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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MDT

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making news in america this morning -- hillary clinton's health. the democratic nominee canceling today's west coast trip after being rushed out of a 9/11 memorial. caught here on camera. helped into her van. what her doctors are saying now. can questions about her health hurt her campaign? we're live in washington. evacuations are under way in california. as a large fire fueled by dry brush burns out of control. the new video coming in just now. a boat packed with passengers, on fire and slamming into a pier. the fate of those on board. and the newly crowned miss america wows the judges in competition. see why guest judge gabby douglas is defending the
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we do say good monday morning, everyone. this morning, new questions and concerns over hillary clinton's health. battling pneumonia with election day just eight weeks away. >> clinton has canceled a west coast trip after falling ill at a 9/11 service. this video shows her needing help getting into her van as her legs appear to go limp. two hours later, she was spotted leaving her daughter's manhattan apartment. she was all smiles. but she also ignored any questions about what happened. >> donal questioned whether clinton is fit enough to be president. but so far, he's been unusually quiet about this incident. abc's lana zak with the latest. >> reporter: this video is igniting calls for the presidential candidates to release more comprehensive health records. as you can see here, hillary clinton appears to stumble. her secret service detail lifting her up and into her van. just before, clinton had been attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony at ground zero. >> and we were standing for
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know, in one place. that can be very stifling heat. it was very, very, very hot. >> reporter: that's when she became overheated and dehydrated. she was taken to her daughter's apartment nearby. a few hours later, she emerged. >> how are you feeling, secretary clinton? >> feeling great. >> reporter: in a statement, clinton's personal doctor said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she was put on ain't biotics, advised schedule. >> there are many different types of pneumonia. some are mild, some are serious. some are contagious. it's not clear what kind she has. but clearly, it hasn't been serious enough to keep her off the campaign trail. >> reporter: but there have been questions. a coughing fit in ohio last week. and a concussion following a fainting spell in 2012. making clinton's stamina the subject of donald trump's attacks. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina. >> reporter: the latest abc news/"washington post" poll showed trump is gaining support among likely voters.
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clinton at 46% with 41% for trump. clinton was supposed to be in california today. but we understand that under the advice of her doctor, she's currently at her home in chappaqua, new york, recovering. kendis? diane? >> critical days ahead. lana zak, thank you. the trump campaign is expected to hammer hillary clinton today on her controversial comments at a fund-raiser friday night, calling half of donald trump's supporters quote a basket of deplorables. >> now, clinton later expressed regret for saying the word "half" saying she was grossly generalistic. abc news chief political analyst matthew dowd on how the events are playing out. >> we're in a very close race. nationally. all the key electoral states, it's very close. to me, right now, it's a good news/bad news situation for hillary clinton.
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deplorables thing is in the rearview mirror. the bad news is, this is a pothole that's opened up. the problem for her, this feeds two story lines of donald trump. about her health. does she have the stamina? and is she transparent and open? the only way to fix this problem is light is the best disinfectant. is to be more transparent. we have seen two candidates not be very transparent in the course of this race. >> our thanks to matt there. we should point out, trump is expected to debut the new tv ad to friday. we're going to have a look at that later on this morning on "good morning america." breaking overnight, south korea is worried that north korea could conduct another nuclear test at any time. the north carried out a fifth bomb explosion thursday. its most powerful to date. it claims it can mount a war head on a ballistic missile. south korea's news agency report there is are science the north has another tunnel ready for a test. and a cease-fire is expected to begin in syria just hours from now. the deal was worked out over the weekend from secretary of state
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counterpart. it allows the syrian government to continue to strike at al qaeda-linked militants until the u.s. and russia take over the task in a week. it will allow humanitarian aid into the besieged city of aleppo. back here at home, a quickly spreading wildfire has forced evacuations in northern california. the fire near the small city of susanville grew rapidly yesterday. to at least 1,000 acres, because of strong winds. no structures have been burned in those flames. on radar now, a weather system bringing snow -- as well as rain to colorado. those storms could cause severe weather later today from kansas to minnesota. damaging wind and hail also possible. it's hard to believe it's been 15 years since our country was hit by the 9/11 terror attacks. >> here in new york. the tribute in light at the world trade center site soaring into the sky through the overnight hours. earlier, thousands of victims' loved ones and survivors gathered there to hear the names
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hundreds gathered at the flight 93 memorial to honor those killed on the plane that crashed there. 40 people died on board after some of them fought the terrorists for control of the plane. >> and president obama marked the anniversary by laying a wreath to honor the victims at a pentagon memorial service in northern virginia. he summed up the feelings of many americans, saying those lost in the september 11th attacks will never be forgotten. he called those who died 3,000 beautiful lives. >> perhaps it's the memory of a last kiss given to a spouse. or the last good-bye to a mother or father. a sister. or a brother. we wonder how their lives might havenfolded. how their dreams might have taken shape. >> the president also said he's inspired by the resilience of the victims' families. he urged americans not let the nation's enemies divide us.
