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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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over there. want to see him take a snap or two here. we joke about it but a teammate who is comfortable enough even though he's not playing to challenge his teammates and root for them when things don't go well, that's what you look for. the coach talks about understanding his players' personalities. sometimes you can affect your teammates even when you're not the star of the team time. >> kirk: i remember when jameis winston was red shirting and ej enamel was the starting quarterback. when the offense wound come over to the sidelines he was in their face. he was in their face challenging them more than ej emmanuel. wasn't his personality to do that as much as jameis.
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night at halftime too when he watched the seminoles play against ole miss. >> kirk: i saw the memo about working that play clock. >> rece: tennessee winds up. the final 1:50 of this battle at bristol. stay tuned for the ford wrap up after the game. some wild finishes. tcu and arkansas was a barn burner. byu and utah and the game we talked about central michigan beating oklahoma state on a most controversy call. jaylen hurd, 22 carries. 99 yards tonight and hard running for tennessee. >> kirk: even though today was a quiet day as far as marquee matchups, next week getting back into some great, great games in college football. >> rece: we told you college
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cardinals. alabama goes on the road to ole miss. ohio state and oklahoma. >> kirk: goes to show you how with game day you never know where you're going to go. we thought the third week, is it alabama, ole miss, ohio state, oklahoma, stanford, ufc, michigan state notre dame? i don't think one person said no, don't forget about that florida state/louisville game. now can't wait to go there. >> rece: has the bear chimed in >> kirk: no. might have been number seven on the list. >> rece: that's true. but louisville has been electric in the first couple weeks. lamar jackson. >> kirk: great talent, too. every year for the derby. >> rece: look forward to getting there for sure. it's been a great trip to bristol as well. started off much better than it finished for justin fuente and
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45-24 win as the final sonds tick off here in front of the largest crowd ever to see a college football game. better than 156,000 i believe the official count was 156,990. josh dobbs and tennessee look a little bit more like what was expected in the preseason. with a dominant performance from the second quarter on. taking advantage of every opportun better up front. dobbs made plays both with his feet and through the air. victorious coach butch jones. >> samantha: eight straight wins for the first time since 1998. what does that mean? >> just another win. puts u us at 2-0 and we'll get ready for another week. it's been a remarkable turn around for this football program and everyone is invested in it and we have to keep this thing going. this individual right here in
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helped change the culture of tennessee football and get us back to where we need to be. we made a lot of mistakes that we have to correct as we continue to improve as a football team. >> samantha: you mentioned turn around. what is the difference between the team we saw in the first quarter and the way you finished up tonight? >> we woke up a little bit. this team has learned how to have intensity for 60 minutes and still not there yet. obviously the turnover by the defense and a big play and a big touchdown pass from him as we're going to enjoy this tonight. >> samantha: thanks. let's talk to your qb. josh, what's up? i'm not used to getting that one. all right. you set a record tonight. most rushing yards ever all time by a tennessee quarterback. what enabled you to run the ball the way you were able to tonight? >> really just the whole line. they dominated from the beginning. we started slow but our defense did a great job having our back, putting us in positive
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capitalize. we were able to own the line of scrimmage. >> samantha: you said your o line dominated from the beginning. let's be honest. there were early struggles. how were they able to get it together? >> there was. but we knew that coming in. we're playing aggressive defense. we had to be patient with the explosives. we knew our time would come. we have just had to make plays like we did tonight. >> samantha: i'm sure you haven't been asked about this much but we had your guy jones on what's he saying? >> that these my little brother. i tell him to bring my energy for me. keep me going throughout the game. he's motivating me pushing the offense doing everything are. always going. he might not play but definitely makes an impact on the sideline with his attitude. >> samantha: last thing, this environment, we saw the fireworks, 156,000 people. what was it like to play in a
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done before? >> insane. i remember coming to tennessee my freshman year and talking about this game. everything that's leading up, how we have turned around as a team and the position we're in this year. there was definitely a circle around this game for sure and amazing atmosphere. great turnout by our fans and 156,000. a lot of people. >> samantha: congratulations josh. thanks. >> thank you. >> rece: all right. samantha, 45-24 the final. it has been really spectacular weekend. 20 years in the making to put together this game. bristol motor speedway and all of the people who organized this event. officials from both schools did a magnificent job. created an atmosphere all the way through the end of the game tonight, kirk. >> kirk: it has been a special week. i think the players are enjoying themselves after a big win.
