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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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summer but dust off the shovels. that is not now, it is hail and some serious flooding. colorado springs is a master at firefighters had to rescue several people caught in the middle. >> firefighters had to use all of there might to bust out the car window. neighbors used what they had to tow cars out of the flooding and we had our weather team covering the storms. alert weather chaser checking out some of the areas on the east side of colorado springs. >>reporter: good evening. as you can see i am standing and what is inches and the of hail rate at vernon and tweet and it has been quite a weather event. severe storms and flash flood warnings. crews came and they had to plow the streets to clean up the piles of hail that
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i spoke with a resident that described what it was like when she went outside to move her car. >> it is like paintballs,. that's how i would describe it. >>reporter: right now we are just experiencing light rain in the colorado springs area but at first alert weather team will keep you ahead of the storm. mike nelson is here to tell us what to expect. check thankfully nothing like that in the metro but some got some small hail and some help near the state line. your first alert. it is late in a thunderstorm season but not over yet. we've had an upper air disturbance thattis spinning moisture across the central part of the state and heaviest action is down south
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it has been listed in the city of colorado springs, the warning , but a line of storms to the north and is are pushing back towards the southwest and you can see the movement over the last half hour. the thunderstorm activity will move down into the denver metro area between now and 7:30 pm. they are weakening but you can see the dark skies off to the west of the denver area. take the umbrella and a sweater because it is chilly and venturing out. we are getting some amazing photos of the hail. these pictures from colorado springs. head over to to see more pictures. if you think something like this can happen here, it can it has. this was west denver lass summer . several feet of hail covered streets. we see how wild it was
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overwhelmed by fatherhood, this man admits to crashing his car in an effort to kill his young son. he says he did this because he was not man enough to raise a child. russell's life where the crash happened. this keeps getting more disturbing. >>reporter: he said he devised a plan while high on cocaine watching his son play at the park. he put his son in the car unbuckled and rammed into a parked car like this going 75 the details of 29-year-old nathan weitzel arrest is troubling. you can see he has two black eyes as result of the crash. he admits to crashing his car because quote i tried to kill my son, he said being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child. he admitted to being high on cocaine before the crash and
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to 75 miles per hour. in the crash the child suffered a broken leg concussion and several lacerations to the -?face. witnesses say after the crash he realizes son did not type so we began hitting the child while they were still inside the crashed car. >>reporter: he is charged with attempted murder, child abuse and assault for attacking a firefighter and a police officer after the crash as they were trying to restrain him. some tragic news of adams county, deputies get called about unconscious baby and they arrived to find the family trying to save her life aad unfortunately it was too late. she died right here at the motel all federal. investigators are investigating this right now as a possible homicide and is in the baby's family is cooperating. we --
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issues with the university colorado a line. we have told you about all the problems the line has had since it opens. isn't it is withholding $65,000 from the contractor for issues from april through june and more money could be held for problems between july and august . delivered transit partners they had made progress.and said six rehab lowell is moving denver seven countdown the company is closing. >>reporter: all because of the sky. this is an la weekly photo that gives you an idea about him. the rehab mogul. we spoke witt several client said he has moved on and left them to clean up the mess. nobody knows what is going
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>>reporter: recovering addicts learn the andlord wants the notes. i still is wiping away tears and packing bags it >> unemployed and unpaid and homeless. >> that's the case for many clients after the owner notified the last week he is out. >> all the checks are bouncing. >>reporter: several staff members say they have not been paid for a week. please everybody in a tough spot. >>reporter: in a months ago he denies allegations of sexual battery. sense of the california health department filed a lawsuit to shut down his operations. for more than one year denver7 exposes unpermitted sober living homes here in emails to denver7 he says he sold community recovery in the homes would stay open under new management. he said clients are welcome to stay for quite a wire. try telling that to the
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abandoned. all our loyalty and hard work was for nothing. >>reporter: she says sheas to be out by september >>reporter: she says she has to be out by september 1 half say at the other sober living house client are squatting until they are forced out because they have nowhere else to go. broncos country take a look at your starting quarterback. trevor goes from number three to number one like that. >> that was quick. quarterback battle. >> for now it is done but if trevor struggles, who knows, paxton lynch might get the call. week to week. denver seven broncos is there with the latest. saii trevor has a job going into the regular season.
