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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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ff breaking at 11:00, 21st century fox has reached a deal with gretchen carlson. she sued fox and robert ailes in july. >> ailes, who resigned in july, will payen unknown portion of the $20 million settlement. he has denied the claims. a deadly morning on the roads. denver7 on top of several crashes this morning, including one on i-70 near deer trail. >> a pedestrian was hit and killed this morning. that's where we find denver 7's jason gruenauer. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's causing an
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one pprson was struck and killed here along the highway this morning. they're still trying to figure out the exact details of how and why. it happened round 8:00. the maroon van in the distance, that is the vehicle that was involved. stopped on the scene, so this is not a hit-and-run and was not a construction worker, because this is a construction zone. the two main lanes of i-70 eastbound are currently closed and have been for this construction activity. that means it's one way in each highway there. so this happened in the one eastbound lane. that one eastbound lane is now closed. that means all the traffics that heading eastbound -- that was heading eastbound is being diverted on the deer trail exit to highway 40. that's where it's jamming up, and down along side i-70 before you can enter back on. still a lot of questions. unidentified victim at this
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scene, accident investigators are so onscene. i asked about an estimate when this will be wrapped up, when the eastbound lane will be back open. they said at least another hour. reporting live along i-70 near deer trail, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. one person was killed this morning in a rollover crash. this involved two pickups near 104th on i-25. one of the pickups was traveling at a high rate of speed and ran into another pickup truck. the driver of the one that ran into the truck died. the other was not hurt. i-25 is open there now. another crash, also this morning, causing major delays. this is reportedly an 8-car pileup on the westbound side. i-70 at havana. the lanes back open now. still not clear how many people were hurt or what led up to the crash. two people have died after a mooorcycle crash last night in aurora.
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northbound on south parker road when a minivan made a left turn and hit them. they were both thrown from the bike and transported to a local hospital where they later died. not clear if alcohol played a factor. we're still on fire alert. the star wood fire was started sunday by lightning. >> the fire has grown to 350 acres. but firefighters now have that fire 35% contained. they say there was no significant changes overnight, which is a much situation than yesterday. still, about 120 firefighters are on the ground battling this blaze. little rain could help. we'll find out if we're getting any from katie from our first alert forecast. >> there's about a 30% chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms in that area later today. what's good for fire fighting efforts is a lot cooler and cloudier conditions we've seen across the front range in morning. even pockets of drizzle. 30% chance for seeing rain there a little bit later on.
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abt gusts up to 20. still have fire danger across the western slope. in pink into the mountains and the mountain valleys, so be aware we'll continue to see low humidity, gusty winds, warm and dry conditions across much of the western portion of the state. front range today cooler conditions. we hit 90 plus saturday, sunday, throughout our weekend. today only the upper 70s to lower 80s. skies will gradually clear by this afternoon, so expect see a little more sunshine in the afternoon hours. chance of storms in the forecast after about 7:00 tonight and mostly cloudy overnight heading into tomorrow. we have the risk for some of those storms to turn more severe, marginal risk in this green area. i'll show you your futurecast and when you can expect moisture in your area coming up. a weekend house fire in broomfield has left one person dead and the fire started on thh stove is likely to blame for that house fire. no one else was injured.
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proving tragic on the roads. this accident at i-76 near keenesburg killed one person. a man was in the car with his family when it rolled inhe median, ejecting him from the car. he died. a woman inside the car had to be flown to the hospital. state patrol tells us there were also children in the car. they, too, were taken to the hospital to be checked out. meantime, highway 83 near frank town is back open now, aater this crash that killed a ?6-year-old motorcyclist. three caas were involved in that accident. state patrol investigating what caused the crash. residents in a south denver neighborrood are angry after this. a driver smashes through a fence and we're learning a dodge durango barely missed four cars before driving off. neighbors are fed up with the street racing and say it's not uncommon there. about 150 cars gathered at a parking lot on federal before racing down the street. elaine says they've nocked out power after hitting poles at least three times in the past.
