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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. we are just getting new information about this house fire in lakewood. we have just learned from west metro fire that a 5-year-old girl was hiding in a closet when the fire happened. firefighters had to rescue the girl from the second floor. both that girl and her dad were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. thankfully, they did make it out. this happened at a home on vakkar way. a local family's security cameras capture a man peeping into their teen daughter's bedroom. police are looking for that man before he does it again. a man groping women at cu boulder, where he was last seen. and we're going to keep on cheering this morning for the broncos. they beat the panthers. it went pretty late. i didn't stay up.
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>> it was so close. i kept thinking i was going to leave and leave, but it kept getting better and better, and i think i yelled a little bit too much. lisa, the weather was perfect. you say changes are coming. i'm on my second cup of coffee already. >> you're with me. >> i was one of those that stayed up to watch. what a great game. beautiful last night. but we are tracking a cold front. that front rolling through this morning. it will bring with it a pretty big drop in temperatures. today we stopped starting out this morning in mid- to upper 50s. with the front this morning, highs only in the mid- to upper 70s. a lot of sunshine early on. patchy fog on the eastern plains and a few clouds later this afternoon. this is a dry system. it's not going to bring with it any rain for us in denver. we could get a few showers up to the northeast near sterling. i'll show you that coming up. here's your first alert it's pretty nice, pretty perfect. erie 78 today. mid, upper 60s in the
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nice when you walk outside. turning into a great early morning. easy driving past mile high stadium. southbound, northbound side, no lingering issues with us for the traffic from after the game that was just jam packed trying to make their way onto i-25 and 6th avenue and onto federal. take a look at the overall map and a lot of green, north, south, east, west, no accidents or stalls, including out or from dia. we had overnight construction outbound on pena boulevard, but all lanes are now open and traffic is moving along just fine. gary kubiak hasn't done anything wrong tonight. >> the denver broncos with a quarterback who had never thrown a pass. >> there you have it, that's how you start the season, by beating the panthers in the super bowl rematch. broncos winning 21-20. >> it was a nail biter at the very end. the play everyone is talking about, the missed kick in the
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panthers enough points to win. but gary kubiak decided he was going to ice the kicker, calling a timeout right before that kick. but the kicker went ahead and it actually went straight through, but it didn't count because of the timeout. so the kicker got to go again for all the marbles. there you go. in this case, icing the kicker worked. he completely missed the field goal. see it going wide left. everyone is also talking game when brandon marshall took a knee during the national anthem. >> jason gruenauer joins us from mile high with reaction to this protest. >> reporter: yes, and good morning to you. this has been a topic of national conversation, just not -- not just in the sports world, ever since cooin kaepernick decided to take a knee or sit on the bench. now that national conversation has come here to denver. when the broncos' linebacker took a knee during the national anthem, there he was on
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knee, protesting what he calls social injustice. now brandon marshall and colin kaepernick were teammates in the university of nevada, in the same fraternity, and marshall said he wanted to support kaepernick and wanted to protest, not the police, not the military, he has family members in the military, but social injustice. on social media, if you've gone on and checked like i did in the last few minutes, it is people onboth sides, including what marshall said, a whole lot of hate coming his way for doing all of this, for taking that knee during the national anthem. when asked after the game if he's going to continue to do so, he said yes, he does plan on doing so. he also plans on making a more concrete gesture. a little bit more on that coming up after 5:30. what about the broocos' point of view? they released a statement to our troy renck after the game, and say they encourage players
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a knee. we'll see how many more nfl players do it throughout this coming sunday. we've already heard reports from severaa different teams that players plan on taking the stand. marshall just happened to be the first one, the first since colin kkepernick did it in the preseason. reporting live at sports authority field at mile high, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> just the beginning of this conversation. thank you. we have plenty more broncos coverage on our just click on the broncos tab to learn all abt our guys in orange and blue. right now police in arvada need help finding a mannwho was caught on surveillance video peeping into a 17-year-old girl's window. this is him caught on the family's security cameras. they say they caught him doing this several times. you can take a closer look at the video on our free denver 7 app. 3 in boulder, police are looking for a man who they say
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campus. the victim says he grabbed her from behind as she was walking along an underpass at broadway and college avenue. we are also getting a look at a man who did not deserve to die. he was a good samaritan killed while trying to intervene in a road rage incident. we brought you that as breaking news yesterday morning. this is ron johnson. police say he was hit and killed while trying to help. it happened yesterday near 56th and pena. police the driver of a kia got out banging on a prius' window. then the prius driver turned up the onramp to leave, but accidently hit the angry man. that's when johnson stopped to try to help. a passing car then hit both johnson and the road rage instigator. they were both killed. johhson's daughter says her dad was a former emt. >> that was so like him to get out of the car and help someeody who needed something.
