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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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dia could be getting a lot flashier now that the city council approved a plan that will let the airport renovate the main terminal. we are find you can out what -- finding out what this means to you. >> reporter: if you re traveling from dia you are recommended to check in on the 6th floor and heading to the main floor to go through security.
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months. denver city council gave thh renovate the jefferson terminal. ooficials are considering upgrading the baggage system and adding space for shops and restaurants. formal negotiations will last six months before dia officials present a plan to the city in the spring. changes won't be cheap. we'll be talking price tag in the next half hour. pay some of the money it owes to the contractor in charge of the a-line. a rtd spokesperson told us the agency is with holding $65,000 from denver transit partners. it has to do with the problems the a line train to dia has had since it started operating in april through the end of june. rtd says it could with hold more money for problems that happened since july. denver transit partners is
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delays. the next time you take a nighttime stroll along the 16th street mall you'll be able to see better. crews just installed l.e.d. lights. city is putting up 182 in all. hope is the lights will cut down on the energy bill and make the mall feel brighter and safer. for those of you hoping to vote on fracking will not get a chance this november. two ballot issues limiting the practice in our state did not get enough signatures to make we learned some of the signatures that the petitioners turned in might have been forged. the attorney general is investigating that. this is the third case of possible forged signatures since may. it got us wondering about other fake signatures. how do you know if your favorite sports memorabilia is real. >> j looks the same. the e is a little different. i'm going to show you to you
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collectibles. workers send photos to -?authenticators to make sure they are ligit. this is only the beginning. we are about to be bombarded with donald trump ads. his campaign is spending advertise in nine battlegrrund states. - colorado. 50 families are making up ?ut of their homes forced to flee a wildfire burning near california's border with oregon. gap fire broke out saturday night. it is nobuacross 5500 acre. it has destroyed fiveehomes and several other structures. firefighters say they are still a long way from getting this one under control. today marks 11 years since
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new orleans. now we are monitoring several storms in every direction. two are expected to impact east coast within the next few days. tropical depression 8 might carolina today. of north %- tropical depression 9 is % expected to become a named storm and makeits way across florida some time this week. today is the day. in a few hours you are going to be aale to book your trip on the new ski train. which will depart from union station.. that's where jason is joining how much are these tickets going to cost us? >> reporter: they are going to start at $39 for one adult one- way. then go up from there. that is starting at 8:00 a.m. today when the tickets go on sale online on you'll want to act quickly. there is a limited number of seats. only 500 on this train. it only goes out to winter park and back to denver's union station once a day over the course of the winter.
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the ski train had been a staple in colorado for decades up until 2009. thatts when it was shutdown the due to financial issues. last year it was brought back for a single but successful weekend. after that, and after a lot of back andorth amtrak decided to officially take over the route. starting january 7th every weekend and holiday mondays youu can go from union station directly to the slope. no car, just about two hours. as for tickets way. you can go out to wasn'ter park and stay for a night or a week. thre going to want to act fast. you are not just competing for these tickets with people from denner but with the a-line you
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winter park. it will only take you three hours. it is finally official. broncos ave a starting quarterback. coach kubiac decided trevor simian is the man for the jjb. >> this is not a surprising choice. he has only taken one nfl snap. he wass't even a regular starter back in collegeebefore being selected in tte 7th round of last year's draft. he only got one game to fine tune his craft before taking on our super bowl foe in our first regular season game september 8th. c c pap machines are common for people with sleep problems. we are waking up to clearing skies.
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64 for the kids at the bus stop this morning. 80 this afternoon. more tomorrows expected. here's your first alert. we could get pockets of heavy rain. it is still a quiet drive drying out in most locations including south of town in douglas county and el paso counties. i-25 near the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. here's a live look out at denver international airport. lines don't look too bad. you never know what will happen out there. this north carolina man is dead. shot and killed during a foot chase that left an officer hurt. investigators say the raleigh police officer shot joaquin
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in mississippi police are trying to figure out why someone would want to kill these two nuns. a man confessed to killing them in their home last week but would not say why. as a community waits for answers they are coming together for support holding a memorial mass to remember the sisters. both nuns were nurse practitioners in one of mississippi's poorest counties. hundreds of hyundai workers will need to be berculosis after a worker tested positive. he works in a paint shop. because of changes in shifts at that plant officials want to test nearly 500 people. while cp machines help people with sleep apnea they don't reduce the risk of heart attacks in patients with heart disease.
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tiredness and play a significant role in improving patit's moods. we have all been there putting your beloved family pet down is a very tough decision. now one animal shelter is trying to give families another option. >> so precious has terminal cancer. her illness inspired her owner to team up with the florida humane society to create a hospice center for pets. >> we want to show he shelters what can be done. we want to be prototype. we have a nice start to our day. skies cleared out. temperatured this morning will
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low 60s. 59 denver. wis southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. city park 57. estes park 43. confer 47. low to upper 40s for the foothills early on. leadville one degree above freezing. 33 now. grand junction 63. it is a mild start. we'll beenear 80 degrees this afternoon. upper 70s and low 80s covering all more 60s o low 70s in the central mountains this afternoon. estes park 70. highlands ranch ten degrees warmer. in ten today a -- denver today a high of 80. like yesterday as we get a few thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon it will really cool things down. th's what it looks like at 2:30. you can see scattered activity. we'll see a few storms through the early evening.