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night long from fridaa, saturday and sun weekly. >> she and her neighbors say they call police every weekend but nothing is done they feel. denver police say they are aware of the situation and are cracking down on street racing. itt is shutting down all of its campuses. the college made that announcement this morning. >> there are two campuses in the denver area. our nicole brady found out what this means for students. >> the u.s. education secretary put out a message to itt tech they are currently or previously enrolled, they may can have their federal student loans wiped away and transfer credits to another school. itt tech has over 40,000 students nationwide. the denver area has campuses in aurora and westminster. i made calls to both of those. nobody answered and when we went to the aurora campus today, there was nothing really indicating a closure, but it did look dark inside the office past that door.
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month the department of education banned itt tech from enrolling students who get federal financial aid. the feds have been cracking down on for profit colleges like itt for some time. itt tech called the government's action unconstitutional. the college says it will use its remaining staff to help displaced students figure out their options. we have a sad update this morning. a helicopter has spotted the body believed to be the missing colorado man in the park. after days of searching, it appears his body was finally spotted. crews are working to bring him home. he grew up in highlands ranch and was 21 years old. police still warning cu students about a man who may look like there. apparently two attacks near the campus and he's still on the run. a woman says this man broke into her home near campus early saturday. she woke up to him trying to assault her. there was another assault on sunday morning. that's where a woman said she
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college. the murder trial for lester jones continues today.. jones is accused of murdering a grand junction mom living a secret life as an escort. she disappeared in 2007. her remains weren't found until 2012. jones is charggd with kidnapping and murder. he could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted. we're hoping to hear from denver police today about an incident that ended in gunfire, at 3rd and osage. police shot at a wanted man while trying to arrest him. he was not hurt, but was taken to the hospital to be checked out. at this time police have not identified the suspect. it is perhaps the most infamous murder case in boulder. 6-year-oldjonbenet ramsey
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home. her father opened up. >> death would have been a relief from the pain i felt. >> this documentary points to a dna test ordered a few days after the murder on a spot of blood found in her underwear. >> made it clear it did not come from john ramsey or anyone else in the family. >> the film says boulder police, though, ignored it and didn't pass it along to the d.a.'s office for months. evidence, dna analysts, prove an intruder is responsible. conclude is that an unidentified male committed this crime. % this person committed that sexual assault and murdered ?onbenet. >> now, ahead of this documentary and others, boulder police want the community to know they have reviewed 1500 pieces of evidence, including 200 dna samples, and they have fielded 20,000 tips. with all that, they're no closer to fining the killer. just this morning a new poll out in the presidential
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clinton. you can see here just 2 points. trump tops clinton 45% to 43% in this new survey, with libertarian gary johnson at 7% and green party's jill stein at 2%. done cheadle an actor will be in denver today campaigning for hillary clinton. at 4:30 this afternoon he'll be at the 16th street mall registering voters. he graduated from denver east high school. hillary clinton is in full -?campaign mode trying voters in battleground states. this is a look at her plane before taking off to cleveland. during the night she addressed comments by fbi leaders who said she didn't know the letters c in e-mail meant confidential. >> i take classifications seriously. the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings doesn't in any way affect the commitment that
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>> she said there was never training on how to handle classified information. 3 donald trump spent thh weekend tackling the issue of voters. while in cleveland he said black people need to choose him as our next president. he saas they're dealing with a lot of issues he claims he can fix. >> i think i'm going to do great with the african-american -- look, i explained, the crime rate is through the roof. people can't walk down the street wi i'll stop th. there are no jobs. i'm going to bring back jobs. the democrats haven't done it. >> right now trump is still trailing in a couple of the polls, but as we showed you earlier, he's up y a couple of points. should boulder be allowed to put a sugar drink tax on the novemberrballot? a judge will take the issue today. now it will appear on the ballot, but drink makers are appealing the decision to allow it. lawyers say the petition to get the issue on the ballot was not