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they will not charge anyone in this incident. it has been a week since this douglas county detective was slot and it is a miracle he is still alive. dan brite is still in the hospital. in a few hours we'll learn how doctors saved his life. katie lasalle joins us from the hospital with the latest. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning to you, dayle. at last check detective dan brite was still making programmin being listed in critical condition following the shooting that ended here outside the hospital here in parker. if you can recall, about a week ago detective brite responded to a suicidal suspect and was shot in the chest. police say they were lucky to end the situation without collateral damage, since the suspect at the time was heavily armed. since then, detective brite's family has said they have received an outpouring of support from the community here in parker.
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all those affected. today the douglas county sheriff, the district attorney and e trauma medical director at the hospital, along side dan brite's brother, will be here to share more information. this is still an open and active investigation and the press conference starts at 8:30 this morning here at the hospital and we'll be sure to bring you any new information as soon as now marijuana edibles look too tasty for kids, and that needs to change, at least that's what a new study is finding. our state is currently working to change the package. but researchers say the color, taste and smell also needs to change. now they look like regular candy to children. everything is all good in fort collins after movers found bottles labeled as arsenic and mercury inside a trailer that hadn't been touched in years.
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department for help. four workers had to go to the hospital. they all should be okay. fortunately, crews were able to de contaminate the place and deem it safe. united launch alliance just madeea successful rocket launch from the florida space coast. >> here's a look at the moment. >> liftoff of osiris-rex, its seven-yeaa mission to boldly go to the >> the atlas 5 rocket is caring a spacecraft designed in littleton that is now on a mission to get a sample from an astroid. is north korea a step closer to launching a nuclear war? what the country said it just accomplished. wells fargo play owe you money. how the bank charged millions of customers fees they didn't owe. it's almost 5:10. we are gearing up for such a pretty weekend. won't see much in the way of
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as that front moves east, here's where we have a threat for severe weather today, right in through the middle of the country. here's your first alert this weekend will warm up. details coming up. a smooth, easy commute anywhere you want to go, north, southed, east, west, downtown to the denver tech center, 10
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north korea is nuclear warrheads on their rockets. the country says it just completed its most powerful nuclear weapons test since 2006. south korea is condemning this, u.n. security council resolution. our leaders spoke out against the north's previous launches calling them fundamentally threatening. in spain, at least four people are dead this morning after a train derails. this happened in the northern part of the country. authorities say the driver is among the four dead.
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also being treated for injuries. u.s. defense officials say special ops forces killed seven enemy fighters during a failed rescue mission in afghanistan. when the fighting ended, there was no sign of the hostages. the u.s.special ops were trying to save the two university of american afghanistan professors who were kidnapped last month. it is now 5:14. wells fargo is now in the middle of a huge scandal. the bank just got fined $185 million for opening 2 miio phony savings and credit card accounts in order to earn over sales. they did this without customers' knowledge, meaning you could have been paying fees for an account you didn't know you had. wells fargo will have to pay you back for that. 5400 employees have been fired. hillary clinton just held her first formal news conference in 278 days. she took he opportunity to hit donald trump a night after both
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>> let me be clear, last night was yet another test and donald trump failed yet again. what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praise on russia's president? i think we know the answer. >> clinton also called out trump for his secret plan to defeat isis, calling it no plan at all. trump's campaign brushed clinton's conference off as flailing campaign sinking in the polls." you could soon get your chance to own a piece of history. >> it's donald trump's childhood home and it's about to go up for auction. it's in queens, new york. it's 3600 square feet, five basement and a two-car garage. >> getting it will not be cheap. back in july it was listed for $115 million.
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for the auction. the opening bid, $849,000. this auction is scheduled for next month. >> half off. >> that's not a bad deal. it's beautiful, but a little chilly. sunshine in denver. a little fog out east. and as you look at satellite and radar, you can't see the cold front that's rolling through. sometimes we can see it with a line of cloud cover. but this is going to be a dry system. as you get out east, this is a live look from our camera burlington. obviously a lot offfog there. but clear skies in denver. here's your first alert that we're going to go, due to this cold front, from 90s yesterday to 70s today. it will get warmer this weekend. told is going to be one of the coolest days as we head into the weekend. as we're tracking another front next week, that one will bring us a better chance for showers. this system is dry and we're going to see a lot of sunshine through today. just a few clouds by this afternoon. mid- to upper 70s for highs.
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it's not only today that's cooler, look at early tomorrow morning. early saturday morning a lot cooler. you'll need a sweatshirt. i'd even send he kids out the door with a sweatshirt today. in the shade it can be cooler. and at the bus stop this morning near 60. evergreen, bailey, conifer low 70s. and primarily more upper 60s to near 70 in the mountains today. still hot near pueblo, grand junction. moab heading into utah near 90 this afternoon. some of that fog we're getting out east, you can see it here on futurecaat. same spot we've seen it pretty much all week long. that will clear out by mid- morning. we'll see some sunshine. a few more clouds today than what we saw yesterday. you'll notice around 4:30 a few clouds, especially up to the couple of spotty showers near greeley, sterling, akron.
