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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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on denver 7 tonight shot and killed by denver police. tonight a suspect's mother says she was just trying to help. >> here's a live look i-70 at genessee people are still slowly coming home from the labor day weekend and the heavy traffic has led to a lot of troubles on the road. >> the murder of jon benet ramsey is back in the spotlight >> new details revealed in a new special. jennifer kovaleski watched the film. the father opens up about the day he found his little girl. >>reporter: he tells how it was dealing with the media circus and constant accusations they killed their daughter. documentary reveals a never seen before dna report and no way her family did it. >> developing in the murder of john maine ben a raj say.
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world wild attention. she was a 6-year-old beauty queen found strangled to death inside her family's boulder home the morning after christmas 1996. >> who killed jonbenet. >>reporter: nearly 20 years since she was murdered the mystery remains unsolved but not forgotten. >> i didn't know what to do. here's my child and she's not breathing. >>reporter: tonight's new two hour a and e documentary her father shared heartbreaking new details. >> death would have been a welcome relief from the pain >>reporter: ramsey's parents were long suspected to have been involved in their daughter's death but it would today authorities 12 years to exonerate the family. >> report to the boulder police scene here for the first time. >>reporter: the documentaryy reveals just how focused police were on the ramseys pointing to this dna test olded a few days after the murder a spots of blood found in her panties. >> it did not come from hn
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ignored it not passing it off to the da for months. >> i think the unescape able conclusion is that an unidentified male committed this crime, this person committed that sexual assault and murdered jonbenet. >>reporter: just last week the boulder police department released a new video promising justice for jonbenet. while it's been nearly 20 years says her murder police say it remains an active cold case. >> jennifer kovaleski you. ahead of this documentary and any others that are coming out boulder police want the community to know they have reviewed 1500 pieces of evidence including 200 dna samples. they also say they have fielded some 20,000 tips. with all that they are still no closer finding the killer i. tragic night on thh roadways. this accident on i-76 killed one person. now this appears that a family was inside that car. the male driver thrown from the
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a woman inside thaa car had to be flown to the hospital. state patrol says there were also children inside and they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. -? highway 83 now open agai after this crash that killed a 66-year-old motorcyclist. 3 cars were involved in this accident. state patrol still investigating what caused the crash. >> denver 7 remains on fire alert. we''e getting new information about the newest wildfire burning in our state. this is the star wood tonight firefighters confirmed it was started by lightning. it's near red feathers make it grew to 350 acres today but firefighters got the upper hand the fire is 35% contained tonight. meteorologist stacey dodged son joins us. do we get any help from mother nature on this one? >> we do have a cold front making its way into the state which should help with humidity levels in the atmosphere. they have been really low. our winds have been gusting and for the western slope we have a fire weather watch in effect for tomorrow and it looks like
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for high fire danger. as you see we haven't had much in the way of thundersttrm activity which asu see is a double edge sword the lightning starts fires as well as the moisture we need to put some of them out. here in the southeastern colorado we've had showers moving on through some have been strong and that's what we've expected here today as we looked at our severe thunderstorm risk it's mostly into the southeastern parts of our state but the winds have been very gusty in the southeastern part of colorado. at this point between 10 otherwise these are where the strongest winds are between 20 and 50 miles an hour and our temperatures in the 60s and 70s. still very warm after highs in the 90s today. we are going to cool things down that's why i mention that cold front that could help things out. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> a helicopter spotted the body believed to be that of a missing colorado man in grand teton national park. >> after days of certaining
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today crews started working to degree him back home. we have calls into denver police to find out out who the suspect is in the middle of an officer involved shooting of police shot at a wanted man trying to arrest him. he wasn't hurt but he was taken to the hospital o be checked and mets are still not identifying him. we're hearing suicidal man killed in a shootout with deputies. material detective dan brite of the douglas county sheriff's office was shot his condition is improving but he's still in critical condition in the hospital. gofundme page has been set up to help his family during this time. tonight those donations have reached nearly $29,000. >> why weren't things hand differ? why did my son have to die? >> a grieving mother her son shot and killed by denver miss last week.
