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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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scene your troopers say one vehicle rear-ended another and one of those vehicles hit the motorcycle. that person was thrown from the bike and died at the scene. >> this castle rock burglar caught on surveillance video breaking into a work truck and walking off with thousands of tools. some are worried they will be next.>> reporter: with castle rock population booming, jack installed these security cameras on the side of his house. is hoping these cameras and help from police can help catch a burglar broke into his truck. you can see him in plain sight here is burglar unlocking and stealing diesel mechanic tools out of his truck while he was away camping for labor day weekend.
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everything up after he was done. he went through all the drawers i had ann this is all lined with boxes this, back here, was just stacked full of toolboxes and he made it -- that made it real easy for him to take it all out.>> he said -- >> reporter: he said the brothers spent about two hours late about $20,000 with the tools out of his truck and his wife was inside sleeping the whole time. the security cameras catch more of >> is packing these tools but right out here in the open. nobody saw him. >> reporter: that not just his vehicle. several others in the area of castle rock complaining about their cars being broken in overnight. the douglas county sheriff's an increase in calls for this - type of crime since july and that the crime attributes to
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>> i guess that is the price you pay with a big population growth and i will probably be putting up some floodlights and stuff like that around the house. >> reporter: he says the tools are covered by insurance but that does not help his peace of mind. >> it to 10 years to build up all of those tools and they are gone now here >> reporter: if you have seen that man in the video, you are asked to call castle rock release or the douglas county sheriff's office and they are always warning people to make sure all of your belongings are securely locked up. we have new details on the national park. park rangers have found the body base it matches the description of this missing hiker. this is renie. ranges say they found him on the north side last night here. he was reported missing friday. >> denver 7 is first on the
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opening fire on a wanted man. brian his life with details of this frightening ordeal -- ordeal. >> reporter: that is certainly what the officer must be thinking who did not suffer any injuries, thankfully. this stretches the length of osage between sixth and third outside on the street. there are some of the vehicles. demo police say they got tipped off about a man who had an out to any warrant and not tell us what kind of warrant nor who the man is but in the process of this, one of the officers opened fire and the suspect was not hurt your it were both taken to the hospital to be checked out your police are not the only ones who had to deal with the dangerous encounter. coming up at 6 o'clock, you will hear from the tow truck company owner who says one of his drivers did, as well.
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who investigators say shot and seriously injured a douglas county deputy has released a statement reading in part, "the family would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the detective and hhs family. we offer prayers and support to all those impacted by this event. we love randy and we will miss him." the sheriff's office says the detective was shot while responding to a call about a suicidal person in parker on friday. he is said to be making promising progress. fundraisers in place. this has already raised $26,000. far surpassing the $5000 goal. and i want to mention, on september 11, donating all proceeds to the bright family on that date. take a look at
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a hollow side -- homicide. he is suspected of shooting and killing a woman at home there 72nd and utica. her body was found late friday night and the quarter has not released her identity. i-70 and floyd hill. is fantastic. a few hours ago, it was hideous. this is 70 in beaverbrook. fantastic. this is tte way to end a holiday weekend. >> it is absolutely gorgeous weather for this holiday weekend. partly sunny skies over the area you're very quiet, statewide and we do have a few showers making their way to lamar and
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expecting. we could see a few scattered storms and otherwise, the rest of the state will remain quiet. we also have a red flag warning in effect south of denver up toward steamboat and back toward durango and grand junction. keep in mind, high fire danger still exists. temperatures are in the 80s and even some 90s this evening as a going to tonight your overnight lows in the 50s. there is a cold front heading our way and i will tell when that will affect your neighborhood coming up. firefighters have a good handle on this starwood fire. our denver 7 crews got behind the fire lines this morning. it has been held at 300 acres. crews have this fire and 10% contained. there will be a public reading for residents at the livermore community church at 6:30 tonight . it is that time again.
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evans closest -- closes tomorrow for the season. theeroad from echo lake to summit lake will remain open until early october if weather permits. the historic house coming back to its former glory. this video shows the state of disrepair just a few months ago and the roof of the highland icon has been left open to the rain and snow for six years. it has been replaced now and still has much of the supporting structure. tonight, lance hernandez ch it out.>> reporter: a few months ago, this house was a mess! the floors and ceilings were riding. it was painstaking work! the roof which had been open to the elements for six years was so weak that it could not be used to hoist material up from the outside. >> every being and every piece of wood came up to that stairwell carried by hand.
