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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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was shout to be an accident and thhn someone reported shots fires and the police did find a gun under the suv. but the driver is gone. >> i do not want to stick my head out till a saw the police. >> and the police car are still looking for the person that ran from the scene. thankfully the people in the other car were okay. take a look at the flooding on roads in the north metro
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>> this unbelievable. and the water was waist deep. and some people are trapped inside their cars. there are mounds of hail. >> reporter: there sure is. a lot of pea-sized hail out here. this is a low lining area off 72nd. the parking lot at the super 99 center store, that is right next to the kfc here. and look at this. it is just packed down t is like wintertime out here. it is like an iceberg here. you can see all the leaves and debris stuck in there. and it is all over the parking lot. and the weather service last night said that between 7:00 and 8:00 last night they had an inch and a half of rain that fell in the area and right
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dealership parking lot. some of the cars were sitting in a foot of water and some of the car alarms were going off because the water was getting inside and getting into the electrical system. quite a met you don't here and there's a car off my left and you see the leaves and the debris stuck to the car almost to the door handles. and there's a number box sit in the middll of the parking lot. so hopefully with the warmer temperaturee this will all melt. >> and it designed like there might be a -- and like there might be a nice car sale at that lot later this week. this afternoon we're expecting a lot melting of all of that hail. you'll find the skies clearing out this morning, a few lingering storms up to the northeast near sterling. but in denver, you'll find a little more sunshine and patchy fog out in the east a and here we'll be in the low 60s by 8:00 and low 80s by 4:00 and denver a high of 82. this is a fee degrees below
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thunderstorms this afternoon and we'll focus out east of denver and we could see more pockets of heavy rain today. and here is the first alert. in the low 80s today and warmer by friday. and we have wet weather to deal with this morning, including to the north side. you see this on the jonestown camera. and you have some damm areas on the freeways -- damp areas on the freeways and side streets. to be careful. and take a look at the problem that we have on i-70. you see th the denver police. they just moved a stall.. this is eastbound near the colosseum. everyone is going very slowly past the police. and we have a jam to paco. 76 is heavy. and we have the problem on westbound evan that's still closed down -- evans that is still closed down to santa fe
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moving around that big sinkhole. we have a neww alert and we need to you take a look at the suspects. two robs and kidnapped a lafayette mother at gunpoint with her two kids in the car and the suspects are still on the run. >> the woman spoke to us. and we go to lafayette this morning. and the woman initially thought she was doing the right thing. >> reporter: the victim thought she was helping these two get to the post office. it all started inside of goodwill behind me in lafayette on monday afternoon. and the woman was with her 4- year-old son shopping and a woman, a spanish speaking woman approached them and hat woman had tattooed eyebrowssand that woman was asking for direccions to the post office and while they were talking, a man described as being 6-foot talk walked up and convinced her to let drive them there and they
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they all got downhill. >> when everybody in the car, this guy show me a gun. he told me you have to drive to the bank. and i told him i have to pick up my daughter. >> reporter: with the five of them in the car, they went to the bank and she was forced to get out of car with the man and leaving he then to her home to get more money. and the suspects made her drive them back to the goodwill and they got away with $6,500. and we'll hear why she could not alert the tellers at the bank. all morning long we've been keeping you updated on breaking international story. another security scare at an airport. the police in frankfort,
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got into a secure area without going through the screening process. and part of the airport was evacuated just a few hours ago after that person got through. and at this point it is not clear if it was accidental or if the person iitended to get into a secure area. we've been following the airport's twitter account. operations have consumed in frankfort. but there are stiil some delays. and that all comes two days after that caused the evacuation at the los angeles international airport. the fbi is being cautious this morning after the threat of a mass casualty situation 3 shut down usda facilities in colorado and five other states. some facilities in connecticut and west virginia will remain closed today. and the usda spokesperson said
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security upgrades. two dog have been put down after mauling a 60-year-old woman to death in confer. the victim has been identified as susan shaw. and the two pitt bulls belong to her son richard. he was cited in 2008. in 2008 a neighbor reported them loose and aggressive. >> they're standard should be. >> we reached out to richard shaw for comment and we have not heard back. take a look at these criminals. greenwood village police say these people have broke into the amphitheater three times in
