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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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drop. a car slams right into a daycare center and there were kids inside. this center is in a strip mall. >> three people were hurt lance, how badly? >> reporter: i'm told they sustained minor injuries. that they're transported, to be taken care of. this whole thing started a little earlier this afternoon, as a two car hit-and-run crash, at south parker and yale. police say the car from the scene, a blue dodge dart was spotted going up north at havana. it pulled into a parking lot, drove around wildly around some cars, zipped across havana, smashed into a parked car here and careened into the bright stars childcare facility. a loot of damage, standing by with me is masru faruki.
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you were inside, what did you hear? >> initially i heard like a car running through and hitting something. and it sounded very close to me. i started turning around to peek around the window. as i did that, a car ran right into my office and into the lobby, and into the infant room, next door. >> did it hit anybody? >> there was one child that was minor hurt. i think they got scratches on them. but luckily, everybody else was >> reporter: police arrested that individual. they've taken him into custody. the big question, what happens to the children that you guys take care of tomorrow? >> so we have another center on bucky and iliff. and we will be telling the parents that we have capacity over there, and taking the children over there. this is my wife, the director over here. so we have full capability of taking care of all the kids here there.
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parents. >> and a quick question about the injuries. >> one of the children, the boy that i saw, he had a little minor scratch on his arm. and that was the only thing that i saw. and then there was other, two other twin sisters who were taken to hospital as well. i did not see much of an injury, they were sitting there talking. >> i appreciate you taking the -?time to visit with us. that's the scene over here at a car careened into this childcare center, we're told three minor injuries. we'll have more on this story tonight at 10:00. reporting live in denver, lance hernandez. >> arriving very quickly on the scene of that breaking news in aurora. we have more breaking news. denver police shoot and kill a man after they say he reached for an officer's gun. >> six hours later, police are still out there piecing together what happened. we start our team coverage with
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you have new information about the suspect. >> reporter: yes, police still out here and the suspect killed in today's officer involved shooting has a history with law enforcement dating back to when he was just 14 years old. we're not releasing the suspect's name, but know he was in his early 20s. police showed up here to arrest him a warrant, and that's when things went south. sources also confirm he was in a another source tells me, as the suspect struggled to disarm one of the officers, they believe a round was discharged from that officer's duty weapon. the suspeet was shot and killed after. three officers were injured, as you said, during that struggle. court records show a warrant was issued for that now deceased suspect a little more than a month ago. we know he was wanted on at least two warrants. police were rying to execute those warrants today. even though the suspect is
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colorado bureau of investigation shows offenses dating back to 2010, again when just a teenager. but it will be up to the medical examiner to release the suspect's identity, and we're going to join sally mamdu now. she has more information on the police officers and tteir injuries. >> reporter: all the officers involved in the shooting were injured, but we're told their injuries are just minor, and not life-threatening. still an activsc me. it is still taped off. here's what happened earlier today. police tell us when officers arrive today serve the suspect with his warrants, he ran into the back room of the house. that's when they got into a confrontation in the road here. during the confrontation, the suspect tried to grab one of the officer's guns, and that's when the shots were fired. >> i heard gunshots.
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came out and the neighbors came out, and that's all i saw. >> reporter: the suspect was shot and killed. the suspect's cousin tells me he was just 20 years of age. >> sally, liz, thank you both very much. >> this is the second time denver police have shot and killed a suspect in just the past week. over the weekend, they shot telly salazar when they say he refused to drop a knife. investigatorsssay the officers were cornered near an alley. at taser. when that didn't work, one of the officer's opened fire. the a line is back on track tonight, but rtd had to pump the brakes on the train. the crossings were just not working properly. people told us a crossing arm came down and stayed down for 30 minutes. if you do drugs, you'll be banned from denvee parks.
