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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it is 6 a.m., we are on fire alert in larimer county forces dozens of people out of their homes. this fire is only 10% contain. it has burned more than 300 acres and 30 structures are now being threatened. let's go live to denver7's amanda delk is the castillo. >>reporter: we are at the community center, first respooders are sleeping before preparing toobattle the fire. it is the location for a 9 a.m. press conference where we will be able to speak with the larimer county sheriff to see what updates they have gotten overnight. it initially started at 2 -3 acres, they got the call around
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several agencies got to that location, they found the wildfire, that was east of north county road 59 in cherokee park. several agencies responded they found the wildfire, and its a reverss 911 notification was sent and a call for evacuation for the mill creek subdivision. you know the fire is threatening several structures there. it is right now at 300 acres. it grew that size in a matter of hours yesterday afternoon. we are hoping to get more informatioo, and see if it is actually touched any of the structures this morning. that 9 a.m. ess conference with the will happen right here at the livermore community center. for more on the weather conditions, let's toss it over to katie lasalle.
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firefighting efforts. today, we will see very dry, but also dusty conditions across the western slopes. red flag warnings in effect for much of the mountain valleys and some of the palmer divide. where amanda is and where the starwood fire is burning, winds will be slightly, than what we saw yesterday staying around 5 -10 miles per hour from the southwest. gusts getting up to 15-20. today, across the front range it will be very sunny and also '80s to upper '90s. cooler conditions before we warm back up and drive back out from wednesday and thursday. radar and satellite this morning showing very calm connitions. very cloudy and foggy across the northeastern plains. if you're driving ut that way, just be aware visibility is low. downtown denver staying in the
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breaking international news, this is a situation in tel aviv. a parking garage collapse. it has killed at least 2 people. officials are looking for possible surrivors. one of the victims is a 35-year- old man. % at least 4 people listed as missing, the parking garage collapse. the cause of the still under investigation right now. it is time to take a look at the drive around town. right now, traffic is looking very light. we will see a lot of traffic coming back from the high country on that eastbound side the westbound side was closed down for quite a while yesterday for a big fire on the other side of the tunnel. everything is back to normal here along i 70. the overall drive, you are seeing a fair amount of green out there. we do have one accident on sixth avenue not a huge deal for us, a minor one on westbound i 76. still streettclosures around this taste of colorado.
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part of it closed down. it will stay closed down through the kickoff we can on thursday. another problem, on the other side of dotown, a police situation where we have some activity going on right there not too far from union station. daryl orr is down there live right now checking it out. >>reporter:right here at 19th and chestnut, police responded this morning around 3:30 a.m. to reports of a body laying in the street here. once a fire and police got on scene, they found the person laying there they transported him to the hospital. they are not sure whether a vehicle was involved that may have hit this person, or he may have accidentally fallen from the building which is under construction right behind me here. he has been transported to the hospital. unknown on his injuries. condition, at this time, he was alive when he was taken to the hospiial. another incident we had right arouud 4:30 a.m., at the same intersection here. i
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to me screaming for help saying they had been shot at. it was a surreal situation. i did not know what was going on. once i was able to assess the situation, i told them to drive forward and get behind the police cars and protect yourself. the suspect who was shooting at them, which occurred on the highway was still following the ?eriod as the car was able to protect themselves from the shooter, he black 4 door car which i saw, and it look like an infinity. dark tinted windows, you cannot see anybody inside. i think the guy rethought his plans when he saw the police cars around. it was a scary situation for us, and for them. there was about five rounds that wereeshot, into the car, last was broken out and there was a whole to the side of the door. that incident has here -- since cleared. in fact, traffic update here also, this intersection right here at 19th and cheetnut is
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let's send it back into you guys . plenty of scary situations out here this morning. we have a new solar for you right now, cu boulder police said a man groped -- grabbed a woman around 8 o'clock yesterday morning. campus police are investigating. campus police are also looking for the suspect in a weekend sexual assault. jason guenauer is life with more details about the search. >>reporter:good morning, boulder police also involved in this, because according to police a woman woke up after falling asleep on her couch, in her home just off cu boulder's campus to a man trying to have sex with her. that man is not wanted, in connection without attempted sexual assault.
