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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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wanted to help. >> a local mom calliig local police to arrest her wanted son chl now, she wants to know how that call ended with officers shooting and killing him. frms and cars speeding through town racing each other. we're looking into denver's street racing problem. >> it's been nearly 20 years since jonbenet ramsey was murdered. a new documentary that may provide new insight inno her death. plus, a cu runner is trying to solve a common problem. how his device could keep your feet healthy. frms before we get into those with katie. >> you guys, will be a lot cooler and cloudier across the front range than what we saw yesterday because a cold front is slowly making its way into the state. we are already picking up showers and thunderstorms down to the southeast, staying mostly dry across tte metro area as of right now, but we do still have fair danger in effect across the western slope. muff of the mountains into the mountain valleys. low humidity, gusty winds, warm and dry conditions. different story to the east, as you can see.
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and showers later on this afternoon, and, jason, we will be also seeing some patchy morning fog when the sun starts to rise so that could impact visibility this morning. >> yeah. most definitely. especially if you start going 60 miles an hour, 70 miles an hour where you can't see where you are going, it becomes very dangerrus. i-25 south northbound looking very nice. not seeing any delays with or stalls yet. we are going to start to see more traffic here around 270 and i-76 in just a right now it's flowing along in about 7 minutes or so across commerce city. that drive on 225 is wide open. c-470 wide open. we do, though, as you see downtown here at 16th and broadway, road restrictions including southbound broadway. still restricted here at 17th down to ivic center plaza and park. we do have other roads closed including lincoln street. they are all opening here in the next few minutes, which is good news, as we will have still closed. i'll have details on that for you coming up. want to get to an air travel
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about the british airways computer problem that led to major delays worldwide. things are getting back to normal this morning chllbecause of this, there are still delays. we've seen tweets and pictures out of atlanta's air part here. frustrated travelers. the new york times all rights chicago, san francisco and seattle's airports were affected. the airline says that passengers should check their status. the glitch is fixed, but you'll want to check and see if your 5:32 now. this is the after math of street racing. a driver slams into a fence. this is there in a neighborhood in south denver. so neighbors who live there say this is the final straw. they want these drag racers jason joins us from south federal with more on this growing issue. jason. >> yeah. well, the parking lot behind me right now is empty, but if you can imagine it filled with a hundred to 150 cars, most of them burning out their tires, leaving behind marks all over the parking lot likk this burnt
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to smell good, sound good, or be good for the nearby neighborhoods. we spoke to that one woman, eileen darton, who had her fence crashed into. she lives on west arkansas, which is just about a mrok and a half from where we're standing right now along south federal. she says it's a problem each and every weekend. we're talking about cruising, as some people call it, street racing, as other people call it, cruising right through her neighborhood, that one vehicle blew right through a stop sign, according to her, crashed through her fence, and then just kept yes, they dealt with problems, too, like their power being knocked out, when street racers hit the power poles and just keep going. so we reached out to denver police. the neighbors say they call them each and every weekend. saturday, and sunday.friday, we reached out to them. the police department says they are aware of the issue, but they did not give us specifics on how they are dealing with it. not just on the highways. we are talking about south federal into these nearby neighborhoods. the residents are just fed up.
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even worse could happen, somebody get hit. heard of deadly street racing crashes before. the neighbors say that thereeare kids that play in the neighborhood. they simply want something done. the denver police department says they are trying to crack down city wide, but, again, did not give us any specifics. reporting live along south federal, i'm jason, denver 7. a mother dealing with unthinkable pain. she turned her son into denver police, and they ended up shooting him after a scuffle. now, she's sharing her story. an officer shot and 20-year-old michael ferguson last week. he was wanted on several warrants, and his mom knew that. so she called police to get him off the streets and get him some help, but investigators say things took a turn for the worse when ferguson went for one of the officer's guns. >> i let them know he was unarmed. i let them know that he was scared. i let them know he would try to run, and my son was shot twice in his head. and once in his chest. and i would like some answers.
