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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it is 6:00 a.m. changes coming to dia. the renovations could cost millions. we'll tell yoo what you can expect. plus, tragedy in conifer. a woman is killed by the family dogs. her son is still in the hospital this morning. first, take a look at some of the images from yesterday's hailstorm. springs. they saw about an inch or two of hail. some of it really big. you can find a full photo gallery on our free denver 7 app. plows had to be called out to clean up the mess in colorado springs. it is not uncommon to see a late august hailstorm. people we talked to said it is no fun to get stuck outsiie when the hail is coming down. >> it is like paint balls.
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-- paint balls. >> sounds painful. we are not expecting anything like that today. >> lisa is joining us from the first alert that we could still see storms. >> there will be a few thunderstorms today. that was intense south of the springs. it has been a rough season for them. they had over millions of dollars worth of damage last month. you can see skies cleared up. from our loveland ski area camera you are looking at a beautiful start. more sunshe upper 50s to low 60s. around 80 degrees by time they are heading home. scattered storms develop this afternoon. we'll be unsettled. temperatures five degrees below normal. low 80s across southeastern colorado. 60s and 70s in the mountains. here's your first alert. it gets a lot hotter as we head into the holiday within. a -- weekend.
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along fine. it is getting busier along i-76, 270 and overall typical commute for us. by 29th and tennyson lights not working right. we have an auto/pedessrian accident off of speer at 14th. south side of town is getting busier. take a look at the camera at i-25 and belleview. i have this information from rtd. it is about the e-line between south moore and lincoln. they are delayed 15 minutes resolved. come take a look at this. you can see animal control officers leading a dog into a vehicle. jefferson county deputies tell us this is one of two dogs involved in a deadly attacc last night where a woman was killed. her son is now in the hospital. we are waiting for more information on his condition right now. attack happened last night. this is at a home in conifer. partners at the denver post say the family owned the dogs. two dogs are in quarantine.
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pit bull-mix. jefferson county deputies are looking into what lead up to the attack. we have breaking internationallal news. somalia police say a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle near the presidential palace killing ten people. the bomb exploded during a morning traffic jam. issamic extremist group claimed responsibility for the blast. dia could be getting a major facelift. the only thing left is to work out all the details. morning with more information on this coming change. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. soon you could be zip lini acrossheain floor at dia or climbing a rock wall while waiting for your flight. those are a few changes that could be coming to the airport here at the jefferson terminal. denver city council gave airport officials the green light for a massive renovation
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upgrading the baggage system here and adding space for more shops and restaurants. they want to move ticketing counter and the main floor security check point. formal negotiations will last six months before dia officials present a plan to the city in the spring. this is good news or travelers considering more people are choosing dia each month. we'll tell you about those record shattering numbers next. % rtd says it is not going to to the contractor in charge of the a-line that goes to dia. rtd spokesperson told us the agency is with holding $65,000 from denver transit partners. this all has to do with the problems the train to dia has had since it started operating in april until the end of june. rtd says it could withhhold more money for problems that happened since july.
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this new line on the 16th street mall is the first step in a $1.9 million project. city officials are replacing 182 rights along the mall. the new lights have l.e.d. bulbs, which means they will cut down on the city's emergency bill. the old llghts were not working so well due to years of wear and tear. city officials hope the extra light makes people feel more safe on the mall. adams county sheriff's % office ii investigating the death of a 6-month-old girl. she died ye the primrose hotel near 55th and federal. the parents are cooperating. in adams county a spokesperson says they are trying to figure out if there is anything criminal reflected to the 3 girl's death. denver police are looking for a second driver in connection to sunday night's deadly drag racing accident. the person they are looking for was driving a black sedan. a 17-year-old is charged with
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26-year-old nickwright and tried to leave the scene of the accident. >> he was trying to tell people i was driving slow. i said no. you were going fast. i heard you and i heard the impact. >> victim's friends tell us they are heart broken. they shared these pictures of his murals which can be seen on building across the area. the victim has been identified. arson investigat are looking into this fire at a home near evans and i-25. the fire happened yesterday afternoon. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. denver fire officials say they spotted a marijuana grow in the basement. they say they were hording-like conditions inside the home making it difficult to get inside. at this point the cause of the
