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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, states of emergency. hermine's fierce winds pounding the coast. the watches and warnings from virginia to southern new england. the dangerous storm surge and rip current. the deadly tractor trailer accident. and a tornado tearing through this campground. who's in the danger zo we have team coverage this morning. ? seeking support. donald trump's first visit to a black church. >> those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on. >> his promise to make america prosperous for everyone. will it be enough to sway african-american voters? fair the ride that went haywire. kids dangling.
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some even falling from their seats. >> i really thought i was going to die. >> kids rushed to the hospital. why did it happen? and wonder woman, serena williams slams her way into the record book. >> that ties roger federer. >> the win that put her over the top. she's setting her sights on roger federer's record as she celebrates her smashing victory. good sunday morning, we want to thank you for joining us on this holiday weekend. and we want to get straight to our top story. hermine on the march. gaining strength. the storm not going away anytime soon. >> the storm is now off the northeast coast where it's expected to churn for days.%-p> shot from ocean city, new jersey. already some sizable waves there. the storm has carved a path of destruction and disruption.
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this vehicle in cambridge, virginia. it'sompletely covered in sand. it almost likes like a summer snow drift. >> get out your shovel. there are states of emergency, watches, and warnings from virginia to new england. let's get to ginger zee in breezy point, new york, an area still recovering from hurricane sandy. and now bracing for more. hey, ginger, good morning. >> reporter: dan and paula, good morning to you. i can't emphasize enough that this is a coastline storm. beach communities like this will be impacted mo a lot of people are waking up in these beach communities from here through southern new england saying, it's sunny out. what storm are you talking about? well that thing is some 300-plus miles south and east of us right here. the waveslrea starting to grow, more than seven feet. as that turns to us and sits for days, we're on tropical storm
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through nantucket. overnight, that ominous image. hermine spinning north. taunting the delaware coast. those winds and outer bands lashing virginia with 60-mile-an-hour winds. neighborhoods inundated. in columbia, north carolina, relentless gusts. toppling this tractor trailer, killing the 64-year-old driver. up to ten inches of rain in north carolina. the worst of the storm shattering this camp ground in the outer banks. isolated tornadoes blowing these trailers and cottages into that creek, injuring four, a 10-month-old baby. in south carolina, trees crushing homes. at the tail end of this trail of destruction, flooding. hard-hit florida is getting rain again. days after the storm, people in pasco county forced to evacuate their homes after a different system caused more flooding. some escaping by boat. hermine, now a post tropical cyclone is turning toward the northeast. and providing action for
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philadelphia. it's doing a dangerous dance with the jersey shore this morning. as storm surge, coupled with a slow-moving storm, could put many beachside communities underwater. >> i'm ready to go. as soon as the city puts the siren off, i hit the road. >> reporter: i want to make sure everybody understands, too, you'll hear that term po-tropic. don't let that make you think it's less powerful. it still has 65-mile-per-hour max sustained winds. i want to bring you right into the satellite image. the convection has blown up on the side. it will change its track. that will affect us in parts of the northeast, along the coast. you can see where the tropical storm warnings and watches extend. through coastal new jersey up into massachusetts. they're on tropical storm watch in nantucket. the main concern, beach erosion, certainly rip currents.
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this like sandy? the answer is no, it is not. this thing is staying out in the ocean. but the bands of wind will pile up water. the high winds. you can see the gusts through sunday night. 20 up to 40 and look at that. close to 50-mile-per-hour winds. that will make the waves and a storm surge a real possibility anywhere near the coast. you see 55 atlantic city, that's monday at 10:00 p.m. the timing is so important. what will happen is tonight, it will start turning back to the north and west. and event eventually, by thursday, it will start to get out of our hair. some places in here down through new jersey that will be impacted sooner than later. that includes longport, new jersey, where eva pilgrim is this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. we're seeing wind and significantly cooler than is normal for this time of year. you can see the waves angrily
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and this is what we're most concerned about with hermine. this storm surge. as hermine sits off the coast and pushes the water in. it keeps the back bays unable to fully empty out. it pushes the water higher and higher with each high tide. the high tide starting to spill on to the streets overnight. several coastal counties under a state of emergency. local officials asking people to voluntarily evacuate some shore points. urging residents and tourists to head inland. it's not been beach weather. not comfortable to sit out near the sand. businesses here taking a big hit. slow on a weekend when they usually are slammed. and if conditions change today, officials really encouraging people to take this weather seriously, ginger. >> that's right, eva.
