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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 5, 2016 2:30am-4:00am MDT

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>> announcer: if you or someone you care about is suffering from missing or failing teeth, stay tuned to "smile healthy america" to learn more about clearchoice dental implant centers and how their all-in-one solution is smile at a time. >> feeling healthier, being happier, laughing out loud, eating the foods you love, expressing yourself naturally and openly, letting your true spirit shine. that's what it means to smile healthy, to smile freely. hi, i'm shari smith. in the next half-hour, we're going to explore the importance of good dental health, how you can break free from problems like gum disease, and confidently turn your smile
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people who are leading america's smile freedom movement, putting healthier smiles on faces all over the map. welcome to "smile healthy america," featuring clearchoice dental implant centers. i'm here with dr. mark adams, a prosthodontist in denver, colorado. dr. adams, let's start by asking, where are clearchoice dental implant centers, and what makes them so unique? >> shari, we have 30 centers we're all the way from the east coast to the west coast. we go deep into texas. we're in the midwest. we have centers all over the u.s. i think what makes us special are several items. one is our doctor network. we have over 60 specialists -- oral surgeons and prosthodontists -- that have a unique and very experienced knowledge base. this is all we do, is place implants. that gives us a lot of experience in the area of dental
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we treat the very complex situations, as well. secondly, we're unlike regular dental offices in that we have everyone in one location. we have all the specialties, so we can do surgery, we can do the actual restorative, as well. we have our own on-site dental laboratory where we can actually make the teeth. that's a very unique set of circumstances. and lastly, i think the thing that really makes us special is the fact that we have a dedicated employee base that has passion to change people's lives. i think, at the end of the day, that's what makes us so special -- our passion for changing people's lives. >> well, in my research, i've learned that clearchoice believes taking control of your dental health is essential to living a healthier life. and being able to smile openly and freely is a big part of that. so, tell us how you arrived at your sense of mission in your smile-freedom movement. it really hit me when i started treating these types of patients
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take the smile, we take our teeth for granted. we laugh with our friends. we go out and we have dinner. we choose anything we want on the menu. it's easy to take that for granted. and yet, when you've lost that, it has a devastating effect on your life. i think, for me, what i saw, and the sense of mission it brought me, was that when you give that back to someone, when you help them get that smile and their confidence back, we've released the human potential in those people, and that's very gratifying. >> dr. adams, tell us about the kind of patients that you se what are some of the common dental problems that they face? >> well, we see patients who have lost all of their teeth, to patients that i would call dental refugees. they've had a lifetime of dental problems -- problems with all types of gum disease, cavities, missing teeth. the founder of the modern-day implants said, very famously, "no one should die with their teeth in a glass on the side of the bed at night." these patients truly are dental refugees and have had a lifetime of problems.
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teeth, which were their baby teeth. they're on the verge, or they have lost, their adult teeth. they're looking for an answer. and now, with the predictability of implants, we can provide them with a third dentition which is stable and predictable. it's extraordinary. >> thank you, dr. adams. we'll be right back to tell you just how clearchoice is helping restore dental health and setting smiles free, right after this. ? >> you have to have conf anything that takes away from that puts you at risk. i get compliments all the time. "oh, my god, i can't believe how beautiful your teeth are." my self-confidence has gone up. the smile is one of the first things that people see. i mean, i used to always smile, i would keep my lips on my teeth. my dental problems started years ago with fillings and root canals. and i was looking at, at some point, my teeth falling out. i had to do something. clearchoice didn't just give me new teeth. they set me free to be who i
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who have already set their smiles free at clearchoice. call or click to schedule your free consultation with our team of experts. >> it was a one-day process. i would walk out with a smile the same day. the lab, the surgery, any work that you need done, it's all done at one location. they not only helped to rebuild my smile but helped me to rebuild my self-confidence. they really set me free. i mean, look at this smile. >> announcer: don't wait another day. call clearchoice now. >> it transformation that happens in one day. patient comes in with bad teeth or no teeth, and they leave that day with a brand-new smile. there's hardly any cases here that we can't solve, that we can't achieve a nice result with a beautiful, new smile. clearchoice is special because we have the cutting-edge technology, multiple specialists, and the lab, all in one center. at the end of the day, when the patient looks at the mirror and
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gratifying to know that i was part of a team to make that happen for them. i'm dr. ali kanawati, the prosthodontist at the clearchoice cleveland center. >> announcer: at clearchoice, you're about to discover what you've been missing all these years. >> ? your smile is waiting for you ? >> announcer: call clearchoice today. ? >> welcome back to "smile healthy america." dr. adams, you touched on this briefly earlier, but i'd like to talk more about the one-day transformation. how is it possible to create a full, new smile in just one da >> well, shari, let's talk about, previously, how it was done or how it's still, unfortunately, being done in some offices. so, first, you have to have all of your teeth removed, and you are given a denture. that denture sits on your healing gums. it's not a very comfortable process. several months of healing have to occur. finally, the implants can go in. again, they go underneath the gums, and this uncomfortable denture goes back over your
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then, months and months of healing again. and, finally, you can get rid of the denture, and you can get teeth that are fixed in place on the implants. so it's a very arduous process, which you have to kind of have some fortitude to kind of get through. at clearchoice, we see that we can do this a better way because of our specialists. our doctors have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the area, because placing implants is all we do. because we have dental technicians on site that can actual these are master craftsmen that can build your smile -- this gorgeous smile, the smile of your dreams -- while you wait. we have the technology right on site. we have the c.a.t. scan to allow us to precisely measure the bone and know exactly where to place these implants. so, not only we can place the implants but we can put teeth on them and we can do it immediately in just one day. and finally, we have a support staff that has the passion for helping you change your life by
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together, we can create this full-arch implant restoration, and we can do it in just one day. it's really extraordinary. >> let's hear from some patients and clearchoice doctors talking about the full-arch implant restoration. ? >> announcer: our precise technology helps us create a whole new set of teeth, with as few as four implants on the top and four on the bottom. >> we can use a mimu implants and be able to provide a complete set of teeth without having to replace each individual tooth with a single implant. this one time is all tt they're going to have to go through to get a permanent solution. >> announcer: you get stronger teeth faster, with a minimum number of implants anchored in your jaw. dental implants are made of medical-grade titanium and custom-placed, based on your 3-d imaging c.t. scan. they are the most natural replacement for your missing teeth.