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that he acted like it is just a normal monday. he is not going to win your fantasy league but that is the point. gary kubiak explains they don't need trevor to be a one-man show . >> i understand all the things about being young but i believe in this team and this is a long hard season and national not a sprint and i believe in the skid and what he can do for the football team and what our team can do for him.>> we have an awesome locker room. it's the one thing anybody here will tell you is a locker room is special and it's a great group of guys. >>reporter: trevor is the starter, will he have to change his leadership style? what about demarcus ware, they say they got his back. we talk about that later in
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denver7 page. many cuts. more coming up in sports which troy. fans are not sure -- short of opinions we talk about the quarterback announcement and everyone has an opinion. we spoke with broncos country and some of them are in shock but not about the announcement. >> more so that mark sanchez would be the one to leave the broncos when they open and mile high stadium in a few weeks. the announcement will expected brought out two points from a couple dozen fans, first, they don't think we need a marquee quarterback to win think it is all defense, second, fans remain confident in simians knowledge of the plaintiff and his mentors over the past few seasons for >> i think you learned a lot under patent last year and brock.
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have to trust the ninth. >> only time will tell how simeon leads. they get a really good shots and mile high on national tv against the carolina panthers in a super bo rematch. restaurants facing big lawsuits over infractions with
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of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? the investigative team is getting the attention of a lawmaker tonight, he is sounding off about the losses piling up against restaurants all in the name of people with
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people frustrated. >>reporter: very frustrated because they feel like the lawsuits are more about collecting money than anything else. 65 cases in colorado filed by one man from florida. one of colorado congressman reminds us a piice of legislation is on the table that can help fix it as long as people pay attention. >> when i got it was falling in the ver. >>reporter: if you put a part of your life io what you can to save it. the cost of settling an ada lawsuit is too expensive for him. he is frustrated that congressman and -- and the commerce and is frustrated. he watched as denver7 showed you the tiny ada infractions in the restaurant. restroom grab bars at the improper length and are ways to narrow and more. >> ie they said it a few inches to hybrid macbook
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definitely give the owners 120 days to fix any ada infraction without the worry of getting hit with litigation. >> if they don't fix the problem but the courts decide what should happen. mackey believes the current revision of the law is not working the way it should. he says the more attention the issue receives the more likely something will change. that is public education american disabilities act is a great act and it serves a great purppse and it was done for all the right reesons. this was not one of the reasons to discriminate against business owners because of a technical violation. the colorado ccngressman coffman is one of the cosponsors. we contacted his office but he was not able to comment. right now you can read about all the ada lawsuits in colorado filed by the man from florida
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on petitions to change castrol operations in the state. they rejected both measures after finding questionable signatures meaning you will not get a say come november. struck this year for pot clubs in denver, supporters of a ballot initiative to not get enough signatures and the measure would have let pot clubs and special event permits first pot use. trump is not giving of colorado without a fight. >> it's more of the same but worse. >> trump campaign is spending $10 million on ads including our states that the gop nominee is behind hillary cllnton in the polls and clinton pulled her -- pulled her out bbcause she is so confident. it's been a dark and stormy
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eastern colorado. colorado springs had their share and this is the next line of storms and this is moving from the northeast toward the southwest. the pain of thunderstorms is coming into denver right now. let me show you greater over the last few hours. the storms look like they are backing up because we have winds that are swirling around the state in an unusual direction. an upper air disturbance of the winds are going like this and that's why the storms are backing into the denver area. they are weake a round of storms are there has been some hail piling up along interstate 76 and that is a leading edge right now from the camera just to the north and northeast of fort morgan looking back towards that storm and this is what it looks like from our camera and this is all pushing back towards the mountains heading into the denver area. downtown a little bit of a
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and 70 out of the airport 41% relative humidity and high temperature before the storm came in at 84. very close to the normal. for the upper air disturbance - will wander its way across colorado of the neet 24 hours before exiting to the east of us the time we get to wednesday and thursday. tonight scattered shows temperatures cool later tonight at the rain chances will diminish although it will take until midnight or central colorado to see that come ato end. by morning the overnight low temperatures will drop into the mid-to upper 50s for denver and across most of the eastern plays a very comfortable. 3 37 and leadville and during the day tomorrow we start out with some clouds and a few showers early. you can imagine the upper air disturbance wondering off to the east. scattered storms develop in the afternoon and they move around
