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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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denver 7 news starts right now. >> the ain is still not been tonight. you can still see some green on the radar across the metro. >> take a look at downtown denver. it has been steady keeping the roads wet but no major flooding. >> nothing like the north metro. this is at 70th and pecos. waste deep water has dropped people in their cars. >> this kept the rockies off the field, that game postponed. look at the sheets of rain. >> s a flood advisory. let's get a look at the warnings with chief meteorologist mike nelson. >> the storms have diminished some but amazing amounts of rain and lightning. the orange and red have diminished that we continue to have some areas on the north side of the denver metro under flash flood warning's in the thornton area until 11:15 pm. in boulder county until midnight. reports of debris on highway 119 by coal creek canyon. rain around parker road and e-
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let's go to thornton where it has been the worst. heavy rain and a lot of hail. marshall zelinger is there now. >>reporter: this is amazing. we are in a parking lot near 72nd and pecos. check out that honda surrounded by what looks like snow. that is pea-sized tale that created some craters here. i would jump into show you how deep that water is but there is that newspaper stand, that read we have another car here that was stalled out and captured by the floodwaters inside this parking lot near the 99 -- $.99 store. a lot of pea-sized tale that actually flooded the inside of this kfc and you can see it is all sprinkled out in the parking lot. in the distance, thht is 72nd and pecos still blocked off. when we got off the highway at u.s. 36 and pecos, we saw flooded streets and it is
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all that water you are seeing on the side was flowing down this direction. we got here just after all that hail came down. again, pea-sized tale. when it falls altogether, clubs up and looks like snow. this has trapped people in their cars on pecos. we met one family that was in one of two cars stuck at 72nd and pecos. >> please -- we were starting to drift off the side of the road. she hit the brakes and the we just started floating. as that happened, water started coming inside the car. >> we didn't really see how deep the water was. it didn't look flooded so we just went. we were trying to find a place to get out like here so we could get out of the car but the car diedd >>reporter: i asked about the turn around, don't brown theory with that family. they say they couldn't tell with all the hail and as fast as the rain was coming down, that the road was flooded out.
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here. that is the kind of hail we dealt with. 72nd and pecos remains closed. this area still waiting to clear out but it shouldn't be much longer. marshall zelinger, denver 7. >> lied everyone is okay. exclusively on denver 7, a mother held at gunpoint, kidnapped and forccd to hand over cash. that mom only talked to jennifer kovaleski and she is still very shaken tonight. >>reporter: she is terrified. the woman lot in lafayette when two suspects got into her car. she had no idea they would pull a gun and demand cash, especially not in front of her to young kids -- two young kids. >> they wanted to my house. they know me and my kids. i feel so scared. >>reporter: this woman was too afraid to show her face but says she wants to warn others about these two suspects caught on surveillance video. they rubbed her at gunpoint.