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partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. early tomorrow -- morning a mix of sun and clouds on wednesday. still unsettled today and tomorrow with a chance of rain, lightning and thunddr. our threat for severe weather is going to be low today. chance for storms tonight. we have a rockies game this evening. you'll find possibly a few scattered storms and showers at this point. keep an umbrella with you in case. we'll be in the mid 70s for the starttof the game. friday we have the rocky mountains show down. it will be armer by the end of the week. upper 80s to end it. we'll get warmer each day as we head into the end oo the week. it gets drier. thursday and friday mid to upper 80s. it is warmer saturday and sunday. so far our holiday weekend is looking pretty good. monday is going to be cooler. we'll watch for the winds to kick up. here's your first alert.
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cold front. this morning looking at somebody reporting a hazard on i-70. not too far from ward road. i have been looking at the cameras out there. you can see on the cdot camera by ward road it looks okay. there might be some debris reported by one of the drivers out there. if you want to report something you can join the denver 7 first alert traffic team. we have a good drive overall. you can see green on our big map. along fine. 6th avenue and c-470 we are in good shape for now. take a look at this shot of the spacecraft took the fixture during the first fly by of the planet. by fly byes over the next year and a half. this is the closest it will ever get to the planet. dale is look into what ii
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to mars after scientists just simulated life on the red planet. >> this isshard to believe for a lot of people. there are six scientists who spent a year in a dome 8200 feet above sea level. they wanted to see what it would be like for a crew to be isolated for 365 days. the university of hawaii is recruiting crew members for the next simulation. that's going to be two years in isolation. one is scheduled to begin in january for gh the next one starts in 2018. this is one step in nasa's goal
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how a college swimmer inspired a change in the law in one state.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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we are learning tragic details about a ppane crash that killed ten people. the plane went into the lake over the weekend as the couple took an aerial tour of new orleans. the woman and boy held hands as
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the plane. she was able to swim to safety. her boyfriend and pilot sank with the plane. authorities say three male inmates at a kansas city friday posed as prison guards and then sexual assaulted two women. this happened last week. since then all female inmates in this prison have been moved to a different facility. corrections department suspended one staff member without pay for violating policy use lawmakers in california just pa sex crime sentencing bill. this is in response to the former stanford university swimmer who was sentenced to six onths in jail for raping a woman. prosecutors in that case wanted six years in prison for him. the swimmer, brock turner is set to be released later this week. if the governor of california signs this new bill jail time will be mandatory in rape cases. fbi is offering 0,000 for
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leader. lyle jeffs is accused of cheating the government out of thousands of dollars of food stamps. lyle has been on the run since june when he escaped house arrest. you have to give it to this guy for creativity. a plumber in ontario is going viral for his new ad. >> take a look. we'll let you decide. he is hoping the creative decals are going to help his business. he says his grandpa gave him 3 the idea. we have a nice start. you can see a hint of our sunrise out east in limon. more sunshine this morning than what we saw yesterday. the first half of our day we are going to see more sun here in denver. you'll find drier conditions early on. low mid 60s between 8:00 and
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heading home around 3:00 we'll top out at 80 degrees. that's also when we'll see scattered storms and showers popping up. denver today 80. we'll be at 82 in platteville. upper 70s in golden. low 70s near evergreen and confer. >> reporttr: here at 48th avenue in the city of wheat ridge we have a roll over crash involving another vehicle. apparently what happened is both vehicles tried to get on this on ramp at the same time where they merre here. unfortunately, the other vehicle you can see behind me
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embankment. we are told there is no injuries involved. the other vehicle is further up the ramp along i-70. they have them stopped. unknown on what charges will be filed on drivers. no injuries. they are going to have this ramp closed off another 20 to 30 minutes as they are awaiting the arrival of tow trucks. >> let me show you where it is on the map. this is where the accident is over here. you have to go up marshal to 52nd to wadsworth and continue west on i-70. he opens several living home -- sober living homes across the state. why he is being chased from colorado. a local man's jeep was stolen.
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a denver officer opens fire
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why investigators say it was a last resort. this centennial man will not be winning any father of the year awards. why deputies say he crashed his car. chipotle on the defensive. why former employees across the country are now suing the denver-based chain. > wild weather in colorado springs. look at all of this hhil piled up and all the rain. it looks like it was snowing down there. >> they had to bring out the heavy equipment for that. some cars got stuck in rising waters. f0 neighbors used what they had to tow cars out of the flooding. t's turn it over to lisa and find out what is happening in the first alert center. f0 >> we are going to see


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