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permanently and securely fusing with your bone. this actually takes care of two problems by slowing future bone loss and giving a strong foundation to your new teeth. a connector and then your porcelain crown are attached. it's strong, good-looking, and ready to take on your next smile. >> clearchoice was able to do the whole lower jaw with four implants, and then again, four more implants for my upper. that e i had all the teeth in my mouth. >> each time i would come back, we talked about the color, we talked about the size, and we wanted it just a little off. and finally, they put them in, and i loved it! >> i didn't realize how much detail there was with the implants and how much input i had in designing them, picking the color, picking the way they looked, to make it look like me. i feel like it's the new me. >> announcer: less surgery means less recovery time, so your new teeth are ready to go to work
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join the thousands who are already smiling freely, thanks to clearchoice. ? >> growing up, my family didn't have very much money. i was told that i needed to get braces, but we couldn't afford that. by the time i became an adult, my teeth had kind of really got very, very bad, losing a lot of bone. my teeth were just getting worse. it was very bad for my confidence. when my daughter got married, i couldn't smile in the wedding pictures, because i was too embarrassed. something had to give. however, i did not want to have to wear dentures, because i had family members who wore them. their face didn't even look the same. i really wanted something that was going to be more permanent. when i came to clearchoice and i found that what they had to offer was going to be a solution for the rest of my life, to me, it was like a miracle. you know? you come in that morning, and
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and it's hard to believe that, but it really is true. it was a very emotional experience to see yourself the first time. my teeth are there. they're like they are mine. beautiful! i mean, i have prettier teeth now than i ever had, my entire life. i just wish i would have done it 25 years ago, when i was younger and could take advantage of the look. [ laughing ] transformation. but, you know, i think the biggest question people have is about the cost of dental implants. >> no doubt, shari, the number-one question on people's mind is, "how much does this procedure cost?" and there's no doubt, this is an investment. but the question i ask patients all the time is, "do you feel that you are really worth this?" and i can tell you, from working with thousands and thousands of people, that you are worth this. it's an extraordinary
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day. it's an extraordinary investment. >> so, this is something that everyday folks can afford? >> absolutely. my average patient coming in is just a regular patient. they have a job, they have a mortgage, they have a family, they're taking care of things. but they're also struggling with self-esteem, with being able to just enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, to be able to smile at the dry cleaner when they pick up their clothes. those things that we take for granted, they're struggling with, and we can help them change that. we have fina them. we can make this affordable and fit this into their lifestyle. >> for more about affordability, here are some patients, doctors, and patient-education consultants to give you their perspectives. >> when patients come in, and maybe they've had bad teeth for years. they've seen the magazine in the drug store. and that's what we're trying to give them. we'll give them the smile they've been seeking for a long time, and it's finally the time to do that.
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think about, worry about, or cover up your teeth ever again? it's time to find out at clearchoice. >> everybody here is looking to help people that come in the door make a better change for their lives. >> it truly is the best investment i've ever made in myself. and i have never, ever regretted a penny i've spent. >> it's probably the best investment you can make to yourself. there's nothing more personal than having a healthy, beautiful these teeth are part of your body. they're not dentures. they never come out of your mouth. if you would total up all the money you've spent in your whole life on dentistry, it's probably more than what this procedure costs. >> even though it was money that cost me up front, and i had to allot for it, so i had to cut back on things, i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> we have several financing options that we offer here at clearchoice. we work with several of the leaders in healthcare finance. so we get really creative in
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they're not trading one stress for another and it's something that works comfortably in their monthly budget. >> i look at this as a necessary procedure in order to have a healthy life for the rest of my life. >> we're doing amazing transformations. and it's not just a smile, which is huge. changes that person's total outlook. we're changing self-esteem. >> it's the best investment ever. >> announcer: changing your smile an another reason this is clearly the best way to set your smile free. >> we'll be back in a minute to talk about overcoming the fear often associated with major dental procedures, like getting implants. ? >> i do get a lot of compliments about my smile. it makes me feel more self-confident. my teeth just were not healthy.
