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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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colorado springs. looking better out tre >> reporter: anne the rain is still coming down, but take a look at all the hail that has accumulated here. i'm at mt. vernon where a cleanup effort is under way. at least a foot of hail has accumulated here and the rain is not over yet. to put things in perspective, colorado springs has been pummeled. we have seen flash flood warnings and thunderstorms and they are not over yet. we're monitoring the situation, but for a full breakdown of state, a lot of rainfall and i believe there are still storms in the area. our chief meteorologist mike nelson is live in the weather center to get the first alert update. mike. >> yes. thanks. a storm developed with an upper air disturbance so everything is spinning back to the west around this big upper level low. colorado springs is light rain now, but south eastern el paso county is under a flash flood
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populated but the same kind of thing. pea to marble size hail. dark skies, a few showers, but there is a band of heavier storms and again notice the movement over the last half- hour heading back to the west. we have a chance of picking up stronger storms yet this evening. this is near fort morgan looking back at the dark skies. this is downtown denver right now and farther up the hill it has been a chilly, wet day in temperatures it's 40s to low 50s with rain up at the continental divide. what comes next? your first alert forecast in a few minutes. tonight this man is behind bars. police say he tried to kill his little boy in a car crash. that story is horrifying because it gets worse. he is accused of beating up his two-year-old son inside the crashed car when he realized he
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russell, this is sickening. >> reporter: yes. 29-year-old nathan weitzel admits to police he was drunk add high on cocaine in this park when he deviced a plan to kill his own son. he attempted to do so by putting his son in the car unrestrained and outside the chhld seat. then he hit a parked cargoing 65 to 75 miles per hour. weitzel is being held on $500,000 bond for attempted murder, child abuse and he you can see he has black eyes from the crash. the child suffered broken bones, stitches in his face and at risk according to doctors of permanent disability because of bone fractures. in the affidavit weitzel admits i was trying to kill my son because raising a son is a big responsibility and he wasn't man enough to do so. when firefighters first arrived on the scene, he was attempting to pull broken glass out of his
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float. again, he was high on cocaine. he is being held on half a million dollars bond. russell haythorn, denver 7. police are investigating after a baby is found dead at a local hotel. the six month old girl was at the primrose motel. pod say the parents are cooperating but the death is being investigated as a homicide which is standard protocol. and tonight we have one of the united airlines pilots arrested in scott land for being too drunk to fly is from here. he was arrested. he graduated from the air force academy. there is big news out of broncos country. we have a starting quarterback and it is trevor siemian. here is more about this big
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he saw trevor play. he wasn't spectacular but did enough to earn the job. here is more. troy, the long process is over. we have a starting quarterback but we have one who has never thrown a regular season pa in e nfl. ?> reporter:yes. a little crazy. the idea they go from peyton manning an iconic figure to a 7th round choice. but consider trevor siemian the calm in the storm. nothing rattles this kid. that got this job. no sacks in the preseason. solid, not spectacular. he takes care of the ball and handles pressures well he has been impressing his teammates from day one. his leadership. i asked gary kubiak today why trevor siemian is the starting quarterback for thh denver broncos. >> i think he earned the right. that is what i told the team this morning.
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throughout the offseason and i watch training camp throughout the preseason. how far he has come. i watch how much he has improved in my opinion. what he has done and what we're doing. to me he earned the right to be our starter and so i'm very proud of him and it is not that the other guys didn't do something, but how far trevor has come as a player. >> i havennt changed my mind set too much. all of us in that room, what we were thinning. i think it is special for this team going forward, we have a big one against carolina. i haven't thought about it too much. i'm thinking about what we have to do and ying to get better everyday. >> the bboncos make siemian the starter. they reached out to the cowboys about a trade and they talked to the reps. maybe a pay cut but he faces an uncertain future in denver.
