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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5 a.m., a rescue operation is underway right now, after a building collapses in tel aviv. how many people are feared missing? this local detective shot while dealing with a suicidal man -- man. denver 7 has an exclusive boss. imagine waking up and finding your car all scratched up. it is something two dozen denver neighbors are dealing with right now. before we get to those stories we need to talk with a starwood fire is burning out of control this morning. forcing mandatory evacuations. more than 00 firefighters are expected toobe on the fire lines of this fire today. near red feather lakes is about 300 acres, only 10% contained. this fast-moving wildfire broke out yesterday. forcing dozens of people near
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between fort collins and laramie, wyoming. candace stewart was one of them, she had to pack up in a hurry leaviig three horses behind. >> i don't even want to talk about it. they did tell me that the cruise that they have coming from cheyenne, and loveland, i think, they are coming in specifically for the structures here, and the firemen are all aware of our horses, in the so, they will try to save the horses. >> we are expecting to learn more about the fire at a 9 o'clock press conference. download our free denver 7 apt to get the very latest into your phone. he also have a crew on the way. another wildfire to talk about this morning, fortunately cruise from around the eastern plains were able to come together, get this 200-acre fire under control right near the town of deer trail. bob higgins sent us these
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the fire did burn some corrals, no one was injured. an iron grinder spark this fire. overly mother nature will cooperate today and help out a little bit when it comes to that firefight. we have cooler temperatures, right? katie lasalle is in for lisa, she has a first alert forecast. >> i wish i could say we would see rain and cool conditions today, unfortunately we do have some red flag warnings in effect mainly for valleys, and the western slope, this does not incorporate the starwood area by the wyoming -?border, we will see some very gusty conditions primarily from the southwest across larimer county. humidity and gusty winds this makes for critical fire conditions today. our radar and satellite view should say mostly dry across the denver metro area. temperatures will rise to the upper '80s and lower '90s. when possible southwest a nine miles per hour. by this afternoon we will see
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around 3-4 o'clock. temperatures in the upper '80s, lower '90s, increasing as we head into the evening. the chance of storms really is and in the forecast until tomorrow. it was downright windy yesterday, it was annoying winds yesterday. no annoying conditions on the roadways. look at i 25 up to the north through loveland, it is really easy driving. we will see increase in traffic here through monument hill and obviously out of the country back here towards town. the drive downtown where you have a lot of roads closed down including broadway from 16,000 right onto 13th. a lot of the roads around civic center park closed for taste of colorado. you can see a lot of green, these are some of the roads including colfax, broadway and lincoln street around taste of colorado. banning will be closed down for the rest of the week as we have the kickoff village that is going to be getting going here in the next couple of days. we have police activity over
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union station. we are down there now looking at what is going on. people are asking you for help? >>reporter:absolutely. we will start off with the first story, 19th and chestnut is closed off right here, and that incidenn, police are investigating. they are not sure whether a person may have fallen off of a balcony or whether a car may have hit a person. they got a call around 3:30 a.m. of a person laying in a street. fire and police sh hospital, that person's condition is unknown, at this time. police are still investigating right now. there is police on top of the building with flashlights ttking a look around. they may be leaning towards a person falling from the building. while we were covering this, we were supposed to live at 4:30 a.m., that did not happen because vehicle came down right here in front of me, screaming and yelling for help that thehad been shot at. i didn't know what to do, i
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i was okay. fortunately, i am. right behind these police cars there is a silver car, a four- door car, 2 people inside the car, they were yelling for help. i told them, get behind the police cars, protect yourself. we pretty much got out of the way here. as i took a look at the car, there is bullet holes, in the car, the windows are shattered out. the driver got out very upset. i yelled for the police to come down here. they did come down, what i just found out in minutes. while i was standing here watching these guys, sit outside their car, the suspect vehicle did drive by. it is a black vehicle, four- door, it looked like an % infinity with dark tinted windows. that was the person who shot at that vehicle. a very scary situation out here this morning. i'm going to send it back inside to you mitch, where it is much safer. >> busy morning out there. we are tracking some ?breaking news" out of israel where crews are hoping they can find as many people as i can.
