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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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the denver broncos quarterback battle seems to be over. the team just announced this morning who will start on the regular-season. us get to denver seven's jason. why that death valley. who's going to be the starter? >> trevor siemian raise your hand if you had peyton manning on the world champions. gary kubiak made the announcement on monday. here's troy. trevor siemian is the man, he started the last two games but surprisingly he is a seventh round pick. >> he's a seventh rounder, blew out his knee in college and was a fifth-year senior. he will become the first
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nfl opener since otto graham in 1955. it's an improbable story. the idea that siemian is replacing peyton manning. >> mark sanchez struggled, paxton lynch is a rookie but you think siemian won the job. >> he was more consistent. the basic thing is young guys get the benefit of the doubt with turnovers. when sanchez turned it over, it's here he goes again. you could order that sanchez was better than siemian but through practice, and the games, when you put them both together siemi fewer turnovers. can he make the routine play and play to this defense? that's the identity. siemian won the job. >> this is not his job in stone or concrete. he still has to play well. >> they come out to play carolina as everyone knows, indianapolis here in denver, then you go on the road to cincinnati. if you're a bronco fan you want siemian to be the quarterback when brock's weather comes to town. that means the seasons going well, but he has to play well. then i going to let him turn
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seasoning. lynch showed he wasn't ready. >> then there's mark sanchez. questions about what his future is in denver coming up at 11:30 am. will answer those questions. >> also breaking right now, crime scene investigators called out to a motel in adams county. let's go straight out to russell live on the scene.>> all of the information that we have right now is preliminary but what we are heering is that this is a death investigation. possibly the death of an infant here at the primrose motel on n. federal blvd. this location is just north of the city and county of denver. as you can see a lot of activity on the scene now. we had the sheriff crime scene here as well as the coroner's and a number of deputies and investigators with the adams county sheriff's department. they are bringing out evidence bags as we speak.
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investigation for an infant, a child, but unconfirmed the age of the child. we hope to have additional information as the story develops throughout the morning. we put calls into the adams county public information office and as soon as we get that information we will bring it to you. now live in unincorporated adams county.>> we do have some good news to report. this one-week-old by found and is safe. pueblo police said the father ernest johnson took the baby to a doctors appointment and didn't return him. after seeing information about the missing baby, johnson called police and investigators say he is now cooperating. the baby's mother has actually been arrested on a warrant. this is being investigated as a child custody dispute. for now the baby will stay with the father.
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are looking for this woman. her name is karen graciela last seen late saturday night on morgan county road. deputy say she has dementia and is prone to walking away. if you step outside for lunch or for a break, is pretty gorgeous. it's retty nice. we had a little bit of cloud cover and temperatures are perfect right now. midshipman 70s. mounds are starting to see a few showers and i've been watching the loveland ski area. we have a little wet weather there at the divide. more storms moving in southeastern colorado. cloud cover. yoca we're sucked in. it will be a mix of sun and clouds through early afternoon, temperatures in denver in the midshipman 70s. upper 70s here within the next hour or so, then low 80s. we are pretty close to normal, a couple of degrees below. there is a chance for a few thunderstorms today. coming up and going to show you that likely most of storms we will see will be on south of ice 70. we will be drier here in denver and greeley.