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food started hurting my teeth, like steak, corn on the cob. this is something i had to do for me. and now i can eat anything i want. i would never consider dentures. i had my consultation with clearchoice. >> announcer: join the thousands who have already set their smiles free at clearchoice. call or click to schedule your free consultation with our team of experts. >> everything was all under one roof -- the doctors, the surgeon, prosthodontist, the i walked out of there with the teeth that i wante all done in one day. i'm extremely happy that i made that investment in me, because i know it's going to last me the rest of my life. my husband loves them, and i will always have this smile. always! [ chuckles ] >> announcer: don't wait another day. call clearchoice now. >> this right here is what we call larry's lounge. i have worked in this spot here now for 32 years. and this is my space. [ buzzer ]
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"man, what have you done to your teeth?" "well, you know, i, uh, i just take care of them." my teeth were really bad. i mean, really, really bad. i wanted that confidence level where i could just, like, talk freely and people would say, "did you see that guy's teeth, man? they were beautiful." yeah, i made that 105-mile trip to have it done at clearchoice. when those folks gave me the mirror and i looked at myself, after having my broken, discolored teeth, and i looked at myself, i said, "oh, wow. look at that." i was taking some pictures of my new teeth, just trying to savor the moment. and you knowi mean, these tears... [ voice breaking ] just makes you feel good. i am glad i went to clearchoice and did what i did, because clearchoice was the clear choice for me. ?t really was. >> hi, again. i'm shari smith with
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and we're still talking to dr. adams of clearchoice. so, dr. adams, you seem like a perfectly nice guy. but let's face it, not everyone loves going to the dentist. how do you put these people at ease? >> shari, i am a nice guy. as well are my colleagues. i can tell you, though, that after practicing dentistry for 30 years, not many people really want to go in and see the dentist. no one is really happy to be there. but i can tell you that, in our centers, we understand the occurred in someone's life to get them to the place where they have to now consider replacing all their teeth. we understand that. and what i would encourage anyone to do is call us. they can come to one of our centers, and they can have a free consultation. and at that time, they'll be able to meet us, they'll meet our staff, they'll understand that we truly care about them and this process of being able to change their life and do it in just one day.
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the dentist for years, and they're embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. >> yes. and those people really don't have anything to be embarrassed about, because there isn't a situation that we've seen -- whatever is going on with you, we've probably seen it, and we've probably seen a lot worse. so i can tell you that we don't look at the past. we look forward and how we can help that person change their life. >> and what about pain management? >> well, one of the unique things about clearchoice centers is tha oral surgeons, are also specialists not just in the placement of implants. our oral-surgery specialists can provide you with i.v. sedation, so you can have a safe and comfortable experience. many of our patients go back to work within just a few days of having the procedure done. >> let's learn more about how clearchoice doctors help their patients feel more comfortable with dental implants. ? >> most people have had bad experience with dentists in the
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by far, the majority of people leave here completely surpsed how comfortable it was. >> announcer: if the phrase "dental implants" leaves you feeling a little uneasy, you are not alone. at clearchoice, we have the skill and expertise to make every procedure as smooth as possible. we want to get you smiling freely, as comfortably and quickly as we can. >> i have big fear of the dentist. never liked to go. always made excuses. i would start getting anxious about it -- just the whole process and the drill. zzz! it was -- it was a nightmare. i started looking for alternative and found clearchoice. >> it's awesome. i mean, i don't just go to work, and go to work and have a job. i go to work and, "it's somebody's life is going to be changed today." it's just -- it's cool. it's -- it's neat. >> the setup here at clearchoice is all intentional. in fact, all of our locations across the country are set up and designed in a fashion so that patients don't feel like they're in a dental office. we recognize it takes a
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our patients to pick up the phone, schedule an appointment, and actually walk through the door and it could be because of a past bad experience. and so our goal is for patients to come in, feel like they're welcome, not feel like it's a sterile environment. we take all of our patients on a tour. and many patients leave feeling like -- you know, they're hugging us. and they tell us that was the last thing that they thought would ever happen when they came through the doors. our process is all intentional for patients to feel comfortable. >> the number-one thing their dental implants, is, "i don't think about my teeth anymore. and that's huge for me." ? >> the first step with clearchoice is a free consultation at the center. so, what can i expect when i get there? >> well, you can expect, first of all, to meet with one of our patient-education consultants. please look at them as a partner in this process of helping you change your life.
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going to do is they're just going to talk with you. they're going to talk to you about what's most important for you, what your vision is, what problems have you had in the past, and how we can help you, going forward, to take care of those problems. when you feel comfortable, they're going to give you a tour of our center. we're very proud of our center. and you're going to be able to meet some of our team members and see the passion we have for helping people change their life. we're going to take a 3-d c.a.t. scan of your jaws so that one of our doctors can then sit down and actually put together a customized plan for you to be able to answer your questions and solve the problems that you have. you'll then meet with that doctor so that you can have any of the questions about what we propose having done answered, as well, including how long it will take and what the costs are. >> and this initial consultation takes about how long? >> well, it's free and it takes about an hour. we want to make sure there's plenty of time to answer all of your questions and make sure you
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we can do for you but also how long it will take and what kind of costs are involved. >> clearchoice gives hundreds of consultations every day. here are some patients, doctors, and patient-education consultants to tell you more. ? >> i came to clearchoice for my consultation, and i met with dr. adams. and i felt a great confidence in him right away. and i was in pretty bad shape. i had run out of teeth to eat with and had to do somethi >> announcer: from the second you walk into clearchoice for your free consultation until you leave with your new smile, we do our best to make you feel at ease, at home, and comfortable to ask questions until you can't think of any more to ask. >> one of the benefits of clearchoice, obviously, is that we are set up in a way where we can spend that hour, hour and a half it's going to take to really educate the patient and really discuss what this is going to do for you, how this is going to change your life, what
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other options are. >> my job is to meet patients coming into the center for the first time, and seeing if clearchoice is the right spot for them, if we can help them move forward with their dental goals. >> we actually involve the patient a lot. "hey, what do you want? bring us photos. show us your best smile." the c.t. scan tells us how much bone is there. it tells us if there's infections. it tells us a lot of things. and so, when we look at that, we're already cutting to the chase. >> announcer: so, at the end of the day, what can you expect at your consultation? you'll meet your doctors and their team, you'll get your imaging c.t. scan that tells us how your mouth looks from the inside out, and you'll find out how much it's going to cost and how we can help with financing. >> my teeth look amazing. i feel fabulous about the way they look and the way they feel. ? >> we'll be back with dr. adams right after this.