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son in as she wondered what went wrong. she knew her son was wanted. >>reporter: she knew that that's why over the long weekend she made these white nags they she wanted her son to surrender to get help but police say he put up a fight >> i love my sony wanted to . - help. >>reporter: toby ferguson says she wanted to do the right thing. she knew her 20 year-old son michael was on the run. >> out, he had had taken a truck from my work and you know even my work was very generous to give him until 5:00 to return it. >>reporter: his mom turned him in but she never thought it would end like this. >> my son was shot twice in his head once in his chest and i would like some answers. >>reporter: this holiday weekend his family tied thighs
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mikey. a denver police spokesperson released this statement saying the bottom line is there is t a police officer in this city or across the country that puts on this uniform and hopes to use deadly force. it's an unfortunate situation. >> i let them know he was unarmed he was scared. i let them know he would try to run. >>reporter: when officers slowed up at the door he ran out a back window he try tried to grab an officer's weapon. three officers suffered minor injuries during struggle. his mom still doesn't understand how her attempt to do the right thing went so horribly wrong. >> my son was in trouble a little bit. i'm not defending my son in any way. we were trying to help him and bring him in safely. >>reporter: police say they couldn't comment directly on
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they say as their vest investigation continues they may be able to provide more information for this family. reporting live downtown. right now your help is needed to find a dangerous man out on the streets. westminster police need to find this man jared strange they want to talk to him about a murder a woman was found dead inside her home 72nd and utica. strange is suspected of shooting her. if you see him call have cu students on edge tonight but you can help solve this one. here's a sketch. thisshe woke up finding this guy trying to assault her of there was another assault again on sunday morning. a woman was grabbed as she was walkkng through the underpass at broadway and college. in douglas county castle rock you might want to take a second run out make sure your car door is locked there have
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break-ins in that area. on friday while away camping frederick says he caught this on surveillance video stealing $20,000 of tools from his truck. he actually blames the increase in crime on the population boom. >> i guess price to pay with big population growth prrbably be putting up some floodlights and stuff like that around the house. >> law enforcement is asking anyone who knows who this man is give douglas county sheriff's office a call. that red light more red light cameras could be coming to denver the city is ready to sign another five year contract and there are already four red light cameras and four speed cameras that you're going to he see around denver. but no word yet how many more could be added. you probably would be sick of this too a driver smashes through a fence in a south denver neighborhood last night. that dodge durango barely policing four cars before driving off. neighbors say street racers are uncommon here about 150 cars
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racing down the street. eileen darden says they have knocked out power after hitting poles 3 times in the past. >> we smelled burnt rubber weekly. >> they have called police every weekend but nothing's done. denver police tell us they are aware of the problem and are cracking down citywide. >> president obama calling off a meeting with the president of the phillippnes. they were set to meet today in laos until the new president of name i'm not going to say on television tonight. now this after obama planned to talk to him about thee extrajudicial killing of drug dealers and drug users in the phillipines. well-known conservative activist philosophically has died. she was one of the biggest critics of the feminist movement. she died at her home in st. louis.
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donald trump and hillary clinton spent time in ohio. people are still talking about their speeches. their planes were even parked next to each other on the tar pack mack and it gave them the chance to talk with reporters who are now traveling with each campaign. the first question for clinton was about her health after this happened. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> the trump campaign had a pretty quick response to that must be allergic to finally spent a minute with today is the first trip in clinton's plane that has room for the press. a denver home ruined for years by the elements. tonight an exclusive look inside this massive renovation project.
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. an oregon is gone because of these guys. this is pedestal rock or it was pedestal rock. couple of people nearby heard the group yelling they were going to knock it over and when they did they were asked why. well one man said his friend broke his leg near the rock so he decided to call it a safety hazard are. okay now to my favorite sentence of the night are you ready?
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on a flying comet is okay. it ended up land national guard the dark its batteries died but great news ross etta space probe town it sent this picture back and rosetta was partially made at cu boulder. >> the schaefer athletic complex is being they end according to jefferson county officials and they are blaming prairie dogs for the damage. here's a look at the holes dug up in the past few months. 10 at every corner of the sports complex. the scariest ones they say buildings. >> we're concerned about infiltration of water and other things into that and maybe compromising the foundations of that building. >> so about 15 of the prairie dogs have been moved out and now they have to poison the rest but the prairie dog task force says poisoning the animals is not the answer. great news for these
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no longer an endangered species. >> back in april this is what the vast 0 house looked like without a roof for 6 years it was just a mess. the floors were rotting the ceiling was rotting and now take a look at the house on the highlands today. the new owners repaired the roof repaired the gists replaced the rafters and shingles and now the they are concentrating on the brick work outside and walls and floors inside. now because this is a designated historic structure, they can't do everything they'd like to do. >> the guys went in the garage and they didn't feel it should be quite that big. >> the new owners hope to be ?ble to move in by thanksgiving. another taste of colorado is in the books. just finished up a couple of hours ago. about half million people were expected in this weekend. most of the streets that were closed should be back open early in the morning so it shouldn't affect your drive in morning the morning at all.