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liquor. he is now the charged with one count of felony theft. the sale tax could go up in arvada. she just placed a tax relevanted question on the november ballot. it will raise the sales taxx5 cents for every $10 purchase and use the money for street min prominens and it could add up to 10 million-dollar a year. a denver poliie officer will return to work nearly two dragged along east colfax. >> we have more on his return. good morning. >> reporter: good morning g news to pass along for sure. not many people excited to wake up at 7:00 a.m. but this officer is most likely one of them. he spoke to us yesterday and going to speak to us in a little bit as we gets back to work as a member of the denver police department force. it will be in a limbed role. but he is still back -- limited role but he is still back after
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we'll take you back to the crash happened on december 2014. this is a scary video from one of the halo cams showing the car hitting him while on bike patrol. they were keeping an eye on a student protest when all of this happens. he has had about a dozen surgeries and spent nine months but he said that he was able to run three miles on his own. and because of that because ease feeling physical better and mentally he is much better and he is coming back to work again for dpe. and we hope to speak to him live on the way into work this morning and talk to him about where he is right now in the recovery process and what is like putting that badge back on again. i'm expecting a smile to come
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come across his face when i ask him that. we'll have taint -- that interview in a half hour. the pooice need any informmtion when this homicide ?hat happened around midnight on sunday. one man shot and killed in front a home and another person shot inside the home and person survived. they are looking for a dark vehicle like the one here. it was seen leaving after the crime. chipotle's stock fell dramatically in the last year because of the he e. coli outbreak last weekk kids will eat free on ssnday during the move september and all month long they'll get a
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a meal. more than 500,000 people be is he civic center because of >> the road closures will begin today. jason is going to have the details on that. >> what do we need to know so we can avoid the chaos? we have details. it will be around sir center park. tomorrow, thursday by -- thursday by 7:00, we'll have some roads shutting down, clouding broadway. and tomorrow morning you're going to have to deal with more closures and tomorrow night, all these roads around the civic center park will be closed down and stay that way through the holiday week. and we have other road closures. and it will be that way for the nfl kickoff village and the big
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thursday. guess what, there are still tickets available for key train. -- ski train. they went on sale yesterday. you can find tickets $39 one way and other tickets will cost as much as $69. % >> i bought mine. we're taking the familyyin january. a new scam preying on people's emotions. and c people about the holiday weekend and the traffic. >this morning, we have some plains but it look goods from
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there is hail on the ground near 72nd. and some place it's is deep. right now this man, timothy hagens is going to face first- degree murder charges. the police said that he killed a 56-year-old man last week and he's in jail this morning. we just got an update from the authorities in germany. no explosives security breach at that frankfort airport. they just gave a news conference. someone got through the security area without going through screening. we figured nothing had been found because operations resumed about an hour ago. but we don't know how the person made it past security. there's a new scam going other than. >> you'll get a call that there's been an accident that
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member and the gang member will not call the police to report the crash. but you have to pay up or your left loved one wwll be kidnapped. remember. this is just a scam. folks in hawaii have a lot to worry about in the next few days. two ray doctors have we're talking about here -- two radars have what we're talking about here, two hurricanes. one could happen as -- as early as today. you can see some of the heavy rain that hit yesterday. nine people killed when the nursing home flooded. more than 170,000 people have been forced to evacuate. things were a lot calm near downtown denver last night. there was quite a bit of rain
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roadways. in some other locations, a little further to the north, it was a different story. severe thunderstorm warnings >> we had anywhere froo three quarters of an inch to an inch of rain in spots in denver. these are slow moving storms and there's another shot of getting a few more this afternoon. so a 20% chance. and here's your cheat sheet on this wednesday. i almost said thursday. >> that would be nice. possible and drier tomorrow in denver. and more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. not a lot of sun right now on our wwreless camera this is northeastern colorado where we -?have patchy, dense fog across the plains early on. you can see a few showers up to the northeast just east of sterling this morning. otherwise drier conditions in denver. but jason has been showing us some of the damm and wet and some of the cloud cover that we're seeing out east is
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morning. we'll see more thunderstorms popping up during the early afternoon and you'll notice just east and southeast of denver closer to lineman, burrington and the springs, we have a better chance for a few storms this afternoon. and it will be isolated in the foothills and e or two could roll east over denver but a better chance cross the far eastern plains. temperatures today are going to top out in the 80s. they'll cool a little bit with a few of the storms and early tomorrow, we're likely looking at more fog out few showers early thursday morning. thursday afternoon it is drier for denver. most of northeastern colorado is going to see a lot of sunshine through tomorrow afternoon t is going to be a little bit warmer. the mountains and the southwestern colorado will likely see most of tomorrow's thunderstorms. highs today in the 80s. we're in the low 60s and upper 50s right now nd we should get to about 74 by noon and high today of 82 by 4:00.