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they releaaed a sketch of this individual, and a description trying to ask for the public's help here. a large black man, 5'10", 25-35 years old. last seen with khaki shorts a striped polo shirt and glasses. that man took off when that wommn woke up and was last seen, or was seen in a gold or silver suv leaving that area. all of this happening around 4 a.m. on saturday. also on saturday, that is when that other unwanted sexual contact, a groping incident happened on cu'sscamp -- cu's campus. the description of that suspect was not the same description of the original suspect. the second one, a man who was seen was a little bit older, a little bit larger of an individual. that woman was able to fight off that man, as well. if you have any information, or saw anything related to either of those, both happening very early on saturday morning in or around the cu campus neighborhood area. you could be eligible for a reward. coming up, just a few minutes, we are going to be talking about cu statistics when it comes to
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you. live, in boulder, jason g uenauer, denver7. it is now almost 6:08, bloodied and violent protest in north dakota as members of the suit tribe protest with private security guards high -- hired by a pipeline company. travel officials say construction crews destroyed native american burial grounds. yesterday, more than 00 % protesters storm the construction site. they we p even attacked by dogs. six people were injured including a young child. >> they let the dogg loose on a horse. they may stay woman in the face. that is what started it all. >> the company eventually moved its construction equipment. this issue is not over. later this week a federal judge will decide whether construction on the pipeline can continue.
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bottle bombs and cottonwood park in the northeast part of colorado springs. bombs went off late saturday night. when police got there they found several more bonds around the park. none of those had gone off. fortunately, no one has heard. no one has been arrested. no information about a possible suspect or spects. a sex assault suspect is still on the run, in denver. he stabbed a person or broadway anddcurtis. this happened saturday. i last checked the victim was in serious condition. police have not information about the suspect. this douglas county detective, dan brite, is fighting for his life this morning. he was hot while responding to a domestic call. the douglas county sseriff, tony spurlock, tucked exclusively with denver7. this is the first time a member of the force has been shot since spurlock took the job not two years ago. the detective was wearing a bullet proof vest, but the bulllt went in through the
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county community, as a whole, there is a miracle that is occurring right now with dan's recovery. >> dan brite family has started a gofundme page to help with his recovery. in two days, people have donated nearly $20,000.. the man who shot detective dan brite was thought to be suicidal. you may not realize this, but colorado has the seventh highest suicide rate in the country. gun shop owners across the state are now teaming up to raise awareness. this is called the colorado gun shop project and you can read more about their mission on our free denver7 app. we hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend. a lot of you spent some time ?ight here in our state. dia was expecting about 1.1 million people over the course of the holiday weekend. according to a trip advisor survey. more than a third of those people are heading home today. however, about 50% of holiday travelers are extendiig their vacation through tuesday. that might help the roadys.
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banks, public schools, state drivers license offices, hope you are getting a day off as well. if you need something fun to do with the kids tooay, you might consider a rubber duck race in boulder, this event was supposed to happen on memorial day, over that weekend, they had to move it because of some rising water levels. are typically thousands of ducks in the water, at this event. the race starts today at 4 p.m., in boulder. are the broncos getting enough respect >>reporter:the team is listed as a three-point underdog for this thursday's game against the panthers. hear what the players are saying about their underdog status. breaking overnight, more destruction in the middle east. we will tell you who is responsible for the latest round of attacks. temperatures right now in the mid- 50s, but expect the day to be very toasty. upper '80s to lower '90s across the front range. the cooldown is coming. we still have a lot of street closures including this
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we want to give you a live look outside as we look towards downtown denver. a great-looking shot of the sunrise. 55degrees for you right now. that camera sitting on top of mile high stadium and that is where regular season football returns, thii thursday, the broncos hosting the panthers in a super bowl rematch. panthers a 24-10 in january super bowl. las vegas has the panthers listed as a three-point favorite. even though the game is here on thursday. >> coming in as underdogs again, we are kind of used to that. >> we thank you all, the media, the espn, giving us extra motivation. we love it. >> it is not surprising.
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we walked away with the trophy. >> that's right. let them doubt them. thursday's game kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. the panthers coach and said yesterday, it is not fair that his team has to open the season, in denver. he says the panthers should have gotten a home game so they could celebrate their nfc c hampionship. can you hear the violins playing in the background? >> talk about whiny. >> never mind the other team won the super bowl. the broncos a forecast for thursday, mostly dry, partly cloudy throughout the evening. 6:30p.m. kickoff, perfect weather for football with temperatures cool enough into the mid- 50s by the end of the game. today, for labor day, mostly sunny and hot conditions, upper '80s to lower '90s across the front range. he will see a cold front make its way into colorado for tuesday. that will coalesce back down to the lower '80s with a better chance of seeing afternoon and evening storms.