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my daughter got married. i stood in the background for the wedding pictures. i would laugh and put my hand over my teeth. i had no self-confidence. and i thought, "i don't want dentures. i don't want my teeth on a nightstand." it was like a nightmare. and now i go to weddings, i get in their pictures because i look good. i feel good. in one day, they can give you all the self-confidence that you didn't have before. when you walk out of here, you have it. >> announcer: who have already set their smiles free at clearchoice. call or click to schedule your free consultation with our team of experts. >> with clearchoice, i could go in and come out the same day with a beautiful smile. clearchoice just gave us a way out. >> announcer: don't wait another day. call clearchoice now. >> i can't imagine going the rest of my life without a smile. it was like a dream come true.
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reminder of no limits. ever since i've had my surgery, i've done three half-marathons. well, this is my third one. i had a really extreme case of periodontal disease. i felt gorgeous and great inside, but it didn't look that way with the teeth that i had. i'm 36 years old, and someone is telling me, "you need to get full dentures." i'm thinking clicking, clacky teeth, i'm thinking i have to soak them at night. i thought, "you know, there has to be another choice." and my husband actually was the one who saw a commercial on tv. and i went ahead and made the step to go in. after my surgery, i was handed a mirror. it was unbelievable. i cried. they cried with me. it was -- it was an unbelievable moment. when i'm out running, i feel amazing. [ sighs ] it's just a reminder of how my life has changed in these past two years.
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they're a blessing. they're a huge blessing in my life. i will never forget the loving care that they gave me. and that's from the heart. ? ? >> we're back to wrap up this episode of "smile healthy america." dr. adams, we've heard it from your patients and we've seen it in your doctors. clea profound difference in the lives of thousands of people all over the country. and it all comes back to your unique all-in-one approach to dental implants. we've learned about the clearchoice approach, how you're able to restore full smiles in one day, using the full-arch treatment. we've seen how you're helping people deal with their natural fears of having this procedure done, walking them through the entire process, and giving them finance options so that they can afford dental implants.
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your dental health and joining the smile-freedom movement, isn't it? >> shari, i couldn't agree with you more. it really is. you mentioned fear. many of our patients are very fearful. they've had the fear of having a bad smile, the fear of not being able to really show their teeth in public. they don't feel like they've had any control over what their smile looks like, any control over what all these expenses have cost them and their family, both in time and money. and while we do help these patients regain their dental health, and we do have to talk about implants and we have to talk about teeth, really, at the end of the day, it's not about any of that at all. it's about freedom -- freedom from dentures, freedom from worrying about your smile again, the freedom to walk into a restaurant, order anything that you want, the freedom of getting off this merry-go-round of continued failed "denturations." it's really about freedom, and we're very proud to set these
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for being here and giving us your perspective. and thank you all for joining us for this episode of "smile healthy america."
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igniting power lines. leaving thousands without power. more than 60,000 in florida still without service, and claiming a life. >> ferocious. absolutely ferocious. >> reporter: just north of tampa still under siege after more rain fell on the already saturated land. the governor urging people to evacuate their homes. and hermine wasn't done. marching north, hitting georgia and the carolinas wittr gusts toppling this tractor-trailer and killing the driver. in hatteras, the storm spawning a torno, dumping these trailers into a creek and injuring four. abc news, new york. the storm system is still going to cause problems today for holiday beach-goers and for new england's biggest city. >> let's get the latest from paul williams. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. keeping a close eye on hermine windy conditions to kick off
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erosion. here's the expecting tracking of what's going to happen with post-tropical cyclone hermine, tracking back to the northeast and carrying parts of the storm with it. causing concern for winds along the coast. not only concerned about bad weather there but throughout the midwest. this stormfront kicking off strong storms throughout portions of minnesota all the way down toward nebraska. >> thanks, paul. president obama spends his second and final day in china for the g20 summit after a snub, he met with his chinese counterpart in addition to economics, china's human rights record was on president obama's agenda. he heads to laos on tuesday. and breaking news with the president and world leaders in the region. north korea has test fired three ballistic missiles from its east coast.
