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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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to that scene, what can you see? >> reporter: smoke and this thing has certainly lown up in a hurry from 40-acres to 200- acres in the last hour. because of that, larimer county is taking this very seriously. ?hey've called for two single engine air tankers. one big air tanker. three type two ground crews. multiple crews that are already on the scene. again, preliminary evacuation orders are in place for 40 plus [inaudible] they've put out 40 plus calls for emergency evacuations in the mill creek subdivision. essentially, we're sitting on county road, 80c. we're just west of highway 287
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the way up to laramie, wyoming, we're sort of in between red feather lake, and the wyoming state line. again, they've put out 40 plus calls for evacuations. air support, and there is smoke in the area right now. we're trying to get to the scene. for nnw, live in larimer county, back to you. >there is another fire burning heading east along i-70. these photos of the grass fire. it was sparked by an iron grinder. and for firefighters on both of those scenes, wind is a big probably tonight. let's get over to katie lasalle for your first alert forecast. >> the story has been windy, gusty conditions we've seen across the state. let me show you where those two
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this is the star wood fire. wind gusts up to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. not helpful to the firefighters up there battling that blaze. also down to the south near deer trail, where this grass fire is burning. winds also very strong from the southwest. 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusty, 25 miles per hour te, %- sustained winds at dia. 24miles per hour in colorado springs. if you are having a barbeque weigh down some of those things, because we are going to see gusty conditions through the rest of the evening. we are also under a severe weather watch for much of northeastern colorado. your future cast into labor day, and we'll see warm conditions, coming up in a bit.
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photo of detective ite. the man accused of shooting him. randall rodick was shot and killed by officers after firing from a second time from an rv near a middle school. more people use guns to commit suicide than homicide in the u.s. brendaliss gonzalez on why they think suicide discussed among gun owners. >> reporter: owners first want you to stop byyhere. no matter how you feel about guns, you most likely care about. there's a new safety rule. >> this is probably the best piece of informatioo that gets picked up the most. >> reporter: now printed on the pamphlets. >> it says consider temporary offsite storage if a family member is suicidal.
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shops around colorado want to talk about it. >> we're the ones selling firearms. >> reporter: colorado has a 7th highest suicide rate in the nation. >> male has a loaded 9- millimeter with him. says he will kill whoever tries to stop him. >> reporter: just this week, douglas county deputies respond today a suicidal man, armwide a gun. >> shots fired, shots fired! he was shot and killed deputy injured. >> it's a difficult subject, but when you really think about it, we can make a difference. >> reporter: clark trains all her staff to notice any risk signs, and if they have any doubts, they won't make the sale. larry pate, a regular customer stands behind the initiative. >> there's always the possibility of recovery, or
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difficult. >> reporter: clark hopes to ggt more shops signed up to the program by this year. >> even just one person. >> reporter: brendaliss gonzalez, denver 7. >> if we were to make a difference would mean everything. >> there are several fundraisers to help daniel brite as he recovers. the douglas county office is accepting donations. there's also a gofundme page set up for the denver 7 app. right now, westminster police are investigating a homicide at a home near 72nd and utica. two people are sitting in jail right now, following a late night standoff in golden. police say sean peterson was suspected of stealing a car, spotted out of a home on
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peterson refused to leave the home. a woman inside was arrested on warrants. peterson was eventually arrested peacefully. a woman trying to rest during a break on her overnight shift ends up carjacked. we spoke to her this morning. she tells us she was napping in her car outside the rehab center. when a man opened her car door, put a gun to her neck and demanded her keys. denver investigating. if you parked along west 27th avenue in denver's highlands neighborhood, you may want to go out and check the size of your car. more than 15 were killed overnight. several car owners found that vandalism. >> yeah, that's a nice one. >> reporter: the vandalism stretched four blocks. car after car found damaged along 27th avenue from zuni to
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frankly found his friend's car he keyed. tte suspect, or suspects only targeted cars on the north side of the road. >> i was about to call him and tell im. he'll be mad at me, because i told him to park here. >> reporter: they're hoping surveillance video from nearby buildings can help them find out who's responsible. >> for some reason, we left the car out, but it was on the other side. we were lucky not to get car owners weren't so lucky. >> i moved in on the first. a welcome present right there. >> reporter: reporting in denver's highland's neighborhood, denver 7. the east coast on alert tonight. bracing for the impact of tropical storm hermine. it will make for potentially deadly rip currents. tropical storm warnings along
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island. in massachusetts, watches are in place. just 19 years after hee death, mother teresa joined the ranks of other catholic saints today. tens of thousands of pilgrims the roman catholic nun devoted her life >> she held each one of our hands, and said, be a holy priest. that's the first thing she said. anddthen the second don't leave the rosary. >> the process to become a saint normally takes decades, or even centuries.
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first to introduce mother teresa to the world in 1946. working as a bureau chief for india. mcgowan met teresa in calcutta. he noticed her picking up the dying, and followed her for two days to get the story. officers bombs that had not gone off. the bomb squad removed them. nobodywas hurt. denver 7 on top of the breaking news. the starwood fire burn about 200-acres in larimer county. near county roads 59 and 80c is forcing evacuations there.