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80s. the first alert that we have some warmer weather later in the week overnight, as standoff in wheat ridge comes to a peaceful end. police apparently stopped the vehicle just before 4 am this morning at the king supers parking lot at 38 and sheridan. one person got out of the vehicle but the man that they wanted did not come out. police were engaged in a standoff for one hour before he we are told he was wanted for assault. after national outrage over the epipen,has announced it will maae a generic version available. mylan is the maker of the lifesaving allergy treatment. they say the generic should be available in the next several weeks. the generic will cost $300 for a two pack of the epipen. the branded cost twice as much and more than $600. election systems in arizona
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there is concern about whether this could happen right here in colorado. amanda has been looking into how our system is protected and joins us. >>reporter: the fbi notified the office earlier this month and i'm told there are plenty of safeguards in place that monitor those systems on a weekly basis. those measures are in place to ensure that everything is as it should be. in this latest threat possible ru november election. the fbi listed a separate ip addresses that they believe were connected with this attack in arizona and illinois. colorado secretary of state's office check tt see whether those ip addresses penetrated colorado systems and it didn't find that to be the case.>> we review those addresses and the indicators to see if they had our network. if they do, we block those ip addresses. if we see anything that had a
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state of colorado and incident response team so we can take action.>> i asked if voters in colorado should be worried with the upcoming november election, and i was told that the state has a paper trail that they follow which ultimately makes sure that your vote is counted. to to put more limitations on oil and natural gas drilling in colorado will not be on the november ballot. supporterr apparently did not get enough signatures. they wanted to overturn the decision about preserving the state's ability to regulate oil and gas development. those against the bill say the measure woull have ruined the states economy. organizers still avee30 days to appeal the decision. denver police say a hit-and-run of heart. arently had a change investigators tell us the driver left the scene of a fatal crash last night but came back. the driver hit and killed a pedestrian crossing alameda
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around 9:00. right now we do not know if or what charges will be filed. to another deadly accident. this one on i 70 in arapahoe county. investigators say and man was heading westbound when he drifted into the shoulder and overcorrected. he hit the median which sent his truck into the eastbound lanes of traffic. that man was killed. a second vehicle hit the debris from the crash but thankfully no one in that vehicle was hurt. denver police are trying to figure out what happened after they found a man dead in the neighborhood. officers discovered a body sunday morning after being called to solve knox court near w. cedar avenue. when police got there they also found another man in critical condition. so far no one has been arrested. a teenager suspected of shooting his brother in larimer county is in custody today. police say he turned himself in. he's facing first-degree assault charges. officers say the team shot his brother during an argument on overland trail.
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jill stein doesn't want you to count her out. she spent the weekend trying to woo colorado voters. yesterday she made stops in denver as well as boulder. before that, she rallied in colorado springs. she wants voters to forget the lesser of two evils rhetoric that democrats and republicans are selling and instead follow what sheis calling the path of the greater good. carly fiorina also spent time in our state over the weekend. she met with republican representative. expanding business opportunities for women. coffman is running for reelection, his opponent morran carroll says coffmmn has repeatedly voted against women's issues and says that coffman is out of touch with the women in the community. , aberdeen a top aide to hillary clinton has announced she is separating from her husband. the former congressman anthony weiner. amid new sexting allegations. the new york post published photos late yesterday and
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explicit messages to a woman who was identified only as a 40 something divorcee. the democrat with congress in 2011 following revelations that he was sending women explicit messages. the university of colorado's business school has just paid a former female staff member $40,000 to settle a dissemination charge. our partners at the daily camera report this ever complained about dean david eikenberry and his mistreatment of women. in exchange for the money she dropped the charge. topless women marched around downtown all calling for a quality. the go topless if it coincided the women's suffrage movement which gave women the right to vote. people say they want to bring awareness to gender equality.>> >>reporter: were talking about just in general women being able to everyone in society,
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>> the group also wants to change the sexualize perception around female topless this, while women can go topless in denver, in fort collins, it is bad. this is exciting, i local olympian came out today with a message for her own elementary school. the kids loved it. women soccer star valerie pugh spoke to the kids at heritage elementary in highlands ranch as part of their heroes assembly. at 18, she was the youngest wanted to start 14 usa at the olympics and the youngest ever to score a goal for the team. this is her position and wanted to be able to, an athlete and a soccer player, so i just really told them that it can really happen.>> she appeared at the simile with other heroes in the community like firefighters and police. rtd unveils a new fleet of buses that will debut on the 16th st., mall. the free shuttles are fully compatibillty to operate a
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operate a full day of service without recharging. ?he free them all right runs from union station to civic center station. rtd says they transport 45,000 people a day. scary moments for passengers traveling out of lax after reports of an active shooter. the culprit behind the mess was wearing a zorro costume.>> plus a man lies down on the train tracks in new jersey. a nearby transit officer comes to the rescue just in time. catch >> calling now at the center of
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a big scare at lax overnight. the airport was evacuated after reports circulated that shots had been fired. it turns out there was never any shooting. the guy dressed ends so row cost this chaos. here's a lo arrested by lapd. while cuffing him the man told officers he only had a plastic sword on him. no gun. two weeks ago a false report of gunfire at kennedy airport led to evacuations there. we have amazing video to show you.@new jersey transit officer caeli >> man's life in the nick of time. watch this section right here. you see the officer trying to pull the man off the train tracks. he worked for while and finally gets him freed.
