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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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donald trump is planning to build a huge wall. breaking overnight, police think a motorcycle rider was speeding at the time of the crash. that's just one of the fatal crashes that happened last tracking a major storm about to hit florida. a tropical storm warning has been issued for a section of the east coast. hermine strengthened overnight and we're seeing video of the impact in florida even though this is not expected to make land fall until later today. forecasters are expecting ine will strengthen to a category 1 hurricane and hit florida with hurricane force winds and a dangerous storm surge as well.
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will be florida's first hurricane since two # 05. hermine is expected to travel up the coast into the carolinas and hitting parts of new york, new jersey, dc and connecticut. so this is a huge section of the east coast impacted by this as we head into the labor day% weekend. also embracing for the impact of two storms in hawaii -- one storm madeline officials say it could bring heavy rain, flooding and wind damage. >> a second storm lester is projected to come even closer to hawaii over the weekend. that one currently classified as a hurricane. obviously a holiday weekend people traveling trying to get place to place. here in colorado nice weather for the long holiday weekend. right noul we are seeing out east quite a bit of cloud cover and fog and even a little
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i-70 east of denver could be wet this morning. as you get closer to town a mix of sun and clouds early on. low 60s by 8:00. by 4:00 we're at 85. a few storms today but mainly in the mountains. the western half of the state is where we will see the storms. in denver in the mid 80s today. fort collins same thing. here's your first alert that we're warmer than yesterday and there's a better chance for storms tomorro a situation going on right off of highway 36. you see a police officer here by the 7-11. here's highway 36 back in here. the northbound side is blocked. the southbound side the officer is directing people away from it. whatever is going on is by the ?-11 so they have shut down this
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hard. pecos down to highway 36 it's a bit of an odd area. right now they have police blocking it off as they look for what's going on. take a look at the other big situation going on up north on i-25 right before harmony. left side is blocked with a roll over crash. a huge back up that's costing you about 45 minutes. the rest of the drive around town is not too bad. more big i this morning. closed today as the owners continue tt clean up. a car crashed through the daycare's front door yesterday afternoon. it's located in a strip small near havana and mississippi. the daycare owners tell us itt3 could have been much worse. there are seven infants and employees in the room where the car crashed. >> pulling up to see this smashed completely in and not
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it's a scary thing. >> police say they were chasing the dodge dart at the time of the crash. the driier has not been identified. aurora police say he was probably driving under the influence and he's not been identified or formally charged at this time. that same strip mall was the scene of a deadly crash eight years ago. a man crashed into a bass kin robins while driving double the speed limit. three people including a that driver is spending 60 years in prison. a motorcycle ride r is killed after crashing on quincy road. the other driver is cooperating and aurora police is not identifying anyone in the crash. a crash happened around 8:30- night.
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and driver trying to figure out who had the right of way. the cherry creek trail is a beautiful place to run, bike, or let your dog cool off in the water. but this trail is not always the safest place to be. >> ou don't want to be down here once the sun goes down. >> i try not to make eye contact. >> now denver leaders are hoping to crack down on drug use in public spaces. jason has more on the push >> reporter: yes, the city says there's no shortage of it as it starts to get brighter out here3 we are finally getting traffic here along the cherry creek jail. bikers and joggers have seen a couple so far. the problem is the drug trafficking and drug use and everything that's left behind. they say it's become a hub -- this and other city parks. so the new plan basically
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if you're caught dealing or doing drugs, there's a 90-day suspension and you basically can't come back here just a like a private institution would kick you out. they're going to try that here in denver parks at least temporarily. they're going to try this for six months and see if it works. so far this year denver place say they have made 128 arrests in parks. most of them is drug related so if people are caught they can't come back here. hopefully they hope things will clean up d talking about the needles scattered along the trails and things like that is something else trooir trying to clean up and plan for that. how big of a problem it is coming up in the next half hour. reporting live along cherry creek, channel seven. you're hearing from the person we believe is the mother of a man killed by denver police officers yesterday. police say the man was shot
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three fficers were injured and all three will be okay. police have not released the suspect's name. >> i have known him his whole life. and it's going to be hard not to have him around. and i hope the officers that were harmed are going to be okay. >> sources that the suspect was in a stolen truck. everything is open this morning. this is the 10th officer involved shooting for dpd this year and it's their second one just this week. over the weekend officers shot a man when he refused to drop a knife. the officers were cornered in an attic near fox and else worth. they tried to tazer the suspect. those officers are also on paid leave this morning.