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it will go from uncomfortable to downright dangerous for some. we want everybody to focus in on the storm and the timing. things deteriorate later tonight and through tomorrow. stick around for parts of new england through wednesday. this is a storm we'll be dealing with for a very long time. it's been two weeks we have been following this thing already. i'll have a lot more coming up in weather, as far as how big waves get. a lot of people looking at that. and what we can look for in the way of rainfall. i'll give you a little tease. think. >> thank you, ginger. great to have you with us on the weekends, yet again. we'll have more later in the show. we move to the image from the campaign trail. donald trump swaying in the pews at an african-american church in detroit. this in his latest attempt to appeal to black voters. mary bruce is on the story this morning. >> reporter: good morning. dan, for weeks, donald trump has been slammed for trying to reach out to african-american voters without reaching out to
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that. making his first in-person appeal at a black church, promising a new civil rights agenda. ? donald trump swaying in the pews at a lively church service in detroit, as he hopes to sway african-american voters. >> those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on. i'm here today to learn. >> reporter: trump, for the first time, addressing a largely african-american audience after being criticized for trying to woo minority voters by speaking to mostly white crowds. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. hillary clinton is going to do nothing for the african-american worker. >> reporter: now trump is making a direct appeal. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right.
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>> reporter: trump supporter brd neighborhood in southwest detroit. >> he did get straight "as." >> yes, he did. >> reporter: but while trump talked grades, his own appearance at the church got mixed reviews. >> his remarks were genuine. hartfelt. i think we have to giver everybody a chance. >> i don't know if he has a lot of knowledge on how to run this country. >> reporter: and sparked protests. [ crowd chanting ] >> all: no trump, no trump, no trump. >> reporter: the question now is can any of this outreach change opinions? >> thank you, mary. for more, let's get to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. she's in washington. she's hosting "this week" later this morning. given how deeply unpopular trump is with black voters is this kind of outreach that we saw in detroit likely to work?
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te zined to reassure suburban white voters because it shows ? >> trump's polling at 1% of african-americans. members of the congregation he met yesterday, as you saw, did not seem swayed. then again, no republican candidate has broken past 15% of the black vote in 50 years since democratic president lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act and republican nominee barry goldwater opposed it. the zimps that that trump is losing black voters and white college-educated voters. he needs to do better with them. a key constituency. and as you say, many have been turned off by his harsh rhetoric, dan and paula. >> trump is at rallies. at that church. meantime, hillary's been surrounding herself with rich and powerful donors. "the new york times" front cover said, where has hillary clinton been? ask the ultra rich. not to mention, martha, she
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since last december. the inaccessibility to the public and the media, will it hurt her? >> it's hard to say just yet. she's had two public events in the last two weeks. done nearly two dozen private fund raisers. the clinton camp wants to take this last quiet moment of summer to raise big amounts of money and blast trump with negative ads in the fall. and they're also ceding the spotlight to him hoping he does more damage to himself by himself than they could. the pressure is growing on forthcoming, more accessible, especially after the constant news on e-mails and the clinton foundation. >> martha, thank you. we want to remind you all that martha has a big show coming up. she'll go one on one with tim kaine. as well as donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. and martha wants to know what questions you have. tweet martha. we want to move to a
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at a tennessee fair. a ride called the moon raker went haywire. witnesses say children were dangling, some everyone falling off that ride. adrienne bankert is here with what went wrong and how the kids are doing this morning. >> reporter: yes, this is yet another amusement ride malfunction this summer. this time in memphis. several children hurt in the opening week of the fair. this morning, several children injured after an accident at a memphis fairground. the festival, turning into a this ride at the delta fair malfunctioning. the safety bar released before the giant spinning disk had reached the ground. >> the ride operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars before the ride was actually in the cradle. >> reporter: parents saying they watched in terror, their kids dangling. gripping the rails. some falling from their seats. >> i really thought i was going to die, because the height, it was so high. and i couldn't hold on. >> what was going through my
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today. >> reporter: after a dozen children rushed to the hospital. that ride, shut down. >> we're going to bring in an independent ride operator to check the ride out one more time. >> reporter: this father says his 16-year-old daughter, faith, suffered a broken wrist and neck injury. landing her in this hospital bed. >> i've still got one in there in real bad shape. >> reporter: before the midway opened a few days ago, another ride at the delta fair had to be dismantled after two workers were shocked during installation. 1 of 2 adults treated at the hospital was the ride's operator, suffering fr anxiety. all of those injured are recovering. at least one safety official is looking into why the operator is able to release the safety restraints while the ride is still moving. >> that's something they have to look into. should haven't happened. thank you. >> no problem. so let's send things to ron for the rest of the dish. dramatic pause. >> we didn't know who was supposed to say that. ron, what's up?
