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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. and right now republican presidential nominee donald trump travel to mexico ahead of his highly anticipated immigration speech. how his high-profile meeting is affecting the polls. the first preparations get colorado festival. we are talking road closures. we're live in downtown denver -- denver with what you need to know on how to get around. it is technically still summer but mother nature doesn't think so. we have seen hail rain and major flooding. >> air tracker seven was over pecos where there is still hail on the ground.
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businesses are hoping all this hail is cleaned up soon. >> reporter: i'm standing on top of one of these little hail clusters that have gathered overnight here near 72nd at the 99 supercenter . we did speak with businesses who say that they're spending all morning clearing the debris from their storefronts and we spoke with others who say there is simply -- they are simply not open for cause of all this flood damage. parking lots were covered in water and is much is ten to 12 inches of hail overnight. we took a walk around the area and thought larger clusters of this hail. people say they have never seen anything like this. >> disastrous. it usually the lot is clean. as you can see the lot across theestreet is nice and clean that's what this usually looks like. and now we have 3 feet of hail
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downed trees down the branches cars that can't move. -?>> we spoke with a car dealership owner in this area as well. he says while the cars around in his lot didn't see much hail damage they did see a lot of flooding damage and he is thinking that at least 50 of the cars have seen a lot of water damage inside of them this morning. >> the good news is there is some sunshine out there. >> like she said the hail wasn't a large so they are not seeing a lot of hail damage which is good for the people but we could see more pockets of that today. it's likely going to be east of denver. beautiful right now though. at ttis point yesterday this shot from loveland ski area was
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had a storms building at that point. stop now we have sunshine . you'll notice in the next couple of hours future cast his showing a little more activity. it's going to be isolated up with the foothills. a little more widespread out east. so closer to limon in burlington akron. we could likeey get some heavy rain. these are slower moving south and could also get a little small hail. >> we saw last night. overnight skies will clear out and tomorrow will be dryer. today we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 70s here hour or 45 minutes and then highs right around 82 in denver. here's your first alert there is a chance for a few storms. stop we have two rockies games today since last night's was rained out we will take a look at that planner for you plus a look at jjst how warm it gets as we head into the holiday weekend. brazil senate has just voted 61122 remove president. stop. she accused of moving money between two budgets.
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years. highway 85 is back open. it was closed for about an hourr as of this three vehicle crash. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. police are searching for a suspect they say stole a car crashed and then opened fire. the shooting happened near 20th and fenton. after the crash the man took off running your if if you have any information call police. these two men behind bars facing charges for making and selling with spice. the district attorney says the products were not advertised as spiced. they were arrested in july. they been running their businesses since 2014. there now being held in jefferson county on a $1 million bond. investigators trying to learn why two dogs attacked killing this woman here. she is she's 60 years old.
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she was mauled by the dogs at her home. we talked to the animal behaviorist who says there are usually warning signs. >> the first thought is that there was something wrong they are with our relationship because as you know pet dogs and just don't kill people on a typical day. that's not something that the average well socialized pet dog does. >> her adult son was also hurt in the attack . eight years ago he was issued a warning after a neighbor reported the dogs stop aggressive. the dogs have been put down. here's a reminder to be extra vigilant on hiking. one woman says she was nearly attacked hiking jefferson countt. ccnnie schultz was on this date -- traile ys a man jumped out in aggressive stance in front of her. she says it wasn't until that man on the other men in her hiking group that he then apologized and left . she believes if she were alone she may have been in serious danger. >> i'm not going to let this one
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hikes. i love the hikes. i'm just going to carry on. % i'll just be more alert. this is a nice thing that i can hike and always feel safe. >> if you're hiking at night police recommend you bring bright lights with you carries a pepper spray or something for self-defense and if you can always try to just weather hike in a group instead of alone. the usda office in fort collins is five states on tuesday . the fbi still trying to figgre out just how legitimate the threats are. right now security officers will be in place attall those offices. two more women's doing this former male doctor gary weiss. they say he misdiagnosed them with multiple sclerosis. there are now for warming -- women suing him. happening today republican president a nominee donald trump
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president. this meeting is ahead of his highly anticipated speech on immigration tonight which will be held in arizona. meanwhile hillary clinton's poll numbers are falling as she stays away from the spotlight . >> just hours before his landmark speech on immigration arizona trumpet made to the mexican president henrique. >> my running mate will be very clear with the president about our priority of securing the borders building a wall. >> prompts -- terms of vp pick and for on scene and taking different towns. >> u.s. public opinion than and u.s. citizens can see this and ?inally see what is behind trump. this false prophet that is just treating everybody. >> trumpet criticized fox on twitter writing the former president who's really gets my visit to mexico today also invited me when he apologized using the f bomb.