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train passed by. literally the second he got off the tracks, that train came. apparently the man got into a confrontation while on the train, walked off ran along the tracks and decided to lie down. in chicago these two brothers are now both in jail accused of killing a young mother who was also the cousin of nba player to wayne wade. police say the brothers are gang members and were on parole when the shooting happened. the kia aldrich was pushing her three will go baby in a stroller when she wa the brothers meant to shoot an uber driver they had had problems with the kia was not the intended target. oklahoma police officer pepper sprays and 84-year-old woman and as you can see there, it's all caught on camera. the officers were trying to they say that point had run into the home after rolling through a stop sign in refusing to pull over. officers pepper spray the woman when they say she wouldn't get
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a panic attack there. police ended up having to taste the sun and arrest him. the incident is under investigation. police in new york are asking witnesses of a college campus stabbing to come forward with infoomation regarding a video. two students were stabbed during a fight on cornell campus early sunday morning. this man 19-year-old anthony nazir died. he was a sophomore at ithaca college studying business if ministration. so far no one has been arrested. some fans are outraged over national anthem. 49ers cornerback set during the recent preseason game and now people across the country are burning his jersey. will continue sitting out of the national anthem>> >>reporter: ultimately it's to bring awareness and make people realize what's really going on in this country. there are a lot of things gging on that are unjust, people are
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change. that something that this country stands for, freedom, libbrty justice for all. it's not happening for all.>> the nfl says he has the right to sit out of the anthem. this story is pretty shocking. the images are. more than 300 reindeer are dead in norwaafter ttey all got struck by lightning. five others had to be put down because they were injured so badly. this was a national park where europe's largest heard of 10,000 wild reindeer roam freely. animals usually stay close together in bad weather. that's why they were likely all struck and killed. the city of new orleans is remembering devastation of hurricane katrina. 11 years after the storm made landfall. the hurricane killed me than 1800 people and displaced more than 1 million. the macabre katrina the single most catastrophic natural disaster in us history. new orleans mayor and other
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the memorial. this cloud formation had russians very concerned over the weekend. the ominous clouds formed over siberia on sunday. emergency services got flooded with calls from residents worried that it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. other people thought there may have been an explosion at a nearby coal mine. this has been identified as a completely harmless cloud.>> very interesting. it is scary because it has flattop.>> at this point, some pretty clear skies now clearing up in denver. cloud cover this morning and now a few showers. mainly down south near th springs and also west of denver up into the foothills along i 70. you are going to ffnd showers, somewhht rose as you head west. the sky is clearing for us in denver, so we are warming up. upper 70s and low 80s. winds out of the east at five or 10 miles per hour.
