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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver seven news startses right now. >> right now firefighters save a 5-year-old girl from a house fire in lakewood. the house went up in flames overnight. >> west metro found the girl hiding in a closet on the second floor. get out. the two are now in the hospital. the back of the home damaged. >> we should learn more about that rescue soon. firefighttrs are set to hold a press conference in just minutes. we will bring you that as soon as it happens. first we want to get to the latest on last week's police shooting in parker when a man opened fire on sheriff's deputy. >> the sheriff says more than 100 rounds were fired during last friday's confrontation.
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drove and crashed his rv then opened fire on people outside a nearby medical center. that suspect ended up being shot and killed by police. >> as for the injured detective live outside parker hospital how is he doing? >> reporter: the detective is still in very critical condition here at the hospital. according to the doctors after he was shot in the side of the chest the bullet just missing his bullet proof vest. that's the reason sustained such severe injuries, internal injuries. he is still on a ventilator as of right now according to doctors. but he can open h eyes. this is still very early in the process. and at this point doctors are still unsure about possible brain damage here. despite all of that doctors are >> he's made traumatic progress
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life support medications as someone who's able to come off a lot of that, he's doing a lot of things on his own right now. and that's big. >> reporter: now one thing that might have ultimately saved detective bright's life the fast acting work of s.w.a.t. pardon mes and others on scene. they were others on scene. we're all hoping and wishing the best for detective bright. >> an elderly man in a motorized wheelchair was killed in a crash in lakewood. the homeless man crossed in front of a ford explorer this morning near 14th and reid. the woman behind the wheel apparently did not see him. the sun was a factor in the
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intense s.w.a.t. standoff where officers took kelly engal into custody. it lasted seven hours. he assaulted his roommate yesterday, left and threatened to kill both his roommate and himself. he was armed with some sort of weapon. no officers were hurt in the is situation. right now he's facing felony assault charges but they say there could be additional charges. >> let's get started this outside. >> temperatures right now in the mid to upper 60s. winds have shifted. this is due to the cold front that is rolling through this morning changing things up. clear skies right now and again a lot of sunshine. we want to send it out now to lakewood where they have the press conference going where the 5-year-old girl was found in the closet. >> we don't know whether or not those detecters were working
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destroyed in the fire. we had 11 apparatus on scene fire engines, and our chhefs vehicles and paramedics. there were 31 firefighters on scene as well. four firefighters will be talking to you. the first is the lieutenant in the first arriving engine on scene, lieutenant? >> so when we got a confirmed fire and a llttle girl trapped as we approached the area we saw that we had an obvious large working fire. a lot of flame coming off the bbck of the house. first priority at that point was to make assignments to effect a rescue for her. we pulled up on scene and immediately got a look at the back of the house. contacted the patient's mother at that point.
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point. she confirmed exactly what bedroom she was in. we got a lock at the back of the house and saw that her window did not have any flames. we came back around, extended a hose line to the back of the house. and at thatoi my best option was to initially effect taking the fire away from the victim. immediately following that tower eight with lieutenant kline told me they were coming on scene. and i asked him to go all four of his on the second floor. all about that time fire was getting knocked down and. >> we're going to get back to our newscast. we will keep you updated on the little girl's condition. they did say they were able to get that 5-year-old out. the mother also there on scene. we're told the father and the little girl were taken to the hospital. in colorado springs one person was found dead when crews responded to an early morning house fire.
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and had if the person died before or during that fire. >> just in to denver7 we have new video of an inmate. the aspen times report that inmate tore a lighting fixture from the ceiling in order to destroy a sprinkle head. then you see him fight with deputies who entered the cell. earlier in the day he tried to flood his cell to another one. authorities estimate the damage at one hundred thousand dollars. he was arrested for possessin meth. he is now out on bond. >> happening today a man is due in court after denver police say he slashed a person's throat at he's facing attempted murder and first degree assault charges. the victim suffered serious injuries. police say this was a random act of violence.