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invalid. if the city wins, voters would have to decide whether or not to put a 2 cents per ounce tax on soda distributers. a shocking discovery in a day care prompts the business to close its doors. the state of oklahoma still recovering from a 5.6 magnitude quake this pa weekend. why some people this morning are saying this may not have been natural. >days after a rocket
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f0 isis is taking responsibility for the suicide car bomber in central baghdad that killed at least seven and hurt several others. this happened near the same spot isis attacked back in july. 324 people were killed then. now to israel, where crews are searching for su collapse in tel aviv. you can see the crews still down there looking. at least four people are still missing in the rubble. three are confirmed dead. at least 20 others are recovering from injuries. nine people arrested at london city airport this morning after locking themselves together on the runway. this protest was teenaged by the u.k. branch of black lives matttr. they said the action was taken to highlight the u.k.'s environmental impact on the lives of black people. all protestors have been taken
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today for what could be a brief but intense legislative session. the republicans want to demonstrate that they are responsible and they want the power to be returned to them. theypoint to several bills, some on opiate abuse, funding highwaa instruction and educational programs that have now that they're back to work, the first thing includes a bill to fund the federal response to zika. both sides are pointing the fingers the senate will vote on a $1.1 billion bill that democrats have blocked once, because of limits on funding to planned parenthood. >>obama says the latest round of ballistic missile launches from north korea will only lead to further isolation. people in oklahoma are
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a large 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit over the weekend. some scienttsts believe fracking triggered it. that's a special type of oil drilling linked to increased past. uakes in oklahoma in the - all fracking wells continue 370 miles within the epicenter must be shut down. dozens of marines stranded on a tennessee interstate yesterday after the bus they were on caught fire. they were on a bus carolina, heading to nashville for marine week festivities. a school bus was sent in to get them. no word on what caused the fire, but the buwasn't involved in a crash. a shocking discovery at a day care in connecticut. 600 marijuana plants were found in the back yard. police found the fence at the home that ept the plants hidden. officers say no arrests have been made yet. but the day care owners could face several charges, including
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operating a drug factory. we are keeping an eye on what was hurricane hermine. it's expected to weaken more today, but it still could continue to impact areas from new york to southern new england. it's still producing intense wave, coastal flooding and beach erosion. in tallahassee, florida, the power is still out to tens of thousands. >> you would think after all this time it weakened some. rolled up the entire east coast, hasn't it? it has. it will continue to weaken, but really the waves, winds and potential for floods still, as this storm still lingers off the east coast. across colorado as you can see, we've had a change in the weather. a cold front slowly making its way into the state, producing moisture to the southwest earlier this morning. a lot of cloud coverage across the northeastern plains, as well as the denver metro area. do expect to see locloud
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around near peetz, all throughout the eastern plains throughout the day. % but mostly clear skies and we'll continue to see those in the high country, with a slight chance for a few afternoon and evening thunderstorms there. now in downtown denver we are starting to see partly to mostly cloudy conditions. 67 degrees now. 63 at the airport, where winds are nice and calm. looking now for highs for today a lot cooler than yesterday. temperatures almost 10 degrees cooler. 82 is our expected high in denver, highlands ranch castle rock. 60s and 70s expected for the foothills. the western side of tte state is dealing with a fire watch and red flag warning. this will remain in effect through tonight. still seeing gusty southwest winds, potential for fires very strong with low humidity, gusty winds and the warm and dry conditions there. different story to the west. we are bracing for the potential forrseeing a few severe storms later on this afternoon, into the early evening hours, mainly across the eastern side of the state. this does include portions of
