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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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denver water says this was a water main break. only two homes, that's the good news, impacted by this. crews expect to have it cleaned up overnight. and lucky for rush hourrdrivers it's not a major intersection. denver police on the scene of a three-car hit and run crash at parker and harvard. one lane in each direction on parker and eastbound harvard. no information on the suspect. taking a stand or a knee in th brandon marshall in more ways than when. >> he told a sports anchor that he expected there would be pushback. there has been now. more on this. >> that's right guys. after speaking with members of the media following the 21-20 win he answered every question following his action. he did it because he says he's against social injustice.
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support and wrestled with the choice. he pointed out some of the visceral responses he received on social media saying quote this is exactly why i've taken this stance. his stance he says against social injustice against minorities and people of color. in line of with colin kaepernick's protest. it cost him an endorsement deal. the credit union say said that it's not a -- marshall told us his fight won't stop. >> i feel like this is the right platform. it's our only platform to be heerd. and people want us to shut up and play football. but we have voiies as well. we are actually educated individuals that went to college. so when we have an opinion and
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of people bash us. >> another topic cam ewton taking a beating without any mmdical staff giving him a look and possibly putting him in the concussion protocol. it apoors he took four blows to his head. the nfl says they reviewed the play and there was no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation. people are calling for an investigation be later in sports getting back to the xs and os after all broncos guys are one and only. a man accused of murdering a single mom was declared a mistrial. lester jones was accused of kidnapping and killing paige birgfield in 2007. she worked as an escort by night to support her three kids.
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from friends and family of paige birgfield. smith smith says -- ryan smith says the defense relied on the fact that there's no direct evidence. >> you have to wonder if the jury is saying if there's no direct evidence is it pog possible that someone else did it? >> no word on when another group of jurors could bb picked up. you can watch the full 20/20 episode tonight at 8:00 on denver 7. in the house. >> get out of the house. >> frantic moments as a mother calls 911 the father trying to rescue the 5-year-old. a little girl trapped in the closet. ryan is in lakewood right now. you met the firefighters who ran in and got the little girl out. >> sure did. and had they not moved as quickly as they did that little girl might not be with us.
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with her dad both of them suffering from smoke inhalation. you are going to meet the firefighters who say this rescue was personal. >> possible parties are trapped inside. >> these are the calls any firefighter fears. >> all incoming units there's a 5-year-old trapped in the building on the second floor. >> just after midnight someone knocked down the flames near kipling and morrison while two >> we knew we had to get the girl out. >> david and seth were there in second. their thermal camera couldn't see anything. >> visibility was zero and the heat was krien essing even -- increasing. even with our gear on. >> as hot as it was and dangerous as it was they were all in. >> i was screaming, yelling trying to get her attention.
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found the girl terrified but okay and not seriously injured. >> the situation went exactly as we train over and over and over. and i can't be more proud of these boys. >> all in a day's work you might say. but if you meet seth and dave you know this was personal too. >> it's tough. i have a little girl at home too. >> so do i. the same age. >> this one hit home. that little girl and her family do not want to speak on camera just yet but they tell us through a neighbor that they're very grateful for the firefighters. we are as well. no word on what caused the fire. more details as we get them. >> wow firefighters to the rescue. well tonight, we no the name of the elderly man who died in a crash in lakewood. you can see 79-year-old stephen tinoco's wheelchair under the
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front of the truck this morning. investigators say the sun played a roll in the -- role in the crash. no word yet on charges for the driver. stay there. >> aclu colorado says this man you see was tased for no reason. >> he was charged by aurora police with failure to obey an order but those were dropped rights were violated. shannon, the aclu lawyer says that tasing and arresting kelly was unwarranted. he says police had no suspect information when they stopped him. you can see in the video he's asking the officers repeatedly why he's being stopped when all of a sudden he is tased. police say earlier that night
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old girl. they spotted two males arguing on the side of the street. one of them was kelly. the officers first tell him to sit. he says he can't because of a medical condition. then he turns around. the officers ask him to put his hands behind his head and he puts them in the air. the department reviewed that incident and ruled that the officer was acting within policy. stop was not based on probable cause and was not based on reasonable suspicion p was therefore violation -- reason sus spigs and was therefore -- suspicion and was therefore a violation of the fourth amendment. in the studio. . . . the fallout from last
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rounds were fired during that exchange. the suspect was shot and killed by police. we are learning more tonight about the condition of detective dan bright. he's in critical condition on a ventilator after being shot in the chest. but they say he can open his eyes. we talked to the surgeon today who says he's very optimistic. on monday there's going to be a blood drooi in -- honor of detective bright. new at 5:00. questions for the parents of a blind autistic teen. their child almost starved to death. david and vanessa hall were in court ttday. and we were there trying to get answers. >> david hall was formally charged with child and negligence. his 17-year-old son weighed 88 pounds when he was brought to