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weatherproof. >> reporter: we saw were crews putting the finishing touches on chimneys. the owner says it will be rebuilt a little taller. >> maybe people were shorter back in the day. i don't know. >> the kitchen was originaaly in the back of the house. >> it is going to be amazing. the views out of here>> reporter: she is already planning window treatments, th of the original iron trim at a - local shop. >> you can see the paints but as i was talking about earlier. the paint splatter exactly matches the paint splatter s that you see on the brick. >> reporter: the city is pleased with whattthe davises have done. >> i think they have taken on an epic project and it will have an epic outcome. not just a home but the cornerstone of the community and that will be new memories
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and really, the best of both worlds. for years, the state has tried to get rid of them but the government has attempted the red light cameras and now, you may see being -- even more of them. officcals are getting ready to sign a five-year contract. right now, denver has five red light cameras and four-speed bands. parker police are car crash at the corner of parker and lincoln. they shut down them intersection during the morning commute. we found several wiih front end damage but it is unclear how they collided here two people were hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. police have arrested a man in a deadly hit and run just before 11 o'clock last night. police tell us a woman was hit by truck while she was crossing. she died at the hospital. the driver was found nearby and arrested for dui and for
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crash. neither person has been identified. for a special homecoming in fort carson tonight, 180 soldiers will be the second effort to the grade -- brigade. in this case, they are not just passsbut they are safety hazards. the plight of the prairie dogs in jefferson county. for his controversial forecast. who is backing him and what the president has to say. >> our highs got up into the 90s this afternoon. some cities
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we still have a few more hours at center park your get a taste of colorado and the labor o'clock. i was there saturday. i was there sunday. other bands will start performing tonight on some of the other stages. the city of glenwood springs was to put up three potential white-water parks on the colorado river but the city has a few hurdles. it has yet to reach a water rights agreement with aurora, colorado springs and the state conservation board took the two cities opposing, glenwood
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water than it needs. >> they are taking over and it not stopped, they could cause serious issues for the jefferson county building. we are talking about prairie dogs. sally explains. >> reporter: on every corner, there are signs of prairie dogs. >> we have discovered eight or 10 adjacent to the building, burled hose -- holes -- burrowed holes. and if they are in these areas, we let them be fat and happy your >> reporter: but clearly, they have dug holes. >> they burled down adjacent to the foundation or very close to the founddtion. >> reporter: he says when they get too close, they can cause serious safety issues. >> we're concerned about infiltration of water and maybe
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the building >> reporter: he says he is left with no other option but to poison them. >> we found the most humane way is to use a carbon monoxide machine that actually injects carboo monoxide into the burrows and basically puts them to sleep. >> reporter: bettina says killing them will have negative consequences. >> you are removing a food source and in balancing and ecosystem for literally dozens of animals.>> reporter: she says poisoning is not the answer because more will move in. and he is hoping to remove at least 15 prairie dogs and the rest will be put to sleep before more damage is done.>> these are issues we need to address. for more than 20 years conservation efforts are paying off. today, world conservation
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to vulnerable. the species is in less danger of extinction than it was before . >> 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick, getting support for a race about race relations in the us your -- even the president acknowledged him. >> that is a tough thing for them to get past. >> the police union in santa clara says some officers may boycott off-duty work to protect the stadium. these are
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police officers as pigs. the weekend is cut short for a lot of people over the east coast. hermine just off the east coast whipping up pretty nasty waves on this last day of the holiday weekend. coming out of the gulf of mexico, hitting florida friday and weakening to a tropical storm as it crosses georgia. labor day is the unofficial round it out. it was the dog days of summer at the outdoor pool in lafayette here today was the last day the pool was open. a beautiful day out there. >> i love it! dutiful weather out therr. --
