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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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an. used as forensic expert for years including the murder trial of casey anthony and a denver judge says he is not incredible. we travel to his home to get to the bottom of this. >> chief investigators call him a charlton. we talk to ryan luby that has the exclusive interview with an expert himself. >> we do, he absolutely deny the claim. we learn they are certified under the same international standards they have been for years. they are turning the tables on the d.a.'s office and they say this is a political tactic to get them out of the way of doing the rock solid work all over the country and world. >> we are pittsburgh. we will give the court all of the evidence. that's what we do in holland.
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>> richard eikelenboom and his wife, selma consult and on the casey anthony they worked on. but they never did collect evidence themselves. >> there is evidence that have been investigated. and with more conclusive >> the eikelenbooms say that others don't like how thorough they are because it threatens labs and they have a problem with how they say prosecutors pick and choose what they do and do not want to include in cases in an effort to get the
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case. i'm ryan luby, denver 7 investigat and tony was the first to set down with the da that says he is not qualified to call himself an expert. richard eikelenboom admitted he is self trained. >> the denver da says they convinced the judge with strong evidence that the eikelenboom dna expert doe skills and qualifications. they called him a charlton. a person that falsely claims he has special talents or skills. >> he moves over here and tried to sell himself as an dna expert. >> this is the second time he has seen something like this in his three decade career. a judge disallowing an expert witness. >> this is a guy that takes his%
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over the country and he gets paid high dollars to give opinions that are not scientifically based. >> here he is on the stand testifying for the defense in the case of casey anthony and he helped to exonerate tim matthews. once convicted of murder. earlier eikelenboom took the stand in a denver courtroom and prepared to testify for the defense of two men charged with the prosecutors say they got eikelenboom to admit that he has no direct dna analysis. >> i discovered that he remade himself as dna expert when he arrived in the united states and opened up shop in a lab in conifer after a renovated barn and began to hold himself as an expert it seemed fraudulent to
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exposing him to the fraud that he is and exposing himself across the country. >> years ago eikelenboom came from the netherlands and denver's d ais aware that eikelenboom just received a certificate of national accreditation and says the judge based his decision on more than the accreditation issue. the bottom line a story of national significance out of denver cou you talk about national significance, some of the cases are huge, the prior cases. what impact does it have on that eikelenboom's business % going forward. >> the da says double jeopardy prevented the prior cases from being reopened on the future. he says that this ruling by the judge will be and should be considered by judges in other
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dna expert in those courts. back to you. and the illinois innocence project says that he studied the case of jon benet ramsey. and we have been looking through new information and a newly released video. richard eikele both of jon benet ramsey's parents but he has no connection to the case file and this comes on the same day that boulder police released a statement. >> this is new video released on the focus of finding jon benet's killer. >> we will not give up. we will find justice for jon benet.
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samples and received and over 20,000 tips have been reviewed and spoke to over 1,000 people. >> boulder police department has looked at all aspects of case. the timing of the release still four months before the 20th anniversary of jon benet's death on the day after christmas in 1996 comes before the expected released a video of several books and a dr. phil interview with jon benet's brother that was 9 at of her death. >> boulder police won't comments anymore about the death leading up to the 20th year anniversary. will this case be solved and boulder police is asking for anyone with information to come forward. reporting in boulder. denver 7. and richard eikelenboom helped to exonerate tim
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he was 15 years old when he was found not guilty and then he was found guilty and then he was released after dna was found. an explosion from winterpark. the sheriff's office says one person was seriously hurt and had to be air lifted. people living nearby are evacuated but just as precaution. this suv crashed into the impressive cleaners on east hampton in denver. what certainly is impressive is that the two people inside store did not get hit. nobody was hurt. the suv's driver hit the gas instead of the brake. well, this is a story that we seem to cover almost weekly. the aline to vi astopped or delayed or whatever. the private term running it, denver transit partners has had to pay money because of the problems. rtd has withheld more than $827,000 and counting for this issue including a quarter
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since the train launched in april. did colorado based chipotle force employees to work off of the clock without pay? that's the allegation in a class action lawsuit. chipotle denies the claim. jacklyn allen talks with a thornton woman leading ten thousand people strong. leah turner worked thousands of hours at this chipotle in parker and ten thousand others are joining the lawsuit saying chipotle forced them to work off of the clock to boost the bottom line. i did it because i tired of getting attention advantage of. leah turner says chipotle says hee chance to move in manager and when managers said to work off of the pay she did it. >> i didn't want to move my job. >> and now employees are tell what happened in a class action lawsuit. it states they are punched out
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before and after shifts and managers would alter her timecards. a spokesman declined our request to talk to him but claims the lawsuit has no merit and says the chain pays more than others. and one lady says she and others were cheated. >> it was preached about food with integrity. over and over. it is kind of a double standard there. the lawsuit is starting say it could take up to a year. leah says she may not get much money but she hopes it send a message to employers everywhere. jacklyn allen. denver 7. less than 90 minutes until kickoff for the 4th and final game for the big season opener. if you are thinking it is 4th preseason game, it doesn't matter. try telling that to the first round draft pick.