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a stream of curse words were directed at three tourists who stopped in estes park to buy souvenirs. the store's owner went off on one of the women when she tried to return clothing items. denver 7 talked to the store owner. tourists. they had difference versions of what happened. shop owner says the girls were acting like privileged brats. the woman who took tte de of their race. >> he mostly said your kind and he was pointing to me and my cousin. it was a bitter feeling to be talked to like that. >> these people, if my sense of what i think about privilege. i don't like that. they smelled. in my face they were getting and getting. >> shop owner has responded to theecriticism in that facebook %
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> two ballot issues that would have limited fracking in colorado will not be on the ballot. we found some of the signatures may have been forged. right now the attorney general is investigatinggafter the secretary of state identified this petition as possibly having forged signatures. this is the third case of possible forgeries denver 7 has uncovered since may. f0 today is the day that in a few hours you'll be able to book stick -- tickets on the train. >> reporter: literally you catch the train here. in two hours you are literally on the slopes. just $39 one-way. the best part is you are not sitting in the ski traffic. you'll want to act soon. tickets go on sale in less than two hours on these tickets are expected to
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way isn't going to last. according to the amtrak website where you can get the tickets the $39 will sell out. then the price goes up to $49. the trainnstarts january 7th. it will run every saturday, sunday and holiday united nations security -- monday. you'll have to buy your tickets now. platform and walk feet tt the ski lifts at the resort. there are two cool things about this. it is a one-way ticket. night or the week and just take the one-way ticket back. introduction of the university of colorado a-line out of town skiers can fly in, train to union station, train to the resort, train all the way back. no rental car required. >> i'm so excited about this.
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it might be less expensive to take a today trip for the holiday weekend. we'll explain why. presidential candidates are weighing in on colinn kaepernick's recent statemmnts. , we had an accident at southbound dtc.
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taking a life look from air
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moving smoothly. jason will get us the latest updates coming up. virginia health officials say they are now dealing with 40 confirmed cases of hepatitis a that they believe are connected to frozen strawberries used at the tropical smoothie cafe locations across that state. more than half of those affected are in the hospital. ofcials say more cases could emerge. this could possibly affect other states. we know colorado has three locations. we have a news alert on the zica virus. f.d.a. says the entire u.s. blood supply should be screened for zica. screening is happening in florida and puerto rico. the f.d.a. wants it expanded to all 50 states. more than 2500 cases of zica have been reported across the u.s. 80% of those people will never show symptoms. colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem is becoming the talk of the political world. the 49ers quarterback made head
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sat through the anthem. he says he is protesting on behalf of oppressed people. republican presidential nominee donald trump says if colin kaepernick feel oppressed he may need to move. a white house spokesperson says colin kaepernick is free to express himself. you they remember the last pro sports player to sit for the nation hall anthem refused to stand while flying for the nuggets in 2004. he wound for one game before working out a compromise with the leaguee anthony weiner is caught sexting again. this time his wife has had enough. she announced yesterray she has separated from the former new york congressman. this is the third high profile sexting scandal for weiner. in the past his behavior cost him his congressional seat and forced him to abandon his run for new york mayor.
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that's a truck that rolls over on a bridge in rhode island. you can see two workers wound up trapped in the bucket of the truck. they were stuck for more than an hour before a rescue crew could get a second boom truck to scene. both of the workers are okay. local authorities now looking into how the truck roll over. we have a nice start. you'll find a few clouds this morning. not as many as yesterday. we had quite a cover for first half of you are a day. it will be pleasant early on. right now 50s and 60s for the northering drive. here's a live look from our wireless camera. this is up across northeastern colorado. winds are now at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it is 54 in bennett. -?56 city park. low to mid 40s in the foothills. statewide some mountain top spots like leadville is close to freezing this morning at 34 %
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we are about five degrees below normal today. upper 70s to near 80 by 3:00. we have denver at 80. fort collins and greeley you'll both be at 82. somm upper 70s near akron and limon. a bit more cloud cover out there. some reports of fog out east on i-70 closer to burlington. in the mountains a mix of sun and clouds this morning. this afternoon upper 60s to low future cast, like yesterday, shows a few storms around 12:30. i don't think it will be as wide-spread or as dark in the afternoon as we saw yesterday. you are still going to find a few thunderstorms popping up. with a few of these individual cells, we could get pockets of heavy rain through the early evening and overnight tonight under a partly cloudy sky. we are watching this system move east. as it does we'll still feel the effects of it a bit today. temperatures near 80 today.