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isolated storms. denver, 82. castle rock 75. and in boulder, 79. so we're a few degrees below normal today and we'll be at that normal mark tomorrow and mid-80s expected on thursday and even a little warmer on friday. today the last day of the month, september 1st tomorrow. the early snow on record will be but it is not going to happen this year. we have about a 10% chance for isolated storm. look at all the hail. we have a lot of it. that is 72nd. that is a car that you can probably buy for pretty cheap once the dealership opens back up.
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72nd and pacos. take a look at the drive that we have going on the south side and we have heavy traffic building on 225 and the situation on westbound evans. we had a big water main break yesterday and there was a huge sinkhole and it will not be fixed till later today so they're sending the traffic to florida and westbound evans. and the eastbound side is open. and at report mississippi. not seeing significant delays yet. but i'll keep an eye on this if we see delays on santa fe. otherwise to the north side of town. we have the stalled out car on the left shoulder and the eastbound side of i-70 and the coliseum. and nothing else significant going on yet. more than 45,000 could be
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enhower -- ice eisenhower tunnel it could add an hour to your drive time. >> the people see that and they don't necessarily love. we need to allow safety vehicles and others to get through there and they cannot if it is full of cars. >> cdot spokeswoman said that you probably will not be able to beat the holiday weekend. so plan an extra our more so if you're going thhough the tunnel. as we head to break, we want to give you a live look at the scene that we've been following all morning long this is break news at 20th and fenton. you can see the police officers have come back out to the scene. they are working on the investigation. you see them taking the they're looking for a suspect that fired some shots during a
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denver a high of 82 and we have a slight chance for a few more storms and i'll show you the timing of it and the better chance where we'll see storms in a minute. you see the thick fog to the north. this is i-25 and knead exhibit an so very thick fog and it is limiting the visibility and slowing the speeds. you cannot see i-25 from in here. and take a look at drive that we have going on i-70 and slower than average. heavy stop-and-go traffic on the north side already. a close call for a hiker on a popular trail. hear her warning after the break. and one man said that he had five feet of hail inside his home.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili
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to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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it is 6:30 and wear style fogging breaking news -- still following breaks new. after a traffic accident, a man fired shots and now they are looking for the man. and a lot of people will be cleani u hailstorm in colorado last night this car got hit hard. it filled up the living room with the hail and knocked over aa frig. that is crazy weather. yes, right now the skies have cleared out. and you see from our wireless camera, sunshine. but we have dense fog in spott llke akron.
