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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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. are you ready? we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> did donald trump change his tune on immigration in a matter of hours after his big trip to mexico??3 we'll let it seems like a game of who did it? ? the city is taking stees to clean up the cherry creek bike bath and city parks. we are tracking national breaking news. dozens of county in florida under a state of emergency as
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a tropical storm warning has been issued for a section of the east coast as hermine approaches florida from the gulf of mexico. hermine may strengthen to a category 1 hurricane by the time it akes land fall in orlando today. the northern part of florida is set to get the worst of the storm and then from there it's going to travel up the coast to the carolinas into friday and saturday and r large portion of the east coast. the updated predictions have it going up into new york and new jersey and connecticut. this is affecting a large area of the coast for the labor day weekend. here our labor day weekend is shaping up to be beautiful. >> totally different story here at home. yesterday was quiet as well. the past couple of days of intense weather this morning. skies clearing and more sunshine
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get warmer. yesterday we saw low 80s and today back in the mid 80s. this morning at the bus stop around 62 for the kids and by the time they head home they will be at 85 and mostly sunny. in for more 80s saturday and sunday and we'll talk about that coming up. a pretty nice drive smooth overall. traffic over the next several days with the big parties that we're having downtown. a lot of folks with road closures and more scheduled for tonight. we will have that detail for you coming up in a bit. take a look at the overall map. you see a decent ride for us in the south side. more activity around arapahoe wrapping up the extra paving there. take a look at the security wait
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busy. it's now 4:32. denver police are trying to fig yurt out if figure out if alcohol played a role in the crash. no word yet on what charges the driier will face. in aurora another deadly crash killing a motorcyclist. this happened late last night on quincy avenue. the motorcycle bursts into flames. an impaired driver caused this wreck that sent two children to the hospital. the driver crashed into bright star daycare on south a havana street. the driver was arrested and they think he was drunk or high. three denver police officers are recoffering this morning after shooting and killing a suspect after a struggle for one of the officers guns.
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the man had several warrants and the man was in a stolen vehicle. we talked to the woman who says she was like a second mom to the shooting suspect. the shooting happened right outside her house. him off the streets.thing to ge- he was a danger obviously. i've known him his whole life and it's going to be hard not to have him aaound. and i hope the officers that were harmed are going to okay. >> the officers were not shot but they did suffer minor injuries during the struggle. do drugs, get kicked out of denver's parks cht those new rules go in effect on friday in an effort to crack down on illegal drug juice. jason joins us the with details. >> reporter: good morning, this new policy goes into effect starting tomorrow. if you're along the cherry creek
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you're caught doing or selling drugs, you get suspended for 90 days and can't go back there according to the policy if you ?oi late that it's a fine or even jail time. obviously this is a large scale problem according to police. parks and recreation and many people say that use the cherry creek trail like homeless people or just generic drug use and selling going on. this is a this whole suspension policy they're trying it out for six months to see if it works. it's a thousand dollar fine and up to a year in jail if you violate that. another problem are the remnants of the drug use. we're talking about needles up and down the cherry creek trail where people walk, run, and kids play. the city is taking steps to clean that up.
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needled problem denver and has. to the lane but those issuesain are hopefully resolving this morning. >> flaggers are required atteach crossing. rtd wouldn't have to use the flaggers iffeach crossing arm worked each time for consecutive days. >> there's never been consecutive days where they have worked properly. >> the main issue is the amount of time the gates come down prior to the train coming through staying down going through the intersection and when the gates come back up after the train goes through. so it continues to be safe but the problem is they are going down too early and staying down too long. >> rtd says the unexpected extra
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obviously inconvenient for riders. a thornton pet shop owner on probation for the next year for animal cruelly. she pleaded guilty during sentencing on wednesday but a judge has ordered a search warrant of her house. investigators say what they found at the house could lead to more charges. her husband was sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement in the animal cruelty case. be careful if you arapahoe county. two people claim to have saw a mountain lion yeeterday. they found tracks near broncos parkway but identified them yet.
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know about redding season. some controversyyover a 9-11 memorial and why an immigrant group has a problem with this.
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two hikers missing in northern pakistan. it was only going to take them five days to climb and decent but a snowstorm hint.% these two are highly accomplished climbers so the hope is they're waiting out the weather but there are happened. friends and family are desperately trying to organize a rescue effort in a remote area. a prom nant isis leader is dead but who killed him? russia says they are responsible but the u.s. says one of our drone strikes took out the terrorist. the words on a 9-11 monument
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small town in new york state. they call the perpetrators "islamic terrorists" and they are worried that could encourage hatred towards the muslims living there. they would rather it say "al qaeda terrorists". donald trump met with mexico's president yesterday and warmth. >> it's been a tremendous honor ann i call you a friend, thank you. >> then just hours later in arizona he took a different approach when it came to his feelings on mexico. >> there will be no amnesty. [ cheering and applause ] we will uild a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for theewall. >>- night mexico's president that yes, they did talk about
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donald trump mexico won't pay for it. mother teresa is about to come the catholic church's new saint. the event is expected to draw huge crowds in india. mother teresa was known for dedicating her life to the needy. she has to have performed two miracles while in mother teresa two healed of tumors after praying for for her. we do have fog out east. just some moisture left over from storms left over on satellite and radar. this is out east on i-70 up along 76 you're going to find patchy fog through the early morning. this morning in the mid to upper 50s and mild start and sun sunshine for denver and it's a
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by 4:000 denver today 85 and plenty of sunshine today. we're going to see fewer storms across the plains. yesterday weestill saw activity out east. today warmer and drier. denver at 85. boulder at 83 and highlands ranch a high of 85. more low to upper 70s for the foothills and near western slope. everyone is 3-5 degrees warmer than yesterday. the fog will be gone by mid morning and more sunshine by 11:00 and through the afternoon a few storms will pop up but most everything we see is west of denver. so our mountains will pick up a few thunderstorms this afternoon but out across the plains it looks dry. more sun shoin and very few ice rated storms. down southight along the
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chance for more moisture and wet weather on friday afternoon. today we're in the mid 80s. tomorrow right around 87. slightly better chance for a few afternoon storms on friday. saturday and sunday look good. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s both days. on monday we brought the temperatures up 80. so far so good, looking nice as we head into the long weekend. >> should be fun for a lot of football games. >> a game tonight with the broncos in arizona. we have the big csu game tomorrow ann college football is all over the place. you can sea the drive here at i-25 at thornton parkway and the flashing lights we have been watching. not causing any delays but a hazard for us there.
