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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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why investigators say it was a last resort. this centennial man will not be winning any father of the year awards. why deputies say he crashed his car. chipotle on the defensive. why former employees across the country are now suing the denver-based chain. > wild weather in colorado springs. look at all of this hhil piled up and all the rain. it looks like it was snowing down there. >> they had to bring out the heavy equipment for that. some cars got stuck in rising waters. f0 neighbors used what they had to tow cars out of the flooding. t's turn it over to lisa and find out what is happening in the first alert center. f0 >> we are going to see
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pockets of heavy rain. skies have cleared out. here's your cheaa sheet today. we'll see a mix of sun and clouus early on and then a few thunderstorrs. it gets warmer for the holiday saturday and sunday back in the today we are closer to 80. upper 70s to low 80s at 3 ::0. you'll find sunshine early on. chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. by 6:00 we are at 75. our threat for severe weether is low. but jason, it was low yesterday. and ww saw pockets of heavy rain and flooding. we'll look at our planner hour- by-hour coming up. >> we have a big crash out to the west side of town. it is a roll over crash. darrell orr is there now. >> reporter: that's correct. at 48th avenue in wheat ridge. within the last hour we had two
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together to get on the westbound ramp from i-70. unforrunately it didn't happen. one of the vehicles collided with the other one. the tow trucks just showed up here. police are estimating another 15 minutes once they get this cleaned up. the ramp westbound to i-70 should be opened. no injuries in this accident. back to you. >> you saw that one driver try to get around it. it serves as the ramp that comes from sheridan and ha that's what folks use there. this is where the roll over crash is. you can use marshal up to 52 continue to wadsworth and south to i-70. it is an easy alternate. it will add call extra m inute --ed a a couple extra minutes to get south on i-70. we have a auto/pedestrian
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deputies in arapahoe county say this guy told him he crashed his war on hoping to kill his 2-year-old son. the boy survived but he got a concussion and has a broken leg. he said he did it because he wasn't man enough to raise his child. > the body of a colorado man killed fighting isis is finally on his way back home. he joined turkish fighters in syria. f0 he died in july. sterday his family was told his body is on his way to iraq then it will be heading back here to the united states.
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so-called rehab mogul is shutting down n colorado. >> we told you about illegal sober living homes opening across the metro area. now chris says he is selling his addiction treatment centers. >> i'm in a bad situation. i'm unemployed. i'm unpaid and i'm homeless. >> his former staff reached out saying they have not been paid in weeks. in a 20 $20 report he denied allegations of sexual battery and drug use. the health department is suing so shutdown his operations. f0 a united airlines pilot from fort collins is accused of
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police in scotland were able to stop the pilots before they took off from new jersey. have been released from jail. he is an air force academy graduate. > after four years of negotiations pilots for southwest airlines could be getting the pay raise they have been demanding. both sides reached a deal giving pilots better contracts years. the raise is not a done deal. the union will meet in september. after that it has to go to terms. f0 >> reporter: for the next six months airport officials will be negotiating a long term contract for massive renovations here. that will move ticket counters and the main floor security check point to different part
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if aaproved it will bring in more shops and restaurants. it is another part of a public private partnership that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollar. good news for travelers considering more people are choosing dia each month. the airport set a new record in july moving more than 5.4 that number shatters dia's all- time record set in june. possible changes include upgrades to baggage systems here. and the addition of floor plaza. we'll talk about what attractions are expected here in the next half hour. foreign hackers find a new target. our country's election and voter registration systems. colorado says it is safe. so far the hackers only hit illinois and arizona. illinois hackers got ahold of 200,000 voter's personal
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addresses and birthdays. the fbi is investigating who is behind this. a couple months ago arizona officials took their voting registration system online. or they took it off line after a cyber threat. the trouble keeps coming for chipotle. 10,000 workers are suing the denver based restaurant chain saying they were forced to work off the clock. chipotle says the suit merit. a jefferson county man's jeep was stolen on friday. what he really wants back is his dog left inside. he said he left his dog, jake, in the car when he ran into the gas station. when he came back his car was gone. he is offering $200 for his safe return. >> he is a foot off the ground. he weighs 40-pounds.
