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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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>> reporter: the area where this happened is still taped off as you can see here. residents are not allowed in yet because there is still an ongoing investigation. as you can see, it's still an active scene. denver police chief was out here earlier briefing the media on what happened. his officers were trying to serve the suspect with multiple now, as soon as officers arrived to the house, the suspect ran through the back window. shortly after that, there middle of the road? >> three officers were involved in a struggle with the individual. in the midst of that struggle, the individual was fighting over one of the officer's service weapon. there after, shots were fired striking the individual. we believe he's pronounced dead. >> reporter: now, all three officers involved from the shooting were injured,,but their injuries, we're told, are minor and not life-threatening. i spoke to the cousin of the
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me. he told me the suspect was 20 years of age. reporting live in denver, denver 7. we have team coverage on this tonight. i know you have new details about that suspect. >> reporter: yeah, we are not releasing the suspect's name but we know he was in his early 20s. police showed up here to arrest him an a warrant. that's when things went south. multiple sources are telling me he was anothesource tells me, as the suspect struggled to dis arm one of the officers, they believe a round was discharged from that officer's duty weapon. the suspect was shot and killed after. three officers were injured during that struggle. their injuries are minor. court records show a warrant was issued for the now deceased suspect a little more than a month ago. police are trying to execute them today. even though the suspect is
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including theft charges. the colorado bureau of investigation shows offenses dating back to 2010 when the suspect would have been in his teens, and it's up to the medical examiner now to release his identity. reporting live, denver 7. >> thanks. we have more breaking news now. the train is -- you probably know what i'm about to say. they are having problems again. >> lance is at steel street crossing. what happened this time? >> reporrer: there operational issues all afternoon long. rtd is not saying what the issues are, but some folks who work aa a nearby business told me that the crossing arms came down earlier this afternoon and stayed down for about 30 minutes with the bell ringing that entire time. now, according to rtd, you an expect delays for a while this afternoon. we know that trains are still moving through the crossings at clayton and down at dalia.
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slowerrthan normal. we've been here for about 50 minutes. we've seen about a half dozen trains or so go by. it appears the crossing arms are working right now. a source told me that some operational folks had to come out here and reset them manually. rtd tells me you can expect delays for the next 30 minutes or so. plan accordingly. denver 7. >> thanks. therr was another delay for rtd earlier this morning. you can see underneath the light rail. this was at the littleton station. the brakes over heated. the lines were shut down, but they are back up and running. do drugs? get kicked out of denver's parks. the rules go into effect friday. >> it's in an effort to crack down on illegal drug use. jennifer is live allng the creek where heroin use is skyrocketing. this comes with pretty steep penalties. >> reporter: it does.
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for 90 days. the problem has gotten so bad here on the cherry creek trail that it's known more for drugs rather than to walk or ride your bike. it didn't take us long to find needles. we found this one under the bridge. denver parks and rec ration tell ugs crews have picked up 3500 needles this year along which is something the city wants to stop. police will start enforcing the temporary drug user ban on friday out of the park for 90 days. if they come back, they can spend a year in jail or face a fine up to $1,000. >> we've seen a tremendous increase in heroin use and illegal drug activity downtown. we've had to do quite a bit of clean-up. we're seeing a lot of needles on the ground and
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hazard. >> reporter: the city is also putting up these signs and notices to let people know about the ban. they've also hired a specialized contractor who'll be out here cleaning up every week. this is just a temporary ban. it will last for 180 days. the city says it could become permanent. reporting live tonight, denver 7. >> thanks. a city known for being open- minded about homelessness is having a change of heart after asking police not to enforce the overnight camping ban at its parks, leaders problem has become so bad, it is thinking about reversing that policy. we have more. >> reporter: the mall is a popular location for tourists and students. the city ease homeless population, too. leaderr think it is becoming a problem. downstairs in this church basement. >> it means everything. >> reporter: is a sort of sanction wary for the homeless, a place to grab a meal and a game of chess.