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us here in denver at pm and we will cool from there. pretty mild, very close to normal this next 24 hours. upper 50s to near 60 by early tomorrow morning. most neighborhoods from denver north to erie, we will be low to midshipman 80s. for morgan 85 today, a touch cooler, castle rock and park it will be in the midshipman to upper 70s and mainly 60s for the foothills and mountains. of the warm spots with highs temperatures are pretty close to where they should be as we round out the end of august. now storms will be in the forecast pretty much every afternoon through wednesday. you'll notice by around three or 330 most of today's storms and showers as we tap into moisture from the south will be right south of i 70. we don't get as much activity north near fort collins boulder
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here in denver. you'll likely find wet roads if you're heading south on i 25 to the springs or pueblo. overnight, we are partly cloudy skies. a few clouds in through early tuesday morning. then we will see more scattered storms and showers throughout the afternoon tomorrow. same thing on wednesday. monday tuesday wednesday, highs anywhere from 80 to 85 deees with a few storms each afternoon. bright spots over thursday and friday look really nice. it will warm up in the upper 80s, plenty of sunshine thursday, very few isolated storms if any on friday, and into the weekend we had some midshipman to upper 80s. friday we had the rocky mount showdown. things looking good for the game and we could see isolated storms but otterwise nice and temperatures hovered near normal. for the first few days of september, with overnight lows near 60. i believe are coming up on a long holiday weekend already.>> how is it, september?
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more drones may be in the sky starting today.
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new york madison square garden was the place to be last night as stars and fans turned out for the mtv video music awards. >> plenty of trophies handed out, but who won the night, well the top contenders had to be rihanna, kanye west and beyonci. rihanna excepted the michael jackson video vanguard award. and of course, kanye west did his best to stop the show with a faith.>> >>reporter: [music] >> the night's biggest buzz was about beyonci. her new video 18 trophies. bringing her lifetime total to 25. olympic gymnast gabby douglas was supposed to be at the vma last night but she ended up hospitalized. her publicist said she had a serious infection related to a previous mouth injury. % douglas was supposed to present
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drones flying overhead soon. the faa rules for commercial use of jones going to affect today. they left the previous requirements. under the new rules, drones may not fly higher than 400 feet or at night. they must be under 55 pounds and must remain individual site of a human operator. these operators will now now have to get a license. drone pilots have to pass an aeronautical exam. consumer reports is out with a they survey 21,000 people to find out what they like and don't like about flying. people like it when an airle is upfront about their fees. they hate it when we are all crammed in like sardines. big surprise. the two top-rated airlines were jetblue and virgin america. they have wider seats and more legroom. says complaints were up 34% last year. homeowners at the montebello area speaking up this morning. they say theyyre tired of the violence there.
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something.>> the suspect in an assault on a highlight canal
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it is 11:30 am and we have big news for the broncos this morning. they've announced who the starting quarterback will be. trevor siemian will get the start. >> let's go to jason with more
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qbs? >> good morning to you, the seventh round pick will be under center when the broncos take on the panthers. for much more let's go to the man troy our insider. ?hitey trevor siemian when the shop? >> he's more consistent. they see something special from a leadership standpoint. teammates talk about that he's gone, his boys, his knowledge of the offense. some intangibles pushed him across and the fact for the most part, he took care of the fo ricky, but another quarterback is on the roster. what can the team do within moving forward? >> i thought said jess was gone and then lynch went out and did not play well. he looked really young. indicates a sanchez, there's a chance, a pay cut could keep them here because he will be on the roster at $4.5 million. if they cut him they save a draft pick which is consideration, a seventh round pick considering their seventh
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they could trade him or simply cut him. as of late last night they had not approached them about a pay cut. it's possible, but as we sit here tte most likely scenario is that he's not on the team. >> speaking of people not on the team, the team did announce its first round of roster cuts. troy just published it's on the denver and we will have the latest info on trevor happens with mark sanchez online and on the denver channel at 4 pm 5 pm and 6 pm. i'm jason grant hour for troy. back to you guys. also breaking right now we are just getting details into our newsroom about that deadly hit and run crash. we told you at the top of the hour, we now know a 17-year-old juvenile has been arrested. investigators say he was dragracing when he apparently hit and killed a pedestrian. the pedestrian was walking across alameda avenue near morrison road. that person has been identified as 28-year-old denver resident.
