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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  September 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MDT

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>> announcer: denver 7 new starts right now. he has the >> shots fired. >> issued out in boulder county between deputies in an armed man walking along the side of the highway. and the community rallies together to support him break the douglas county detective shot in the line of duty, details on how you can
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in a life look now at one world trade center and the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. how those victims are being honored today. >> we start with breaking news as a homicide investigation is underway when shots were fired downtown. one man is dead in the suspect on the run. >> this happen near 29th and welton just before 5 am and denver police say there appears to have been an argument. they do not have a description of the subject at this time. live look at the 9/11 memorial in new york and it is been 15 years since the deadly attacks. hearts heavy across the nation as we remember the lives lost. we will take a closer look at the memorial in a minute but first we would like to talk about your work week weather. it was nice this weekend but now the warm-up begins a minute will cool off again. >> expect toasty temperatures in increased fire danger, look out for that today but a cooldown is in store throughout next week where temperatures are expected to be in the 60s and 70s and there is some increasing cloud cover and
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at 60 degrees and is sunny at the airport where windsor at the west and southwest at 11 mi./h. this is also your first alert that it will be a gusty afternoon. >> rocky mountain national park increase in cloud covers that we will be dry across the high country. sunshine going to pound sterling and the eastern plains and temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s. this is where we can expect the greatest risk, these red flag warnings are along the westernn slope, the mount gusty winds and low relative humidity. this has a potential for sparking new fires. this is the front range forecast for today and as you can see temperatures above avvrage in denver a high of 89, 91 in fort collins and we will see more cloud coverage before we had to monday where we will see a better chance for afternoon showers. eric? >> thank you katie, from coast-
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mourn and heal from the worst terror attack in us history, marcy gonzales has detaill. >>reporter: from the raw emotional images seared into the collective memory to the faces and stories of the 2996 lives lost, this morning a somber reflection on the heartbreak in horror 15 years ago today. >>reporter: the impact of the september 11 attacks is piercing to the hunting recollections. >> we squeezed her tiny openings and came to the understanding that we were going to die in the pile. >>reporter: the lingering effects and 127 that stayed at ground zero in the days and weeks that followed, searching heroically to the smoldering toxic debris have since died of
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. >> problems that were chronic became acute and the number of those lost to the terror attack of september 11 began to grow. >>reporter: 17 new names were added to the memorial wall this year and the other names were etched into history and they are read aloud. >> paul vincent barr barro, james william barbarella. >>reporter: a reflection of the new one world the pentagon and the field in shanksville, pennsylvania, mourning families in the country honoring the bow made 15 years ago to never forget. >>reporter: as the families gather this morning to pay tribute then all officers are on high alert though there are no specific or credible threats
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york. back here in denver multiple events happening to mark the anniversary and one is the memorial stare climb at red rocks. >> douglas county students training to be firefighters are participating and the row is designed to equal the height of the twin towers at 110 stories, the students have undergone lots of training and ffre rescue. 2977 flags are waving proudly at highlands ranch high school and students pick them up yesterday as part of this nationwide project. also happening today dia will have 2 moments of silence, one at 6:45 am and one at 3 pm this afternoon. also today the goverror. and mayor will lead a commemoration at civic center part -- park. there will be a procession, flyover, 21 gun salute and a
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and big head todd and the monsters will perform a concert, the event is free. >> to see a full list you can head to our website, the denver a look across the country and many tribute started yesterday. >> this is the tribute in lights and is made up of 88 searchlights position to represent the twin towers. >> in pennsylvania 40 lanterns were carried in honor of the passengersan flight 93. the united airlines plane was headed to san francisco from newark when the hijackers took over and crashed it. in dallas first responders climbed 110 stories in full gear in the dallas stairclimbing each responder or a picture of a first responder killed trying to save others. the presidential candidates are in new york today putting their campaigns on hold to honor the nearly 3000 people
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hillary clinton at ground zero and they spoke about the strength of the diversity at the pentagon. >> out of many we are one, we know that our diversity, our patchwork heritage, is not a weakness, it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths. >> the president reinforcing that the nation will never forget. also a service pennsylvania at the flight 93 3 memorial. a boulder county deputy shot outtand a hospital -- suspect in the hospital. the deputy was not hit only the window on the patrol car was shot out. deputies responded to reports of a man with a gun threatening drivers here to 87 and mineral, he had a gun in the waist of his pants and investigators told denver 7 that things
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arrived . take a listen at how it played out on the police scanner. >> shots fired, my window is blown out. >> he has been hit twice. >> 287 was closed for much of the night and authorities have not released the suspect's name or condition. in evidence a police officer is on adminirative leave after shooting at a suspect at a hotel, we as breaking news and they tried to arrest david block out on a warrant out of kansas at the roadway in. he pulled a gun on them and police say an officer opened fire and missed, swat teams arrested the suspeet. is dan wright recovers from the police shooting in douglas county, the school ddstrict is apologizing to parents because the district did not immediately notify parents about the shooting. it happened blocks from sierra middle school and put several