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to be. >> reporter: it's outside that this man finds the challenge of finding a permanent home, even with a job. >> i sleep where i find myself, wherever i find a place to lay my body down. >> reporter: council mmmbers want police to strictly enforce the citywide camping ban along popular spots, like the pearl street mall and nearby boulder creek. >> i'm not sure what the policing would do to the problem. >> reporter: the shelter leaders would like -- >> it that won't help our guests. the more stability we can bring to theirrlives, the more they can bring their own plans to fruition. >> reporter: for now, this shelter run by several organizations moves from church to church. >> in some ways, we like to think of ourselves as being homeless, like our guests. >> reporter: the city planning team will consider housing as well. >> encouraging to hear that there might be, you know, more
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city perspective. >> reporter: as for golden swan. >> i had a great idea come to me last night. >> reporter: he has a solution. >> a sur few. >> reporter: for the camping concerns. >> 7:00 to 7:00, be gone. without the police involved in the rest, more like a clean-up. just make sure you're out of the way. tonight, two men are behind bars. they're facing charges for making and selling herb cigarettes. michael whitney and john swanson diin't tis them as having -- advertise them as having spice. they've been running the business since 2014. a omestic violence survivor says a law is working. you'll recall is became a felony to strangle someone in a domestic violence situation in colorado. >> we spoke with a survivor of this type of crime and the county started preeing that new law -- prosecuting that law
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law. it aimed after going after those who strangle their loved ones. out of the 43 cases charged in three months, only one of those wasn't a domestic violence case. once this law was passed. the district attorney's office began training police officers, 911 operators and paramedics as to what to look for in these kinds of cases so the da's office consider prosecute them. there was also a form added to the on scene questionnaire can consciousness or experienced pain while being strangled or suffocated. as for the victims, they are grateful the state that's recognized the severity of the crime whill those prosecuting the cases are urge willing more to come -- urging more toocome forward. >> both survivors that are out there that are suffering through this and haven't brought it to our attention, i'm asking them to do that. we will hold the person accountable and now we have the tools to do that.
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a survivor as she tells her story firsthand. new tonight, we are learning more about a traaedy related to yesterday's storms. a man was killed in a car troopers say weather is likely to blame. 37-year-old was driving on i-76 when standing water caused him to hyyroplane and flip. take a look at the pile of hail. after last was at 72nd. this morning, it still hadn't melted. what a mess. good news, it's pretty quiet this afternoon in the denver area. veriy hazy outside.. -- very hazy outside. not very storms around here. there are scattered storms out there and they have been stronger, but that's where the upper air disturbance is farther to the east of us.
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distance. there's a slight chance of storms. the holiday weekend is looking bright. i'll have all the details for you in a few minutes. the u.s. army is planning to destroy the nation's large of the chemical weapon stockpile here in colorado. the depot will destroy 780,000 chemical filled shells sometimes next week. robots will destroy them in compliance with an international treaty to ban em finish in mid 2020. mystery wildlife this morning. the couple of peopll called in about a pol mountain lion in the area. these tracks were tweeted out. i'm no expert, but these aren't dog paw printss they also added this treat, maybe -- tweet, may wee it was a -- maybe it was a panther. donald trump took a last
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announcing his new immigration policy. and former broncos quarterback tim tebow gets an offer to play professional baseball. i'm demi lovato on sure
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donald trump makes a move today taking a quick trip to mexico city. >> he was invited by the
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of his rhetoric. we have the latest. >> reporter: donald trump and mexican president enrique have not been upp-- >> reporter: so their meeting was unexpected to say the least. >> it's been a tremendous honor and i call you a friend. thank you. >> reporter: and unwelcome, according to mexico's former president seen here on cnn. and u.s. citizens can see this and finally see what is behind trump, this man. >> reporter: he said fox had also invited i him to mexico, but he said i invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans. show some represent. later tonight, trump will deliver a landmark speech on immigration in arizona. >> he's going to make it real
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borders of this country. >> reporter: hillary clinton criticized him. >> it takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations but dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> reporter: clinton has her own share of issues. new e-mails are expected to be released soon and a poll out today finds that her unfavorability numbers are rising practically tied with trump. mexico's president was given to hillary clinton. they look forward to meeting with him at the appropriate time. abc news, washingttn. 7-eleven is conducting its annual presidential poll which allows you to unofficially vote when you buy a cup of coffee. republicans can choose red cups, democrats blue, and undecided can pick up that purple cup.
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by coffee drinkers have mirrored reaa voting. br'sazil senate has voted to remove their president. she's accused of moving funds between government budgets and that is illegal under their law. the vice president now takes over. she was in power for 13 years. for the first time in nor than half a century, a commercial flight from the u.s. has landed in cuba. today's flight from florida to cuba marked the start of a new era. it restored between the two nations severed at the height of the cold war. keep in mind, travel is limited, exceptions are made for education and religious purposes. >> severe turbulence that forces a jet to make an emergency landing. it had 220 people on board. it was going to london from houston. a passenger describes the sudden drop that lasted several seconds.