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tonight into tomorrow morning % some sunshine, beautiful, but again chilly early tomorrow. we're in the 70s toda a few degrees warmer tomorrow. saturday 81. it's beautiful this weekend. sunday will be a great day to be outside. upper 80s. monday at 75. this is that next storm we've been talking about. it's a bigger, strrnger system. it will bring a better chance for some rain. likely highs on tuesday only in the 60s to near 70. we have a pretty tough drive into downtown denver right no it's affecting the light rail. we understand some police activity by the convention center and it's affecting all the light rail trains going in ann out of downtown denver between speer and basically about 15th or so. so we do have the light rails delayed. d line and i believe f line delayed and roads restricted if not completell closed with there police activity. not sure what police are looking for yet. but they do have this area at least restricted around the 3
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rail is running again across dowwtown. rtd does not have a bus bridge set p yet, but sounds like they might be setting that up, and at least 30-minute delay going to downtown. rest of the drive around town looks okay, including getting out to dia. wait time at the airport, longest is 13 minutes and plenty of space is still available at the area lots. this, by the way, is, take a look, is why? because a tractor-trailer headed to the u.s. mint in philly crassed on i-95 in delaware, spilling 45,000 pounds of blank pennies. there were millions of them all over the road. the cleanup took 13 hours as they literally vacuumed up the blanks from the highway. the driver escaped the crash with just minor injuries. >> centsless, i got it jayson. >> ha ha. >> it does look kind of cool.
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with gold, it was copper. >> keep going, all right. we're going to keep moving on. the flag taken from this iconic picture taken right after the 9/11 attacks is back at ground zero after 15 years. it only flew one night over ground zero, and disappeared and showed up on the other side of the country two years ago. >> an anonymous man brought the flag to a fire seattle, washington. >> examining the particles on the flag and the dust collected right after 9/11, i realized the same aseem emergency of particles on the flag, and it's a ground zero flag. >> no one knows how it ended up in washingttn state. bill cosby's lawyers on the attack. what they say is the motive
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for the first time ever, bill cosby's lawyers are speaking out, saying the sexual assault case against the comeddan is racially motivated. they say the lawyer representing some of the accusers, including women in our state, builds cases on racial bias and prejudice. the lawyer, gloria allred says it's desperate. the federal government is issuing a warning for thousands of students looking for a new school after the itt tech school shut down. they say you shouldn't pay
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the federal loan company often provides those services for free. this morning the faa says people with samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones cannot use them on planes. samsung recalled the phone because its battery can catch fire, so you probably shouldn't have one. but the feds don't want passengers to turn on a phone or charge one while on planes, and don't want you to stow them in your mazda is recalling millions of cars beccuse the rear hatch could fall on you. it impacts more than 2 million cars around the world. 759,000 here in the u.s. the recalled models are listed on your screen. if you have one of the cars, mazdaawill let you know when to bring it in for a fix. a preteen in new york is turning her experience of being bullied into something really positive. >> when kids called her fat, she fought back by making a
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egypt, who was only five at the time, sat down with her grandma and sketched out designs. fast forward, now she's 11 and she hand makes all her clothes for her line, which is for men, women and children. >> the line is for all sizes, from toddlers to size 26. chubby line is kkown for the ready to wear and african print with an urban twist. >> she's going to california today, where her chubby line fall fashion will be featured in orange county fashion week. cute. >> i think it's great. and very creative for a young girl to do that. i don't know if the chubby line is the name i would use for it. >> i don't know, you saw some of the stuff on the runways, really pretty. >> nice. we have a little bit of fog eaat. i've been watching some of the cameras and not seeing it so much here in denver. here's a live look, this is near peetz. so up to the northeast.
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coming down as we speak. our winds have picked up a touch. speeds at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. they're shifting direction. with that wind now out of the north, you're going to find a much cooler day today. lots of sunshine. for the kids early this morning, jayson, near 60 at bus stop time. here's your first alert, a high of 77. we have the f and the h and d lines affected by this situation, this police situation of some sort into downtown denver near the convention center. it's affecting the light rail. rtd was estimating 30-minute delays, but we don't have information from denver when everything is going to be reopened. take a look at the drive across downtown, pretty nice now, i-25 is wide open. now that school is back in session, our children shouldn't be the only ones learning. a local professor is bringing home a lesson for parents, too. and it is a win, but oh, was it stressful.
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it is 5:30. a grand junction mother is dead. the fate of her accused killer now in the hands of a jury. a national program is telling paige birgfeld's story. this local detective shot in the line of duty. th we learned how n brite managed to stay alive. starting the season offf right with a victory over the panthers. however, a bronco is getting attention for what he did before the game started. dayle and lisa staying up late for the game. i went to bed. >> there's a difference. i watched it from home, dayle went to it, which meant there was a drive home. 3 >> it wasn't the drive home, it


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