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dry. we are seeing a warmer, drier air mass hanging out over colorado for bus -- most of the day today. this morning foggy conditions across the northeastern plains. this afternoon, this a red flag warning that starts at noon and lasts until 7 o'clock, really all across parts of the planes, the western slope, the mountain valleys to have potential for seeing some fire starting, critical fire weather low humidity and gusty winds and warm and dry conditions. we did see very strong storms yesterday, saturday, mainly across the northeastern plains. today we are looking out to the southeast places like lamarr 3 could see for some stronger thunderstorms. the front range, the mountains, the western slopes staying very dry throughout the morning. by about 5:30, looking for a chance for the storms to roll through popping some heavy rain and hail associated with these.
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area and out across the northeast staying very dry for today headed into tuesday before our store entrances increase once again for tuesday afternoon. our high temperatures across the state today, still very warr looking nice for this labor day. 70s and even lower '80s for the mountains, steam boat 76 degrees today. upper '80s to the northeast, denver getting into the upper '80s to lower '90s. 53degrees as our overnight low, mostly clear conditions. that means tomorrow morning we will start off mostly clear, but increasing cloud coverage throughout the day. slightly cooler temperatures back to the lower '80s. wednesday we will warm back up into the mid- 80s for both wednesday and thursday. temperatures staying in the low '80s for friday and saturday, and overnight lows in the 50s throughout this week. it is a quiet drive here around town, light traffic us to be expected, for this hour. we will see a lot more traffic later on especially on the north side back into town, i 70 will be a madhouse.
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here in loveland. you can see a lot of green out there, a couple of incidents one that we had on eastbound six avenue near calamus, i 76 and 270 cleared and out-of-the-way. time.15 minute security wait %- taste of colorado closures in place, broadway, lincoln and colfax are the big ones. and that some of the streets around civic center park will stay close for the rest of the week. the big kick off village and more restric and again on sunday more restrictions that will keep it close in front of the city county building for that memorial -- memorial presentation that they are going to do on sunday there is civic center park as well. 6:19 now, more than 40 people killed during a string of bombings that happen in syria. this just this morning. there is also another one down here you can see some of the destruction. isis has all ready claimed
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the attackers detonated 2 bonds on a highway, and that attack was followed bb several more and some of those in different surrounding cities. one attack happened at a major russian naval base. one of the victims was an army colonel there. north korea is accused of launching three missiles. south korean military leaders made the announcements this morning. no one was hurt. north korea is trying to show off its military might during the g20 summit, and china. pueblo police are best to getting a at the colorado state daniel gonzales was killed. they are looking for a black honda in connection to the shooting. us soccer star, is the latest athlete to neil during the national anthem. we have a photograph that shows doing this beforeea match that was on sunday instead of % standing up. she was not competing for the team usa, at the time, this is before a national women's
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country focus on racial issues area that is why she took any. since he began his protest, colin kaepernick's yours he has shot up in the sales charts. number five on the bestsellers list. last year, his jersey was put on clearance..3 colin kaepernick will play for the seven cisco 40 niners again this season. the backup quarrback. he is donating the first $1 million, that he makes to organizations that "promote
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happy labor day, here is a live look from the top of denver7 studios, 55 degrees in denver. the drive so far has been kind of nice. a lot of folks enjoying the day off. hermine is on the move this morning, moving through ocean city, maryland, behind us. storm warnings on long island and southern new england. the biggest threat may be the wind. meteorologist predicting 40 mile-per-hour winds at the coast. knocking over trees and causing
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>> give up and go out to see we say. katie lasalle is joining us with our first alert forecast. as hermine strengthens we are seeing most -- tropical storm warnings and watches for the east coast. here in colorado, ww have a lot, conditions as the southwest flow keeps us warm and dry across much of the state, throughout today. we are starting with foggy conditions across the northeastern plains, mostly clear and temperatures today, our front range highs in the upper '80s to low '90s. highlands ranch 91, 87 parker, 85 castle rock, 60s and 70s for much of the foothills and the mountains. a cooldown is coming. it is niceeand quiet on this labor day, has some early- morning problems, but right now
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drive and i 70. between frisco and copper mountain, one of my favorite sections of i 70, it is just dramatic right through there. take a look at the drive in downtown, we are still restricted for a taste of colorado, we have some activity down there right now. roads are closed on including colfax, broadway and lincoln street. 6:26, check this out, that is mark junior kissing the finish line after a big win in darlington yesterday. his second win for the season for furniture row racing. he moves up to the sixth spot. he is no guaranteed a the chase for the cop and that ssarts in the next couple of weeks. >> so exciting to see that. two major fires are threatening homes, in our state, including one that came within .25 miles of a small