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in his face. he helped turn it around. you heard coach tell sam we woke up. women, they woke up because of a virginia tech fumble when they were up 14-0. it was like flipping a coin. it changed the game. next play is a fade in the end zone. jones makes a nice play for a touchdown -- or jennings makes a nice play for a touchdown. it turned the game >> rece: toughest guy on the team made a tough play. every loose ball, tennessee was quicker to it. they got the fumbles. took advantage of every opportunity they got. you expect team to be finish product from the beginning. we know they grow over the season and tennessee took a step in the right direction finishing off virginia tech by three touchdowns. tonight's game was produced by bill b aechlt nel and capping
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largest crowd ever to see a college football game and it wasn't just a game. it was an event. here in thunder valley. known for tough hard-nosed racing and we saw plenty of hard-nosed football tonight between these two proud programs. but it was tennessee making the clutch plays behind their veteran quarterback joshua dobbs. and they come out of bristol with a victory. time now for the ford wrapup. let's go to cassidy hover. >> welcome to the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. rate versus rate matchups. a lot of headlines. some good, bad, ugly and some absolutely bizarre like what happened between oklahoma state and central michigan. end of the game. on an untimed down. cooper rush heaves one deep. caught by jesse cruel who laterals the ball to cory lewis
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and the win. however, mid american conference rep tim o'day acknowledged that the chippewas were wrongly awarded after an intentional rounding penalty. in most cases a game can't end on a penalty but the rule book addresses it as an exception. basically a loss of down penalty on offense can end a game and should have in this case. an could be overturned. asor the good as in alabama taking on western kentucky. mike white intercepted by eddie jacks jackson. nice moves there. his third career goes going on to win 38-10. francois, he good. throws deep to travis rudolph in the end zone for the 36 yard touchdown.
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number four, ohio state also looked good. slow start. dane evans picked off by lattimore. lattimore follows his blocks into the end zone for the touchdown. ohio state wins 48-3. they have won 28 straight versus unranked teams. more of the good. michigan beat ucf behind four passing touchdowns from will on the spat and wisconsin nearly 300 yards rushing over akro wild one between arkansas and tcu. arkansas needs a touchdown to win. austin allen muscles his way in for the touchdown and three passing td's. caught the pass and tying two point conversion. arkansas home winning streak. houston, the cougars had three 100 yard rushes for the first time in two years. some less good performances.
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99.9% chance to win. carter scoops up the fumble. goes 24 yards for the touchdown. ole miss allowed law ford and tied before the bears pulled away in the second half. clemson and troy. ray ray mcdowell. mccloud. finds a lane and he takes it. all the way yeah. drops the ball here before he crosses the goal line. the call would be reversed. he loses his shoe on the 30 and then the football on the 1. how does this keep happening. clemson would go on to win 30-24. uconn navy. less than 20 seconds. they get stuck at the goal line. uconn out of time-outs and unable to run another play.
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hold on to win 28-24. and some ugly beatdowns. texas a&m would beat prayer view 67-0. jake browning had a career high five touchdown passes in washington's win. washington led 42-0 in the third quarter. the moral to the story, college football never disappoints. next week on abc college game day in town florida state at noon and louisville quarterback lamar jackson has 13 touchdowns. yes, 13 touchdowns through two games. oregon visits nebraska and in prime time christian mccaffery hosts ufc. that's the ford wrapup. see you next week. >> announcer: you have been watching the ford wrapup presented by the new 2017 ford
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>> 7news starts right now. >> he has the gun in his hands.
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county, a shoot-out between deputies and an armed man walking along the side of the highway. sally mamdooh is live at highway 287. 287 is still shut down in that area. >> reporter: that's right molly. and it will most likely be shut down the rest of the evening. the deputy was not hurt. only her window was blown out. take a look at this. this is her patrol car. as you can see, window side is blown out. boulder county deputies tell us the deputy was responding to several reports of a man walking down highway 287 near mineral with a handgun tucked into the waist of his pants. the man was in his mid 40s . was animated and yelling at driver. now here is where things got more intense. as soon as the deputy arrived, before she could even speak to the suspect, he began firing at her.
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>> shots fired, shots fired! my window is blown out! >> copy, still shooting. >> reporter: we are told the suspect was taken to the hospital. he is in critical condition. we are reporting live in longmont, sally mamdooh, denver 7. >> thank you. tonight, an evans police officer is on administrative leave after shooting at a suspect at a motel overnight. they blanco. he pulled a gun on them forcing them to pull a gun on him. they arrested him after he hid in a bathroom in a motel. aurora police want any information from you after a woman was found shot to death on south memphis way. the apartment door was open and the woman was found dead on the floor. her identity has not been
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prayer service for dan bright who was shot in the line of duty last week. it will be at venice hospital tomorrow at 3:00. this is happening at the douglas county school district is changing their lockout protocol. the shooting happened just blocks away from sierra middle school. parents complained saying they were never notified about the situation. now the district has sent out a note to parents. they will incorp system for text messaging as well. as for detective bright's condition, he has opened his eyes, that's the good news. but, he still needs a ventilator to breathe. doctors are still waiting to see if he has brain damage, but they are optimistic. monday, there will be a blood drive at the parker police department tt find out how to take part. check out a rental car nightmare for people at dia today. just take a look at this crowd waiting.