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collapsed today. right now it's about 2:05 in the afternoon in tel aviv. at least 18 people have been rescued so far. police say more than two dozen others could be still and that debris. they are unaccounted for. we will follow this throughout the morning and bring you updates as we get them. back here at home, police want you to be on the lookout they tried to sexually assault a woman near boulder. jason is near the boulder police department with chilling >>reporter:yes, according to boulder police, this woman woke up on her couch, in her home, which is just off cu boulder's campus to a man who was trying to sexually assault her. obviously a very scary situation. police are on the hunt for that man, and are asking you for any information. let's pull the sketches were more time and give you the description of this individual from boulder pplice. this man was described as a 2 5- 35-year-old black anwith a
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between 58-5'10" lasting and glasses, khaki shorts, and a polo shirt with the stripes. this was just off colorado boulevard -- colorado avenue rather which runs right next to cu boulder's campus. this happened on september 4, which is saturday at 4 a.m., inside her home. again just waking up to this person trying to sexually assault her. boulder police are the public's help reward up to $1000 for crimestoppers if you can give them information that leads to this person's arrest. they have increased patroll, in the area. coming up just after 5:30 we will talk about some stats from cu boulder, their latest sexual assault survey. and another one just off their campus. live in boulder, denver 7. ever police are investigating a string of car vandalism's. over the weekend someone keyed
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the vandalism stress for four blocks. many people woke up and they found their cars covered in these long scratches. >> i would never doosomething like this, i just do not understand why people would do this. >> police say they are not sure how many people are involved in the crime. they are hoping surveillance video can help them find who is responsible. a douglas county detective is recovering this morning after getting shot by a suspect last his name is dan brite, he was shot in the chest. he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the bullet entered through the side. it happened this past friday as he was running to a call about a suicidal man with a gun around several schools. the man fired shots, as he drove an rv, which crossed in hospital. he parker adventist that man was shot and killed. denver 7 was the only station to talk to tony spurlock on camera about this. >> he clearly wanted to be in a shootout, because he knew that
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first. our officer did a great job trying to keep him from getting in deeper into the community. >> spurlock says this is his first deputy shot since he took the position two years ago. if you would like to help detective dan brite, you can donate to the douglas county fallen officer fun, you can also get a drink at the coffee cabin, and parker, and that business will give all the prophets from 9/11 to dan bre you can find info on the free denver 7 app of ours. today, labor day of course, day for most of us to kick back, enjoy and take the day off. that goes for government workers as well. most state offices are closed today. there is an exception, all of colorado state parks will be opeeed and staffed. >> here's a way to celebrate the holiday, you can drive up to the top of mount evan, it's
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you will still be able to drive along the bottom portions of the road until early october, barring any snow. this may not be as much fun, but maybe we'll needed, you can get your teeth examined for free. dentists at wheat ridge are offering all kinds of services today. for denver area locations from 8 o'clock this morning until noon. you do need to act quick as this is first come first serve. here is a fun labor tradition, the boulder creek festival wraps up in central park today with a rubber duck race. it will go to help the parks and rec department there. you can head over to the edge of boulder creek at 4 p.m. this afternoon, you will see all kinds of rubber ducks racing to win $1000. the us spy agency is getting cheeky, white is now aaologizing to china this morning. it is like air conditioning, for your body, how this new fabric to be the
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mother nature is holding onto the last little bits of summer. today temmeratures will be in the upper '80s to lower '90s across the front range. it will start to feel like fall a little bit more tomorrow. >nothing like being in a tunnel, checc out the tunnel here, this is the eisenhower johnson tunnels, we have a good drive on i 70 through the
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north korea is showing ts strength firing three ballistic missiles at the g20 economic summit gets underway in china. at least that is what south korea is saying. this morning, south korea's president criticized the testing the north issbreaaing ties between seoul and beijing. meanwhile a us spy agency is apologizing to china this morning for the street. share this picture with a
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the spout was mostly related to china unexpectedly limiting us reporters access to obama after he arrived in china. the worker apparently meant to share the tweet from a personal accounts, hoops, not to the agencies. isis plan to follow-up on the 2015 paris terror attack with even more attacks, and other european countries. new documents out this morning into the investigation. talk about not to operatives who investigators believe intended to locations. they also point to another suspected terrorist who authorities claim is linked to some terror cells and was on the loose four months after the attack. that person has since been captured. it seems we did a lot of driving, over the summer, the amount of gas used hit a record high. in june, drivers burned more than 500 million gallons of gas everything today. that is the highest amount ever, in a month, since recordss
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labor day fun, you might notice gas a little bit higher than usual. prices are still the lowest they have been, for this holiday, since 2004. a gallon of gas cost about $2.22, right here in colorado, that is .02 cents above the national average. it is about time, scientist thinking that they may have come up with a pretty cool way to cool you down before you even begin to sweat. engineers at stanford, just came up with this plastic material, which they say could one day close -- clothes and work as an air-conditioner, of sorts. this could keep you more than four degrees cooler than cotton. right now engineers are trying to figure out how to make it more comfortable to wear, because plastic on top of your body does not sound cool. >> it is like wearing a trash bag, but you will love it. [laughter] >> trendy. >> it will look sharp. we will see temperatures above average, lower '90s to even upper '80s, across the