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father of this blind autistic teen in longmont. it has been eight years since the boy went to a doctor, a dentist, even to school. the teen collapsed at the trailer home earlier this week. it was from near fatal malnutrition. autistic children often want resources to get help. >> these problems just build and build and build. >> the father they say seemed more concerned about his sociaa security payments. we have new details on the aurora theater shooter. he has been moved to prison out of state. however we still do not know which state. but we do know he is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. and he is not getting any special treatment.
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statistic community. the board of regions revoked a phd for a pharmaceutical researcher. he lied the 22 times in his thesis. a university pokesman says he can -- spokesman says he can't remember anyone haaing their degree revok some guidelines for example animal shaped edibles have been banned. but the color, smell and taste of dibles needs to be changedd3 so that kids ddn't want to eat them. . >> and the kick is no good. snapped a little high.
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just enough missed timing. >> what a win for the denver broncos. it came down to that missed field goal at the last second. final score denver 21, carolina 20. >> they don't play again until a week from sunday. they'll host the colts at mile high stadium. a lot of people aren't talking about the winment they're talking about brandon marshall taking a knee during they're talking about brandon marble taking a knee during the national anthem. >> he said he did it to protest social justice. >> i'm not against the police ore military at all. i'm -- police or military at all. i'm against social injustice. this is our only platform to really be heard. >> he's getting support from his teammates. but there are others who have a problem with his form of protest. the broncos say they encourage plays to stand during the
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decision. >> new at 11:00 the denver broncos are off to a winning start to the season. however the taxpayers are not. there is a new report that finds sports authority field at mile high has shortchanged federal tax collectors by 34 dollars. this is not just mile high when they put together this study all they had looked at had been built or renovated since 2000. >> a daring rescue thousands of feet up in the air. stranded in a cable car. next hear what went wrong and the risky effort crews made to get to hem and rescue them safely. >> it's a murder case we've been watching for years. a soccer mom with a double life
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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breaking nees, general motors is recalling 4 vehicles for an air bag software defect. one person has died so far. the company says the car's computers can go into test mode. causing the front air bags to not inflate and the seat belts to not work. they will fix the issue for free. to see if your vehicle is effected check out our free denver seven app or the denver >> right now a jury is deciding
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killing this woman in 2007. living a double life as an escort. suspect lester jjnes who turned out to be one of her clients. i talked with ryan smith who spent years investigating this case about what we can expect to see on tonight's 20/20 special. >> one of the more interesting aspects of the case is that she was leading this doubll life. and you talked to her friends, did they know about this other life she was leading? >> many people knew that she had some different things she was doing with this so called escort service. but a lot of people didn't know how far it went. that's one of the things we explore in this case. family and friends they didn't really know what was going on in her life. a lot of friends talked about how she was struggling to make end's meet doing all she could to support her three children as
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so the big question is did it become illegal. no it didn't she was just doing it to make some money. >> did they know it was dangerous because i the investigation focussed on other suspects, her ex-husbands it didn't necessarily zone in on that client. >> that's one of the unique things about that story. friends thought it was something likeemassage. other people alleged it was massage with an not having sex, but some ort of interaction. but one friend pointed out to us that there was one incident where she thought her life might be in danger. that she was threatened by a potential client. they weren't sure who. and this friend seemed to suggest that some of her business was putting her in harm's way. the man who said on trial is said to have been a former client of hers. he claims they never had any sort offsexual interaction. but one of the problems that
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trying to sort out the different clients she had and question whether or not one of them might have had something to do with it. >> his defense has said that investigators just kind of botched this case. it took five years before they named him. so what's your take on that. >> that's one of the toughest aspects of this case. the biggest problem for prosecutors is there isn't a lot of direct evidence in this case. there's no kitchentive dna proof that he -- no definitive dna proof that it wasslester jones. that lets the defense say look she had all of these different clients, there are 5 or 6 different men that could have killed her that. creates reasonable doubt for a lot of people out there. and this jury has been deliberating this case for a week. you have to wonder if they're thinking if there's no direct evidence is it possible someone else did it.
