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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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>>it is 11 am and we have some breaking news we want to get to right now. the usda says it has closed five offices in several different states after receiving anonymous threats. this includes the office in fort collins. >> we have amanda del castillo there now. how does this affect us?>> reporter: five buildings here in fort collins that are closed today plus a garage because of this anonymous threat. we know colorado joins five other states across the united states that are actually taking these safety measures because of this anonymous threat. a usda spokesperson says the department received several messages raising concerns about the safety of personnel nd facilities. of the states closed,
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virginia, north carolina, and of course colorado. right now, the usda is working with fbi and federal and local agencies to determine if these threats are credible. of the five buildings here, we know they have usgs, usga, and natural resource center. we just got there. we know there is a posting on the door that says the office here is closed until further notice. we will be following developments this morning as the issue continues. reporting live in amanda del castillo denver 7 breaking now, prosecutors have decided not to charge five westminster police officers involved in a fatal shooting. 21-year-old damon blair was killed in april suspected of stealing a car. according to the district attorney report, the officers were trying to get him to come out of the car when one of the officers approached the vehicle. there was a struggle and damon blair fired a gun at the
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at damon blair, killing him. no snow but the plows did have to come out in colorado springs yesterday to deal with all the hail that fell. we also saw some serious flooding in that area. some people had to be rescued. >> here is a look at one of those water rescues. firefighters had to break out the window of that car to get the driver out. neighbors and good samaritans helped tow cars out of the flooding. it was pretty here in denver, we have a well. good wave of rain as >> we could see individual cells today bringing heavy rains of up to an inch and a short amount of time. flash flooding is a concern. scattered exit -- scattered activity, radar pretty quiet. we are starting to see clouds build mainly in the mountains and you will notice that from our loveland key area camera. looking off to the east, we
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storms developing along the front range by early to mid afternoon. you will find temperatures in the upper 70s here by 12:00 and then right around 3:00, we are at 80 degrees. temperatures are about five degrees below normal. a chance of storms through the early evening. denver is going to top out at 80 degrees. greeley in fort collins both at 82 degrees. here is your first alert. today is one of the coolest days on our seven-day forecast as we get into the long holiday weekend. we will have details on how warm it gets coming up. we are story out of conifer, a woman mauled to death by two pitbull mixes. they apparently were her own dogs. the woman's son was also injured. according to our partners at the denver post, the dogs were pitbull terrier mixes that belonged to the victims. department has quarantined the dogs. and adams county, deputies are trying to figure out how a
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federal and 54th. she was only six months old. the family called 911 yesterday morning after she wouldn't wake up. right now, it's unclear what happened but it is being investigated as a homicide but that is routine. they say the family is cooperating. this centennial man told police he intentionally crashed his car to try to kill his two- year-old son. nathan weitzel s now being held on $500,000 bond. in his mugshots, you can see the black eyes he still has from the crash a week ago. the little boy broken bones and suffered a concussion. in an affidavit, whitesell allegedly told police he did it because he "wasn't man enough to raise a child." new developments from a story from yesterday morning. we are learning more about the man hit and killed by a teenager while crossing the street on saturday night. nick richling was crossing the road when a 17-year-old teenager, driving without a license, was dragracing. that teenager is now behind bars.
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-- of the victim, heartbroken. they want him to be remembered for the murals he painted all over the citt. he was actually planning to put the final touches on his latest work of art coming this week. the body of a colorado man killed while fighting isis is finally on its way back home. levi shirley joined kurdish fighters in syria. he was killed in july. yesterday, his family told us his body is now on its way to iraq. from there, it will come back to the united states. what you think. if you say another word, i am going to cut this in half. >> an estes park shop owner's rant caught on camera. those customers think they were targeted because of their race. >> and only denver 7 talked to the women who took the video. jasmine patel, who is from california, says she and her friends went into the estes park sweatshirt center to return shirts they purchased. that is when she says the owner
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arab. why are you giving me a hard time? i'm an era but [ bleep ]. >> he was saying i know your kind, you just leave your bleep every -- [ bleep ] everywhere and you don't care about people. >> i am supposed to be the adult here and obviously that was a fail but these people with that refer -- what i refer to, is what i hate about privilege. >> the store owner says the video does not show the entire story. we have got more incident on two bell issues to limit fracking in colorado will not be on the november ballot because not enough signatures were collected. nobut we found some ?f the signatures that were turned in may have been forged. right now, the attorney general is investigating after the secretary of state identified this position as -- petition is possibly having forged signatures. this is possibly the third case denver 7 has uncovered since may.