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of heavy rain and snow help. high temperature tomorrow around 80 for denver, mid-70s colorado springs and lyman and close to 90 when you get around grand junction. after area numbers were kept on a bit tomorrow beeause the scattered showers and mid-70s and low 80s with 60s expected in the west. tonight for the next two hours scattered storms and 57 and partly cloudy. tomorrow we will be dry and partly cloudy in the morning and the evidence of storms and way out of the region. by wednesday just a few afternoon storms and a beautiful day for thursday and 85 will be the bright spot and more as we head towards the holiday week a few storms possible friday saturday and sunday and monday for labor day but they look nice. quite or whether for the holiday. check out this video showing the mess mother nature calls and redmond and pass 30 can see water and mud pouring down the road. this was last evening and of course you can
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one of the drivers says a rock smashed his windshield. the big news today, siemian is that starting david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
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gary kubiak named trevvr siemian the broncos starting quarterback for the season opener today. that is against the panthers a week from thursday. denver7 broncos insider troy is there that we talked about this with prepaid any said
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whatever the case the broncos sounds like they have confidence and number 13. >>reporter: trevor siemian one the job and showed -- won the job. no sacks, don't discount that. he is not going to go ron burgundy and say he is a big deal. and collect his nickname was cool hand luke. he said he is not going to act the man in denver. >> i won't change who i am or who i am in the locker room. i think we are fortunate and have a lot of great leadership the locker room. on offense aside i can go out and tell them, we are fortunate that we have a great locker room and leadership. i want try to the anyone else. >> there is no but i in team but if i don't do my job they
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suffers. but we corral around him. no matter what you can make mistakes or play perfect game the matter what you have to have the guys backing you say no matter what happens we support you. >>reporter: with the honest, has never thought and nfl pass. when they face the panthees in super bowl l rematch art the panthers going to force him to beat them? i asked emmanuel sanders. >> at the end of the daye our backfield as deep and the offense, i can't say it enough we will be better. this is our second year and kubiak system for the offense of line is better and we will move the football. th could do whatever they want. we will break through. >>reporter: they are trying to trade sanchez the cowboys and
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so much going on. today on the denver a great opinion on the quarterback situation. we did thank you so much for joining us this evening.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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ey knew.
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why working five hours a day will make you better at your job. >> work hard and get out of there. plus boost your productivity. the benefits of video games on the job. then study smarter not harder. tricks to turn your mind into a steel trap. >> look at that, i got it. >> ditch the suit.
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pjs at work without anyone knowing. >> no one would know this is a paneling make top. >> here is what's trending right now. >> this will make your whole week. new research says employees are most productive when they work three days a week. maybe mega billionaire was onto something. >> three days, maybe 11 hours. >> agreed. test scores of 6500 people over the age of 40 and found those the best. you want to discreetly share this with your boss. women perform better overall than men on all the studies but men's brain power lasted 10 hours long ebefore starting to drop off. is this going to happen? >> i think this will happen. i don't know when. >> we're not holding our breath. that's not the only story we've got for you. today's theme is work hard, play hard. one group of people who work very hard, teachers, which is why the teachers salary project is trending now.
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>> wow, teaching and having a second job. that's tough. >> i basically do three jobs. i teach, i'm a mom, and i do this. >> three jobs. that's too main? >> in college, working four jobs and can't make all my payments on time. that's not okay. >> four jobs. this is ridiculous, which is why nonprofits like teacher salary project are so important. they released a documentary called "american teacher" plus launched governor's challenge to show what each state is doing to recruit and retain the best teachers. yet there's so much more to do. >> i feel like i give everything i have but it's never enough. >> with the average salary starting at less than 40 grand, 60% of teachers have to moonlight to make ends meet. that ends to more teachers quitting, less quitting and becoming teachers and ultimately our kids' education suffering. >> what we give to our teachers


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