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are turned to northeast asia. anti-government protests enter the second week in brazil. an estimated 50,000 people filled the streets of sao paolo. police fired tear gas to stop vandals during what began as a peaceful demonstration. they're upset over the ouster of president dilma rousseff. she was found guilty of hillary clinton is in ohio and illinois while donald trump is expected to take the day off. trump reached out to black voters like never before. mary bruce is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump marking a major first. >> i am hear to listen to you. >> reporter: swaying along a detroit church service as he made a direct appeal to african american voters. >> i fully understand the african american community has suffered from discrimination and
3:06 am
must still be made right. >> reporter: debuting a more subdued tone after fiery appeals in front of nearly all-white crowds. >> i'm asking for the vote of every single african american citizen. you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: trump supporter ben carson showing him around his old detroit neighborhood. a very prosperous city. >> reporter: carson's memories of the old days interrupted by this bizarre moment. >> my luggage. hold on. >> reporter: trump's most vocal african-american backer, pastor mark burn, is admitting he overstated his resume after this contentious interview. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you coming. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been noticeably quiet
3:07 am
celebrities instead, and still avoiding the press. >> is this going to change? >> she's talking to press. hundreds of interviews. i'm doing the same. the labor day to election day stretch is going to ramp up even more. >> reporter: clinton will be back out on the trail here in ohio l tateroday, but still no word on when she plans to hold her next full-blown press conference. it's been 275 days since her last one. mary bruce abc news, cleveland. saturday evening at a los angeles area park turned into a nightmare after a swarm of bees attacked. 20 people were stung and three of them taken to the hospital. witnesses sat there were thousands of bees chasing hundreds of people. the bees reportedly emerged from an underground utility box. an idaho bus driver was fired after a video shows the driver pouring water on a student during a confrontation she also demand that students speak english instead of
3:08 am
complained about the driver before the incident. this weekend, tennis superstar serena williams picked up one record and is on her way to two more with her straight sets of victory in the u.s. open. she's now won more matches in grand slam singles events than any other woman and as many as any man. and if she wins the u.s. open, williams will have the most championships and the most u.s. open titles. on the men's side. rafael nadal is out, losing a fifth set pouille. the match took more than four hours. nadal is a two-time u.s. open champion and fourth seed this year. he missed a shot that he never used to miss and hit the net. the 22-year-old pouille went on to win. the next story shows some people have way too much time on their hands. >> uh-huh. they do.
3:09 am
hole, wyoming. doesn't look like much, but sas of people are watching it. people think it's because somebody said they're going to do something cool. >> apparently nobody did anything cool, but when people tuned in they were interested. they kept doing it. the more people get into it, the more they continue to wonder why they're using minutes of their life they'll never get back. >> i think people like unproduced ordinary -- i mean, slow tv. have you heard of that in norway? they watch people knitting for hours. they have a camera on a boat for hours. >> they go through things that happen in history and re-create them. if it took seven hours to take a train ride, they'll take seven hours. >> do you remember cheesus? >> no, i don't. >> there was a block of cheese,
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cheese aging. paint drawing. >> i don't know about that one. i think there once was an art exhibit that was a light bulb, and it would turn on at random times. that's all it was, a light plub. everyone in that room of the museum would keep looking at the light bulb no matter what they were doing. they needed to see what was going to happen. i think that's whas happening here. coming up, the murder suspect who took his disappearing act on the road. police in nevada have l an intensive manhunt for a killer who managed to break out of his handcuffs and disappear fromn terrogation room inside a police station. and he's the spitting image of his dad. now arnold schwarzenegger's son re-created one of daddy's most famous "terminator" scenes frame by frame. the full story ahead in "the skinny." first here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by cats pride fresh and light. brought to you by cats pride
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police in wisconsin sta police in wisconsin say a driver may have been going as fast as 100 miles per hour when he crashed into two buildings, a fence, a light pole and a tree. it came to a stop when it crashed into an accounting firm leaving behind a trail of debris 100 feet from the crash. an intensive manhunt in nevada for a suspect who escaped police custody. >> he managed to break out of his handcuffs and disappear right out of an interrogation room inside the police station. abc's ron claiborne has the
3:15 am
>> reporter: authorities in las vegas looking for an alleged killer. this man, 25-year-old alonzo perez. he was arrested for murder friday morning and placed into a police interrogation room in handcuffs. police say when the detective left the room he made his move. >> he twisted the handcuffs until they broke. after they broke he was able to flee the building. >> reporter: he allegedly stole this pickup truck. the truck was recovered saturday but no sign of perez. earlier this summer in florida, not an accused murderer broke free from his handcuffs inside a courtroom and escaped. he was captured a few days later. perez, a convicted felon, is accused of shooting a man who let a door close on a woman with perez at a mcdonald's. >> you let this man escape. how is anybody supposed to feel safe right now, anybody in las vegas, nevada? how are they supposed to feel
3:16 am
they believe he's now armed and dangerous. ron they borne, -- ron claiborne, abc news, new york. when we come back, why an nba star is taking a leave of absence from the basketball court. and why stanley tucci may have the devil to pay over what he said about "the devil wears
3:17 am
3:18 am
? skinny so skinny ? and time now for "the skinny," topping our headlines this labor day, an nba star taking a break to care for his wife. >> the new orleans pelicans say jrue holiday will be taking leave. his wife, lauren holliday, who is eight months pregnant with their first child needs surgery to remove a brain tumor. >> she's f player who won two olympics gold medals in 2008 and 2012. the surgery is scheduled for six weeks after their daughter's birth in mid-october. >> in a newspaper interview, drew quoted as saying, "my wife is the most important things in the world to me. she comes before anything else." he also went on to say of his wife, "she's the toughest woman i know. that's the reason why i married her." next to some significantly lighter news, but a distressing
3:19 am
devil wears prada." >> over the weekend, stanley tucci was given a lifetime achievement award in paris. but speaking with "the hollywood reporter," he shot down any notion there will ever with a sequel to "the devil wears prada. ". >> guard your loins. did someone eat an onion bagel? >> t prada 2" is never going to happen." describing the original has being so great because it was perfect in every way. >> you can't improve on perfection, darling. >> apparently not. >> you cannot. next, an attempt to improve another original. >> arnold schwarzenegger's son joseph who is the spitting image of his father has re-created his dad's iconic scene from "terminator 2," almost literally frame by frame.
