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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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year. >> steve: they are rewarded by continually playing the big boys to start the season. >> brian: give them credit. think how far this win is going to go not only for wisconsin this season but how far it's going to go for paul chryst and recruiting in this region. >> steve: nationally this marks two teams that have lost in the first week, back to 1972, nebraska was top ranked and arkansas at number four. this is going to be an interview you want to hear. here's todd. >> todd: coach, you grew up in wisconsin, coached in wisconsin, went to wisconsin, you come back as the head coach. you told me you were on the field four other times, once for a concert and three times to watch friends play. how was this for you? >> obviously i'm happy but i'm really proud of this team. that's what i love about this
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obviously i'm happy but really because what they did and they put it out there against a really good team. i'm proud of this group and i'm really happy for them. >> todd: it's hard to know what you're going to get from a quarterback who hasn't really played and started a game since 2011 i think it was and first collegiate start to come out in this environment. what did you see in bart houston? >> he was bart. he's going to compete and there's going to be a couple plays we're going to want to learn from but he competed and kept his poise throughout everyone played together. we had that spurt where we gave them some momentum. the fumble and the pick six. guys just stayed with it and hats off to the team. they came through in a big way. this was fun because it took everyone. >> todd: i know you have a whole season to play and this is one game but watching your players and how excited and emotional they were yesterday to walk through on this field, to get this win against an lsu team
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could be a national champion, how much does this mean for all these young men who grew up packer fans watching brett favre and the other greats? >> two things. one, we want to enjoy the moment. they put themselves out here and they can't take that away. then i think there's another part. we as a team this year, how we choose to take this and go forward, that's on us. that's the challenge. right now i want them to enjoy it. it was a challenge but a great opportunity and they took advantage of it. >> todd: great job, coach. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: we have bart over here. hey bart. how are you doing, man? how are you doing? >> doing good, very good. that was a solid victory.
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best of luck to them, but we drove, we fought. the defense made plays. we made some plays. i'm going to have to get a lot better next week too. >> todd: you're named after bart starr, first start of your college career is here on lambeau field. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot, i think it means more to my dad. that's his favorite player. i don't know, you couldn't have made up a better story, i guess. it's an awesome experience. i love i'm so happy. it's a great time. >> todd: there were some ups and downs. things weren't going well. how were you able to overcome that? >> keep confidence, keep driving and keep going. i think we might have gotten a little satisfied after the first drive in the third quarter and that's why we kind of didn't do
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i was telling our guys, we got to keep the confidence up, keep driving, keep striving for victories. >> todd: heck of an effort today, man. congratulations. >> thanks. >> steve: this is a disney movie, brother, right? this is real close. this is a movie script. wow. a special afternoon in a special place. >> brian: that's the difference betweeco you didn't see this one coming. bart houston hadn't started since 2011 in high school. starts and wins at lambeau field. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for saturday night football presented by wells fargo, usc/alabama. in the end, they did the leap. there's no flag on the play. a win by wisconsin.
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major developments from the valley. the broncos made the final cuts to reachthe 53 man roster and mark sanchez not survive chopping block. art it is and is live in the newsroom with the latest bronco news. this went down to the wire broncos looking for a training
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also ronnie hillman but there were no takers. minutes before the cutdown deadline both veterans were let go in a matter of months inches what from starting quarterback to out of a job. broncos said $3.5 million and a conditional draft pick. scooped up by the dallas been cowboys. hillman let's team in rushing last year but was be out by former csu running back and this is the business side of football. here is john elway with more on cutdown day. >> we're still looking waiver wire and see what's available but i think we feel like we're in pretty good shape. you never know there's always going to be and people get banged out but we have some young guys who want to step up and help us but depth wise hopefully we can survive the bumps and bruises we know will happen.