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tonight on 20/20 on denver7 at 8:00. >> now to drama in the french alps. hundreds of tourists were stranded in cable cars overnight. they were suspended at 12,000 feet in the air in freezing temperatures. initially there were 110 people stuck. crews were able to get to 77 of them during the day. but the rest were left shivering in the car overnight. an american was one of those rescued. >> they won't use a helicopter or drive at night. we were there t cable car. it was really quite an experience. >> investigators say crossed cables were to blame. but they really don't know how that happened. so the line is closed for now. >> a lot closer to home in fort collins. four people rushed to the hospital after being expose today arsenic in a storage trailer. one of the men opened a bottle labeled arsenic by accident. firefighters were called in. it's not clear if arsenic was
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substance is being tested today. >> a federal judge is deciding whether or not to stop a controversial pipeline through north dakota. the dakota access pipeline would carry oil through illiiois through native american burial grounds. >> we have some incredible new video for you at 11:00. >> there's a colorado man who smashes the current world record. this is the fastest skate board speed downhill. >> take a look. >> holy bleep. >> we had to bleep that one out. it was a person looking at the speed gun there. the plan who did this is kyle wester. how fast was he going? 89.41 miles per hour. here's what's interesting. nobody knows where this was completed. so guinness book of world record
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the guy lives in california. but he actually grew up here in colorado. >> don't they have to be there >> i thought they did. >> i think they have to be there. >> regardless it's nuts. >> 89 miles an hour. >> like 90 miles an hour yeah. >> i've skate boarded before. it's not pretty. >> if anything i'm on like a flat surface. >> it's beautiful outside. get out and enjoy it. temperatures right now in the 60s. it's going to get a little bit warmer this afternoon. bu in colorado. the threat for severe weather from this storm is going to be in the middle of the country through nebraska and kansas. some strong storms today due to the front moving through our state and into the middle of the country by this afternoon. they've got a little bit more moisture to work wit here at home it was beautiful for the game last night. it's going to be again gorgeous today. lots of sunshine out there. but with winds shifting
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?0s today. 80s this weekend. here's your cheat sheet we're expecting a lot of sunshine but a touch breezy on the plains. wind speeds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we will see just a few more clouds building this afternoon. i'll show you that on future cast. then overnight tonight with clear skies. and temperatures will be a upper 40s by 7:00 tomorrow morning. there will be more of a chill in the air early saturday. eerie today at 76. parker a high of 74. and in evergreen at 71. it's mid to upper 70s for north eastern colorado. still some 80s, about ten degrees warmer near pueblo. and our mountains in for a lot of sunshine n only the today but through the weekend you'll find 60s and 70s there. quick look at future cast.
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grazed northern and north eastern colorado today. we'll see a few more clouds through the early evening. skies clear out tonight. then ww've got a few storms that pop up near southern crosby tomorrow afternoon and evening. rest of the state 99% of it clear and sunny throughout the weekend. 77 today. aatouch warmer tomorrow. some low saturday. then your first alert that sunday is the warmest day on the 7-day forecast. upper 80s. by monday we're tracking another storm and this system will bring more of a cool down and a better chance of rain. then cooler cloudy weather on
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just days before the 59- anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. the fbiiarrests a woman in kentucky they say was promoting
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o promote isis. the woman is due in court later today. it is hard to belieee it's been 15 years since the terror attacks. and today five teenagers that not only lost their fathers the day that happened are now sharing the story. >> it's part of a new documentary from people entertainment weekly "the children of 9/11: 15 years later". >> i'm of 9/11 because i was born seven weeks after my father was killed in the south tower. >> they are the other victims of 9/11. >> i wear number 33 because that's the age that my dad was killed in 9/11. i'm wearing that number for him. >> children whose fathers were killed shortly before their birth. >> it's little things when i miss my dad the most.
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think about that a lot. >> often times you're first feeling might be oh poor kid or what's their life like. and it's true they've had this incredible loss. incredibly resilient. >> they've been following many of these 9/11 babies since one's dad was an insurance executive in the outh tower and helped peoole get to safety. >> what does that give you to know your dad was a heeo. >> it givvs my comfort. i kn his death was not in vain. shape right now with all the stuff going on and i feel like my generation is kind of the one that's going to change things. >> while she misses her father deeply, robin like many others struggles with mourning.
11:27 am
i was too young to grieve. i didn't know what was happening. and now that i'm older and starting to realize it i'm now going through the grieving process. >> this group, one nobody would ever choose to be in, now her >> that's going to be powerful. >> a lot more coming up at 11:30 including why wells fargo could owe some of you money.