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i'll tell you what happened. the memorial day tradition of the ducks racing down boulder creek well it happened today. not on memorial day since the creek has finally slowed down but they may have waited a liitle too long the water voice slow one of the ducks ended up parked on shore. it could happen. it's now new england's turn. tropical storm hermine is moving up the east coast emptying beaches along the way. the closed beach signs are keeping people away it's also are you intravel plans flan ticket and martha's vineyard. >> supposed to go to martha's vineyard the following day tomorrow and we'll see where that is. >> what do you think? >> i've got my suspicions. i don't want to say at this point but it doesn't look good. >> hermine hit florida days ago but the effects are still being felt in tallahassee, the power is still out to tens of
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donaldson and doesn't it make you feel grateful we're in colorado we had beautiful weather for our holiday weekend. even the colors just starting to change a little bit here as we're going toward fall. william helms sent in this picture from cottonwood pass and said the aspen started to change but the low groundcover has. as we look out across denver it's very quiet outside we're going to have a cooler tuesday in store. today we had highs in the low 90s. tomorrow we'll be our way into the middle and end of the week. so it's a bit of a roller coast er ride on the 7-day forecast i'll have that in just a second. on our satellite radar picture you see how quiet it's been all day. we had sunshine from side to side here. i'm going to say coast-to-coast across colorado we had beautiful conditions. a few scattered showers down in the southeastern parts of our some of those were severe earlier but we still have high fire danger and this mostly
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colorado a fire weather watch which is just a precursor to a like this will be change over %- to thatomorrow because of the low humidity levels, the gusty winds at times. right now we have winds between 5 and 15 miles an hour around denver. they are definitely gusting for eastern colorado around 45 even 50 miles an hour towards lamar. but tomorrow it looks like we're going to have better chances for thunderstorms activity through parts of the state. today it was mostly down into the southeastern parts of colorado. tomorrow the risk extends colorado anddthen the western half of our state will remain dry with high fire danger. now the reason we're getting mesoffthis instability is a cold front sinking its way down in through the area. so tomorrow morning ww'll have this front down through the front range but fog is going to develop here even into denver possibly but definitely from ft. collins toward selling as we get the moisture rolling on in. you see it on our future cast sterling akron down toward
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perhaps a few scattered showers by 7:30 and fog clear out by noon. sunshine and afternoon and evening more shower activity across the eastern plains we'll have to tch for stronger thunderstorms showing up later in the day as well. as for our 24 hour planner temperatures in the 50s and 60s tonight. those highs in the low 80s tomorrow and we'll see the fog in the morning. but if you're held todd the bus stop el it will be a nice start 61 degrees and then going home 82 degrees with scattered thunderstorms into the evening. clear skies, nice conditions and tomorrow highs in the low 80s thanks to the passage of that cold front. we'll have temperatures in the 80s here all throughout the front range 70 toward winter park andal lens park. upper 80s for grand junction and 90s for southeastern colorado. that front won't be affecting you tomorrow. 7 a forecast a bit of a roller coaster ride we'll have 82 tomorrow. 85 weld and 87 thursday. so we're starting to warm things up a little bit by the
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through. we'll drop to 79 degrees and then be right in the sweet spot for next weekend. sunny skies, temperatures in the low to mid 80s and another cold front coming on monday 3 with 76 for our afternoon high and mostly sunny skies. so some beautiful weather on the way just pick a day whichever one's your favorite. focus on that one. >> have to try pretty regard domain about the forecast. thanks. >> sure. >> college football player makes lunch time very special for this young man. and now the surprises just keep
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you he's at it again. travis rudolph a florida state football player he sat down and had lunch with him last week. game tonight those two lunch buddies me meth up again. pass difficult has autism has was given a special gift. signed jersey and tickets to the game. wow. she sees rudolph ace hero for her son. >> broncos country certainly getting ready for the start of the season. nfl is basically taking over civic center park on wednesday for the nfl kick off village. going to be entertainment including concerts by dierks
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this of course is all before the super bowl rematch on thursday night. >> yeah. i'm lionel bienvenu we're talking broncos and panthers. both teams saying don't call it a rematch. super bowl is done this is new teams new game. the names remain the same line vaughn miller demarcus ware cam
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. welcome to 7 sports extra. 7 days and counting to the broncos and panthers. vaughn miller add demarcus ware get another crack at cam newton. latest today demarcus is a full go although he'll be a lay count thursday. trevor simeon looks good in
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start against the defending nfc champs. he sounds like he can handle the press conferences here we'll find out if he can handle the pressure thursday. >> we'll see what we get there. i think this last preseason game i played was able to get into a little flow in that third game so, excited to get in the flow of the game and rhythm of the game and got some great teammates to lean on in the middle. i think we're looking forward to it. >> i know he wants to embrace it. i know that he wants to show the world that hey look at this guy over here number 13 in denver. he the throws. >> at last we saw superman here vaughn miller was tugging on his cape and the broncos defense was kryptonite and cam was like well clark kent. can the broncos get 6 sacks again two fumbles thursday? we'll see. cam is looking for some redemption even some revenge. vaughn was asked about his relationship with cam. >> i though him but he's not like i get in my phone text him
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lunch or something. it's not like that. but i got a mutual respect for cam he's elite player. >> you see him running the ball he's a running back/quarterback like a two against dimensional type guy he can beat you in so many ways he's one of the top quarterbacks i've been against but at the end of the day i look at it he's a quarterback that has a jersey on. isaac you too. >> no jersee on me demarcus ply tight end jeff hire pan and receiver benny now der did not practice. cody last miles an hour will do kicks. l great stories today and woody page with his latest colon why the broncos will not repeat. creed all about it. denver right now. coors field giants played a massive mistake they walked
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bases. 25th jack a grand slam. two batters later nick hunt i made it 60. chad bettis best day ever retired the first 14 batters giant didn't get a hit in the 5th. a complete game shut out gatorade shower. new from from college receive you will you named the pack 12 player of the week. 318 yards passing in beat down over csu. passer rating 160.6. idaho state saturday rams named
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game tonight. we're potty training my daughter. she's 25, she's very slow.


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