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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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several breaking news stories right now. this denver post reporter is dead after being hit by a car. colleen o friends confirmed she was hit last night either walking or riding mike -- her bike. >> years the man arrested. he is being held on suspicion of driving under the influence. we expect to learn more the investigation within the hour when police holl a press conference. also a homicide investigation underway in adams county after a man's body was found outside of a home. spoke wego live to the scene. what do you know? >> reporter: at this point the
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there are plenty of police here as well. to the other side of the crime scene unit vehicle that is where the deceased man was found under a bush from a gunshot wound. sheriff's say a person of interest is on the loose but do not believe the public is in danger. they also do not know what led up to this or how it happened. detectives have been out here all morning collecting evidence and putting down markers surrounding a blue van about one block away body was found. no description of the victim or person of interest is being released. it is a homicide investigation, they closed down about four blocks of 76 street. officer say because of the investigation, and the corner is here on scene they expect the streets to be closed for a good portion of the afternoon. reporting live jason gruenauer denver7. this year marks 20 years
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first reported missing but later found dead. >> older police have not given up hope of finding the person responsible. they released this video today. >> we have not and will not give up. @e remain focused on this investigation and finding justice. >> anyyne with information is asked to call boulder police tip line. you can see the number on our website, and explosion at the space x launch site in cape canaveral. space x was conducting a test firing of its unmanned rocket. this was a routine test ahead of the planned launch, the rocket was supposed to send off and is really -- israeli settler this we can. tropical stm hermine is strengthening in the gulf and going straight for florida. behind us looking at live pictures from panama city
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emerrency bracing ford's first hurricane in more than a decade. elizabeth hurr ii tracking the story. >> tropical storm hermine on the move toward florida. already more than six inches of rain falling in pinellas county. >> it never quit. >> all the andbagging cannot stop the water from flooding these apartments. >> about 4.5 inches of water in the house. >> in evacuations in effect with shelters open and officers going door to door looking for anyone in need of rescue.>> officers are coming up to me. the gun belts are underwater. >> i looked out the back window and mallard is flooded. the water was three feet from the door. >> hermine could be a week long hurricane. florida is now bracing for more heavy rain and that dangerous storm surge.
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this is a life-saving situation, the meeting to do is encourage people to get out. >> the forecast is calling for up to 15 inches of rain in some areas. that is on top of what has already phone. officials are not taking any chances and this morning we learned fema has deployed a rapid response team to florida. elizabeth hurr abc news new york. the hawaiian the effects of hhrricane madelinn. the reins were torrential, roads were flooded and there were some power outages, schools had to be shut down but the islands are not in the clear yet. there is annther storm moving to the area this one may also miss the land. jason and i were watching the video from the space station, it is
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you can't get over the view of the storms. here at home it is nice, clock you can see quite a bit of clock cover, a little patchy fog. not much popping up on the satellite radar. most f the storms and showers we will see will be over the western half of the state, a few popping up in denver we are expecting a dryer day today, isolated activity. it will be a little the mid to upper 70s by 12:00. and by 3:00 we are at 85. pretty warm close to normal where we should be. here is your first alert today we are in the mid-80s and we will stay warm through the weekend but we have a better chance for starts tomorrow. i will show you the timing if you're tryinggto get out of town or if you're going to the rocky mountain showdown. a deadly crash in aurora kills a motorcyclist on quincy avenue.