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60s at the bus stop this morning. and the same thing as you head off to work and by the time kids heading home around 3:00 a high of 82 there's a chance for a few storms. it is about a 20% chance. but with a few of these individual storms, we could get heavy rain and small hail. denver 82 and castle rock a high of 755and upper 60s to 70s in the foothills. and here's the first alert that a lot of the storms that we'll see today and this afternoon will be off to denver, isolated storms here. it was was closer to down last night and that is where we find darrell two feet in hail. >> reporter: that's right this is two feet of hail and it is all compressed together here from last night. i weigh about 170 pounds and
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the weather service said between an inch, inch and a half of rain fell out here and not to mention the hail. and the reason it is so concentrated in this parking lot is this is a low lining area. and most of the water flows in the area as hail and it melted and then it got cooler and it turned into chunks of icebergs out here. these are i would not be surprised if some of you wake up to see some tents in your cars this morning. -- some dent in your cars this morning. but hopefully it will warm up and all of this will wash away. you see highway 36 and you see some of the hail on the side of the highway. but is regular stop and go down to i-25 that is can youing this delay. heavy stop and go traffic coming on the southbound side
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tightly packed in here. and i don't see anything in the lanes of traffic t is very slow -- it is very slow that guy is not even moving on the southbound side. lots of stop-and-go traffic. we have some problems here along santa fe because of an accident oo mississippi and santa fe. i'll have your detours in a minute. this 18-year-old man, paul davidson will be in court crime, beating his 2-week-old baby on monday. the idaho springs police found him bleeding from the mouuh and the doctors said it had a fractured skull and broken collarbone. the head of uc is stepping down today. it has been the center of three gender discrimination complaints in the past three years. and one of the complaints ended with a $40,000 settlement for
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surveillance picks are accused of carjacking a william and her children and -- a woman and her children and they are still on the run this morning. we talked to the victim. >> reporter: this victim is was a would-be good deed gone wrong. she and her four-year-old son were at this goodwill in lafayette and they were approached by a man and woman post office. and the man insisted that she take the two to the post office and the four of them got into the car and it all went downhill. the victim said that the male suspect pulled out gun and demanded that she take them to the bank. the victim said that she needed to pick up her 8-year-old daughter from school first. and the five of them in the car, the victim drove to the bank and forced to with draw money. >> the people ask, why you you
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i can't do anything. my kids were in the truck with the other person. >> reporter: the suspect then forced the woman to her home to get more money and all they collected -- and they collected more than $6,500. the police are patrolling her with her when they picked up her daughter and her home. this man robbed a u.s. bank on mississippi and broadway. you see him wearing a black motorcycle helmet. but he ran away on foot. it happened before 10:00 yesterday morning. and he is described as a thin, black man about six feet tall. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. hillary clinton continues to lead the race for the white house.
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she is four points ahead of donald trump. gary johnson 11 and jill stine has just 5%. he needs to be at 15% 20 qualify for the debate. onald trump is headed to mexico today. he'll be meeting with the mexican president. and the move comes as a bit of a surprise since one of donald trump's most popular campaign promiies is to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. and quote, major speech on hillary cliiton will open an office here today this is hillary clinton's 17th office in he state. the fbi is planning it release reports on the clinton investigation soon. it would be released today.
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be releasing all the documents in the case. clinton's campaign has not commented. we have breaking business new right now. all of you with daughters will be interested in this match tell has just announced it will start selling american girl products in its stores. you will till now you had to go to the american girl stores or buy them on line. but toys'r'us will be the only u.s. retail tore sell the doll -- and only 17 stores nationwide. a warning from a hiker this morninn make sure that you hike in groups because a man jumped out of the woods while she was out after dark. when the suspect saw another man apologized for startling them and she tells us that she was allen, if -- if she was
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danger. experts say if you're out after the dark have a flash flight and pepper spray. today it will be firefighters kicking off fill the boot. it is to help children wiih muscular dystrophy. our community will never forget 12 people, the victims of a horrific attack in aurora and now forward in an effort to build a memorial. they have raised enough down nice select an artist for the memorial. they received $106,000 donation from colorado communiiy church. scary moments for a local family when they get trapped in rising water and they are forced to abandon their car. he used to throw a football
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this family was forced to abandon their vehicle. >> i we just went and then we were trying to find a place to get out and get out of the car. but the car died out. >> we saw a lot of hail in the north metro area as well. and lisa is tracking the chance for more. yes. 6:41 in the mountains, you can see the clear skies and sunshine to start this morning in denver. but that scene at loveland, you see up along the divide will be a little cloudier by midday
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the plains and we'll be in mid- 70s by 11:00 and 82 for the high today with a few storms. most of our storms and some of the slow moving, heavy rain, small hailstorms will be likely east of denver. we'll be watching closure to lineman and akron for stronger storms. in denver, a slight chance and high of 82. i told you about the road work on westbound evans. main break yesterday. look how much of the section they had to take up of the and the eastbound side, they allowed for one lane to get through but the westbound side is depletely closed. -- is completely cllsed. but they'll be out here for the better part of the day.