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details are emerging about the shootings at the suspect dead and put a douglas county deputy in the hospital. detective daniel price is still in the icu in critical
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year-old randall rodick. they are not releasing his total at this time. the area and parker where this happened is considered a crime scene. wrote seven blocked all day as investigators gather evidence. eric lupher is live near the suspect home where deputies have also been searching for evidence. the first 911 call was made from there. >> reporter: that is yes that is right. devices of been here all day gathering evidence. they secured the scene an leave soon. we have seen a lot this afternoon including volunteer search teams who got to the scene and campus this area. a large crime scene and they have -- the suspect name and we're learning more about the moments before the situation took a bad turn. law enforcement radio traffic
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rodick inside the parker home suicidal and heavily armed according to the sheriff's office. >> we never talk to the parents. >> reporter: they knew the neighbors but would have never guessed what would conspire on a quiet friday afternoon those are the initial conversations between dispatch and responding officers. he eventually got into an rv and deputies followed. the shooting ending just schools a hospital and health club. he killed the deputy head. new questions from the police and civil we talked to the one girl who is the home. >> the girl she was handicapped. we've talked to her a little bit. we're worried about her and how she's doing. >> reporter: local law enforcemmnt hope for the best
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>> power of prayer is important data can help them. >> reporter: just before 5 pm we saw tow trucks drive away with vehicles and most likely part of the evidence. the sheriff sent out a statement earlier asking for prayers for his injured deputy. we want to make sure how proud he was of his deputies who believes many innocent lives were saved because of their actions yesterday. police are armed robbery on still there 38. a business in the area was robbed but police will not say which one. we do not have any suspect information to release. us geological information set of 5.6 magnitude eaathquake rattled seven states across the heartland this morning. it struck after 7 am central time about 9 miles southwest of oklahoma. it was also felt in kansas arkansas missouri texas
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never says the even felt the shakespeare we asked the justices to explain the far- reaching impact. in oklahoma they felt that in chicago. that has to do with scattering of the energy in the earthquake get more scattering in california and support us the waves continue on much greater distances. >> reporter: no injuries have been reported so far and there have been some structural damage but nothing major. a calm day here let's go to katie lasalle. it's not too shabby a start for our labor day weekend. we are ppcking up some scattered storms in the upper- level disturbance makes its way through. what we have is a flood watch in effect starting now on through tonight. the area shaded in green. a chance we could see flash flooding and already to-6 inches of rain have fallen over
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is is the storms a looking out toward burlington but most of his mix of sun and ccouds. scattered showers are making the way through the high country and 60s and 70s today but downtown denver now 81 degrees. 84 at the airport and winds from the north northwest 17 miles per hour. it's going to be windy tomorrow with more sunshine in store. the full forecast coming up. two people after they were seriously injured in a motorcycle crash this morning. this happened after 7 am police were first investigating a hit and run because the other driver left the scene in that person later came back. a second wrongful death lawsuit because of the deadly plane crash in erie. for people and the pilot died in this crash in august in august 2014.
