monday blues. we have a few storms possible this afternoon. drier air on thursday. we'll get fewer storms at that point. we'll be in the 80s all week long. today low 80s.
6:57 am
by 3:00. chance for a few thunderstorms today. a better chance south towards the springs. if you head there for work or the princes this afternoon. n %- 83 today. 84 tomorrow. warmer and dry by thursday and friday. upper 80s to end the month of august. >> reporter: i'm jason live on one of rtd's brand new buses they are going to be rolling out over the next few weeks. 36 new fleet. all bran new on the inside. all brand new on the outside. a new power source. all electric. all run off of batteries. the good thing for you the passenger, if you use these despite the new look, despite the new power ource everything else remains the same. of course as always it is free. women and men taking off their shirts to raise awareness
6:58 am
this happened downtown denver yesterday. they say women should be allowed to be topless and while that is allowed in denver. it is not the ca in fort collins. it is banned up there. up north, the city of longmont wants to put your dog to work. they want your pooch to chase geese away from the city's golf courses. the dogs have their own vests. the owners get an i.d. card. good day to get them ouid
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos erupts at los angeles airport. >> a number of shots. people running all directions. >> of reports of an active shooter. the reports false but it sent passengers running scrambling for shelter even starting onto the tarmac. terminals at a standstill. right now two tropical storm systems barre u.s., carolinas and the gulf in the path of two big storms this morning. superstar quarterback colin kaepernick sparks outrage refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest racism in america. now fans are burning his jersey, fellow athletes split with the star speaking out overnight. >> here we go. 'cause i say. >> and beyonce getting in "formation" slaying at the vmas setting the stage and social


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