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driving without a license, he only had a permit. they say they are looking at the other suspect. it's a good day to get outside. it's nice, we are ending august on a warm know. low to midshipman 80s this next couple of days and then september starts off even warmer. it 76 now at city park, 76 castle rock, and low to midshipman 60s in the foothills. pleasant right now, downtown we are at 81. a touch warmer into denver. yo few hours we will be in the low to midshipman 80s. there is a chance for a few storms each afternoon. here's the cheat sheet for the week. why do we make that hard to say? it will be try on thursday. more sunshine by thursday, friday and 80s all week long. by the end of the week when we
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90. the first alert that by three or 3:30 pm we have a slightly better chance for storms in denver but a lot of what we will see will either be south of ice 70 and also up into the mountains. more storms into the mountains so south and west of denver. we will get you through the rest of the future cast and show you what to expect in a few minutes. arizona and illinois election systems were recently targeted by foreign hackers. there is concerned today that this could happen in colorado or could it? that's the question with the big election to week two months away. how our system is amanda. >> >>reporter: i'm told there are plenty of safeguards in place to monitor the systems and those measures ensure that everything is running as it should be. the latest threat possible, russian hackers are aiming at disrupting the november election. the fbi actually listed eight separate ip addresses that they believe were connected with the system attacks in both arizona and illinois. the secretary of state office
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addresses penetrated colorado system and they say they didn't find that to be the case. the general public is only hearing about the threat now, i'm told the secretary of state's office was notified earlier this month. >> this is a need to know basis. we can't reach out to everyone and know the indicators. we share information with the counties and other people to make sure that the people involved in the process, to make sure they are safeguarding the elections. we don't share all of the indicators with the general public. >> i asked if voters should have concerns with the election and i'm told that throughout the state of colorado, they actually have a paper trail to ensure that your vote is ultimately counted. the suspect in a highlight , now attack faces a judge. the only camera was denver seven. this is demarcus bookhart.
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jumpsuit. he is accused of attacking women on a trail near dartmouth avenue and fourth street. this happened friday. denver seven talk to the wife who claimed he is innocent and is an interview that you only see right here. she says he was at home with her brother during the attack and she thinks his ex-might upset have.>> >>reporter: i'm not going to let him fall for some thing he did not do, and i know in my heart he didn't do it.>> he does have a criminal past and was found guilty of assault in 2014 and spend time in jail a woman says she was attacked and is now warning others because the suspect may be out there. gabrielle lang more say she was attacked last week and in longmore near 23rd avenue. and k st. she shares her story because as a transgender woman she experienced this before. she said she doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. she said she was out for a walk when a man approached are asking for irections then grabbed her.>> >>reporter: i just panicked and try to get away from him. as soon as i did that, he
11:36 am
of hair and started dragging me out into the field. he basically told me that if i was to make a sound that he would kill me. i feel compelled. i have a duty to make sure that people are aware that this is out there.>> she says the man who attacked her was around 6 feet tall and had several tattoos on his face. one person is dead and seven others hurt after this crash on parker road. we are learning that alcohol played a factor in th way and was killed. a child also had to be airlifted and it is unknown how she's doing. you can expect more mosquitoes spring. the city is fighting the spread of west nile. crews sprayed chemicals around the norttwest side of the city for the third time this year. there are 15 cases in their mark county but health officials think there could be more than that could have been reported.>> >>reporter: the benefits of
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the benefits, the slight chance that it will get into your water and cause later affects.>> they say this is one of the worst seasons for mosquitoes in a county that is typically in the top 10 in the country. people living in montebello are tired of gang violence and they are asking police to do something. this comes after a string of recent shootings off of maxwell place and sable street. this is across the street from dc ies. neighbors tell us they hear gunshots daily and they are afraid to let the kids play outside. denver seven talk to a homeowner that says she doesn't feel safe and points to the stop sign bullet holes. she asked us to hide her identity because she is afraid of retaliation >> >>reporter: how do i know that the next bullet is not going to hit one of us. >> we've identified increasing gang activity and we are responding.>> denver police say
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pouring in and out of the campaigns. donald trump making his biggest ad while clinton raises a bunch of cash this weekend. here's more.>> >>reporter: in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> donald trumps 10 million- dollar ad by is his largest to date and plans to target hillary clinton in nine swing states. >> the economy is the nu with the status quo. this is the first time we've seen an ad like this. that ad will not help and less donald trump stays on message. >> hoping to stay on message, the trump campaign announced a major speech on immigration wednesday in arizona.>> over the weekend trump invoked the memory of sarah route and iowa woman killed in a drunk driving,>> we will use immigration law to prevent crimes and we will not wait until some innocent american has bben harmed or killed.