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she looks llke she needs help. >>reporter: she says she was shopping at goodwill when a man and woman approached her asking directions. this town. me i don't know i am not from here. i just came here from mexico. >>reporter: the woman offered to drive hem boast -- both to the post office. >> when everyone was in the car, the guy showed me a gun and he told me you have to drive to the bank. i told him ddughter. >>reporter: both of her kids now in the car, she says she drove to the bank and took out the cash. >> when people asked why don't you say anything in the bank? because i can't. he was on the side of me. i can't do anything because my kids watching with the other person. i only take a little bit and he asked me that's all you have cracks he told me -- that's all
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he told me drive to your house. >> reporter: he ordered her to drive back to drop him off. >> now i can't go outside or go to the store. i don't feel safe. >>reporter: the suspect got away with -- suspects got away with more than $6500 in cash. the woman and her two kids were not hurt. anyone with information is asked to call police. live in lafayette, jennifer ccll this story the newest twist on the grandparent scam. you know the one where your grandchild is in jail and you need to wire money to get them out? well now, a virtual kidnapping scam preys on your emotions related to the well-being of family members. you get a call that there has
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gang member isn't going to call police to report the accident but you have to pay up or your loved one will be kidnapped. >> the thing all these have in common is they use various techniques to build fear or emotion. >> police say don't fall for this. if you get a call like this, hang up and call immediately to report it. what caused two docs to attack, killing a conifer woman? the sheriff's department doesn't know what sparked the dogs to attack the woman they lived with but we spoke to a woman wrong. >>reporter: the two dogs were put down at the foothills animal shelter earlier today but there are still a lot of questions about what led up to the attack. they are attacking her. >>reporter: a sign outside says beware of dogs. susan shawl dead and her son injured after their dogs attackee. but why? >> it is not something the average well socialized pet dog does. >>reporter: it will behaviorist doctor suzanne hetts has
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>> i think there are often warning signs. sometimes, there is some sort of previous bite or the dogs have a history of threatening, showing aggression, growling or barking. >>reporter: back at the house, we saw a notice on the door stating animal control and pounded two pit bulls, one black and the other white. we know the sun give the okay to put the dogs down. >> i think it is really sad it was pit bulls because it adds to the narrative that pit are violent. >>reporter: the sheriff's department issued the sun a warning in 2008 after a neighbor reported the dogs were loose and aggressive. doctor hetts says that is another warning sign. >> what that says to me as if they had a previous report of the dogs being loose and aggressive is that their standard of care may not have been what hit -- what it should have been far responsible pet ownership. >>reporter: a spokesperson with -?the sheriff's department says it is hard to know exactly what happened because the sun
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already underway. reporting and jefferson county, liz gelardi denver 7. >> right now, police need you to take a good look at these pictures. these guys brooe into fiddler and made off with alcohol. they broke in three separate times, just this month. with all those cameras at dia, it is probably the last place you want to steal something. a lesson this guy learned the wrong way. this is rafael mcdonagh and he is accused of worth of jewelry but the checked bag a pair of earrings were worth $35,000. four years after the shooting inside the aurora theater, a memorial will be -?erected close to the theater the municipal center. the memorial group picked up a big donation from an aurora
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the memorial. within the last hour, we learned most of the usda offices will be back open tomorrow morning including the one in fort collins but you will see more security after threats today closed down offices in five states. the fbi is still trying to determineethe seriousness of those threats. we're getting closer to the holidays but we have a warning from cdot. if you're traveling this labor day weekend, be prepared for some of the busiest roads ever. the rush will start on thursday. don't expect the congestion to the problem is just getting worse. here is denver 7 marc stewart. >>reporter: the time to get through the tunnel here toward denver has been getting worse over the last 2 to 3 years. as we discovered tonight, it is on purpose. at 11,000 feet, it is a quick transition from scenic to sterile inside the i-70 tunnels near georgetown. once inside, cdot wants to make sure it is a smooth ride with
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that is why it implements what is known as safety metering. during many of the holiday weekends, using traffic lights at the entrance to start and stop traffic is a way to make sure there are no backups. >> safety metering is one of those things the public sees and doesn't love.>>reporter: the cdot spokeswoman, amy ford, with anywhere from 35,000 to 45,000 cars passing through over the holiday weekend in both irections, safety metering may be inevitable. >> we can't have stop and go traffic in the tunnel period. we need to allow people to get through their. >>reporter: you could face delays from 35 minutes to an hour as you drive home toward denver. the express lanes are helping but this is a side effect of success. >> the economy has gotten betttr. more and more people are going to the mountains. record skiers, record year for travel.
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of day was better than others to avoid delays. the simple answer was no during a holiday weekend. near georgetown, marc stewart, denver 7 now back to all that he'll. theecleanup continues in colorado springs from yesterday's big storm. take a look at this house. there was so much hail, it came inside the basement living room and toppled a fridge. the person who lives here says i got about 5 feet of hail inside. the red cross is now helping people like this family with places to st they are pleading with us to come eat. chipotle is trying one more thing to try to get us to drop an.