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there. a cooler tuesday in store for us and we have a cold front heading down from the north cooling us off to about 80 degrees from -- for tomorrow. we start to warm up after that. a bit of a break anddthen the first ffw days -- a bit of a break after the first few days of september have been in the 90s. not a lot of severe weather but we do have a few scattered showers coming up from the southwest. those are pushing to lamar at this point. and that is where we were expecting a few scattered storms to pop up work we're going to keep an eye on it but it looks like it widens out as the front injures -- enters the state increasing instability down toward lamar but around stirling, tomorrow, it looks like we will be dealing with fog. 3 we also have red flag warnings from collins to the western
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and this red flag warning expires. temperatures in the 80s and even some 90s. 87 in lakewood and tomorrow morning, this front will have made its way down past the front range. we are going to have fog from sterling to akron and back to fort collins early in the morning so be prepared for some low visibility issues early on. as the going to tomorrow's highs are only in the 80s for the afternoon. if you're heading to school, back to work. 61 degrees to get to the bus stop and 82 degrees going home and scattered storms are a possibility but i do think endeavor, we are going to see some wraparound moisture into the late evening hours of tuesday and this is what i was mentioning from fort collins to sterling. this may be a problem tomorrow
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midnight, we will see scattered showers from wyoming to denver and the eastern plains. even in two wednesday morning. -- even into wednesday morning. tomorrow, highs in the low 80s, partly cloudy skies and a few possible thunderstorms during the day. 79 for fort collins and we will have 80's and parker. 90s to the south and 80s for the west. your 7-day forecast looks great and a very temperatures are getting warmer over the next couple of afternoons and we will tibau 287 on thursday. another cold front coming by friday with party cloudy skies and highs in the upper 70s. a beautiful weekend in store this coming weekend with highs in the low to mid 80s and 76 degrees by monday with mostly sunny skies. a few more cold front coming this way and this is a transition. generally, this montt, is when we start to see more cooler air filter and so
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of that. coming up, we are counting down to the nfl kickoff.
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welcome to 7 sports extra and happy labor day. while many of you were enjoying the holiddy, the broncos were busy laboring. it is a short week. they opened the season thursday with the pam there's -- with the panthers. all of the names were a go
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gary kubiak will be on a plate count for the opener. this time last year, trevor simeon was a third string quarterback. coming off of knee surgery. in three days, he will start his first nfl game on the outside. he seems cool, and collected but what about thursday night? here is his answer. >> we will see you. i was able to get into a little slow this last season, in the third game. so i am excited to flow of the game and the rhythm of the game work i have some great teammates and i am looking forward to it. >> i knowhat he wants to embrace and show the world, look at this guy over here, number 13. he can make plays and make all the throws. >> short months ago, the broncos pummel the panthers in superbowl 50 . the broncos spent the off-season poking fun at cam newton. but both teams are trying to
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happened on thht glorious day in february doesn't matter. >> a new year, aanew game and a lot of different things going on with both foot all teams. really tried to stay focused on what is happening right now. >> that is a personal question but we will be prepared to go thursday. the giants made a massive mistake. loading the bases and cargo emptied them with one swing going, going, grand slam. two batters later, nick chimed in to make it 60 nothing. chad had all the help he would need returned the first 14 batters. the giants did not record a hit until the fifth inning. a complete game shutout and a gatorade shower. if you work on labor day, get a gatorade shower.>> this is so stupid. just for the bubblehead.
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you are not 10. that cannot be your primary reason. right? spackle final look at the weather. >> even into tomorrow, the highs will be cooler. low 80s and the medical down on friday in the upper 70s. a nice start to our september, soar. after afternoon highs have all been in the 90s and we will get a break for the rest of the
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tonight, the sprint to election day starts now. donald trump and hillary clinton barnstorming the battleground states. the rivals nearly crossing paths on a crowded ohio tarmac. their planes right next to each other. clinton calls in reinforcements, and trump reveals his strategy for the big debate. hermine's dangerous surf tonight. beaches shut down on this holiday weekend, costing businesses millions. now, a new hurricane on the horizon. president obama and vladimir putin in a face to face staredown. the president describing their blunt talk, but did they make a deal? a father's car stolen at a gas station. his twin daughters asleep in the backseat. tonight, his warning about turning your back, even for a split second.


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