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news of a wildfire burning in larimer county. air 7 capturing video of the starwood fire. this is close to the wyoming border. larimer county sheriff's office says the fire is burninabout 200 acres right now. it's heading north. there are structures threatened, but officials don't know how many, or exactly what types. a denver police officer left fighting for his life almost two years ago is back the job. now officer john adsit wants to pay it forward. >> you don't recall it at all? >> i recall everything until we turned around at that light, and then when i was hit, i don't remember anything. >> reporter: officer john adsit knows he is one lucky man. here he is, one of five bicycle cops. watch on the left, this black
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knocking adsit off his bike. that accident in december 2014, injured just about every part of adsit's body. look at his scraped up gear. he kept it after the accident. and his uniform in pieces. >> is it hard being down here right now, knowing literally right down the street is you were hit? >> i kind of see the halo footage, as i'm looking across the street, and it's amazing to me that i basically went almost half a block underneath a car. >> reporter: he still has issues with blood flow in his left leg, where his artery was severed. yet, he has the determination of an olympian. >> mentally, i think i'm doing really well, and physically, i'm pushing myself every day. i was able to run three miles
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the accident. [ applause ] >> reporter: his faith and his family are what boost him. so do his fellow officers. just today, two officers showed up. the bond of the badge. and now with his organization adsit strong, he wants to raise funds to help with the recovery of other first responders. one of this year's recipient, tony lopez, a denver officer shot three times and now recovering. >> it's certainly are going to help his family out a little bit, but he wants to pay it forward just like i do. >> reporter: both officers know in a sense, they're the lucky ones. they get to see the outpouring of love. they wasn't other first responders to feel it too, so they too, can be adsit strong. >> you can do it. you can come back and be better than ever.
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their homicide investigation. they're looking for jared sterng. they don't have details to release about what exactly happened. a warm and windy day across the front range. 83 is theenormal. not close to the record set back in 1995 of 97 degrees. but we have picked up scattered showers and storms. the biggest threat we're looking out the threat for thunderstorms all right severe storms have s. been reported. ping morning ball sized hail. heavy winds up to 60 miles per hour. but really, the winds have been the story. we're seeing very gusty conditions across the state as an upper level disturbance slowly drags in southwest flow. but take a look at these wind speeds right now. in grand junction, 14 miles an hour, and these are sustained. we're seeing 20 miles per hour
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further to the north where that starwood fire is burning. winds gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. hot down in pueblo. we saw temperatures in the 90s there. we are going to be keeping on through the northeastern plains throughout this evening. we do have the chance for there throughout the en throughout the overnight hours, we should stay mostly clear ahead of high pressure that will build for labor day tomorrow. downtown denver, 82 degrees. over the next 24 hours, expect clearing skies and temperatures dropping back down into the 50s, before a lot of sunshine is in store for tomorrow. our lows tonight across the state. staying very mild in the mid- 50s on the western slope. down to the south, in the mid-
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will be even hotter. so our future cast showing what we can examinement this is stopped around 6:30. the potential for the northeastern corners of the state really could see strong storms, throughout monday, not a lot going on. we'll state the day with some cloud cover, and dense fog across the northeastern corner of the state. plenty of sunshine to be felt for our labor day come monday. for tomorrow, temperatures are slightly warmer than what we've seen today. mid-80s slope. 70s, even low 80s. 90s for places like denver. tomorrow we'll be in the low 90s across much of the front range. we do have a better chance of storms come tuesday. but cooler conditions as a cold front makes its way through. gradually warming up to the id- to upper 80s, as we head to the >> we just need the wind to calm down a bit. which it is should for
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>> settleedown. we're getting close to football. yes! counting down to the nfl ?ickoff. broncos back on the practice field. trevor siemian, just four days away from his first nfl start.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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hey there. welcome to 7sports xtra. game week is herr. we're 4 days away from the super bowl rematch. broncos and panthers in the nfl kickoff. today, the defending champions officially got to work. austin davis, seen here practicing as a bronco. cj anderson tweeted, we all love a workweek. yes! the season opener in sight. the broncos are ready to hit the ground running. >> we're pretty busy here. we're working pretty hard in the building, so i think, as a team, we're all excited. we're excited to get the ball rolling. a thursday night game. it's going to be a great opportunity for us, and a great challenge. i think everybody is ready for
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>> seven months ago, the smothered cam newton and the panthers. the broncos dominating super bowl l from start to finish. the odds makers list carolina a favorite come thursday. the broncos were also underdogs in that super bowl. that's a role they say they relish. >> underdogs week 1. underdogs week 2. and so on. that's fine. >> it's an offensive driven world as far you know what i'm saying, even though defense wins championships, and it's proven when the media looks at offense. these guys are so great. they're usually going to beat the number 1 defense, when usually that's not the case. >> the broncos practice squad set. the list includes juwan
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father and son. college football's kickkff weekend continues at the top of the hour. catch number 10 notre dame at texas right here on denver 7. after the game, we're going to have a special edition of 7sports xtra, talking rockies. rocky mountain showdown, and also the broncos. speaking of the rockies, and diamondbacks. rubber game. john got a little help from his friends. 4th inning, thomas, a liner unfortunately, there hasn't been enough glove work.
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a last check at accu- weather as we head into labor day. upper 80s to low 90s. a cold front will come through on tuesday. then we'll expect the temperatures to be down into the low 80s, with a better chance for storms and start to dry out. for thursday, when the broncos play the panthers, we're looking at mid-80s and mostly sunny skies. >> you're forecasting a that's what fans like to hear.
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the following is a presentation of espn on abc. it's a hot night in austin. deep in the heart of texas, we have found a strong pulse to the longhorns. coach strong, that is. year three, and many feel he be trotting out the most improved team in the country. he does so with youth, including anticipated debut of passer shane buechele. meanwhile, notre dame's brian kelly takes this challenge head-on. the fighting irish are so loaded, they'll play with two quarterbacks. zaire and kizer. it's college football sunday


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