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investigators blame the pilot in the wrongful death lawsuit was filed against as well as estate and another pilot the runway but the truth not find either pilot negligent. as one of them was at fault and ordered a trial. extra careful on the roads this weekend. officials anticipate dy will spike and it's the most dangerous. national highway traffic safety of ministration released a new analysis show number of alcohol violations jumped 80% starting today ro monday. in 2014 alcohol was a factor in nearly half of all traffic fatalities during labor day weekend. 500,000 people are expected to hit the center park this weekend to get a taste of colorado. if you have attended the event you know what it's all about. amanda delta's -- you don't have to look far and downtown denver and if you're heading to
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of music. >> i was expecting not to be of the see anything. >> reporter: he's this year cocteau coordinator showcasing what they do fit >> it brings to this huge event. hundreds of thousands of people make it tradition to grab aa turkey leg for potato and now at beer to the list. >> i wrong with that >> reporter: it's not only the natives who are welcoming the new edition. >> it's delicious. >> reporter: we cut up with visitors from new york >> reporter: we have a couple of hours left and that we would jump in and grab some beer. >> reporter: hedy millon watermelon lemon langdale. >> reporter: everyone is enjoying the craft beer gardens
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>> a great not to colorado and the craft industry. there is still a lot going on at the taste of colorado advance until 10 pm tonight and boyz ii men will perform at 730 and then taste of colorado is open again tomorrow from 10:30 am until 10 pm and on liberty from 10:30 until eight. people in colorado love their dogs and has a new places up around the city. where you can find them and how they are helping coming up. university of colorado under fire one marks or climate change are getting national
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the denver zoo is mourning the loss of one of its asian elephants. ellie has been on hospice be care because of her declining health and the zooming the tough decision to humanely euthanize her she was at least 50 and a shell of his usually live to be about 47. a busy week on the campaign trail and for the fact checkers have been checking claims from both hillary clinton and donald trump truth meter readings. what we did when i was secretary of state as i said went above and beyond anything that was required. anything that any charitable organization has to do. >> reporter: that solar clinton on cnn looking for -- blocking criticism of the clinton foundation. going wwll beyond what the law requires. politicized says that only tells part of the story.
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the we should hold up as a badge of honor when reality threshold is very low >> reporter: according to police ask the law does that require the clinton foundation to disclose donors or rollback foreign donations. but disclosure requirements are minimal. and in a caae like this the clinton foundation only agreed to do this once she was nominated as secretary of state . her statements have to. donald trump made a bold claim about >> on top of that she wants to raise taxes on african-american owned businesses to as much as nearly 50% more than they are paying now. >> reporter: they say trump's math is not adding up and that clinton's plan raises taxes on all people earning more than five many dollars here and not by the color of their skin. >> will look at the numbers we have somewhere less than 1%
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a small fraction of people would be potentially subject to this tax. >> reporter: is a distortion of her tax plan and they rate his statement is false. we are two months away in the end of this interesting election cycle. hillary clinton maybe taking the holiday weekend off her campaign s not coming up. they are holding phone banks in colorado arrival donald trump is trying to win over african-ameeican voters in michigan. he attended a service at faith mistry's international in detroit today. three you see, >> professors are in the national spotlight now the cause of an email they sent to students. students can the ppofessors told them if they did not believe in man-made climate change they should drop the course. university of responded saying that is not what happened and
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specific about the theme of the class. a big loss for the csu football team but big wins for students. the sophomore and senior students won the kicking for tuition competition during the show done game last night they put $5000 into each of there mac -- their tuition ockets. tropical storm hermine we are in colorado see an upper- level disturbance of broad scattered showers and storms looking at the radar widely scattered storms in most places but the strongest is to the north eastern side of colorado. a flood watch is in effect for this area in green and we could see more thunderstorms rolling through and alrrady to-6 inches of rain accumulating over the last evening. we will keep an eye on potential for flash flooding temperatures across government area a pleasant day and warm.
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in normal is 83 we're close to the record in 1995 looking at the risk for severe weather today as you can see the area in yellow and green is a -?potential spot we could see t strongest storms adducing heavy rain possible hail. with artie seen quarters has tilted northeast and that has been lifted as of now. but through the futurecast into tonight we start to see clearing skies and partly cloudy overnight a chance for some moisture esp steamboat and places in higher elevations. but sunday into monday for labor day more sunshine and back in control of high- pressure and that's giving us great conditions. overnight lows will be in the low 60s and the western slope and upper 40s for the mountains. 50s forrmuch of the planes and 60s to the southeast. the high tomorrow will be warmer than today. denver getting up to about 88
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made 80s on the western slope and looks south. pueblo where the colorado state fair is still going highs in the mid-90s and upper 80s. in denver tonight down to about 57. 10-20% chance of seeing a passing storm but for the most part partly cloudy. tomorrow we got to more sunshine with highs in the upper 80s and for labor day mmstly sunny and the big story tomorrow will be gusty conditions picking up from sxsw in the afternoon gusting up to about 20-25 miles per hour and then for monday labor day mostly sunny not quite as breezy and we cool down on tuesday with a better chance for storms in the forecast tuesday afternoon. i know it's the official end of summer but still not totally feeling like it. >> i said every weekend i'm not ready for summer to be over.
