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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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keep your >> fells like we're making a liar out of the calendar a chill is pushing out summer weather first alert tonight taking a look on if this chill will change your weekenn luring a young girl for sex. now the director of the adams 14 school board is behind bars. >> this is robert vashaw shawn and right now he's being held without bail. molly hendrickson is digging into this which started online. >>reporter: we found out about this as a tip to denver 7. these days people can access kids through so many channels. snapchat, facebook, even craigslist. police say vashaw shaw thought he was talking to a young girl
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the other end. >> i'm molly with denver 7. >> . >>reporter: at the board direct or's homerobert vashaw shaw's girlfriend was there the dark unaware he was in jail arrested during an internet child sex sting. >> he's been arrested for attempted sexual assault child internet luring of a child. >> that doesn't sound like him. >>reporter: police say vashaw shaw met who he thought was a young girl online planned to meet her for stock exchange sex at a hotel when police swooped in friday morning. >> pretty scary. >>reporter: police say no kids from the district were discovered in the ranked crime. say shaw who served on the school board for at least 9 years describes himself online as a strong community leader still neighbors are shocked.
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i've only talked to him about twice. >> there are several children on the street that definitely we should be concerned i. >>reporter: tonight the school district released this short statement saying in part, we've been played aware of some allegations brought forward involving a board men, however we do not have any details on the situation. we are allowing the appropriate law enforcemmnt agencies to handle this matter. you may remember vashaw shaw was a board president back 2013 when the district paid nearly a million dollars over sex every and discrimination issues he's expected in court on monday. live in the newsroom molly hendrickson denver 7. >> within the last couple of hours we learned the man in this video looking into a 17- year-old i girl's bedroom window is under arrest. we asked police told us they are not ready to release his name just yet.
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rtd bus driver in lakewood at colfax and miller he didn't want to pay the fare and started hitting the driver and broke the driver's nose. >>reporter: no justice for paige birgfield. she was soccer monday by day escort by flight. one of her customers oo trial for her murder but today the jury said they could not reach a verdict. for the first time we're hearing from paige's father since that decision came down. >> waiting out there. so, 'm not sure what this closure business is people shrink that around but i'm not convinced what it is. it's not like i can get my daughter. >> when the jurors were asked about did decision they think the suspect did something wrong with you couldn't get passed reasonable doubt. have you gone outside tonight?
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meteorologist stacey donaldson joins us now. how low are we going tonight? >> we're going low. temperatures in the 40s for overright lows. we isn't had that in a long time. i wanted to show you our 24 hour temperature change so you don't feel like am i majoring this it is freezing out there. we've had a 17-degree drop in the last 24 hours. that cold front really affected the front range and northeastern colorado greeley 25 guess cooler tonight than it was at this time last night. and you see how cool it is out there now. temperatures in the 50s. for overright lows but we're going down into the 40s tonight. the winds are a little gusty at times especially down here into southeastern colorado. and they will continue to be this evening. >> temperatures in the 40s here for the front range tonight. 20s and 30s for northwestern colorado and we're going to be talking about a freeze warning that direction and your weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks stacey. also some good news tonight. we're no longer on fire watch
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county is 100% contain. this fire threatened homes near red feathers lake tonight is the first night firefighters would not be working. we told you this was coming the city of denver is facing a class action lawsuit moving homeless out of camps. this suit was filed today on behalf of 9 homeless men and women who say they will not remain silent won't be hidden away. the city of denver has not responded. we've told you about denver banning drug users from parson trails is it really working? one week ago the major effort to clean up those spaces liz j joins us. what did you find tonight liz. >>reporter: won't we out found out don't miss are issuing citations but we talked with regulars on the trails to see if they are noticing any difference. police issued 15 citations barring violators from denver parks for the next 90 days. it's the result of stepped up
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and in parks. >> so far i've nnticed a lot of police officers sometimes they have been on bikes, moat cycles or even driving down the trails. >>reporter: these commuters heading home from work could tell there's a more visible police presence. we wanted to see for oursslves if the trail had improved and what it was like as the sun began to set so we hopped on a bike and took a spin. a little more than a week ago we found five needles the trail. this time around it look lot cleaner. >> there's much less people in the last few days down particularly towards town. >>reporter: still troubling. this year the city has collected 3500 needles along the trail and from parks throughout the city including needle deposit boxes. the initiative only one weekend so far last for 6 months. >> ultimately the question is where do they go and what's the long term solution for those people? because a lot of those people need help. >>reporter: officials with
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are working with human services to provide resources as police handouts citations. >> i think it's great they are trying to enforce making this area safer. >>reporter: this is just one prong of a much larger approach. parks and rec also hired additional rangers on the trail. they are working with a private contractor as well to help with some clean up efforts. now if someone vital fine up to $999 and up to a year in jail. reporting live downtown liz g denver 7. % >> we have promising news one week after a douglas county detective was shot by a suicidal man. detective dan bite is able to open his eyes. he still needs help from a ventilator to breathe. of course this could have been much much worse that bullet got past his bulletproof vest and hit him in the side of the cleft doctors still waiting to
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the town of parker is showing its support for bright. there lake blood drive at parker police department find out ho to take park check out the denver this one of the most shocking stories. a longmont teenager starved until he wade 88 pounds today denver 7 cameras were there as his parent charged with a abusing that boy who is blind and autistic appeared in court. his father is facing charges including felony child abuse.. that teen still has to recovery. an important lesson tonight to have fire drills with your family. an early morning fire in lakewood could s turned out so much worse. a girl was hiding in the closet as her home burned. >> this is a five-year-old trapped inside of the building on the second floor. >> technology to help find people in these situations didn't work. but they were not going to let that stop them from saving that little girl.