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flames after running into a car. the headlight for the mooorcycle was out. the corner is worker -- working to identify the victim. driver crashed into a day care in over a. he was either drunk or high. this happened at right start childcare yesterday near mississippi. two children and a woman ere rushed to the hospital, the driver was wanted in a hit-and- run and crashed after an officer spotted him. cracking down on illegal drug juice -- use. you will be kicked out of parks and band for 90 days if you get caught with drugs. cherokee trail have become rampant with drug use. this year city crews have picked up 3500 needles. the ban could become permanent but right now it ends in temporary. we expect to llarn more information on a deadly police
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held at 11:15 this money. three officers were hurt, the suspect was killed. this went down yesterday on west bates avenue. the man had several warrants, multiple sources confirm the man was in a stolen car. we talk with a woman who said she was like a second mom to the suspect. >> we had to do something to get him off the streets. because he was a danger obviously. and it is going to be hard not to have him around. i hope the officers that were harmed are going to be okay. >> the officers were not shot but suffered minor injuries. they should be okay. the press conference is set to start in eight minutes. will bring that to you live. this is the second time denver police officers shot and killed someone this week.
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man who refused to drop a knife after first trying to taste the man. it happened on fox street. probation for the next year for animal cruelty. one of the owners of drastic pets, she pleaded guilty during sentencing yesterday. a judge ordered a search warrant of her house and what they found that the house could lead to more charges. we are not getting details as to what was found. her husband was sentenced involvement. turning to the race for the white house, nominee donald trump clears up the confusion everyone who came into the u. s. illegally may be forced out. as for the wall, he says mexico will pay for it. trump brought up creating a deportation force. even joking about deporting hillary clinton. >> i am going to create a new special deportation task force
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quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice just like hillary clinton has evaded justice. >> just hours before trump met with the mexican president. on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton calling the speech his darkest yet, she called his trip to mexico a relationships. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. and then flying home. that is not how it works. >> she released this video on twitter tweeting that trump failed his first foreign test. hillary clinton is getting help from olympian michelle kwan. she is a clinton staffer touring
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she will be a colorado campuses today. trouble for the major party candidates, a poll shows clinton and trump as the most unpopular people running for president in 30 years. 56% of people view clinton unfavorably. trumps rating is higher at 63%. among registereddvoters clinton and trump are basically tied. supreme court justice event starts at 6:30. & it is sold out. the first latina supreme court justice will talk about her journey. before this event she spoke at a judicial conference in colorado springs. her tour willlcontinue tomorrow at the university of colorado. popular disneyland attraction is closing for good. labor day is one of the
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for many flyers. >> one airline releases an advertisement angering potential passengers o what is so controversial about the
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we have some breaking news on the zika virus. health officials say they have found the virus in trapped mosquitoes. that is a first for the u. s. the mosquitoes are said to be from miami beach. there are 47 cases of zika in the area. trapping and testing mosquitoes in the area. we follow breaking news, denver police releasing new information on yesterdays deadly police shooting west bates. >> the gunman was shot down. the press conference is just starting. >> when the mail realized that, he went to one of the police cars and got in trying to take it and was not successful with that. he took off running on foot, one of the officers gave chase and tackled him to the ground. immediately started struggling with him to get into custody. two more officers came over and
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the struggle became very aggressive from the suspects when he grabbed one of the officer guns. they aggressively struggled with the suspect who was trying very hard to remove the gun from the holster, at that point our witness statements and evidence suggest the gun was discharged during the struggle. another officer cheering for the safety he then shot the mail who died on the officers involved in the incident are assigned to district 4. >> ww will continue to listen into the press conference, this is denver police updating us on the shooting that happened when a suspect was killed in a shooting with officers we will listen in and update you with new information. new information on the
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police say she is wanted for stealing another woman's purse three years ago. the incident happened while she was with two friends on vacation. if she returns to the big apple she will be question. she is the woman who called los angeles police on brown earlier this week. he is on bond facing assault charges. a reminder for women to keep your purse zipped up in your side. this video being released to make sure you are aware of your su walk -- watch the woman in the orange shirt. she takes that woman's wallet out of her card. police are looking for the thief who is connected toother thefts in the area. president obama stops by hawaii to urge people to be environmentally conscious. he will give a keynote address. he focused on climate change and
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he noted the work to what has already done. >> there is no conflict between a healthy economy and a healthy planet. that is why i am committed along with canada and mexico to get 50% of u. s. electricity frommclean sources by 2025. >> today is the opening ceremony at the world conservation congress. at home the armies largest stockpile of chemical weapons is in play blow. next week they will start destroying the 780,000 artillery shells mustard agent, it should take several years to complete. fort carson is remembering one of its soldiers killed overseas, staff sergeant & christopher wilbur died in a afghanistan. ident in he was assigned to the second brigade combat team part of the fourth infantry division.