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people saying they had to wait more than four hours for their rental cars at budget car rental. some people diin't want to wait anymore and opted for an uber instead. tied because she prepaid for %- her car. >> it makes me feel pretty upset. i'm going to be in a line that will take me as long to get my rental car as it did for me to fly here. >> the manager at the dia location could not provide any comment. we have also called budget's corporate office for a response. but we have not heard back. highly anticipated changes are coming to the city of boulder. the hill as it is called will soon get a facelift. the commercial district sits just across the street from the cu campus. deever 7 reporter eric lupher has more with the plan to build an independent hotel within the next year, but not all business owners are happy about it >> reporter: it takes cracking a ew eggs to make a good breakfast sandwich. and city officials will crack
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make boulder better. and the owner of bova market and grill says he is geting the short end of the stick. >> what is it doing for us? >> reporter: he knows he has no choice but to move once the bulldozers start showing up. he knew before he signed the lease. >> it is still a tough pill to swallow, you know? >> reporter: the hill certainly has its history. and charm. always thriving. but the real struggle comes during the summer months. >> this that space is empty. i can show you half a dozen empty spaces in this commercial district. >> reporter: casey schneider owns four properties on the hill. he has watched businesses come and go for a long time. >> that was a five guys over there that went out of business. i mean, we are talking about national trains that are successful in all other commercial districts but they can't make it work here. >> reporter: city leaders are hoping the new hotel will be the beginning of a
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the spirit of this place. >> we have been working on the hill for a long time. >> reporter: andrew shoemaker believes the hotel lacced as an anchor for the district. >> that is 160 rooms worth of people lloking for dinner every night. provides opportunities for people the visit the theater, stay the night. >> reporter: but what about all the other businesses in this -?soon to be demolished strip mall? >> it is not like i can pick up and move anywhere and do the same amount of business? unless the university moves with me? i'm out of luck. >> upsetting a few has been outweighed by the chance to turn around an area that needs the help. >> it is time for the hill to have a new life. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton says she is having some regrets about this omment she made about trump supporters last night. >> grossly generallistic. you could put half of trump's
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>> clinton apologized after making that comment last night at a fundraiser in new york. she did not however say she regrets calling trump supporters deplorable, but regrets saying half of his supporters are. donald trump responded though they will never vote for him, he still respects hillary clinton supporters. it is kind of hard to believe, but tomorrow marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks on the united states. students at highlands ranch high school placed 2,977 flags in commemoration of those killed. it is in collaboration with young america foundation. they never want to forget. >> i want people to never forget 9/11. never forget why the west is great. and why america stands as a beacon for the rest of the world. >> reporter: this is a nationwide project 200 campuses participate each year. today, a special ceremony held for the 15th anniversary of the
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and city of aurora celebrated the names of colorado veterans killed fighting the war on terror since 9/11 were read. a piece of steel from one of the twin towers was also at today's ceremonies. there are events happening all across the state. we have that full list on our website. just go to today, a special memorial for an officer killed back in museum unveiled this sign today. it reads in memory of denver police officer daryl jay saw y. this is at the corner of west 41st and tejon street. his family was in. they will unveil more signs across the city where officers lost their lives. two months after his dog was stolen from a bar near idaho springs, a man has been reunited with his best friend. check out this picture matt vogler sent us.
