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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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conifer. >> the details are still coming in. we know two people were in the house and attacked, liz is there, what do you know so far? >> reporter: police tonight saying this a difficult scene. one woman is dead, a man in the hospital after two dogs attacked. we know the man and woman are mother and son and they both lived in the home, so the dogs were obviously familiar with them, caused them to attack tonight. we have video shows police investigating. they've been here for some time, and expect to be here for awhile, but we watched them lead one of the dogs out of the home, and put the dog in a truck. animal control also on scene, and when police arrived the dogs were running around outside the home, and they had to get them under control. >> when we got here, we discovered from a tragic
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two suspected pit bulls turned on two of the residents, one female resident succumbed to her injuries and pass away on scene. >> reporter: yeah, just a tragic scene out here again tonight. now police say those dogs will be in quarantine, they are working with animal control. they could not see what happened next action -- say what happened next, but they do expect to be out here for some time investigating and trying to determine happened. >> thank you liz. >. and first alert weather. wild weather in colorado springs, look at this hail piled up, looking more like snow. couple feet deep in some spots on the east side of town, and fell so fast cars got stuck in the rising waters. as soon as the storms stopped the heavy equipment was brought in to move the hail. >> here in were denver much calmer, but -- in denver much
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downtown menacing tonight, but they did give us some relief. mike nelson is tracking it. >> yes, scattered rain moving from the northeast back to the southwest, but this area that was a strong thunderstorm has weakened down to lighter showers. they can't across the central part of state, and 50s and 60s at lower elevation, cool, 388at leadville. the showers ending ever otr night, but at the time -- overnight, but the storms back again tuesday. coming up we'll look ahead all the way to the holiday weekend forecast [ bleep] why are you giving me a hard time? i'm an arab. >> you don't expect to hear or see this, especially not in quiet estes park. a business owner yelling at three women that then posted the video on facebook. well denver 7's jennifer kovaleski is here, and you talked exclusively to everyone, and they have very different accounts of what happened. >> they do, but the video
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it's offensive, and just plain rude, and the women say a lot more happened before the camera started rolling. >> reporter: they were enjoying a girl's weekend in estes park. >> we all three had a great time in colorado. >> reporter: they out of town % guests experiencing the mountains for the first time. >> we decided to waak around the shots and went into the sweatshirt store. >> reporter: inside the estes park sweatshirt center she says they experienced something they'll never your people, and pointing to me and my cousin. >> who am i? [ bleep] i'm an arab! >> we just came in here. >> reporter: patel's friend took out the phone and recorded the argument. here's how it started. >> the store owner said i don't trust those two, and he was looking at the camera, and me and my cousin were on the camera. >> reporter: after hearing that they decided to return their shirts. >> the guy starts getting really aggressive.
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viral rest. >> i don't give a [ bleep] what you think and if you say another word -- >> i hope you're much nicer to other people. >> this is the future. >> yes. >> you can't, you can never think that everything you think matters okay? >> reporter: that's the store owner jim haver. talking to us by phone he says he wasn't racist. >> these people, what this refers to is my privilege, and they smelled of it, just in my face goading and goading. >> reporter: he says the video doesn't tell the whole story, but for patel she says it speaks volumes. >> it was just a really bit erupted feeling to -- bitter feeling to be talked to like that. i've never been talked to like that. >> the store owner is also responding to some of the criticism line by sending out a -- online sending out a facebook post saying his mother raised him better than how he
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after being called a racist. the entire post is on our and changes could be coming soon to the main terminal at dia. the city council approved the airport to start renovating the terminal. they hope to have the planning done by spring. the first step will cost the city 9 million dollars. and denver 7 foolowing a news alert in new mexico tonight. a plane full of people on their way from albuquerque to denver 3 had quite the scare when a suspicious packkge was found on the southwest flight. they all had to get off the plane. after a search the airline say it is package wasn't -- say it is package wasn't dangerous. and a pilot is out of jail in scotland. he's the man on the left. the air force academy grad is accused of drinking before getting into the cockpit along with his co-pilot. they were arrested saturday before taking off to new jersey. think about this one, every month at least one pilot is arrested for being too drunk to fly.
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may look a little brighter the next time you go to the 16th street mall because of the new led lights being installed tonight. it was the first of 182 lights being replaced. it will save the city on the energy bill, and it's also part of a plan to make the mall safer after several high profile cases right there on the mall. the city promised to replace the lightbulbs that had been ruined over the years. >. the rtd is holding some money owed to the denver transit partners partially because of the big delays line has been seeing since day one. in all rtd is withholding more than $65,000, and more could be withheld for the problem from july until now. and tonight we're learning much more about the man killed by street racers last night. nick richling was crossing the street in denver when he was hit by a 17-year-old driver who only had a permit and tried to leave the scene.
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want him to be remembered for his beautiful artwork murals he painted under the name bits. they're seen all over the city, and he was actually planning to put the final touches to his latest work just today. after a long flight the body of a colorado man that died fighting isis is on its way back home. we learned the new details last night. levi shirley joined curdish fighters in syria, and he died back in july. since then his family the body is now on its way to iraq before coming back here to the us. and this centennial man told police he crashed his car to try and kill his 2-year-old son. he's now held on $5,000 bond. you can see the black eyes from the crash a week ago in his mug shot. the little boy has several broken bones. he allegedly told police he did it because he wasn't quote man enough to raise a child.