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parents and they are making 2 changes to the emergence -- emergency notification process. one the district will handle communication and their incorporating a new text system. people and parker gathering in support of the detective who is recovering in the hhspital and they are holding several events, in just minutes the coffee cabin is holding a am and goes until 3 pm this afternoon. then it 3 pm there is a prayer service at parker adventist church and tomorrow there is a blood drive at the parker police department. ?or ore information go to our website,
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this is a life test live look memorial in new york just some of the lives lost of aurora police are searching for answers after finding a woman shot to death in her apartment, it happened on s. memphis way and investigators say she is 29 years old but they have not released her identity. who will take you to adams county and deputies are investigating when a woman was found dead in a carr her body was found yesterday morning near coronado parkway and york street.
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information in the corner will conduct an autopsy. back here in denner a special memorial for an officer killed in 1962. denver police and the police museum unveiled this sign yesterday, it reads, in memory of denvee police officer darrell j sewer it stands at west sewer it stands at w. 1st st. in denver and his family was there and they will unveil more signs. the nurse seen in this iconic photo that marks the end of world war ii has died, the nurse away last night of old age in virginia, she was 92 years old. today is the kickoff, the regular season sunday for the nfl and teams are taking time to remember the victims of 9/11. the seattle seahawks will stand togethee and link arms in
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quarterback russell wilson are players that did out this tribute video message, first responders, hometown heroes and members of the military on the field and stadiums across the country to honor thhse heroes of 9/11. the leak is expecting demonstrations of the leader of refusing to stand for the national anthem. larimer county is dealing
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it is 9:16 am and this is a live look from red rocks, the
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11, 2001. this large group is climbing 110 steps, that is for the 110 stories at the world trade center that went down 15 years ago. hard to believe it has been that long. >> experts are trying to figure out why there are so many west larimer county has had 28 cases this year, the most in the state. this have sprayed the county a couple of times this year and researchers say warm weather and a large number of birds can need to spikes in these cases. construction is underway for la's tallest building, the wilshire grand tower, workers had some fun in the air, take a look, they snapped this picture 1100 feet in the air while adding the spire. it makes me dizzy. the tower opens next year.
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>> i've never bungee jumped or anything like that, you see something like that and it is creepy. >> i guess if you are strapped in you feel safer. >> today eric it will be warm, we are seeing increasing cloud cover and we started the day sunny but this afternoon breezy conditions will prevail before a major cool down with e introduction of a cold moving to colorado on monday. it will also usher a better chance of precipitation and showers and storms are likely monday night into tuesday and wednesday. looking at tte radar and of high pressure that has been in control keeping a striper saturday and mostly sunny. today we see activity down to the southwest and we see cloud cover throughout the afternoon and i took the five core door. also the smell smoke or haze in the air we are getting the remnants of a fire burning in
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western slope and parts of the foothills and high mountain valleys will see the potential for newwfire sparking because we have low humidity, gusty winds and warm and dry conditions, this will last until 7 pm, so if you are in the area or know someone who is practice caution as fire danger is high. the front range will see temperatures in the upper 80s ann lower 90s could hit the last 900 day because next week will start to call back down and it will feel a lot more like fall. highs today across the state as you can see midshipman to upper 80s on the western slope and mid- 70s in aspen gunnison. 65 is the expected high in leadville and looked down to the south, lamarr, pueblo, the junta in the mid-90s and lower 90s for the northeastern planes this afternoon. checking out future cast an
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a mix of sun and clouds by 4 pm and we will see gradual clearing and a potential for cloud cover and sprinkles possible, mainly at higher elevations for today. then drying out overnight tonight before we start on the cooler note for monday with a better chance for storms later in the afternoon. tonight will get down to 53 degrees in denver and tomorrow will start the day on a sunny note. we will see a chance for a few isolated storms in the afternoon and 72 is the expected high for monday and as we the week, upper 60s for tuesday and a lot cooler. a better chance for rain and wednesday we start sunny with a better chance pursuingg throughout the end of next week. >> it will feel like fall, thanks katie. a murder suspect escapes a courtroom and writes a letter to the judge explaining why hh % did it. the suspect is back behind bars
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escape from july, onncamera, you see them break out of his handcuffs, get out of this jumpsuit and run out the exit. 6 days later he was rearrested in the 21-year-old is facing charges in the 2014 killing of a woman, he wrote the letter apologizing trying to clear his name and he said i thought i was at a dead-end with nowhere to turn, i tried to appeal to everyone to appeal my innocence but my voice went unheard. >> i football. the buffs played well, the home opener last night was a mismatch, a complete blowout, we of the highlights for you.