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it is 11:30 and denver7 continues with breaking news. first the parents ah a 3-year-old who shot and killed himself will not face charges. >> we just got that announcement from a grand jury. gavin stiles dmied july. his dad is an officer for steamboat police paid leave. >> boulder high school is no longer on lockdown. they were on lockdown because of a bank robbery at a nearby wells fargo. we're waiting on updates on that. now to last week's shoot out between police and a suicidal shooter in parker. the sheriff releasing new details this morning. >> he says more than 100 shots were fired and one detective was shot in the chest. the suspect crashed this rv and
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outside a medical building in parker. that's when officers fire back killing him. the detective who was injuried is still in the hospital. >> reporter: detective dan brights still on a ventilator in critical condition at parker adventist hospital but doctors say they're optimistic. he was actually shot in the side of the chest. the bullet just missing his bullet proof vest when he was with that suspect. just a week ago. now quick acting s.w.a.t. paramedics and other officers saved his life by performing first aid on the scene and getting the detective to the hospital here in just a few minutes. a week after the shooting bright can now open his eyes and they were able to take him off some of his life support medication.
11:32 am
him get back to fully functional person. we still think that that's a possibility here. >> doctors say it will take months to heal from all of the internal injuries and they're still not sure at this point about possible brain damage. but again they're ultimate goal here is a full recovery. reporting in parker, denver7. >> lisa joins us right now. it's oven with the cooler air we're feeling. >> this is one of the weekends you hope people aren't here traveling to visit because they're not going to want to leave. some speeds at about 15 tolorad- 20 miles per hour. cold front rolling through,,i'm watching this camera out in limon and you see the trees shaking around a little bit. they're getting more of a wind out east but a lot of sunshine. and temperaaures right now in
11:33 am
here within the next 45 minutes to an hour we'll see some low 70s and then highs today around 77 deggees. it's a lot cooler, a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. a lot of sunshine early on. we'll get a few clouds by tonight around sunset a few clouds then temperatures start to drop. and overnight it's going to get a lot cooler. by 9:00 we're at 59 degrees. it is going to be a pretty nice, cool day today. coming up we'll take a look not got some time before the next game. but we'll look at what you can expect for school early next week as you're getting ready. here your first alert that another storm is on the way. . >> this man is now facing charges for that deadly crash that ended the life of a post reporter last week. he might have been drunk when he hit reporter colleen o' con nor.
11:34 am
that hurt five students. the daily camera reports prosecutors dropped 13 other charges because of conflicting reports about her sobriety. but her attorney said she was tired and had a migraine. last december the bus went off the side of the highway and she overcorrected. >> crews wrap up work on rockwall highway early. they put i it took four months and about $2 billion to do this. >> new att11:00 a man is rescued after falling 40 feet while climbing a mountain peak. late wednesday two other hikers notified officers of he injured man. he was banged up and needed to be air lifted out. no word on how he's doing. >> we're learning more about a
11:35 am
he was a well liked teacher at longs peak middle school. he taught history there for more than 20 years. he was an avid outdoorsman who helped lead an adventure club for students. they're still determining how he died. >> lightning started a fire over the weekend. it's now 90% contained. new training at the brighton school district. tell you about a 5-year-old girl suspended because she brought broth a bubble make tore class -- brought a bubble maker to class. the district says it has updaaed the policy to bettee define what a weapon truly is. the district trained administrators in using discretion for weapon related discipline. >> we appreciate channel 7 bringing the parents concerns to
11:36 am
address those. >> the mother said the training is in the right dirrction. her daughter's record allo no longer includes this incident. >> one of the country's biggest banks is under fire. wells fargo will pay $5 million to customers who were unknown victims to a scam..3 they're accused of secretly using customer information to open more than 2 million savings and credit card accounts. sometimes causing extra fees for it was done so the employees could meet sales goals. many customers had no idea the accounts even existed. >> this is a major victory for consumers. consumers have to be able tt to trust their bank. >> wells fargo is firing more than 5,000 employees in connection with the scheme. >> now to another twist in the race for the white house. hillary clinton pouncing on donald trumm for his comments about his relationship with russia and russian president