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good time to get with your furry friend. tom gorzelanny to go to a safe place you can try up one of the
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i kn we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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people living in colorado love dogs and denver our friends have new places to play. there isn't added benefit to these pop-up dog parks for us
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>> reporter: it is a different perspective on playtime for your pooch. this part is not permanent. the city causing a pop-up dog park. >> video pop-up is a temporary in nature and it's about active and more social place >> reporter: this pop-up park is located at commons park near downtown denver. it is open in the morning and the afternoon. and will only stay in place until the >> allowed to test which areas within the park we might want to have one in the future. >> reporter: this is not a free- for-all. the yellow cones mark the boundaries and rangers are always keeping watch and it is up to the owner to clean up what your dog leave behind besides dogs big and small you will see neighboring meeting and talking to each other often
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>> it's a good coffee clutch for us and our dogs are getting to know each other and there are some regulars and new dogs. >> reporter: no question some parks including comments had do with problems like homelessness and drugs. the concept year is to help residents take ownership and a growing part of the city. >> it gives more control over how the space is being used and bring the residence together which is a good thing. >> reporter: man's best friend helping to make denver a better city for everyone. besides commons park there is a pop-up dog park now at skyline park in downtown and the programming also extend this. park off of -- cones or the biggest expense but otherwise park rangers are already out there. thickness from dove valley. one quarterback career with the broncos coming to an end.
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breaking news at downtown police are unseen near the intersection of broadway and curtis. someone was seriously injured in an assault. they are searching for a suspect now and we have a crew on the way and will bring you new information as we get it. news broncos made the final cuts to reach the 53 man roster and mark sanchez is not surviving. broncos looking for trading partner for him and ronnie hillman but there were no takers so both veteran players were let go. they save $3.5 million and an additional draft pick. he already was scooped up by the cowboys and they signed austin davis to start as the third quarterback. and san francisco the union of police officers boycott
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team does not disciplined quarterback colin kaepernick for easy to stand for national income. he is sitting or kneeling in the anthem in some of protest of brutality against african- americans. >> developing now the douglas county coroner has identified the man accused of shooting a douglas county deputy. detective daniel bright is in icu incredible condition now and the suspect 40-year-old randall rodick was shot and investigators said they hope to wrap up the initial crime scene before dark and they found out gathering evidence all day and that's where we find eric lupher. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we tweeted about 30 minutes ago for the sheriff that this has been secured it's a large crime scene from the house to the other areas where this spread. we have some fresh video for you of vehicles being towed
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story began yesterday afternoon. police are focusing on areas of the home with first call was made and the area not far from here where he crashed his rv and fired his weapon striking detective brite. i spoke with neighbors who were allowed back home after mmking a reverse on the phone while at the grocery store. >> we had to find some friends to put our groceries and are >> that couple went back to the groceries today and they been here since 1991. they were shocked by what happened yesterday. even though the scene is clear the crime scene and neighbors are being told that could see squad cars out for a few days. the preble county sheriff's office is investigating a
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fair. the man was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in the fairgrounds parking lot last night. they do identified the victim are released any information about possible suspects. the mistrial of the suspected car thief is under investigation. a district court judge wants to know if evidence was recorded and the destroyed without defense or prosecution of an about it. the deputy claims his supervisor destroyed company camera footage because deputies were swearing. the sheriff says the office is not cameras. ust logical survey says the 5.6 magnitude earthquake it struck 9 miles in oklahoma. also help in kansas arkansas missouri texas nebraska and iowa and there has been some minor structural damage that no one was injured. what is left of hurricane hermine is that it out to see the danger is not over.