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were hurt during the struggle over one of those guns. they are okay this morning. over the weekend, though, ferguson's family tied white flags on construction trucks throughout summit county. sad news this morning, crews foupd the body they believe is this highlands ranch man. the 21-year-old disappeared last week while hiking in grand teton national park. 5:35 now. who killed jonbenet ramsey? ii's something we might never know. the little girl was found murdered in her boulder home back in 1996, and now, there's a new documentary out. >> yeah, mitch, nearly 20 years later, and we are learning more about just how focussed boulder police were on the ramseys. it took authorities 12 years to exonerate the family. the documentary points to a dna test ordered a few days after jonbenet's murder on a spot of blood found in her panties. the film says police initially
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7 months. evidence dna analysts say prove an intruder is responsible. >> i think the unescapable conclusion is that an unidentifieddmale committed ttis crime. this person committed that sexual assault and murdered jonbenet. >> the new a & e documentary is trying to shed new light on the cold case. more of what was revealed in the next half hour. quite the transformation to show you. do you remember this it was quite the eyesore for people in the highlands neighborhood. for six years, it stood there without a roof, the floors just completely rotted out, but that has all changed. look at it now. the new owners who fixed the roof. it's not done just yet, but it still looks so much better. they tell us they are now concentrating on the outside brick work, but unfortunately because it's been designated as a historic structure, the owner says he can't do everything they'd like. >> i'm a guy.
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didn't feel it should be quite that big. >> the new owners hope to move in by hanksgiving. could get more exciiing. the city wants to create tree white water parts on the colorado rifr, but before that could happen, city leaders need to make a water rights agreement. this would include aurora, colorado springs, and state water conservation board. that could be a challenge. the two cities oppose the plan and say glennwood springs is claiming more water than it congratulations are in order. thousands of rubber ducks raced down boulder creek. only one could get the grand prize. susan got the $1,000 prize. normally this tradition goes on memorial day. it was postponed until yesterday because of the high water levels. no secret colorado is full of active people so many of us wear our running shoes until they are just too beat up to go on. >> of course, that is not good for your feet or back. how do you know when it's time to give up your favorite pair of shoes? nicole joins us now.
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he's got a way to answer that question. >> connor winter from cu developed the shoe sense pod with fellow runners and a cu physiologist. this is a device that you clip onto your shoes, and it's going to tell you when it's time to replace them. the device links to an app. you enter your brand of shoes, your weight, some other details, then you hit the trail or treadmill and the shoe sense pod starts tracking your mileage and the impact on the foam in your shoe. measuring. winters saws too many runners don't realize it's time to get new shoes until something on their body starts to hurt. >> that's a really backwards way of doing it. i just thought there's got to be a better way of knowing when your shoes are worn out and having something that tells you before it's too late. >> shoe sense was developed through the help of cu's catalyzed business accelerator program. all week long i'll be featuring some of the other ideas and inventions coming out of this year's group.
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first to try out the shoe sense pod, i would like to get one for these really awful shoes here. >> it'll just -- >> exactly. they're way overdue. we'll have details on how to get one on our web site, >> okay. >> you do have to put the -- >> which makes sense. >> you can't lie. you don't want to lie. >> you could. >> don't put the weight on your driver's license. >> that's right. >> or the age. wow! >> okay. very good. thank you. >> thanks. you mayave celebrated the presidential candidates. no rest for them. how donald trump claims he can save black voters. and he couldn't cut ii in the nfl, so johnny manziel is taking a new path, which is kind of like going backwards. hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend today. temperatures are about ten degrees cooler across the front range than what we saw across the weekend. only upper 70s to low 80s ii most places. already busy on the 25
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traffic here in mississippi.
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5:42. we're tracking a developing situation in the college park maryland. a security guard is in critical condition after he was shot during a robbery on or near the university of maryland campus. police have taken one man into
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they are still searching for a second suspect in the robbery. the first suspect matched the description. again, they are still looking, and a security guard in critical condition. don, a golden globe winning actor, will be in denver today campaigning for hilary clinton. at 4:30 this afternoon, he will be along the 16th street mall registering voters. you might not know this, butthe actually graduated from east high schoo speaking of hilary clinton, she is in full campaign mode trying to woo voters battleground states. today, this is a look at her plane before taking off to cleveland. during the night, she addressed comments by fbi leaders that said she didn't know the letters "c" in e-mail meant confidential. >> i take classification very seriously, the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings, whethhr or not they had occurred, doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material.
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training on how to handle classified information. it's 5:44. donald trump also spent his labor day on the battleground states, once again tackling the issue of black voters. while he was in cleveland, he said that black people need to choose him as the next president. he says they're ealing with a lot of issues that he claims he can fix. take a listen. >> i think i'm going to do great with the african-americans. look, i explain. i do it very simply. the crime rate is through the roof, through the roo people can't walk down the street without getting shot. i'll stop that. there are no jobs. i'm going to bring back jobs. the democrats haven't done it. >> there's a new cnn poll out this morning that puts trump just a bit ahead of hilary clinton right now. not just the candidates fighting with each other. the political season is causing more and more families to argue at home. looking into a new poll of family members turning on each other. >> we laugh, but this can be -?really serious.
