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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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local deputies searching an admitted animal abuser home. what they found inside. pot bow len's son is trying to get his conviction overturned. the broncos getting ready to take the field for one last game. can you believe it? it's here. we look at their chances against the cardinals. first we want to check in with lisa for the first alert forecast. flash backs. a beautiful start out east. patchy fog across the plains. here's your cheat sheet for today -- drier this afternoon and a few scattered storms but mainly in the mountains today and it will get warm as we head into the weekend. today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. you're stepping out the door to
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3:00 your first alert is in the mid 80s and that's very close to normal. our foothills low to upper 70s. >> this is not close to normal at all. this is a rolled over vehicle on the northbound side of i-25 near fort collins. about a mile or so before you gee to harmony so with that left side blocked theyywill be camped out here for some time. guys are out here trying to soak up the fluids so the northbound side for 10-15 minutes. the southbound side getting a good look at it and you're slower than average towards fort collins. a lot of green out there still. seeing more traffic across commerce city on 270. done with the work on evans west of santa fe. the drive on arapahoe open again and getting out to dia security wait time almost 20 minutes. this is something no parent wants to see. dirty needles scattered in our
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>> jason is live along the cherry creek trail with what will happen if you're caught shooting up in public. >> simply put, you're not allowed back to that park or to here along the cherry creek bike path where drug use has become quite the problem here. people who walk, jog, and bike down here complain. we talked to a bunch of people yesterday who see people doing drugs in public. this new suspension. if you're caught dealing or doing drugs in a city park you will be suspended from coming back for 90 days. if you come back, you face up to $1,000 fine and jail. the hope is to get people to stop doing it here. the question is will they just go somewhere else? we won't know the ripple effect until enforcement beginss3 tomorrow.
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police. denver parks and recommend also getting involved in the clean up of the drug use. we're talking about dirty used needles. they found 3500 so far this year alone along this trail. that independent contractor has cleaned up and less people down here doing it whether it's via suspension or people that don't want to get in trouble. enforcement starts tomorrow. much more on the needle program here coming how many we found just ?esterday. reporting live in cherry creek, denver7 news. this man makes off with tools and golf clubs on southests street. this was two saturdays ago.
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searching lynn cubic's home who is one of the coowners of a pet shop in thornton lakewood. she pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. the judge ordered the search warrant after the plea. investigators didn't tell us what they found at the house or even what they were looking for but they said it could lead to additiooal charges. john bowlin is fighting a domestic violence conviction. he was convicted of pusng girlfriend against a bathroom wall last summer. he said the officer who arrested him didn't properly fill out a summons. take a listen. a friend of the mayor and everybody knows who i am and i'm going through a lot. >> john got two years probation after a jury found him guilty of harassment. this could make sports authority workers mad.
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executive are getting bonuses. another breaking business story from the first alert desk. apple ceo tim cook has announced huge off shore profit to americans next year and pay billions of dollars in deferred the u.s. has one of the highest corporate taxes in the world so apple has taken advantage of loopholes profiting out pseudothe u.s. apple is forced to pay $14 billion in back taxes to ireland and tim cook is calling that decision "complete political crap" and he believes anti u.s. bias played a role in the decision. look at these tracks in that photograph. they're big. deputies at arapahoe county
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near bronco parkway and jamison. two people called in saying they saw a mountain lion. they say you should keep an eye out if you're in the area. this animal spotting is a little more fairly common. we talking about elk in estes park. that is their mating app. if a fruit has a bruise or two it should still taste good.3 this is part of a trend offering less attraccive produce. people we talked to think ts a good idea. >> just because it doesn't look like it's right off the farm and hand picked by the grocery
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>> farmers are leading up to 40% of their yields in the fields because they know grocers won't buy in to ugly produce. a denver police officer back at work after nearly two years of recovery after being dragged by a car which nearly killed him. >> it's a dream come true. it reminds me of the first day of academy years ago starting out. >> this image of officer john walking into the department stark difference from two years ago after he was hit and dragged while protecting a group of student protestors. he's on light duty now just working a few hours a week. get out your orange and lue and time to cheer on the broncos. >> it's their final preseason tonight in arizona. paxton lynch is standing all four quarters.
