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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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car doors, water started coming inside the car. >> pretty scary moments aa mother nature just pound the metro area sending rain down at an alarging rate. >> and we cannot forget about all the hail in some place that's still piled up in some places this morning.
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>> it doesn't sound like something we would see in august. it looks like it snowed out there. >> reporter: it does. and people said they did have a hail of a time last night for when this came down last night for about 45 minutes. this is about a foot and a half deep. and i weigh about 170 pounds. and this is packed down tight. and this is in the this is pea-sized hail just come practiced. what a mess out here. and the weather service, they said for 45 minutes, this storm stalled out and moved slow over the west in this area. and dumped up to 1.54 inches of rain within 45 minutes just in this area right here. and as you can see this is the low area in the parking lot with the dealership with the cars back here and they were
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water. some car alarm have been going off because water got in and setting off the electrical system. this pile is almost two feet tall. by 3:00 is should be around 82. so we'll get a lot of the melting off this afternoon. you had some heavy hail. and it wasn't large. so hopefully the hail damage the issues but flood in the area. and you'll find the skies clearing and the satellite and the radar a lot quieter this morning. and the kids this morning, some low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. a little cloud cover and some patchy fog out east. and a few more storms this afternoon. and the highs around 82 and it looks like fewer storms today and isolated activity in
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drier and warmer tomorrow. and that is the first alert that we'll see the temperatures climb. and we have some standing water around town and damm areas this is -- damp areas. this is on the shoulder. but there are some areas where we're seeing in the traffic this morning. but we continue to dry out nicely take a look at the drive at 225 and yosemite. and the overall drive on the map is a lot of green out there. so the speeds on the and west sec of evans would be -- section of he have -- of evans westbound closed down. the eastbound side is open. we have the police activity as we've talked about a little west of sloane lake. so you will see the pleat out there. otherwise, -- the police out there. and otherwise, we continue to
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police are interrogating a suspect that caused a security square at the airport in frankfort, germany. initially we heard no one was in custody. and now we're learning that the pprson was questioned when they got into a secure area without being searched first and the airport was evacuated and everyone had to be rescreened. so the airport operations are just getting back to normal. and another story it appears that everyone is going to from houston to london. it hit turbulence over the atlantic. 16 people hurt and taken to hospitals after the plane made an emergency landing in ireland. all people have been treated and released. the former air force academy football star has died in a car crash yesterday morning. it happened in georgia.
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history to rush and pass for a thousand yards in a season. the usda office in fort collins will reopen this morning after a threat shut down in five states. the fbi is trying to figure out just how legitimate the threats are. till they determine that, the security officers will guard the offices. terrifying moments for a lafayette family. you see these two people? they are accused of kidnapping a mom and her two childr still out there. and west mother's exclusive interview. >> reporter: victim remains terrorfied this morning. that is because the suupect knows where her daughter goes to school and where the family lives. those were two stops in he robbery and kidnaping that happened monday afternoon. but it started at this goodwill at lafayette. she was shopping with her four- year-old son and approached
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with tattooed eyebrows. the man described as 6-foot tall drove up and convinced her to drive them to the post office. and she got in the car with her and her son. >> when everybody was in the car this guy show me a gun. >> reporter: at the bank, she was forced to get out of the car kids behind. they then forced her to drive to her house and get more money. and the suspect then drive them back to the goodwill to drop them off aad they got away with about 6500. we're talking to police and what steps they are doing to keep it woman safe this morning. a warning for you this morning. conartists are targeting the elderly telling them that their
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need money to get out. and they are calling is a virtually kidnapping scam. if you get a call to wire a relative in jail don't believe it. hang up and call the police to report t. a woman said that she was out on a trail in jefferson county and a man popped out and scared her. fortunately, a friend was with her. it was getttng dark at matthewses winter park and they were almost at the end of the trail ann a man jumped made an aggressive stance in front of her. anddwhen he saw the man with her, he apologized. she shutters what could have happened if she would have been alone. >> i love the hike. i will be a bit more alert. it always feels safe. >> so the next time you go hiking, bring a bright light