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we feed him well. he's been with the family. he is part of the family. >> reporter: the trains don't leave union station until january 7th. however, if you want to be on board one of thooe ffrst trains one of those trains in general that run the weekend through the ski season once it gets here, you'll want to act soon. tickets go on sale at 8:00 a.m. on we want to make sure if you want the tickets you can get them. this year amtrak is taking
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by investing millions in a partnership with winter park. the train is expected to also ease a little bit of that ski traffic that we all hate. taking 500 cars off the road with this alternative. people taking the train instead of taking cars avoiding the roads and avoiding the traffic. making it easier for the rest of us who want to drive up to adult. kids will be half price. that is just to start. those are the discounted fares that will be on sale on this morning at 8:00 a.m. they'll be going up from there. details on where they are going from there coming up in 30 minutes. >> you know that will sell out so fast. >> it is hard to plan ahead sometimes.
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this story out of colorado springs is scary. makes me wonder what is going on in my cell phone. >> a teen saysly cell phone exploded when it was in his pocket. this happened in the middle of class. he was taking a test when he smelled smoke. and then he felt something burning. >> he stood up and the smoke started shooting out of his pocket nto his face. he could not breath. he tried to reach into his pocket to pull the phone out and burned his hand. >> his da was age to get the phone out and throw it on the ground. samsung says it will pay for a new phone and cover medical bills. the company is trying to figure out what caused the explosion. a milestone ust reached. thousands of syrian refugees making their ways into the states. how many are in colorado. k. k. k. is coming out in support f donall trump. what the presidential candidate
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we have temperatures in the 50s. it is chilly stepping out early on. this afternoon around 3:00 we'll hit a high of 80 degrees. sunshine to start with a few scattered storms this afternoon. here's your first alert that it will get warm for the holiday weekend. that's coming up. >> tow driver is working hard to get this roll over crash back out on the ramp from harlin to 48th avenue weet on
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president obama is getting ready to meet with turkey's president. it will be their first meeting since the military tried to overthrow the turkish leader last month. it will happen in china for the g-20 summit. president obama will work with turkey to fight isis. white house ondemned turkey over opposition groups in syria calling them a distraction from the fight against isis. our country just hit a milestone regarding syrian refugees coming in the u.s. how many came to colorado? >> the u.s. has taken in 10,000 syrian refugees since last october. that was the president's goal. these are some of the syrian refugees who left jordan
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diego. u.s. ambassador to jordan say refugees are more thoroughly screened than anyone coming in the u.s. refugees from syria are scrutinized more. we have a chart showing how many refugees have come here. 1,178. most are from burma. followed by refugees from iraq. only 51 who come to colorado coming into our state since october are muslim. christians make up the second largest religious group of ?efugees. facebook's ceo mark zuckerburg met with the pope. after the meeting he said you could feel the pope's warmth and kindness and how much he
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coca-cola said it exceeded its gem of replenishing all of the water it uses to make drinks. it gave back 115% of the amount of water it uses in order make its products. not much longer until we learn what apple is working company's annual product launch event happens a week from tomorrow. that's when apple will likely show off the rumored i-phone 7. a nice start tour day. -- to our day. my little one goes back to school tomorrow.
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kids at the bus stop. we'll be under partll cloudy skies by this afternoon. some scattered storms and showers for the kids heading home. we'll be at 80 degrees. it will be warmer today and more sunshine for our kids on the playground at school. you'll notice on satellite and radar how things are cleared out. we are hearing east of limon getting closer to burlington there could be some dense fog out there heading into kansas. right now from our wireless camera at the airport you can see a few clouds lingering this morning. we'll see more storms and showers pop up by mid to late morning. around 11:00 it will start to get more active. then here in denver chance for a few storms through the afternoon. even through the early evening you can see 8:00 to 9:00 we have activity here in denver south along the palmer divide. likely with a few of these storms, could get pockets of heavier rain. some of the heaviest showers
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these cells produce some heavy rain. threat for any severe weather and damaging winds and the large hail will be low today. 8:00 tomorrow morning we are looking at cloud cover. then tomorrow afternoon chance for a few more afternooo storms. we talked about this yesterday. how through wednesday we'll see highs around 0 to 83 degrees. then a few afternoon storms. you'll notice here in denver we are at 80 in afternoon. castle rock 73. it will be cooler than normal. typically mid 80s this time of year. if we were to hit our quote normal high. 80 today. 82 tomorrow. we'll see isolated storms on wednesday. it is starting to get drier. by thursday and friday you are likely going to find more sunshine. the bright spot on thursday mostly sunny 85. here's your first alert that our holiday weekend is ooking good. we are talking 80s saturday and sunday. tracking a cool down for first