11:37 am
me i'm going to say great things about him. he's been a leader ffr more than our president. >> saying he prefers the russian president to our president. it is scary. it is dangerous. >> trump then appears on rt. he did that interview thinking it was for his friend larry king's podcast.% the republican nominee brushed off suggestions that trying to influence this presidential election. >> an outbreak in seven states linked to frozen saw the berries. which restaurant the cdc says all the people who got sick ate at. >> one woman just created the next big break through when it comes to helmet technology. it's foldable. >> it's now 11:27 and we have temperatures in the 60s and well
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
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to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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i'm back at 11:40 with incredible video out of vernon california. an apparent case of road rage caught on camera. you can see the motorcyclist walk up to a car that stopped at a red light and talk with a% driver. the talk apparently didn't go so well. you can see him gnashing the back window and it doesn't --
11:41 am
doesn't stop there. he pops the trunk takes a hammer and takes a swing at the motorcycllst just missing him. police are trying to track down both men still. a aaa study finds men are three times as likely to confront another driver. >> mazda is recalling vehicles because the rear hatch could fall on you. if you have one of these recalled models mazda will let you know if you need your car in. >> samsung's latest phone is now considered a flight risk. they're recommending you not turn on or charge galaxy s while on a plane. they also say don't put them in your checked bags. the lithium ion batteries can catch fire. >> amazon is reducing the price of theetablet. it will be 90 dollars down from
11:42 am
life to 16 gigabytes. and most importantly has added voice assistance. the company hopes to make the tablet a popular holiday item. >> flying burritos are becoming a reality. chipotle is teaming up with google to test out drone delivery this month. this is only happening at virginia tech. students and employees could order at then the drone delivers it to a confined area. they will lower the burritos using a tether. yes we are not kidding here. now to a health alert before you buy frozen strawberries. dozens of people have gotten hepatitis a because of the berries imported from egypt. nearly 90 people have gotten sick. this is taking place in several
11:43 am
drank smoothies from tropical smoothy cafe. the beverage chain switched to a different supplier. >> two premed graduates want to make sure the water we drink is safe so they've created a new walter filter. it targets harmful estrogen in the water. >> overtime we found that hormone imbalances really do add up and have a your overall well being. >> the filter is awaiting a patent. the students worked with the program in hopes of getting the filter to market. >> new numbers from the university of colorado show its boulder campus has set a new record for freshman enrollment. there are 6 thousand 445 freshman. overall they saw a nearly 3% rise in enrollment.
11:44 am
on all four campuses. students could not stop talking about this black bear on the edge of the boulder campus. parks and wildlife decided to leave the bear alone because he wasn't bothering anyone. >> people are also going wild for this scene. a man propelling down a high-ris building yesterday toe raise awareness for the cancer league of colorado. a lot of people bike around denver and it can be kind of a hassle to carry around a helmet. >> this is coo it's called the echo helmet. take a look. it's a foldable helmet made out of paper and corn based wax.
11:45 am
vending machines nearby bike stations. it can reportedly stand impact of a ten pound weight dropped from three feet. now they're working to get approval to put them on the market. >> interesting. >> i'd be scared to try it out. >> let someone else test it first. >> i went out for a run in between shows. and was almost hit by a car twice. >> you're kidding. day. it's so pretty right now. from 90s yesterday to 70s today. it's going to be get warmer today. we'll be back in the 80s on saturday and sunday. and tracking a little rain by next week. a chance for storms with our next cold front. this front is a dry system. you can see from loveland we've got 1, 2, 3, maybe a few clouds out there. you can count them on one hand.