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warmer on wednesday. 82 tomorrow. here's your first alert that things start to warm up thursday and friday. now we have the rocky mountains somehow down cu versus csu on friday night. we'll look at that planner coming up. highs will be in the upper 80s on friday to end the week. then heading into a long holiday weekend. we'll be tracking a cold front. we'll talk more about that and what it does early next week. it looks good. again, thursday and friday it warms up. >> this is a busy li going on around town. you can see a disabled vehicle on the ramp from i-270 to i-76. that's the eastbound side under the bridge of 270 going past york into the 15 minute mode getting over o i-70. you can see on the maps heavier traffic we have seen up here on this north side of town. i-25 busy. we have 29th and tennyson. that's where the traffic lights are not working right. folks using that as a four-way
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we'll have a lot of activity. we have the nfl kickoff stage and concert that's all starting to be constructed now. they have bennett closed down in front of the city county building. we have the taste of colorado and all kinds of activities in and around downtown and the big cu and csu game on friday. mississippi across broadway didn't close. they are delaying it until september. you can use that this morning. look at the south side of town by i-25 and arapahoe road. continuing the bridge there. going to put pavement on there. eventually they'll move the northbound side over here. it may be cheaper than you thought to leave town this labor day weekend. holiday gas priies are at their lowest point since 2004. national average for a felon of gas is $2.22. colorado average is one cent cheaper.
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we now know trevor simian will be the broncos starting quarterback. >> i'm not trying to be peyton manning. i'm trying to be the best me i can be and the best teammate and take it from there. >> we caught up with broncos fans outseed of -- outside of as the starting quarterback choice. >> with our defense we donnt need that. if he throws less interceptions than peyton did we'll be good. bnc open this season at home against carolina next
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here's a live look inside dia. we showed you the same shot a short timeeago. the lines are starting to back
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we want to begin with a live look outside from tracker 7. gorgeoussshot out the door on this tuesday northering. look at this naacp video. red -- snapchat video. the man tried to open the plane's door in mid-flight. the an was headed from new york to seattle and had to make minneapolis after the man's outburst. if you can't afford your dream vacation why not set up a payment plan for your airline
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with a finance company to offer this. there is a big catch here. you may be stuck paying a 30% interest rate. financing will be offered on tickets that cost more than $100. here's your first alert. speaking of flying out of here. you'll find it is not that bumpy of a flight out of or winds are calm. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s. we'll be at 76 by noon. highs today near 80 degrees by 3:00. chance again for a few more scattered storm and showers this afternoon. here's your highs for the metro area. highlands ranch 80. golden 77. we are a few degrees below normal. it wiil warm up. details coming up. >> you can see the cloud cover
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shot over the cherry creek reservoir. the boat ramp is wide opened into cherry creek. looking at the overall drive heavy traffic in the usual spots. nothing huge going on yet. we have a lot of activities downtown that will be closing roads. details coming up. donald trump says he is going to be in colorado so often we are going to get sick of him. now he is rolling out a new strategy to win our state. a man tells police he crashed his car in an attempt
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it is just about 6:30. apple is in big trouble this morning. it could cost billions to fix the damage. a thanked a d man admits he was trying to murder his son when he crashehis car. look at the rain on the road.
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yesterday. a viewer sent us in this video as the rain was falling. several drivers were stranded by floodwaters and the hail caused flooding. it was very intense in the springs. they have had intense wargin -- weather this past couple months. things cleed out nicely in dennvr. mix offends. we could -- of sun and clouds. poets of heavy rain possible with a few individual cells. by the time the kids head home we'll be at 80 degrees. you'll get more sunshine at the playground today than we say yesterday. a few of today's storms could
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greeley 82. springs 74. we are on the cool side today. warmer by friday. details coming up. >> a new problem along 6th avenue. i'll show you that in that second. ooerall drive you can see green. calm conditions on and off the highways. 270, i-76 the drive to the north side 20 minutes to downtown. latest problem is around 6th avenue and federal just before federal. take a look at the camera. as we are looking west it sounds like it will be eastbod i'll keep on eye on it and see if it turns into something that will slow us back to sheridan. looking at the map you can see easy driving to the south side. heavy from parker road. a lot of activity in and around downtown denver. details coming up. this next story is disturbing. this centennial man tells police he crashed his car to try to kill his 2-year-old son. now 29-yeer-old nathan white is
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he still has two black eyes from the crash. the little boy could be permanently disabled as a result of his injuries. he has several broken bones. he told police he didn't think he was man enough to raze a -- raise a child. big changes are planned for dia's jefferson terminal. things you would not expect to find at an airport like a zip line and climbing wall. we are live at dia this morning. this is an >> reporter: one that could cost more than a million rather, in the end. of dollars, those changes could bring in more restaurants and shops here to the jefferson terminal. take a look now. good news for these travelers considering more people are choosing dia each month. the airport set a new record in july. moving 5.4 million passengers. that number shatters dia's all- time record set in june.