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apologize to all mexicans. stop line. mexico is not yours to play with show some respect . content campaign says they plan to visit mexico at the appropriate timm. meanwhile a new washingtonost poll out today finds that clinton support has been eroding as are unfavorable her unfavorable the numbers are rising. now at 59% practically time with trump approximately 30 new clinton ma be released by the fbi and the state department soon. >> the meeting between mexico's leader and donald trump will be private we are told by trump's campaign manager that he will take questions from both mexican and american press. the two men do have one thing in common. really high unavailability ratings and those hoping to capitalize on this moment. the dean of business school
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this week. 's decision comes after allegations with a staffer who accused him of discriminating of being over the age of 40. senior vice provost bill kamber will take over as the sometime this semester. a 2,000-dollar reward for anyone with information with us homicide. stop just after midnight on sunday ne man was shot and killed on alameda. another person was also shop at survived. they are looking for dark vehicle. they -- it is believed to be the one you see on your screen right now. is air force academy star quarterback died in georgia. he was the fifth player in ncaa history to rush and pass for 1,000 yards in the season. he was 48 years old.
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his newborn baby . paul davidson ii facing felony abuse charges. police say early this year paramedics found his early -- history cool baby relating from the mouth. the baby had a fractured skull and a broken clavicle. denver police officer john travis is back to -- to work ttday. he was monitoring the student protest on east colfax when he was hit in dragged by a he suffered serious injuries . he waa hospitalized for several months and had more than a dozen surgeries . he says he still has limited movement in his left arm even though he doesn't remember getting hittthat day he knows he's a lucky guy. >> there were ups and downs throughout the way that i wasn't sure that they would actually come and doctors told me this day may never come. so i am blessed. >> the nine year veteran will be full-time just yet.
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there's a new scam out % called the virtual kidnapping scam. this is the newest twist on the so-called grandparents scam. you could get a call that there's been a car crash and your loved one hit a gang member. the gang member isn't going to call police to report the crash you have to pay up for your loved one will be kidnapped. >> the thing that this scam has a common in common is that they use various tech >> if you get a call like this just hang up and reported to the police. >> the sales tax could go up. city leaders just placed attacks related uestion on the november ballot. the proposal would raise the sales 5% for every 10-dollar purchase. city leaders would use the money for street maintenance which could add up to 10 million a year. labor day weekend will be a big one with the taste of
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>> if you're driving through downtown your commute will likely be affected. weather going or not. >> reporter: you know it's going to be a lot of people down herr when they already have the roads closed signs up . this is that colfax as they start setting up your for this weekend and the road closures are going to continue over the course of the next few days. let's start with the fun part . the taste of colorado. more than a half center park . it started on friday run through monday it's free admission. you just buy all sorts of delicious and not good for you food down here but back to the roads. let's see the closure map. this weekend red equals closed. today ban the street already close it tomorrow broadway will closed from 13th to 17th then colfax can be closed in the afternoon again the one that runs right by civic center park and then lincoln on friday. so some alternatives if you want to get down here for that massive food festival.
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that drops you off of the conventiin center and et you down here. if you're driving plan for detail gusty tour tried to stay out of the center of downtown. stop although roads will reopen early tuesday morning. this is for the broncos opener on thursday. ?ore road closures to come then. >> a busy weekend here in denver. krista brown is out on bail this morning after being arrested 24 hours ago for assault . today we are hearing from a woman who called 911 fearing for her life. >> i didn't want anything to escalate more because he's holding a gun to me. >> we will have more from what
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the latest on kristin brown . he is out of jail on bail facing us all the deadly weapon. >> the woman at the center is now speaking out. the 25-year-old says she pointed -- he pointed a gun at her in his home. it all started when someone brought over a box of expensive diamond jewelry outstanding over admiring it not touching it than one of chris's friends said back
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said i'm so sick of all of you people took the gun out like this put in my face and said get the f out. >> did you think he would pull the trigger. >> i thought was issued me. >> police surrounded brown's home for hours the singer claims is innocent and posted this video to insta gram. >> when you get a warrant or whatever you need to do you can walk right up in here and you ?an see nothing idiots. >> this is in the singer's first run-in with the law. in 2009 he pled guilty to felony assault for assaulting his then girlfriend a scare in the air force as an international flight to make it over to the landing. a dozen people including children it now in the hospital. united airlines flight was traveling from houston to london and it was forced to land in ireland after hitting severe turbulence. >> all the sudden we went to a straight drop and while you're dropping everything is fine up. so anybody that was unbuckled.