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>> they compared your son's condition to a concentration camp survivor how did it get that bad? >> no answers from david hall. doctors say the bliepd, autistic teen was malnourished suffering from months if not years of a poor diet. we were in the courtroom today as hall was formally charged with neglect charges that could end up with 10 prison. >> we take these cases seriously and will continue to take it seriously. but the investigation is ongoing. >> david's wife by his side. they say she was the primary caregiver. >> vanessa can you talk to us? >> no. i talked to my attorney. >> they say you were the primary caregiver. >> she's sked yulted to be in court here in two weeks.
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several weeks but we've not been able to get an update. a steamboat springs police officer and his wife will not face charges following the shooting death of their son. the grand jury decided they were not at fault after their 3- year-old died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. first a judge said work on the dakota access pipeline decision was made to stop. the standing rock sioux tribe has been fighting construction. they say the land holds sacred sites and artifacts. those in favor say it would add jobs. we will keep watch and let you know if anything changes. outrage and sadness over a powerful photo posted by police. % another recall from general motors.
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to hear about. a broncos fan takes over the panther's wikipedia page. that next. what a difference a cold front makes. from 90s to 70s. temperatures in the 60s across the front range.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad,
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to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids. a story that has people outraged tonight. an ohio police department shows the impact offheroin.
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disturbing. you can see a man and a woman passed out in the front at and there in the backseat, look at that, a 4-year-old boy. an officer pulled the car over after it was weaving back and forth. the driver said he was taking the woman to the hospital but then he passed out. the little boy is the driver's son. both adults were arrested on charges. another blow for general motors. a new recall for more than four million vehicles worldwide. a software defect can prevent airbags from deploying. certain models are impacted. north korea claims to have conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test yet. state tv announced the explosion caused a magnitude 5 tremor. they continue testing missiles
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rise a nuclear warhead and put it on a missile capable of reaching the u.s. president obama calls it a grave threat to international peace and stability. this will likely lead to a push for tougher sanctions at the un. flags at half staff on sunday. it's the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. the house passed a allow victims to sue saudi arabia. 14 of the 19 hi jackers -- hijackers were of audi decent. mem -- saudi descent. memorials started early as
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a moment of silence at 8:46, the time the plane hit the first tower. candidates very very busy. hillary clinton plans to visit ground zero sunday. this morning her daughter chel show made an appearance on the view. she says she's troubled by trump's campaign. meanwhile donald trump appeared on russia's english language tv network. thought it was for larry king's podcast but didn't know it would air on russian television. >> hillary clinton says donald trump wants to privatize healthcare for the nation's veterans. and trump says he was against the war in iraq. >> i will not let the va be privatized and i think there's an agenda out there supported
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claim in front of an audience on wednesday night. it's something clinton and running mate tim kaine have made before on the campaign trail. sifting through ally speeches and even trump's website but only finding that he wants to give them a choice. po litfacts politifacts makes >> i happen to hear hillary clinton say that i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally against the war in iraq you can look at esquire magazine from '04 and before that. i was against the war in iraq. >> donald trump telling a large group at the forum that he was against the war in iraq. interview with howard stern in
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iraq invasion. he only publicly denounced the war after it started rating trump's claim as false. i'm jamison. we'll be back next week for a fact check. denver employees who oversaw clinton's email server are being ordered to appear before congress. an fbi investigation released last week found an employee deleted an email after being told not last night, what an exciting night as e broncos baelt the panthers. some -- beat the panthers. some fans took that to wikipedia. >> this is the panthers page. can you see it? look at the team's ordinary reason. it says denver broncos. it has since been corrected. how much do you love this cooldown? i'm stacey donaldson a cold front making its way through colorado has taken us ffom the
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range. still hanging on to beautiful weather in the high country. 50s and 60s today in parts. across denver a little windy but partly cloudy skies at this point. temperature change, just how much this cold front has affected us. 20 to 30 degrees for northeastern colorado. a 17 degree drop in denver from our highs yesterday. our current wind gust breezy. 36 mile per hour winds gusty for the metro area as well as across the state. as the front pushes into colorado and moving through it's kicking up the winds. able to hang on the the sunshine and no severe weather as the cold front has made its way to the range. 65 for arvada. 65 for boulder and parker. pretty cool out there. and temperatures tonight in the 40s for the front range.