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upper 70s and some winds. a lot of activity around downtown for a taste of colorado. i'll show you that in a second. you are looking at the cln up of the roll over crash on the ramp west i-70. it serves a it is ramp from sheridan. you have to go down the road and then go west on i-70. clean up will take longer. maybe another ten minutes or so. let's see how to ggt around it. run down 48th 52nd take a left. take a left and wadsworth and % back to i-70. as an easy alternate route. 29th and tennyson we havv traffic lights not working. an accident off of speer. we have a lot of activity near civic center park. we have the roads closed down for the taste of colorado and
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next thursday. we'll have road restrictions and road closures continuing into the weekend. we'll have the big ones like colfax and broadway closed down over the weekend for a taste of colorado. donald trump is distancing himself from the k. k. k. -?again. >> this comes after former grand wizard david duke released a new political robo call saying the two arkindred spirits. trump's campaign says he does not agree with anyone associ fight over vaccinations is heating up. pediatricians across the country are releasing a new policy on childhood vaccines. a little girl was afraid of police. but not anymore after an
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police in houston are looking for a person who shot and killed an armored truck driver during bank robbery. shooter ambushed the driver while he restocked an atm at wells fargo. another worker was in the truck when it happened. the other worker was not hurt. a couple of from hollywood. star of ice road truckers died over the weekend when his plane crashed in montana. darrell ward was only 52. he was actually on his way to film a pilot about the search for missing aircraft and plane crashes when his own crash happened. right now it is not clear what exactly lead to the crash. witnesses say the plane was trying to land when something went wrong and it slammed into trees.
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acting legend gene wilder. many people armourning his death. he died yesterday at his home in connecticut from complications from alzheimer's. wilder was nominated twice for an oscar. he had so many famous roles. we loved him best at willy wonka. a group that represents pediatricians across the country wants more kids to be vaccinated. american academy of pediatrics just released a policy statement. it says if parents are worried about gett nonmedical reasons doctors should address the misgivings. if the parents don't change their minds it is okay for the doctors to stop seeing them and their children to force the issue. unlike what most eople think the hpv vaccine is not just for teen girls. boys need it, too. cdc says more are getting the vaccinn than before. that have of boys between 13 and 17 received one of three
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studies show the vaccine can prevent hhv-related cancer. >> it is thrilling and i think it is great. we are making lots of progress. which is important and closing the gap between girls and boys. it still shows me that we have more work to do. >> critics question the vaccine'sssafety and whether it makes teens more sexual sound. doctors recommend children get the first dose when they are 11 years old. a little girl in indiana says she is no longer afraid of police after an officer soothed her fears during a traffic stop. >> this started when the officer pulled over her parents for a bustedaillight. when he walked to the car the parents say their 3-year-old daughter freaked out and kept asking if daddy was going to jail. they had just moved from missourr and were there for the ferguson riots.
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i asked her how old she was. she said three years old. she was scared of my lights. she asked me if i was taking her daddy to jail. i told her no. we are not taking anyone to jail. she asked me all kinds of questioos. tried to invite me over for dinner. asked me if i would come over and play frozen with her. >> the couple described the encounter on facebook and thanked the fficer for his patients. he definitely helped out we did talk about the chance for 80s all week long. we are going to be on the lower end of the 80s today. it gets warmer by thursday. back in the mid to upper 80s as we end the week. it is going to be drier on thursday. today and tomorrow still a gooo chance for some scattered storms and showers. especially today. we are still watching this upper disturbance roll through. you'll find pockets of heavy rain today. a few isolated storms on
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thursday through sunday. we are talking mid to upper 80s. the ramp is opened from harlin to go west on i-70. the roll over crash sitting there is all cleaned up and out of the way. no alternate needed now. look at the overall map. you can see traffic volume building here. i'm getting this aleet from rtd. it is about the e line delayed
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it is 6:00 a.m. changes coming to dia. the renovations could cost millions. we'll tell yoo what you can expect. plus, tragedy in conifer. a woman is killed by the family dogs. her son is still in the hospital this morning. first, take a look at some of the images from yesterday's hailstorm. springs. they saw about an inch or two of hail. some of it really big. you can find a full photo gallery on our free denver 7 app. plows had to be called out to clean up the mess in colorado springs. it is not uncommon to see a late august hailstorm. people we talked to said it is no fun to get stuck outsiie when the hail is coming down. >> it is like paint balls.


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