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thankfully only have minor injuries. >> this is some a new video to show you that is pretty miraculous. it's amazing rescue caught on video. a woman saves two kids from a burning car. this happened in connecticut. police say there was a ?-year-old driver back into the gas pump accident. you see the gas pump then fall onto the other car burrt into flames. two cars completely burned three others were damaged but thankfully no one was hurt ffce any charges but there were two children inside the one vehicle. you can see a passerby, and get the two kids out safely and again amazing that no one was injured. >> with had way too many car on fire stories. we did see ssme of the father clear up out east. i was looking at the limon camera that cleared up to the north east near pete's still a little bit of cloud cover there. we will see at this point lots of sunshine for denver and for
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much popping up yet on radar . given about one to two hours and you will find right around 2:00 and 3:00 3:00 will see more scattered storms and showers and our focus i think for some the cells will be east of ddnver as you get closer to limon akron burlington. we could see with the storm some heavy rain some small but again a lot of hail and again some went up two about 40 miles per hour. as you get into the mountains a the southwest here in denver by about 6:30. very isolated activity. overnight partly cloudy sky more fog early thursday morning but thursday afternoon does look dry dry. you're finally seeing this disturbance move out of it so out across the plains from denver to boulder in fort collins all the way up along 76 we are in for more sunshine tomorrow it's also going to be quite a bit warmer. today were still on the lower end of some of the 80s. will be right around 80 to 82
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some 60s and eventually some upper 50s and early if you get up about 6:00 or 7:00 that when you say some of air tomorrow. denver at 82 today. we put boulder at 79 highlands ranch at a high of 80. upper 60s low 70s for our foothills. upper 70s to right around 80 up across the northeastern corner. we are a few degrees below normal today. we have two rockies games today. first pitch a half right after 1:00. you will find it mostly sunny conditions for that. eightys expected for the start of the game. by second game tonight we could see a few isolated storms with temperatures dropping into the 70s. but it does look drier than last night. eighty-five on thursday. tomorrow a little warmer the bright spot those on thursday and friday. it's really pretty as a round of the week. we could see a few more storms though friday afternoon. will talk about the rocky mount showdown and also the taste of colorado this weekend coming up
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will be isolated . you'll find temperatures in the mid to upper '80s and just a touch cooler by the first of next week. this is a good way to round out the unofficial end of summer. 3 >> the 80s wonderful. we are days away from labor day and trip advisor says more people will be traveling this year than last year for the long weekend. a recent study finds the 37% f people plan to travel. that's up 10% from laat year. most people will the busiest travel days are the friday before and labor day itself. here in denver expect delays. more than 45,000 to be traveling through the eisenhower tunnel this weekend in both directions . on busy holiday weekend see. uses smart metering to keep things running. see that recommend you plan extra hour or so if you're going through the tunnel.
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is now making some cuts and sanchez's future is now up in the air.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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serena williams wins her 80th match. >> the triumphant return in new york for serena williams. she was the first round of the u.s. open. it is her first win in her first tournament since losing in the third round of the real olympics olympics. that's just one of a series of setbacks for the tennis star. she had to withdraw from her event last week because of a shoulder injury that injury clearly not a problem last night night. >> winning back that in 1999 was something i will i always dreamed of dreamt of winning here on this court. and every time i step out here it's super special. >> williams has one open six times. she is now going for her 23rd grand slam title. this is unusual site but this is a video will been waiting for from -- former broncos quarterback tim tebow play baseball.