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following developments on the starwood fire the one burning north of fort collins. several people have been forced to evacuate, and there is no word and those people will be allowed to return. we are live near the burn area this morning, amanda, firefighters are having a bit of a ttugh time getting this one under control. >>reporter:yeah, that is because of the dry conditions, and the wind. those 2 conditions force the fire to grow from three acres yesterday afternoon to 300 hours. we can confirm that the fire is at 10% containment. it is burning 300 acres, in this area. it came in initially as a call of smoke, near the east of north county road 59 in cherokee park. we know the fire is threatening several structures. it also called for the evacuation of the millcreek subdivisions because of that threat. this morning, we are aa the
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here. what we know is that there is a media briefing at 9 a.m., this morning. we also know that first responders are just beginning to get up. they are going to start their day and prepared to battle this 300-acre starwood fire. that press briefing is at 9 a.m. we are hoping to have mmre developments for you then. live at the livermore community center, denver7. a different fire came in within .25 deer trail in eastern arapahoe county. the fire burned more than 200 acres. firefighters from several towns work together to try to get things under control. no one was hurt. >> a little too dry in parts of our state. we did see moisture to the northeast this weekend, but we are going to continue to keep our eye on the risk of fire
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our labor day. it should feel pretty nice across the front range. here is our red flag warnings outlined in the ping. i will show you where the fires are right now. this is where the deer trail fire was, and amanda near the starwood fire near the wyoming border. winds from the southwest, gusty or conditions later on this afternoon. right now labor day morning on a very dry, mootly clear note. we are seeing some very foggy, and very low visibilit sterling. this is a live view, pueblo you will see temperatures gradually rising their mid to upper '90s. heading out to the state fair today it will be a toasty one. the mountains a beautifully silhouetted this morning. mostly clear skies, we will stay dry across them -- front range, mountains and the western slope. upper '80s to lower '90s, breezy or conditiins this afternoon. 20 of sunshine to be felt. limited visibility up along i 76 for the fault of that way. you're in town a couple of minor
6:33 am
situation not too far from union station, and daryl orr ii down there now taking a look at what is going on. a real active situation around 4:30 a.m., what is a look like now? >>reporter:still an active scene right now, crime scene investigators are out here from denver police department. trying to figure out what happened last night when police got a call at 3:30 a.m. with a body laying in the street right here at 19th and chestnut. initial reports wereeit might have been a hit and run. a second report was the person ma apartment complex which is under constructiin right now. what we have seen is a lot of it pointing to the top of the building and taking pictures, that area. it ay have been an accident, it may have been intentional. police do not know. crime scene investigattrs are out here. another incident at 4:30 a.m., right before we were to go on air, we had a vehicle pull up to us and they were screaming help, we have been shot at!
6:34 am
said they were being followed by the shooter, i said you need to get behind the police cars and hide. they did so, they were able to get out of the car, to safety. a black vehicle, a four-door car looked like an infinity they pointed at the car as a suspect vehicle. crazy situation out here this morning. that was right here at 19th and chestnut. what i looked at the victims c ar, the silver car had glass at inside, it scared me, myself. definitely a crazy situation out here in denver, this morning, especially right here with 2 incidents going on. back to you. we do have other situations going on across downtown, nothing as serious as that. we have taste of colorado closures ncluding broadway, colfax and lincoln street. take a look at that drive coming up from the foothills you can see the georgetown loop railroad sitting over there on i
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county shut down pecos street. more than five hours yesterday. look at all of the damage here. at last check, 2 people were in critical condition. three others had to be hospitalized. adams countyydeputies tell us that the white acura was speeding at the time of the crash, and they do believe that alcohol may have been a factor. one person is dead after an accident involving 4 motorcycles. this happened on colfax over i 25 around 9 p.m. i say. the road was closed for about 2 hours for denver police department investigation. police say there were multiple witnesses, no word if speed or alcohol were a factor. we have an updateeto the breaking international news we brought you at 5 a.m. we now know at least five people were killed after a couple of different bombings, and afghans capital of kabul. 10 other people were injured, this happened ar tte defense ministry building. the attackers blew themselves up one after another. they killed a police officer and a civilian.