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gaining strength as it moves north. battering colorado the weather is much nicer. it is nice for the labor day weekend. >> it does not feel like summer should be over yet. very warm today. i got into the upper 80s but the radar and satellite showing an upper-level disturbance and moisture coming in from the southwest. the strongest storms are the north eastern plains now. you can see cells moving through and will continue to pick up on scattered showers across much of high country through later this evening and by tomorrow we start the day on a mostly sunny note across the state. % right now 82 we could pick up a few scattered storms this evening and winds now at the airport for the northwest at 17 miles per hour. it's gusty and across eastern plains but this is your first tomorrow the first looked
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the excessive forecast coming up. -- extended forecast coming up. do not judge a book by its cover but that is what many grocers do with food. maybe you've noticed while some look perfect russell haythorn is looking to the petition to bring ugly food back to >> i'm now what's wrong with the sky..if you are comparing apples to apples with the food bank will tell you this produce is not exactly the cream of the crop. it's just ugly. but in here is not about looks. >> in many cases there is nothing wrong with it. it might be slightly disfigured like this pple or smaller than some of its peers but otherwise perfectly edible. >> that peace often clean and eat it. >> reporter: a new petition is part of a national movement to get grocers to start selling
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rate. is because it does not look like it's right off of the farm and tailor-made and hand-picked. it is still just as tasty if not tastier the started on the farm. >> we created expectation. >> reporter::melissa with grand farms says grocery stores have created an illusion of perfection. and about 40% of what is grown is not perfect. >> walmart this as our great >> retail giant is in fact trying something similar now in texas. selling weather damaged potatoes called spike lee.
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% howard road to spend your afternoon with 100 tarantulas? this week everyday hero is in charge of feeding them. >> the butterfly pavilion in westminster is over 1600 butterflies. what longtime volunteer says there's another resident who is just as delicate and beautiful. it is rosie the giant rose hair tarantula >> it's not a strong statement to say they are harmless. bridge is in charge of feeding not one but more than 120 road -- rosie % >> >> there generally calmer than --'s fighters rotate work shift so as not to with them out no more than one no more than 12 hour shift once a week.
5:43 pm
grasshopper. he's given his time for 19 years. >> it is fun. let's face it. if it were not fun i wouldn't do it. >> the volunteers he's one of those people that gives everything to is committed to he gets time because he welcomes the chance to educate kids ann the families about science including the often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas. >> the of reputation. mostly from that movies. >> would like to honor you as a seven everyday hero for your -?volunteering efforts. >> thank you. i've had a terrific time working here. this sounds like a joke a two-year-old in washington dc haze $75 fine for littering.
5:44 pm
to the daughter and they could not believe it. >> she's not a criminal -- we talked to all the time about pickinggup trash of the new study some common sense into this system. the westover school a letter fell out of the trash and apartment public works apologize for the mistake and they dropped the citation. today we continue to see a mix of sun and clouds with a chance for storm overright lows to upper 50s and lower 60s. tomorrow mmre sunshine on the
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breaking news and downtown denver. investigating an assault when - someone was seriously to northbound lanes of broadway toward park avenue are closed as police investigate. there looking for a suspect now. a very warm day across the front range and mostly dry but now your first alert a severe storm watch has been issued places like arlington. we had a lot of rain over the past short time. scattered storms are popping up across the area now. an area makes it just us to respect its way across the area
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rain and thunderstorms with the potential for quarter sized hail. heavy rainfall and gusty winds thunder and lightning. if you're in the area practice caution. we have the rest -- risk of severe storms where they are popping up now mainly across north eastern plains and this warning in effect through tonight. in sterling you can see rain falling and will continue to keep an eye on the storms as they move from west to east scattered showers in the high country. downtown denver now 82 degrees and 84 at the airport with gusty winds. we have a slight chance to see a passing storm and some of the cells rolling of the foothills into the front range. for tonight we start to cllar out and write out and a lot of this will make its way to the
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steamboat to get moisture later on tonight overnight into tomorrow partly cloudy and more sunshine through sunday and monday for labor day. lows night stay mild. 40s of the mountains and 60s for injunction. and mid-to low 60s across the southeastern corner of the state. highs tomorrow even warmer than today. we could get some 90 degrees days aos tomorrow. fort collins 88. mid-to upper 90s in the southeast and western. tonight a slight chance of rain and then partly cloudy skies and temperatures tomorrow ramp back up into the upper 80s under a lot of sunshine and windy conditions. expect to see sustained winds mainly from the southwest but
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sunshine with highs in the upper 80s before cool down comes tuesday with a better chance of storms. we went hiking earlier and it was perfect weather. unlaced breeze a lot going on in the sports world. john elway a busy man. and college football. and what cut one quarterback and added another. what is a me for broncos?