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this show . people look good. 's agent says the former quarterback wants to be in a minor-league sometime next month. the broncos are saying goodbye to britain cold. he was cut by the team yesterday. to be replaced by a rookie who is making about 20% of what coal was making. as for quaaterback mark sanchez it's not clear what his future holds . he's tried to trade him to dallas with no luck. >> i want to be here . i love being here. braces community and i've had great time here. >> it's a redo today for the rockies. there game against la dodgers never got started last night because of the storm. the rockies will play a split doubleheader today game one is at one 10:00. game two will start at 6:00. still had a mother caught on video allegedly abusing her son. it's a video that went viral . why a judge says that she will now be allowed to see her son again. a lafayette mother kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint all
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she speaking out about the
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% take a look at this hail at 70th and pecos. the water was ways to deepen some people welled up trapped -?inside their cars. >> hail even filled up a business in north denver that
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talked with business owners. >> reporter: i'm standing in the parking lot of the 99 super center here on 72nd and pecos. take a look at all this hail. it's unbelievable to see that 3 the parking lot across the street just untouched. parking lots were covered in water and as much as ten to 12 inches of hail fell over night. the weather service in inches of rain in a 45 minute period . the slow-moving storms last night -- from the slow-moving storms last night. we sit with business owners who spent much of the morning clearing debris from their storefronts and others who say they are simply not open for business today because of all the flood damage. >> i need to remove all of this and clean all of this. if i don't think i can open. >> we spoke with the owner of a
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very much hail damage there are roughly 50 cars with a bunch of water damage after last night flooding. i didn't see any hail at my house in parker but it rained for two hours. >> because of the slow-moving storm that everyone in the area is getting help with the one person that does got a lot of it unfortunately. -?toda you can see the sky is starting to clear up a bit. stop we have a little bit more sunshine in spots like alignment the carter building and we will likely here in the next hour or hour and a half see if you storms out east. here's your cheat sheet for today. in denver about a 20% chance of storms pockets of heavy rain with some of the slower moving sell -- southeast of denver and then tomorrow it will be dry on the planes. temperaaures today near 80 and 82 degrees. denver at 82 middleton at 80.
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is still one of the coolest today's on our seven day forecast. a lot warmer for the holiday. look at this picture. these two people kidnapped her mother and that robbed at gunpoint all while the kids were still in the car and this morning she speaking only to denver seven. she asked us not to show her face because the suspect are still ut there. police say a man and woman approached her in his lafayette goodwill asking for directions . what they got in her car she says they pullld out a gun and demanded sheak bank . the woman had to pick up her daughter from school first so with both of her young children -?it now in the car she said sh did what they asked. >> people asked why you don't say anything. because i can't. because he was on the side of me. because i can't do anything. because my kids were watching. >> you can feel her anguish. >> police say they then
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$6,500. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> officials believe the body of this man a bould man has been found in the swiss alps. harrison fast it disappeared in march. this was the last video he uploaded. he was speed flying which is skiing with a fabric shoot. a man's body was found at a campground along with the elms alamosa river in june. investigators say he drowned and according to the cbi in sheriff's office they have not rolled out weather foul play was expect -- expected -- suspected. police need your help finding these guys. they broke into fiddlers a green amphitheater in still alcohol. this is not the first time they've done this . police say they broken three times just this month. timothy hagan behind bars a facing first-degree for the charges in el paso county.
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>> it's hard to hear but do remember this video that's when she says i'm going to kill you right now to her child. this video went viral. a judge is allowed her to see her son despite facing child abuse charges. the judge says she should have visitation with the boy however those visits will . new 911 calls a from the night alone gunmen opened fire inside in orlando nightclub. and this one a man is talking to the dispatcher trying to get help for his girlfriend inside a pulse nightclub. take less than. >> she's texted me that the shoooers are there. the shooters are here. i don't know they're in the back in with her right now in the club. >> we have a lot of deputies
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>> it's unclear what happened to the woman the caller was referring to . the shooter was killed by police during the shootout. the june massacre ended the lives of 49 people. new question today after medical school dean was attacked in a new york suburb. stop this was the minutes from democratic president to nominate on monday police say a man opened fire on dean and dennis charney the innocent bystander in broad daylight. they are excited recover the suspect has been arrested and charged with they think he shot out of revenge. he was his boss before the former assistant professor and researcher was fired in 2010 for misconduct. a judge also signed the order of protection banning child from contacting the dean. people are calling for a republican governor paul page to resign. this is because of racist comments were he blamed african-americans for crime and drug problems .