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arizona just a few hours after he met the mexican president. hisore immigration policy hasn't changed. if elected he said he won't grant amnesty to people in this country illegally. he's planning to create a deportation task force and he continues to promise he will build a wall along the border. >> mexico will pay for the wall. the mexican president about who would pay for the wall but the mexican president tweeted yesterday, "i made it ccear that mexico will not pay for the wall." hillary clinton is getting help from olympic medallist michelle kwan. she's touring our state today and going to stop at the area campus and then cu boulder at
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a stop at csu. after that heading back to denver for a 6:00 p.m. event at cu denver. clinton's lead is shrinking over trump. clinton has a two point lead. trump is at 39%. libertarian candidate gary johnson at 9% aad green candidate jill stein at 4%. the union says the nonso litting laws are un-constitutional. it led to change in before and boulder. renters apartment prices in denver are finally starting to cool off a bit. a new report shows rent growth is below the national average other the last 12 months. still we're the 20th most
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that. the broncos are in arizona for tonight's preseason finale. they are taking on the cardinals. kick offt 7:30 our time. >> the broncos have to cut 22 players between now and saturday. we are joined later this hour with some things to look for when the teams hit the field. when a single mom calls police, they went far above the call of duty. this is a to miss. colorado is taking a stance on domestic violence. is it working though? this morning at 6:10. it's thursday, almost there for the long holiday weekend. in the mountains is where the sunshine is this morning. gorgeous shot froo loveland. cloud cover on the plains and a chance for storms in the mountains we're going to detail everything you needdto know heading out. here's what's going on on
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that's why this section of broadway on the north side of highway 36 closed down. as they investigate they are trying to fix the wires and will woah! you're not taking these. you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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colorado's tougher domestic violence work appears to be working. ii turns strangulation from a misdemeanor to a felony. >> denver police have made 43 arrests. it's basically one arrest every two days just in the city of denver. we talked to one domestic violence advocate dealing with
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of the victims she sees, 70% of them were choked during the attacks. the da's office is strongly encouraging victims to come forward. we have a number to call for help if you're in a dangerous situation. it's 6:15. tracking breaking neww out of syria. air strikes in the northern province have killed 22 civilians including six children. syria's state news reporting warplanes killed tenter errorists but this activist group says they hit civilians displaced from a town. theee people have been charged with 169 counts of selling and producing spike. the jefferson county da says they were selling herbal cigarettes laced with synthetic marijuana but didn't tell
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the u.s. army is planning to weapon stock pile in colorado.l the pueblo chemical depot will start destroying 800 chemical artillery shells. no human wwll be exposed to the weapons. amtrak has sold 3300 tickets for theki train but it doesn't take off for you can find a link to more tickets on the cu has sold 500 more tickets than csu. the rams have sold more student tickets though. the rivalry game will happen at mile high stadium. tickets are available and you can buy them through the school or find them on the second dare market where the cheapest tickets are $45. i went to cu. my husband went to csu.
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are going to together. we could be divorced by saturday morning. >> you don't have mitch normally here. he's off this weak. >> we'reegoing to support both and love them both. a nice start that will be nice for the game a few storms tomorrow afternoon. some of the cloud cover and low lying fog. denver against the foothills and we will see this mix out though as things warm up more sunshine through mid to late morning. it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon. today most of the storms we see in the mountains tomorrow friday we see a better chance for storms on the plains. i'll show you that by futurecast. you'll find the fog and clouds we're seeing out east clearing up so by 12:00 most of us seeing sunshine. the mountains will start to see
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and lightning and thunder for the high country through the afternoon and early evening. but here in denver and fort collins and boulder around 4:30 a few clouds and slight chance these storms would roll east. tomorrow a bit of a different story. another disturbance on friday. early tomorrow morning we're seeing patchy fog out east and by 2:00r storms rolling over i-25 and bring with it rain, lightning and thunder. you might get wet if your tailgating and skies should clear for the game. mid 80s by 4:00 today. a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon and overnight some mid soifts by 8:00 and low sixers early tomorrow. eerie at 85 today. low to upper soifts in the foothills.