11:39 am
that theme in a multitudeeof tweets. particular and minority voters claiming how much more crime and shootings will it take for african-americans and latinos to vote trump. >> every clinton is pulling in tremendous fundraising numbers. she continues to be haunted by emails from her time as secretary of state. >> it's an amazing situation that neither of these candidates can seem to put away the other one because of their this thing. >> both sides are challenging the other over health records. clinton campaign today saying that she h released a detailed doctors letter and says that trump's letter is laughable. take a look at this woman. kelsie schelling has been missing since 2013 when she disappeared from pueblo. her family and friends are giving up hope of finding her. they have just gathered
11:40 am
the search. police say kelsie drove to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant and then days later investigators say her car was moved from a walmart and abandoned at st. mary corwin hospital. 2020 aired an episode on her back and made. the family is hoping that will generate leads>> >>reporter: we are begging for somebody to please anonymously tell us where we can find kelsie.>> pueblo police want the colorado bureau of inveetigation to review the case. this may be a dream having a shorter work week, four days a week. find out which company is now experimenting with the 30 hour workweek.>> seems like a no- brainer. don't play sports when you have a concussion. a new study says it may be more dangerous than you thought.>> living on another planet. other than ours, we will introduce you to a new planet discovered that may be habitable. i worked with jason so i know what it's like
11:41 am
we have this point some dry conditions here in denver but a few showers developing in the
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
11:43 am
now it's your turn to make the switch. in an effort to fight the spread of zika virus the fda is revising its guidelines for blood donations. all donations in the us must be screened for seek a. previously
11:44 am
areas with active zika virus transmissions will be screened. breast-ccncer patients might be able to skip chemo without hurting your chances of survival. this could be amazing news. researchers say they can use a test that would determine if a woman in early-stage breast cancer would benefit from chemo. they say the test would rule out nearly half of the patients. here's the downside, this test cost several thousand dollars and is not always covered by insurrnce. parents, do you know how dangerous it is to let your teen stay on the field or court after a continue to play double the recovery time 14 athletes and leads to worst short-term angel function than for those who are in immediately benched after head injuries. the study comparisons 1619's, the first study on recovery outcomes for teen athletes. this is an unusual job. longmont is looking for dog owners to volunteer their pups
11:45 am
program that chases away geese. -?the camera posted the dog on the fairway, look how happy. the keys are eating grass, their frustrating the players so the dogs are allowed to hayes the geese through the end weekend and shorter work weeks out.>> one ompany is makinn -?that dream a reality. >> amazon will now experiment with a 30 hour workweek. st people work monday through thursday, their hours are shorter from 10 am until 2 pm. they will have additional flex hours to fulfill the remaining 14. >> this position will only pay 75% of what normal 40 hour week positions with pay but that makes sense. 30 instead of 40. it may be hard to imagine living on another planet but someday it may be.