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chance to prove himself. >> it will be the paxton lynch show. he will get all of the reps. he was offensive guy in high school and spread offense in college and learning a new offense and they are doing everything they can to get him up to speed. >> i feel good as to when i first got here. i was kind of like trying to keep up but now like i said it getting more comfortable. >> we need to see paxton play the whole game. and going out there and see an nfl defense and run theehuddle and do the things and hopefully there is about 60 plays to evaluate when he is through on thursday night. what does this mean for
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all right. denver voters will get to decide whether to welcome clubs in the city. and families that lost loved ones in the theater shootings told to pay $700,000.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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talling. toost reporters and editors find themselves on the other side of a tragic story. >> colleen o'conner was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. the typically newsroom is quiet, a somber feeling filled
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up colleen's desk. her colleagues said they will miss her. a long and impressive resume. she worked for the wall street journal and the list goes on. colleen was crossing a street last night when she was hit by a suspected drunk driver. 23-year-old jesus carino. her empty seat will leave a hole in ttat newsroom. >> of compassion and kindness. in a way to pay tribute to colleen they have posted her stories online for readers to review. families that lost loved ones in the aurora theater shootings will not have to pay legal fees. the theater were sued over the lack of security but when they lost they got stuck with the cost but a judge has approved a deal to get rid of the fees as
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appeal. the man that tried to assassinate ronald reagan will be free. john hinckley will leave a psychiatric hospital. he will live with his mother in virginia. his parents lived in evereen at the time of the shooting. colorado students are better at math. that is a new result from test results but the state department of education says that it will have to wait until next year to see if this trend. denver voters will decide whether people can use pot in some businesses. it will allow owners of bars to apply for permits and unlike a similar measure rejected this would require the backing of a neighborhood organize or business district registered with the city. and more adults are using pot and far fewer think it is risky. 8-and-a-half million adults say they use pottdaily and that's double than it was 12 years
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only a third thought that smoking pot was dangerous. denver conditions looking any. this is the view from the camera at mile high stadium and there is a couple of clouds building here. a little thunderstorm popped up over commerce city and thornton and arvarda. let me give you a couple of viewpoints. this is the wireless camera looking towards the west. you can see the sun poking in and out and this is spectacular shot. the rainbow up here at the loveland ski area. have scattered showers out there. it is nice and what has been a warm first day of september. the high reached 87 degrees today in the denver area. you can see the showers to the west. in the mountains and that brief little thunderstorm area. and that system will weaken as it moves towards jefferson county.
