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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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denver 7 news starts right now. 351st avenue has just reopened near grant because of a report of shots fired. denver police tweeted about an incident about an hour ago. there are no reported injuries but the intersection was closed. the community is rallying around a deputy who is fighting for his life after being shot and critically injured in dan brite family and friends are asking for your help now. brendaliss gonzalez joins us live in the stud joe. -- studio. >> a go fund me is set up to support his family and knave raised -- they've nearly raised the $5,000 goal in a few hours. it's managed by his family and mejss that he's in -- mentions that he's in critical
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yesterday's surgery. he was shot friday afternoon after deputies were called to a home with a suicidal person. they say that suspect was 40- year-old randall rodick. he fired at officers near his home before getting in a motor home ann driving more than a mile away where again he shot at deputies. he was shot ask killed during the -- and killed during the exchange. investigators were at his home this afternoon whil investigation continues. tony spurlock emphasized last night that their main concern is dan brite's recovery. >> i ask the community to stop and say a prayer for him. >> today sheriff spurlock referred to the suspect as dangerous. he commended the officers that responded saying they stopped a situation from escalating to
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page head to our website . police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly overnight stabbing. it happened on south newark near mississippi. rubin martinez was arrested. the victim's identity has not been released. denver police looking for the pr who stabbed someone on broadway. the victim had serious injuries. also happening in denver police looking for the person who robbed a business at gunpoint earlier this afternoon. this happened on steel near 38th. police have not said which business was robbed and had no information on a suspect. a busy commute to the mountains today. people made their way up to the
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everything seems to be calmed down right now law enforcement is out in full force this weepgd. the safe -- weekend. the safety administration shows the number of alcohol violations will jump 80% through labor day on monday. let's get to katie lasalle. >> a warm start. we reached 90 degrees that's 7 degrees more than what we see for this time of year. ve in 1995. this upper level disturbance brought scattereddshowers and thunderstorms across the state. we saw some severe thunderstorms and we had a tornado warning. fortunately nothing touched down but we are keeping an eye on the eastern plains. we could see potential for flash flooding in this area. please practice caution.
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humidity is rising to about 63% as of right now. this is your first alert that we will continue to see a lot of sunshine into tomorrow. gusty conditions. i'll bring you your full forecast in a bit. did you happen to feel anything shaking this morning? some people said they could feel some tremors after a quake hit oklahoma. take a look at this video from outside christian high school which is about 25 miles south pawnee. you can see the camera shaking there. there was some structural damage, nothing major. a bride and groom were getting ready in tulsa when the quake hit. >> i kind of think it's good luck. we were upstairs getting ready and it started shaking ann we were like oh deer what's happening. -- oh dear what's happening. we'll take it as good luck. >> rain is supposed to be good
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some people in arizona even reported feeling this. tropical storm hermine is continuing to cause troubles for millions of people along the east coast the holiday weekend and could turn back into a hurricane. two people have died from the storm. forecasters expect hermine to regain hurricane force tomorrow before it weakens again by tuesday. tropical storm warnings are in effect as far north as the denver broncos cut roster and one of those who didn't make it is quarterback mark sanchez. he was one of 22 cut before the 2:00 p.m. cutoff today. he was picked up by the dallas cowboys. meanwhile in san francisco there continues to be fallout over quarterback colin kaepernick protesting the national anthem.
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to boycott the stadium if they do not punish him. it's a silent protest of lis leisure police brutality -- police brutality against african americans. trump smoke at the great faith ministrying -- trump spoke at the great faith mintries -- ministries today. >> we don't know who donald trump really is. when he leaves detroit today and goes to another city tomorrow what is he going to articulate. he was just in mexico talking one thing and came the back to america and talking another thing. would the real donald trump please stand up? >> the african american vote typically leans to be very
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found in minnesota. a suspect in jacob wetterling's disappearance led the fbi to the remains. investigators are not saying if anyone has been charged. the coroner has identified a man killed in drive-by shooting near the colorado state fairgrounds. 19-year-old daniel gonzalez was killed before midnight last night. witnesses said two cars left the area after police arrived. no word on suspects. university of colorado springs are in the national spotlight over an email sent to students. students claim the professors told them if they didn't believe in man-made climate change they should drop the course. the university says that's not what happened theywere trying to be specific about the theme of the class. sad news tonight at the denner zoo. beloved asian elephant dolly was put down.