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today, about 3-5 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be in the upper 80s by early afternoon and things will cool down a bit with a few late day storms. saturday and sunday look great. the taste of colorado is downtown. if we see storms it will be potentially saturday and just a few of them isolated until the afternoon. look closely here and you can see the pole knocked down right there in a hit-and-run crash right next to the 7-11. their wires are down and xcel energy is trying to fix this and get the pole fixed. this section of broadway closed and i'll show you on the map where we're talking about up in here. this is the area closed down.
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11 711. the only way out is pecos or broadway. the rest of the ride up to the north side typical heavy stuff. you can see 225 getting busier. you can see sunshine on c-470 on the eastbound side. remember we have streets closed already in downtown denver taste of colorado. i'll have details of what's closing later tonight and there's significant closures coming up in a minute. supreme court justice will be talking tonight and we'll talk about her journey.
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marijuana in our state. he had c kreeshl palsy. a single mother had her car stolen out of her driveway earlier this week. she called police and her insurance company but did not expect to get a call from police they raiseddmoney and bought her a gently used car from a dealership. >> a distraught mom with two kids tells me that she's getting ready to get her kids ready for the day and she's got a freshmen in high school. i have a freshmen in high school. >> other businesses pitched in once they heard her story. they donated school supplies, clothes and free car
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downtown denver hazy this morning. but it will be nice. in the 80s today. lisa is track of the storms for us. people on the internet celebrating this morning. they have solved a mystery that has haunted us for years. what is dia. >> they have confirmed it's called black bamboo. people on social media are freaking out and have been trying for years for the exact scent. you can find a black bamboo candle on amazon for $11. we go to vegas all the time and they pump the casinos with that. i have been collecting those scents as well
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>> yeah, you can buy the freshener. temperatures this morning in the fifts and 50s and 60s. this afternoon we'll see sunshine across north eastern colorado with mid 80s. a mild afternoon. here's your first alert we're in the mid to upper 80s not only today but through the holiday weekend. expect for the taste of colorado coming up. progress at broadway and highway 36. northbound lanes are being closed down. the southbound side is open getting over to highway 36 and south down to 58th avenue. take a look at the map downtown. a lot of closures for not only a taste of colorado but the kick off village. these will be closed down by 7:00 tonight including colfax and broadway. by 7:00 tomorrow night more
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weekend. parents go out of their way to make sure their car is safe for their children but which vehicles are not making the grade? we'll tell you when we come back. 14,000 people have lost
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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another serious problem with the a-line. what rtd needs to do to fix things for good. city council taking major action to cut down on criminal activity in our parks. great shot of our sunrise. it's the first day of september. >> who knew? it feels like summer, at least. >> i know, it's the unofficial end of summer this weekend with labor day around the corner.