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facing four lawsuit for miss
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a judge granted this woman visitation with the boy she verbally assaulted in this cannot go to her home or ab lone with her. -- be alone with her. two more women are suing a former vail doctor, gary wise. they said that he misdiagnosed them with ms. and he surrendered his colorado medical center and that was in connection to a case in 2014.
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the $15 an hour wage hike. >> all of this sounds great raising the minimum wage, spinning someone else's money. >> democrats in new jersey say they will not stop fighting for higher minimum wage. they want to put the issue on next year's billion lot. former denver'' quarterback skills. the former quarterback wants to be in the minor league sometime next month. tebow back in the news to play baseball. >> he has not really played since high school. but when you're hat good as an athletic, you are good at a lot of things.
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wireless camera. and that is a live look up across western colorado. we have quite a bit of fog in spots out east and even a few light showers just east of sterlinging this morning. denver things are starting to clear out. we have more sunshine here downtown. and it will be a bright eastbound drive, right now, the temperature 54 and winds coming in at five to ten miles an hour. and to it is a mild start and we'll be in 60s by 10:00 and mid-70s by noon and the denver of 82. so our 24 hour planner looks a lot like it did this past 24 hours with low to mid-80s across the eastern plains and 60s and 70s in the foothills. highland ranch 71 and aurora, 80 greely high of 81, fort collins 82. and we're about ten degrees warmer out west in grand junction. a little hotter and drier as you get out west. and this morning, some of the clouds that we're seeing will
6:48 am
littte more sunshine by 15ebg cross the plaii -- by 11:00 and we'll have a mix of sun and clouds in denver and a good 20% chance for a few isolated storms and we have a better chance of slow moving storms in lineman and burlington and that -?could bring with it pockets o heavy rain and small hail and small winds. and overnight, we're under a partly cloudy sky, lingering isolatee storms are % out there and early tomorrow, things will start to clean up a bit. fewer storms expected in town tomorrow across northeastern colorado, you see how much drier it is. so warmer and drier for us in town. we have two rockies game. last night's game was rained out and so they have a doubleheader today. the first game after 1:00. we're expectingg80s and mostly
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chance for -- second game a chance for a few isolated storms. and tomorrow more sunshine and bright spot on thursday and friday. mid- to upper 80s. we'll talk more about the rocky mountain showdown friday night coming up. and the long holiday weekend looks good. saturday and sunday will be the warmer of the three days with mid- and upper 80s. and we have trouble spots out and about. way tonight start with a camera on the north side at 104th. we had a report of a couple the highway and the merge and i- 25. look at that driver, you just cut across so early and you should use the ramp lane to get all the way through. but there's so much traffic coming off the ramp, you see it goes back. and on on the map it goes back to avenue. and that is i-25. ?e still ha the section of evans closed down and the
6:50 am
mississippi from the accident right near santa fe as well. 225 okay for the most part. it will take about you ten minutes or so coming from parker to i-25. and the rest of the ride around town continues to get busier and busier this morning. 6:50 a new app all of you will want to hear about because you can get something free after you download this one. this is adam tickets. they just launched in denver this morning. and everyone that dam app will get their first movie purchase for free. you can buy tickets on this but you can invite friends to joan you at the movies and prepay for your concessions and you take your smart phone to the movie theater on scan a code to walk into your show, no maybe tickets. check this out on the app store and google play. you'll see all the ticks are being offered to me r --
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>> that is fun. here's a story that some ladies are going to be talking about it is official. nick. >> listen nick has been on two previous shows this guy needs to find a date in a normal way. >> you're right because he is a two timer. he's the runner-up. so now he gets a third shot at love because why not find on abc television show. >> he didn't the first two times why not the third? >> he was wildly considered the villan of season ten of the bachelorette. a new season of the bachelor premiers in january. we'll get you caught up in your morning sprint, including the search for the person that
6:52 am
stop. it happened in edge water. and they've been looking for the person for more than three hours. if you saw rain and hail outside your window last night, you're not alone.