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to her health. she was brought in 1984. -- 1986. zoo officials believe she was at least 52 which ek seeds her -- exceeds her life expectancy. the taste of colorado. taste of colorado has been a staple for the past 33 years, but this year there's something new for visitors. in addition to the food there's now a beer garden you enjoy. >> colorado yans and denverites love beer so you an't go wrong. >> taste of colorado is open tomorrow from 10:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night. if you don't make it to the taste of colorado you can always check out the hot air balloons at the labor day liftoff in colorado springs. look at these beautiful
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this year features 70 balloons, even sky divers. festivities will start tomorrow morning at 6:00. we know how bad traffic can be. i'm sure we've thought about how to beat it. this man might have the answer. more of his bizarre way to get around a headache.
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this is definitely one way to beat a traffic jam. this was captured in kazakhstan showing a man riding an osttich passing car after car. ostriches can reach speeds of about 40 miles per hour which seems to be a help for this guy. i was thinking about a scooter but maybe i'll buy an ostrich. >> i guess it gets you from one place to another. we showers slowly diminishing slow storms have made their way across the plains and a flass flood watch in effect. a lot of those have moved to kansas but we are keeping an eye on this area shaded in pipg we could see additional rainfall that could have flash flood watch flooding. a meant evening in downtown denver.
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tomorrow. but good news is a warmer and drier air mass is moving in to colorado that will bring us sunshine. temperatures across the state. upper 60s across thwestern slope. 50s and 60s in the high country. 42 in leadville with the low 60s across the plains. temperatures will drop boo the upper 40s in aspen and eagle steamboat at 45 and the to the upper 50s. our future cast for tomorrow. we are going to be seeing some gusty wind conditions primarily from the southwest. this will usher in sunshine a slight chance for passing storms in the high country for tomorrow but then throughout sunday we should be seeing a lot of sunshine. just very breezy conditions. our highs tomorrow toastier than today. mid to upper 80s in grand
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across the northeastern plains upper 80s. we will see the temperatures gradually warm up to the mid to even upper 90s. it's going to be very hot in pueblo if you're planning to head to the colorado state fair that's going on throughout the weekend. here's your labor day future cast. not a lot to talk about. mostly sunny and dry conditions across the state. we'll start our labor day with some cloud coverage across the northeastern plains. will be down to the southeast. temperatures on monday also staying above average about ten degrees. so tonight in denver we do have mild conditions dproping down to the mid -- dropping down to the mid to uppee 70s. by tomorrow morning we'll wake up to a lot more sunshine and highs in the upper 80s, low 90s in some places. here's your seven-day forecast. today and tormg continuing to
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a fewwstorms back in the forecasts with overnight lows staying mild in 50s. our bright spot is thursday. broncos home opener against the panthers and we have a sports expert and some of the coolest guys around to talk about it. this is 7 sports extrament. >> welcome to 7 sports extra. it is college football oos kick of football's kick off saturday and cut down day for the nfl. >> welcome gentleman. >> what's happening man? >> broncos cut two big names mark sanchez and ron nihilman. -- ronnie hillman. minutes later the cowboys scooped mark up. ronnie hillman the rusher from
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kapri bibbs beat him out. here's john el way on -- elway on today's tough decisions. >> it's always tough. they're all close and that one was really close. kapri has worked hard and deserved a shot, and so wanted to give him that shot. >> i had a long talk with mark today and he was, he handled it with great class, and i know he was disappointed he stay here. and, you know, we just thought that with where we are it was best for us to go different ways at this point in time. >> all right look. i think we all saw hillman and sanchez coming were there any real surprises in this roster? >> not really. i mean henry melton he got beat out. but there was a surprise and that was that the broncos didn't get picks for mark sanchez.
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deadline with the cowboys. theeeagles fleeced them on picks for bradford. no real surprises other than ronnie hillman i thought would make it. >> this team is going for it with the 53 they have. now that this roster is set on to what they're going to do with tte team that they've assembled. the big man on campus, a guy who thought about quitting and going into estate trevor sim yan. today's news means broncos were left with two signal callers. simian and paxton lynch. broncos signed qb austin davis for number three. it's simian's show. >> we have a lot of confidence in trevor and believe he can do the job.