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for people peddling drugs, rather than bicyclists. anyone caught doing drugs will be kicked out, and banned for 90 days. denver is also hiring a group to clean up the trail. denver 7's mark boyle spoke to survivers who are begging more victims to come forward. >> you get three minutes to tell your story. >> reporter: tracy other domestic violence survivers had just the minutes to tell lawmakers their story. for tracy, her storr lasted 17 years. >> he had knocked me down, got on top of my back. put his hands around my throat and started strangling me. >> reporter: tracy can thank her 7-year-old son for saving her. with a baseball bat. er his dad
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>> reporter: other victims have a new law that is potentially saving lives three months after colorado passed a bill turning strangulation from a misdemeanor into a felony, denver alone has charged 43 cases. the first came 48 hours after the bill passed on may 31. in arapahoe and douglas counties, 9 cases have been charged, including one denver d.a. mitch morrissey's office immediately began training first responders on what to look for. >> we need to get the word out to every single denver police officer, 911 employee, and also the paramedics in denver, to be on the lookout for this type of symptom. this type of behavior. >> reporter: while those first responders now know what to look for in denver county, others work tirelessly to make sure violence never gets to
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treats domestic violence victims regularly. she believes 70% of them have been strangled. so if you are in any sort of % dangerous situation, we have a number that can help you. we have it listed for you on the denver 7 app. the owner of jurassic pets in thornton has been sentenced to one year probation today after complaints of neglect at her store. 55-year-old lynn kubick pleaded guilty. officials searched her home lead to a larger case. the son of broncos owner, pat bowlen wants to clear his name. he's appealing his conviction in a domestic violence case involving his girlfriend last summer. hard to forget what he told police the night of the alleged attack. >> a friend of the mayor, and everybody knows exactly who i am, and i'm going through a lot. >> john bowlen got two years probation after a jury found him guilty of harassment.
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man walking into a building would make news, buttthis is no ordinary walk into the office. today, john adsit rejoined denver police. and yes, he had those first day jitters. >> it's a dream come true. it reminds me of the first day of academy years ago, starting out. now i'm getting back again, so i feel a little nervous, a little shaky, but i feel good. right now, officer adsit is on light duty. we have the numbers for you in the first day of the ski
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we're staying on top of of that breaking news we told you about at the top of this newscast. two children and a daycare worker hurt when a car slams into this daycare center in aurora. the summer is in a strip mall off yale and south parker road. >> the driver, they say, drove through parking lots before ending up there, right in that daycare. thankfully, none of those injuries we told you about are serious. we teach our kids not to judge a book by the cover. >> russell haythorn is looking into a petition to bring ugly back. >> i don't know what's wrong with this little guy. >> reporter: if you're comparing apples to apples. chuck gil with the food bank ?ill tell you, his produce isn't exactly the cream of the crop. >> it's just ugly. >> reporter: but in here, it's not about looks.
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it might be absolutely disfigured like this apple, or smaller than some of its peer produce, but otherwise perfectly edible. >> cut that piece off, clean it, and eat. >> reporter: a colorado petition is to get grocers like wal-mart, and king soopers to start selling ugly food. >> what they have here is not second rate, just because doesn't look tailormade by the grocers. it's still just as tasty, if not tastier. >> reporter: this all started on the farm. melissa liking with grant farms says grocery stores have created an illusion of perfection, when 40% of what is grown isn't perfect. for its part, wal-mart is in fact trying something similar
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weather damaged potatoes as spuglies. genetics affect your feeling about weight. the study involved 700 sets of twins. the study found feelings about weight are stronger for women. the aclu is not giving up th to beg for money. the union demanded they get rid of ordinances banning panhandling. the union says the law is challenging noo, even now that there's more restrictive laws they took into court last year. that ruling changed laws in denver and in boulder. the army will start getting rid of its largest stockpile of chemical weapons.
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chemical depot. they should be done in the next four years. this news comes too late for those of you paying rent in denver, but denver rent is slowing down significantly, according to a new report. rents are down 3.5% over the last year. that puts us below the national but denver is still ranked as the 20th most expensive rental market in the country. who wouldn't for the winter park ski train? too expensive, you said to yourself a week ago. guess what self? you were so wrong. amtrak sold 30,000 tickets in the first day. demand, and clearly there is watch your back if you live in arapahoe county. two people called in.