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taking a look at our futurecast, as you can see by this afternoon we will start to see graddally clearing skies, not as much cloud coverage heading into the afternoon hours, but still cloudy across the northeastern plains much of the evenings. we have a chance of seeing these storms pass through now. not much in the way of measurable precipitation. the best places to see heavier rainfall places like sterling and julesburg and tomorrow morning starting on a cloudy note, before we start to out. tonight we have a hance of % storms in the forecast. 53 our overnight low. pockets of patchy fog possible throughout tonight. tomorrow we'll start with more cloud cover, warmer conditions and gradually clearing skies. we will see sunshine, wednesday, thursday, and staying warm. friday a cool down, upper 70s, mostly sunny conditions. -?so today the best chance for seeing moisture on the seven-
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summer. >> unofficially. >> i know. though i'm excited for the 80s. >> excited for the kids to be -- >> that i'm excited for, too. i think most parents are. >> sure. >> thanks, katie. spacex could have to be paying a lot of money after one of its rockets exploded last week. had a satellite on the rocket and now they want to be paid for it. prairie dogs are a problem in jefferson county. what officials are doing to
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welcome back. prairie dogs are apparently becoming a problem in jefferson county. >> leaders are trying to figure out how to stop them before they do more damage. here's a look at the holes they have dug upp there are more than 10 holes at everr corner of this sports complex, which can really do
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thing into that and maybe compromising the foundations of that building. >> crews removed 15 of the pairry dogs. come check out this video of a labor day rescue. a dog got stuck in a water main pit at eightth and lupan. it didn't take the fire department long to safely out. he is in good condition and hopefully got a bath. these guys, they might need a bath as well. they enjoyed the unofficial last day of summer. city of lafayette let people bring their dogs to the pool yesterday. it's really a tradition to let the dogs swim to wrap up the season. the city will drain the pool and take out all those hair balls. i hope so. we're a couple of days away from the super bowl rematch,
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>> who could forgettthe last super bowl? broncos dominated panthers' cam newton. >> i know him, but not like i get myyphone and text hhm and say, what's up, you want to get lunch or something? it's not like thht. i got a mutual respect for cam. he's an elite player. >> see him running the runningback/quarterback, like a two-dimensional type guy. he's one of the top quarterbacks that i've been against. at the end of the day i look at it he's a quarterback that has a jersey on. i'll sack you, too. >> woody page predicted a broncos win last february, but predicts they won't win this week. in the meanttme, here in the denver metro we're getting ready for thursday night's kickoff.
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kickoff village at civic center park. there and so will one republic. each team gets tickets to the game. the panthers didn't give all theirs so have given the broncos 200 back. >> which means we need more orange and lue in the stands. >> you might check out the web site and see if you can get a ticket. lock your car doors. thieves are taking advantage of the unlocked doors and it's getting worse in some neighborhoods. >> i love my son anddi wanted to help. for a local mother. he son was wanted by police. she turns him in and he is killed. she's speaking out about the decision. it's a big day on the campaign trail.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents
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it is 11:30. we are on top of breaking news now. a pedestrian hit and killed on i-70 near deer trail. >> this is one of several deadly accidents on the highways this morning. gathering all the details. he's joining us from the scene. jason. >> reporter: we'll run you through the few details we know. happened around 8:00. one person was struck and killed while walking here in one of the lanes of highway traffic of i-70 here. we're just a few miles east of deer trail, the exit on i-70. this is a construction zone, but this was not a construction worker. we are told that just this person, this unidentified
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the maroon van off in the distance, we're told that was the vehicle involved. this was not a hit-and-run. that vehicle is still here on scene. chp is trying to find out why this all happened and how. this is a construction zone. the tto normal eastbound lanes here of i-70 have been closed for that construction, which means it's one wwy in either direction on what would normally be the westbound ssde. this happened on the eastbound lane. that eastbound lane has now been shut down. all the traffic is being di at i-70, off at the deer trail exit, it's then going along side i-70 on highway 40, before reentering the highway. that's where traffic is being backed up and things like as a result of this death investtgation. the accident invessiiators are here. the coroner is here. as for when this part of the highway will reopen, one officer i spoke to said it probably will be at least another 30 minutes if not an hour. reporting along i-70 near deer trail, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7.