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bbautiful start to our day in loveland. a mix of sun and clouds out east. the mountains will be where we see a few storms this afternoon. north eastern colorado will be drier. by noon at 77 today and a high of 85. a few degrees warmer. mostly sunny and then some scattered storms in the mountains. we'll be near 70 near 8:00 tonight. thing in fort collins and greeley. it will be c all weekend long but it does cool down on labor day. we'll take a look at and that and our next chance of rain in town coming up. good news for thoseefolks heading up to fort collins. the truck remains on its side. it took out some cable rail and they put cones up there along the left lane so traffic is sailing by as the truck remains there with wheels on its side. take a look at the other situation over there on the
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and that right for the seven 11 someone hit the power poles. the southbound side of the neighborhood is open but the northbound side is closed. pecos can get you around it. you have heffier traffic in usual spots. i-70 we're messed up because traffic lights aren't working on washington at i-70 and the rest of the ride around town gets busier including the drive on 225. here's a nnmber that won't surprise since the university of colorado a-line opened in april it has never run for seven straight days without a pblem. crossing arms at three intersections are staying down too long. we have told you about the problem in the past. rtd has posted flaggers at each crossing until they have a problem free week. >> reporter: did rtd overpromise the public on what this train
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we identified during the testing phase could be addressed by denver transit partners in the operational phase. >> rtd says the issue is not a problem for the trains but it's definitely inconvenient for the drivers. . we have covered these prrblems siice the a-line opened. you can find our full report on the denver seven app. city council membersd to boulder's police chief to strictly camping ban. a few months ago city council members told police to stop forcing the ban. the problem has gotten worse since then. homeless advocates disagree. boulder has long been one of the more forward thinking communities when it comes to the homeless. council members are searching for a permanent home for the city's largest day shelter which moves church to hurch currently.
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of the pet store pleading guilty to animal cruelty. during her sentencing a judge ordered a search warrant for her our cameras were the only ones there for the search. what they found inside the ome could lead to more charges. the son of broncos owner is appealing his name and appealing his conviction in a domestic violence case. he wassfound guilty of harassment earlier t his girlfriend told police he was taking weapons and pushed her against a wall. he was suspended from his job with the broncos as a result of the incident. three top executives receiving $1.5 million worth of bonuses. the company sports authority says it's important to pay them out. since the company's bankruptcy
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they say it's ridiculous to pay out the bonuses. installing a child car seat or booster is a pain to do. since 2002 the government has required new vehicles to have latch systems but those aren't always easy to get to a new report about which vehicles are best at keeping your kids safe. >> reporter: yes, every time my kids throw up in their car seats i have to go through this process of getting the car seat these anchors that are required to be in your backseats are supposed to make this easier but they can be hard to get to. sometimes it can be hard to clii the car seat on to them. being a little dramatic here but the insurance institute for highway safety is out with its rating with anchors for car seats. when the group released its
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2015 models were poor or marginal. this year most of the 2016 vehicles that were evaluated got an acceptable or good rating. that rating is based on how easy it is to get to the anchor. for those of you who are car shopping, only a few vehicles got the highest rating. those are the audi q 17 and the lexus rx and the toyota still rated poor including the which he will vi silverado and ford fiesta, hyundai act cent and subaru brz and gmc sierra ?500. they all got poor use for the latch systems to something to consider when you're out ccr shopping next.
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paw prints near the bronc parkway. the police tweeted out this out, "maybe it was a panther spying on the broncos". after the game 22 men will be cut from the roster. find out who needs to play well to keep their job. a jefferson county crook caught on camera after helping himself to items from a as we head to break, aalook
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to repaint some crosswalk signals. it took city workers a couple hours to clean up the graffiti. they say anyone defacing a crosssalk sign will be prosecuted. this is northbound side of i-25 by the wind sor exit, the left lane the is blocked temporarily. you can see the i-70. still pretty bright. there it is. >> okay in houston i'm more concerned that they're giving pedestrians 60 seconds to cross the street. we have a nice start to our day here in denver. out east here's a live look from our wireless camera. in limon it's wet with drizzle anddpatchy fog. it's drier this afternoon across north eastern colorado. we will see a few storms pop up mainly in the mountains today
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the weekend. today here's your first alert -- we're in the mid 80s and right where we should be close to normal today. a few degrees above normal this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. a thief is caught on camera in jefferson county. there's the guy. tte family says the crook stole tools and golf clubs from their garage. there is a reward for information leading arrest. call the self cosheriff's office. the decision was announced yesterday to say that "white lives matter" is a white supremist group. they called the black lives matter movement a civil rrghts group because they never suggested that all people are
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broncos will mom,
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one second i was driving and then t next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love.