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here. now, we'll have to wait six months until a final plan is approved. there are six months of formal negotiations between the city and the denver international airport officials. i'm reporting live from dia this morning. one of united airlines pilots arrested for being too drunk to fly is actually from colorado. >> fort collins nati monday. he is the man on the left in this video. he was arrested along with his co-piiot on saturday. they were supposed to fly a plane from scotland to new jersey. both men are military veterans. ?e graduated from the air force academy. political advertising get ready to see these donald trump ads on your television soon. the trump campaign is spending $10 million to buy ads in nine
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clinton pulled all of her ads from the colorado airwaves. the most recent national poll numbers show clinton with a 7 point lead over donald trump. her at 46%. 39% for trump. independent candidates gary johnson and jill stein are polling in the single-digits. they need to average 15% to qualify for the presidential debates. there are new concerns that hackers may try we now know foreign hackers got in the database for the illinois board ooelections. they were able to access personal information for 200,000 voters. things like names and addresses. the fbi is now investigating who is behind this. this is the second time this summer that a state's election information has been threatened. it is now 6:34. get ready to grab your tickets on the ski train. they are on sale today and they are going to go fast.
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morning. how much will these tickets cost us? >> reporter: well, they start, when thee go on sale at 8:00 a.m., at $39. those are the discounted rate tickets. according to amtrak's website they'll go up to $49 and $59. if you want to get them8:00 a.m. mountain time winter park express. we want to show you the improvements they are doing to get ready for amtrak and winter park to build% a new heated train platform. you get off the train and literally walk on the lift as well as improvements to the tracks and things like this. this ski train operating starting january 7th through the end of march is expected to help ease the ski traffic. with more people taking the train less cars on the roads they are estimating, cdot is,
6:36 am
you might want to act fast because they may sell out. i did math. this train will be operating 26 days over the course of the january to march time frame. the train can hold 500 people. only 13,000 seats will be available to head from union station out to winter park. that's less than the capacity of the pepsi center. act fast. 8:00 a.m. mountain time. all the information on the denver a euroan apple has to pay $13 billion euros in back taxes to the country of ireland. that adds up to $14 billion. according to the commission, ireland was giving apple illegal tax benefits. as a result the company paid less than it should have. ireland and apple both plan to appeal this decision. all of this comes as apple prepares to unvail the new i- phone 7. company's annual product launch event is scheduled for next
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first look at the phone then. you may want to buy yourself a pair of wireless head phones if you want the i-phone. liked documents show the new i- phone 7 does not have the head phone jacks that the prior phones have had. samsung galaxy s 6 exploded in the user's pocket in colorado springs. this morning his family has a warning for people with similar phones. >> samsung doesn't know what caused this yet. the teenager says he was taking a test in to smell smoke. he said he looked down and saw flames coming out of his pants pocket. >> smoke started shooting out of his pocket into his face and he could not breathe. >> another student was able to get the phone out with a t- shirt and throw it on the
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samsung says incidents like this are rare. they are covering his medical bills and will give him a new phone. here's another inventory. denver-based chipotle is in big trouble this morning. why they are being sued by 10,000 employees. did this teacher go too far? the video going viral. many people say the teacher crossed the coming up find out what happened before the video was
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good morning. here's your first alert.