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about signatures and not just on petitions. what about an autograph on sports memorabilia? how can you be sure that his real? >> the j looks the same, the e is a little different. collectibles on broadway. s %- signatures there are authenticated by sending photographs to professional authenticators or sometimes requiring paperwork that proves the signature is legit. a proposal to give tourists marijuana clubs the drug did not get enough signatures to get on the ballot. the measure would have asked voters to allow 21+-year-old marijuana clubs. we have no word yet on if allowing marijuana in bars and restaurants will be on the petition. it's more of the same but worse. and co-donald trump's america,
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relief. >> this is just the beginning. get ready for more ads. donald trump's campaign is sending $10 million on advertising in nine battleground states, including colorado. you may remember hillary clinton pulled ads from our state after she had a sizable lead in colorado. we are waiting to learn what charges a united airlines pilot arrested in scotland from colorado will now face when she was too drunk o drive -- when he was too drunk to he is from fort collins. he and another pilot were arrested jjst before takeoff from glasgow, scotland. in new mexico, a plane full of people on their way to albuquerque -- from albuquerque officials had to evacuate the .- southwest flight after they found a suspicious package on board. after a search, they say the package was not dangerous. today's weather doesn't make you think about the upcoming ski season but plenty
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today, tickets to hop aboard the winter park ski train went on sale. we are live at union station. jason, did you get your tickets? >> reporter: i did, bright and early at 8 am when they went on sale for the first weekend % starting on january 7. if this is the first time your hearing about it, don't worry. we just looked it up, january 7 still has available tickets. it starts here at union station all the way up into winter paak. it is quick and easy, and agai i spoke to an amtrak representative who says they expect sales to be very strong. that is a big reason why they brought the ski train back. tickets were originally $39 one- way for one adult. those could go up to $49 or $59 depending on demand and depending on how fast a certain weekend cells according to
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with an adult ticket. the train runs every saturday, sunday, and holiday monday from january 7 through the end of march. -?amtrak says it is too early because tickets just started gging on sale to have any exact numbers or tell us whether any of the days or weekends have sold out. if you want to try, go ahead and order your tickets at the link on our website live at union station, jason gruenauer denver 7 . changes could be on the way at dia. there is talk about is a plan going in on possibly even a rockclimbing wall. airport officials also want to improve the baggage system and move the checkpoint to a -?different area. ticket counters will be consolidated and moved to the south end of the airport. here's a travelers think about the changes. >> i think the layout works well. it is one of my favorite airports to go to. >> this little girl is only going to et bigger and more active. if we can get her busy while we are trying to get our traveling goingg that is best for everybody. >> before changes are made, we
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final plan approval but so far the price tag for the project is $9 million. meantime, dia has set a new monthly record for passenger travel. according to the denver post, more than 5.4 million people moved through the airport. that is about a 9% increase from the number of passengers that traveled july of last year. colorado's population. a disturbing site in seattle after a four-year-old is thrown after a -- off bridge and plunges into a river below. it is hard to watch and all caught on camera. we are going to show you these frightening moments. this story has a lot of people scratching their heads. how do 500 cows disappear? where it happened and what
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new at 11:00, promising research on the zika front. three existing drugs could be useful in counteracting the effects of the virus. the drugs are currently used to treat caacer, hepatitis c, and parasitic infections. it is unclear if these drugs could treat the brain of an unborn baby impacted by zika, which has been a huge concern