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near broncos parkway in jamison. >> parker police had a pretty good theory about the tracks though, they tweeted back, that it was a panther trying to spy on the broncos before the big season opener next week. that's pretty clever. i know you expect scenes like this in december, not in august. we still found piles of hail this afternoon, this is morr than 12 hours after last night's storms. those of you near 72nd and pecos, you saw the worst of it. i'm sorry. the hail was only about the size of peas, bu much of it. >> hail, hail, rock and roll. that was the weather last night for sure. now the question is, will we see a repeat performance tonight? astute weatherrologists would like at this, and say this is fine. however, there's radar. it doesn't look like anything out there at all. but we have the power of the first alert doppler radar. we can crank up the gain. that means we're looking at
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glance. watch the storms move away from limon. that's an outflow boundary. moist air pushing back toward the denver area. what happens then is that may interact, as that little line pushes into the cityy that's the band of clouds you're seeing right now. has to go up against the foothill. there's a little cell popping up there. still a chance we can get a thunderstorm forming because of that boundary coming our way from the east. mmst of the storms well down to a few down toward colorado springs and toward solida. a better chance of storms over the high plains, and a nasty couple of days coming up for florida as tropical storm hermine is going to be moving across the panhandle of florida, and bring them 4 to 8 inches of rain. denver right now, pretty quiet. but notice the winds here froo
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that's that boundary pushing back up toward the city. 77degrees after a high today of 82. we started out this morning at a cool 51. this evening, there's a chance of storms between now and 10:00. then partly cloudy, drop to the mid- to upper 50s overnight. tomorrow, get to the mid-80s. there's the upper air disturbance. exiting stage east. it's heading away ffom us now. for this evening, still a chance we'll see some development of showers and storms, not probably as bad as we had lt could be a few that still pop uu as easterly winds come in. 57 at greeley. tomorrow's disturbance continues to go farther away from us. a few storms developing in the foothills, but it does look like a drier day coming up on 3 the plains, with the high temperatures expected to come up to 85 in the denver area.
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storm information, go to as far as what we're expecting on the extended forecast, looking pretty good for the next several days. we'll see temperatures in the 80s. lows in the 50s, and the rain september, typically a quiet time of year. looking pretty good this time around. >> this weekend, the holiday weekend, perfect. >> labor day comes so fast. it was just memorial day. >> i know. the broncos putting paxton lynch on the we're going to hear from gary kubiak. >> happy 29th birthday to a rocky's rookie.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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welcome to 7sports xtra. the broncos are in phoenix right now, ready for the final -?preseason game tomorrow night against the cardinals. in a related sttry, denver 7 broncos insider troy wright is in arizona right now as well. troy will be right here tonight at 10:00 with the latest on the game. right now, the latest is no trade for mark sanchez yet. trevor siemian is going to sit this out, while lynch plays the whole game. all 4 quarters. paxton is the future. >> there's times i'm saying, this is realll coming fast, and all of a sudden, he will remind me, two days llter, no i'm not. not yet. it's been really, really good. there's been steps at times, where you take a step back. hopefulll, we continue to work. we're going to have to find wayssthroughout the course, once we get going to actually
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than say you would with other guys you work with. new avalanche coach jared bednard. hi, i'm joe sakic, your new boss. hired from the cleveland monsters. winning is the end game. >> getting named the coach of the avalanche isn't the be all, end all for me. it's the success that i hope to have. that's the ultimate goal getting here is certainly achieving something, but i think it's hat you do when you're here that's more important. rockies and dodgers on a beautiful day at coors field. 77h inning, on his 29th birthday. rookie steve cardullo with his first major league ever homer. a tweet saying it's going back to steven.
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happy birthday, stephen. a second pick with a signed cardullo baseball, in exchange for the original. the rockies win big, 7-0. the second game going on right now. we'll tell you about that one.
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stories that are trending right now. >> it's every parent's nightmare, getting the note from school that your kid has lice. time to break out the rid and the comb, but wait, the bad news just got worse, the arrival of super lice. it's the new super determined type-a personality lice that are invading your kids' hair this school year. super itchy and growing super fast. they are genetically mutated, in at least 25 states already, they are resistant to the medication, and they want to make every day a bad hair day. >> it's important not to panic. >> not to panic, this isup lice, come on, people! the good news is, prescription drugs can still take them down. that's not the only trending news story we have for you. >> you've probably heard the amazing story of a little boy who received a double hand transplant. >> his story just got better. >> he's got new challenges to conquer and that's trending now.
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harvey has been all over the media in the last week or so. he lost his hands and feet at the age of 2 to an infection and he's the first child ever to not only have prosthetic legs, but have a new pair of hands, too. in the year since his breakthrough double hand transplant, he's taken to the baseball field. >> it is now time for a ceremonial first pitch. >> football. >> that's right, his next goal is to hit the grid iron. the biggest blocker in his way of that, mom. >> baseball, not a football, just the baseball. >> she won't let me try out for football. >> don't worry, mom, we see your point of view, too, but for a boy who's already accomplished so much -- we've got to imagine he'll find a way to make this happen. >> unbelievable you can transplant hands now.


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