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find these guys. they broke into the amphitheattr and stole some alcohol. this is not the first time they've done this, though. the police said that they've broken in three times this month alone. police said this man stole $129,000 worth of july friday a checked bag at dia. he works for united. and great news, this denver police officer will return to wook this morning hit and drags along east colfax nearly two years ago. and we have more on his return. >> reporter: we're talking about months in the hospital and more than a dozen surgeries, yet the officer considers him one of the lucky ones after he survived that really scary incident, one of the serious crashes that you'll see on video. this is from the halo cam, the
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they were monitoring a student protest when a car veered off the road and simply crashed into him and dragging him a block. as his recovery process continues, today the officer is going back to working on the dpd force today. he spoke to us about where he is now. >> mentally, i think i'm doing really well. physically i'm puuhing myself every day. i was able to run three miles myself for the first time the accident. >> reporter: he's taking the support that he received and paying it forward and create add it strong. tony lopez was shot three times on patrol. and coming up later, we'll speak with theeofficer as we once again goes back to work as a member of the denver police department here this morning
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stay with us. reporting live, back to you. downtown denver is about to get a lot busier. 500,000 people are expected to flock for the annual taste of colorado. it does not kick off till friday but preparations are already underway. and now we'll send it over to jason and tell you about the closures and detours that start today. that's right. we have detours today. let me show you on the map what is going on. this is the area that we're talking about we have some roads that will be closing down later on this morning. and this section of ban nickel be closed and they'll have a kickoff weekend and party and celebration that will happen next thursday. so they'll have some roads closed down by thursday morning and more roads and thursday evening we'll have broadway closed and colfax closed own and friday evening, all of these roads around civic center
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impact to traffic as we get closer to the weekend. but we'll see lighter and lighter traffic as we get closer to the week as well. a confer woman killed by her own dog. were there signs leading up to the attacc. what you need to watch out for with your own pets. >> reporter: do you want tt say to people that were on the train that day? >> i'm sorry. >> a woman is in trouble over prank. we'll let you know if it was funny or went too far. we have a quiet start to the day. you'll see a few thunderstorms this afternoon this is 3:30. isolated activity and a few of these could roll east over
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right now authorities are trying to determine why two dogs mauled and killed a woman and also injured his son. and we talked with an mall behaviorist who said there are usually warning signs. >> i think there are often or warning signs. sometimes ome sort of previous bite or the dogs have a history of threatening showing growling and >> the two killer dogs were put down yesterday. it was not their first offense. in 2008 the deputies warned them to keep their dogs in cheek after a neighbor complained they are loose and aggressive. jetblue will take off rom cuba to the united states. and 150 people are on this flight.
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on board and are mostly members of the media and airline executives and vip like the transportation secretary. but there are about 60 just regular travelers that are taking the first historic flight and we'll follow this through the morning. donald trump will be in mexico this morning. he'll be meeting with countr he'll meet him hours before his speech on immigration. this comes months after strong words between donald trump and the mexican leader. donald trump wants to build a border wall and make mexico pay for it. a new york city woman thought she was being funny but the police did not think she
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on her. she was acting like she was homeless. and one person pulled the train's emergency brake. the woman said that she learned her lesson and her prank days are behind her now. talk about panic. ze. yikes. >> you would feel the bugs on you all day long. and the skies ha out after heavy rain in spoos last night. today we have another 20% chance for some storms and these are slow moving storms and we can get upwards of an within an hour. and a half and pockets of heavy rain possible with the individual cells. and it will be drier in town tomorrow. as you get the kids ready this morning for the bus stop, we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00 and then this afternoon, a fewwstorms
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82 degrees. it's likely going to be a touch warmer than yesterday works to three degrees warmer. denver 82 and platteville 82. so we're a few degrees off normal. as you get further south in castle rock and parker, we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s and upper 60s to around 70 in the foothills. hot on the western slopes. and 91 in grand junction this afternoon and 87 today in craig. futurecast shows some cloud cover. and it does look like we see some pockets of dense fog early on stretching into kansas and nebraska and a few more thunderstorms by this afternoon. i like to compare this to, if you were to put some popcorn kernels right on a pan, a few of them popping up and becoming a little bigger. that happens with some of our storms in the afternoon. so it is tough to tell which neighborhoods will get the heavy rain. some people were dry and others in heavy showers.