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and 70s. take a look at our highs elsewhere, 85 grand junction, 93 burlington, down to the southeast pueblo, mmr seeing the upper '90s. we have a southwest flow, that will keep us very dry. unfortunately, we do have red flag warnings in effect for all of the areas you see outlined in pain. the palmer divide, the mountain valleys and then across the western slopes be aware that any spark very low humidity and gusty winds that will continue throughout this afternoon. right now, a very calm start to the day. he will see patchy fog across the northeastern plains. that will eventually dissipate as the heat of the day starts to warm things up. downtown right now, 56 degrees, mid 50s out of the airport. humidity gradually dropping at 83% right now. winds currently from the southwest at nine miles per hour. over the next 24 hours, lots of
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today. if you are out and about, by the pool, whatever you decide to do for this labor day, just make sure you are protected from the sun. burn time about 15-20 minutes if you are not wearing sunscreen or protective clothing. we are looking at a slight the southeast, places like the mark could be seeing some stronger thunderstorms. taking a look at future caste, as we had throughout the morning, very dry and very sunny all across the western slopes. into the front range, we are going to see gradual clearing of those clouds. about 5 o'clock this afternoon heading intohe do expect to see those passing storms some of them turning strong as we headed to the evening, then overnight. tuesday, a slightly different story as a better chance of rain , and the forecast. tonight 53 degrees, mostll clear skies. tomorrow partly cloudy, and a better chance of storms as a cool front moves through colorado. highs tomorrow a lot cooler
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up for wednesday to thursday. mid 80s, but the cooldown comes friday and saturday, and overnight lows mild in the low 50s. a lot of police out and about, i saw for different officers out about my drive in this morning. there are some flashing lights here on that westbound side of i 76 just after 270 before i 25. the mindful of all of the police officers that are out and about. the move over law is definitely in effect. take a look at the overall commutes, a lot of green out there. it is a holiday. most offices closed down. getting out to dia, 10 minute security wait time out there. i 70 will be very busy for he folks coming back towards town later on this morning. be aware of that. we do have one police situation downtown, not too far from union station, you concede in the background there. this is 19th and chestnut, we have police activity still continuing down there. very lightly traveled right now, you will see that if you're heading around that part
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5:20, a bit of "breaking news" here, a live look at the podium here t the g20 summit where any minute now president obama will be speaking. it will be his final g20 summit . the first for british prime minister, theresa may, president obama says the first tack for britain was to figure out was -- what box it means with respect to europe. also talk about that, and the economy the g10 -- g20 get underway here shortly. he has racing in his blood, but now he is taking a break. dale earnhardt junior talks
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welcome back to denver 7, these 2 officers are recovering this morning. after being shot at a california jail, over the weekend. it happened while a man waited to visit an inmate. take a look at the accused shooter. the officers asked is to take a seat while he waited to see an inmate. he started fighting with them. during the struggle, he took out a gun and shot them. deputies then arrested him. police say he is in a gang. sad news out of texas, 2 men were killed in a plane crash while performing some stunts right above a river. the pilot in the passenger both died, in this crash, both in their 20s. witnesses say they saw the lanes engine seemed to stall out at the peak of a loop
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about 10 feet of water. before you let your kids wash their hands this morning, you might want to check your cell. it could be banned by the fda. that is because the government is cracking down on the ingrednts and some antibacterial soaps. the fda use 19 current ingredients anymore because the companies have not proven that they are safe. they also haven't proven that they are any better than just plain soap and water. you need to check your soaps label. the fda thinks you resistant to bacteria and impact your hormones. some companies have one year to get the stuff out of the products. this labor day, which is a great day for some shopping, we are sorting through all of the ads and finding out which ones are the really good deals and which products you may should -- you should wait on. if you need a mattress, now is one of the weekends of the year that the tempur-pedic goes on sale. you can also save on major appliances.
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ccothes, camping gear, there are some things you should avoid. >> this is not the best we can to buy electronics. that is because a new iphone does not go on sale for a couple of more weeks. you want to buy iphones after that when the old ones get markdown. >> big-screen tvs, the better deals will be found around black friday, the same goes for toys and winter clothes. there you go, we save you some money. >> a lot of people i don't think will be going shopping today. it's more of the barbecue and the pool. be outside, throughout the day today we are staying very dry. we do not have a chance of storms in the forecast, tell tuesday. warmer and drier by wednesday and thursday. today is the hottest day in our seven day forecast, upper '80s to low '90s. here is the planner, what you can expect. lots and lots of sunshine, be sure you are ppotected. temperatures will be very warm. very quiet across the roadways, not seeing any big problems out and about. you can see the closures
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of colorado. take a look at the overall drive, a lot of green out there including coming back from the high country right now. a woman taking a nap, in her car come outside of work she was attacked. who police are now looking for.
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be on the lookout for this man, he is considered armed and dangerous. wipe only -- why police way to steer clear of him. we are looking for a man who went missing when he was out on a hike. we have details coming up in just a little bit. there you have it, colorado's furniture row racing
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,-- car in the hunt for the sprint cup championship. for starwood fire is raging between fort collins and wyoming forcing dozens of evacuations. >>reporter:we are at the livermore community center this morning, where all of the first responders a station right now, they are asleep preparing for the day ahead. they ill be battling acre starwood fire. because of dry and windy foss conditions it actually expanded from 2-3 acres, and just a matter of hours. it started yesterday afternoon at 12:08 p.m. the sheriff got calls about smoke east of 1000 north county road and north of 80 c, or cherokee park road. several agencies responded to


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