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0. this is heading up to rocky mountain metropolitan airport. this is an issue for some of us on the roadways this morning. have you ever wanted to own i'm sure a lot of people do. now you have your chance. one of these is going up for auction next month. we told you about them last month when they randomly popped up across the country. auction officials expect this statue to sell for more than 10 ttousand $10,000. from the first alert desk
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yesterday is the deadliest month for chicago in 20 years with 86 people murdered as of august 30th and hundreds more shot, it's actually the most murderous since october of 1996. that latest happened on wednesday afternoon when a 33-year old man was shot and killed in the city's market park neighborhood. murders in chicago.been 478%- that's more than all of -?it's more than new york and la combined. those two cities have seen a total of 393 murders this year. mating season is underway near rocky mountain national park. we got a look at these elk yesterday. you hear their mating call.
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busiest times at the park. more information at that's always fun to check out the elk. >> it's beautiful and especially this time of year as we head from summer to fall. >> and leaves start changing soon. not ready for that either. >> not just yet. don't even mention snow. >> yeah, the earliest snowfall ever in denver officially was september 3rd. that one saturday. not going to happen. sunshine this weekend. beautiful right you see sun peeking through. fog early this morning and drizzle on the eastern plains. temperatures this morning in the upper 50s and low 60s early on. we will hit a high today of 85. it's a touch warmer and we'll see mostly sunny skies through the afternoon. denver at 85 and keenesburg at 86. in the low to mid upper soifts
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it's going to stay nice and a gorgeous afternoon here in denver. today most of our storms are in the mountains and here's your first alert that tomorrow the storms return to the plains. i'm showing you what it looks like both statewide and closer in in just a minute. the clouds out east clearing up in the next few hours and we'll see more sunshine through midday around 12:00 to 12:30. scattered storms developing the mountains. we will get a few clouds very slim chance of an isolated storm but mainly pretty dry around north eastern colorado today. overnight tonight could get more fog out east with a few more clouds early friday mooning and then by friday afternoon we're tracking a better chance for scattered storms here in denver by mid afternoon. so fast forward again and closer in here on futurecast at 7:30 tomorrow morning a mix of sun
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in the foothills tomorrow. if you're heading up to the mountains a good long weekknd in the high country and we'll see scattered storms by tomorrow afternoon. a few of those rolling over denver through about 3:00 and 4:00. by 6:00 for the start of the rocky mountain show down most of those are east of -25 but we will see wet weather for tailgating tomorrow afternoon. mid 80s today and upper 80s tomorrow on friday. here's yourir weekend looks great. mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday with a just a few afternoon storms saturday and 88 and then on sunday we're at 85 early next week. so nice weekend and a lot going on. i'm glad mother nature is >> starting with an update. an accident at northbound i-25. the wind sor exit all lanes open. take a look at the map and we still have activity on the north side of town.
6:49 am
picture. looks like they have opened up the northbound side section of broadway. southbound still open as well. what happened was somebody caae in here and hit a power pole and knocked down wires. that's why xcel energy is doing clean up. take a look at the map and you see heavier traffic building in usual spots. reminding you we still have closures in downtown denver. for a taste of colorado and also the nfl kick off village and this is what it looks tonight at 7:00 including broadway and parts of colfax and it's going to expand by this time friday and we'll stay this way through the holiday weekend. getting busier here and there. summer may be ending which is very depressing but that doesn't mean football is closing. the broncos come to an end tonight. most of the starters staying on the bench but for the rest of the teaa this could be the
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>> 22 players will be cut between now and saturday. broncos insider joins us from arizona with his take on the preseason final. paxton lynch started 38 games at the university of memphis and gets his first start thursday night. >> i feel really good about how far i have come when i first got here. it was like spinning owl over the place when i slowing down and each day i come out here i get more and more comfortable. >> no resolution in mark sanchez's situation. he could learn as soon as friday morning his status. that's why it's important for the broncos to find out what they have in paxton lynch. can he be the back up? gary kubiak is micro waiving his
6:51 am
progress. -- -- microwaving. there's been steps where we take a step back and catch back up. hopefully we continue to work. >> you say the final preseason game doesn't mean anything but tell that to the guys scrambling for roster spots. >> we will have two or three guys make our team and maybe two or three guys that think they will be her not make the team. that's part of the business. >> running back bibs and thompson going for one spot. is tight end jeff hire mane finally healthy or do they need to get another guy? back to you in the studio. we're getting you caught up on big stories in your morning sprint including a couple deadly crashes that happened while you were sleepin police believe speed was a factor in one and alcohol may
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still plenty of problems with the traen to the plane.