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highway and they kill mainlanders. half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> that's not all. then he left this voicemail full of profanity for one of his >> i want you to prove that on a racist. i've spenttmy life helping black people and you little socialist . >> that critic is this guy. state representative drew the teen. the two were sent to me today in the governor says he is not stepping down. president obama is headed to lake tahoe take -- wake tahoe today highlight environmental issues. hill deliver the keynote address about damage range and other things affecting our planet that he's heaaed to hawaii. mmre delays on the light rail . this time that were not talking about the train. it was becaase of this. of your post to posted is a
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the c and d lines were stuck in both directions between the mineral and inglewood after the break's apparently overheated and failed on one of the trains. fire department had to be called out. the trains are now moving in both directions. a new memorial making sure will never forget these 12 faces. they were killed in the aurora theater shooting four years ago. the 720 memorial foundation is working to pick an artist to build a permanent memorial. it will honor victims and survivors and heroes. the money came as a surprise aurora. >> colorado community church after one month we needed 90. you have given over 90s -- $95,000. >> that's amazing . the collocation has donated $106,000. >> it is once again time to donate -- help local firefighters fill their boot. firefighters across colorado to stand on the street holding other boots to drivers passing by the trying to raise might help fight muscular dystrophy.
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help fund groundbreakinggresearch and even sent more than 90 local children with muscular dystrophy to summer camps for free. labor day weekend is coming up and big events are happening downtown . one of them's annual taste of colorado happening at citizen park. that on friday. >> if you plan on driving through downtown here's a heads up. several street or two be closed . denver seven have all has all the details on how this will impact your commute >> reporter: stilllearly for them to cook food down here but you can see set up well under way and with that many people heading downtown the roads are already starting to be closed. this is colfax already shut down . the the road to the close basically dominoes over the next few days for this week and taste of colorado. thht start there . the actual event itself is expecting 500,000 plus people . it started on friday and runs through monday. admission is free . it's here
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tasty delicious food last year i got some pulled pork jalapeno nachoss they were delicious . i asked for driving down here -- as were driving down here banner street is closed . basically everything in red is what is closed friday through monday. then wertalking about broadway closing from 13th to 17th tomorrow then colfax a closing tomorrow afternoon then lincoln is going to close on friday. if you want some alternatives to just getting down here for this ?eekend the 16th street mall ride is free that dropped you off at the convention center if not just plan your detours around it and foolow the signs at. these roads are gonna reopen on tuesday morning and then were talking about road closures and for everything that's being set up right over there right in front of the city and county building. that were for the broncos kickoff come thursday. speaking up to two police trying to when you back. parents smiling. >> more universities are going digital but not all college students are happy with the
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students have to pay just to do their homework. it is near perfect outside right now. temperatures in the 60s sunshine here in denver but were starting to see if you building clouds and there is a slight chance for a few storms this afternoon. eighty-two for high by 4:00 and
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cars . one catches fire there's a woman inside of that than for men jump action . one man even grabbed the fire extinguisher. >> we could get the wind -- window open and the flames flared up and once they flared up and we got the fire knocked down we had no idea how the window broke within the flames went up. but they were able to get her out. bystanders that helped. it'' very unfortunate. >> thankfully those guys were there to help and dig up in the action. the woman escape was only cuts and bruises . police believe the brakes failed on the tractor-trailer. the california now with the latest on a fast-moving brush fire. the bogart fire is now 10% contained.
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evacuation orders have been lifted. the big island of hawaii is dealing with a hurricane warning as a basis for hurricane madeleine. it's impact is expected in the next day or even two. plus hurricane lester is not far behind . it is expected to approach i went on friday night. meanwhile in the atlantic hurricane watches in effect for part of florida because of tropical depression nine . a lot going on out there in the water. a scary scene on new york's huuson river. a group of ten kayakers yesterday throwing some into the river. investigators trying to figure out how the collision happened. >> we heard screaming in front of a vessel we noticed people flag is down and waving. >> a preliminary investigation says the very captain said sun glare prevented him from in between the kayakers. five people are hospitalized to may not survive -- two may not -?survive. for the first time in more
11:45 am
landed in cuba. by the end of the year there will be 20 direct flights. but remember there is still travel restrictions. abercrombie and fitch closing up 60 stores across the store because of declining sales. the company reported a wider loss for the second or the next acted. the closures represented about 8% of its doors . no worof any colorado locations are affected and of soon as we find out. denver-based aaa is offering even customers . anotter offering free kids meals on sundays during september. the company has been offering freebies following a series of food scares including a loyalty program and free drinks for students. 's college students being hit with another fee. they now have to pay in order to do their homework . textbook companies are now putting supplement supplemental course material online. that means in order to do
11:46 am
to pay for codes. >> code cost hundred dollars. without the code you don't pass the class. >> it lets students access their work from anywhere. most students say it's just price gouging. >> i remember -- i remember buying books. the pricing is painful. >> we did have to do some online stuff with codes so it was books and then added 80 bucks or whatever for the >> and they charre you for shoes at nordstrom. this is ridiculous. >> you have to look at why you're studying. a few storms starting to develop buttsatellite radar is not nearly as active as a was at the same time yesterday. at this time yesterday we were already seeing some active weather and some cells developing in the mountains. right now hear from the top of our building were in the mid to upper 60s. wind is pretty call a few clouds building up along the foothills but it's really nice outside. a very pleasant.