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the drugs in animal models first. meanwhile, more than 80 people are infected with the zika virus in singapore and health officials say these people did not travel to zika affected areas recently. all of the cases were locally transmitted. about half of the people have fully recovered while others remain in the hospital. [ screaming ] >> this cell phone video i am going to warn you is very difficult to watch. you heard that smack? that is a our-year-old boy who was thrown off a bridge in seattle, washington. there are reports mother's boyfriend. the child survived but the video was taken by a witness and has caused outrage across the nation. all of this happened while the mother was watching below. she was in the water. witnesses heard the boy screaming and crying and they called poliie. >> 1c hit the water and came up, he was just screaming. the mom comforted him as he swam back. >> i was scared because i thought he was going to smacked
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because he hit his neck on the lower part. he had a life jacket on so he got sucked up really fast. >> the boy was not hurt in the incident. at least at the time, it did not appear he was injured even the witnesses say they were concerned about his neck. the woman and the man were cited for reckless endangerment. in las vegas, a man is gunned down and witnesses say it was because he didn't hold the door open for a woman at mcdonald's. this happened over the weekend. mohammed robinson reportedly got into some kind of argument with a woma didn't open the door for her. now she is not the one who shot him. a man nearby got involved and opened fire. >> it was a stupid reason. it was obviously irrelevant and it doesn't make sense. why would you actually take someone's life over not opening the door? >> the shooter has not bben caught yet. a florida deputy without a job this morning after investigators say he looked on,
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inmate who was eating his own feces. a 53-year-old man was awaating a competency hearing. the deputy seen laughing has now been fired. three other deputies knew what happened and also failed to report it. they will not be fired but will go through corrective training. friends and fans are mourning the death of a legend. gene wilder died yesterday in his home at 83. the actor is best known for his roles in comedy classics like "blazing saddles," and "young frankenstein," and of course charlie and the chocolate factory." he stopped acting in the late 90s. his family revealed he had been battting alzheimer's and he stepped out of the public spotlight so his fans wouldn't be disappointed. read more about his legacy by downloading the free denver 7 % app. nelly four years after the shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary, the newly refurbished school is -- is once again open.
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first time yesterday. the classrooms where the shootings happened are part of an unmarked grassy area in the middle of a parking lot. there is no memorial to the victims inside the school but school officials promise there will be one in the future. there is a big mystery in new zealand and locals are bewildered. 500 cows have disappeared. they were most likely stolen according to a local farmer. the cows are worth as much as $1600 a piece, $800,000 for the entire lot. -?we are talking about 500 cows transport that many at once. >> it is strange. a popular tourist attraction and why it could be come into an end. a ban is proposed with swimming with hawaiian dolphins. >> they say the serving as steve -- is preventing the dolphins from getting nocturnal rest. apparently, they do not function well without a good nights sleep. >> proposed rules would prevent
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by any means. if passed, these new guidelines would begin in 2017. hawaii is closely watching two hurricanes in the pacific. the swirling storms seen on the left is madeleine a category 4, and right behind is hurricane lester, a category 3. it's center is not expected to make landfall on the island but islanders will feel the impacts there. >> you almost feel guilty when we have quiet weather and you are dealing with these tropical storm hurricanes. >> we will be watching timing wise this weekend for that first one to bring heavy rain to the big island. here at home, beautiful 80s all week long. upper 80s expected by thursday. we are on the cooler side of the 30s today and tomorrow. more afttrnoon storms are expected today and again tomorrow. i will show you that in just a
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degrees. we should see that by 3:00. parker is at 75 degrees today and castle rock will be in the low to mid 70s farther south. 60s and 70s for the mountains this afternoon. as you get out on the western slope, closer to 90 degrees in ran junction. quite a bit warmer. compared to normal, we are five degrees above normal. not far off from that normal high. well off from the record of 98 degrees. we don't want to be that warm. we are seeing on our wireless cameras, a few clouds starting to build but it is really not going to be here for the next couple out -- of hours that we will see thunderstorms. first, in the mountains along the southern front range, west of colorado springs, obviously the springs was hit hard yesterday, we could see a few of these slower moving cells and heavier rain. we will be watching for potentialll more flash flooding in spots today.