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downtown. a nice drive through i-76 wrapping up the work we had on westbound evans after santa fe from that water prrject. you can see downtown we have street closures in place. tonight we will have these roads closed down by 7:00. that includes arts of colfax as well as broadway at 7:00 tonight. by this time tomorrow you're fog to have more roads ccosed down around civic center park for the kick off weekend party they're putting up. so be prepared for road closures over the next couple of days. broncos fans one more game then it's time for regular season. our favorite team is in arizona for tonight's preseason finale against the cardinals. >> so this is definitely a big game for the players. the broncos have to cut 22 players between now and saturday. our broncos insider will have
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be looking for at 5:30 this morning. new research suggests that staring at your phone may be healthier for you than you think. we'll explain in today's tech bites. why staring at your smartphone all day may not be bad. >> apps that focus on physical activity and diet are good for you. programs with self-monitoring features are most effective. samsung newest smart watch. >> the gear 3 doesn't need texts to track your location. pricing has not been announced. you can now get up close with your instagram picks and videos with the newest feature for io. some users are disappointed. >> the image resolution doesn't change, it just gets worse. instagram won't say if or when they want to fix it.
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if it's coming back that's your tech bytes have a greatay. a lot of people are talking about demi lovato since a new video shows her surprising people in denver. >> before her concert with nick jonas earlier this month she pretended to be a lyft driver. >> do you do anything else besides lyft. >> i want to be a singer one day. i've been traveling with my ex-boyfriend's brother. >> oh my god my friends would seriously make much fun of me. >> nobody is ever going to see this. >> i would literally do anything to meet demi lovato. >> have you ever met her? >> god no, that would be amazing. >> oh okay cool. are you sure you never met her before? >> are you [bleep]kidding me right now?
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i saw it on facebookkfor the first time. >> could yyu imagine sitting there and looking over and being like, oh my goodness, that's demi lovato. that's cool. new jersey police showing love for a little boy who showed them love. he delivered lunch to police officers by saving his allowance and treated him to subway sandwiches so the department got car. >> what a good kid. straight ahead stories that make you smile. a football player coming to the rescue of a kid with autism. a frighteniig moment on
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my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. when a family member threatens a life saving illness, all the focus is on that's six. >> we'rr focusing on someone in the family who is often overlooked . >> ? [ music ] ? ? let me tell you about my life story ? [ music ] ? ? . >> reporter: madeline has quite the story. she's 14 going on 24. >> she has that initiative and drive that's rare. >> reporter: when she was just 12 she started a nonprofit
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>> it's a support group for siblings of kids with serious illnesses. her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago which meant big changes for everybody in the family. >> i couldn't have birthday parties or go out with my friends because there was always the risk of germs getting to my brother. >> reporter: so her group holds bimonthly fun o siblings. they clean everything beforehand and charge nothing. >> i hope they experience and feel joy and meet new friends in the situation and have fun, as much fun as they can have an that one day. >> the parents benefit too. >> they need guilt free time with their child who was sick. >> reporter: she partners with a successful support group for
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critical illnesses. >> we provide babysitting and mentoring and madeline gives them activities where they can be together with each other. >> just doing something that helps the community makes me feel complete as a person. i want to help other people and make a difference in the world. the denver the denver 7 would like to honor you as a denver hero for all your help and support. ccngratulations. [ cheering and applause ] . >> this story going viral state. a lorida state football player travis rudolph noticed kid eating by himself i saw him by himself and i ask if i could have a seat and he said sure, why not?
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conversation. >> what a good guy. the student's mother says he has autism and usually eats lunch by himself. the gesture made him cry and now they say they are travis rudolph fans for life. if you have ever sang in front of a big crowd you probably understand the nerves. as he got onta to sing at the red skins welcome home luncheon he was so nervous he but then something amazing happened. >> ? [ music ] ? ? [ crowd singing along ] . >> the crowd joined right in and helped him sing. he was chosen to represent the ggrls and boys ccub at the ceremony. i'm sure he appreciated the help. >> poor kids. it's 4:55. upper 50s and low 60s as you
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long holiday weekend. it will be drier and warmer this weekend. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s through sunday. if we see storms this weekend it's pretty isolated in the afternoons. >> a pretty isolated slow spot here and there is what we will see so far on this 5:00-hour. i-25 through the center. real easy driving. take a look at the drive here. we will see some traffic getting to dia already a 20-minutt security wait time. here's a look at what we're look at coming up.
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pulling up to see this completely smashed in and not knowing if your child is okay is a scary thing.% >> children inside this aurora daycare when a car slammed it. three denver police officers were hurt when they had to shoot and kill a suspect. a feature meant to keep you safe. we need to talk about what is going on in florida. 42 counties are under a state o% emergency bracing for hermine. >> nicole brady is keeping an eye on things there. when is it supposed to make land fall? >>reporter: today. in the last couple of hours a tropical storm issue was issued


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