3:20 am
>> that's it. >> um, that's very good. >> frame by frame. >> frame by frame, and joseph, you may remember, is the son of mildred boehner who is schwarzenegger's former housekeeper with whom he had an affair while married to ex-wife maria shriver. and amazingly it took years for people to realize that that was arnold's son. >> it is surprising they didn't realize. he made this to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "judgment day" after the reboot of the movie was confirmed for next year. curious how they put that
3:21 am
it's magic. it's the movies. >> i'm excited to see it in 3-d. i may have to take a trip to the movies for that. and finally, another blast from the past from abc's parent company. >> a lost world of disney will be made public for the first time in a collection of images and sketches from films from our parent company that never made the cut. >> they have been tucked away for decades inside the disney archives. they include this beautiful image of the blue fairy working her magic on pinocchio. >> and this depicts mickey house and goofy and donald duck facing a cass nell the sky for the "jack and the bean stalk" segment of "fun and fancy free." >> this was for "the sorcerer's o on -- apprentice." >> and a snapshot of the man who started it all, walt disney
3:22 am
coming up, today is the unofficial last day of summer. and the end of summer vacation for many school children. >> vacation starts for the parents. >> vacation starts for the parents. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! prilosec otc: the #1 doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for ten straight years.
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from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl ? school days ? labor day is looked at as the unofficial end of summer and marks the last day of summer vacation for many schoolchildren.
3:26 am
parent company disney has been inspiring kids and employees to help local communities with the summer of service. i recently checked out a school in downtown los angeles to see how it works. >> reporter: back to school time at 9th street elementary, but not everyone can afford a backpack. >> new backpack. >> it's not a luxury. it's something they need for school. >> reporter: disney teamed up with the charity baby to baby and donated all these young stars donating their time. not all kids are lucky as you. do you realize that? >> yes. of course we do. >> reporter: is that why you're here? >> yes. >> reporter: now meet a girl who volunteers at another school. how long have you been volunteering there? >> since i was 8. >> reporter: she just applied for an abc summer of service grant. that means she could get $500 to help continue her work giving back. >> we decided to get the kids chessboards and sets so they're
3:27 am
>> no. >> reporter: now, these backpacks aren't empty. disney employees filled them. that's pretty cool. >> everything that they need in school. >> reporter: smiles all around. when you see that smile -- >> i have accomplished the world. >> got backpacks. >> reporter: i could watch this all day and maybe shed a tear or two. >> such a cute story. >> it was very sweet. only all the backpacks are the same so when they come out of class, little billy and tommy, whose is whose? >> hope they're not wearing matching clothing. i participated in that program. it's fun. it's been a really long time since i was shopping for "frozen" folder. there's so many fun designed to -- fun designs. >> don't miss our facebook page, >> coming up, more news. this is abc "world news
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning. i'm nick watt. >> a good morning, i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. >> and diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines this morning on "world news now." hurricane hermine is gone but not letting itself be forgotten. a post tropical cyclone. the storm is about 300 miles off the coast and keeping beaches closed. breaking news, north korea has fired three ballistic missiles off the east coast as major world leaders including president obama meet 650 miles awn iina. last month north korea launched a missile which landed in the sea of japan. a nascar favorite says he hopes to be racing in 2017. dale earnhardt jr. talks about his latest battle with concussion type symptoms. and more than 100,000 worshippers packed into st.
3:31 am
history -- the canonization of mother teresa. pope francis has officially elevated her to saint teresa, less than 20 years after her death. those are some of the top stories on this labor day, september 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." move on. >> we begin this half hour with the post tropical cyclone once known as hurricane hermine. the system is off mid-atlantic coast, but tropical storm warnings have been canceled for new york city and points south. still, they are in effect for the end of of long island and southern new england. and it may take a turn toward boston. >> even at about 300 miles offshore, the former hermine is still churning up the surf and creating dangerous rip currents. most northeast beaches are closed from ocean city, maryland, to ocean city, delaware, to
3:32 am
are worries now about beach erosion. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: hermine taking aim at the same coastal communities devastated by superstorm sandy. in new jersey, beaches empty and chris christie declaring a state of emergency. >> our mode now is sort of a wait-and-watch mode. >> reporter: crews keeping the storm surge at bay. the biggest threats -- coastal flooding, rip currents and beach erosion. >> the water came to the middle of the that pretty much ruined everything that was in the garage. >> reporter: glen still remembers returning to the jersey shore homes toppled, neighborhoods destroyed, belongings turned into piles of trash. four years later rebuilt but not willing to take chances. cutting his weekend short, leaving before high tide. take a look. you can see the dune taking a beating from the crashing waves this weekend. the beach here is closed.