6:36 am
they admit they did it. police were targeted in the second bombing. a news alert for yoo right now at 6:35, a sexual assault suspect targeted a woman near the cu campus over the weekend. jason guenauer is live, a lot of people must be worried about this one? >>reporter:yes, because this was one of 2 that occurred over the weekend. one an incident of groping, the other assault. we do have a sketch and a description of the first one. a woman reported to police that she woke up, on her calcium inssde her home to a man trying to have sex with her. he had roken in and now they are on the search for him. here is that sketch from boulder police. the description is a black man between 5'8"-5510", last seen in khaki shorts, a polo shirt,
6:37 am
suv leaving the scene. all of this happened on sunday morning. this happened early sunday morning, september 4, at an address on colorado avenue which is right near cu boulder's campus. if you have any information, you could be eligible for a reward with crimestoppers. the other incident happened early on sunday morning around 8 a.m. a woman reported to police that sse was grabbed and groped in an underpass near college and broadway, on cu boulder's campus here. the susp different, both police looking for 2 suspects at this point. these were actually reported, according to a survey back in 2015 of cu boulder students, 13,000 people replied, 92% of sexual assaults, on campus, were not reported. you are going to want to keep an eye over both of those suspects, stay safe if you are out here. boulder police have increased
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west minister police want to find this man, it is a picture of jared, he killed a ?oman, saturday night. the victim was found shot to death on saturday night at a home near 70th and raleigh. she has not been identifiedd yet. a 2000-dollar reward for information leading to this man's arrest. he should be considered armed and ddngerous. denver police are still investigating a carjacking at a business there monaco and kentucky. the victim spoke to us off- camera. during her overnight shift when a man opened her car door, put a gun to her neck and demanded her car keys. the stolen car is a white toyota camry, a 2014 model. if you know anything call crimestoppers. a lot of people will be hitting the road today. trip advisor says more than a third of labor day travelers come home from their vacation on monday. that could mean some heavy traffic delays for you. especially heading eastbound along i 70. last year between 11:30 a.m. and 4 o'clock, some people were delayed by an hour on the
6:39 am
downtown, this is your last chance to check out the taste of colorado. civic center park from 10:30 a.m. until 8 o'clock tonight. could be a little tricky getting around town, because several road closures so people can enjoy that event. denver7's traffic anchor joins us right now. we do have a closer look on some of the closures downtown, we do have those closures in place right now, you can see around civic center park we have broadway, lincoln street, and colfax all closed down. % they will stay closed down until later on tonight, and into tomorrow morring. ?addox street, that is the one that will stay closed for a lot longer. it is going to stay closed through the nfl kickoff village through thursday, and then stay closed all the way through sunday through next weekend. that 9/11 memorial service that they are going to do over here at civic center park. we will stay restrictions on colfax, broadway in lincoln street throughout the rest of the week, but also into the
6:40 am
a vandal keys more han a dozen cars, this is in the highlands neighborhood. neighbors are furious about t his. we will tell you what you need to know about this police investigation. you might have seen that
6:41 am
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s of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? 6:42 on this labor day, patchy dense fog has developed across much of the northeastern plains. if you are driving in this area, practice caution, visibility less than .25 miles. elsewhere across the state, a 3 very notes, mostly clear skies across the front range. a lot of sunshine there the day, temperatures are rising to the upper '80s and lower '90s in some spots around the metro. mostly clear tonight with a better chance of storms for tomorrow. obviously that limited visibility around sterling causing issues with highway
6:43 am
look at the security wait time right now, we are expecting it to be fairry busy later on this afternoon. 15 minutes on the south lines and plenty of spaces available on the lots out there at dia. mother teresa is now officially a catholic saint. tens of thousands of pilgrims gatheredn st. peter's square to witness her canonization. he brought you those images live during our weekend edition of denver7. 50 years ago a broomfield native wrote on mother teresa and last night we spokeewith a chaplain at the catholic charities archdiocese offdenver who met mother teresa while studying to become a priest. >> she held each one of our hands and said, be a holy priest. that is the first thing she said . >> mother teresa was canonized just 19 years after her death. the process to become a saint normally takes decades even
6:44 am
close to 20 people are injured after a massive building collapses in tel aviv. we are learning new details
6:46 am
it is 6:45 on this monday morning, labor day, a beautiful shot of downtown denver, clear skies, plenty of sunshine. the first regular-season game for the broncos opens up from mile high stadium, coming up this thursday. rrght now, take a look at this, this is car after car keyed. you see these huge scratches along the side. along 27th avenue in the denver highlands neighborhood. denver police tell us more than 15 cars were keyed between zune i and clay streets. the suspect or suspects hit every car on the north side of the street. >> i work -- i moved in on the first, my welcome present right there. >> they are not sure how many peoole were involved in the crime, they are hoping that surveillance video can help find who is responsible.