11:46 am
it's a little breezy on the eastern plains with the front rolling through. winds have shifted direction. but we're not expecting a lot of moisture. right around 4:00 to 5:00 we get a few more clouds near collins and sterling. there's a slim chance we'll pick up an isolated storm near the colorado to nebraska border. denver will see a few clouds by sunset and early evening. early tomorrow you're to temperatures in the 40s. it'll be a chilly walk for the dog tomorrow morning. with temperatures cooler than they've been all week. then we'll pick up a few thundeesttrms down across southern crosby tomorrow afternoon, early evening. >> rest of the state nice, dry, sunny. we'll be in the mid to upper 70s this afternoon. around 76 t 77 here in denver. then overnight there's some 50s. upper 40s tomorrow morning. and if you've got soccer games
11:47 am
fiid temperatures in the 60s early on. bennet today 75 for a high. estes park 78 and we'll be in the upper 70s in enver. evergreen around 700this afternoon. about ten degrees warmer knee near pueblo and lamar. toastier thereby -- warmer near pueblo and lamar. toastier there. ?nd i bumped our temperature up a bit both saturday and sunday. we're going to be i mid-80s on saturday. here's your first alert closer to 90 again by sunday. sunday is going to feel a lot like it did yesterday until monday. monday is our next storm it will bring a better chance of storms and showers. our highs are likely going to be in the low to mid-70s from monday through wednesday. a little bit soggier but a nice change after a few dry days. >> i think the change will be nice. >> as it should. like fall.
11:48 am
our ddfending champs keeping denver in the national spotlight. >> fans brought serious energy for the super bowl rematch last night. it seemed to overshadow recent issues downtown. this week civic center park was transform and had police stepped up their presence downtown. >> it means so much for the city. because not only is the city growing and people are seeing how wonderful colorado and city of denver is. thhs just brings >> visit denver says it's too early to know the exact economic impact from last night's game. >> another spacecraft
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11:51 am
house fire in lakewood where firefighters saved that 5-year-old little girl. >> as we told you at 11:00 that little girl was found hiding in a closet. they just wrapped up a press conference. overnight. listen to how the firefighter described finding a girl. >> she was hiding in the closet. she was terrified. she was difficult to coax out of the closet.
11:52 am
in the hallway ran back to the front door and handed her off to some other firefighters who got her into the hospital. >> her father also got out and was taken to the hospital. the back of the home is badly damaged. still no word how the fire started. >> lift off of osiris rex it's seven-year mission to boldly go to the asteroid and back. >> centennial based united launch alliance put together the launch out of florida. >> they're on a mission to get a sample from an asteroid. as you heard them say it's going to be take seven years to get there. >> david curly has more on this remarkable mission. >> it's what we ccll a global killer. >> remember bruce willis trying to save the world from an astro
11:53 am
dark and potential asteroid. 1600 feet of space rock, and day hit earth. >> it would at least be catastrophic. i'm not sure it would end all life on earth. -?but it would be a bad day. >> that day is 150 years off. >> lift off of osiris rex. >> they're going to take samples which may help answer some of the very big questions about origins of life. >> i was crying because i said we'd just done something amazing. >> the probe won't make it for another two years and won't be back on earth until 2023. >> the probe will never land on the asteroid like bruce willis did. it will touch it with its arm. the chance of it hitting earth is one in 3,000. >> if you were looking for
11:54 am
why not check out the tour in city park. it's a game show the bike is right where you could win a new bicycle. >> we have a list of seven things to do on our website. how's the weather going to be? >> perfect. it'll be good. and any time you can dress up is great. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s today. right now we're in the 60s. you walk out and feel the difference compared to yesterday. two bright spots into the first saturday tomorrow we're at 82. sunday 88. is weather is going to hold out. that's not just for denver. in the mountains you'll find highs in the 70s with a lot of sunshine. monday we're at 74. we're tracking another storm..3 so far no snow for denver yet. which is good. but the mountains could get a little bit of snow with this next storm. >> if it falls up there i'm all right. i'm just not ready for it to be here just yet. >> i'm ready.
11:55 am
before winter. the leaves have already started changing in places. >> they have been falling. it's wild. >> thanks for joining us.
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? >> announcer: today -- we've got your perfect weekend menu. clinton's surprising an amazing military family. and we're rockin' out with florida georgia line. it's all starts right now. ? [ cheers and applause ] michael, leave me alone. he's poking me! >> i'm not touching you, not touching you! >> guys, when's the next rest stop? i need a snack! >> if you guys don't shut up i'm going to turn this car around. is that what you want? >> oh, hello, didn't notice you there.


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