3:33 am
beach island, new jersey. the storm may have lost a lot of punch. it's not going away quietly. >> accu-weather's paul williams is keeping an eye on it for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning. here's the latest on what's happening with hermine. this counterclockwise rotation will continue to bring in additional moisture and creating windy conditions on the coast. on the other side is a high-pressure system. the combination increased the winds between 30 and 50 miles per hour winds occasionally happening here we're going to have a significant impact that starts monday with the problem with beach erosion as well as dangerous surf from virginia beach up toward long beach. not only that, we'll have impacts going into tuesday as well. that's going to include strong winds, beach erosion as well as rough surf. as you take a look at what's happening, we have that system that's going to be off the coast creating the wind and rain and the tracking is expected to veer toward the
3:34 am
even away from the shore, hurricane hermine is leaving behind reminders of the weekend. it's not beach erosion but road erosion. a giant sinkhole in wilmington, north carolina. but residents say you can't just blame the hurricane. this is the third time the road has been closed because of a sinkhole. donald trump is still being asked to clarify his immigration plan even after his trip to mexico and his big immigration policy speech on. abc's "this week," his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, says situation once all the criminals who enter the country illegal redeported. he -- illegally are deported. she is adamant that trump isness wavering. >> -- trump is not wavering. >> he will build that wall and he's been consistent on that since day one. he'll have mexico pay for it.
3:35 am
on this side or at side of the border. she added it was a productive meeting. an intense manhunt continues in las vegas for a murder suspect on the run. alonzo perez was left alone for a few minutes in an interview room at the police station. he somehow managed to get his handcuffs off and escaped. he is considered armed and dangerous. protest against the national anthem moved to a new athletic field thanks to a soccer u.s. world cup star megan rapinoe kneeled, saying it was a nod to colin kaepernick. she says she will keep doing it to spark meaningful conversation. speaking of kaepernick, his protest against racism and police brutality has sparked an angry reaction from one law enforcement group. the news came as the san francisco q.b. was supposed to address the situation at a california church.
3:36 am
>> reporter: colin kaepernick was supposed to confront controversy -- >> every plan of being here. because of the rigors of his training -- >> reporter: the 49ers quarterback couldn't make it to a church service in san francisco where he was set to talk about why he refuses to stand for the national anthem. >> kaepernick will be working with the naacp. he will be working with other community-based organizations. >> reporter: support from some in the room was obvious. the nfl star had planned to further explain the protest he started earlier this preseason. ? whose broad stripes and bright stars ? >> reporter: now new fallout. the police union in santa clara, where the 49ers play, sending a blistering letter to team management. it says, "the 49ers organization has taken no action to stop or prevent mr. kaepernick from
3:37 am
incorrect, and inflammatory statements." >> we have cops that are murdering people. we have cops in the sfpd that are blatantly racist. >> reporter: the union's letter suggests that some officers may not accept off-duty work protecting the stadium. >> i don't support the boycott. my number-one priority and my responsibility as the chief of police is to provide security for the entire city. >> reporter: despite the backlash, kaepernick says his protest will go on until real change comes. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. the first big weekend of college football season is over, and we may already have the game of the year. texas was up two on notre dame late in the fourth. they blocked an extra point. notre dame returns it for two points. and the game heads to overtime. in second overtime, texas is down three.
3:38 am
tyrone swoops scores the game winner. not even the flip over. the williams both in action in the fourth round of the u.s. open. if they keep winning, they'll play each other in the semifinals. serena has already notched another record. abc's sarah haines has the details. >> reporter: all it took was an serena williams driving home the point that put her over in the match that put her over the line for the most major tournament wins by a female player. >> female athletes can be great, too. >> reporter: hitting the 307 mark ties her with roger federer for the most of anyone to ever play the sport. >> wow! that's pretty awesome. and honestly, what a better place than here where everything first started. >> reporter: serena williams has
3:39 am
records and turning heads. >> nice. [ applause ] >> reporter: for the victory on saturday, she's giving credit to her outfit. >> they're my wonder woman sleeves. superwoman. >> reporter: she's gunning for her seventh u.s. open singles title coming off being named nike's greatest athlete ever. >> serena williams should be in the top five or top ten of any conversation, male or female. this dominance is so extraordinary. >> reporter: as the highest paid female athlete in the world, the tennis the word "icon," not just on the court but alongside her constellation of a-list bffs like beyonce, drake, and anna wintour. >> it's easy to look and say, yes, that's serena, that's what she does. we should all step back and say, oh, my god, serena william, we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: sarah haines, abc news, new york. >> in case you missed it over the weekend, a los angeles skyscraper became the tallest building west of the
3:40 am
hollow cylinder completing thespire of the wilshire grand. >> besides its 1,100-foot height, the wig -- wilshire grand doesn't have a flat roof. it had been mandatory for emergency landings, but no more. >> now they have a tactical landing platform. >> i don't care, i'm not visiting. i liven scared in my two-story house with shaking. >> the building so high in a city that shakes -- >> presumably they know what they are doing. >> i'll stay here. you let me know how it goes in l.a. coming up, the frightening malfunction of a carnival ride that sent eight to the hospital. where it happened and what the ride operators said -- what the operator has said to have done wrong. and why both hillary clinton and donald trump would do well
3:41 am
voters in pennsylvania. could the keystone state hold the key to the white house? first, here's a look at today's temperatures. ? first here's a look at today's
3:42 am
3:43 am
you can finally break up with bleach. lysol with hydrogen peroxide. for a tough clean with zero percent bleach.
3:44 am
check out this high speed chase in milwaukee. the police gave the driver one warning to stop. when that driver kept on going, police used the pit maneuver clipping the back of the car, sending the car spinning out of control. four armed suspects were arrested. now to a heart stopping moment caught on camera during a family ski trip to new zealand. an 11-year-old boy slipped while on a chairlift and ended up dangling 30 feet off the ground. the boy's dad and uncle were losing their grip on his arm when workers grabbed a blanket and held it out to break his fall. luckily the boy was not hurt and his family actually continued skiing.