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z23eoz zvpz
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welcome to morning sports. i love that post, love this time of year and we begin with -?college football.
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upgraaes to the program, check that out, ralphie, a mismatch from start to finish and we begin ith the first touch, showing off some touch here and hit devin ross in the corner, 7- 0. lindsay up the middle, another touchdown and the buffs blowout was on and popping. id inches in a play fake and connects with this hell. out of highlands ranch high school, although i am lonesome until his teammates joined him after the score. too easy and it was 35-0 and the buffs win by 49, final numbers 56-7 and they are 2-0 and getting better. >> we improved and we will see more on film, as a coach there will be a lot i don't like but we did play hard and we came out ready to play did not take a step back. >> we gave them 7 points which is sad knowing our goals and high expectations of ourselves
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can improve. initely ways we %- >> we are excited, we want to focus on the game and put on a good show for everyone. i believe we did the most part and let's enjoy it for tonight we will be ready for next week. calling all paperbacks, any quarterbacks out there, colorado state is looking for a signal caller and the coach has no clue who will start next week. the musical chairs considered tesh continued yesterday, the final home opener hughes stadium and te dose of the running game. it was good for me 5 yards and.setup this, dawkins the 4th down and tiptoes in and the rams were up 10-7. we move on and is a matthews, is he in or out? he is in and csu lead 20-14 at intermission. the csu offense gets stuck in the mud and true freshman
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passes and the coach provides the bad news. >> we do not have a starting quarterback right now in everyone might say how can you not have a starting quarterback? it is eviient we do not when you watch us try to throw the ball. we need to figure out what we can do and who camaae the best decisions to get us into play. >> i do not think and i think eventually someone will come out on top. >> we just have to keep playing and keep improving. >> it is awkward. that does it for me and sports on this sunday, go out there and have yourselves a great day. broncos player brandon marshall is speaking out after taking a knee at mile high on thursday during the national anthem. he lost an endorsement deal from the air academy union and he said he was surprised to lose the endorsement but says it's okay and what the consequences.