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yelling trying to get her attention she heard me and she start answering me. >> thank goodness. the family is shaken, not yet ready to talk. the little girl is still in the hospital. she has bad smoke inhalation. when brandon marshall did taking a knee during the ight %- national anthem, had a feeling that this might happen this morning. >> one of his sponsors air academy federal credit union announced on f ended its partnership. jam eye w has been tracking reaction to this all day. >>reporter: that's right guys brandon marshall answered every question sent his way following the broncos 20-21 win. he decided to kneel during the national anthem because it was quote the right thing to do. his family supports his fight on something injustice he wrestled with the choice up until the very moment. 26-year-old pointed out to me some of the visceral responses received on social media simply saying quote this is exactly
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stance. his stance he says against social injustice against minorities and people or it's going to cost him. after air academy said their business with him now over. it appears they disthree on the right pro wright protest. he will continue to use his platform. >> we have voice as well we're actually educated individuals that went to college. so we have an opinion and we speak it i feel like a lot of people bash us for what we have to say. >>reporter: marshall says he'll continue to kneel during the anthem as far as when is the right time to stop protest that remains to be seen. head coach gary kubiak said today the two have talked and marshall has the riiht to his beliefs but kubiak is going o stay focused on football. >> thank you jam eye. with marshall losing an endorsement what about the man who started colin kaepernick? so far all his sponsors have stuck by his side even though he has net during several national anthems so far. he was prepared to s his career
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would be okay knowing he stood up for what is right. chipotle settli after that e. coli outbreak but one customers demands might surprise you. >> giving an old favorite a facelift the man behind renovating an icooic barajas bigger plans of making the worked a better place.
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. >> some big decisions neighborhood on the
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they took the fight all the way to district court in washington d. c. so here's what happened today. first that court denied the request from the tribe to stop construction but then later in the day the justice department stepped in to temporarily halt construction while it reconsiders land near a lake along that pipeline area the tribe says it welcomes that news. an e-mail serve near the middle of the hillary clinton e- mail controversiis right here in denver has to go before congress. the employee who erased some of those classified e-mails now has immunity according to the new york times. even ore employees have been told to get ready to testify in front of congress in the next week. be careful who you give your permanent information to. election officials across our state they are getting so many complaints of people who are getting calls being asked for birth dates and other very sensitive personal nformation. the secretary of state wants to make it cheer to you that they
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>> chipotle is getting closer to bringing its e. coli connroversy to an end. it has settled a hundred legal cases but here's the kicker here. one person who got sick from those burritos asked for free burritos coupons. a lawyer says he's been handling case likes this for 25 years and has never had a client ask for free food from the place they got sick. now if you are like that person maybe you can't get enough chipotle it's trying out delivery service at virginia tech. delivered by drone. the burritos will be assembled in the food truck and loaded on to a drone. >> you may have tried little man ice cream or drinks at linger now the man behind some of denver's favorite eateries is starting a new venture. in a story you'll only see her on denver 7. it's more than the bottom only line he's hoping to chain the world. -p. >>reporter: an island get away
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we removed it. >>reporter: we get a sneak peek inside paul tambour el 0's new world remodeling a drift tiki barron south broadway. the man who developed some of denver's most iconic shops does know a thing or two about businesses with a higher purpose. here at little man for every scoop of ice cream they donated a scoop of rice or beans to developing countries all over the world. >> it's foye a for us it's how we operate and who we are. >>reporter: it's called social enterprise a for profit business way second bottom lane to benefit a community. >> forcing large growth in these kinds of immigrations. cindy willard says millennials expect their businesses to do good and invest in more companies that make a difference. >> we're certainly heard stories of funds being university problems being created that's a much small
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>>reporter: a as a drift he plans to debt dedicate a percentage to fund medical trips for doctors and tentatives. >> where a doctor can come in extract those teeth get them healed up it can save their life. >>reporter: he sayy that is just good business. >> my mom always you'd to say you know volunteerism is the price you pay for being human. >>reporter: jaclyn allen denver 7. the remodel drift tiki september 11 this. this is a lousy way to tart injure friday. the car dangling over the engine of this parking garage in austin text. it's not not clear what happened. but the car was safely lowered to the grounds. a lot of you called police about this because as you can see it looks like this car backed through the wall of the parking garage. but that's a balloon.