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>> good morning to both of you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with a jailhouse shooting in fresno, california, that left two veteran corrections officers critically wounded. a convicted rapist, out on parole, went into the jail and started acting ere atticly. one of the officers confronted him. he opened fire. he was wounded and is being charged with attempted murder and gun possession. 15 children and an adult had to be rescued from the san francisco bay after their boat capsized near the golden gate bridge. the children part of the sea scouts youth group. some of them suffered cuts and bruises. thankfully, no major injuries. this morning, pope francis is leading the ceremony to canonize mother teresa. in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in stmt peter's square. the canonization, a nobel peace prize winner, officially becomes a saint. st. teresa of calcutta died 19
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and authorities in minnesota confirming that after almost three decades, they've found the remains of 11-year-old jacob wetterling. a man who spent the last year in prison awaiting trial led them to his remains. and if search for those two missing american hikers in the himalayas has been called off. saturday, two helicopters flew over the area but found no sign the families saying given how much time has passed and the harsh conditions, it was time to call off the search. the pair left on a three-day like. that was back on august 21st. finally, an amazing rescue at mt. hutt. a ski area in new zealand. an 11-year-old boy dangling from the chair lift about 33 feet above the ground. can you see him? there he is. about ten meters above the ground, if you want to convert
6:16 am
him while people on the ground set up a safety pad. then they let him go. intentionally. the boy landing safely in the pad. everyone on the ground cheering while they happened. the boy is just fine, in fact, he skied away. >> really? >> he landed safely, got on his skis, skied off. >> how do people end up hanging off of the ski lift? >> the safety bar didn't go all the way down. his wiggled out. his father and uncle were able to hg >> and when they rehydrated him later, did they do it in gallons or liters? >> in liters. a little less than four liters to a gallon. >> what time was it in guam when that happened? >> tomorrow. that i can tell you. >> do you want me to talk? >> no, you should take this one. >> the filibuster is over? >> yeah, the filibuster is over. well played, mr. claiborne. ginger, do you miss being with us on the weekends? >> yes. >> this free-wheeling -- >> oh -- i was just going to say that. i miss that so much.
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uncle ron and his details. you two. sara. >> talk about details. that was a detailed weather report. >> that's true. let me go ahead and come back on a non day like this. let me talk about the storm. it is very important that we get to this. again, i can't emphasize enough. this is for a beach community storm. this is a coastal storm. you may be a couple of miles inland and never see a drop of rain. let's go ahead and look through models. you can see the wind and waves piling up. that was the rain there, just making it into parts of new england. nantucket gets rain by monday night. as that low kind of meanders. and i've been using that word for a couple of days here. it's the wave heights that are really impressive. if you had plans to get out on the ocean, that is not -- i would cancel those plans if you haven't already. 10 to 15-foot waves. a little bit closer. they're growing behind me here.