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athletts joining the protest. sooe football players are taking a different stand to honor victims of 9/11, usa today says that to new york new jersey unions have offered to pay a fine for any athlete planning to wear the shoes, avery williamson from tennessee wants to wear these during the game today buu the nfl says it violates uniform code and a couple of other players are planning to wear the cleats todayy still ahead, connection with the carjacking and we learn that the person behind the crime is a kid. posted new development coming to university hill in
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person is dead, policee calling it a homicide in the gunfire rang out just before 5 am. >> there appears to have been an argument in the suspect is on the run but please don't have a suspect description. knew this morning denver police have arrested someone in carjacking, the suspect led police on a short chase but then surrendered, it happened last night near ellsworth d cherry street, the person's name has not been released because the suspect is a juvenile. there go the cameras, how are you, it's ?unday morning? will be hot and then it cools down. >> yes, today and yesterday a lot of sunshine in high- pressure control keeping us try. you will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon and we are picking up a bit of activity down to the southwest portion of the state that as
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tower cam spirit in lincoln with the temperature is 69. % 75 at the airport and there is when this is the first alert that it will be a pretty gusty afternoon, this is the view from rocky mountain national park and we will see a mix of sun and clouds as well from the high country. it should stay mostly dry tomorrow before next week when a better chance of thunderstorms is in the forecast for much of the mountains and plow monday and friday. >> near stirling there is clear skies and a beautiful start to the day, mostly sunny but also warm and dry. we have a red flag warning for much of the western slope and the northern portion of the
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foothills, be aware that low humidity, gusty winds and warm and dry conditions, any spark could start fires so please be careful. >> the 24 hour planner as you can see, 89 is the expected high in denver, we could even hit the 90s in portions of the front range but by tomorrow we will be back in the 60s and 70s throughout next week and we will bring the full forecast in a bit. eric? all morning we look back at this tragic day in history 15 years ago. yesterday a special ceremony held for the victimm and the collrado freedom memorial city of aurora presented killed fighting the war on terror since 9/11 were red. a piece of steel from one of the twin towers was at the ceremony. people climbing the stairs at red rocks right now to remember the dead history. this is a live look and there's a group of dozens of high schoolers training to become firefighters. the event honors those that lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. today is a day of fitness and a day to reflect and you can see firefighters in full gear trying to simulate what firefighters went through,
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climb 110 stairss as we mark the anniversary of the attack there is one first responder that leaves a mark every year. firefighter stephen siller lost his life thht day and inspired a race that takes place in new york every year. his brother shared his memories with john berman. >> we believe that he was in the south tower and never recovered. >> he that died that day. >>reporter: it was a near- perfect september morning and firefighter stephen siller had finnshed his overnight shift the squad one, the elite unit trained to rescue other firefighters, he was headed to play golf with his 3 brothers. >> we were pumped up as we are for my brothers getting
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everyone is busy stephen had 5 kids. we heard on the scanner what happened and he turned his truck around. >>reporter: the golf kate never happened in stephen had dreamed of being a five -- firefighter since he was a teen and turned his truck towards the towers, he could only get as far as the brooolyn tunnel, it was box but that did not stop him. >> he came to us reaching hall, gottout calmly and started running to the tunnel. that tunnel is nearly 2 miles long. >>reporter: the heroic run driving force of the foundation created by his family in his honor. >> we want his kids to know that their dad was a hero and we don't haae any lofty goals starting the foundation but when a friend of his came up with the idea of running to the tunnel like he did i said oh my gosh, you just know the right thing when you hear it. >>reporter: the race called tunnel to tower is part of the nationally recognized foundation and has raised more than $70 million.
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that was lost that day. >>reporter: stephen would be turning 50 in november? >> november 15 he would've turned 50. >>reporter: what kind of 50- year-old would he have made? >> he would've been a young 50- year-old, he loved being a firefighter said he would still definitely be a firefighter, he would've had 20 years already and able to retire but there's no way he would have retired >> he loved the challenge of saving people and knowing him he probably liked the fear factor involved, he had cuts and loved the brotherhood. >>reporter: if you could talk with him one more time, what would you tell him? >> we are proud of you, your siblings are, your kids are, yyur wife is, the community is, you did something special stephen. >>reporter: john berman, cnn, new york. the annual tunnel to tower walk takes place on september
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you plan to use the rtd d line it is down for repair work and cruiser repairing wires from littleton mineral to inglewood and buses are still available at the stops. anyone affected by the closure should expect delays and nd a different way to get around town today. changes to the city of boulder as university of boulder will house a new hotel across from the cu campus and the city of boulder says they have been working this area and the commercial district for years and this is a chance to do so. >> we've been working on the hill for a long time. >> to make room for the 160 some local businesses are getting the boot and will be forced out when construction crews break ground. >> i can't just pick up the space and move it everywhere and do the same amount of
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luck. denver based bmc investments of the developers. the city says it will bring much-needed money into the climbing clothes could break ground as early as next year. netflix -- netflix lovers listen up, a new documentary will hit the site documenting the conviction of amanda knox. plus police officers in maryland are healed heroes as they rush towards a burning car anddsaved a handful of people