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denver is at a 20 to 30% chance for scattered storms throughout the afternoon. on again, it looks like parts of northeastern colorado are going to be a lot dryer. that includes fort collins, greeley, sterling, but up through the foothills and mountains we get a few more. by tomorrow early morning, we will be under a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky and potentlly some showers out east with some patchy fog early wednesday morning. and then a few more thunderstorms by the afternoon. we are going to be unsettled today and tomorrow. when you look t our temperatures, low 80s both days, denver today 80 degrees, 82 degrees tomorrow. as we get to the end of the week, things start to warm up. mid to upper 80s on thursday and friday. friday looking good. 87 degrees for a high. we have got the rocky mountain showdown here in town and we are expecting temperatures to be in the 80s by the start of that game. definitely in the 80s for any afternoon tailgating and then some 70s during the game with
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storms. getting into the weekend, obviously a long holiday weekend for some. here is your first alert we are tracking a cold froot that could bring our temperatures down early next week. you are going to find the taste of colorado, some decent weather. there have been years when it has been touch and go out there. this looks pretty good for it. >> it's great. a litttle sun screen, an umbrella and you will beefine. >> enjoy the last unofficial end of summer. apple in hot water this morning. now, they may have to pay billions of dollars to fix the
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the broncos have their starting quarterback, trevor siemian. we first broke that story yesterday on our news at 11:00. >> you don't have to look far to find diehard broncos fans with strong opinions about the newly appointed quarterback. some say the news really doesn't come as a surprise. the surprise for fans came up when we brought up sanchez.
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in as the apparrnt number one and dropped from the there. attthis point, fans say they just have to be confident in their coaching staff and the coaching staff's decisions. >> i think we learned a lot under peyton last year and brock also, i guess. coach kubiak knows what he is doing and all you have to do is trust in that and sooner or later i think paxton will get the job. >> trevor siemian will get a big first test at a carolina panthers a week from thursday. a european commission says apple has to pay $13 billion -- ,13 billion in backtalk -- in according to the commission, irelann was giving apple illegal tax benefits. as a result, the company paid substantially less than it should have. ireland and apple both plan to appeal the decision. this comes as apple prepares to unveil the iphone 7. the annual
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happen next wednesday and many people think we will get our first look at the iphone 7. you may have to buy a wireless headphones or earbuds when it comes out. city. -- leaked documents show apple is ditching the iphone -- headphone jack. >> you already did that. you are ahead of the game. donald trump is gearing up for a big speech on immigration but before we get to that, we have the latest scandal he is using to slam hillary clinton. and we learn boy who was sitting in class
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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it is 11:30 pm and we are on top of breaking news. an anonymous threat has closed usda offices in five states including the office right here in colorado. >> amanda del castillo joins us with new information. amanda?>> reporter: the usda spokesperson says it threats that are raising concerns about personnel and facilities. that is what has led to these closings. now, we know for that reason, five states including colorado have closed their offices today and it will stay that way until further notice. here in fort collins, five buildings are closed including a garage. there is a handwritten sign that says the building is closed, no exceptions or exemptions. the complex is less thhn a half mile away from colorado state
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west virginia following the safety measures. we know that the usda is working with the fbi, local and federal authorities to figure out whether this threat is credible. again, we are here in fort collins. i can tell you by looking around the parking lot here, that it is mostly empty. we have seen a police car just arrive a few minutes ago and enter the building. we are following developments on denver 7. reporting live in fort collins this morning, i am amanda del castillo you. shifting gears, take a look at picture is from yesterday's hailstorm. colorado springs saw an intro two of hail. several of you sent in picttres of the aftermath. if you would like to see the full photo gallery, do it for free on our denver 7 up. the hell was so bad, the plows had to be called in. it is not common -- uncommon to