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morning. the beaver creek fire still burning northwest of walden. this is the biggest fire in colorado and it keeps growing. it's now more than 37,000 acres, but it's holding at 60% containment. this graphic slows how the fire -- shows how the fire has grown. it is expected to continue burning until the middle or even end of october. much cooler today and that may help the firefighters. katie is here with our first alert forecast. >> a lot cloudier and cooler conditions. a cold front is making its through the state, cooling things down after a really hot database day weekend -- labor day weekend. a lot of moisture streaming in from the southwest. highs today slightly different story across the western slope and mountains. grand junction at 87. 75 in aspen as well as gunnison. eagle potentially getting up to the low 80s by this afternoon, and a lot cooler across the plains. so that is why we'll see these
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of the afternoon into the evening for places like the western slope, the high country and mountain valley. we'll continue to see gusty winds, low humidity and that has the potential for sparking new fires. we have started off the day very cloudy. clouds will eventually dissipate from the foothills moving east. so we should be seeing a mix of sun and clouds throughout this afternoon. ten degrees cooler than yesterday. we aren't seeing much in the way of meassrable precipitation, except across the northeastern plains and i'll show you futurecast and any risk for severe weather this afternoon coming up. a mother is dealing with unthinkable pain. she made the decision to turn her own son in to denver police, who ended up killing him. an officer shot and killed 20- year-old michael ferguson last week. he was wanted on several warrants and his mom knew that. she called police to get him off the streets and hem.
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>> i let them know he was unarmed. i let them know he was scared. i let them know he wouldn't try to run, and my son was shot twice in his head. and once in his chest. and i would like some answers. >> three denver police officers were hurt during the struggle over one of those guns. they're okay this morning. over the weekend michael's family tied white flags on construction trucks throughout summit county. new iiformation about deadly shooting at the colorado state fair. according to "the denver post," the teen shot and killed had been identified as 19-year-old daniel gonzalez. the gunman is still out there. the sheriff's office tells us they're looking for a vehicle of interest in this case. it is a two-tone chrysler 300. they have not released details about a possible suspect here. investigators are looking into whether this was perhaps gang related. the former el paso county sheriff terry maketa is due back in court today, he is
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according to aa arrest report, he told a domestic violence victim to recan her story in order to protect the suspect who was one of his deputies. heads up to anyone who lives in douglas county, specifically castle rock. more calls for vehicle break- ins and there's a lot of people on edge. deputies are now asking you take extra precautions, make sure you lock your car doors at night. chuck frederick knows the pain. this past friday while away camping, he says he man on surveillance video. he stole about $20,000 worth of tools from his truck. he attributes the increasing crime to the population boom. >> the price you pay with a big population grooth. i'll probabby be putting up flood lights and stuff like that around the house now. ?> law enforcement is asking anyone who knows who this man is to call the douglas county sheriff's office or castle rock police. it looks like those red light cameras will remain in
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the new five-year contract to extend the service. now denver has 4 lights and speed bans. a ticket now is $80. some lawmakers have tried to get rid of them, but the governor has ppotected them. for the presidential candidates, summer is over, and the end is in sight. we are just 62 days until election day and a new poll shows the race has tightened up. both candidates their attacks. here is abc's karen traverse. >> reporter: now the sprint to the finish line. and the campaign trail is crowded. on the tarmac in cleveland yesterday, there's hillary clinton's plane. right over there, donald trump's. nbc's david muir with exclusive labor day interviews. clinton blasting trump, saying he created a diplomatic
11:37 am
claim that he discuss paymenn for his wall. >> he came out saying one thing, and the mexican president contradicted him. >> i don't joke. >> reporter: but trump seems to be waffling what he intends to do on the undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> i'll make a decision, me or somebody else, perhaps depending on the time. by that time we'll have a >> reporrer: and clinton with a literal choke yesterday. a coughing fit at a rally. [ coughing ] >> every time i i think about trump, i get allergic. >> reporter: this poll shows the race in a dead heat. >> if hillary clinton thought she could coast, she better
11:38 am
prepare for a close race. >> reporter: the candidates are focusing on key battlegrounds today. hillary clinton is in florida where the race is tight, while donald trump is in virginia trying to make up ground. karen traverre, abc news, washington. calls to police about clowns seem to be spreading. last week we told you about kids at a south carolina apartment complex saying clowns were trying to lure them into the woods. now it's happening in north carolina. two kids there say a clown tried to get them into the woods by offering treats. police say an that exchange. as you can imagine, it's got parents worried. >> i'm going to be outside with my kids if i do allow her to be -?out and about, but there will be no more playing with your friends, you know. i supervise from the window, but now i will be outside. >> stop all this clowning around with these clown suits. >> so police theee in north carolina are stepping up patrols.
