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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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we begin with a tragic story. this couple was a bit -- accused of child abuse and neglect. their son was so malnourished doctors compared his condition to that of a concentration camm survivor. we have team coverage for you. >> mark boyle is at thejail with -- where one is still being held. >> reporter: david hall's pond was reduced to $50,000. his wife vanessa bo bonded out at $100,000. i was the last person she wanted to see. >> i have nothing to say. >> reporter: what you have to say about stephen who is in the hospital. typically eats on a daily basis are why he has not been eating? is it acceptable to go without any kind of schooling for an
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she had no answers for me. they were arrested yesterday. there some not only has autism but is also legally blind. according to arrest records it shows the team passed out in the shower and was rushed to the hospital or doctor say he weighed 88 pounds. the doctors said he looked like he had been living in a 3 concentration camp. living on soda and crackers and using a jug next to his bed for a toilet. records also show he has not had any formal schooling since he was five and has not had medical or dental care for eight years. david is due back in court on friday and his wife is due back on september 20. their son will be treated for at least a month before his no longer in life-threatening
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>> we can't get our heads around this either. liz is outside the home where this couple was arrested. >> reporter: this is the home where the alleged abuse happened. 18 starved and on the brink of death. neighbors we spoke to did not know the couple and say they neverrsaw the teen outside but he left her with david and vanessa ha on the door. many in the community are just finding out about this abuse case and they are horrified to learn the details. according to court documents the 17-year-old was not in school or did not see a doctor for eight years. there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood and parents do not understand how someone could allegedly do this to their own
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i think i would be a bad parent. >> reporter: when police searched the house they found doctors records from of the boy was seven years old. at that time he with 90 pounds. that is two pounds more than what he weighed at age 17. i reached out to the autism society of colorado and they say kids with autism are more likely to be abused. liz gelardi denver7. >> they gave both f on that. two carjackings are under investigation. police releases photo on the man that pulled a knife outside of a best buy and tried to steal a man's car. and this man is wanted in connection with a carjacking in weld county. he was in a silver chevrolet
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take a look at the sky. he was wanted in a sex shot -- shop kidnapping and ransom case. this was a six-day investigation that ended on labor day. eric lupher is in liquid where this all started at the sex shop. >> reporter: a 27-year-old man was making a purchase inside the store off of alameda when everything. terrible turn. he wasbd ur masked man it was almost a week before he made it back home safely. here are the three suspects already in custody. police are still looking for the fourrh man. he was kidnapped inside the crystals adult store. according to police documents his father started getting phone calls demanding $500,000 for his safe return. dropped off $200,000 which came
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he has been returned to his family. police were watching everything that happened from the sky. they were listening in on phone calls which helps lead them to their suspect. >> we tried to take everybody safely in custody in one fell swoop and that's what occurred. >> reporter: with the force -- fourth suspect still out there -- that it is very rare to see a kidnapping and ransom in our county. firefighters safety one- year-old steer and $40,000 worth of hay from a brush fire in littleton. the fire burned about 20 acres. it is already under control. the department of veterans affairs will have to turn over documents explaining how the cost of the aurora the a white so overbudget.
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billion. the house of veterans affairs committee issued the subpoena forcing the va to release the documents. a deep dark culture of racial discrimination. that was filed in a lawsuit against the police department today. >> reporter: the claims against fort collins police are serious. >> they made life a living hell3 for the latino officers. >> reporter: rights attorney the the the the pattern of racial discrimination in fort collins. >> estimate latino officers become officers they hit a glass ceiling. moving upward virtually impossible there is a boys club there that it's not welcome in -- welcoming to latino officers.
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now there are two in there will likely be many on the way because of the bravery of the first officer. >> it claims that officer gary shakkee repeatedly refer to hispanics as lazy and incompetent. >> mark collins is losing its best diverse officers. the police department in no way reflects diversity of its community. >> reporter: the second lawsuit was filed today. both officers are seeking backpay and compensation for emotional disperse -- distress. >> these officers are hoping for change. they do not want the next generatioo of latino officers to have to face this type of discrimination. >> reporter: police got back to us but they said they cannot comment on pending litigation. the police union is in support
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russell haythorn denver7. a man living in denver considers himself lucky. his parents escape the violence in syria. he was born in the us. he has lost four family members and others have fled to llbanon where they face many of the same issues they have in syria. >> if i call them and say how is everything doing -- i already know how everything is. you don't >> reporter: has spent the last four years completing paperwork and reaching out to local lawmakers. he will continue to fight to bring his family to the us. a localtalk a truck says it has become a target. the owner says his truck was analyzed. somebody stole cash from inside.
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-- protested outside of the trump campaign office after he made the statement that there would be taco trucks on every corner. the regular nfl season will start with a rematch between our super bowl champion broncos and those losers the carolina panthers. >> fans are excited? >> rrporter: there is a lot of excitement. we are in the middle of kickoff village where there is a lot of excitement. if you come down here you can try on broncos jerseys and put on a helmet and take photos. they have nfl podiums and an entire football garden. they have all the helmets from all the different teams. here is what some of the fans who spoke to earlier had to say
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pennsylvania to get her. 3 >> of got to keep it going. this is my birthday. >> it's almost like the super bowl rematch but they are going to win from us because we already have the super bowl. >> reporter: lots of excited fans. there were also be a free concert starting tomorrow at 4:30. it will be derksen badly and one republic. jennifer kovaleski denver7. if ou are driving out to the games will be careful where you park. many fans tend to illegally parking residential areas near the stadium. gamm days of the city's highest towing days. if the owners do not pick up their cars from the nearby temporary lot the cars get towed again to an impound lot and if nobody shows up to pick it up there it could be up for
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turns out our active lifestyle is getting recognition. with the dating began (vo) we ntllywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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for folks who have been scary to see how younger folks find dates these days. >> there are young people seeking something more. something deeper. nicole brady spoke to acu student who said his new dating app can provide that. >> reporter: in the world of online dating you have eharmony promising perfect compatibility and you have tender swipe right if you like what you see.