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we talked to a few people who say it is no fun getting stuck outside when that hail is >> it is kind of like teen girls, getting hit by paintballs. that is how it sounds and feels. >> ouch. i am glad the plow drivers have a job in summer. >> getting some practice in for the next few months before we get real snow in. it is going to be nice are possible this afternoon. we didn't see reports of extremely large hail down damage last month. you can see from our wireless camera, size are skinny right now. we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds early this afternoon and thenmo afternoon thunderstorms into the early evening. as we skip ahead to the holiday weekend, it is going to get a little warmer. today is one of the coolest days on our seven-day forecast. here is your first alert. we are likely going to top out
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upper 60s to low 70s in the foothills. evergreen is at 71 degrees. i will show you the timing of today's 'storms, where they develop and where we have a better chance of heavy rain later this afternoon coming up. we're learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting that happened over the weekend. two denver police officers were cornered in an attic anwere worried about a woman who was also trapped up there. it happened on fox street. police say terry salazar was refusing to drop a knife one of the officers opened fire. that officer is now on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. arson investigators with the atf are looking into what caused a fire near evans and i 25 yesterday afternoon. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. denver fire officials say they spotted a marijuana grow in the basement. they also said there were
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home which made it difficult to get inside. this man is accused of choking a woman and he is now unddr a new colorado law to face felony charges instead of a misdemeanor. david kirsch hit a woman in her face, grabbed her neck and started choking her. she was able to get away. this happened at a city market. -?he is facing second-degree charges of assault by strangulation. that new charge became effective july 1. the so-called rehab magill >> we were first to tell you about the legal sober living homes. chris bathum says he is selling his treatment centers. in an email to denver 7, he says his clients are welcome to say -- stay in the sober living houses but at one home, recovering addicts say they are being given days to get out. >> i am in a bad situation. i am unemployed, unpaid and homeless. >> bathroom's former staff says they have not been paid in weeks. in a 2020 report, they thumb
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-- bathroom -- bathum denied allegations of the illegal practices. republicans are wondering how donald trump's campaign will affect the republican races for the house and the senate. >> they are making an aggressive play for voters and dollars. here with the campaign happenings is lonna zaak. >> reporter: pundits have speculated on the downtrodden effect of donald trump. voters are casting ballots in two test cases. the races of marco rubio and john mccain. >> i have never been a big fan of john mccain. >> reporter: donald trump, who never served, ignited controversy when he went after mccain's war record. >> he was a hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured.>> reporter: he endorsed the arizona senator.
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esteem, senator john mccain. >> >>reporter: the story is similar for marco rubio, facing off against a republican real estate developer who has been called "florida's little trump." also trying to make her way back to washington is deborah wasserman schultz. she had a public battle with b sanders, who endorsed her challenger. >> this could become a real crisis of confidence on the outcome. if people feel russia is involved, many accept the aftermath of this election. >> reporter: hillary clinton continues her massive fundraising drive preparing for the debate. that first debate takes place in just one month. recent poll numbers show that donald trump has been able to stabilize the lead and the next likely test for both competitors is what happens in that debate arena. lonna zack, abc news washington. this next story
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a teenager says his cell phone exploded in his locker -- pocket. he was taking a test when he felt smoke and smelled something burning. >> the smoke was flowing to his face and he couldn't brrathe. he tried to pull the phone out and burned his hand. >> reporter: another student was able to get to the phone usg a t-shirt, taking it out of the pocket and throwing it on the ground. samsung says it the company is trying to figure out why it exploded. a man in jeffersoo county had his deep stolen was something so precious inside and he wants everybody to keep an eye out for jake the corgi. the dog was in the vehicle when his owner went into the valero station at west mississsppi and wadsworth. when nick came back, the vehicle was gone and the corgi, jake, is still missing.