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to be looking over his shoulder. he has support. he earned the job so i'm excited to see him play. and i think, you know, we're in good shape there. >> that remains to be scene. the -- seen. the regular season has a funny way of sorting this out. there's two sides to every story. the broncos are making aqib talib available for a trade for patrick, the head of public relations said this is false and ttllb has the broncos on the hook for $2 million next year and given his recent involvements with the police in dallas it's something that doesn't seem too farfetched. >> they eed him right now. i you told me this tweet had come out in july after he had trouble in june i'd say it's possible. it's disappointing when a guy
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they expect him to be available for the opener. to trade him now, but to move talib out when they're going to rely on the defense it makes no sense at this juncture. >> he's part of this investigation in dallas in regards to the gunshot wound he suffered. we're five days away from the opening game. broncos panthers, will play, john elway thinks so. >> full speed ahead. we've heard nothing. we'd be disappointed if we 3 heard something at this point in time. >> so he thinks he's going to play and speaking of playing with hillman gone, sanchez gooe. john has more money to play around with. what's the likelihood that we can use the money tt re-sign emanual sanders.
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what hurt was austin signing for $10 million per year. that have not talked to sanders since last sunday which came the day after day von austin signed with $25 million guarantee. and sanders tweets out a roll of the dice i'm willing to bet on myself which fans took like hey maybe it's not going to happen. maybe he'll go to free agency. they haven't given up trying to sign him and they room now. >> you'd think the broncos would have learned their lesson. they waited on signing von miller and next thing they know they have a free agent in philadelphia. here we are again. maybe they get that thing done. but it seems like we got to send you off for now. we need you at 100% for the panthers. >> been a long day. busy day tomorrow. they're going to try to
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end and an offensive lineman. maybe a local kid gets on. >> thanks for insight. coming up. college football. two major upsets and airforce hit the ground running.
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open the year with abilene christian at home and cleveland flew past the wildcats. 33 yard to put airforce up 14- 7. falcons cruise 37-21. long pass a 17-yard strike. falcons host geoogia state next saturday. >> third ranked oklahoma was not okay. austin attempt turned into a highlight for brandon wilson. he hurtled within of his teammates right here. this covered 100 yards on the score. 109.9 according to my math. 33-23 they are in the clubhouse lead n. the race for big -- lead. in the race for big 12 expansion.
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enough. tiger's offense made it interesting. brandon harris hits trayvon. tigers take a one point lead under four minutes to go wisconsin sets up and rafael knocks it down from 47 yards. that will be your game winner. he's wearing 27 to honor nebraska kicker sam killed in a car accident earlier this year. badgers upset lsu. big nigh named the field after steve and luke made his gators debut. he found antonio wide open for his first touchdown toss. 24-7. heartbreak and triumph after an entire summer eating, sleeping, and breathing the opener the rocky mountain opener showed one team
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and gasping forrair. this was a blackout. cu complete and total domination from go. the all time leading paser hit -- passer hit shay fields. the blowout was trending on twitter. look ma, one handed. one more look even prettier in slow motion. everything is prettier in slow mo. rests for 95 -- rushes for 95 yards. 44-7 the final. buffs take the sen ten yell cup and -- centennial cup. >> you've been coaching them and they get tired of hearing you if they want the be honest. so it validated the work. >> you can do all the talking
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up or shut up. and i think we did a good job out there. >> it's embarrassing. i told them we embarrassed our name. but there's only one way that we got to do. we got to go back to work. >> all right. time for our final time out. do not go away. this dinger had special
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rockies daniel dell cas sew returned from paternity leave. oh baby. that's a two-run shot for little ameal ya. -- amelia. the rockies not doing so great. lost by a 9-4 count. rapids in new england. zach cmath in gold didn't get
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revolution -- help. revolution through the defenders. juan 12 minutes in. 2-0 the final. rapids drop back to back games for the first time this year. >> not when you're louising. >> guys -- losing. >> guys we will see hot conditions through monday. upper 80s, low 90s and slight cool down by next week.
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[ elevator bell dings ] okay, that was interminable. how are 15 powerpoint presentations a "unique research opportunity"? you guys said crime-stat briefings were "fascinating." wait a minute. you guys told him that? well, i'm -- i'm sure they're fascinating to someone. oh, my -- you lied to me. i just squandered three hours of my life. so did we. oh, come on, castle. no hard feelings. i'll tell you what -- i will buy the first round at the old haunt. sorry, guys. i can't tonight. i have another security gig with my brother-in-law. really? again? yeah, the good news is sarah grace will have enough money for college.


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