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theorizing just a little bit. the huffington post asked people if they argged over politics recently. 45% of those polled said yes. that's up from may. and for some people, it's getting really heated. 10% say they have fought with three different groups of people. so this includes friends, family, and coworkers. now, if you've gotten into one of these heated debates and you think, i have no idea what the other side is thinking, don't worry, you are not alone. nearly 40% of people in the polls say they cannot understand why anyone would vote for donald trump. about the same number of people, 42%, say they don't get why anyone would vote for hilary clinton. here is something that can bring everyone together. that's free food. dairy queen is giving away small oreo frappes today. you can geet the free treat between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. dairy queen says the promotion is to celebrate the unofficial end of summer now that labor day has come and gone. >> yesterday with 90-degreee3
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>> yeah. today is a little cooler, though, right? >> right. still probably want to get one of those. those are good. >> 2:00 to 5 o'clock. okay. we are going to be seeing a slight chance of storm from 2:00 to 5:00 today. the front range has a chance of seefg a couple showers and storms. biggest story today cooler yesterday and this whole weekend. we saw temperatures in the 90s, today expecting upper 70s too3 lower 80s. all because a sleek cold front is making its way into colorado. that of storms really on our whole 7-day forecast for today. we do still have, unfortunately, fire danger, a red flag warning, a fire weather watch in effect for much of the western slope into a lot of the high country and mountain senior high school lees. we'll see mostly dry and also gusty condition there. any spark could start a fire and spread rapidly if and when they do. highs for today across the western slopes staying very warm in the mid 80s. 70s, even lower 80s for portions
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it will be a very different story across the northeast. temperatures there only staying in the 70s. we do have the risk for seeing some severe storms later on this afternoon, a marginal risk at that. all this area you see encompassed here in green, that's our best chance for seeing moisture all along the i-25 corridor north of denver southeast. our future cast showing mostly cloudy skies to start the day..3 this is also your first alert. we do have the chance for seeing patchy morning fog develop pockets of drizzle in there. just be aware of that when you head out the door this morning. this stopped at 9:00. as you can see, cloud coverage in the foothills. chance for few sprinkles here and there. not much in the way of measurable precipitation. as you head throughout the midday, temperatures start to warm up. start to see gradually clearing skies. sunshine is in store by about midday before clouds start to increase and get a better chance for seeing those pasing afternoon and evening storms, strongest of which we felt in places like akron later on after
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the 50s awe cross the front raage. highs today, though, in the lower 80s to upper 70s for the most part. overnight, 53 is our overnight low under mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow, we'll wake up to a lot more sunshine and gradual clearing with highs in the mid 80s. ill l it'll feel coooer today chl wednesday as well as thursday, temperatures back feeling more like summer. friday, cooldown and upper 70s are expected with overnight loww mild in the 50s. today,,the best chance foo seeing moisture across the state traffic finally on broadway. you can see the buses now here on the southbound side. there's a car. there's a car. they just in the last 30 seconds have opened up the southbound lanes of broadway heading from 17th through 16th and eventually down past civic center park. there goes one peeson. the northbound side of lincoln street is also opening right now. take a look at the map down that way. we do have restrictions still in place for the nfl kickoff village. they've already built the stage
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through thursday night into friday. also going to have restrictions in and around colfax, broadway and lincoln street not only for the nfl kickoff village that's going to take place on thursday but alss for that september 11th remembrance program that they have coming up this sunday. the rest of the drive around downtown looks okay. we do have a traffic light ?roblem here at 14th at colorado boulevard. that's going to be treated as a three-way stop and also up around 53rd and chambers, also a -?report of the traffic lights, not quite working right there take a look at the drive there. 270 and i-70, starting to get a little more traffic including, you can see it, eastbound 270 already slowing downgoing over to york. it is just about ten minutes before 6:00. dozens of marines are left stranded on the side of a tennessee highway after their bus burss into flames. fortunately, none of them were hurt. all 40 marines were able to get off that bus. they were headed from north carolina to nashville for a marine week festivities. a school
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the way. the mom to be has a brain tumor. her story is in today's gma first look. >> in this morning's gma first look, a scary diagnosis for former u.s. soccer star lauren holiday, the explosive force behind unforgettable goals like this. ?> u.s. attacking now with numbers in white. setting in and ten for morgan. >> she h just been a tall wart on he field. >> the ball never left my foot.% >> now, off the f biggest battle yet. she is eight months pregnant with her first child and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. according to the new orleans picayune, the tumor is benign, operable, and not a threat to holiday's unborn daughter, but sshlg will have to wait until >> everything that lauuen holiday has been through as an athlete will make her tougher and stronger during these difficult times. >> dr. jennifer ashton will have more on the diagnosis coming up
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i'm diane, abc news new york. it is nine minutes before 6:00. coming up, a judge is set to make a critical decision in the bill cosby sexual assault case. what key evidence his lawyer wants thrown out. the space x rocket e mroegs is costing more than originally switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
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5:53 chl today, bill cosby's lawyers plan to ask a judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence in the sex assault case against him. they don't think a deposition cosby fwaif back in 2005 should be allowed. in it, he discussed cheating on his wife and drugging women so they have sex with him.