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payment divide -- palmer divide some heavier showers and overnight, a few isolated up into the foothills and along i- 25. early tomorrow morning, the skies will clear a bit more and tomorrow afternoon, a lot drier, a lot less activity across northeastern colorado. but down to the southwest, telluride and durango will likely see showers thursday afternoon. so drier weather thursday a and early evening storms on friday. rocky mountain showdown is on friday. and we've been watching the forecast all week. and you'll fined by the the start of thattgame, the temperatures in the low to mid- 80s and we'll drop into the 70s with a 10% chance for a fee storms. saturday 88. sunday 85. this is the unnfficial end of summer. >> where is the grill?
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>> check what is cooking on the grill? >> a cheeseburger. >> we have a smooth ride overall even though we're still drying out in a few locations. some parking lots with some e %- hail left in them or roads with standing water. this is santa fe. they had a big water main break and it caused a huge sinkhole and it will take the most part of the day to get it fixed. so the suggestion up to florida, you can see that the cdot camera and that is santa fe to florida and you get over to plat river dry. and we have the police situation, the activity around 20th and fenton on the west side of sloanes lake and the north side nice and quiet. and the drive to dia25 minutes. lots of things have serial numbers on them.
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w it's your turn to make the switch. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. dashcam video shows the officer shooting the teen 16 times and it shows him walking away from police and not lunging with him towards a knife like some of the officers that said. and the officer that shot him is charged with first-degree murder. bullets with serial numbers
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solving gun crimes. and illinois state lawmaker wants serial numbers on all ammunition and it cculd help track bullets and track people illegalll distributing ammo. a woman is suing about her name.. and in terms to protect her reputation and since then, he has been arrested and charged with stealing 6 hand thousand dollars. and now knight wants her name removed from the restaurant. we know sharks are a beach and now you need to know some ?arge snake. >> they're showing up on the jersey shore. a woman said that she walking
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something. we thought it was an eel and we stood up and walked over to it it was a snake. >> so that is creepy to look at. experts stay is just a guarder snake so it is not going to hurt you. but it might freak you out. >> sharks and snakes, the two worst thing in my world. >> that is bad enough. >> that is scary. temperatures right now in the 50s. you'll find this morning low 60s, a little cloud cover, low 80s. 82 for the high this afternoon with a few thunderstorms. so denver 82 and deckers at 73 and allens park 67. so it is still chill this morning as you get up into the mountains. and we're likely going to see a
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but here's the first alert that tomorrow it is drier. >> you can see this looks a little gray here, along i-25. so don't be surprised if you see some areas of limited visibility, especially with the heavy rain and roadways. the rest of the ride as you see on the map looks good. and we have the situation on evans and the westbound side off evans ann sanity be closed down and the rest of the drive including to dia is okay. gene wilder's death because of alzheimer's is back in the the spotlight. and a wells county mom is
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this is a live look at a scene near 20th avenue and fenton. and e learned all of this started as a traffic accident. there were shots fired, according to the police. and when the officer has arrived, the police fund a gun under the sufficient and the driver was gone they're still looking for its person that from the scene. rain, rain go away. it pounded the denver metro area, making a met yesterday and we could get a repeat this evening. >> rain was so bad it kept rockys from taking the field. that means if mother nature cooperates they'll host the dodgers in a doubleeeader. these are people trapped in cars at 70th and caicos. >> it is not just rain that is


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