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it is 9:39 am and if you see hayes out there there is a reason, we got an email this morning from evergreen, they have been getting calls from people about calls and 3 evergreen fire rescue tweeted
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that's what it's about today. developing this morning in massachusetts investigators are tryinn to figure out what caused 3 speedboats to collide during a race, one driver is dead and 2 others is heard and one of the injured are struggling to survive, this happened during an annual regatta yesterday and firefighters say a boat spun out around 65 mi./h and caused a pileup and ejected all the mac drivers from the event was supposed to continue today but has since been canceled. >> one trapped in the car that is on fire. newly released video that shows maryland law enforcement officers running towards a burning car after the way of 5 crashed. >> we could hear screaming inside the car, someone screaming for help. >> brad saunders was thh first on the scene and used a fire extinguisher to stop the flames
9:41 am
away from the fire appeared to babies were in car seats and officers pulled the kids to safety. fortunately everyone in the crash survived. tesla announced it will reveal improvements on autopilot driving system, the system enables drivers to let go for minutes at a time on the highway but they came under pressure to improve after multiple crashes occurred including one that killed the driver in florida. the ceo says that upgrades would include advanced processing of radar signals take a look at the video out of florida, a woman and a small child walk into a pet store and are only there a couple of minutes, she waits for the store employee to walk out of the room and then this is a 2 pound maltese
9:42 am
old. police are seaaching for the woman and puppy. the puppy is too cute. true crime plans, and new documentary on netflix could be up your alley, the documentary on amanda nox is coming to the streaming service september 30, she spent four years in jail after being convicted of murdering her roommate in italy. the conviction was later overrurned and she returned to the us. the documentary titled amanda knox features interviews with key players including knox herself. 9:42 am in this week's horse when she was a kid 25 years ago. as mitch reports she has horses and those that love ng ?hem. >> this is april and we saved her a ew months ago before she had her baby. >>reporter: saving horses from slaughter is so important to terry allen that she started a nonprofit in her backyard. it is terra linda horse sq -- rescue. >>reporter: this is a haven for horses that others considered throwaways. >> currently we have 16 in our care. >>reporter: a small operation but in the last couple of
9:43 am
horses. >> the horses are scared and they are sold by the appellant. most of them are sick, some are hurt. summer given up by those that can no longer afford to 3 care for them but most are on their way to slaughter before she steps in. >> she was so scared of people did not want to be touched, would bite d them back to physical health and nurtures them so that they trust agai >> this is reasons and we adopted her one year ago. she is now my best friend. >>reporter: it can be a time- consuming and costly process bringing the horses back from near death. >> it is worth it. >>reporter: even if that needs long hours and money out of her own pocket. >> i know all of these horses are so thankful for her, they
9:44 am
>> it's not about getting them out some more horses can come, it's about finding them the right placement so they don't ever again and depth in the place that they ended up we first found them. >> i felt like it was my calling. >>reporter: we are heading in your barn for this surprise, we denver 7 entrusted choice, the independent insurance agent of coloradoo that would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero for all you do in all of elbert county. congratulaon linda horse rescue or to you can go to our website and click on the community section and then on 7 everyday heroes . >> it will really feel like summer, 89 is the high temperatures and a good day to go out and hit the lake because the boats will go in the garage soon. >> very soon, by monday and major change in temperature and
9:45 am
week and today is the only day in the 80s or lower 90s and it may potentially be the last 90 degrees day that we see this year. taking a look at the radar and satellite as of this week and we have seen high pressure the dominant across the state and it has kept us dry. doing -- expecced increase %- cloud coverage as we had to the afternoon and evening. also wins will pick up and they are very gusty. a red flag warning is in effect for the areas it will stay in effect until 7 pm tonight. anticipate gusty winds and low humidity combined with dryy fuel. it has the potential for sparking new fires. the front range forecast near boulder getting up to the upper 80s in greeley expecting 90 and breezy conditions. we will see the midshipman to upper 90s
9:46 am
pablo and lamar. across the western slope upper 80s and for tte mountains expect a mix of sun and clouds and breezy conditions in a better chance of thunderstorms next week. >> it should stay as they dry across much of the state and lower 90s across the northeastern planes for this afternoon. looking at he future cast as you had thrrughout the day cloud cover across the foothills and into the front range and this has stopped at 4:30 pm this is a potential for a few sprinkles at higher elevations by later on this ev staying mostly dry overnight and partly to mostly cloudy. a a cold front makes its way to colorado and it will drastically drop temperatures for monday's daytime ighs. tonight 54 degrees and partly cloudy in denver and enjoy the rest of your afternoon, it should be warm. by tomorrow temperatures in the low 70s and mostly sunny to start. slight chance for some isolated
9:47 am
evening in the 7 day forecast, 89 today and major cool down. 71 and a chance of storms for monday, upper 60s for tuesday, mostly cloudy and a good chance for rain throughout the day. wednesday mostly sunny and then we see a better chance for afternoon storms before we dry out by the end of next week with highs in the mid-70s. it will start to feel a lot mooe like fall this coming week. cooler but mid-70s is so weather today. >> miss america is, miss 3 georgia. also tonight it is the nightt that all es yeare on atlantic city for the miss america competition, the legendary beauty pageant is celebrating its 96 here and they are ready to crown a new lady. contestants have to go through a talent portion that is 35% of their overall scooe and of course, the final question
9:48 am
in it is unique this year, representing missouri is the first openly gay contestant and it does it right here, denver 7 pm starting at 7 pm tonight.