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a live look from loveland. you can see clear skies. a few ccouds across the plains this morning. we are in the 50s to low 60s now. we'll see more storms and it looks like through the afternoon some scattered activity across the state. it doesn't look quite as intense as what we saw yesterday. a few cells could bring pockets of heavy rain. we could get a few thunderstorms through early evening here in denver. here's your first alert that it is drier by thursday. details coming up. you can see the one minor this is the eastbound side before federal. couple cars off to the right shoulder. way out of traffic. you can see traffic blowing by. take a look at the camera at sheridan. it is mostly the sunshine that's slowing us down around sheridan trying to make the perry street underpass coming up to federal. a couple extra minutes from wadsworth to sheridan because of the sun. >> thank you very much. urgent plea from an emotional family. they had their jeep stolen at wadsworth and mississippi last
6:42 am
old dog, jake, who was inside the jeep when it was stolen. >> i want my dog home safe. please. please help. >> there is a $200 reward for the first person to bring jake them safe. a hollywood legend has passed away. coming up, we take a look back at gene wilder's legacy. as we head to break we give you another live look inside denver international airrort. those wait times
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just into the desk italian coast guard confirms it rescued 6500 migrants near libya including a newborn baby pictures here. she was one of the ones they rescued. a little one who has a twin, two we understand made it safely to shore, as well. it took 40 rescue missions to
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officials say the vessels they were on were too small and not sea worthy. breaking overnight a suicide bomber targets the chinese embassy. authorities say the person drove through the entrance and set off a bomb. the bomber was the only person who died. three people who worked at the this is being considered a terror attack although no groups have come forward to take credit. this colorado man was isis in syria. now after a long fight his body is finally on the way back home. last night his family was told his body is on its way to iraq. and should arrive in the u.s. pretty soon. a man known as the rehab no gull is shutting down his sober living homes in colorado. denver 7 was first to report on these unpermitted homes last year. now he says he is selling the addiction treatment center. his former staff tells us they
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says his cllents are welcomed to stay in the sober living homes. at one of the homes in denver recovering addicts are given days to get out. >>i'm in a bad situation. i'm unemployed, unpaid and homeless. >> a 2020 report two months ago sexual battery and drug use with clients there. the california health department is suing to shutdown his operations. we havv de yet again for chipotle. 10,000 employees are suing the company over allegations of wage theft. the lawsuit says employees had to work extra hours without being paid. chipotle says the employees are all lying. this video is going viral this morning. this is hard to watch. a teacher caught on camera throwing a student while trying to break up a fight. this in florida not far from miami. the victim a 7th grader only suffered a couple of bruises.
6:47 am
>> if you are going restrain my child do it the proper way. i have no problem with thatt don't sling him like he is trash. >> the school never told her about the incident. the teacher has been reassigned while the district investigates. cu boulder is one of the top 20 party schools in the country. number 19 on the list. this is according to the princeton review which is out with the annual ranking this morning. cu has been on these schools lists on a regular basis. in 2011 playboy named cu boulder the number one party school in america. we have a nice starttto our day. sunshine this morning. you'll find 80s all week long. it is warmer by thursday. a little bit drier, too. -- storms by the end of the ss -
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80s. five degrees below the normal high of 85. record high is 98. this time of year we can still see 90s. at this point not any on the seven-day forecast. denver 80. greeley 82. limon and akron upper 70s. upper 80s out west near grand junction. boulder 80. california 74. parker 74. allens park 67. it is a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. live look from camera at the airport. we do have more sunshine this morning than what we saw yysterday. jason has been showing us how that's affecting the eastbound drive. few you are -- uture cast shows a few storms by early afternoon. it doesn't look at intense as what we saw yesterday. with a few of these cells we see develop not only in the foothills but also across the plains, could get pockets of heavy rain and slower moving storms. that's what caused some of the crazy weather we saw in the
6:49 am
yesterday. 5:00 tomorrow morning we have a little bit more cloud cover out east. with a few more storms on wednesday. our best shot at a little wet weather is today and tomorrow. then it does dry out quite a bit more. on thursday we are at 85. on friday we are at 87 with a few afternoon storms. could pick up a storm or two. for the rocky mountain somehow down we expect highs on low 80s by the start offthat game. 70s during it. saturday and sunday some med to upper 80s. it is warm. we are coming up on a holiday weekend. we are tracking a cold front by next week. by labor day it could bring 3 temperatures down with a few storms. we'll keep an eye on that. so far so good. >> not so good on the roads. >> serious he it has been like
6:50 am
we are looking at northbound i-25 from 6th avenue to go north on i-25 before colfax. you can see the two lanes are blocked up. denver police have been called. but they don't have any cars free right now to respond to this accident. we'll wait for a while before police arrive. fire department might be on the way, as well. so we have one and half of another lane blocked off. when police get here they'll block off two la downtown. it will make it worse from the south side getting into downtown. looking at the map heavy top and go traffic at the ussal spots. we had a minor accident on 6th avenue by federal. most is off to the side of the highway now. 225 is bossy -- busy. is busy. all the activities across downtown this weekend and next weekend, we have not only a taste of colorado here at civic cenner park but they are
6:51 am
the nfl game coming up next thursday. they have roads closed around here. we'll see more of th closed thhs week leading up to the holiday weekend. one of hollywood's brightest stars has passed away. jeep wilder died yesterday at the age of 83. >> the actor best known for his roles and comedy classics like blazing saddles and young frankenstein. and willy wonka.. we'll get you caught up on the big stories in the morning. a woman is dead after being
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6:53 am
a woman is dead after she was attacked by a family dog in conifer. >> the dogs were a terrier pit bull-mix. the dogs are in guarantee. jay cutler deputies are looking into what lead up to attack.