11:47 am
nine right now in conifer.. temperatures statewide are a few degrees below where they were at the same time yesterday. greeley 72 and in pueblo 73. these are highs for today. so right around 4:00 will hit a high of 82 in denvee. mid 70s from the springs to limon and some 60s and 70s in the mountains. one of the hotspots are western slope grand junction and 91 degrees. a little 71 castlerock 74. was the award right around 80 degrees this afternoon. were a few degrees below normal typically right around 84. today we will see a little more sunshine i think through the afternoon. most of the storms that we will see here along i-25 and up in the foothills are pretty isolated. you'll notice it right around 3:00 closer to limon burlington there is going to be a better chance for some of the slower moving cells heavy rain and potentially some small
11:48 am
partly cloudy sky and the early tomorrow morning we will likely see more patchy fog across the eastern plains so we will watch for that especially in some of the spots near greeley and akron like we saw this morning. early tommrrow a mix of sun and clouds . tomorrow afternoon more sunshine. it's goona be a lot drier across northeastern colorado on thursday. most of isolated storms tomorrow will be in the mountains. it gets a little warmer tomorrow as well. then 87 on friday. with been atching the rocky mount showdown forecast pretty close and you will find mid to upper '80s i the afternoon for highs and then about ten to 20% chance for a few storms here in town. was the 70s during the game so overall a pretty mild night and then for the weekend saturday and sunday some mid to upper '80s. i think if we see a few storms it's gonna be late on saturday and sunday looks mostly sunny and will see temperatures
11:49 am
week both monday and tuesday. for some pools and this is the last week and they are open so enjoy it while you can. >> the pools are going to close and never can jump back into the 90s. >> hopefully their flexible. after gene wilder's death has put alzheimer's back in the news. the 83-yearrold died from it. >> it made us wonder how is a disease of the mind. >> the disease itself can devastate the body and cause other complications with -- which could then it lead to death. and aging expert and were hopes wilder's death can help other families dealing with it. >> the more exposure we have to the amount of ppople who have dementia like alzheimer's the more public recognition we will have. the more funding for research we
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>> the cdc says alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the united states. in 2003 and killed nearly 85,000 people. the suspense is over for a bachelor nation. coming up we take
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dancing with the stars fans . they will have governor rick perry ryan lochte and a gymnast of lori hernandez also hitting the dance for. baby faces can be on vanilla ice and brady bunch star cormack. season 23 starts september 12th you can catch dancing with the stars riiht here on denver sevvn. >> that could be interesting to there are some interesting characters. from dancing to the bachelor. nick is hoping that possibly the third of the fourth the fifth's could be the charm for him. he's the latest man competing to find true love on the bachelor. his first round of love on the bachelorette but he was sent
11:54 am
next he fell hard for kaitlyn but that didn't work out either. that he followed his heart to paradise and i guess this is a spoiler. still no luck. >> i'm excited. i'm more nervous. it hasn't worked out so far and hopefully this time around maybe things will end up on a mooe positive note. >> i don't know. maybe he just needs to do regular dating at this point. season 21 start in january. % watched the now fo coverage in denver weekday afternoons at 4:00. house your credit. it's important to women who are dating. today at 4:00 a closer look at w scores impact your date worthiness. the surprising number of people who admit to using theirr pets in a biotics. for the best breaking news coverage at 4:00 make the now part of a weekday afternoons. right now get outside and
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tomorrow it's can be warm and sunny in the afternoon. mid 80s. 85 degrees by the time the kids are heading home and then warm
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