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headline today. taylor swift recused from jury duty in nashville because of a case here in arizona. she was allowed off for the case about a rape because of a case here in denver. she says a denver grabbed her backstage while performing here. we've been waiting for day basically since peyton manning retired, and now we know trevor siemian is the broncos starting quarterback. >> with the season officially started next thursday night fans are getting ready. stopping by the pro shop today, fans said they were good with the decision. >> i think siemian learned a lot under peyton last year too, and brock also i guess, so i mean, kubiak knows what he's doing, and all you have to do is trust in that, and sooner or later i think paxton will get the job done.
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mode, surprised mark sanchez didn't win the job. sports director lionel bienvenu is here now, and now we know. >> yes, our broncos insider troy, woody and i talked about this last night. did trevor really win is job, or is he the lesser of three evils? sanchez keees turning the ball over, and lynch isn't ready, but now the broncos have a % starter that's never thrown a regur laason pass, and on a team with vexes of a repeat, that's aahuge unknown, but kubiak told troy tailed, no question about it -- troy today, no question about it trevor earned this. >> i told the team this morning, i go back and look at the body of work throughout the course of the off-season. i've watched training camp throughout the pre-season. >> i'm not tryyng to be peyton, probably get in a lot of trouble trying to be a hall of
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big to fi. i'm just trying to be the best me i can be and best teammate, and take it from there. >> he can throw the football, he's very calm, he understands the system and can get the job done, and i think they made a great decision. >> so where does that leave mark sanchez? they're trying to trade him. they called the cowboys today, or they'll try and cut him. more coming up in sports. can't wait. all right, more fake signatures it's a story denver 7 broke, and now we look at what it takes to spot a fake. and developments about a man that opened sober living homes in the row. now his employees are looking for him. for him. his movves brought us ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
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back out to a tragic story in conifer, breaking news we're following now. a woman is killed and her son severely injured when the dogs turned agains sheriff's department has taken the dogs and put them in quarantine. we'll continue to follow this tory and bring you the -- story, and continue to bring you the latest on the denver 7 app. it's more of the same but worse, in donald trump's america, working families get tax relief. and get ready to see more of this. donald trump announcing today his campaign will be spending a lot more money here in our state on commercials like this one. we're talking about 10 million dollars across nine battleground states.
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hillary clinton ads on the air here. she pulled them after taking the lead in local polls. now when you do go to vote in november, we know two ballot issues to limit fracking will not be on the ballot because not much signatures were collected. not only that, but we found out some of the signatures on the petitions could have been forged. marshall zelinger is live, and this is the third case? >> yes, even though secretary of state caught this, until the law changes they can't compare the signature, i'm sorry the signature on the petition to the signature on file just to know if it's fake. it got us wondering about signatures in general, and i e and got any 1988 denver nuggets basketball, and i'm wondering if these autographs are real. >> look for similarities.
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gordie howe, john elway. with all we've discovered about forged signatures in politics, how do you know the favorite athlete really signed the ball. >> this one is definitely signed by john elway. this one hereethough stumped a couple of eople. >> reporter: he deals in signatures on a daily basis. >> you see the j. it looks the same. the e is a little different. >> reporter: how do you it? it may be real, it may not. like these signatures. the secretary of state's office believe some were forged. we went to find the person who turned the signatures in. but he's away at college. the attorney general's office is investigating and already contacted him. earlier this month we showed you the petition signatures uuder investigation because they're believed to have been written by the same person, and in may this woman was arrested after only denver 7 uncovered dozensover fake spurs on a
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a petition for a us senate candidate. we checked with oregon, florida, washington, and south dakota that often have petitions for state-wide ballot issues. all make sure it match it is voter signature on file, which is not done here in colorado. >> as i told you it's going to take a law change to let the secretary of state verify the actual signatures that can't happen until next year. there's actually a committee meeting about this next month, and alex english and you're out there and see let me know if atth you. marshall zelinger, denver 7. >> marshall wants a tweet back! enough. new picturessout today prove that anthony weiner cheated again, and now his wife is done. it cost him a run for congress and a run for new york mayor.