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the storm mmy have moved out but the storm is still -- it is closed at 72nd and pecos. the parking lot flooded and covered with about a foot of hail. we will have a on where the storms are in a couple minutes. you have to see this dramatic crash. right in front of a dash camera, a semi's breaks give out sending it crashing through cars near the pennsylvania
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you can see cars bursting into flames. other drivers rushed in and pulled a woman who was in that car out and saved her life. almost 2 years ago, officer john anson was fighting for his life but tomorrow he'd returns -- he returns to work and wants to pay for it. the community stepped up when he was in need and now he wants to help other first responders who are hurt on the job and he wants you to join in. >> you don't for call it at all? >> i when i was hit, i don't remember anything. >>reporter: officer john anson knows he is a lucky man. here he is, one of five bicycle cops. watch on tte left, this black mercedes comes right at them knocking him off his bike and putting him in a hospital bed for months to fight for his life. >> i didn't believe what had happened ntil i saw the video myself. i probably watched ttat video
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injured almost every part of his body. he has had 18 surgeries and has more to go. look at his scraped up dear. and his uniform practically in - pieces.>> reporter: is it hard for you to be down here knowing across theestreet is where you were hit? >> i acv halo video footage as i am looking across the street but it's amazing to me that i basically almost went a half block underneath a car.>>reporter: he still has issues with blood flow in his left leg where an artery was severed and his thumb and two fingers. yet, he has the determination of an olympian. >> mentally, i think i am doing really well ann physically, i am pushing myself every day. i was able to run 3 miles myself for the first time since the accident. >> [ applause ] >>reporter: his faith and family boost him as to his fellow officers. today, two officers who were riding with him the day of the accident showed up.
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to raise funds to help with the recovery of other first responders. a recipient this year was tony lopez, shot three times and now recovering. >> it's in honor of him and we're going to help his family out but he wants to pay it forward just like i do. >>reporter: both officees know they were lucky. they got to see and feel the outpouring of lo community and media attention. they want other injured first responders to feel it so they also can be anson strong. >> you can do it. you can come back and be better than ever. >>reporter: the rise and run event is september 17 at foundry church. it costs $45. run, walk or race. it is open to everyone and you can find out more about it on >> what a tough guy. free burritos and other free deals didn't help boost to delay sales so now kids eat
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this is just through the month of september. kids have their choice of any kids meal. this time, it was our turn in the denver area. it started out pretty quiet. this was the view over the city this afternoon. just the gentle cumulus clouds building but let me's -- me fast forward. watch how these thunderheads muscled up. the activity pushing back toward the foothills with light winds aloft. you can see the result, the big downpours we have had along with hail here is what radar shows as of 6 pm. thunderstorm activity building and moving slowly. we still have heavy rainfall occurring in the boulder county area. boulder county emergency management reported excessive runoff and debris near for mile creek. that is where it dumps into boulder creek near highway 119.% we're not expecting flooding in
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the west, some pretty rough weather earlier this evening. still a few flashes of lightning and the distance from time to time. 62 degrees downtown, 64 degrees dia, 70% humidity, light winds at 3 miles per hour. the high was 82 degrees. very close to the normal this time of year. let's talk tropics. the southeast as there is a in tropical depression pushing in from the gulf coast heading toward florida. that is going to move across northern florida with up to 8 inches of rain and a lot of high seas as well. impact hawaii. hurricane madeleine striking just on the south side of the big island and hurricane lester, which will pass to the north of the islands over the next couple days. back here, an upper air disturbance is swirling across southeastern colorado spawning severe weather yesterday and today. conditions will diminish to clouds and light showers tonight out of the far eastern plains by morning. low temperature 53 degrees in denver, 37 degrees in leadville. tomorrow, some showers early in the far eastern plains. the pper air disturbance will
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colorado but close enough to build scattered storm activity in the afternoon and evening. 3 the rain chances and the severe weather threat are lower for tomorrow. denver's high at 82 degrees, 83 degrees fort collins, 65 degrees leadville, 90 degrees at west in grand junction. we do have hotter and drier weather coming up the next few days. storms ending tonight, 53 degrees and partly cloudy. tomorroww dry and warm in the morning. a few storms in th activity as the last couple days. looking ahead, sunshine and a beautiful day thursday. another minor system comes through friday with a few afternoon storms. we put the bright spot on thursday and then the weekend looks terrific. lesslie sunny saturday and 80 degrees, 85 degrees on sunday. a dry, cold front comes through thursday. a little bii cooler and nnt bad for labor day with a high temperature of 78 degrees. that escalated quickly tonight.