6:47 am
it has turned deadly, not ats, everyone has made it. six bodies were recovered off the coast of libya. they fell out of a rubber raft. two patrol boats are still searching for survivors, and also other victims right off the coast of libya. breaking overnight, 2 people killed and dozens injured after a building collapses in tel aviv, israel. israeli officials say the building was under construction. a parking then the crane fell over, and the part of a different building collapsed after that. we are waiting on more information of the extent of injuries this morning. let's shift gears to really cool video. a large deer runs into the ocean, you see that surfer surfing right on by him, the deer was swimming half a mile from the shoreline. while life officials were called in they were able to get the deer out and back to his natural habitat.
6:48 am
straight to him and look he is just chilling with him. hey, dude, how are you? you want to hook onto my board, what's up? [laughter] >> video just wanted to cool off, maybe. >> i would rather see that, than a shark. >> except that would catch you offguard. a shark is more normal. if you want to head to the river, the pool, the reservoir, anywhere today it should be a good day to do so especially across the front range. it was a very dry througut really a chance of storms except down to the southeastern corner of the state. this morning, this is your first alert, patchy dense fog has developed near pete now, portions of the eastern plains, please practice caution. a very different story, we are starting off the day very clear skies and a beautiful start to rning, anddthe mountains. 60s and 70s expected there today. pueblo expecting a high near 97 degrees. very warm, across the
6:49 am
state today. in downtown denver, 54 degrees, 55 at the airport. humidity will eventually dropped her at the hours and the winds will pick up. right now southwest at nine miles per hour. radar and satellite is showing that we do have red flag warnings at noon, lasting until 7 o'clock tonight. low humidity, gusty winds, warm3 and dry conditions. be careful any spark could start a fire especially in the areas highlighted in pink. risk for severe eather today, this portion of places like lamarr and burlington, could see stronger storms later on. looking at her future cast throughout labor day, as you can see, very clear conditions throughout this morning into this afternoon. about 6 o'clock tonight you can see the southeastern corner of the state has the best chance for seeing those isolated storms and pockets of heavy rain , smalllhail and gusty winds with those. r the most part, as we ssarted tuesday we should stay mostly sunny but a better chance of storms tomorrow.
6:50 am
denver, upper '80s across the plains, mid to upper '90s down in the southeast, 70s and even 80s for portions of the high c ountry. overnight tonight in denver, 53 degrees, feeling very mild. we will start the morning very sunny, but increasing cloud cover ann a slight chance for storms as a cold front slowly moves its way through colorado. tuesday a little bit cooler, wednesday we will start to see more sunshine, and temperatures in the mid- 80s. overnight lows, lower 50s. broncos home opener on thursday, looking a-ok. it is breezy up in parts of wyoming, odyssey, here's jackson, wyoming. nothing going on here, so i decided to look at jackson, wyoming broadway. it is looking really nice. there you go. if you want to go towards the park, or the tetons. take a look at the drive here
6:51 am
good. an accident near northfield at 56th and quibec. veryylightly traveled, at least for right now. we still have taste of colorado closures, you can see them in place right here on the camera broadway and 16th looking south, broadway, lincoln street, colfax of the main ones close down. that guy looks like he will enjoy some grilled corn later on here this morning. >> or a turkey leg. a 21-year-old from highlands ranch is missing and grand teton tional park. this morning, the family is joining in the search he is an employee at the park. he went missing during a hike last wednesday. or than 50 people will be on the ground looking for him. >> our ommunity is praying for him, and his family, we pray he will be found safe and be back where he is supposed to be. >> while searches are on the ground, there will be a % helicopter up in the air all day today trying to find him. there is not a timeline for how long the search will continue. is tim tebo heading to atlanta?