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disturbance coming from arizona that will cross the state and through saturday and bring us scattered showers and storms. the main area will be tomorrow in the afternoon. we will see most likely the storms. meanwhile, big trouble in florida and that's hermine moving onshore. this area in the box is aa tornado watch for most of northern florida. denver 72 and winds from the east shower and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by morning low 80s with some afternoon storms. there is the upper air disturbance as it moves to the state. we will get the scattered showers and storms. for this evening it stays in the mountains and not expected to move out on the eastern plains and partly cloudy conditions further to the east and will you notice that even late tonight there is rain showers out across western coloraao. low temperatures will drop
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50s to low 60s in the plains and tomorrow as the showers move across the state. will you need an umbrella in the afternoon. the showers and storms, probable notta lot of severe stuff but a few of the storms may produce brief heavy rainfall. temperatures cooler in the low 80s in denver. mid to upper 80s southeast and 58, the expected temperature at ledville. as far as conditions looking ahead on rainfall. this will be good for the mountains. maybe a half-inch or three quarters of an inch of rain is tonight. 55 and isolated storms and tomorrow a high temperature of 83 with a good chance of showers and storms in the afternoon. things get gradually better over theeholidays and a few storms on saturday. and our bright spot sunday and -?monday. a little cooler monday. gusty winds from the northwest and low 80s and aa we enter early september the pattern
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thanks. we will see a lot of paxton lynch tonight. what about poor mark sanchez. we will see him in a broncos
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more. welcome to 7 sports extra and the broncos, cardinals last preseason game, we know it doesn't count in the standings but means so much to so many. like paxton lynch. mark sanchez and those on the bubble.
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reporter: yeah, it will be the paxton lynch show. play a full game. spread offense in college. and trying to get up to speed and doing everything they can. consider tonight a baptism by blow torch. >> i'm taking it however they give it to me, they are giving me the information and not holding back. i'm taking it and absorbing it day in and day out and doing the best i can and the fact that i get the reps possibly for me. what does this mean for mark sanchez, will he get cut and get traded. what about cut him and bring him back after week one? sanchez wants to be in denver and hoping for resolution as soon as friday. until any of the options come to me. i am not going to worry about or start to delve into those hypotheticals. you just run your mind in
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worth it or fair to the team. we just keep rolling and keep playing hard and keep preparing. you guys all know about jordan taylor has a cool nickname, sunshine. he did all of that work with peyton manning when he was out with a foot injury. manning believes he should be on a roster. he gave him a suit last year for the super bowl and now taylor is looking to go from a suit to openg day uniform. hurt. we are a good tight end receiver core. it is an opportunity and i will go out there thursday night and try to earn a spot. this is the last fake game. it gets real on thursday. super bowl 50 rematch. broncos, panthers. roster cuts comes friday and all be cut down to 53 on saturday lb. thanks, troy. enjoy the game and we'll
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all eyes on the quarterbacks as always or the quarterback in this case, one. paxton lynch and see how he does. the hits get hard. you put a little extra in to it. thanks for joining us.
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>> i'm donna rucco. >> having a good one won't just help you buy a house. it might helpou find someone to share it with. a new survey found 40% of people said knowing someone's score could affect dating that person. >> you're buying homes, and cars together. it's a big issue. >> women care more about it than men and college grads care next time a female who graduated college asks for your number it's probably your credit score. easy. order online from annual credit aetnd g a free copy every 12 months. that's not the only story trending for you. >> over the last four years there's been a revolution in ride sharing and there is a new player in the game. that story is trending now. >> the ultimate carpool. >> not if google has anything to
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>> the company known as a search engine is branching out to car engines. powered by waves. >> you heard right. this new way to carpool is launching in san francisco this fall and obviously they're hoping to take over soon after. >> the program brings together passengers on the ways app with drivers headed in the same direction and only charging riders 54 cents a mile. >> riders get a comfortable and affordable ride. if you're carpooling, there will be someone driving. sorry. both uber and google are looking at self-driving carpools, too. >> i do not like the idea. >> yes. it will definitely take some getting used to. >> want to carpool tomorrow? >> maybe. >> i'll give you pizza. >> okay, then i'm in. >> that was way too easy. i'm a simple man. while you may think of pizza as something that may make your engine greasy, it's greasing workplace productivity.


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