6:18 am
staying with us through the midweek and beyond. as this thing hangs ou >> i'll be back in a bit from a breezy, breezy point, where it is still tomorrow in guam, sara. >> thank you, ginger. >> well played. >> i love getting a toss from ginger zee. this is great. now to serena williams and her record-breaking victory. at the u.s. open. becoming the winningest woman in
6:19 am
cementing her place in history. all it took was an ace like this one. serena williams driving home the point that put her over the top. in the match that put her over the line for the most major tournament wins by a female player. >> female athletes can be great, too. >> reporter: hitting the 307 mark ties her with roger federer for the most of anyone to ever play the sport. >> wow. that's pretty awesome and honestly, what a better place to do it than here, where everything first started. >> reporter: serena williams has made a career of smashing records and turning heads. >> nice. >> reporter: but for the victory on saturday, she's giving credit to her outfit. >> yeah, they're my wonder woman sleeves. superwoman. >> reporter: she's gunning for her seventh u.s. open singles title. coming off being named nike's
6:20 am
the top five or top ten of any conversation, male or female. this dominance is so extraordinary. >> reporter: as the highest paid female athlete in the world, she's redefining the word icon not just on the court, but alongside her constellation of a-list bffs like drake, beyonce, and anna wintour. >> it's easy to look at this and say, yeah, that's serena. that's what she does. we should all step back and say, oh, my have never seen anything like this. >> highest paid female athlete. nike's greatest female athlete ever. setting records with the u.s. open. can you imagine stepping on the court mentally? you step on the court with all those titles. i would be like, you win. bye. >> intimidation. >> she's got it going. >> she's got a lot of good years left, too? she's 33, 34? >> young, especially in tennis. >> i like the arm bands. like spanx for your arms. >> of course that's what dan
6:21 am
she called them superwoman arms. >> she doesn't need them. i do. >> i don't think they make them in man arm spanx bands. >> don't get any ideas. coming up on "gma," new fallout from colin kaepernick's protests of national anthem. a police union now threatening to boycott, angered by the 49ers quarterback. and ron has an exclusive one on one with derek jeter. what the long-time yankee captain says about retirement and what he misses most about the games. stands. and this. >> you rascally rabbit, you may now use your devices. >> the loony flight attendant keeping people entertained. >> otherwise known as what sara haines would do if she was a flight attendant. >> it's so true! sara haines would do if she was a flight attendant. ? ? to protect
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and we welcome you back to "gma." happening right now, labor day weekend disrupted on the east coast. hermine bringing near hurricane-strength winds, rip current, and major coastal flooding from virginia to new england. beaches are closed. some areas are under a state of emergency. also happening, earth qu the state of oklahoma ordering 37 waste water wells used for oil and natural gas drilling to be shut down. this is in response to yesterday's record-matching quake that could be felt hundreds of miles away. science cys-- scientists worrie that drilling could be causing earth quakes in oklahoma.
6:31 am
celebration at the zoo in atlanta. giant panda lun lun has given birth to twins. she has pair of 3-year-olds. panda baby one and panda baby two as they're being called are said to be doing well. they'll make their official debut later this year. i hope they have better names. >> not thing onething two, thing three? >> i think you should be left out of the naming competition. >> thing two and thing three. >> i say this as man who named one of his cats, steve. so i probably shouldn't be in the naming competition either. this is an interview you don't want to miss. ron sits down with derek jeter. with the former yankee star, what he told him about his plans for the future. can he make his dreams come true? are you going to have an answer to that, ron? >> it's called a tease, paula. >> i don't know who i'm more excited to see, ron or jeter. >> um, jeter. >> i'm going to go with ron. >> me, too.