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alert about the galaxy note 7 smartphone that can catch fire. and an aerial assault against the zika virus. spreading to another florida county. as concerns grow over the insecticides used. plus, caught on camera, an out-of-control boat on fire. full of passengers.
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a school bus driver is dead and several students injured after this crash at the denver airport. police say the driver had just picked up members of a high school football team when she ran into a concrete pillar. the driver died at the scene. several players and coaches were seriously hurt. the players were coming back from a tournament in california. the cause of the crash still
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london, showing a luxury sightseeing boat on fire. and then more problems. smoke billowing from the rear. the captain clearly unable to control it. the boat crashing into a wall and scrapes along the side of the pier. all passengers were safely evacuated. and back here in this country, three people are dead after a small plane crash at the airport in reno, nevada. the single-engine piper cherokee crashed into a long-term parki injured. several cars were damaged. dozens of cars had to remain in the parking lot overnight. the crash didn't affect other operations in that airport. shares of samsung fell to a two-month low after a warning about the galaxy 7 smartphone. samsung is urging customers worldwide to stop using the phones and exchange them as soon as possible. that's because the phones' batteries are causing fires. u.s. authorities are working with samsung on a formal recall. several airlines in the meantime
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store it in checked bags. electric carmaker tesla is upgrading its autopilot feature to make it rely more on radar and less on visual. tesla ceo elon musk says the software update will be available in a week or two. it will force drivers to pay attention and keep their hands on the steering wheel. the changes follow a fatal crash in may that musk says this software update would have prevented. it was a perfect landing for "sully" at theaters this weekend. tom hanks' portrayal of the hero pilot debuted with the strongest ever september opening for an adult drama with $35.5 million in ticket sales. "when the bough breaks" opened in second at $15 million. by the way, that's more than it cost to make. and "don't breathe" was third. with $8 million. well, an athlete who came to the world's attention this year at the invictus games made a splash at the paralympic game. those games are going on right now in rio. >> army sergeant elizabeth marks
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games and was congratulated by prince harry back in may. she gave that medal to the prince to give to the people at the hospital that saved her life. >> we're happy to report marks has another medal this morning. she took the gold in paralympics swimming event. >> good karma. >> wonder if she'll give to it the prince. >> no, that one she has to keep. but this one's mine. when we come back, a college football player accused of knocking out a referee on the field. hear why the player says it's all just a misunderstanding. it's the happiest time of the year. th season. all the highlights and the protest spreading during the national anthem. ve bread i love ice cream pizza! peanut butter -tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate chicken tacos, pork tacos. and now that i've learned to manage what i eat, i can still eat the foods i love. every. single. day.
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ing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. a rare sight at the kilauea volcano in hawaii. that's a lake of lava, now visible on top of the volcano. the last time it was seen was may of last year. in case that's not enough
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images. these are from france's reunion island. where the lava flowed for the second time this year. the volcano is on a remote island. it poses no threat to any people. now for a look at your morning road conditions. it could be wet along the gulf coast. showers and few thunderstorms are possible in the southern rockies and the southwest deserts. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in denver, atlanta, new orleans, and miami. the battle against the zika virus begins in another south florida county today. >> aeria county has prevented it. there's been no active transmission of the virus there. the county will use a different chemical than the one used in miami beach. some people have been critical of the spraying in the miami area, citing a potential for harmful effects. and an investigation is under way after a triple deck collapse at a college-owned house in connecticut. the decks were packed with partying students saturday night at the house owned by trinity college in hartford. the third floor deck fell on to the second floor deck, bringing
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most of the injured have now been released from the hospital. a college football player from california was arrested after striking a referee. but he says it actually was just an accident. the incident during the game this weekend was captured on video. the referee is holding back mt. san antonio college lineman bernard shurmur after a scuffle broke out. zoom in to take a better look. this is all with the opposing team. the next minute, the ref is knocked out cold. flat on his back on the field. >> i didn't -- i really didn't mean to do that to the ref. i just didn't see him. and he was really short. when i seen m on the ground, i thought somebody else did it. >> well, the college is backing the player's version of events. a spokesman says after reviewing the tape, it's clear he had no intention of striking or assaulting that ref. all eyes will be on colin kaepernick tonight to see if he continues his pregame protest during the national anthem. several players expressed
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games. abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: the wave of nfl players joining colin kaepernick protest against racism and police brutality. from coast to coast, players showing the quarterback's movement support. in some cases, entire teams making the unified decision to link arms in solidarity. during the national anthem. >> it's unifying our team. but it's also unifying our stadium. it's unifying our communities. hopefully, it's going to unify our country to where, there's a message that needs to be heard. >> reporter: with other players like the chiefs' corner back grabbing headlines. making a statement has come at a cost. for some players like brandon marshall. the air academy federal credit union dropping the linebacker, saying his actions are not a representation of our organization and membership. kayna whitworth, abc news, san francisco. and as for the nfl games themselves, there was actually plenty of week one excitement. >> we'll get the highlights now
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good morning, america. i'm john buccigross. and since you are up right now, you might have gone to bed a little early last night and missed the patriots and cardinals game. that's why i'm here. here are some of the pictures from that game. tom brady suspended first four game of the regular season. so there's jimmy garoppolo. he gets the start. he was really good. finds chris hogan, early in the game. midway through the first quarter. 37 yards. patriots lead. cardinals have a chance to win the game with a 47-yard field goal. these. but chandler catanzaro's kick just kind of sniped a bit to the left. a little bit of a hook off the tee. and the patriots get a nice win on the road for jim garoppolo. raiders-saints. a good opening sunday of the nfl season. lots of close games. exciting games like this one. derek carr. seth roberts. jack del rio decides to go for two. with 47 seconds to go. most coaches would kick the extra point and take the tie.