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welcome back, we have a special guest today that came and we have baldwin, what a % story. >> quite the story and quite the trip. we were contacted as part of the best friend network partners about the flooding in louisiana, there s a lot of animals that have been displaced and desperately need evacuation. ccmmunity effort was put
9:51 am
drove a moving truck down with stuff and drove back with a moving truck of animals and we had 20 dogs and 11 cats and baldwin was one of them, his family had lost their home is part of the flood and he had obviously had an old league injury and they were unable to treat at the shelter where he was. we brought him up in animal planet filmed his story, we are hoping that they get to lm the end part of the story which would be his adoption, he had been a tripoo for a while and had not been using the perfectly into using the legs and gets around better without it hanging to the side. we actually believe he has a good disposition for a therapy or companion animal. he is extremely sweet and mellow and loves everyone, good with cats and other dogs, really
9:52 am
he is just a fabulous animal. >> he is so mellow, i have a feeling someone will call before next week's event but there is a big event. biggest of the year neettour weekend and its national adoption weekend hosted by pet smart charities and we will be at 1457 in ittleton but a dog like baldwin you can put in your application ahead of time and we are hoping a bunch of our dogs are preapproved adoption so you can show up and just get in and get out with an animal. >> i will tell you, i am hoping someone see him ahead of time because this is a soul dog right here. he will be someone's best dog ever. >> we have a lot of people that watchhthe newscast, definitely not for me, i really believe that someone will call. >> more information can be found on the website and you can also call a 720336 and you
9:53 am
>> she did my job right there in the information will be on our website,, i will post after the newscast and on our facebook page, katie, this is a winner. >> such a sweetheart and really needs a home . >> to you do this? i do this sometimes, ake friends food, not everyone
9:54 am
9:55 am
here is a look at our top stories this morning, boulder county sheriff's deputy is okay this morning after getting caught in a shootout yesterday. multiple drivers reported a man acting aggressively on highway 287 and some saw a gun in his waistband. deputies got here and he opened fire. deputies fired back and hit the suspect his condition is not clear. the douglas county school district is apologizzng to
9:56 am
informing them about the shooting situation that injured a local deputy nearby. schhols were placed on lockdown nearby but parents said they were not informed until one hour later. the school district is making changes to their policies. and one last live look at the stair climb under way, it's a great event and hundreds of people have come out to honor the first resppnders and everyone who lost their lives. it will climb route that will simute the trad center twin towers. breaking this morning, shots fired downtown and we learn that one man is dead in a homicide and an investigation is underway this happened near welton just before 5 am this morning. >> there appears to have been an argument with the shots ring ?ut and the suspect is on the we don't have a description of who that person is at that time. before we go we had to share this bizarre but
9:57 am
woman in washington dc is behind bars this morning facing stole french fries off a police officer's plate. >> the offer was enjoying his meal when the woman who was drunk sat down and said i need some fries. >> she took a second fight and the officer warned her that if she did it again he would get her for theft. she took a third fry. investigations are underway this morning and i will be honest, those look delicious, i3 might have to steal a fry trouble if you did that for me. >> an officer, a hard days work, someone shows up and grabs a fry. this lady is in trouble. >> today and enjoy your day is
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>> joel osteen: god bless you. it's a joy to come into your homes. part of one of our services. i promise you, we will make you feel right at home. i like to start with something funny. and i heard about this professor. he was going to prove to his students that there is no god. he said, "god if you're real, knock me off this platform. i'm givin' you 15 minutes to do it. with every minute that went by, he taunted god. "god, i'm still waiting. i'm still here."


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