6:32 am
star colin kaepernick's national anthem protest. >> the police union who police the stadium are threatening to boycott. marci gonzalez is here with the very latest on this story. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the santa clara police union sending a warning letter to team management acknowledging the right of free expression but saying officers have a right to work in an environment free of ungist fied and insulting attacks. new fallout this morning from the growing kaepernick and some of his fellow athletes. ? whose broad stripes and bright stars ? >> reporter: police union official warning the san francisco 49ers of a possible boycott, sending this letter to the team complaining the 49ers organization has taken no action to stop or prevent mr. kaepernick from continuing to make inaccurate, incorrect, and inflammatory statements. and suggesting some officers may choose not to accept off-duty work protecting events at the
6:33 am
decision to remain seated during the national anthem, his socked pattered with pigs wearing police hats. and saying the comments made at the 49ers home stadium. >> we have cops that are murdering people. we have cops in the sfpd that are blatantly racist. >> reporter: the union's board writing blanket statements that police officers in general murder minorities isom dedicated men and women in lawn enforcement. santa clara's chief of police saying he doesn't fully agree with the protests or the union. >> i don't support the boycott. my number one responsibility and priority as the chief of police is to provide security for the entire city. >> reporter: a number of unions rep accidenting officers threatened similar boycotts of beyonce's formation tour after her music video and super bowl performance
6:34 am
>> reporter: no comment from the 49ers. they simply referred us to their statement from last week, about the organization recognizing individuals' right to choose whether or not to participate the the national anthem. the team announcing kaepernick made this season's roster as a backup quarterback. >> thank you, marci. >> can we say it's been great having ginger zee with us this morning. >> yes, you can say that. loudly. >> so let's send it back to ginger who point, new jersey, for us. it's so great to have our chief meteorologist here on the weekends. >> it feels so great to be here. i need to do it more often. wait a minute. >> she just volunteered. >> but any way. hold on. hold on. i don't want -- no. let's go ahead and talk about the storm. because this is a serious situation for beach communities like this one. the dangers in the water. right along the coast. emphasizing that. getting into the graphics. this will help you understand where the warnings are. it's in general a two to
6:35 am
currents, beach erosion possible. and certainly wind gusts of 40-plus miles per hour. some places could see 60-plus mile per hour. i want to take you through the next part of the forecast. that is the actual track of the storm. remember, even though it is called a post-tropical cyclone, it still has a lot of power with it. it could strengthen in the next 24 hours. as it starts to turn a us. then eventually, by thursday, >> that weather brought you to by nextguard. i'm a mommy.
6:36 am
this is like me pushing the water in the bathtub constantly at you. and gnat's what's happening with the storm, hermine. >> i think when you say at you, you mean at adrian. >> at you. >> you're not giving dan a bath, let's clarify. >> yeah, this is why you probably don't want to come back to the weekend. >> exactly. >> making ginger squirm out on the beach. ginger, thank you very much. appreciate it. great job this morning. coming up on "gma," derek jeter sits down with ron, opens up and the future. it's coming up after the break. a retirement, and the future. for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection,
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derek jeter with one of the most unbelievable plays you will ever see bay -- by a shortstop. >> and that's just one of derek jeter's amazing plays during 20 seasons with the new york yankees. >> now that he's retired, he's looking forward to the future off the field. he sat down with ron and revealed some of his plans. he's got a big dream, doesn't he? >> he does. for his two-decade career, he was famously reserved. this was a rare chance to talk with one of baseball's living legends about his career, his
6:41 am
to accomplish professionally and personally in the coming years. derek jeter has been a busy man since he retired. on the sideline at the university of michigan football opener saturday. >> there you go. >> reporter: a yankees world series reunion. tending to his many business and endorsement deals. >> classic. >> reporter: we caught up with him in ann arbor, michig, the local hero dispensing advice to high school football players at an event promoting a new air jordan brand. >> i'm busier than i was when i played. >> reporter: why not chill? is that not you? >> i tried it for a couple weeks. but then you get bored. >> reporter: oh, come on. and he also squeezed in a wedding. his own. to his long-time girlfriend, model hannah davis. how is married life? >> so far, it's only been a couple months. but it's been good. >> reporter: it's been two years since he hung up his baseball spikes at age 41.
6:42 am
i miss being in the clubhouse with the teammates. i don't miss the long trips. the getting in at 4:00 in the morning. my ultimate aspiration is to be an owner. part of an ownership group. >> reporter: leaving the pro sports world doesn't mean 's stopped following it. i asked him about athletes taking a stand on social issues, including michael jordan speaking out about the police killings of african americans and the violence aimed at officers. >> i think a lot of times, athletes get a hard time for not speaking up. and then when they do, they're told to be quiet. so i think it's entirely up to them. >> reporter: as for jeter's future? where do you see yourself at age 50? >> happy. i want to have a family. i want to have kids. god willing, i do. doing things that i'm passionate about. >> reporter: and jeter revealing even in retirement the key to his own success, always being
6:43 am
to be unprepared. i was unprepared for this interview. you made me nervous. i'm just playing. >> he was kidding, of course. what struck me about jeter. he was thoughtful. seemingly a genuinely humble guy. a real gentleman. i'm a yankee fan. i admit it. but a very impressive guy nonetheless. >> you came into the interview with a low level of objectivity. >> true. but a cool guy. >> great job, ron. here's what's coming up on "gma," the flight attendant whose real character is channeling all of your favorite looney tune stars. in a performance you just have to see that's coming up in "pop
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all season long, our parent
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inspiring its employees and kids to help local communities with summers of service. >> that's right. get involved, everyone. nick watt just visited a school in los angeles to find out how it all works. >> reporter: back to school time for ninth street elementary. but not everyone can afford -- >> do you want this backpack? >> reporter: -- a backpack. >> it's not a luxury. it's something they need for school. >> reporter: disney teamed up with baby2baby as did these stars from the disney channel and abc sitcoms donating their time. not all kids are as lucky as you. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you realize that? >> of course we do. >> reporter: is that why you're here? >> yes. >> reporter: how long have you been volunteering there? >> since i was 8. >> reporter: she just applied for an abc summer of service grant, which means she could get 500 bucks to help continue her work giving back. >> we decided to get them chess boards and chess sets so they could play. >> reporter: do you play? >> i play, yes.