11:46 am
habitable planet orbiting our closest star to our son although the planet is over for light years away, researchers say it is the closest for life outside of the solar system. the rocket world apparel he has a temperature suitable for liquid water to exist on the surface. here's a question. is earth being contacted by aliens? astronomers have noticed a spike in radio signals coming from the direction of a sun star in the constellation hercules. >> scientists say it's a natural phenomenon when the gravity strengthens, but they are definitely having fun saying it could be a message, and et. >> anything is possible. a nice start your day. sunshine across northeastern colorado, more than what we've been seeing in denver or farther south. alive look from the wireless camera here, here in denver things are dry now in fact
11:47 am
thunderstorms developing mainly to the south of us and into the north and east of colorado springs right now. getting a little lightning, rain and thunder with a few of our threat for severe weather is going to be pretty low but we could get some, looks like gusty winds and brief heavy rain with some storms. 80s expected all week long. low 80s for the first couple of days and temperatures will climb closer to normal by the end of the week, with a few n orms wednesday. dryer by thursday and friday. you'll notice on future cast most of our storms are going to be a across the southern half of our state, closer to the castle rock and castle pines. south of ice 70 and out across the southwestern corner of our state through the afternoon. you'll find darker skies in the mountains as well. tonight by 10:30 pm things are more quiet. skies clear out, early tomorrow -?we will cease sunshine, a mix
11:48 am
am oo 9 am you will see showers off to the east which will then continue to bubble up during the day. more scattered storms and showers by tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise, today we are looking at low 80s, by 3:00 83 and by 7::0 tonight, 76. overnight mild temperatures near 60, by early tuesday morning. in denver 83, erie a high of 84, highlands ranch 82 today with upper 60s to near 70, closer to evergreen and pueblo and lamarr low to midshipman 80s. his first pitch and we expect a few isolated storms. for the most part we will be all right for the game. temperatures in the upper 70s and dropping into the upper 60s towards the last few innings. 81 tomorrow and 83 on wednesday.
11:49 am
our week. second-half thursday and friday, more sunshine and a little warmer. closer to 90 through the end of the week and for 1 september. we are getting ahead of what to expect for our holiday weekend. midshipman to upper 80s and good weather for barbecuing. were going to introduce you to a man who is given decades of service to one city and all of its, making im our everyday hero. nasa's juno
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some of us would rather not be too comfortable spending time with more than 100 tarantulas.>> this week's seven everyday hero is in charge of feeding all of >>reporter: the butterfly pavilion is home to 1600 butterflies, but longtime volunteer here says there's another resident who is just as delicate and beautiful.>> it's rosie, the chilean rose here to angela. >> not too strong a statement to say they are harmless.>> rich jarboe is in charge of
11:53 am
120 rosie's. spec we work tte females, so they are generally calm her. >> the spiders rotate work shifts so not to wear them out. >> no more than one calm her. >> the spiders rotate work shifts so not to wear them out. >> no more than 12 hour shift once per week. spec which puts in double that just feeding the rosie's their grasshopper. he gets his time for 19 years.>> it's fun. let's face it, if it weren't fun i wouldn't be doing volunteers, he's just one of those people that gets everything to the community. >> he gets his time because he welcomes the chance to educate kids and their families about science. including the often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas.>> they have a undeserved bad reputation. mostly from bad movies. you're kidding? i'm serious.>> i'd like to honor you as the seven everyday hero for your volunteering
11:54 am
i really to time working here. >> to nominate someone as an everyday hero go to the denver and click on our community section and seven success. nasa's juno mission executed its first flyby of the planet. it's giving us a clear picture of the ifth planet from the sun. >> the closest the spacecraft got when it was 26 miles above juniper jupiter, there are more flyby's planned but this was the closest juno will gee during its mission that's how cool flyby. >> it's so cool. >> i nice day today. tomorrow as you get the kids ready for school, were in he low to midshipman 60s between eight and 9:00 tomorrow morning and by the time they had home, once again ssme scattered storms, highs around 80 were in the low to midshipman 60s between eight and 9:00 tomorrow morning anddby the time they
11:55 am
midshipman 60s between eight and 9:00 tomorrow morning and by the time they had home, once again some scattered storms, highs around 8281 and low 80s on wednesday.
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