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colorado. we were the first to tell you about the sober living homes opening all over the metro area, and now he says he's self- ing the addiction -- selling the addiction treatment centers. his employees say they haven't been paid for weeks. he say it is clients are welcome to -- says the clients are welcome to stay at the homes, but at one home here in denver the addicts are given just a few days to get out. >> i'm in a i'm unpaid, unemployed, and basically homeless. >> reporter: he denied allegations of sexual battery and drug use with clients in california. the health department are suing to shut down the operations. and i'm sure you heard the sad news out of hollywood. gene wilder, one of our brightest stars has died. >> we've been talking about our
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what didn't live willy wonka? and the producers and young frankenstein, and later in his career he made a lot of people laugh alongside with richard pryor. he stepped away from acting in the late 90s. he was 83 years old. let me show you what it looked like over the city. we had ominous looking clouds rolling through here with some of the thunderstorm activity, and in the mounin the thunderstorms brewed and built up into rain and snow and a little small hail. this is the few at the loveland ski area this afternoon. and here's the latest radar pictures. the storms diminished to a few light lynnering -- lingering showers, and they'll weakerren in the next few -- weaken in the next few hours. in denver temperatures coolee
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fall in the metro areas j a little bit today, and prior to that we had 84. the morning low was 62. the normals 85 and 55. and the bigger picture from the tropics. first the atlantic with hurricane gaston. it's moving out to see and bothering no one, but the low pressure areas off the coast mean heavy rain for the southeast. meanwhile, two systems in the % pacific, hurricane madeline brushing by the big island in % also tracking toward hawaii, so if you have a vacation out that way definitely not a happy picture i'm afraid. back nto colorado. we have an upper air disturbance here spinning the moisture around, and it's why the storms are moving back toward the west because the upper level winds are tracking that way. tonight the rain showers pretty much over by about 2:00 a.m., and by morning skies go from clear to partly cloudy.
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about 57. 37 at leadviile, and generally 50s across the eastern plains. in the morning tomorrow, partly cloudy, even a few showers down between pueblo and trinidad. by the time we get to lunchtime, start to cook up more showers and storms because the upper air spur bans is slowly swirl -- disturbance is slowly swirling around colorado, so locally heavy rainers and some areas of hail. 80 for a high in denver. 82 fort collins and greeley, and 70s around the springs and limon out to act burlington. tonight the -- akron and burlington. tonight the showers clearing, partly cloudy, and 57. tomorrow, should be dry in the morning, but then storms likely in the afternoon with a high ten of 80. -- temperature of 80. by wednesday the upper argue disturbance moves out meaning fewer storms. temperature up to 82. the first alert weather day is tomorrow because of the possibility of locally heavy rain and hail. thursday our bright spot. sunny and 85, and looking ahead to man, how quickly we get to 3
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saturday 88, mostly sunny. sunday 85, mostly sunny. and then a dry breezy ccld front coming in for labor day monday dropping temperatures into the upper 70s. always seems like it's memorial day, and all of the sudden it's ?abor daa. >> just like that. >> just like that, i know! >> every year. >> well good weather at llast. well getting outs of town for the holiday weekend we have good news for you if you plan to hit the road. and the big news today from
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these are grillers. at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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new tonight 10,000 employees are suing chipotle saying the company cheated them on pay, saying they were forced to work extra hours they were never paid for. chipotle says the claims are not true. if you're headed out on the careful. the number of traffic are up this year and by quite a lot. up by more than 7 percent compared to last year. officials say the jump is because there are more people out on the roads now. leaving town this labor day may not be too expensive. some good news. s prices are actually the lowest they've been this holiday weekend since 200 had. the national average -- 2004. i'm lionel bienvenu, y now
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starting quarterback of the world champion denver broncos, but troy will be here to say
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welcome to 7 sports xtra. broncos practice this morning, coming to the end winding road. from peyton manning to osweiler to mark sanchez, and now to trevor siemian. the broncos starting quarterback. who knows how it will turn out, but he'll take the field against the panthers thursday. here's troy rank with the latest from dove valley. >> reporter: crazy to think about now, trevor siemian once considered a career in
10:29 pm
blowing out his knee as a fifth year senior. we have the knee, and he's climbing new -- rehabbed the knee, and now he's climbing up the latter. and yes -- ladder. and yes, he learned from peyton manning. >> he took it seriously and enjoyed it, you could tell. >> reporter: part of decision to go with siemian is he's got the it factor. ca smart. so much so the broncos aren't even cutting back the play book as the rookie. >> a big strength is how much he can handle. we've given him a big load, and he can handled that stuff, so that's something i'm very impressed with. >> he definitely understands the system, and know what is kubiak expects, and i think we can win, win a lot of ball games, so you know, i'm happy that the process is over, and that we can get to work.
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leave mark sanchez? they could cut him, they could trade him, they've reached out to the cowboys, of he could take a pay cut. regardless, paxton will get all the reps. >> he needs to get all the play he can play, that has nothingg to do with mark. mark, i've got a lot of stuff to go off of with mark, but >> reporter: and hillman is pushing to take a roster spot on thursday. back to you in the studio. and the reid and dodgers -- rockies and dodgers, hundley blasting it into the night. john gray outstanding on the mound, and got help from blackmon and his sweet glove and beard. great catch in the beard.
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hits, no runs. the rockies win 8-1. and check on your phone or computer, whatever you got, woody page and his opinions and troy rank's stories, all there at your fingertips. >> everything we want to know right there. >> on the >> and it's rainy out there in spots. >> >. yeah, they played through tonight at coors? >> yeah, no delays. >> but tomorrow a good chance of afternoon storms. lesser chance wednesday, great weather thursday through sunday, and frankly through monday as well. a good time of year coming up.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- terrence howard. wolf blitzer. and music from bonnie raitt. and now, stay right there -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. because it was a very busy weekend.


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