6:53 am
a man is on the run accuses of fleeing a scene involving an accident and a stolen car it
6:54 am
edgewater. >> witnesses called 911 when they said thhy heard gunshots and they found a gun under the car and the driver was gone. and the police are trying to track down these three guys. they broke into fiddler's grain and stole alcohol three time in the past month. if you recognize them, call the police. this man admitted to stealing $129,000 worth of jewelry from a checked bag at dia. he works for united. he now faces one charge felony theft. >> reporter: we're live in lafayette this morning where a mother remains terrorfied. she and her two children were kidnapped and held up and robbed at gunpoint monday afternoon. it started that the goodwill when a man and woman approached the victim and asked for directions to the post office. and the man insisted that the man take them there. and the two got away with
6:55 am we're live in denver. still not clear what caused two dogs to aatack and kill a confer woman this week. the two dog have been put down. they were put down yesterday. we learned that eight years ago the dog's owner was isssed a warning after a neighbor reported the dogs were loose and aggressive. at this point no one is facing criminal charges. ng after threats to the office across the united ssates. and the security officers will guard the offices. i drifted off to the side of the road and she hit the brakes and the brakes didn't do anything. and we just started ffoating off to the side. as that happened, the car doors the water started coming in tte car. >> terrifying moment as mother
6:56 am
of rain in 45 minntes. >> and there's still hail piled uu in some pots and darrell is near -- in spots and darrell is near one of those spots on 72nd. >> reporter: yes. last night what a mess between 7:00 andd8:00 last night an inch and a half of rain and % hail fell out here. you can see i'm standing on an iceberg of hail. and that is probably about two feet deep. it lasted for about 45 minutes last night and torrential rains and a couple cars in the parking lot have debris almost up to the door handles of the car. so that gives you an idea of one to two feet of water out here on the vehicles. and most tv was pea-sized. look at the size of thieves. these are upwards towards dime and marble sized hail this morning. take a look at your car hood, the top of it, you may have a
6:57 am
this stuff s goiig to melt. and we have a chance for today looks a lot like yesterday. the temperatures will be in low 80s. i think most of the storms that we'll see some of the slower moving and heavy rainstorms will be east of denver. a better chance for that, we'll get isolated activity here. and tomorrow more sunshine and 85 and on friday, friday night, cu versus csu. and the temperatures will be in the 80s for during the game and about a 10 to 20% chance for a few late day storms. we havv a foggy drive to the none, and i-25 and 19 near longmont. and we have low clouds and low visibility up there. heavy stop-and-go traffic in pockets all the way down to 84th avenue. and we're not seeing anything in there and you see on the map, some of the slow and go that we have up there that way including downtown and we have a lot of stop-and-go traffic in
6:58 am
in 45 minutes history will be made. the first scheduled commercial flight from the u.s. to cuba in more than half a century will take off. jetblue 387 will depart from fort lauderdale and arrive in 150 will be on board. they're get into a plane now. the passengers are mostly media members but there are some regular people on this as well making this >> we'll be there tomorrow.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's surprise, heading to mexico to meet with their president who compared him to hitler and mussolini hours before a major speech on immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> the clinton campaign fires back this morning. >> thank you. >> breaking right now, emergency landing. a united airlines flight taking off from texas hitting severe turbulence. ambulances on the tarmac. at least 16 people rushed to the hospital. hurricane watch. florida's gulf coast bracing for a developing tropical storm with winds up to 70 miles an hour and a pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaii. schools closing, windows boarded up preparing for massive waves and mudslides. and singer chris brown


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