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safe return. >> he is only a foot, foot and % a half off the ground. 35-45 pounds. a little heavyset for a welsh corgi. we feed him well. he is part of the family. >> you can hear how devastated they are. if you know where jake could be or see him anywhere, all the lakewood police department at the number on your screen. rtd says it is not going to pay a contractor money that it is due because of issues with the a line. an agency is withholding more than $65,000 from denver transit partners. all of this has to do with problems on the train to dia since it began operating back in april. rtd says it could withhold even more money for problems that have happened from june into july. transit partners is working to fix the issues with the train that have led to repeated delays. the next time you take a nighttime stroll along the 16th
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to see better. crews just installed new led lights. the crew is putting up 182 of them. they are going to cut down on the energy bill and make them all brighter and hopefully more safe. for all of you who love to spend winter on the slopes, tickets for the winter park ski train are now on sale. they went on sale at 8 am this morning. there are still tickets available. the train will depart from union station. that is where jason gruenauer reported from today. >reporter: tickets aboard the ski train. i'm going to be one of thousands heading off from union station into the mountains. a to our quick train ride right onto the slopes of winter park. tickets went on sale at 8 am this morning at $39 one-way per person. kids are half-price and we are told those ticket prices could be going up according to amtrak based on demand. were talking about 12 weekends starting on january 7,
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holidays. one trip out in the morning and one trip back in the afternoon. that only really allows for 500 of these tickets of 13,000 total one way. i spoke to someone from amtrak a few minutes ago and they say they expect sales to be strong this morning but they don't have exact numbers as of just yet. if you want to buy your tickets, we have a link on our website reporting at union station, jason grue not winter yet. labor day weekend is just about here and we have some good news foo travelers. what you can expect to pay for gas. plus, we all hate those pricey plann tickets but now you may be able to get them with a new kind of payment plan. it sounds legitimate but there is a catch. just coming off the e. coli outbreak, now thousands of chipotle employees are suing the company. why they say they were cheated out of money. it is now 11:40 am and it is nice right now. for the kids tomorrow, as you
11:41 am
expecting low 60s in the morning at ow 80s by the time they had home. it is going to be a touch
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the french president, frangois hollande says trade deals between france and the eu have been bogged down and he says a deal will nnt be
11:44 am
france wants to halt talks on the transatlaatic trade and investment partnership. they see it as too friendly to u.s. businesses. unlike what most people think, the hpv vaccine isn't just for girls. boys made it as well. the cdc says more of them are getting the vaccine them ever before. at least 8% of boys -- 8% more of boys have received at least one of the three vaccines prevent hpv related cancers. >> i think it is thrilling. i think it is great. i think we're making a lot of progress to close the gap between girls and boys but it still shows may we still have more work to do. >> critics question the vaccine's safety and whether it really makes martinez premixed suis -- makes teenagers more promiscuous studies have foond those speculations unfounded.
11:45 am
negotiations, pilots for southwest airlinesscould finally be getting the pay raise they have been demanding. both sides have reached a tentative deal giving pilots better contract and raises from previous years. this is not a done deal. the union needs to review the offer in mid-september. if you can't afford a ticket to your dream destination, why not put up a payment plan for your airline tickets? is teaming up with a finance company to offer this financing option. there is a big catch. you could get stuck paying a 30% interest rate. you can only get financing on tickets that cost more than $100. >> 30%? that's ridiculous. nearly 10,000 workers are suing aaa, claiming the restaurant cheated them out of pay. former and current employees
11:46 am
employees say chipotle required hourly paid workers to punch out but continue to work until they were given permission to leave. the law firm representing the employees says the complaints come from just about every state chipotle operates in. cappelli denies any wrongdoing and says this case has no merit. the alabama department of public health is testing hundreds of employees after a factory worker tested positive for tuberculosis. the employee works at the factory paint shop in common emery. about 500 people will be tested. there is no word on how the disease. it may be cheaper than you thought to drive somewhere this labor day weekend. holiday gas prices are the lowest they have been since 2004. the average national price for a gallon is $2.22. the colorado average is just one cent lower than that. we're startinn to see somee developments. it has been quite this morning but things are picking up. >> clouds are building. take a look. this is from the top of our building looking west.