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don't have to look far to find a broncos' fan about this. he has been talking to faas and marc what is the word on the street? theyyare not surprised with this announcements as starting quarterback. they say we don't need a marquee quarterback to win this year, but of course only time will tell. >> reporter: fans flocking to the stadium gift shop to gear up were noo shy about voicing th quarterback announce. >> i have been ready and waiting. with our defense, we don't need that great of a quarterback. we'll be good. >> reporter: while most fans were not surprised siemian will start under center to start the season. >> he is the most composed quarterback on the team. it will be interesting once he gets to carolina panthers defense. >> the surprise came with how
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seemed to fall off during training camp. >> everybody thought sanchez would be the starter and to see him trop so far is crazy but i think siemian learned a lot under payton too. >> big enough that this cheese head had a strong opinion albeit kind words. >> you guys you're always a threat to us. i remember super bowl xxxii. i think you have a promising young quarterrack on your hands there. >> siemian will start for the broncos. their first game september 8th and against the carolina panthers in a super bowl rematch. reporting at mile high, mark boil denver 7. two measures trying to restrict fracking in november will ot be on the ballot in november. there are questionable signatures on the petitions. just a few hours ago, firefighters rescued two people from a burning home on warren avenue and denver fire says
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for smoke inhalation and we don't have any word yet on what started that fire. we do now know the name of the man shot and killed by police thhs weekend on fox street in denver. pod say the 49-year-old wouldn't put down a knife. they tased him, bbt it did not work. that is when denver police shot him. police need your help in finding the second driverin the drag racing accident. so far police have the driver they say hit and kid a man here is more. sally, you spoke with police today. >> yes. and residents tell me drag racing has been a problem in that area especially around the weekend. a problem that has police investigating the death of a denver man and looking for another. >> reporter: tire tracks mark alameda where the 26-year-old took his final breath. >> he was gone completely. >> reporter: he walked into the store and ran to nick's aid
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noise. >> boom. that is what caught my attention. ? seen stuff flying up in the air. >> reporter: he said nick's body was found a half block away from where he was hit. >> there was a puddle of blood and kneecaps gone. >> reporter: a 17-year-old male driving an orange car hit nick while crossing. he said he was driving with an instruction permit and briefly left the scene. another. the 17-year-old tried his best to deny it. >> he said i was going slow. i said no. you were going fast and you killed him. >> police say drag racing is an on going nuisance in denver. >> it is an issue in speaking with my patrol officers. he agrees. >> the drag racing is common on
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but in between cars going through. the problem that has now ?urned fatal. the suspect was charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the accident. they are also looking for the driver of a black sedan who they believe was involved it drag racing incident. anyone with information is urged to contact denver police. we have very sad news out of hollywood. the death of a who made us all laugh. >> ? ? gene wilder has passed away at the age of 83. the oscar nominee was known for his roles in "young frankenstein," blazing saddles anniversary of course "willy wonka and the chocolate factory". he died of complications from alzheimer's. and the music community is mourning the loss of one. he was a mexican music icon selling more than 100 million
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he died of natural causes. he was 66 years old. a family looking for your help tonight. tteir nine-year-old corgi is stolen from lakewood. they hope a reward will help. a colorado teen's cell phone explodes in his pocket while he was taking a test. now this former congressman back in the news again. we missed the worst of the storm so far, but it is not
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xting. , new tonight at 5:00, a familiy offering a $200 reward for the safe return of their they were inside their jeep when it was stolen. ?> i just want my dog home safe. please. >> young says he stopped at this station early friday morning and left the car running for next section you know, i hear my vehicle peeling off heading southbound. >> he ran out and saw the jeep speeding away. jake, his nine-year-old corgi was inside. >> he is only a foot, foot 1/2 off us ground, he weighs 35, 40 pounds. a little heavy-set. we feed him well. >> the jeep was found abandoned it had run out of gas, but jake was nowhere to be found.
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he is part of the family. >> the family posted flyers all over and went searching. there is a $200 reward offer, cash, to the first person that finds him and in well shape. >> if you see jake or know his whereabouts contact lakewood police or the owners. their number ber is on the flyer. we posted it on our web story at the denver foreign hackers are going after election systems here in so far two states have been targeted. colorado is not one of them. in illinois they accessed the database including 200,000 vote first personal information with names, addresses and birthdays. they are investigating. a couple months ago arizona officials took theirs off-line after a cyber threat there.
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congressman anthony weiner, has his wife huma abedin saying enough. you can see the photo of him in his underwear and this was sent in a text message to a friend. you can see the toddler in the picture. >> our son is the light of our life. huma abedin is one of hillary clinton's top aides. an update to the outrage over the soaring price of the epipen. a cheaper generic version will soon be available. mylan, the maker of treatment announced those plans today. the generic will be available in several weeks at $300 per two pack. the brand name epipen is double that price. and this could be a game changer for those of you struggling with asthma. there is a new asthma pill showing promising results in a clinical trial. they are helping asthma sufferers with new treatment. a woman who has had daily symptoms for nine years.