11:39 am
that clown turned out to be a marketing stunt for a movie. bill cosby's lawyers could ask a judge today to throw two key pieces of evidence out. 3 they don't think a deposition that he gave in 2005 should be allowed. in it he discussed cheating on his wife and drugging women so theyywould have sex with him. he's accused of raping a woman after knocking her out with wine and pills. we have quite a transformation this was an eye sore forr people, this is in the highlands neighborhood in denver. for six years it didn't have a roof, had rotting floors. look at it now.. the new owners fixed the ceiling. the owners can't do everything they'd like because it's a historical structure. >> they didn't kneel the garage should be quite that big.
11:40 am
colorado is dealing with a referee crisis. there are not enough referees for sporting events across the state. as a result, several games have been rescheduled or had to be the number of new referees in colorado has been going down several years now. a spokesman for he ef association say many are quitting because of the behavior of coaches and fans. this may be an interesting way to wake up in the morning. how about drinking coffee infused with mariju companies in boulder county will soon offer. native jack is infused can cannabis oil. the owner says it helps turn down the noise from the caffeine. as summer comes to an end, flu season is just around the corner. i'm not getting the flu, i promise. why a new cdc recommendation
11:41 am
and a teenager sets her ex's car on fire, but not the right fire. and we'll be seeing cooler temperatures. did mother nature know it was the unofficial end
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student brock turner arrived in a sex offender. he had to fill out the paperwork in person. he was convicted of raping an unconscious woman and was released from jail early. that decision by a judge has spark you outrage across the country. president obama says our country will spend $90 billion over the years to $90 million for bombs the united states dropped on laos. this morning philippine's president says he's sorry for calling president obama a curse word. he said he didn't mean it to come out across as a personal attack. president obama canceled a meeting with him right after the name calling. an elementary school play ground is set on fire while
11:45 am
in kansas city. of older kids running away. the fire caused more than $50,000 worth of damage. come take a look at this, a woman in florida is trying to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend by setting his car on fire. there's the woman and this is the fire. there's one slight problem, that is not the ex-boyfriend's car. she wound up setting someone else's car on fire insteed. the victim says he's never seen the woman before and has no idea who she is. charges. new at 11:00, bad news for those of you who don't like needles. cdc committee says don't bother with the nasal spray flu vaccine. you should get the flu shot instead. the cdc says flu mist doesn't really work. % only about a third of the vaccines were given through the nasal spray. a wisconsin business went
11:46 am
is thought to be the cause. they think it knocked over a heat lamp. this appears to beean accident now. unfortunately, the pet tortoise did not survive. new photos from nasa that show a view from jupiter hardly visible from earth. this is the first time experts have seen the southern point the juno spacecraft took the photos. >> almost doesn't look real, does it? >> it does. looks like a painting. beautiful. saw a beautiiul labor day weekend and hopefully everyone was able to enjoy it. 3 cooler conditions today. we're going to be seeing cloud and rain in the forecast. >> which is good news. >> we need that. >> absolutely. any moisture in colorado, we'll take it. but this is really the only day on the seven-day forecast where we are expecting afternoon storms. our radar and satellite now
11:47 am