11:47 am
along the foothills and through the mountains. we will start to see stores and showers. satellite radar definitely more active than it was 30 minutes ago. as you get west of denver into the mountains, we are seeing some pockets now where ttere is a little heavy rain and some lightning. hopefully, anybody thht went hiking did so early. as you get further toward the springs, that was a spot we have been showing your pictures with a lot of hail and flooding3 rains. these are slow-moving storms that are developing today, so as they moved moving much at ll, we are going to get pockets of heavy rain with these individual cells. on futurecast, pretty active through early afternoon. most of what we are seeing today is going to be either south or west of denver, although there are still a few spotty she -- showers possible. we are watching for the 3 potential for maybeeeven flash flooding in spots and even through early evening tonight, the chance of a few thunderstorms. that is what it x like at 11:30
11:48 am
-- thattis what it looks like at 11:30 pm. you might get rain and lightnnng overnight. across the plains tomorrow morning, a few showers you can see lingering and likely some dense fog in spots out east early wednesday morning. plenty of leftover moisture. we're going to continue to see scattered storms and showers wednesday afternoon. it will be a lot more isolated near denver, fort collins, and sterling. a little dryer for us tomorrow and even drier by thursday. as far as temperatures go, near 80 degrees in hundred today, 81 degrees in greeley, sterling we have the springs at 73 degrees and 60s and 70s for the mountains. our foothills, allen park at 66 degrees, highlands ranch at 79 degrees, and bennett 78 degrees. about five degrees below normal today. we will see a few more degrees tomorrow. a little warmer, low 80s on weenesday and some mid-80s by
11:49 am
come thursday and friday, it looks pretty nice. mid to upper 80s and warmer weather holds strong through sunday and then it gets a little cooler by the first of next week. we are tracking a cold front with temperatures overnight in the 50s to low 60s. weatherwise, it looks like it ?s going to be pretty nice for llbor day. >> i like to hear that. thank you. some of you may be dealing with damage from yesterday's storm. in the springs. if your home or car got hit by some of that intense hail, >> the best way to preventt against home damage from a hailstorm is preventative care much like healthcare. you wann to make sure that your roof is properly maintained, that anything that needs to be repaired is prepared -- is repaired and that is the best way to prepare from the home perspective. when it comes to cars, they
11:50 am
if you are in a city where there is a lot of hail and pretty frequently, it might be worth investing in that. you can also use blankets from home talk >> for more details on anything with hail or insurance, all you need to do is visit the website you see on the bottom of your screen. a star is catching the eye of nasa scientists. they say this is a peculiar age defying -- age defying proto-
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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to me, this looks like just another star but for astronomers, a mystery they are starting to figure out. nassau says this massive star, lodged deep in the milky way, might actually be a protostar, still in the making. several astronomers have studied it and concluded it is an oxygen rich star, about 10 times as massive as our son. are you looking for breaking news and whether coverage? watch the now weekday afternoons at 4:00. with word of gene wilder's
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means to die of alzheimer's disease and what death can do to further impact the -- to further understand the impact of the disease. and when lawmakers don't tend to rock the boat in election years. what they might actually get ddne. for the best is coverage, make the now part of your weekday afternoons. let's finnsh strong with somebody who knows how to finish strong. a two-year-old's broadway rendition of the abc's is gging viral. >> and here is why. >> ? >> really? is that not adorable? the video has gone super viral on facebook with over 30 million views in a week. >> we hit the same notes, the
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80 degrees in denver, 82 degrees in longmont. we have a rockies game tonight and upper 70s for the start of
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