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rue looks there. he found rue living under a bridge in golden wearing a new collar and fake tags from 1997. the good news, is, rue, as you can see, is healthy and back home tonight. check this out. a crazy day in city park for the annual tour de fat. it is quite eclectic to say the least with costumes, bike rides, music, and of course, new belgian beer. it is named for new belgium's fat tire amber ale. denver. coming up on spx, buffs trying to make it 2-0 in boulder to start out the 2016 season. and we will see if the rams could bounce back with a win today in fort collins. come on back, spx is next. >> and a gorgeous day across the state. this is the first alert. it won't be quite as chilly tonight as last night. temperatures in up ther 80s . 3
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>> hey, well looks like our producer steve has dumpling making to do for the news room. this is video of him getting a lesson and making some dumplings today. this was part of the eighth support the nathan yip to %- foundation. denver 7 anchor anne trujillo was there. katie lasalle. they were all there with our
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and i think we might have some dumplings in our future. what do you think? >> steve got the automatic dumpling presser. there is no excuse steve. we love dumplings here. take a look at the morning lows. 37 degrees in denver. very close to break breaking that record set back in 1898 of 35. we had a cold front, but we are left with a big ridge of high pressure. this is keeping us very dry throughout this entire weekend. so here are the headlines we won't see temperatures quite as chilly tonight. by tomorrow, we will see warm conditions. sunny skies. increasing clouds throw the afternoon. but a much cooler week is ahead. it will feel much more like fall monday with highs in the 70s . this is also your first alert we do have a red flag warning. this will start tomorrow at noon and last until 7:00 through tomorrow. do expect gusty winds, low humidity, dry, hot conditions.
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overnight tonight, we will see temperatures in the low 50s in denver, leadville, 38 degrees. mid to lower 40s across the high country with the upper 50s on the western slope. and then, mid to lower 50s down to the southeast. so, overnight tonight in denver, 53 is sour overnight low. mostly clear conditions. we will stay very dry. all throughout tomorrow. and then as we head into the daytime hours, we will start to see things warm up back into the upper 80s . so, do expect to see a lot more sunshine, very dry. but, increasing clouds as we head throwed the afternoon. highs for tomorrow across the state, a little warmer than what we saw today. grand junction on the western slope getting up to 89 degrees. mid 70s in both aspen and gunnison. eagle, a high near 80. southwest flow. that is going to increase the winds from the southwest. places like steamboat. but 90 is the expected high there and greeley.
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summer. denver expecting 89. colorado springs, 86. now, here is your first alert that things really, really start to change as we head into this next week. so, sunday ... 89. even lower 90s across portions of the front range. by monday into tuesday, a cool front. that will make its way into the state of coloraao. and a hang out really cool things down. an bring in a lot more potential for precipitation, so, tuesday and wednesday, we do have a lot cooler temperatures. chances for rain, both a lot cloudier. as we head throwed the nd of the week into next weekend, temperatures start to warm back up. overnight lows are still mild in the upper 40s to lower 50s . so no overnight 30 temperatures in that seven day at least. >> that's nice. it is is a little cold in the morning but the days have been -?absolutely beautiful. >> and then 70s . i mean, perfect for the start of fall. football season. i love it. >> everything. all right, thanks katie.
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this is seven sports extra. >> welcome to the show. i'm arran andersen. that is jahmai webster. what a great time of year this is. >> absolutely. >> i was waiting for you to say that. >> i mean, football season. >> we begin with football. buffs have an opener against idaho state. >> that's right. fans had a chance to see some upgrades at folson. ralph, did you know this? bottom section. the question is, is the product on the field improving? will we see those upgrades? buffs 1-0. bengals department know what hit them. sefo liufau showed off his 3 touch. great look for devin ross. six points. corner pocket. just like that. it was 7-0. and then this.
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the middle. sefo liufau connects with chris hill who was all by his lonesome until his teammates tracked him down. too easy. 35-0 at that point. buffs ended up winning by 49. 57-7 the final. they are 2-0, an getting better f. >> i thought we improved from last week, we will see more on film. there will be a lot of things i don't like. but i thought we played hard and came out ready to play. we didn't take a step back. >> would have given him seven points. it was pretty sad. just knowing our goals and our but it was still a good outing. definitely things we cann improve. >> we are excited you know. we want to focus onnthis game. put on a good show for everyone and i think we did for the most part. we will enjoy it for tonight but be ready next week. >> calling all quarterbacks. colorado state still looking for its signal caller. hey, we are two games into the season. and mike bobo has no clue who is going to start next week. tte musical chairs continue today.
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texas san antonio, got a heavy dose of the run. even starting quarterback faton balta got into the act. look at him go. 25 yards on the ground. that would set up this. dalen dawkins rams up 10-7 on utsa. izzy matthews. is he in or is he ain't? oh, he's in there. csu lead 14 at the break. offense gets stuck in the mud in the third quarter. true freshman colin hill entered in the fourth. shirt yyar with six passes. here's the good news. rams won 23-14. coach bobo with the bad news. >> we don't have a starting quarterback right now. and then everybody might go oh, how could you not have a starting quarterback? well, it is pretty evidence we don't have a starting quarterback when you watch us try to throw the ball. we have to figure out what the do. how to make the best decisions to get us in the right play. >> i don't think it is awkward. i think eventually, somebody is


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