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of memphis, he gets his first nfl start on thursday night. he is shown all the hardware in camp and now it's about downloading the software. >> i feel good about how far i have came from when i first got here. i was just spinning all over the place trying tookeep up but now it's been slowing down to me. i can come out here and get more and more comfortable. >> no resolution in mark sanchez'si morning his status. that's why it's important for the broncos to foind out what they have in paxton lynch and can he be the back up? gary kubiak is micro waving his development. >> we want to make-up as much as we possibly can. i've been pleased with the progress he's made. there's times when i think it's cominn fasttand he'll remind me no, not yet. so it's been really good.
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got to catch back up. but hopefully we will continue to work. >> you say the final preseason game doesn't mean anything but tell that to the final guys scrambling to roster spots. >> there might be two or three guys that think they will be here and go out there and not make the team. >> running back possibly going for one spot. tight end jeff hire m or do they need another guy? back to you in the studio. >> kick off 7:30 our time. >> so exciting to see them play again. ddnald trump wants to amp up security at the mexico border but how much will this cost? we'll look into how feasible it is as well. we all have moments where we wish our brain would switch off. binge thinking can lead to real
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have 50s early on and in the low stop. it's warmer and drier today. mid 80s and mostly sunny. we're not done with storms but i'll show you when and wheee coming up. we look at about 20-minute
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. mon the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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the pope is calling for environmental changes to be added to the churr a sin against god. the u.s. spends billions on security. funding for the border patrol has increased every year. staffing has slightly decreased since it's peak in 2012 but they have made far fewer arrests in -?2000 down at over 300,000 peoe last year. although donald trump wants
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he has prased obama's work on reinforcement. >> reporter: deportations could hit a new low this year. they have already gone down in the past three yearss last year they dropped to more than 235,000. that's the lowest numbbr since 2006 but deportations have actually increased when president obama first took over which is what trump has praised in the past. the number of people being removed from the u.s. hit a record 400,000 back in 2012 and while deportations have dropped in the type of people being deported. the numbers show there's been a greater percentage of convicted ?riminals being removed from the country compared to noncriminals in the past five years. first it was binge eating and binge watching and now it's binge thinking. it's when you worry too much and can't stop thinking about things. women are more likely to
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depression and insomnia. you should no there are ways to manage binge thinking and it starts by admitting you have a problem. >> we try to teach people that certain words can be triggers." must" and "should" those kinds of words can cause anxiety. >> he says your brain off is live in the presence and get rid of these things. >> your phones? >> yes, i'm obsessed with my phones. >> another option is work our shift. i wake up at midnight and it's horrible. we're all guilty. a nice start to our day. you will find a gorgeous afternoon. today is beautiful and we'll see a few storms but in the mountains tomorrow the storms return to the plains and i'll
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futurecast. right now satellite and radar looks clear but out east seeing some patchy fog with lower lying cloud cover you'll find near limon. this is our wireless camera there cht it's wet on the lens. we're seeing light showers from the low lying cloud cover this morning. watch for the mist out east. it will clear upphere in thee3 next few hours. by midday more sunshine, akron and sterling and limon under clear skies. denver, boulder, and fort collins, we have through the afternoon. if you look off to the west later today you're going to see a few storms up and through the mountains where we will have our best chance for rain, liihtning and thunder. so any of you heading up for a longer holiday weekend you will want to get in any hiking early. there's a chance for storms there today and tomorrow. out across the plains tonight we're under a clear sky. tomorrow morning partly cloudy mix of sun and clouds out east and then tomorrow afternoon a
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here in town by mid afternoon around 3:30. so for those heading out to the rocky mountain show down tomorrow afternoon you could see storms. today will be one of the driest days of the week here in denver. mid 80s by 3:00 and a high of 85, mostly sunny and a few clouds thissafternoon and 60s by 9:00 this evening. denver is at 85 and evergreen grand lake at 74. statewide closer to 90 out west and most cities are a few degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow in the upper 80s by early afternoon and will cool off with a few passing storms and slight chance for storms this weekend on saturday afternoon few ann far between. we have more sunshine on sunday so here's your first alert. when it comes to labor day weekend forecast it's a good
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of activities including closures downtown. that will be in place at 7:00 including colfax and broadway. you can see we have the left lane blocked on the northbound side of i-25 before harmony. there's a huge back up now and it's really extensive. traffic just trickling through. take a look at the map up that way. just off to the exit at wind sor which is 392 you can go county road five which gets you up to harmony and back to the highway with minimal delays. obviously youucan go to 287 further west and use that as an alternate. but right now extensive dellys. the rest of the drive to the north side whether it's diagonal through boulder, 36 and 93 in great shape. overall a pretty easy and smooth commute. anywhere you want to go including out to the south side.