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because of the bathrooo air freshener.. many of you have asked us to we did and we learned it is called black bamboo. find more on our free denver7 at. delta air lines is investing $50 million to prevenn lost and delayed luggage. if the system works other airlines may follow suit, delta has one of the industry's best luggage handling records. just ahead of one of the american airlines is releasing a new ad causing outrage. >> all about what makes a good passenger, some qualities include they walk faster in airports, they know that their mood contributes to the flight. >> the main message don't blame airlines for travel troubles. people are soonding off on youtube.
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with the advertisement. >> do do that and you know social media will blowup. a nice start, gorgeous today temperatures in the 70s. moss of our storms today will be in the mountains butt tomorrow there's a better chance of storms here in denver and on the planes. let's get to the temperatures. 73 in denver. perfect right now winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour, pretty dry conditions, further east you will find cloud in the low 80s by 1:00 and then a igh by 3:00 of 85 in denver. overnight really pretty mild, low 60s early friday morning and then we are kicking off a long holiday eekend. today we are right where we should be, this ii close to normal. denver 85, parkkr 71. our foothills are in the low to upper 70s.
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still finding some 90s on the western slope and for mountains mainly 60s and 70s. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. futurecast showing a few storms and showers popping up today, most of the activity will be over the western half of the state looking to the west you'll see darker skies. we will see an increase in con cover here in denver by late afternoon or early evening. storms rolling east but it will be a pretty slim chance, most everything i today. overnight under partly cloudy skies with an isolated storm and then by 6:00 tomorrow morning we are waking up with a little bit more cloud cover potentially patchy fog out east and more wet weather on the western slope. tomorrow afternoon you will to roll through town that is ms- what it looks like around 3:30 tooorrow afternoon and then storms east of i-25 by 8:00.
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showdown tomorrow so around 3:30 as people are tailgating the futurecast makes it look far south of denver but we could see storms in town. our threat for severe weather would be low but pockets of heavier rain and by the time the game starts likely the storms will be east of the field and east of i-25. by 10:30 friday night it is more clear. today 85, tomorrow a better chance for a few afternoon storms and saturday and sunday here is your first alert, mid to upper 80s and isolated sunny on sunday and then for the first of next week on monday for labor day a little breezy but mild apertures in the low 80s. a pretty good-looking forecast for labor day. a big announcement from disneyland, the twilight zone tower of terror in california adventure is set to close for good january 2. the iconic building will be transforming the new attractionfor
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late checkout and you can ride in complete darkness. the tower of terror opened in 2004. a bully gets the honor of a lifetime to sing the national anthem but he gets stage fright forgets the words, what happens next will bring a smile to your
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a big day for broncos fans, the team in arizona for the preseason finale against the cardinals. we on thursday. kickoff 7:30 our time, a big game for players because the broncos have to cut 22 between now and saturday. former nfl player tim tebow could have a fresh career in baseball if he wants. the bridgeport bluefish offered him a spot on the 2016 roster a minor league teem and tebow has yet to respond. at home see you and csu football players face off.