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recording of a phone call he had with a defendant's mom. he's accused of raping her after knocking her out with wine and pills. this popular star of western tv shows and movies has passed away. he was best known for playing the itle role in 1950s tv legend the life and legend of wyatt. o'brian died in his home in beverly hills. he was 91. the san francisco 49 everies just fired a fullback after he was arrested for fighting an elderly couple at a hotel. police say bruce miller tried to check in, but the hotel was full chl hotel employees told police that miller then knocked on an elderly couple's room telling them they were in his spot. when they wouldn't leave, police say miller punched the 70-year-old man in the face. they say he broke some bones johnny manziel, once called johnny football, couldn't cut it in the nfl so he's going back to school. the former cleveland quarterback
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it wasn't his talent that kept him from succeeding in football. it was a series after off-field incidents including a domestic violence charge. that charge still pending in court right now. the 23-year-old is now majoring in recreation, parks, and tourism sciences. 5 till 6:00 now. had a satellite on that rocket that exploded. the company says it wants (5) 000-0000 tlr or a million dollars. space x is still trying to figure out what caused that rocket to explode. here is one way to make money. an aspiring actor considered becoming a dog walker but didn't want to scoop up anything. >> so he came up with a different idea. how about a people walker? so after coming up with the idea, chuck mccarthy posted fliers around his california town. he says he was really only half serious, then people started calling him. chuck says it's about more than just walking.
5:56 am
need, need to get out, need to experience human interaction, get off their phones. >> so apparently he charges 7 bucks a mile. i'm not sure who would really sign up for that, but maybe he's making some money. >> i think it's probably people who want to be outside and walking and want someone to walk with them. maybe they just ddn't have a friend or family meeber to do so. >> maybe that's it. >> that's interesting. >> the company, right, just kind of being around someone and walking. but 7 bucks, i don't know. like, do you just want to go for a walk for free? >> exact be outside. not quite as warm if you are going for a walk or run this morning. just be aware, we are seeing temperatures at 63 degrees in city park. 58 in castle rock and parker, but we do have a chance for patchy fog developing throughout the morning. some areas of drizzle mostly cloudy. by this afternoon, gradually clearing skies. some clouds, though, and a chance of storms. i'll have your full forecast coming up. a big one out to the east side of town. this is going to be a multicar accident. i'm showing you frrm the camera
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i-70 back from 225 over to about havana. it's basically stopped at this point. hearing of possibly up to 8 cars involved of this accident. take a look at the map. i'm already seeing slowdowns coming all the way through. i think the accident is closer to the havana construction. we are already seeing backups creeping back to chambers. i'll keep you posted and give you videos, pictures from air tracker in just a moment. here is a tip. if you want to get revenge on your boyfriend or ggrlfriend, double check with
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a new documentary raises new questions in the murder of jonbenet ramsey. hare the emotional interview with her father. one denver community is fed up with drag races in the neighborhood. police are not tealing with the problem. frpths we have a big traffic alert right now. i'm show i this is the westbound side of i-70 coming from peoria and 225. this is where if accident sits. multiple lanes were blocked. evennthe eastbound side is slow. but it's right here at the start of the construction on the westbound side of i-70. we can even see baak from the camera there, 225 and i-70, how traffic is barely moving coming in over from chambers, also affecting northbound 225 trying


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