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international headlinee this morning after being caught with a huge amount of cocaine in australia. we have details in today's gma first look. in this morning gma first look how this globe trotting vacation landed two women behind bars. 22-year old roberge posted images showing a fun filled cruise on instagram but authorities say they discovered 209 pounds of luggage worth a staggering $22 million. >> this is the biggest seizure of narcotics. >> they boarded a cruise ship two months ago in the uk visiting two countries until its finalll destination ii australii arrested them and a 63-year old man. >> the seizure of these drugs have disrupted the streets of sidney and beyond. >> more on the international
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with your gma first look, i'm gio bonitez. demi lovato surprised her fans by pretending to be a lyft driver. take a look at what happened. >> do you do anything else besides lyft? >> i actually really want to be a singer someday. i've been traveling the country >> shine on me! oh my god, my friends would seriously make so much fun of me. >> nobody is ever going to see this. i literally would do anything to meet demi lovato. she's pretty awesome. >> have you ever met her? >> no, god that would be amazing. are you kidding me? >> cool, are you sure you have never met her before? right now?
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car and had no idea who she was. >> oh yeah, afterward and she tries to tell them aad they're like okay. >> well, that's why it's not in the video. they skipped those. the so-called affluenza teen making another plea to get out of jail. why his lawyers say he should have never been sent there even
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the affluenza teen lawyers say he should have remained in a juvenile court and never should have been transferred to an adult car. brazil has a new president. the senate voted to remove the first female president from office. she was suspended back in may accused of country's budget deficit. mother teresa is now getting a new honor. he's about to become the catholic church's newest saint. becoming a saint takes more than just helping the poor which is of course what mother teresa is known for. you have to perform at least two miracles after you die. two people claim she healed their tumors after praying for
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getting his military chopper stuck in a muddy field. the pilot said had had to land because of mechanical problems. the helicopter is still stuck in the mud now in the texas field. the military is figuring out how to free it from the mud. this could help farmers here in our state. looks cool, a machinery company debuted a new tractor that doesn't require a driver. it can prepare for the ground for planting and pread arms to pick fruit. this could help small family farms stay in business. it's still being tested and looks really cool. >> looks really cool. this next story is scary. a florida woman was just hanging out on her porch when a bear came up on her. >> and she has the video tt prove it. she was sitting there minding comes up to her knee.
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i felt his breath. he was only a foot away from me. when it came to my face and his face. man, she snapped a photo of it and sent it to her son upstairs saying "help me". he thought it was a joke. the bear saw him and slowly walked away. >> an you imagine? ? >> you don't want to get up and% go fast. text somebody to come down. a nice startod morning and it will clear up. any storms we see popping up around 230 are in the mountains. denver, greeley, and fort collins up to sterling is pretty dry today. a few clouds, very slim chance of an isolated storm rolling east today. there's a better chance for storms tomorrow afternoon in the upper 80s on friday and mid 80s today and more 80s through the holiday weekend. you can see from air tracker
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a smooth drive from sheridan up to federal. the headlights you see there is the westbound raffic going past the parking here and eastbound traffic moving along just fine. take a look at 225. not so fine. heavy stop and go traffic in the denver tech center. heavy stop and go traffic around fort collins from a roll over crash not too far from harmony. more detailings coming up. our state recently passed a law on domestic violencee we're now finding out if switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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donald trump is planning to build a huge wall. breaking overnight, police think a motorcycle rider was speeding at the time of the crash. that's just one of the fatal crashes that happened last tracking a major storm about to hit florida. a tropical storm warning has been issued for a section of the east coast. hermine strengthened overnight and we're seeing video of the impact in florida even though this is not expected to make land fall until later today. forecasters are expecting ine will strengthen to a category 1 hurricane and hit florida with hurricane force winds and a dangerous storm surge as well.


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