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csu looking for revenge after losing in overtime last year. tickets are still available. if you have ever had to sing in front of a big crowd you can understand being nervous. >> one boy got on stage to sing the national anthem but he was so nervous he forgot the words. take a look at what happened. the crowd joined in to help. he was chosen to represent the boys and girls club for the ceremony. i'm sure he appreciated the help. >> i'm sure that gave him a little bit of relief. poor guy. breaking news, a body found
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the same. >> reporter: we will have the latest including what and who police may be looking for, what police believe happened off of
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. breaking news right now. we begin with a man's body found
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adams county. >> we've got jason gruenauer live from the scene on pecos street and 76. >> reporter: this is an active homicide investigation, the corner van is packing up getting ready to leave. that is the scene on the other side of the white vehicles where a body was found dead from a gunshot wound iiside of a yard. the adams county sheriff says this happened around 6:45 this morning when they got the call that the body was diov they're looking for a person of interest but are not releasing a description. we know the victim a man was discovered by a neighbor dead from a gunshot wound near some bushes off of 76. detectives have been collecting evidence all morning piecing together what led up to all of this and what happened here. they were focusing evidence markers aroond a blue van one block away from whhre the crime scene is, where the body ended up. the investigation has closed
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76th and pecos street. they expect that to be closed for another hour potentially into the afternoon. the sheriff's office says they do not believe the public is in any danger at this point. reporting live jason gruenauer denv7. details on the denver post reporter killed ii a crash. patsy ramsey -- colleen o here's a look at the facing charges, jesus carreno of denver. he was driving drunk. denver police raise new information from the deadly shooting on west bates. >> a wrapped up regarding the shooting. here is what we learn. >> the shooting suspect was 21 years old. officers were trying to take him into custody but he ran from a back window trying to get into a stolen car, he then
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that is when the struggle broke out, shots were fired the suspect is dead, three officers have minor injuries. boulder is changing its tune on homeless camps. council members told the police chief to strictly enforce the city camping band. a reserve -- reversal from a couple weeks ago. they are now searching for a permanent home for the shelters largest day shelter. in the meantime a fight to cities across colorado. they successfully did so in grand junction last year. denver, boulder and colorado springs have altered their laws and are now not in the crosshairs. since the university of colorado opened in april, it has never run for seven straight days without a problem. yesterday there were 15 to 20 minute delay's because of crossing arms staying down for too long.
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to use the flaggers if each - >> since the line has been opened there has never been seven consecutive days where they work properly. >> the main issue is the amount of time the gates come down prior to the train coming through. staying down through the train going to the intersection and when the gates come back up. it continues to be safe but problem is, they are going down too early and staying down too long.>> rtd says the unexpected extra time is safer for the train but inconvenient for writers. find our reports on the issue on the free denver7 app. pretty nice day. >> we are threeeweeks away from the official start of fall. >> i don't know if i am ready.
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sometimes they are great and sometimes they just start snowing. a nice start, sunshine from our camera you can see quite a bit of cloud cover across the eastern plains. we are going to see drier conditions this afternoon in denver and to the northeast but the mountains. ttered storms ii- here's your cheat sheet ffr today and the weekend. into the weekend it will warm up nicely, mid to upper 80s today one of the warm days pretty close to noal. at 85 in denver by 3:00. boulder 82. in the mountains some 70s. heading up to the high countty for the holiday will likely see moot of the storms today and showers tomorrow. we will talk more about that, talk about the timing coming up. more trouble for former congressman anthony weiner. child services is investigating after his latest rouud of 16. they are concerned because of a photo showing his young son in the backggound.
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writing someone just climbed into my bed. in another instance he called his son a chick magnet. the boy is four years old. this is the thiid scandal for weiner. a new lead in the wwman murdered while on the run in new york. policc just releasing this sketch of a man they want to talk to. they believe this man could lead them to find whoever killed the women. it has been a month siice she was killed. no arrest deepite a her parents are desperate for justice. >> it is wrong to kill an incident -- innocent young woman. i am coming for him. investigators are hoping dna evidence will give them more close. the community is coming together to remember the teenager who inspired the fight to let students use medical marijuana on campus. only 15 years old, he died after starting class last week.