6:54 am
downtown. this is northbound i-25 after 6th avenue. this is the ramp from 6th avenue north on i-25. both are affected. people are trying to go either right or left around it. take a look at the map. traffic is backed up now to alameda growing back to santa fe. extra ten minutes to downtown. arson investigators the aff with looking into this fire at a home near evans and i-25. this happened yesterday afternoon. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. denver fire officials say they spotted a marijuan basement as well as hording conditions inside that house. however, the cause of the fire remains under investigation. look t this incredible video froo colorado springs. firefighters desperately tried to rescue a person trapped in their vehicle. they had to bash in the window to get them out. they had to make several water rescues during the heavy rain and hail yesterday. here's your first alert. it is likely not going to be as intense. we could get a few storms this
6:55 am
heavy rain. here's a live look from limon. a lot of sunshine this morning. -?as you look at the cheat shee for today we'll see a mix of sun and clouds early on. more afternoon thunderstorms but then it gets warmer for the holiday weekend. highs today are topping out near 80 degrees. it is mild. we are a few degrees below normal. then a lot warmer. by thursday it is drier. we are expecting some mid to upper 80s both thursday and friday. >> reporter: live at talking changes. let's take a look at the main floor and what it looks like. ?ecurity check point could be moving to the main floorrto the north end of level six. officials here are thinking of consolidating ticket counters to the south end and upgrading the baggage system and adding space for shops and restaurants and turning that main floor into public plaza.
6:56 am
negotiated now. they will be for the next six months until we have a final plan. rtd is keeping some of the money it owes the contractor in charge of the a-line. 3 this is partially because of all the problems the train to the plane has had since it started operating. right now rtd is with holding more than $65,000. that is just for problems on the a-line between april and june. rtd official tells denver 7 monefor problems that happened from july to the present. these new lights are being installed up and down the 16th street mall. bb the time t is done 180 new lights will e in place. this project will cost $2. old lights were not working as well. city officials hope the extra light will make people feel more safe on the mall. >> reporter: so you want to ride the ski train? today is your day.
6:57 am
train from union station to winter park in an hour. if you want tickets this is what you do. go to the denver we have a story that says tickets go on sale today. there is a link to where you can purchase your tickets at 8:00 a.m. mountain time. $39 for an adult one-way. half priced for kidd. when you book make sure you get your trip home. you can stay overnight or a week. you can take the train dia. the university of colorado a- line to union station to winter park. they are building a new platform. tickets are expected to go fast. get them while they are hot and before it gets cold. it is official. broncos finally have a starting quarterback. it is trevor simian. >> he has only taken one nfl he is the first rookie
6:58 am
sense the 1950's. broncos open the regular season one week from thursday. still tracking this dent on the southbound side -- this accident on the northbound side of i-125 at 6th avenue. you can see two right lanes are blocked with the tow truck guys. they are waiting for denver police to show up. they were dispatched in the wrong spotted. it will take time to get there.
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good morning, america. storm watch. a tropical storm warning for the carolinas. one of three big systems growing in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert for heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous winds. out west, two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii. >> scandal in the clinton campaign. hillary's closest adviser huma abedin now separating from her husband anthony weiner after donald trump already on the attack calling it a national security issue. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married >> how clinton's campaign is reacting this morning. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. ten cars piled up trapping a woman inside a burning car. brave bystanders rush to the scene and pull her free. the all-out search for the good


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