6:48 am
>> reporter: now, these backpacks aren't empty. disney employees filled them. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: that's cool. >> everything they need at school. >> reporter: smiles all around. when you see that smile? >> it's like, i have accomplished the world. >> got backpacks got backpacks. >> reporter: i could watch this all day. and maybe shed a tear or two. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc angeles. >> the summer of service runs through september 30th. anyone from 5 to 18 can apply for a $500 grant. to help their community. you just have to go to i love that. >> very cool. >> i'm going to tell my daughter about hit the morning. "pop news" is next. it's the moment we have all been waiting for. with this one. >> sara haines. >> i made her say that. sara ha. >> i made her say this. i was energetic.
6:49 am
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? time for "pop news." once again, it's ron claiborne. >> quit -- >> that was funny two weeks ago. >> it's funny today, i think. >> still funny. >> dan, you told me not to recycle jokes. so tissue -- >> i did? >> you didn't listen. >> you didn't either. a southwest airlines flight attendant gave passengers a free trip through looney tunes. zack channeled the likes of elmer fudd, yosemite sam and others when he welcomed passengers to chicago. >> be weally, weally quiet. we've reached your destination. what's up, doc? this is bugs bunny here. on behalf of the flight crew, here at southwest airlines, welcome to chicago. what a maroon. take it away, porky.
6:54 am
>> the video getting cseo 1 million views on youtube. i have to say, that might have annoyed me a little bit. but i love the flight attendants that are funny and engaging on the flight. i know the safety video is important, but -- >> they have fun on southwest. >> they do. >> and those videos are sometimes funny now. >> they do a great job on those. the virgin at -- >> delta. and here's one for you, dan. david tie is creating an album of music just for cats. he says every species has an intuitive response to sounds they heard early in their development. with that in mind, he added vocalizations from the felines and came up with music that speaks to them. ? [ cat purring ] >> look at the kitties. >> i'll try this at home. >> it's very zen, though.
6:55 am
univers universal, a major music record. i guess you can call it a mew-sical. >> that was not a recycled joke. i would have advised against it. >> i did not sell that at all? >> you sold it. it was not a great product. i appreciate the cat pictures. >> you could meditate to that, dan-imal harris. labor day is all about the barbecue. so i brought food. enjoy this feast. while i run down some numbers for you. this is crazy. 200 million americans will be firing up their grills this weeke weekend. 70% of us will with be chowing down on hamburgers. 51% will have a hankering for hot dogs. 40% going for chicken. potato salad is the most popular side dish. >> i'm eating it right now. >> and over half of us will finish off the meal with a nice slice of watermelon. we got the burgs, with bacon on them, it's a paula specialty, because -- >> yesterday was -- >> international bacon day. we missed it.
6:56 am
thanks to shake shack. if you want more numbers, we'll get to those. >> a big thanks to my mom, who pointed out the international bacon day holiday.
6:57 am
6:58 am
this is our outlook for encompassing the south -- y %-
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breaking news to report this morning, residents were told to shelter in place overnight as deputy searched for a wanted suspect near 29th and taft. the suspect apparently took off on foot after a traffic stop around 2:00 this morning. canines were brought in to help find the person found and taken to jail. it's still not clear why he was wanted in the first place. we know when crack -- one car was involved in a crash. still not clear how many people were hurt. there's no word on when the lanes will reopen. cdot is reporting lanes on i-25 are closed because of a


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