going to drop our temperatures, also has brought a lot lot of cloud coverage across the eastern plains today. this is our view from burlington. the clouds will dissipate starting from the foothills, moving east. different story to the west. loveland city area partly cloudy conditions. slight chance of seeing a few storms there this afternoon. but in downtown denver now, 67. the sun will break out in the 63 at the airport, where winds are calm right now. little different than what we saw yesterday at this time. highs today also about 10 degrees cooler than this past labor day. 82 degrees in denver. 82 in highlands ranch. we'll see the mid- to upper 70s across the northeastern plains, -?who will continue to stay ver cloudy throughout the afternoon. foothills really mostly seeing 60s and 70s. and we'll continue to warm up as we head throughout the rest of the week. highs today elsewhere across
11:48 am
junction at 87. mid-70s in aspen and gunnison. steamboat expecting a high near 78. but still very warm down south in publish low and lamar -- pueblo and lamar, highs in the mid-90s. dry, warm, gusty winds, low humidity. that's a recipe for theechance of fires. in effect for much of the ing western slope into the high country and the mountain valleys here. so be aware that still any spark could start a fire as we continue to see the dr conditions in the west. the east, severe weather, through the southeast and northeastern plains. metro area has a slight chance for seeing a few passing storms. biggest threat will be gusty winds. best chance for measurable precipitation further off to the east. this is our futurecast. we will continue to see some cloud coverage. chance for some spotty drizzle. but as we head throughout the afternoon, clearing skies. so the sunshine will make an appearance. still saying cloudy across the
11:49 am
eveninn, until about early morning on wednesday we have a better chance for seeinggrain. mainly to the northeastern corner, places like sterling, akron, julesberg. chance of storms tonight in denver, clouds to start, cloudy and clearing skies and more afternooo sunshine tomorrow, 85. kickoff at 6:40 for the broncos game thursday. highs mid-towner 80s. friday highs only in the upper in the 50s. guys. for the parents of this little one, they're proud to call it a record. 6-month-old baby water-skiing before it can walk or crawl. this morning this video is going viral and getting mixed reaction. dooyou know what it's time
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here's a 6-month-old making waves. 6months old, water-skiing before it can walk or crawl. this is on a north carolina lake just this last weekend. his parents claim he is the youngest waterskier in the world. other parents are outraged over the video.
11:53 am
media saying "this is straight uu child endangerment and both parents should be charged." auburn's dad said they took every precaution necessary and would not have done it if they didn't think he was ready. are you looking for breaking news and weather watch the now for the best breaking news coverage in denver starting at 4:00. today the epipenalternativ that will save you about 200 bucks. todd walker breaks it down. meet the professor who has correctly predicted who will become the next sincee1984. his take on this year's election between donald trump -?and hillary clinton. for the best breaking news coverage at 4:00, make the now part of your weekday afternoons. how many miles have you put on your cuurent running shoes? a cu student's invention could help. >> i have no idea when to get new shoes. it's a device that clips onto your running shoes. you link it to an app.
11:54 am
weight, a bunch of other things. then you hit the pavement or trail and it starts tracking. >> conner winters say the shoe makers give a broad rangee he says many runners don't realize it's time until something starts to hurt. >> that's a backwards way of doing it. i thought there's got to be a better way of knowing when your shoes are wearing out and having something tell you before it's too late. >> shoe sense was developed with the business accelerator program. if you want toobe one of the first to try this, we have information on >> i think it's great. i usually wait until my feet or back starts hurting. >> a hole in it. >> exactly. feels like a friend when you it. i'm glad the weather is cooler, because you can run in the middle of the day. >> exactly. a better day to go for a run or hike, upper 70s to lower 80s across much of the front rangg.
11:55 am
still, chance of storms is in the forecast before drying out the west rest of the week.
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