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according to witnesses the motorcycle's headlight was out and the investigation continues this morning. a woman was hit and killed while walkinggin a crosswalk near spear and downing last night. the driver pulled over after the accident and called 911 to report it. detectives are looking into whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. a hit-and-run crash being investigated. this is the section at broadway at highway 36. they're allowing north and southbound traffic to get through. somebody by the 7-11 hit a power pole and knocked down wires and that's what they're doing trying to repair it. there's still a small power outage being cleaned up as well. a suspect is dead and three denver police officers recovering this morning after a struggle for one of the officers' guns. >> it happened at a home on west beats near dartmouth. police tried to serve a warrant and the man tried to run away. that led to a fight in the middle of the road.
6:55 am
officer's guns and naturally police opened fire killing him. the officers were not shot. their injuries were described as minor. tropical storm hermine is bringing rain to florida but they are bracing for much worse there. under a state of emergency this morning. hermine hermine strengthened over the gulf of meks co overnight and is expected to hit florida as a categgry 1 hurricane with strong winds and a dangerous storm surge. the northern part of the state is expected to be hit badly. in tampa schools and offices are closed and baush gardens tweeted out they're shutting down. >> coming up on the holiday weekend, people trying to travel. today the months picking up storms and in the mid 80s. tomorrow a few storms in the afternoon and then on saturday could get isolated activity but look at the temperatures. mid upper 80s through sunday.
6:56 am
it will be cooler on labor day with highs near 80. >> reporter: a major attempt to clean up denver city parks as well as the cherry crrek bike path is underway starting tomorrow. a new policy going into effect that would suspend anyone caught selling or doing drugs in the parks for 90 days. you can't come back and if you do, you face up to a 1,000 fine and potentially a year in city leaders say this area has become a hub for drug use and selling. they simply don't want to take it anymore so they kick people out starting tomorrow. the other problem down here is what the drug users leave behind. we're talking about needles. denver parks and recommend say they have cleaned up 3500 needles this year allne. also to fight the problem, they are hiring a contractor to come in and clean up the areas.
6:57 am
tomorrow. reporting live along cherry creek i'm jason grennow denver seven. two children and a woman are recovering this morning after a driver crashed into a daycare center in aurora. the driver was trying to avoid a traffic stop when the crash happened. aurora police think he was either drunk or high. he's in custody this morning. more problems with the train to the plane. 15-20-minute delays because long. was we have reported flaggers are required at each crossing. denver seven found out rtd wouldn't have to uue them if the crossing arms would work properly. still some low clouds here along highway 36 really helping the drive but bright sunshine affecting the drive near brighton. take a look at the overall
6:58 am
the north side of the map, heavy traffic building on the south side of town and roads are closing down for a taste of colorado and other events in downtown. we're all wearing teal ties today. >> in support of ovarian cancer research we're encouraging you to wear teal tomorrow while we wear it today. >> looks nice. kendra scott earring and necklace on. >> it'ssalso college colors tomorrow. >> hopefully you went to a school where teal was the >> you could do both. half (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, state of emergency. florida bracing for its first hurricane in more than a decade as tropical storm hermine strengthens overnight. fears of flooding and tornadoes along the gulf coast. and another hurricane madeline lashes hawaii with flooding, powerful winds and massive waves. brea two trumps, a fiery speech on immigration. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> doubling down on his promise to build a wall and making mexico pay for it. >> they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for it. >> a sharp cry from his meeting earlier with the mexican president. >> spectacular, spectacular hardworking people. >> the clinton camp calling it his darkest yet. cruising to jail.


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