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weather we are not seeing anything like this thank good these. this tornado touched down near champagne illinois. 3 all four twisters touched down. many farmers are still adding up to damage to their land. thank goodness we've had much more calm weather here across colorado the last few days. nice quiet conditions out there now partly cloudy skies over downtown denver and beautiful conditions in steamboat springs, colorado:the moose do today. and a lot of festivals going on this weekend. are you taking bart in any of these? the potato day festival in greeley harvest parade in nevada chili fest in brighton touchdown salida buena vista apple fest apple green chili forecast cookoff. we had a huge cool down come our way most of the chilly air was relegated to froth range
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much the same in the last 24 hours. the cold fronts sinking that cold air in across our area. overnight lows in the 40s. up towards steamboat springs upppr 20s and low 30s. we have a freeze warning in effect for thoss counties around craig and steamboat through tonight and tomorrow morning. so be sure to cover any sensitive plants that you might have that will have trouble with the freezing temperatures tonight. now over the weekend we'll start to warm things up a lot more sunshine on the will be cooler again next week. at this point though just a few high clouds across the front range everywhere else very quiet. and the mountain forecast here as you head out i-70 taking a trip west do a little hiking 70 degrees on sstisfaction with sunny skies. a slight chance for rain on sunday evening thanks to another system coming in to colorado which will cool us off for next week. tonight overnight lows in the 40s for the metro area. tomorrow into the low 80s. still lots of sunshine on the way.
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pressure settling in behind that cold front. it will warm things up here across the urban corridor and the eastern plains overnight lows tonight will be in the low 40s and little breeze we had out there makes it feel even colder temperatures in the low 80s for tomorrow it will be sunny and mild for the afternoon. really looks good. all the way from cort collins and greeley tomorrow afternoon aurora temperatures in the upper 70s low 70s which they are park and frisco sterling temperatures to upper 70s. 80s farther to the southwestern slope upper 80s for you. in the 7 say forecast we warm it ever so slightly through the weekend. it will be a hot day on sunday. afternoon highs just like we had yesterday close to 90 degrees. then that next front comes through. we'll have a low that will kind of close and keep us on the cool side all the way through wednesday thursday friday we stay in the 70s. it looks like next week well
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officially summer. >> walking out the door it really hits new the face. >> you even told me i went out there. >> what a nightmare, forced to
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ngs at lowe's. an hoa nightmare in the middle
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until denver 7 came to visit. emmanuel says he used hoa approved paint on his moms house but then the hoa president came by and said work had to stop because the neighbors didn't hike the green color. they opt offered to foot the bill. >> tuesday came never seen them. wednesday came never seem them. too many thinks going on too much slow rolling with them i'm going contact 7 news. >> we showed up and it a home depot and bought new paint. a neutral collr that will make neighbors much happier he doesn't think anything would have been done had he mold call denver #. >> i never came close to this when i vacationed. >> an 8-year-old from flay. western slope near grand junction when he found a rare dinosaur skull that is on the way to a museum. >> so it is a dinosaur looks a
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cool and so this will make it possible photo study things scientists have never been able to study information. >> nothing prehistoric about tonight but the broncos made misery of their recent rival.
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. going under the friday night lights cherry creek colorado springs against do you rememberty. alex padilla he's eyeing the second left. finds pay dirt 25 yards for the score. spartans thinking home run but the bruins they got a few out fielders. tipped and picked hauled in by dustin johnson creek wins it 27-13. welcome in to sports extra i'm
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believe the high school champs 3 games into the year looking
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill
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the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- eddie murphy. from "stranger things" gaten matarazzo. and music from schoolboy q featuring e-40. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here tonight. we have a great show for you. eddie murphy is here with us


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