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was using. >> i use tender a lot. >> reporter: a few bad daytime swiping with less enthusiasm. >> it was just awkward. >> reporter: to create a quiz for your potential date with three questions. it does not have to be deep just somethinggto break the ice. >> when you read the questions you realize that the type of person i would love to date to go you learn about yourself or. >> once someone passes your quiz you have to pass there's. >> reporter: freiiht now qualify is only for see you students. it's for people with the tender attention span but a really deep do want to find somebody. firefighhers get more than
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district for your -- dystrophy. they found a wedding band along with a $19,000 they raise. officials are not sure who it belongs to so we are trying to help them out. if you own a missing wedding band reach out to the fire department. if you are traveling on i 25 from 136 to 1/44 a temporary pair -- barrier is protecting workers during a road widening prec between 8:00 pm and 5:30 a.m. and are expected to last two or three nights. colorado remains the leanest state in the nation despite a surgeon population. the cdc says our state has held that tired -- title for more than one decade. officials also record -- report that colorado has the lowest rate of diabetes and physical inactivity in the country.
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scenery like this you have to go out and conquer it. highs today in the 80s. partly cloudy skies looking from pike's peak down along the horizon. it is been pretty quiet statewide. partly cloudy skies and in the 80s this afternoon. it's great weather for the nfl kickoff now at the civic center. temperatures will be in the 70s from 7:00 to 9:00. than clearing out into the overnight hours with just a few high clouds. it will be really want going into tomorrow and we have another cold and coming was a cold front aad a really nice weekend setting up with lots of sunshine. at this point you can see how quiet it is across the state.
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the remnants of newton are really affecting arizona and new mexico. you know how it is in the desert southwest. we get flash flooding especially with tropical moisture coming in from the pacific. i do not think we will gt this coming up into colorado. it will fall apart as it pushes to the east and we have a cold front that will push it to the central us. for now this moisture will affect new mexico through tomorrow afternoon and evening through" is often pushes the moisture to the central plane. we are looking good for the broncos game. mostly sunny skies and coolly conditions with temperatures in the upper 70s. temperatures tonight will be in the 50s and 60s and tomorrow into the upper 80s for the afternoon. a little warmer tomorrow 59 degrees at the bus stop partly -?cloudy skies and with all tha
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will come through for friday. partly cloudy skies tonight and then you will have 80s across the eastern plains. folks in the mountains 17 -- 70s and 80s for you. it's a great-looking weekend a little warmer on sunday and here comes another cold front. 75 on monday like the ball weather. 70 on wednesday with partly cloudy skies. >> what a wedding ring the but was intentional. >> coming up emmanuel sanders it's a contract extension.
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welcome to seven sports extra. important numbers for today. from kickoff between the panthers in and -- and the broncos. ron burgundy was kind of a big deal that the broncos receiver got a big deal today. a three-year extension for $33 million. as we first reported $27 million guaranteed. emmanuel goes into tomorrow's
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we had to newbies right for the picking. >> i don't take anyone lightly. sometimes the young ones are the ones trying to prove themselves and make a name for themselves. this is my opportunity to go out and show the league that they take me seriously. i am always going to bring light a game. >> the broncos went through a put on the address close. carolina will be an all-white. number 13 will not be easing into anything. >> i can't be trigger shy playing quarterback. especially with our group and the players that we have. so i feel good about everything and have a lot of confidence with the guys i am working
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to come around. >> the panthers arata 13 location -- team hotel in an undisclosed location.'s >> we're looking forward to it. we want them at their best and i'm sure they want to one other way would you want to start the season. needed when. >> that's hilarious. >> or a huge loss. >> last time we played they lost. >> the broncos market right out of them. how is the forecast looking? really nice tonight.
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we can another be cool down by next tuesday only in the 60s during the day. think you for joining us we
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask to look out for us. if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste sts great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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with just one bite, they knew.
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decoding price tags. it turns out they conta a lot of hidden information. >> you'll know if you're really getting a good deal. >> change the world. how to turn your facebook page into a good cause. dropping health knowledge on aisle five. >> we focus on ting to teach people to eat healthy on a
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store. that's coming up on "the list." >> here's what's trending right now. >> love bread? heck yes you do. science knows why. >> 13 grams of whole grain in every slice. >> researchers found in addition to sweet, salty, sour, this taste is starchy. the next time someone judges you for loading up on carbs, tell them, tooth. >> may all your tomorrows be as today. >> starch flavored ice cream, gum, yogurt with starch particles. ium. >> not the only stories we have trending. >> hate it. >> turns out it's all your fault. >> what? >> trending now. >> it sucks. >> yes, it does. at least according to this new
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the world most to blame with traffic is us. >> we are drivers with short attention span. >> you heard him. gauntlet thrown. we react slowly to things like road object strucks, traffic lights going from red to green and not to mention green to red and slow reactions called traffic buildup. >> the real simple solution to traffic is no more mon >> maybe we should be a little more optimistic about driverless cars even if we have to take extra security precautions. >> i'll probably wear a helmet. >> another solution to traffic jams, just don't drive so much. >> that's true. you could just walk. >> extra motte indication, hire a people walker. >> we couldn't believe this is a thing but it is and it's trending now. >> i am a people walker. i walk people instead of dogs. >> this actual business is quite


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