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go and she is off her oral steroid. she doesn't have any symptoms and can do whatever she wants to do. >> that is great. this still needs more testing of course. it could be available by the end of the decade. and the u.s. hits a big milestone today as the feds officially open the skies to commercial drones. now there are rules of course. drones cannot fly higher than 500 feet or at night. they have to be under 55 pounds the operator. this can generate more than $82 bring thousands of jobs. nd %- >> the next time you put your phone in your pocket, a teenager joshua, he had his phone explode while in class while it was in his pocket. apparently he was taking a test when he smelled smoke and felt something burning. >> he stood up and smoke started shooting out of his
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tried to pull it on and burned his hand. another student as able to get the phone out with a t-shirt and then threw it's on the ground but not before it burned his body. samsung says they will investigate and pay for a new phone and medical bills. we still have the tail end of thunderstorms around here. dark skies over the denver skyline this afternoon. we had a pretty good round of you'll notice the cloud motion. we're looking east to the count -- from the continental divide. this is swirling the moisture around the state of colorado. here is what radar shows in the last couple of hours. most of the moisture has been down to the south. look father storms blow up around colorado springs. the heaviest is now in southeastern el paso county but for the denver area, we may have another round of storms coming down, because this line
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the west-southwest. as it moving in we'll see rain moving in around 5:30. 5:40 around firestone. by the time it gets to boulder, 6:15 to 6:30with heavier shower activity. 70 out at the airport. 47% humidity. before the storms came in we hit 83. 62 is a very mild low this morning. normals are 85 and 55. here is the upper disturbance spinning the moisture back across colorado. that will hang out there tomorrow. best chances will be closer to the upper air disturbance but through the 9:00 hour scattered showers and storm as round here. low temperatures still pretty mild. mid- to upper 50s across northeast colorado. near 60 in the southeast. 30s and 40s expected in the mountains. tomorrow that gradually goes to
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and storms, probably not as much activity, but still a 40% chance of those storms. again, they will be slow movers and possibly locally heavy rain and pea sized hail. the high will be 80 in denver. they will have a better chance of rain. 60s the. main precipitation will be to the south of denver, park county getting a lot of it. some scattered out on the tonight scattered storms early. partly cloudy late. 57 for a low. tomorrow we'll have dry conditions it morning. storms likely in the afternoon with a high of 80. as the week goes on, the weather gets better and better. we'll put a first alert weather day tomorrow. a chance for storms. wednesday temperatures a bit warmer. bright spot is thursday, sunny skies and 85. isolated storms on friday. for the labor day weekend, mid-
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day a breezy but mild day with temperatures expected in the upper 70s. the holiday weekend looks pretty good.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, rage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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gary kubiak
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this morning and insider troy, after saturday night's game, we all new this was coming. >> reporter: yes. siemian once he played well, a gainst san francisco, he had the edge, and now he is the guy. he is calm as lagoon. this is a big deal though. no northwestern quarterback started an opener since graham in 1955 but trevor siemian knows he can't worry about the outside noise. he certainly can't try to be peyton manning and legend. >> i'm not trying to be payton. i can probably get in a lot off trouble trying to be a hall-of- famer. those shoes are way too big to fill. i am trying to do the best i can and one thing that sticks out in my head is the process and preparation, monday through saturday. that was one thing he took variously and enjoyed. you could tell. that is one thing that sticks
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>> reporter: well, in the case of a manual sanders, this guy impressed him from jump street. he is so calm and knows what he is doing. he sees a little bit of aaron rodgers in trevor siemian at least emotionally. >> his calm demeanor and even in the huddle, he is always the same guy. i remember hen he first came in, i said you remind me a lot of aaron rodgers in the way he goes about his business and always having fun way he slings the football around. he is that backyard football kind of guy but he is still loose and you know i know everyone in the huddle enjoys when he comes off in there because he is always cool, calm and collected. >> reporter: real quick, mark sanchez, they are trying to talk to the cowboys to see if there is interest in a trade. clearly in doubt with the broncos. >> thanks very much.
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they made some cuts. you can check those on the denver we have the complete list and troy has three or four stories on siemian and on digital and our facebook page. we have you covered. >> mr. cool, calm and collected. >> how is our weather? is it any of those things? >> there are storms coming our
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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breaking news tonight. we're learning of the death of gene wilder. the passing of a comic legend. tonight, hollywood's biggest names celebrating his life as we learn new details about his final moments. also, the race for 2016. hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin, separating from her husband, former congressman sexting scandal. tonight, why donald trump calls this a risk to national security. shooting scare. the false report that had thousands of passengers ducking for cover at l.a.x. running from the terminals and onto the tarmac. what really started the panic. tropical threats closing in. the dangerous weather we're tracking. plus, the system building steam as it moves into the gulf. and grounded. two pilots pulled from their flight and hauled into court.


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