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welcome to the sports. cutdown day in the nfl. broncos forced to cut with no
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both players were given walking papers. sanchez a no-brainer. they said $3.5 million and a conditional draft pick. minutes after hitting the waiver wire cowboys scooped him up. ronnie hillman the broncos leading pressure from one year ago remains in limbo. 53 man roster is now set. here is john elway on the tough decisions. >> it's always tough and they are all close. they worked very hard and deserve to shot and wanted to given that shot. a long talk with mark today and he was -- he held it with great class and i know he was disappointed and wanted to stay here and we just thought where he are it was best for us to go to waste at this point. >> today's news means the
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quarterbacks of never thrown an nfl pass. this is uncharted territory for a defending super bowl champion. broncos signed veteran qb austin davis in the third straight and mentor. ellie merritt clear that simeon remains historic. >> trevor is the guy. we have confidence in trevor and now he can do the job. it is his job and no one is looking over shoulder. i'm excited to se we are in good shape. it did not take long -- four days after the broncos cut him the veteran punter signed on with the browns will have lots of opportunity to punt. according to reports it's a one year deal. we wish him well. takeoff saturday. how we survived without college football. it is great. . tiffany champion alabama
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third-ranked oklahoma was not okay. houston we have a problem. after goal attempt highlight for brendan mikkelson. this cougar was cooking. even heard one of his own teammates. official discovered 100 yards. houston upset the sooners to 323 and in the clubhouse leader in the race for big 12 expansion. mississippi state through 17 poin up when we just over one that left bulldogs had a chance to win this happened. south alabama first secretary victory and upset at mississippi state. rocky mount showdown a blackout. see you domination from start to finish all-time leading passer. 24/7 after one quarter of play. and the rocky mount to blow out
5:56 pm
playing tonight bryce bobo look one hand. that made sportscenter top 10. it's just as pretty in slow motion. 44-7 the final score. >> it's always good to come out and start well. we've been coaching for 29 practices and we t they want -- now you validate the work and you can do all the talking you want but once the real bullets are flying it's put up or shut up. for the most part we did a good job of going up and putting our best foot forward >> we embarrassed our name but there's only one way to go back to work -- tim tebow a fan
5:57 pm
he returned in the rockies uniform? the rockies and braves have expressed the most interest in the former roncc's qb. he out the baseball work out this week and so far there is interest but now offer. stay tuned this could be interesting. >> is a good? >> that is a good question. >> it's not really feeling like fall we have summerlike temperatures with mid-to upper 80s through labor day and a slight cool down tuesday with a better chance for some afternoon storms. for the most part overnight lows staying mild in the 50s. they give her joining us.
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welcome to field and stream stores kickoff week. >> chris: an ambition so rarely attained. success so we call it a dynasty. >> the trojans of usc, your bcs national champions. >> alabama, back on top. another building block in this dynasty. >> chris: dynasties rule. reign. dominate. tonight, the last two teams to hold that distinction face off. the trojans, who once ruled the sport. and now, aim to regain that


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