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everything is flying up. so anybody that wasn't buckled flew up. it was really surreal. >> 12 people suffered minor injuries and three of them were kids. so a lot of people are talking about demi lovato tonight. there's a video that shows her surprising people right here. >> a concert was earlier this month. she pretended to be a lyft >> i really want to be some day. like i have actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfrrend's brother. >> shine me. >> oh, my god. my friends would seriously make so much fun of me. >> luke lee, nobody is going to see this. >> i literally -- literally would do anything to meet her? >> she's pretty awesome. >> have you ever met her? >> god, no. that would be amazing. are you kidding me? >> cool. because are you sure you've never met her before?
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now? are you serious? >> yeah. >> that's great. >> but then after this, there's an awkward moment about what you tip her, you know. there's that. >> that was fun. >> that was great. after his baseball showcase yesterday, tim tebow now has officially been offered a spot on the 2016 roster for the briddeport blue fish. this is a photo ttat team tweeted out with the jersey ready to go. the blue fish is a professional baseball team, but it's affiliated with major league baseball. he has yet to respond. >> i wanted to sign him up for the avalanche. i don't know if he plays >> sell some tickets. great ideas. never know. hey, it's quiet today. this is a view from our camera
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here's a hint. it's out in the eastern plains. this is the view this afternoon. we have winds and clouds and showers. radar shows quiet conditions in the metro right now. we ssill could get storms popping up later on this evening, but it looks more peaceful than what we had yesterday. there's the storms to the east of us. central lincoln county and they're moving slowly toward the south at about 10 miles per hour. top temperature today was 81. dia. 30% humidity. wins are -- winds are from the northeast. into the evening hours, the temperatures cool down into the 60s. mid-60s by the time we get to 11:00. generally quiet. a light chance of a storm. the normal high temperature is at 84. we'll be close to that for tomorrow. nasty weather in the tropics. we have tropical storm hermine that is down in the southeast. that is going to spread a lot of rain across florida. it's been several years since
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move across the florida panhandle and they're expecting five to eight inches of rain in the next couple of days. meanwhile, still tropical trouble out in hawaii for madeline and also lester. some high seas and heavy rain there's our upper air disturbance moving away and that's going to lose its influence or our weather over the next 24 hours. tonight a few storms early on. mainly to the south and to the east of us. quieter weather expected n the metro area. by morning, low clouds a with lows in the low to mid-50s over northeast colorado. near 60 in the southeast and a cool 69 in leadville. the upper air disturbance moving farther away from us. there's only a few storms around tomorrow. in fact, most of them are going to be in the mountains and over the southwestern part of the state. just the normal afternoon convection of early september.
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66 expected in leadville. front range numbers, low to mid- 80s at lower elevation. keystone, 71 and estes park at 74. tonight, isolated storms, 55 for a i -- for a low. warm and dry in the metro. 85 for a high and looking ahead, beautiful weather as we head into the first weekend of september. we'll put the bright spot. saturday and sunday with mid to upper 80s. mostly sunny skies. low rain -- by the better chance of storms on friday. one of the nicest times of year in colorado and this is shaping up very, very nice. we will be right back. we have breaking news, coming in, this is in aurora, a hit-and-run chhse ends with this blue car crashing into a day care center. police were chasing the car after a hit-and-run near yale and parker road and then it
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center at the havana gardens stopping center. the driver was taken into custody. we're told two children and an employee there did suffer minor injuries. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you the latest. road closures already popping up downtown for a taste we'll tell you the areas you are need to avoid.
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. colorado is taking over the park. more than 500,000 people
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take a look here. this is a map we've provided here. bannock is already closed. then tomorrrw, broadway will close from 13th to 17th. and lincoln on friday. everything there in red, that's closed this weekend to traffic. 16th street mall, the convention center and the streets will reopen early tuesday morning. i know there's a lot of mystery surrounding denver's airport. bun of them has them has been solved. they've been trying to figuue out what air fresher in is being used in the bathroom. they have confirmed the fragrance is called black movement ambu. we were wondering, since you flew in this morning, do you know that smell? >> i noticed that smell before, but i have to say, i always thought they've come up with an
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there. >> was that one of the scents in anchor man? >> no. it was sex panther. >> oh, boy. >> change the subject. let's look at the forecast. 85 tomorrow.
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise trip to mexico. the high-stakes gamble. traveling south of the border. meeting with mexico's president. the gop nominee standing by building a wall, but what about mexico footing the bill? >> is there any chance mexico pays for the wall? >> what trump said, coming up. state of emergency. the tropical storm on the move tonight. and in the pacific, bracing for impact. families boarding up, closing schools, as two hurricanes target hawaii. breaking news. midair collision. the search for survivors after two planes crash into each other. plus, dangerous turbulence injuring a dozen. tonight, we'll take you inside this rough ride. and, alzheimer's breakthrough? the experimental drug. how it works.


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