6:52 am
interest in signing him to a minor-league contract. according to a report five teams have met with him, so far. the braves are the only team mentioned by name. he wants to sign a minor-league contract sometime this month. >> it will be interesting to see what winds up happening with that anddhow he does. >> ticket sales will go up. the big stories today, coming up on the morning sprints, several people have been ted from their homes to get a stubborn fire under control. your labor day weekend is % coming to a close, e have everything you need to know to make the most of your day.
6:53 am
6:54 am
in your morning sprint starts with fire danger in northern colorado. a stubborn -- a stubborn wildfire is only 10% contained right now and several people had to be evacua no word when those people will be allowed to go back home. denver7's amanda is live at the scene, north of fort collins and joins us now. >>reporter:i am at the livermore community center, right now, first responders are just ready to wake up and arrive here this morning, they are all preparing to battle that 300-acre starwood fire. we know that it started yesterday afternoon, at around 12:08, with the larimer county
6:55 am
cherokee park road. when they got there, that fire was known to hike at three acres, because of dry conditions and wind, that fire has grown to 300 acres. only 10% containment. again, we are at the community center here in livermore. this is also the site of a 9 a.m. press briefing where the county sheriff will give us an update terms of containment and destruction. we will have that for you on denver7 at 11. live at the livermore community center, denver7. fortunately, winds will not be quite a stronger today hopefully helping with some of the firefighting efforts. we do have red flag warnings in effect for much of the state, portions of the palmer divide, the mountain valleys as well as a western slope.
6:56 am
front range temperatures today, upper '80s and lower '90s, plenty of sunshine. protect yourself out there today, and throughout the afternoon. we will continue to cool things down for tomorrow, better chances of storms. staying dry today, throughout this week very mild in the low 50s overnight with mid to low '80s throughout the rest of the week. a great day today if you're going out to taste of colorado. that's right, a lot of folks down there for taste of a lot of folks will be at the pool because it is the last day for most pools to be open. this will be a very busy drive for the folks coming back from the eise expect that to be where the metering will be in effect. they will hold truffle -- traffic back on the silverthorne side. take a look at the overall drive. a lot of green out there for the most part. a minor accident near third and calamus, you also have an accident 56 and quibec. i am jason guenauer, live in boulder, 2 separate
6:57 am
, and another of groping on the cu campus, over the weekend. the first, a woman told police a man broke into her home and try to have sex with her on her couch, while she was sleeping. on colorado avenue. police are looking for a black and they stocky build, 25-35, 5'10" last seen in a polo shirt. the other incident happening on sunday morning, a woman reported to police that she was groped in an underpass while she was walking near co police are looking for 2 separate suspects here. if you have any information call police immediately. live in boulder, jason guenauer, denver7. 6:57 now, it is labor day, day to kick back aad enjoy yourself. that goes for government workers as well. most state offices are closed today. however, all colorado state parks will be opened and staffed and waiting for you. you have one more day to get a full taste of taste of colorado in downtown denver. it wraps up today. it is open today from 10:30
6:58 am
expected to drop -- draw 500,000 people. football fans, this is a week you have been waiting for. the broncos kickoff the nfl season in three days, the quarterback is under a lot of pressure. >> the 24-year-old is making his first nfl start on thursday for the defending super bowl champions against the nfc champions, no big deal right. the offense is in very good hands. >> i liked him last her, i
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. hermine triggers states of emergency. and dangerous coastal flooding. as life-threatening rip currents from the carolinas to new england keep beaches closed this morning. have millions dodged a bullet. breaking right now, high stakes showdown. with russia's president vladimir putin, trying to strike a deal on syria to fight isis. the president speaking out from china just moments ago. and nascar superstar dale earnhardt jr. now announcing that he's stepping away from the racetrack. >> i definitely don't belong in a race car today. >> the crash that's put his career on hold, sidelining the two-time daytona 500 winner with another concussion. >> it's earnhardt! >> will he ever get behind the wheel again?


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