3:45 am
>> hopefully after they found him on the mountain. closer to home, authorities are investigating a carnival in tennessee where a spinning ride malfunctioned sending eight people to the hospital. >> it's the latest in a rash of carnival accidents across the country this summer. marci gonzalez with the latest. >> reporter: a dozen people, mostly children, recovering after terrifying fair accidents in two states. >> the harness came off, and i had fallen -- the railing in the middle of the ride. >> reporter: the moonraker ride malfunctioned saturday. teens left dangling. some falling from their seats. >> i'm glad we did not die today. >> the ride operator panicked and hit a button that released the safety bars before the ride was in the cradle. >> reporter: this within hours of another fair accident in chicago. >> multiple injuries. >> reporter: six children hitting their heads when a
3:46 am
>> one of the little girls whipped forward and hit her face on part of the ride. >> reporter: it's the latest of recent scares at carnivals across the country. in may an 11-year-old suffering severe head trauma, her hair caught in this ride in nebraska. >> there are risks in every amusement rides. the majority of the incident that's occur on amusement rides today are human error. >> reporter: an industry expert tells abc news, americans take a billion carnival rides nearly. accidents are rare. about 13,000 suffer injurie requiring emergency room visits every year. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> legally it's tricky. the rncaal operator can't write you're doing this and they're an solved. >> they say that, but it doesn't fully absolve them. it's a mine field. >> it's precedent for both. >> there is. >> coming up, this year's wild
3:47 am
>> why the presidential race might come down to black and latino voters in pennsylvania. you're watching "world news now." now." (vo) at friskies, no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. new friskies tender and crunchy combo. tasty textures cats gotta have.
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3:49 am
? ? ? the presidential candidates have been criss-crossing key campaign states, but they both apparently have unfinished work have been chris crossing key campaign states. they both have a lot of unfini keystone state. >> for both hillary clinton and donald trump victory might come down to pennsylvania's minority voters. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: north philadelphia in all its rich diversity. this is clinton country. at least it should be. do you trust hillary clinton? >> trust? define trust. >> reporter: it's not that she has to worry about lots of voters here supporting her rival. how about donald trump? >> that bad boy.
3:50 am
latino voters, it takes guts to wear this. >> our country is getting lost, in so many ways. >> reporter: daphne is a proud republican, and trump's message resonates. >> immigration policy definitely affects us in the job area. they act like black people don't want to work, so let anybody and everybody including terrorists or whoever is coming. we don't know who's coming through. >> reporter: but she's the exception. if donald trump reached out and said to the african american american community -- >> we're not buying it. we're not buying it. >> i don't know. i guess i'm voting for her because i'm not going to vote for trump. i don't really like her. >> reporter: it's that lack of enthusiasm for clinton that keeps her strategists up at night. why? because the philadelphia area provides pretty much the only reliable vote democrats ha in this state with a deep urban
3:51 am
a couple of months ago i went to western pennsylvania to see whether trump could turn out his base there. probably yes. >> he's no holds bar and straight to the point. >> reporter: trump needs pennsylvania. democrats could end trump's dreams of the presidency here, but they need that firewall of urban minority turnout that got clinton through the primaries. who are you supporting in the presidential race? >> hillary clinton. i think she's going to be better than donald trump. >> reporter: and you'll definitely vote? >> yes. definitely. >> reporter: one down, many more votes to get out. hands down, the most fascinating election season i've -- i read today in the new -- in "the new york times," that a small pocket of bosnian american voters i think in michigan could hold the key. that's one theory. >> i always wonder what it's
3:52 am
process. coming up the real-life comeback kid. ire it or if they cup their hands like this.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
3:56 am
scoring two first half touchdowns in saturday's 28-7 home win over villanova. >> he did it less than four months after beating cancer. here's john donvan. >> reporter: number 24, james connor taking the field against vil know in a and the place explodes. that's because everyone knew. they knew what a tough year he'd just been through. it started last season with this image. >> showed a tumor about seven centimeters in the chest and some swollen lymph nodes tumors in my neck. >> reporter: it was hodgkin's lymphoma. a cancer that now >> the fear of dying, the fear of chemotherapy, not knowing what to expect. >> reporter: but he was all in. days has a high rate of recovery but only after a lot of chemotherapy. 12 rounds of chemo while never missing a preseason workout. >> i wanted to be around everyone. i didn't want to fall too far behind.
3:57 am
the handoff >> reporter: the cancer retreated. it's gone, and that's what . everyone knew when he got the ball on saturday. >> here comes connor. >> reporter: and then connor scored and then scored again leading his team to victory. >> fear is a choice. fear is a don't fear nothing. >> reporter: and that, during choice. this tough year, is what connor himself knew. what a game. abc news. he lea gets a standing ovation. when he gets the ball, gets another ovation. he carries the ball for 53 yards. and three catches. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook. . >> remember to follow us on facebook. >> remember to follow us on
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, tracking hermine, the powerful system is now off the coast but still threatening with storm surge and beach erosion. we'll look at the warnings still in effect and the damage already left behind. breaking news, more missiles launched from north korea but this time it happened just hundreds of miles away from president obama. overnight, the white house responding. sales soar for colin kaepernick jersey after the football player refuses to stand during the national anthem. plus another professional athlete takes a knee in support of his protest. road to recovery, dale earnhardt jr. out of the driver's seat, the lingering health issues causing him to miss the rest on. miss the rest of the nascar


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