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now through august thirty-first. this is an absolutely heartbreaking story. any expecting mom once her mother by her side but for taylor masilotti, time with her mom was limited as she battled cancer. doctors helped this special moment happened so that both could be together to find out
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>> no way. >> yep, you have a daughter. let me show you. >> what a moment that was. taylor said she couldn't think the hospital enough -- thank the hospital enough for setting up that visit because her mom passed away a few days later. this mom is having twins. these girls are extra special. this couple is a few weeks away from welcoming monochorionic- monoamniotic twins. this means the girls share the same placenta an this means the girls will be identical twins. i am lionel bienvenue. you never like to see anybody lose their job but in the nfl, it happens every year at this time.
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sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun. >> reporter: welcome to 7 sports extra. beautiful -- the nfl is glamour and fun until it becomes a cold hard business. for guys like mark sanchez and today, britton colquitt. try rank has the latest on another day of cuts.>>reporter: resident obama called randy mcmanus tte kicker and the heart and soul of the broncos offense. britton colquitt might have postseason and now he is gone. he refused to take a pay cut and they wanted him at $1.6 million. he declined. he has been waived so they are going with riley dixon suit start the season. >> it's miserable. these guys stay with you all off-season and training camp and then you got to say no. getting through this game from a numbers standpoint is very very difficult it's a tough time.
10:29 pm
he said tuesday he would like to remain in denver. he loves the organization but they don't know if they have a spot for him. they could cut him, asking for a pay cut or trade him, which they have done -- tried the last couple of days. he says he isn't worried. >> if things don't work out the way you want, you can't act like a cry baby. that's not right. so, i will help trevor he is a likable guy. it could be worse. >> how do you handle this? >> very careeully. jedi mind tricks. >>reporter: gary kubiak said maybe 2 to 3 players could make the game and the next -- the team in the next game. >> i am really excited. i have been kind of coming in the second half of the game so i have been sitting around and then get my shot.
10:30 pm
warming up and going out to play right away. >>reporter: other cuts, braille and addison, garrett graham on injury reserve and tackle kyle roberts was let go. back to you in the studio. >> reporter: this was the scene at coors field as the rockies and dodgers tried to play baseball but mother nature wanted no part of it. postponed split doubleheader tomorrow. 1:10 pm and 6:10 pm. former broncos quarterback team -- tim tebow chasing a major-league baseball dream. including the rockies. the guy is in shape. nothing but muscle with captain america with a bat. he played outfield, cracked a few over the fence. who knows what will happen here. i witnessed things in 2011 on the football field that were unexplainable. we will see. your hackensack play of the week. twinsburg indians pitcher ticked the line drive to himself and caught it for the out. watch it again.
10:31 pm
indians won 5 to 4. that is hackensack mcalester from here on out. >> how do you score that one? >> i don't know what number the leg is so we will investigate. that was a crazy play. another thing that can't be explained tonight, the soggy sauget. >> radar shows the storm's gradually diminishing but still some rain in the west and flooding in boulder county along 119 and of course a mess important. >> and it's chilly. 64 degrees out there.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. thank you. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game tonight. we're potty training my


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