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his memorial will be held at the botanic garden in littleton. it will be inside the open air chapel beginning get 6:30 tonight. john dolan issfighting a domestic violence conviction. did of pushing his girlfriend against a bathroom wall in the summer. take a listen to what he told police the night of the attack.>> i mayor and everybody knows who i& am. i am going through a t. >> john got two years probation after a jury found him guilty of harassment. three senior executives at sports authority gettiig bonuses adding p to $1.5 million even though the company is bankrupt. 40,000 people lost their jobs when they closed shop. a family in jefferson county hopes you will recognize
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garage and makes off with tools and golf clubs. this happened two saturdays ago. a scare on a southwest airlines plane caused hours of delays. it was a vibrating anti-wrinkle device found on a monday flight from albuquerque to denver. the device is being held by police at the airport in albuquerque. no idea who it belongs to. a of a lifetime, patty gibson had her car stolen earlier this week. she called police filed a report and called her insurance @ompany but she did not expect to get a call from police a few days later. the officers told her they raised enough money to purchase her a gently used car from a dealership. >> to see the distraught mom with two kids she tells me that she is getting ready getting
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she has got a freshman in high school. i have a freshman in high school. >> other businesses pitched in when they heard her story so they donated school supplies, clothes and free car maintenance. a special surprise for some unsuspecting fans. how singer demi lovato made their dreams come true. staring at the screen all day may seem like a sureeire @ay to become unhealthy but research finds it may do the opposite. >> we have got a beautiful day to plains but here's the futurecast at 3:00 tomorrow. a chance for scattered storms
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back now with a news alert. enttnmann's little bites are being pulled off store shelves. at least one person has been hurt by plastic bits in the treats. best byydate of variety packs of september 24. the creator says they traaed the problem three manufacturingg failure at a contractor bakery in illinois. turning two health news a study finds a mediterranean diet to be a huge help for people with heart problems. people with a history of cardiovascular disease had a seven -- 37% lower risk oo death. including fish fruit and veggies.
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hours you spend on your smart phone may not be bad for your health. a study finds healthy apps or health apps are actually good for you. researchers discovered more than 69% of the smart phone and internet programs aimed at obesity improved weight loss. within 75% of programs help people quit smoking reduced alcohol consumption and the right app can help you with accountability. yourself, when you enter it into your app but you have this sense of community. it feels good to be part of this bigger picture of other people just like you are the same struggles that you do and are using technology to find a solution. programs with self goalsetting and monitoring features are the most effective. researchers say an experimental drug could be a game changer when it comes to treating alzheimer's disease.
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say the drug cleared deposits as toxic laques in the brain when given to patients for a year. the plaque triggers thh onset of the disease and slows memory loss. good news for renters. apartment prices in denver are cooling-off. a new were part fines the rent is lower than the national average. but denverris expensive rental market in the country. this could one day help farmers and machinery company just debuted a driverless tractor that can prepare the ground for planting and spread seeds. one day they hope to add robotic arms to pick up fruit. this could help small family businesses and farms stay in business. not available yet, still being tested. a warning if you live in arapahoe county. two people claimed to have seen
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they found tracks from the mountain line but they cannot quite identify the tracks. there you go. mating season for elks underway. these pictures were captured they are butylene. that is the mating call. learn more about mating season on our free denver7 app. >> my parents live in and it is so loud. it will keep you up at night. we have got a beautiful start to the day. keep in mind september is usually nice for us but the normal high today is 84, by the end of september our normal high is 72. that is a drastic change getting a lot cooler this month by the end. enjoy the last few days of 80s. you will find pretty clear skies out east, mountains are
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quiet and drive along i-70, watch futurecast we will see more widespread and scattered storms in the mountains from north to south and up along i-70 you will find rain lightning and thunder. we will see a few clouds roll east over i-25. from fort collins south to colorado springs partly cloudy skies. a slim chance that a few foothill storms could roll through the metro area, today. tomorrow by 6:30 in the morning -@you will find showers quite a bit of code covered in the mountains, it will be cooler there tomorrow. tomorrow. through the afternoon a good chance of scattered storms along i-25 likely down the palmer divide and colorado springs could get hit with cks that could mean the rocky mountain showdown a few showers.