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and del rio's gamble pays off when the saints miss a chance at a game-winning field goal like the cardinals just did. seattle-miami. seahawks are down. russell wilson marches them down the field. a couple of fourth down conversions. that touchdown pass to doug baldwin. the seahawks win, 12-10. two football games to go. week one. they're both on espn. "monday night football" debut. double-header later tonight. good morning, america. and one more sports note for you. stan wawrinka of switzerland is champion. >> he beat novak djokovic. in four sets. to claim his third grand slam victory. wawrinka is the oldest man to win the u.s. open since 1970. how old is he? 31 years, 5 months old. he's ancient. before yesterday's win, he had only defeated djokovic twice in 21 attempts. >> 31 is old in tennis. >> it's because he's 31 years
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constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. time to check "the p 2017. not quite. an arkansas native taking the crown with a made-for-hollywood name. >> savvy shields wowed the judges with a jazz dance. to a song from the tv show "shash." the 21-year-old is an art major at the university of arkansas. she revealed that she secretly dreams of being a backup dancer for beyonce. >> interesting dream there. savvy, nice name. this year's pageant featured its
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miss missouri, r rerin o'flaherty. gabby douglas says she's all for supporting what makes the contestants feel beautiful an confident. flying fish are found in the tropics. not so much in philadelphia. >> over the weekend, a 16-inch catfish fell on lisa lobrey while she was walking near the museum of art there in philly. it weighed about five pounds. she suffered a cut near her eye >> i was slammed in the face with something. i think it might have been head, face, and neck because i smelled so bad afterwards. i'm more likely to get struck by lightning than to get hit by a fish falling from the sky. >> some of her friends think they saw the culprit fleeing from the scene. a large bird that was carrying the fish and dropped it. >> dropped it because the fish smelled so bad? >> it was too heavy. >> she said as a girl, she would
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taking a look at our top stories on this monday. hillary clinton has cancelled a two-day trip to california as she battles pneumonia. her doctor publicizing this diagnosis. this after she had to be held up and helped into her van while leaving a 9/11 memorial in new york. south korea says it's worried that north korea coulcarry out another nuclear test explosion at any time. some mandatory evacuations in place because of a fast-moving wildfire near the small northern california city of susanville. the fire is at 1,000 acres and being pushed by strong wind. it feels like fall in the northeast. hot and humid along the gulf coast. showers and thunderstorms possible in the rockies and desert southwest. and finally this morning, another example of the power of
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this time it's worki for the right reasons. >> the person benefitting is an elderly gentleman well known on the streets of his chicago neighborhood. reporter liz nagy of our station wls has his story. >> reporter: mr. sanchez doesn't walk the street of little village quietly. at 89 years old, he's strolled along for more than two decades with his own soundtrack. >> translator: i wake up early and work all day until 8:00 at night. >> reporter: it would be grueling work for anyone. >> translator: it's really hard working out here in the streets in the summer and the cold winters. even in bad weather, we have to go out and sell. the carts get stuck in the streets. >> reporter: it's not that paletas or popsicles are his passion, he and his wife need the money to survive. just a few weeks ago, their daughter suddenly died, leaving them with two grandsons to care for. >> translator: we thought, what are we going to do? we have to pay the bills, the
4:29 am
and if we can't work? >> reporter: mr. sanchez and his bells tugged the heartstrings of a customer who started a go fund me page for the little village paletero who is now bait for the selfie paparazzi. people chipped in $20,000 in a few hours. just to start. at about $2 apiece, that's 10,000 popsicles and months of work. this mexican independence day celebration is a big day. in little village. for mr. sanchez this is just another long even with more than $100,000 raised in just a few days, he'll be back out here again tomorrow morning like he has every day for the past 20 years. in little village, liz nagy. >> and the donations for mr. sanchez are still rolling in. this is the go fund me page set up for him. so far, upwards of $133,000 pledged. >> now, most of the contributions have been made in small amounts. but every little bit counts.
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