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plains. and cool up towards seemboat and craig. a freeze warning in effect tonight through tonight through tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. cover your sensitive plants. we're going to have cold air settling in tonight. warming up the next few days. a good looking weekends coming our way. cooler next week though. 70s for most of next week. at this point nice and quiet. some cloud cover along the front range in the last few hours. our mountain forecast looks great towards copper and vail. lots of sunshine as the next system approaches. if you're out for hiking or seeing the sights over the weekend in # mountains the -- in the mountains the weather is a okay. temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. a little warmer. but that high pressure is going
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afternoon highs will get hot on sunday in upper 80s for the day. if you're headed to the pool, sunnn and nice for saturday. overnight lows in the 40s for denver. clear and cool. tomorrow abbut # 0 degrees and -- 80 degrees and warmer into the end of the weekend. highs from 70s to 80s from the foothills, a little warmer down south. and 80s for the western slope as well. here on the seven-day forecast we get warm on and then 74 monday. good chances for rain next week. but all week long in the 70s. thanks. next in sports broncos 1-0 we hear from them.
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call today. ? welcome to 7 sports extra i'm jahmai webster and the broncos are 1-0. some fans didn't believe it would be possible given the question mark at quarterback. 20. a passing of the torch of sorts. payton manning entered and lombardi took the reigns. a pass for 178 yards and two picks. the defense beat up on cam newton before graham missed a game-winning kick. happy, happy at mile high. team says it's good to get the first one out of the way. >> ww've got a heck of a
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-- team. a roadway sill yenlt team. played -- a resilient team. played for four quarters. >> losing is unacceptable. failure is not an option. >> we're not going to back down. a lot of people want to question our quarterback and defense. well, tonight wasn't the team that we wanted you to see but even with the mistakes we made we showed you how great we are. brandon marshall lost an endorsement deal. the credit ended the partnership. he kneeled during the national anthem in protest against social injustices. he's another athlete to join the fight. the head coach says marshall has a right to his beliefs. >> this was the right thing to do. i feel like this is the right platform. it's our only platform to be heard. people want us to just, you know, shut up and entertain them.
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but we voices as well. we're educated individual that is went to college. so when we have an opinion and we speak it i feel like people bash us for what we have to say. >> conversation continues. >> thank you. the weather? >> it's friday. >> cool tonight beautiful weekend afternoon highs in the 80s. a little warmer sunday.
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tonight, breaking news. the suv up in flames. and tonight, the new and urgent warning just issued about a particular kind of smartphone. after several fires now reported. and the faa, now saying do not pack them in your luggage. we're also watching severe storms set to hit this friday night. the system now moving east. treacherous driving ahead. and the other driver nightmare late today. the car dangling from a parking garage. the driver crawling out. on the scene tonight, and the new discovery. as authorities for clues in the missing student making national headlines. donald trump, and his praise for president putin. trump defending the russians against hacking claims in an interview that airs on russian tv.


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