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the mid to upper 70s over the next two hours. highs right around 83 up to 85 degrees and that overnight we are in the 60s. very mild, 62 by early tomorrow morning at 7:00. then it today 82, parker a high of 81, evvrgreen's 73. grand lake 77. nice temperatures statewide. and junction 91, in moab, 92 today and tomorrow it is mid to upper 80s. temperatures climb a couple of degrees tomorrow, a better chance for a few thunderstorms puuting denver in a 20% to 30% chance, the game tomorrow starts in denver at 6:00. we will likely see temperatures during the game in the 70s. you will see some 80s earlier and a chance for thunderstorms, the taste of colorado this weekend, saturday and sunday it
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storms possible on saturday but pretty dry with sunshine for the weekend, mid to upper 80s and monday a touch cooler tracking a cold front kicking up the winds near 80 on monday. a good-looking 7-day forecast will be snowing. >> it slowly transitions into the 70s. >> let's hope snow comes after halloween. a lot of about demi lovato because of a video showing her surprising lucky fans. before her concert earlier this month, she pretended to be a lyft driver. >> actually i really want to be a singer sunday. i have actually been traveling the country with my ex- boyfriend's brother. >> oh, my god.
11:48 am
fun of me. >> luckily nobody will ever see this. >> i would literally do anything to meet demi lovato.>> have yoo ever met her? >> no, that would be amazing. okay cool. are you sure you have never met her before? >> are you kidding me right now? are you serious? >> i love the reactions when they figure out it is her. >> she is such go doing that. >> it is always hard on a family when one family member is sick and needs constant care. >> one local teenager is hoping
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member faces a life-threatening illness although the focus is usually on the who is sick. as weereport today's everyday hero is focusing on someone in the family often overlooked. >> she is only 14 going on 24. she has quite the story.
11:52 am
someone with her age. >> when she was just 12 she started a nonprofit called heartfelt hugs. >> a support group for siblings of kids with critical illnesses. >> sometimes siblings f children facing serious illnesses phil left out and she would know. her younger brother was ddagnosed with leukemia severaa years ago which meant big changes for everyone. >> i couldn't have birthday parties or go out with my friends or go to the movies or ?f germs getting to my brother. >> her group holds bimonthly fun outings for siblings. they clean everything before hand and charge nothing. >> i hope thh -- they experience happiness and joy and meet friends in the same situation and they have as much fun as they can. >> the parents also benefit. >> they need guilt free time
11:53 am
well she partners with their with care a support group of families ann children facing critical illness. >> we provide babysitting, mentoring and activity through siblings and madalyn gives them activities where they can be together. >> doing something to help the community and make changes it makes me feel complete as a person because i want to help other people and i want to make a difference in the world. >> trusted choice the independent insurance gents of colorado would like to honor you as an everyday hero for all of your volunteering. all of your help for young people. congratulations. >> to learn more search heartfelt hugs on facebook.
11:54 am
click on the community section and look for everyday heroes. looking for breaking news? watch the now for the best breaking news coverage in denver at 4:00. today avoiding turbulence ow one airline is using technology to keep their rides as bump free as possible. thousands of people die every year from description opioid overdoses. how one letter hopes to help. >> for the best breaking news coverage at 4:00 make part of your afternoon. our lawns have been loving the rain. >> really good, today is dry but tomorrow a better chance of storms. when you pick up the kids tomorrow early on it will be nice at the bus stop, mid 60s they can get away with t-shirt and shorts you will want an umbrella just in case, by 3:30 scattered storms with ighs in the mid to upper 80s and then dryer through the weekend, more sunshine saturday and sunday mid to upper 80s good barbecue and football weather. rocky mount showdown tomorrow. a lot going on.
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>> we will see you tomorrow
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